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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 27, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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a quick check on your bay bridge approach looking good westbound on 80 no problems getting through the toll plaza and no issue on the stand. nine minutes from oakland to san francisco. sam a tale bridge the traffic light easy commute from one end to the other. golden gate bridge from marin county set down 101 as you can see in nearly nonexistent on this ban. wide open roads if you're heading out anytime soon. 21 minutes from novato into san francisco. on to new details oakland police say crime stoppers is offering of $15,000 reward for information of a 13 year-old boy shot blocks from his home. friend's family and neighbors gathered for a vigil last night on a young victim. >> family members and friends
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gathered is at the complex where he lived with his twin brother. many light candles and what were the 13 year-old was gunned down in oakland police are investigating the motive crime stoppers is offering $15,000 reward for aggression that leads to an arrest. >> let's take a look at where the 13 year-old was gunned down 6100 block of bancroft avenue. keith johnson reports teachers and neighbors say he was a promising athlete who stayed at of trouble. >> days away from starting high school and a week away from his 14th birthday he was walking out with a friend when a gunman approached and shot without warning near 61st street and bancroft. his him and his twin brother recently graduated from
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middle school. the teacher says he was a good kid and a superb athlete. >> crack wars where he excelled but he was gifted that anything he put his heart and mind to. neighbors >> were shocked stances wednesday they spent the day having a water fight cooling-off from the heat. >> my little partner was killed. it hurts. >> school says they will have a grief counselor counselors at the schools. kay thompson kron 4 madrid >> livermore police are on a hunt for a 17 year-old boy who they say led them on a short chase and crashed a car into a home wednesday afternoon.
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officers tried to conducted traffic stop he ignored them sped away finally lost control running into the house. that's where he jumped out of the car and ran off of blood. the suspect wanted on and the outstanding warrant. his passenger suffered minor injuries in that crash. chicken feed contaminated with salmonella is likely one of the culprits investigators found salmonella in chicken feed that was sold to both companies. two new names were added to the list of recalled eggs. more than 550 million eggs were recalled this month after they were linked to to 1400 cases of salmonella poisoning. to get the latest go to our web site we have a page dedicated to the latest details
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. for 20 2:00 a.m. of break back with more in a moment. tomorrow night because the giants will be on nbc will carry their program at 8:00 p.m. persons unknown you can watch at that eighth and then at nine kron 4 evening news. we will be right back. san mateo bridge traffic moving well.
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for 20 4:00 a.m. a check on the bridges and see what it's like
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out there. steady stream of headlights towards the bay bridge but no back up or issue on the stand. san mateo bridge similar story traffic moving unimpeded from hayward to foster city board headed the other way a woman with no problems. traffic out of marion county across the golden gate bridge so far so good. no issue being issued by the chp. now want to world news united nations as a million people may have been displaced by the latest round of flooding in pakistan. new areas in the south are inundated with water now that the levee gave way across pakistan 8 million people are in need of emergency assistance. the flood has reached the size of italy and is the worst in history. new
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video showing 33 miners trapped in and half mile below ground this is in chile. the camera was sent down the government send it down through borehole you can see they are doing their best to stay,. it shows them speaking individually to a camera although muffling makes it hard to understand. one man gives a guided tour showing where men meet and pray daily and keep their spirits alive. jimmy carter and the american that was he helped free from north korean president are due back today. he secured a pardon the korean news agency granted carter's request to for give the american spirit news around california now tire
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trouble caused the jet blue airline to make a hard landing yesterday in sacramento. officials say the plane blew its tire upon landing 15 passengers suffered minor injuries dozens of others had to use slides to evacuate. >> the plane stopped fast you heard the tires pop. the flight attendant came over the speaker and said off the plane get off the plane. i drop my stuff i was the second person off the lead can shoot. i got out to the tarmac rain to the grass and turned around you could see that tires in flame. i don't know what happened on the plane i was fast off. i heard from other people one lady had come off the chute and landed on her tailbone on the tarmac. one other lady had some injuries to our her ankle. plenty of people with burns on their arms and legs because of the issue.
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>> jim blue released a statement saying it experienced trouble with its brakes and that's what caused the tires to blow. that investigation will continue. california state has released serif palance contract in order to comply with the court ordered the university made public after saying earlier it did not have the document. the contract lays out details surrounding the $75,000 fee and requests like round-trip first-class air fare for two and amendable straws. for 20 8:00 a.m. we will be back in a moment live look another update on the commute coming out of san francisco's out on 101 towards the peninsula had legs moving well. know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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a live look from our roof camera. we're back into the cold weather patterns. >> alright let's look at its
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going to be cool and foggy heading it to the weekend but a c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4u very slight chance of rain for the north bay else. it will stay north of c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4wjust an here as we make our way through the next couple of days tempters cooling off even more than today. you can see inland spots getting into the 80s '70s for the bay in '60s for the coast. by saturday, sunday cooling off even more down to the '70s. on sunday it looks like we will see partly cloudy conditions. your weekend will be a cool one. seeing fog develops right now around the bay you can see a pushing and for the golden gate bridge through the sunset here. also through half moon bay all little or dead around the coastline. not widespread but at
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this hour. current temperatures 55 for san francisco, done in the south bay mountain view san jose a upper 50s 574 fremont 58 for livermore. your afternoon highs getting into the low 80s. santa rosa run a part 80 degrees,no carrierringconnect 2
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in 2012 after they received unexpected money from the state.
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fairfield again up to 80 degrees down through san rafael 77 degrees, all along the c,tv 69 san francisco
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redwood city's 76. richmond through half monday i mean union city mid-70s inland spots bring in temperatures warmer. but pretty decent but we will still be cooler and drop off as we head into tomorrow. temperatures in the south bay upper '70's may be 82 for morgan hill today. your 7 day around the bay shows of cool down 87 for some of the warmer spots down to 72 degrees. as we break into the weekend you will feel the cool down. we will see more fog and maybe some drizzle on saturday there is a slight chance of senior rain in cjd >> checking the right at the bay bridge approach. it is starting
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to build but still moving well. no issue on the stand. lanes are clear from oakland to san j issueskwñ19uñoé7élccjd c,d] moving:
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parents walking with children and seniors in citizens. it works. i witnessed several times this woman in a white coat was still walking after the countdown expired. but look at this she is walking across the and it is holding on red. this will annoy drivers that pedestrians can control the lights. but there's a flip side there is positive for motorists to as well. implemented across
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california that would give pedestrians a few seconds to get from curb to curb. so we will notice more longer red lights. this is where this could pay off. if it senses no one is in a crosswalk it will not add on those extra few seconds that at their regular crosswalks will. in the long run this high tech system would benefit pedestrians and motorists. it costs between 12-20,000 depending on the intersection. and 2,000,004 expressway park. so far this one has been considered the knicks' success. credit >> say these high-tech crosswalks could be abused by pedestrians. stan roberts takes a look at >> that> pedestrian sensors may
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seem a great idea for some of for others they could find a date way to abuse them. we already have a pedestrian countdown meters and they are the most abused traffic devices in the bay area. this lady crossing hyde street let's stop the video right here. take note of her arm trend is traffic. listen one second left on the meter when she decided to cross. yet she was traffic to stop for her. on stockton it is the same thing people crossing the street and ignoring the can down meters. the man in yellow shirt steps off the curb with five seconds left on the meter. then steers at the driver to make sure nobody runs him or the french over. most can down meters come with instructions right here where you push the button. let's go over the instruction. if you see a person walking you can walk but watch for vehicles. when you see the
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number countdown or flashing hand don't start crossing the finish crossing if you started. if you see a steady hand like this you should not be in the street and you absolutely should not walk. the reason is to keep traffic and pedestrians moving. when there's a breakdown of rows gridlock in accidents happen. the one thing i noticed about people across at the wrong time they were stopped in front of your auto when you get the green light. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or a story idea of first-time stanley let him else. i kron
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welcome back time now is for 50 4:00 a.m. on friday morning. this is san mateo bridge currently temperatures are cool this morning. 59 degrees by noon getting up to 68 your time
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today about 74 back down to 60s by the o'clock hour. we will see a similar forecast yesterday still dealing with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. 61 for oakland, 58 through hayward, the upper 50s through los gatos and san jose will get up into this '60s for in antioch. we could get up to the low 80s in fairfield, said rosa. 724 vallejo today. '70s once you hit redwood city and san mchale. we will keep '70s through these bay even done it teach you hayward and fremont. getting eighties when to get into the south. 85
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concord, 86 livermore, and antioch will get up to 87. in 7 day around bay really does show another big step in those temperatures by tomorrow we have a system that could drop south that could bring rain in the north bay hell. stay northill. e temperatures nearly talk about low '70's in some of the warmer inland spots '60s around the bay upper 50s for the coast. james. >> for 50 6:00 a.m. underdog mayor stole the show ended the day. not because of the stance on any issue but because of his romantic side. >> i want to say to gerald will you please marry me. >> chris young pop the question to his campaign manager earlier this week. she said yes. young
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is made for his antics and has unsuccessfully competed for many offices in the state. media reporting young later added they would only get married if he won the election. (laughter) i don't know of that will happen. we have a programming change persons unknown will air here on kron at 8:00 p.m. because giants will be on nbc. we will fall that with kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m. checking on the golden gate bridge traffic moving well in san detailed study further south it is 59 degrees right now 74 the expected high. we will be right back. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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one minute before 5:00 a.m. top stories san jose firefighters will vote today on a proposal to
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rehire laid off firefighters feared this after three early morning fire just today. san mateo garbage workers back to work today following a two day strike. bart has decided to delay a fare increase what this means for you. first cooler temperatures for the weekend when a big whether stores were following that dramatic cool down from monday to friday what the difference. good morning louis said. >> we've had a roller-coaster ride with these temperatures keeping it cool today tomorrow we could even cooler than we are today so the weekend will be very different from the start of the week. the south bay san jose 1 01 currently temperatures are in the upper 50s so pretty cool this morning. by noon time getting up to 70 a high today in san jose 78. your weekend
5:01 am
forecast looks like this for today we will see fog partly cloudy conditions temperatures getting up to 87 degrees so could get warm out there some inland spots. by saturday really calling it down some of the warmer spots only getting to 72 degrees. we may get some drizzle on saturday morning even as system possibly bringing several hundred in to avert indurain to the hills. keeping temperatures cool red around the bay upper 60s and low '70s for the weekend. your current temperatures outside 55 for san francisco half monday. 61 down to san jose and mountain view upper 50s. the afternoon shows us low 80s since then rosa world apart the 80 in fairfield 72 for vallejo today down along the peninsula temperatures in the '60s and '70s 69 for sampras's coach 72 for sambar no 744 san
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mateo, los '70s for berkeley as we make our way into the same word union city 75. some of the warmer spots in the south getting up to 87 in antioch, 86 livermore we will keep it cool through mountain view and sunnyvale rid around 74. your 70 around the bay shows a cool down tomorrow for the whole weekend it will be a bit overcast and cool the sun comes back out on monday warming it up by next week. james. >> your commute your bay bridge traffic moving well as you may your way to the toll present. no back up whatsoever. nine minutes across the span. san mateo bridge smooth sailing no
5:03 am
problems to report this morning so far so good. traffic driving that distance in 12 minutes. golden gate bridge not bad either. light traffic coming in almost nonexistent on the stand. your drive time from novato to san francisco 21 minutes. we want to bring up traffic maps of problem has popped up on 1 01 in the northbound direction at there was a big rig accident did happen before midnight so it has been out there for some time traffic is being diverted to 156. no estimated time on when it will be reopened. on to news this morning at a crucial vote today in san jose is more than 300 firefighters will vote on a concession that will allow rya a
5:04 am
hiring of the 49 firefighters. the proposal is asking for almost 9 percent pay cut and benefit cut. city officials say they're forced to lay off firefighters when negotiations stalled. today's vote comes one day after firefighters read responded to three early morning fire spirit this is just one of the fires. to homes were destroyed and ash fall plant had more than a million dollars damage. also 40 a. vegetation fire later in the day. garbage workers in san mateo back on the job today following a two day strike. they watched the trash pile up the strike by 13 workers at the landfill is what prompted it was prompted by stalled talks allied waste were
5:05 am
notified about the stoppage by the union. but were caught off guard when trash collectors and truck drivers stopped worked as a sign of solidarity. new details to tell you about bard's directors voted to delay the agency's next regularly fare increase. this after byrd agency received an expected money from the state the increase was scheduled to take the fate january 20th golf but it will be pushed back until july 2012. they base it on a formula at a rate of inflation. the rate will not be known until the end of the year. furlough friday for steelworkers the dmv will be closed as well as other state offices including public health. they will save the state about $150 million a month supreme court is allowing the furloughs to go on while it decides
5:06 am
whether governors schwarzenegger has the authority to mandate them in the first place. they're expected to hear arguments on that september 8th. meanwhile governors schwarzenegger held the first meeting two months into a budget stalemate the governor met with leaders for less than an hour thursday one of the senators that it was a positive conversation but nothing really came out of it. lawmakers are trying to close $19 billion shortfall this day will be issuing ious in the future as a result. u.s. stocks at least futures are up this morning after sliding yesterday. the dow is set to open at 9985. it fell 3/4 of a percent. nasdaq also lost. economists expects the
5:07 am
government to revise g d p. u.s. today to lay off 133 employees. and shares of toyota slipped more than a percent after is that it route will recall vehicles due to engine problems. five 07 a.m. we will take a break back with more headlines. a live look from our roof camera in san francisco where current temperatures right now bit cooler than we have had at the beginning of the week low 50s this b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible.
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welcome back to kron 4 morning news that time now is 5:10 a.m. 7 day around bay princess cooler temperatures today than even cooler as we make our way to saturday. drizzle moves back into the area saturday. we are
5:11 am
keeping it cool for much of the weekend becoming sunny monday, tuesday. we have met major hurricane its category for winds that 135 mi. an hour. it will bring heavy surf to bermuda and it will turn to the north-northwest by friday so will move. back to james. >> we should note it was five years ago today northlands was bracing itself for katrina it was about to come on shore. this is the anniversary this weekend. since then it sped all laboratory for to live for new flood control. that has raised the ire critics say they will fail in a major storm appeared
5:12 am
they admit they need to be replaced but they can't do that intel's 2014. sandy rosenthal said without them water will rise to the top with bloody and it will fail just like they did during the train appeared it is protected from liability should it fail. zv.>v>l#i=i/h-;$/ ng no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier
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ringconnect 2400 
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alive looking in san carlos. you can see the trash cans overflowing after today's garbage strike. that strike ends today car bridge will be picked up. a live report coming
5:17 am
up at 5:00 a.m.5:30 a.m.. >> we are seen clear conditions some fog along the golden gate bridge but clear shot of downtown san francisco. it will be another cool day similar to yesterday. as we head towards the weekend cool and foggy. we could see a slight chance of rain for the north bay held on your saturday. your current temperatures outside 55 for san francisco upper 50s for hayward and fremont. 624 antioch. as we make our way through the day by about noontime which should warming up to the '70s in many spots. inland will get into the 80s but not much warmer than the '80s once again today. i don't think we will see in the '90s or
5:18 am
triple digits. '80s for your afternoon then cool it back down to the '60s and '70s by the 7:00 p.m. hour. 77 in san rafael, 72 fell a halt, along the peninsula it will be cool again san francisco 69 along the coast load to mid-60s. east bay los '70s through alamein debt and berkeley. as we get into a union city mid '70s. 87 antioch, 86 livermore. seven san jose and mountain view 79, ladies in through los gatos and morgan hill. your 7 day around the bay shows a drop. upper 80s
5:19 am
to the low '70's. cooler sunday. warming up sunday and warming it up even more '90s by mid-week next week. james. >> traffic roadways moving well so we will give you a bridge check bay bridge approach traffic as it approaches the toll plaza moving well no issue on the span no caltrans work all lanes open right now. san mateo bridge traffic building but still moving at the limit this morning traffic westbound direction that taillights moving without any problems 12 minutes across the span. marin county has been like this morning the golden gate bridge handful of headlights across the span 21 minutes from highway 37 down 101 and into san francisco. back
5:20 am
with more weather and traffic in a moment. $15,000 reward is being offered for reformation leading to the killing of a 13 year-old oakland boy. jimon clark was shot wednesday night blocks from his home. last night friends and family and neighbors gathered for a candlelight vigil clark's use pastor spoke about his death and the church member has a message for the killer. >> we were shocked and devastated but again we don't know details but our hearts go to the family and his brother and sister. >> we know he was saved and he loved the lord and he is in a better place right now. we worry for the person that took his life. because to do such a thing was a heartless thing to do pureed so turn yourself in there is a family grieving. bring
5:21 am
peace to the situation. >> jimon clark was a week away from celebrating his 14th version they and getting ready to start high school this coming monday. livermore police are in the hunt for a 17 year-old boy to lead them on a short chase and crashaw home in to crush a car into a home. they tried to make a traffic stop but they he ignored them sped away and lost controller. he jumped out is a conflict. he is wanted on another rows and a warrant. he had passenger in the car 16 year-old girl she suffered minor injuries in the crash. two year- old girl found wandering in petaluma the child may have been the victim of love triangle. this is a picture of the taller. the girl's mother. is charged with child endangerment but at a hearing testimony suggested the girl was
5:22 am
taken by her boyfriend more testimony is coming in that investigation continues city plan all planners have given a green light for an ikea expansion is as many residents outraged. the retailer would expand just a few blocks away from city hall. i kia spokesman says they need that for storage. residents are worried about traffic and noise. daypack the meeting last night to voice their opposition. >> our community will suffer. >> i would be appalled >> the side it is good for ikea but offers nothing for the neighborhood. >> use common sense. >> if residents decide to appeal they will have to take two weeks to bring the issue to the council again. we will take a
5:23 am
break at 5:22 a.m. back with more of a moment. another reminder of a programming change on saturday nbc will have the giants game. so we will have their programming at 8:00 p.m. persons on known security we will follow that upper with kron news and 9:00 p.m.. san jose 59 degrees during dallas this afternoon it will get up to nearly 80 degrees 78 the expected high. [ female announcer ] get to the jcpenney big one day sale this saturday only for big savings on back to school looks.
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5:27 a.m. california newest tire trouble caused a jet flew airplane to lose two tires on landing in sacramento. the planet plane blew out its tires on lending 15 passengers had minor injuries. they had to use slides to evacuate. >> the plane stopped fast you could hear the tires the flight attendants said get off the plane appeared i dropped all my stuff i was the second person off i got it and ran to the grass. i saw the tires in flames i don't know what happened on the plane because i was off fast. i saw one lady going away i heard from other people one lady had come off the issued and landed on her tailbone on the tarmac. another one head
5:28 am
injuries to her ankle. plenty of people with burns on their arms and legs because of the chute. >> jet blew said it experienced problems with brakes and that's what led to the tire is blowing out. that investigation will continue. as we go to break a look at the weekend forecast full forecast redhead. here's a glimpse. warm today compared to what it's going to be like saturday, sunday. temperature difference demonstrated there. 87 today, 72 tomorrow. more and a moment.
5:29 am
5:30 am
back here at 5:30 a.m. see on this friday morning they show clear i suppose cloudy conditions. temperatures on the cool side. more and are
5:31 am
committed in a moment. we wanted to bring you a developing story. out of san material garbage workers are back at work today these are supposed to be there on a two day strike that should've ended yesterday. car bridge is expected to be picked up. the strike was by 13 people by the landfill. it was prompted by stalled talks. think allied waste was told they were going to be on strike what they didn't realize was everybody else would join them in that strike. truck drivers and trash collectors stop working as well to stand in solidarity with the 13 union members. the trash is piling up the more news faster yoli is out there with look action. >> no trash trucks yet but plenty of trash. they will focus on commercial. it looks like
5:32 am
they can get to the streets this is a trash can on laurel street the street is very busy filled with businesses. every trash can looks like this overflowing. there's this one and one across the street. down the block you will see another one. let me see if you can see it. of course across the street. down the whole street every trash can is overflowing with garbage. >> were lucky we haven't had windy conditions or would be in the street. >> and that it was only two days. >> yoli is keeping an eye on it is in as we see the trucks will let you know. the latest out of redwood shores a private company will start clean up efforts today in redwood city cleaning up the houses and the waterways
5:33 am
out there. they had a sewage spill if flooded streets and crunches. he made its way into the water. crews will repair the 14 in. sewage pipe that burst wednesday in the neighborhood. official posted signs that the lagoon water is off-limits right now. the water has been contaminated. they will be testing the waters and let you know when it is safe. golden gate bridge cool temperatures again today will dip cooler until saturday. good friday morning. >> good friday morning we will see cooler temperatures rain does san mateo bridge currently in san mateo temperatures are cooler today high as we head towards noon time getting up to 68 high today in san mateo topping out 74 back down the
5:34 am
'60s by 8:00 p.m. elsewhere the '50s and '60s as well. 56 in oakland, 58 hayward, south bay in the '50s as well. into the afternoon we will work our way into low eighties for santa rosa rosa parks, low eighties for fairfield and along the peninsula temperatures will top out in the '60s for san francisco and along the coast through san bruno and sam mchale 76 for redwood city. the spate los '70s for berkeley oakland alameda. warmer spots today the upper 80s in places like antioch, pleasanton, low eighties for the rest of the valley 82 for campbell and into the santa clara valley 79 degrees. we have a storm system we are watching for this is
5:35 am
expected to push south as we head into tomorrow. there is a slight chance we might see some rain in the north bay else. north of santa rosa several hundred of an inch. 7 day around a day cooler weather free weekend considerably cooler fact topping out low '70s inland '60s around the bay fifties for the coast. could see fog building to the bay tomorrow producing results. >> your ride this morning beginning with the bay bridge was down 80 traffic moving well no problems at the toll plaza and no problems across the span nine minutes to get from the foot of the macarthur maze into san francisco. san mateo bridge no issue being reported as you make your way from hayward to foster city the commute direction on west and 92. taillights headed that direction. no problems this morning. golden gate bridge has been light all morning long
5:36 am
continues to be so make your way south 1 01 coming out of bring county to san francisco. 21 minutes from a bottle to the city. keeping you updated on a situation on northbound 1 01 this is south of gilroy 8. a big rig accident happened just after midnight this morning we have the northbound lane shut down as chp and caltrans tries to get it cleared. no estimated time on one that will happen. you will believe it diverted. it is out of the way but your best option until they get it cleared. on some new new spirit today san jose firefighters will finish about voting on whether to is accept demands that they take a cut. will tran is in the south bay with more. >> the fate of the 49 lead off firefighters rests in the hands of those still have a job. at
5:37 am
this point there is no more negotiating. i the the firefighters except the city's demands for 14 percent pay cut bring back their colleagues to stations like this or reject it keep the salary but still have your firefighters to work with. i can tell you fire fighters are very frustrated because earlier they offer the same the the police union did but the city accepted the union proposal and rejected the firefighters saying it did not offer enough. reporting from san was a will tran kron 4 news. >> we will take a break of 5:37 a.m. more headline straight ahead. a live look at james lick freeway south of san francisco traffic making their way down toward the peninsula moving fairly well. sn
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welcome back to kron 4 morning news time now is 545 from this friday morning the bay bridge approach seeing patchy fog but not widespread cooler temperatures expected to continue once again today as we head toward the weekend a cooler and five-year weekend as well. slight chance of showers today of been in the north bay else.else. your current temperas
5:46 am
55 san francisco, the upper 50s through mountain view and san jose as well. into the afternoon we should warming up loewy's upper '70's. 77 san rafael and mill valley, along the peninsula keeping it cool 69 degrees and san mateo 74, east bay low '70s for berkeley, oakland 72 enrichment a word in union city mid-70s those nuns spots temperatures in the '80s. 8687 through livermore the south bay temperatures topping out into the '70s and '80s as well. all look as your 7 day around the bay which does start to continue to highlight the cool down into tomorrow we could see drizzle produced by some fog expected to roll in on your saturday cooler temperatures topping out in the
5:47 am
low seventies for some inland spot '60s around the bay. getting sunshine and your monday as you continue to warm up for your tuesday, wednesday, thursday also keeping an eye on hurricane danielle which is now a major hurricane. category four in the atlantic expected to move north and northwest of bermuda we will keep an eye on the spirit wins that 135 mi. an hour it is causing high tide up through bermuda and large swells along the eastern seaboard. >> by 40 7:00 a.m. the bridge check for you looking good traffic building but moving well through the toll gates. no issue on this ban you are getting across to nine minutes this morning 92 volume picking up there as well still moving at the limit road licensor showing green is to make way to foster city those are taillights their
5:48 am
12 minutes is all it takes to cross the stand. golden gate bridge alike commute out of the marine county barely any cars on the deck itself if you're headed out a good ride through marin county 21 minutes from novato into san francisco. on the headlines this morning los gatos police have arrested two people and child pornography charges in two weeks. 20 year- old man and a 16 year-old boy. they say the investigation focused on into engine on consistent and encoring patterned on collecting and sharing child pornography. all law firm partner and his wife are facing criminal charges for scheming to defraud health insurers and the firm for special education services for their artistic sun. they are accused of fraudulently billing $400,000 with two now charged with 31 felony counts. lme be
5:49 am
sure deputies say they found of murder victim in miles canyon it happened yesterday they closed lanes as they recovered the decomposing body of an adult male in the creek bed. one detective said the body was not discovered by chance. >> as an ongoing investigation they threw their investigative means led to the spot. >> sheriffs department is treating this as a homicide. >> california state statice law has released sir palance contract. they had to do it to comply with a court order. they made it public after they said it they didn't have the document. it lays out the
5:50 am
$75,000 speaking engagement. first-class air fare for 2 on open bottled water and bendable straw is. 550 and more in a moment traffic moving well weather on the school said 55 right now in san francisco it will only get to 69 this afternoon. don't forget we have a programming change on saturday night nbc will have the giant's name so we will have in d.c. programming that will be persons unknown on kron and we will all that with kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m.. earn ten dollars off on the spot when you spend twenty five! wow!
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yes as the gag santa clara county to sustain a high tech across what in the end of section near mill valley center tech reporters at shows you how the system could cut down on pedestrian accidents. >> this crosswalk as centers overlook the the pathway across the street its senses the human is still walking across the street even after the countdown expires it will hold the light red until the person has crossed. is designed to help people who need extra time like injuries, crutches, parents walking with kids, disabled senior citizens and it works. people like this woman in a
5:55 am
white coat were walking in the intersection after the countdown expired in the hand turned red now lookit that she is walking across and ahold light is holding on red beard this will in no way drivers nobel. but there's a flip side it has positives to motors' a what appeared new federal standards would give pedestrians and extra seconds to get from curb to curb. we will notice longer red lights over the next few years. that's where this tax system could pay off because of its senses no one was in the crosswalk it will not add on those few seconds that other regular crosswalks will do to the new federal standards. in the long run this high tech system would benefit for both pedestrians and motorists it is expensive 12-$20,000 depending on the intersection up to $2 million for an expressway
5:56 am
crosswalk. so far this one has been considered a success. they will put the next one in near 85. gabe's like kron 4 news. >> critics say they could be abused by a pedestrian and that's what stan roberts looks into. >> pedestrian sensors may be considered a great idea for some. for others they can find a way to abuse them. we already have pedestrian countdown might meters and they are the most abused traffic devices in the bay area this lady crossing high street. take note of her extended arm trying to stop traffic there was less than one second left on the countdown meter when she decided to cross the street. she was traffic to start stop for are carried over on stock in its the same thing people crossing the street ignoring the countdown meter. the man in the yellow shirt has
5:57 am
five seconds left on the meter then he steers at the drivers to make sure nobody runs him or his friend over. you may not know this but meters come with instructions right here where you push the button. in d.c. a person walking you can start walking will watch for bagels. when you see the number countdown or flashing hand do not start crossing the finish crossing if you started. if you see a steady hand like this you should not be in the street and you should not walk. the reason for the meters is to keep things moving. when there's a breakdown of rules gridlock and accidents happen. the one thing i noticed about people who crossed at the wrong time. they are often stuck right in front of your audit when you get the green light. in stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> 5:57 a.m. alive look at san jose 1 01 current conditions not
5:58 am
bad 59 renounce and was a 78 for that. eq go
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