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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 27, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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suspect was set to. paul hopes he didn't turnaround he shot back. they're both from fremont fremont this is the first officer that's an shot since i've been here a is not something more accustomed to carry or any department for that matter. but the officers are doing their jobs and they're maintaining a presence in fremont and the were in oakland
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or charges in the case. i do want to publicly thank the hospital staff in very accommodating. they've been helpful. yes, i believe so. they were on a task force together yes. they work in oakland and other cities. what we call major crimes it's the combining of the game plan and our tanarcotics. d
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say he's in his late thirties. pardon? yes he is married with children. he is married with children. all right to i appreciate the time. >> will provide updates as we can carry >> he been listening to live news conference he is at highland hospital was one of his officers that have been shot today during an effort to serve a search warrant shot today he is currently in surgery in serious condition with shots to is lower extremity including the call this area. will be right is lower extremity including the call this area. will be right back.
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here including the mayor ron dellums was also a year earlier today now you can see chief that if there with fremont police chief. now as for if the condition of that officer again he is in serious condition had a we are told they are using the amber alert system to let the public know who the suspect is. live in oakland reggie kron 4
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news. z kron 4 jonathan blum joins us now he's going to give us a closer look at where this unfolded. >> the happen far outside of the usual area of the troll. this is where the officers are from the fremont and the shooting happened in east oakland. let's look at our google not sure it is to the look of the area, if the shooting was a block off of bancroft in a residential area at this house right here nine this is where the officer was serving a search warrant. this is apparently were the suspect emerge from the house and opened fire at the officer striking him. now the suspect apparently then fled on foot, just from the corner to this liquor store where we understand that it attempted carjacking took place as the victim was pulling out of this parking lot tripoli's if found shattered glass on the ground and shots were fired. this carjacking however was not
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successful in another carjacking took place nearby were still try to confirm the location of that. as police rushed to the scene trying to look for the suspect. as we told to the suspect got away he is currently at large. please have set up a command post at the substation where they are searching for the suspect in the surrounding area of europe of the officers with heavy machine guns walking in and out of the area we will be officers here at being treated for his injuries. >> justin to the kron 4 news room we just got picture of the vehicle that the suspects is accused of carjacking. there is agreemenugliness a green we alse has that tattoo on his back tattoo and one on his forearm
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that says to cope gangster. that's the latest of the news from back to you carried the dow >> and video of the scene were all this happen in oakland near olive streets with the fremont office or shop this afternoon he is currently in surgery. a manhunt is underway. we'll be right back.
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a fremont police officer was shot as he is tending to serve the search warrant. a manhunt for the suspect is under way authorities are continuing to follow through this newscast. in other news this evening oakland school officials are trying to find money to keep seven day care centers opened. the centers were slated to close for good at the end of the day today. may of last minute retrieve it is that. the thought it would
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have to close today they did get money to save five of them. but the smallest golden gate and santa fe child development center which is the tarmac here in green, will have to shut their doors on tuesday. as kron 4 christine conley explains, for parents it's been a painful roller-coaster ride >> this is an emotional day she had to tell her five kids ranging from 9 to 5 that they would have to leave the only day care they've ever known >> this is not a vacation day for me. >> she said was emotional the kids had to say their goodbyes then word came that the center was in closing. i was taking them to say there the baez told the teachers and their friends and staff today, then when i get there and finding out that there's keeping. >> that the last minute to found $2.1 million to keep five of the child development center is open for december. some centers will still have to close on tuesday.
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>> the two small centers and with the lowest income it will be closed golden gate which primarily serves a charter public-school students and also san ave. >> in oakland kron 4 news. >> just in the the kron 4 news room a hold incidents at to the center is in in the golden gate on herzog and 01 people participating roping the students will force officials with the school system to leave them open. >> a series of fires that struck san jose on thursday. it calls in the contract is due to the firefighters union in this city to get uglier. kron 4 craig has a look at what's >> here in san jose the firefighters' union is point to multiple house fires on thursday as part of the city needs to come to terms with the union on new contract bring back 49 laid- off staffers. visit to fires and one morning showed response times along for the risk of fire fighters safety to great, two houses burned 2 mi. from each other inside of an hour. the
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said the city will give them a contract negotiations over this. in san jose kron 4 news. >> to new in our coverage the ongoing contract dispute between the city of san jose and its firefighters union, the result of a non-binding showed overwhelming support for the and position among firefighters by secret ballot. some 600 firefighters voted 88% to reject the city contract. if there's no progress think ultimately the binding of penetration. in san jose kron 4 news. >arbitration. in san jose rob kron 4 news. >> a manhunt continues at this hour for the suspect to 20 year- old andrew barrientos.
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sedan, and it's green in color. 4mje548. he is armed and dangerous should become contact with him your asked to contact local police. temperatures are cooler this afternoon were in for more cooling and even some rain this weekend. current conditions are most in the '60s and '70s this afternoon. 68 now, 67 oakland for in the spot significantly cooler in the low seventies for the most part. 70 in antioch fresnel. will seem warm conditions down in the
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south bay. our wind speeds out there this afternoon it's crazy. winds in the teens to the '20s 15 to 25 mi. an hour 21 in redwood city, 25 and for field will also pick up tomorrow as the tail end of this storm sweeps by the bay area. at our satellite pictures were going to get the wind that our temperatures will drop off and then will have a chance of showers which will sweep by saturday. it's sitting offshore now some of the worst train will stay to the north of us. there's a chance to see a light shower or two out there tomorrow. a look at our temperatures for tomorrow they certainly will be on the cool side. when you factor in winds that are going to be about 20 mi. an hour it's going to feel cooler than this. 60 degrees in san francisco, 66 and stand tall and 63 oakland trip to temperatures and are open spots upper '70's low 80's. your kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay run the bay forecast for is that chance of rain. first of the
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wind, then the cooler temperatures and the chance for showers saturday into sunday. conditions will improve and sunday and a special next week. a warming trend in store wednesday and thursday will be the warmest of the week. this is video from the scene a couple hours ago in oakland the scene of an officer involved shooting of the one officer attempting disservice search warrant to the officer currently in surgery and a manhunt underway for the suspect. we'll be right back.
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movies to watch a net flex at its a good deal it's slowly getting better as a cut more deals with studios. the interface is release easy to use it in search by title shot or actor. i play around with it on the i phone works well the quality the picture the some solid. it it works of why five or regular cell phone service when watching something if you're not in a wife i hot zone some people said it does not perform as well. i didn't have that problem but really depends on how many doors to have the time. in san jose gabe slate kron 4 news. >> this is video of the scene in oakland about 2:30 p.m. where fremont police officer was attempting to issue a search warrant when a suspect andrew barrientos, pulled a gun and fired a shot the officer of the officers now have had in hospital in surgery. we also want to latch no manhunt is underway the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.
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we have a program note to tell you about for tomorrow. nbc will air the giants game at 8:00 p.m. kron 4 will air the nbc show persons on know. directly after that you can catch kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m.. kron 4 news of six is coming up next with the very latest on the officer shooting in oakland. we'll be right back.
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00 with a developing story. our developing story tonight at 6:00 p.m. this is a senior police are on the hunt for suspects who shot a fremont police officer the officer is now in hospital in surgery we will let jan know how he's doing in a moment first tonight dan curtis live in oakland with the latest period's >> pam we just in speaking with oakland police officers did not
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kidding us with information carried this all went down to 30 p.m. went to the mob police officers were working with the dea the run a joint task force and serving search warrants in oakland. it went to one location near all the street they encountered the suspect took off running and as he was running away, he turned and fired at the two officers striking one of them twice. the oakland he picks up and there. >> during the attempted serving of the warrants there were shots exchange by officers and suspect. the officer was hit and he was transported to a local hospital its non-life threatening injuries. the officer is on the city of fremont after the incident the initial shooting the officers did return fire on the suspect it's the one known as he was head. >> now that officer was taken to a local hospital where he's been seen as non-life threatening injuries. then the scene shifted to get away mode to attempted carjackings one of
6:02 pm
them successful and one ended up at the location looking at now which is the 30th and macarthur. the last we heard from the suspect he was a master 66 and a green color. ec officers coming and going for this location some high-powered rifles the looking for the man they say he is armed and dangerous. they don't know specifically what the search warrant was about because fremont police are working with the dea it would assume it has something to do with drugs. other than that we don't have more specifics as to why they were going after this man and why there were trying to arrest him. pam. in a >> light of the fact that the suspect as carjacked a vehicle is are any indication from police as to whether or not this man hunt will expand beyond oakland? >> at this point they're not saying that for all they know he's already ditched the vehicle they don't know where he is, they were hoping at this point they had gotten on it soon enough. they hoped they had
6:03 pm
quarantine often much as the area hopefully to box him and carried it were successful but that is anybody's guess >> was anybody else of the search for an address? >> they did not say if anyone else was there they did say there were a couple of locations that they were serving search warrants to. this is one of the two pureed >> write dan reporting live for us thinking gantry we want to show you a picture of the suspect his name is andrew barrientos he is 5 ft. 7 but tall. 240 lbs. black hair brown eyes. he is a tattoo on his neck with the word called the coach joe. police say he is armed and dangerous. we want to show you the vehicle. this is a car for the second attempt of which was successful carjacking. this is a green moss the 66-the license plate on your screen for m j e
6:04 pm
548. they say is armed and dangerous you can see him or his car they like you to give him a call as soon as possible to check in with our coverage continues. . reggie what's the latest? more fremont police officers are showing up here at highland hospital. there are also several oakland police officers here in alameda county sheriff pure the name of the free one officer has not been released to still in serious condition and in surgery. fremont police spoke with the media he said the officers in his late 30's has done on the force for about seven years. here's what the chief had to say about how the officer shot. listen to this. >> the suspect was running true weapon and pulled the trigger and hit the officer twice in the pelvis. the officer returned
6:05 pm
fire their two officers involved. he returned fire on the suspect we don't know if he said he's escaped to read now. >> 31 officer was shot in the pelvic area like you did she say twice, he still in serious condition. the chief also says of the 19 years he's been fremont police chief there is not been an officer shot in a line of duty. it live in oakland reggie kron 4 news. >> oakland police already scarred by the hitting of their own officer back in 2000 i was are we all remember that you talk to some of the politicians were there today? >> they're not really sang much to say there really keeping quiet about this i did see the mayor come and earlier today as well as city council members. they're not saying much these are saying they're going to leave it to the police
6:06 pm
department. >> reggie reporting from the hospital where the police officer is in surgery right now. >> the shooting happened here in east oakland. let's go in for a closer look will tell you how it unfolded. it happened over here in this ekes oakland area that was a block off. happen at this house its common from the street corner house post who number street was to does in the mud. if the suspect allegedly came out shooting he ran around the corner we now know the suspect apparently showed up at this liquor store with a little parking lot in front or still try to convert this we believe both attempted carjackings may have taken place in this parking lot. the first one of the suez of failed attempts. the clerk of
6:07 pm
the liquor store heard three shots as the bill the tub was going down. in the second project was successful the suspect apparently escaped and offices aren't sure worry what appeared as a result the set up the search command post right up over here, it is also filled with a lot of law enforcement and with a lot of heavenlyheavy weaponry. jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> cooler out there today but even cooler into tomorrow. winds will pick up it will even have a chance of showers of their late tomorrow afternoon into sunday trip to complete the forecast is coming up in just a bit.
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@ with you when it's time to save. we want to give you more on the shooting of a fremont police officer in oakland this afternoon. we want to show you a picture of the suspect andrew barrientos, sedan, and it's
6:11 pm
green in color. we've also been told it he has to tattoo is one that says to koto on the back of his neck to get there that says to cope gang sternest 4 are insured it is the neighborhood on the east side union city they're looking for right now is considered armed and dangerous. a few moments ago we heard from the fremont police chief he is at the highland hospital where that officer in question is still in surgery this hour. kron 4 jeff bush is live on the phone from the fremont police headquarters. as you can imagine it's been hectic day here at the fremont police department these guys they know it's a dangerous situation but it's always a shock it always brings the reality to the police. as the pleached she said there haven't been an officer in the fremont police department shot to in more than two decades. it's
6:12 pm
something that's the officers snow is a possibility of what could happen but when it does happen of been shopping in the reality of it really comes into play the mood is a somber but very curious here at the fremont police department. alright jeff bush reporting from fremont. and then one does continued this hour for the suspect andrew this is a scene where were showing a video of the scene where the officer was shot as he tried to serve a search warrant we will continue to update his condition and the status of the manhunt for a this newscast. we'll be right back after this break. the most powerful half-ton crew in america
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the proof that a deal must be made soon as craig tells us. >> these images from thursday's multiple fire calls unless it was there been held since it is a firefighter's union has evidence that the need to agree a new new union contract. >> are putting politics in front of public safety curtis of yesterday's our departure was stretched critically thin and lack the resources necessary to protect lives and property >> fire fighters to the multiple fires happen all the time trish >> it was then before we cut back the 49 firefighters in close on the fire companies. we are incredibly empty now. >> dear chuck reed said the union is using the fires staff as a political tactic courage
6:17 pm
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leaders announced the tally was 80 percent opposed and 12 no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ringconnect 2400 
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thank-you from the bottom of my heart. another asked for god's blessings on his rescuers. most of the trapped men were bearded and stripped to the waist. the temperature in the mine is about 85 degrees. each of lost an average of 22 lbs. since their ordeal began three weeks ago. this includes a tour of their living space, domino sit on the table. electricity, the first- aid and oxygen along the wall video shows the space is larger than first imagined carried think it can have the machine in their this as the move round trip right now through means of communication with their outside world is a 3 in. bore hole. the men have ask for playing cards
6:28 pm
and religious figures. this may turn their refuge into a shrine. heather donald kron 4 news. >> the government of chile said it may be christmas before those miners are rescued. it is getting advice and keep the minors healthy from that. will be right back. advantage topical solution treats dogs... ( barking ) but destroys fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist for gentle, but effective, flea control.
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out 60 p.m. tonight big stories in one big block of news, march cruz, more stories written our top story >> here in oakland the fremont police officer shot while serving a search for to predict that we show you what the suspect looks like. his name is andrew and right now the manhunt is on. he's described as a 20 rolled hispanic male, foot 7 in. wing to its 40 lbs. shoes to say he is armed and dangerous. if the whole situation went down about 2:30 p.m.. fremont police were working alongside the dea with the task force they were serving search warrants when
6:31 pm
they made contact with the suspect near all street we see the video. at that time of the suspect ran off the wall is running off he turned and fired on the to field a police officer hitting one of them twice in the pelvic region. that officer is expected to survive. we can also tell you that point the suspect had to get in the getaway mode. he tried to carjackings the second one was successful he ended up getting away in the green moss to 66. right now the search is on looking for the suspect. in oakland in carmen kron 4 news. >> here at highland hospital in oakland he can still see fremont officers are coming into the hospital where the hospitals in serious condition and still uncertain at this point. take a look at this to do you can see oakland city council members did arrive here shortly after the officer was brought here to the
6:32 pm
hospital. council member larry reed khmer dellums has also arrived. oakland police chief anthony batts was here to me with fremont police chief about the shooting. as the shooting happened here in oakland. now listen to chief this know what he had to say about the shooting happening. he said it's very unusual for his department a shooting like this happen one of his officers. >> and chief for 19 years this is the first officer that's been shot since i've been in fremont. it's not an event that were accustomed to. >> in the police are still not releasing the name of the officer as far as we know he's been on the force for seven years, he is married with children. again he still in serious condition and in surgery. live in oakland reggie kron 4 news. >> here in san jose the firefighter unions planning to multiple house fires on thursday
6:33 pm
as proof the city needs to come with terms with the union on a new contract to bring back 49 layoff fire fighters. they say three fires and one morning say response times are longer and risk of fire fighters is too great. the mayor said the unions use it as political leverage and said it won't even know contract negotiations over this. >> continuing our coverage now of the ongoing contract dispute between the city of san jose and its firefighters union. the result of a non-binding vote taken on friday showed overwhelming support for the union's position among rank-and- file of titans. some 600 firefighters voted 80 percent to just 12% to reject the city's contract offer. the progress makes the dispute could be for >> read with city it's been two days since the 14 in. sewage pipe broke leaving thousands of gallons into the lagoon. the six
6:34 pm
nearby homes were flooded as well. work continues crews were busy cleaning up the affected grosz's. at the same time city workers removed old pump from a nearby station replaced with a new one. as for the logo signs are still up warning people to state of the water until it's come up with the all clear. in redwood city kron 4 news. >> in tech news that the extreme is now available on the i phone and i pad touch. it's a free application you download from the i jonetunes that store. as g as you're not for its member with the dvd plan of $9 or more. i played around the net flicks on the i phone it worked well. the quality of the picture and sound was solid. in san jose, gabe slate kron 4 news cheered >> why years ago northlands louisiana was bracing for hurricane katrina a storm that has come to define that city. cement the shows is one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods and how homeowners are tearing out.
6:35 pm
>> in the corner of law and almanac the only way and was by boat carried floodwaters nearly reached the street sign. of that was almost five years ago and neighbors who live in this neighborhood said the upcoming anniversary of hurricane katrina it doesn't change anything their hurricane is still part of everyday life. >> it's bad were coming >> to karen clark to a half years of $100,000 from the wood to rebuild his home. down the street at home still bear the scars from katrina, plywood watermarks and scraping for rescuers. >> a bunch of houses are boarded up and some of some art boarded up. down the street these volunteers are trying to fix that. >> i feel for most of these people. it's gone through a lot. >> the christian charity has build 27 homes and just this one
6:36 pm
small neighborhood. there's still building. >> try to get back in the house is after five years. that's a long time >> stories of patience and persistence for both volunteers and neighbors. as they try and turn back the tide five years after the water receded. several parishes of organized official events is weekend including a ceremonial burial for king katrina. president brought the ball is scheduled to visit sunday. borland's i'm samantha pays. >> our big weather story a chance of showers this weekend. here's the star sitting offshore. it's going to bring a set of triplets or first rising wind, cooler temperatures and a chance of showers. its importance to the showers and not one of the anything extensive it will just be light sprinkles holy meal on the coast, in the hills and in the south bay real starting tomorrow morning cooler temperatures and
6:37 pm
later on in the afternoon early evening chance for the showers. is looking we can at a glance tomorrow not a fun day at all. cool and windy and possibly even when the afternoon. temperatures in the low seventies inland, the low 60s on the bay and the upper 50s on the coast line. we will warm up somewhat as we head into sunday but that will be a cold day temperatures on the pumping up a few degrees. next week will have a bigger warm up will take a look at your extended forecast real quick. as we head into monday temperatures bumping up into the upper '70's and later on in the week it's a big warm up back in the '90s inland until thursday. >> of programming change to tell you about nbc will air the giants game so at 8:00 p.m. on will air the nbc show persons unknown. directly after that he can catch kron 4 news at 9:00 p.m..
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this is a man driving in the city of condolence to 30 5:00 p.m. and students have let out of sonoma the school from 2 to 15 until 3:00 p.m. this becomes a parking lot. literally. what happens this parents instead of parking at the street and having their kids what to them the blocked the road. it's not just double parking like to see here sometimes it's triple parking. yes triple parking. see the school bus it's waiting for the drivers would double part to move so the driver to pick up students. as parents to put their kids the bus finally pulls up to the school. it's here to pick up special education students occurred the bus driver had to sit for 15 minutes before making it into the school parking lot because of illegally parked cars. they're all kinds
6:42 pm
of unsafe turns hot driving habits in here. blocking driveways seem to be the norm sure and parents are sitting in not so great example for the kids to follow in the future. i hear morning sir even worse. but crossing in and ice-cream truck lots jaywalking students and you can say mann drive becomes quite a mess. in an old stanley roberts kron 4 news. if yes, your story differ stanley in millis said he be. what's wrong with him that's the million- dollar question in giants manager comes to answer it coming up next. and some bad news for rookie steve in strasbourg whose career could be in jeopardy. vern has that story and all the sports next.
6:43 pm
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strasbourg shutting it down he's facing arm surgery that will cost of the year. the national rookie phenom is down. he has a torn ligament in his right elbow. strasbourg was only 22 likely needs to surgery. he could be facing 12 to 18 months of rehab alone. >> it is modest in the way it's could that happen now instead tough going to the post season or getting ready for world series. it's a new challenge i want to be the best of everything right now i need to be the best ever having in getting back at her. >> steven strasbourg. meantime the playoff race scenario continues the giants after day off back at it tonight. the dish on dust and carried the giants have 34 games left the lead in the wild-card race and trail san
6:47 pm
diego by 6 games. do they like for the stand? >> we have to be a little bit close to the sandia go below we are. clinton on a roll here who can take sunday this book a jeopardy quick. it's a matter of planking to gain. he look at the scoreboard all you want to it will win games and never going to make up games. shoe >> tim starts tonight he this is 0-4 tonight. he's given up 18 runs in the last 19. he's only got at of the six ending one since the stretch purities that the manager concerned. no question we need him as a group it would be good for us if we could get him back on track. >> the a's right now are losing to texas 7-0 in the fifth inning. if the pair of the
6:48 pm
giants took a pass at ramirez he went to the national league on waivers the one now negotiated deal with the dodgers. they have killed tuesday afternoon to complete the deal. 665 it was a reality check for tiger woods. fedex play offense or around two and zero, tiger. tiger woods, this struggle will afternoon he would miss out one flood of a car something you never see pretty i could do that. he shot 73 today four strokes back phil mickelson shot a 74. he doesn't make the cut. jason day is your leader at eight under par. according to our friend said to report to the team saturday night before the raider game
6:49 pm
franklin got the franchise based on him he never reported to hit on the off-season training camp at practices of divorcees 7 million once he signs. kickoff set for 6:00 p.m.. bay area prices on the line one of the forty-niners of invade the oakland coliseum your the forty- niners at the raiders. the be showing to delay at 9:00 p.m. on television. he's a the third preseason game is the most important trade the winning is most important especially this one. >> it's a big deal, he added cross the bridge every time you play that makes even more special this year because we play them in the regular season so you want to come out and will ruin any thoughts that might have a showing what both times. >> this is a good one, at some point in a long training camp coaches are appointed, and hops widely known least loved and
6:50 pm
francs wallet u.s. team now is running it soon outside at allat everybody friction at the and carol of a lot more than a few players hustle back said it is not funny. it scared the heck of me her training camp pranks. when we come back we get into tennis u.s. open starts on monday and a lot of questions are of their pureed fruit of no sirena williams. former u.s. open champion and to break it down that would be can claque was joining us in studio. i guess can and they want to brag about what they did in you can fire back and say six grand slam titles to on that. >> (laughter) yes that and i really hate snakes. >> (laughter) when we return. is soft on cats.
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ken flax made a name for itself as one of the top tennis players in the world. here's the 1993 to this open three klan grand slam titles. rolling hills country club where it gives back to the youngsters. when they would decided that can on it and ask him ken rogers vedder get his snout drawback. appreciate you joining in studio whole federal can he get the magic back? that was to encourage >> the court really favor some, he had a good showing in cincinnati the championships which is the biggest hard core warm up to the u.s. open. having just won the australian open i think he rogers is in good form he signed on my old double partner we played together through the juniors. paul it is
6:55 pm
the aggressive player i think he's going to add a little bit of element to to rogers gay which should really benefit him. >> on the other side here's a guy he's got a chance to win the career grand slam right? >> yes there's some some similarities obviously in winning five french opens in a row and now here's and not winning the u.s. open at the one he's really searching for pureed there's always a little bit of you can't wanted to much. you have to have it in perspective and i wonder if he might tighten up a little bit being that this is the title that he's never achieved in the whats it so badly. then the have murray waiting in the weighing steps. in toronto and he took out both veterans and a doll and here's the guy saying he could be a no.
6:56 pm
1 player in the world some point in his career purities 23 so young. it's interesting i think will be a great for tonight. >> i have to ask you about sirena williams has the injured foot. how much >> as the terminus >> to be honest i never paid attention to women's tennis. obviously sirena will be messed there's always that element of what is she going to do and obviously she's charismatic and she's a great player probably the best in well clear of all time. he of the great stories carried when it last year i thing she will decide intertidal i really do, but you at maria share poll by she's had a great summer. >> one of the great grunters of all time, here they are to close
6:57 pm
the show. how about granting debt and the show. taking so much for a few minutes. >> have already your nails on the chalkboard. >> >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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