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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  August 27, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00 the developing story. there is developing is tonight at 5:00 an officer involved shooting involving a fremont police officer who was working in oakland. this is video from the scene it happened about 2:33 p.m. this afternoon. you can see officers, and at the location of. earlier today the scene has since been cleared as the manhunt has opened up now that the suspect carjacked the vehicle. we have a picture of the suspect to show you his 20 year-old andrew barrientos. police say he shot the police officer as the officers tried to serve a search warrant and he was last seen driving a car jacked green mass the 626. we
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should tell you he is considered armed and dangerous. kron 4 dan has been following the story he joins us now with the variously disinformation. dan. >> that manhunt does continue as you mentioned all it's been a green mounds of the person got away with a groundout police possible appeal call it a joint task force they were going to serve them but to different locations. how was one of these locations that they account of the suspect. here's what oakland police told me. >> sharing the attempted serving a warrant for shot team is hot at officers and suspects. an officer was hit and transported to a local hospital, and non-life threatening injury. the officers for the city of fremont. after the incident the
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officers did return far in the suspect. still unknown a few is time. >> i can this happen in near olive street. again after the shooting what happened was the suspect it attempted to carjack someone. he had two * one was successful. that it ended up leaving the team to know any of the macarthur that for one of the hijack victims ended up. with the little later on that for one of the carjackings took place. again the suspect is expected to be armed and dangerous in a green mass of 66. pommel of them they were just leaving every ago when the ship shooting took place. the ability officers expected to survive his and highland hospital in a manhunt is on for this individual. pan. >> to have any idea what the search for was about?
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>> we ask oakland police exactly that question the set of this point they don't have any details specifically as to what that man was wanted for. the indication was the synthesis of the stream of police officers approaching him he opened fire. >> > reporting live to thank- you. on the phone with us to help give us additional formation of the case of veteran with the fremont police department take you so much for joining us. what is the latest information you of this time. >> i talked for a chief of is at the highland hospital was with the officer's family told us injuries are survivable. the relief trade >> regarding the suspect, what was the purpose of the search warrant to? >> have to apologize i'm not located in the fremont i don't have a lot of information as to
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the particular as to why they were there pureed the officer was part of a task force the rapid oakland at an operation they were looking for the suspect. there were some type of a confrontation with the suspects and and that's when our officer is first ridiculous i don't have those right now. >> andrew barrientos was the target of the search warrant? >> i believe so. >> thank you so much from the fremont police this is a suspect his picture on the screen. it andrew barrientos homestand spinet mail 20 years old by foot 7 in. to enter and 40 lbs. believe to be armed endanger should you come in contact your ass to contact police officials. we're going to
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check with kron 4 reggie who is live at highland hospital with the latest on the condition of the officer who is uncertain >> from my understanding is still in surgery were told you shot in the upper leg wisteria. >> the officer a many oakland police officers of the new law police officers are here at the hospital they been here since officer arrived at about 3:00 p.m. today the nursing supervisor said the he is in stable condition and again is still undergoing surgery. chief that says that not releasing the name of the fremont police officer who until all of this family members have been notified. meanwhile baps also said their use in the amber alert to release information about that outstanding suspect involved in the shooting. live in oakland kron 4 news.
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>> what other officials are there? >> we see in larry read both counts the numbers we've also seen mayor gavin newsom here of at the hospital were told through a police chief is with the family of the police officer melanie is not come out later, to the media as of yet. >> sorry reggie thank-you at highland hospital where the surgery continues with the officer involved in the shooting. his name has not been released. but stricken with kron 4 as jonathan blum he gives us a closer look of exactly where all this happened. >> the officer was from the fremont again that happened in east oakland. hall will zoom in and give you a little closer look. it happened at the corner of all see in an all streaker into place for allegedly serving that search warrant. we're going to do closer look it's the
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second house in on the street here. it just one block away from a crop which is a major street. that is where the shooting happened in the area somewhere around here is where to attempted carjackings apparently happened and one he made got himself the grain must of that is now believed to be entered this is where police have now face their command poised. they're here at the small. yet there area were a lot of officials are gathered is the hospital. this is where the officers currently undergoing surgery for what we understand now was a non-life threatening injury to his leg in wisteria. >> this incident is religious blocks away her home where 13 year-old boy from oakland was killed on wednesday night brouhaha clark was shot blocks away from his home at bancroft and 61st. it $15,000 reward is being offered for information
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leading to an arrest in the case. clark was a week shy of celebrating his 14th birthday he was an athlete considered a good kid is not involved in criminal activity, it is about to begin high school on monday. >> cooler out there this afternoon but even cooler is we haven't weekend with a chance of showers prefer current conditions temperatures mostly running in the '60s and '70s. it chilled conley would close loftily will flu. here's what were going see tonight into tomorrow the fog moving back into the bay this evening. tomorrow morning we will see fog and drizzle but were also going to see the tail end of the storm moved through leader of the morning is going to bring this windy conditions a blast of cold air and a 20 percent chance of showers and afternoon. will talk more about this in your set of forecast coming up in just a bit. >> are breaking news at this hour of please officer shocked in oakland it as he is
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attempting a served a search warrant to the officer know in surgery and is considered unstable conditions. what live is coming up after the break. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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this is the man police are looking for right now, his famous andrew barrientos is hispanic male, 20 years old, 5 ft. 7 in. tall. he is driving up carjacked1999 mazda 626, it's a four door sedan, and it's green in color. this is a picture of the type of the car that was carjacked to this is a license plate a california license plate of 4mje548. he is believed the suspect to the shooting of a fremont police officer the whereabouts of the suspect are no right now. there's a manhunt as please try to locate him we are following this story throughout our newscast. we will bring you the latest in just a few moments. the wallet has been two days now since sewage i'm broke consent of thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the redwood lagoon. that sewage also
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went into the grosz's of nearby homes. kron 4 gives you the update and shows you the cleanup efforts. the 14 in. sewage pipe broke wednesday afternoon and it took 27 hours of continuous work to get it fixed. the repairs to destroy 6:00 thursday night. crews were busy all day cleaning up the affected grosz's purity to the workers and their yellow protective suits were shot in the last out of this home and a big tanker truck was sucking the group bought. you can imagine the crash was full of stuff that had to be taken notes of the cleanup could continue pure the cleanup crew was bring a parking lot down to make sure it was safe enough for people walk on. while the cleanup crew did their things to the works were busy removing their things. tinker trucks still lined the streets mostly as a precautionary measure if has the look assigned to still posted warning people to stay of the water. if city crews wrote earlier this safe taking water samples to send to the lab for
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testing 3 is unclear when the water will be safe enough to go back and carry the break in the pipe. in redwood city jeff bush kron 4 news. there is a scare at recycle center in san francisco today. it costs an evacuation of have this morning at west coast recycling about 6:30 a.m.. police say a box which was going down a conveyor belt broke and white powder inside was released into the air. after the building was secured crews determined that the chemical was actually a substance used in fertilizer. more than a dozen people reported eye irritation many were trained on the scene when person was sent to the hospital. taking a look at our extended forecast yet even more changes for the week ended when stand the cold outside windsor court pick up even a chance for rain trade complete forecast is just a few minutes away.
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breaking news of the relentless
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officer shot will try to serve a search warrant in oakland. this is video from the scene the officer currently in surgery. kron 4 is at the scene and on the phone with us now. he had a chance to speak with what is this. >> yes pam i did speak with the witness saw her home was actually and that's where the search warrant happened to were the cause was apparently shot. i talked to a neighbor just a few doors down. he said he heard 89 shots of very passing quickly and when he walked outside this house, he noticed about 20 cop cars pulling up and he saw us so and who he believed to be a police officer lying on the ground. he said oakland police officers took the police officer put in a police car and sped away. he said apparently what he referred was the officer shot a leg that information has
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not been confirmed but that is what the witness told palestinian the corner of the 86 the and bancroft and written to part of a liquor store and i believe this is the first attempted carjacking location because cops told me there were two types of carjacking. it the first was unsuccessful in shots were fired. in front of this liquor store there are obvious signs of gunshots being fired because their for evidence markers in some locations where you can see shattered glass. i believe this is the first carjacking location again that is not been confirmed by police. >> all right cam i will show the gears of the picture the suspect least want them to be aware of this man his name is andrew barrientos a hispanic male, 20 years old, 5 ft. 7 in. into
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hundred 40 lbs.. his black hair and brown eyes. he's believed to be armed and dangerous and driving a1999 mazda 626, it's a four door sedan, and it's green in color. a california license plate of 4mje548. police say if you see the suspect or if you see this car the asking of them call. >> clear this afternoon but cooler tomorrow the tail end of the storm is rushing through. were going see when the conditions as well and a 20 percent chance showers later on this afternoon. temperatures in and dropping a los '70s her voice to warm up into sunday but not much. rows of the cyclical conditions from the bay and along the coastline. that's get a look at what were seeing out there right now because things are clear this afternoon. 60 and san francisco is the same 76 in
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santa rosa, 60 cannot of a lot cooler than what we saw yesterday. again even more cooling into tomorrow. it's also breezy of their this afternoon wind speeds in the upper teens and low 20s. 22 in fairfield, 21 in antioch winds are going dustup even more than this. as a matter of fact it's going to bring us the wind, cold top pitchers and a chance of showers. this is most going to affect to the north of us the storm. the tail end of it right here. the chance for showers as we move into tomorrow a look at the temperatures boy it's certainly going to be cold tomorrow pureed cooler than today and when you factor in the wind its schools. 72 santa rosa, 75 antioch, 60 the livermore, '70s in a sacred will take a look a jerks of forecast coming up in just a bit. >> again this is video the shooting scene in the incident
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unfolded about 2:30 p.m. when a fremont police officer shot after attempted to serve a search warrant. we have more news ahead coming up after this break.
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tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. a manhunt continues at this hour for suspect in drew this is the scene in oakland where fremont police officer rashad as he tried to serve a search warrant. he will continue to update you on the development for this newscast. in the meantime other news today. mexicana airlines is halting all of its operations as of midnight tonight. its restructuring costs. depicted the largest airline was forced to shut down because it does not have enough money to keep flying. the airline fire of for bankrupting and in the nine states on august 2nd. laugh all later stopped selling tickets and suspended some flights. mexicana filed and applied to more than 65 national and international destinations including san jose and sfo.
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>> the dow closed up 07 to 65 points to close of 10,150 today. this is after they offered reassured on the economy. meanwhile a major bidding wars been going on between the world's two largest computer makers. h-p and dalkon for fremont based three part it's a data storage company whose storage machines are designed for delivering services over the internet. today h.p. raised its offer to this $2 billion or $30 per share. it's pretty hard to believe went to weeks ago three paar was selling for $10 a share. last monday dell offered 18 per share. h-p came back to $24, adult countered with 2433 h p top that with the bid of $27 a share and we'll match it at 27. an h-p came back with $30 a share today. now three par has
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about 670 employees which means its latest offer averages nearly $3 million per worker. >> this could be another sign of the uncertain economic conditions for the nation for the second year wrote the u.s. birth rate is down. the clinton recession caused many people to put off having children. four/year totaling more a little over 4.1 million that's down almost 2.7% from 2008. the birth rate now is the lowest in this century. our breaking news a fremont police officer shot while he was trying to serve half a search warrant in oakland. this is video from the scene is not afternoon. the officers currently in surgery. off the police chief is speaking right now let's join the news conference live. >> this afternoon one of our officer respond was up in oakland been working with d a on
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someone search warrants. there were contacting a suspect the suspect fled on the officer one of the pursuit the officer shosuspect shot twie officers agreed the officers currently in hospital. i don't have further information at this time you love the name of the suspect. that started and go? ok. all i don't have any and other information. like to say the officer is still in surgery his family is here and they're ready to hear from the surgeons as to how the surgery is. >> he was shot in the lower
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extremities in the pelvic area. he's been with fremont a boat six are seven years he was a lot poorer with the city of newark. i think it want to wait on releasing his name to find out how the surgery goes. home apparently from what i understand the suspect was running and for a weapon, and lifted up and pull the trigger of the officer. the officer did return fire there were two officers involved to return fire and the


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