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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  August 27, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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all of st.. >> yes pam i just talked to the public information officer jeff thompsothompson they've clearede scene here at 90 of the macarthur that's world the cops were. they clear that i look they've all been relocated to the east mall substation which is at 73rd, between bancroft and macarthur boulevard. that's where they're having a command post for the police officers while many of the police offices are at right now. they're asking me to go over that period in terms of informations did not release anything new except for what we talked about about the fremont police officers trying to serve a warrant to this 20 year-old male in the gunfire was exchanged a of the search is still on for the man hopefully will have new information once we get to the substation.
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>> did the police officers still believed the suspect is in that's still in mostar? >> can you hear us? already stepped away to gather additional formation will check back in with him. richie trenches from highland hospital in oakland where the officer was taken after the shooting carried >> can i just got an update from oakland police chief ray anthony batts he is right now speaking on behalf of the fremont police he basically says a looks like the officer is going to be ok right now he is in surgery but it does look good. he is in stable condition. at this point chief tax is not releasing the name of that fremont police officer he said that would be up to the fremont police chief on decide when to do that. they have to wait to make sure all family members of the their not police officer have been notified. >> the chiefs give you any
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additional formation about what led up to the shooting he >> city's not going to comment that's fremont police department's investigation at this point. he said the investigation is still underway all he would say was that the police officer looks like he's in stable condition is going to be ok. >> he didn't give you information about the manhunt >> that this >> he would not say anything about that. he said it's heading to that scene now. >> who is at the hospital right now? >> alright reggie clark reporting from highland hospital jeff bush joined his of lymphoma he said the fremont police apart right now. jeff. >> the public information officer he says the police department is very concerned about this officer but as richie told shoot it looks like he's
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going to be ok. as far is recovering from surgery what the the the lead police to from his family say they're going to enjoy the find out exactly what's going on right now is to imagine headquarters for a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. they're trying to get their message across. were going to be waiting here and i'm standing by on seen waiting for the spokesman for the from the police to come out. until he comes so were just waiting mode. >> so jeff no indication from the fremont police on the search warrant should specifics >> no specifics one thing that did come out it turns out the officer the word that they used is part of a task force to police said he is part of a task force and he was in oakland specifically for reason. there weren't forthcoming with what
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that task force was and what the officers job was to do but we found out that this is something they went to oakland, to do something and i presume it has something to do. >> for not clear as to whether not the suspect in the officer involved shooting today, was actually the target of the search warrant we don't know that yet? >> we don't know that all police officers say is that this officer was part of a task force and he wasn't specifically in for some reason >> thank you again and this is a story that's unfolding in officer shot in oakland of fremont police officer shot in oakland as he was attempting to issue a search warrant. the check in with other. >> pam we just got the name of the suspect involved in the shooting from the fremont police
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department carried his name is andrew he's a hispanic male 20 years old he was last seen driving that car jack green moss-saddam carried his considered armed and dangerous they're telling us there'd be sending us a picture of the suspect but again that's a andrew in the near future. >> let's look at the stolen vehicle that official say the suspects stope's when he attempted to escape the scene. he's believed to be in a 1999 mazda ford taurus sedan green for and j e 548. >> temperatures even cooler out there this afternoon but this is the start of it as we head into tomorrow blast of cold air that could bring showers. more on that in a moment. 60 degrees in
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san francisco this afternoon temperatures in santa rosa 80 degrees but mostly '60s and '70s through the bay area. our inland spots down in the '70s this afternoon. 83 and yet as our warm this location. gusty winds out there this afternoon this will also get worse as we head into tomorrow and it pulled area which is strong. 18 to 20 mi. an hour winds for many spots in the bay area. although the stronger sustained winds in the windy conditions will continue. this is the reason why a storm of to the north this band of clouds will bring a said aaa shored persons to the wind and temperatures will drop off and then we even have a chance for showers. all this into tomorrow the chance of showers to linger into sunday. but still look at the temperatures they will be chilly tomorrow a special with the gusty winds. 60 and san francisco will remain the same, 69 san or fall, 65 of oakland
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and 73 down in san jose. a chance of showers as we head into tomorrow, when he conditions and cool temperatures things will improve sunday and next week we have another warming trend in store and in so good on a potter's side on wednesday and thursday. >> again our breaking news today a fremont police officer shot in oakland as he was attempting to the issue a search warrant for suspect. 29 year-old cash hispanic male andrew berry and the spirit looking for the suspect it's believed he hijacked a mass of 66 in 1999 green moss that this is the scene where the incident took place in the area of all street. it that area has now been cleared as police spread out and look beyond the location where the shooting actually happened. the suspect did get away in the
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last of but their continued to call the story will be right back. droiiiid.
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we have an amazing video to show you that made by the chilean miners were trapped more than a half mile below ground. the government of chile said the 33 men have now been told it will be weeks and even months before they can be rescued. as kron 4 heather donald shows us that are doing remarkably well. >> the minder schroeder high spirits during the 45 minute video shot with a minicam sent down from the surface. >> is that does one get out of here because it ought to take a shower. one of them said he's confident of being rescued. >> i want them to know we want to get out of here were not going to stay down here. it were going to get out of fear. thank- you. thank-you from the bottoms of my heart. >> another ask for god's blessing on his rescuers.
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>> most of the trapped men were bearded and stripped to the waist. the temperature in the mind is about 85 degrees. each has lost an average of 22 lbs. since their ordeal began three weeks ago. it includes a tour of their living space domino sit on the table. electricity first-aid and oxygen along the wall video shows the space is larger than first imagined cured a big enough for a machine the size of tobacco to move around. right now their only means of to vacation with the it side world is a 3 in. bore hole. the men have asked for playing cards and religious figures. they plan to turn part of the refuge into a shrine. heather donald kron 4 news. >> >> again this is video for breaking story on this friday of fremont police officer shot in oakland about 2:30 p.m. as he is
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attempting to serve a search warrant the officers now undergoing surgery at highland hospital he is considered in stable condition. will be back were details ahead.
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switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. least 5 ft. 7 240 lbs. with black hair and brown hair dyes to read he was last seen driving at carjacked1999 mazda 626, it's a four door sedan, and it's green in color. 4mje548. he's considered armed and dangerous right now alter this is to get more the story will agree to. >> big changes out there this weekend as we get a blast of cold air and a chance of showers as they move into sunday
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things will improve it will still be cool but last breezy traded temperatures in the low to mid-70s to inland and the low to mid 60s along the shores. current conditions are cooler out there this afternoon for the most part in the bay area. things are warmer in santa rosa 80 degrees this afternoon for a 60 in san francisco, 67 in oakland and our inland spots in the seventies and low 80's. sustained wind speeds at which you see here are mostly in the appertains to the low 20s. while this will get even less clear as we head into tomorrow hope this is what looks like right now on satellite pictures you can see the fog cover your this is what will bring us a chance of showers but first to get the win, cooler temperatures another chance of showers as we through through tomorrow morning. the showers will be a little bit later in the day and a chance
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along the coast. of the picture temperatures for tomorrow afternoon winds will be on the cool side will factor the wind is feels that much cooler will get winds in the 21 hour range temperatures 60 degrees in san francisco will feel in the '50s and and a '50s along the bay shore. a word 64, oakland 63. it's going to be really breezy there. i can temperatures feeling much cooler than the war. a look good to kron 47 day around the bay forecast. when first, " the butcher's and that a chance of showers very light rain though. if it comes through a will be traces or a few hundreds of an inch of rain tree big changes next week were going to head back to the warmer side has sunny conditions temperatures the warmest on wednesday and thursday. >> it's been two days now since- sewage poplike a burst kron 4
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gives you an update on the piper perrin shows to the cleanup effort there. >> the 14 in. sewage pipe broke wednesday afternoon and it took 27 hours of continuous work to get fixed. the repairs finished around 6:00 thursday night. crews were busy on light cleaning up the affected grosz's. you could see the workers in the yellow protective suits are shovelling the mass and a big tanker truck was sucking the group bought. it wasn't easy as you can imagine the crash was the stuff that had to be taken note so the clean up can continue. the clinton crew was bring the parking lot down to make sure would be safe enough for people walk on. while the cleanup crew did their thing city works for busy removing replacing a large pump at a nearby station carried the still line the streets most as a precautionary measure as the posted signs warning people to stay out of the water. city crews wrote earlier the day
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taking water samples to send the lab for testing. it's unclear when the water will be safe enough to go back and carried the break in the pipe is being blamed on the age of the pipe and possibly the material used to make it. in redwood city jeff bush kron 4 news. >> santa clara county is one of the first in the nation to test out a new high-tech crosswalk. it's at the intersection of bascom and leno thought that's near the valley medical center. gabe slate shows us how this new system could cut down on pedestrian injuries and deaths. > this crosswalk has special sensors overlooking the pedestrian pathway across the street, if its senses that human is walking across the street even after the countdown expires it will hold the light red until the person has crossed. it is designed to help people who need a little extra time like people with injuries, on crutches, parents walking with kids, senior citizens, or the disabled. and it works i witnessed it several times, people like this woman in the white coat were still walking in the intersection after the countdown expired and the hand
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turned red, but look at this she is walking across, and light is holding on red. this will no doubt will annoy some drivers the pedestrians can now control the traffic lights by taking longer to get crossed. there is the flip side, the system has positives for motorists as well. new federal standards are being implemented across california that will give pedestrians a few extra seconds to get from curb to curb, so we are going to notice longer red lights here at every intersection over the next few years. that's where this high tech system can pay off. if it senses no one is in the crosswalk, it will not add on those extra few seconds that other regular crosswalks will, due to the new federal standards. in the long run this high-tech system would benefit both pedestrians, and motorist. it is expensive in cost between 12-$20,000, depending on the intersection, and up to about 2 million for an expressway crosswalk. so far this one at bascom and renova, has been considered a success, and santa
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clara is going to put the next one in near 85. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> critics say the high tech crosswalk could be abused kron 4 silly roberts books of this one. > pedestrian censors might be considered a great idea for some, but for others they can find a way to abuse them. because we already have pedestrian countdown meters they are one of the most abused traffic devices in the bay area. like this lady crossing hyde street. let's stop the video right here. take note of her extended arm trying to stop traffic. there was less than one second left on the countdown meter, when she decided to cross the street. yet she wants traffic to stop for her. over on stockton it is the same thing. people walking across the street ignoring the countdown meter. watch the man crossing in a yellow shirt, he steps off the curb with only five seconds left on the meter. then he appears to stare at the
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drivers, it to make sure no one runs him or his friend over. you may not know this but most countdown meters come with instructions. it is right here where you push the button. let's go over the instructions together. if you see this image of a person walking, you can start walking but watch for vehicles. when you see the number countdown or flashing hand don't start crossing but finish crossing if you have started. if you see a steady hand like this you should not be in the street, and you should absolutely should not walk. the reason for the meters is to keep traffic and pedestrians moving. when there is a breakdown of those rules gridlock and accidents happen. the one thing i noticed about people who decided to cross at the wrong time, they are often stuck right in front of your auto when you get the green light. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if yes, understory idea for stanley e-mail us at our breaking news at this hour this is video from a crime scene
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in oakland where fremont police officer was shot while he is attempting to serve a search warrant. coming up after this break, were going to show you the picture of the suspect to is believed to be armed and dangerous. you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. there was no playing things loose or close to the edge.
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follow breaking news on this friday. a fremont police officer shot in oakland today. this is video from the scene from about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon near of st. in oakland. now we have a picture of the suspect to show you. he is 20 year-old andrew barrientos, his 5 ft. 7 ft. tall 240 lbs. with black hair and brown eyes. police say he shot the fremont police officer as the officers tried to serve a search warrant. he was last seen driving a car jack1999 mazda 626, it's a four door sedan, and it's green in color. our coverage of this breaking store
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will begin right after the break 5:00. all wh
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