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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 27, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news @ 4:00 with breaking news. there is breaking news out of oakland right now where police officer has been shot. kron 4 dan joined his live from the scene he has the latest. dan. >> or one block west of 90th and macarthur, you can see is one of the center locations there was an officer involved shooting and he was shot in the 2000 block near all loaf in the general area of bancroft. police have blocked down this entire area as they're searching for this gun in. it was a fremont police officer he was shot he's taking part in a violence crime task force investigation in oakland. during the investigation oakland police say the suspect fired shots of the officer and then hit the officer he was taken to
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highland hospital in stable condition he's undergoing surgery right now. that's the situation is in right now. again a fremont police officer shot in the city of oakland near 90th in macarthur rate now as you can see the intersection quarter off but that's not where the shooting took place it took place at austin which is near here but not. again police officers are on the scene there in the search rate now looking for the gunman carried pam. >> first of all this or any indication even though it's early that the shooting had any connection to the investigation that the task force was involved >> >> at this point we don't know what we can tell you is they said as part of that investigation that's how the officer was shot. one would assume he came in contact with
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someone there were looking for or ran into someone else. one could draw the conclusion that this was someone they were looking for but at the same time i would necessarily jump to that conclusion until we hear that firsthand. >> in light of the fact that the areas blocked out what's the effect on traffic in the area? >> we can tell you traffic in the area basically right around this any year of nine is a macarthur we can tell you that least one block and all directions is cut off. this is very suburban here many homes in the area. people normally take macarthur to get to where they need to go they're going to have to find an alternate route. >> in this manhunt are pleased going door-to-door? >> were seeing a lot of officers in this area we cannot see people going door-to-door in could least not in this area at
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this point. if that doesn't mean that's not going on several blocks from here but at least not in this area right now we can tell you several patrol cars have been coming in and out of this area at this point. there's a massive amount of officers within the two block area >> of course dan will be standing by will get back with you shortly on the phone with us is kron 4 who has information after speaking with oakland police. can you hear us? >> yes i can hear you i just talked to the police officers out here opd here's what i and stand some fremont police officers who had nothing to do with opd initially came out here to serve a warrant on a german he's believed to be a 21 year-old hispanic male some kind of board. during that war that was served gunshots were exchanged. apparently that gentleman opened fire on police officers, the police officers
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responded back and one fremont police officer was head. he is now in surgery as i understand that he is in stable conditions and suffers nonce life- threatening conditions and he is expected to survive the gun shot wound. that's what opd is saying right now. they say the man ran on but to to escape from the police officers, he attempted to carjack the person at first, shops were open during that carjacking attempt but was not successful. he ran away and tried to carjack another person entering the second attempt to he was successful. he got into a police officers believe was a green monster up and took off. now police officers are searching for him right now. >> just for the clarification year sang the fremont police who had their own investigation or in oakland serving as a search
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warrant and this was separate and not connected to the task force investigation is that what you're saying? >> they did not say what because it was a really brief conversation in a very brief conference for that. they said it was fremont police officers involved. opd was not involved in they say it could be some kind of task force but they did not clarify what. >> in light of the fact that there were two carjacked a thames is are any kind of identification on the suspect. did they give a description? >> know at this time maybe 20 years old. >> thank you for that update just getting off the phone with oakland police this is unfolding as were reporting this to you. kron 4 reggie is at highland hospital that's for the injured officer was taken. it reggie now joins us on the phone with an update from there. reggie trade >> i learned that the fremont police officer was shot in the
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upper leg and waste area. he was transported here to highland hospital just before 3:00 p.m. today. the nursing supervisor said that officers in stable condition and right now he is undergoing surgery we did speak with oakland police chief anthony batts he said it's looking good at this point but he said the officer is in surgery and he is in stable condition. now fremont police chief has yet to comment to the media we did see the chief go inside as well as oakland mayor ron dellums and several oakland city officials are all here. at this point from what we understand the officer shot in the upper leg ways to area in stable conditions and is in surgery right now. pam. >> reggie stay put will be checking in with you again. an officer now undergoing surgery. we have a graphic will assure you to get a sense of the stolen
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vehicle. the suspect apparently made two attempts to hijack a car and this is a stolen vehicle they're looking for right now. the 1999 masters 626 it's a four-door sedan and its green in color. a california license plate for m j e 548. police are looking for this vehicle if you do come contact with it or see this vehicle in the vicinity you are asked to contact oakland police are any police department in the area. kron 4 jonathan blum joins us now to show you exactly where all this is going on. >> this happen in east oakland remember the officer was from fremont that this took place way appear in oakland. it is just a block off all of. this is just
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about nine tenths of a mile from where another shooting happened with the four officers were killed the man convicted in that was nixon. you could see this as about a mile away. a little ways away from some of the places you might be familiar with like the coliseum in the officer was transported here to the highland hospital a little farther north korea is now undergoing surgery for that injury will have much more news as it comes out. kron 4 news will be back. >> this is set to footage of the scene where fremont police officer were shot just before 3:00 this afternoon a manhunt is underway the officer going under surgery we'll give you the latest wrote this newscast.
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a manhunt is underway you can see here on the screen this an area blocked off at aussie on and all of st.. police officers searched for the suspect on the right side of your screen jersey the map in the area affected by the shooting which we're continuing to follow through this newscast. >> pictures are 10 degrees cooler out there this afternoon and will cool as we head into the weekend. it's actually going to bring us a chance of showers as well. look to these cool
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temperatures it will stay in the low seventies inland, low sixties for the bay shore and upper 50s along the coast. a big warm up into next week will talk about this weekend in your extended forecast coming up a bit stay with us will be right back.
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your following breaking news out of oakland rate now were fremont police officer has been shot by a suspect. the officer was attempting to serve a search warrant in the area of all street. that area is now the scene of the manhunt. please happen quarantine off the area as a look for suspects. a police officer is in surgery at harlem hospital he is expected to live. description of the suspect as he is a hispanic male in his 20s. he made two attempts to hijack cars one of them successfully. this is the picture of the type of the car that the suspect is reported to a stolen. in 1999
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and last us 626, four-door sedan and its green in color. but the license plate on the car for m j e 5482. that is the vehicle that police are looking for rate now as the search for the suspect in this officer involved. we will continue to follow this story throughout the newscast. we want to bring you some other news of the state as we continue to have our reporters on the scene getting a disinformation. this story now coming out of san jose the dispute between the city of san jose and as the firefighters union is heating up today. on the table the city wants the union to accept an 8.9 cut in pay and benefits that's in order to seraph more than $10 million. the union wanted to be 5 1/4%. 49 laid-off firefighters at once to rehired so that the union which is multiple fires that
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struck the city yesterday has proved that a deal must be made soon. kron 4 greg brings us up- to-date. >> is images but for less and saving held up by the firefighters union with evidence that the city council meets to agree on city union contract on their terms the same response time was slow or enforceat unnecessary risk. >> politics of paul public safety. we saw that yesterday appeared four fires broke in san jose yes they are part overstretched critically thin and lack the resources to protect the public >> it was then before we cut back to 49 firefighters, we are incredibly empty >> dear chuck reed said the union is using the fires as a political tactic. >> every time you all the press conference to blame somebody for something is not connected to
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the event in question of course it's political. the facts are the way they responded to the fires are the way we would of responded to the fires two years ago. in san jose craig kron 4 news. >> the mayor of san as they are accusing at one another plan politics of public safety. rob the laudable has deep results. this >> city of san jose has been calling for such a vote will fire fighters for several weeks it happened. a secret ballot some 600 firefighters voted overwhelmingly to reject the city's offer which would cut their total compensation by roughly 8.9%. the vote was 88% i against, 12 percent favor even though the city includes reinstating those 49 firefighters laid off last month as a result of budget cuts.
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today's vote was advisory only nonbinding but if there's progress of the talks on the road than the thick of formal ratification. there's no progress it could ultimately settled through arbitration. in san jose kron 4 news. >> can our breaking news on friday a fremont police officer shot in the area that you're looking at right now. this is all street in oakland the area is beginning to be opened up by police officers as they continue a manhunt for the suspect they believe hijacked a bus the 1999 green moss other in the process of looking for that car was following this story will bring the latest after the break.
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stocks ended the week with these gal ending at 10,001 five zero. the nasdaq ending nearly 35% higher that was good after as sluggish week. rob black is
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here to talk about your money. cuba is a synopsis. >> numbers are bad, it slow weaning the economy is not getting traction and yes the market rallied. intel said the court is going worse than expected h-p told us that last week. were getting to low levels were buyers are starting to step in and say things that to cheap and there's too many good opportunities. they're not going bankrupt there are positive signs at this level the market a special with the town of bad news been for the market. maybe some quarters are starting to cover their positions of people short the market and now they don't go lower so the buying now. >> economy did grow in the second quarter. >> no, no, no our friends in congress but trillion dollars in
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the economy. you and i for is to be happy in sleep well to 3% gdp it's kind of goldilocks anything over 3% causes inflation and easing under 2% not enough to create jobs cheere. >> big rally in washington d.c. of course there's a lot of talk of how this is going to have an affect on policies politics. theye gridlock a governor who can do a lot since government was fantastic after the first two years. we have a great market performance in the excise your spirit this time it may not be so black-and-white. it now live
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to cut all the spending of this whole experiment of his what they like and dislike and its really showing that order to get a good litmus test. wall street problem once more republicans there for tax-free to be extended we can have a better feel about the business and republicans stagnating or slowing down. >> thank you so much rob black rob will be back with us monday big trees send them here e- mail's at . and right now were following a shooting of a fremont police officer while the details for you what we come back.
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live this is kron 4 news @ 4:30 p.m. with breaking news. breaking news at the top of our newscast at 430 a fremont police officer shot as he is attempting to serve a search warrant oakland near copper o


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