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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 27, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a bay area police officer rushed to the hospital wounded in the line of duty. tonight a man hunt is underway looking for the suspect who shot him. kron 4 has reaction from witnesses, the latest on the search for the gunman, the condition of the police officer. and this is a picture of the suspect. 20-year-old andrew barrientos. he is described as hispanic, 5'7", 240 pounds with brown eyes and black hair. he is considered armed and dangerous. our coverage begins with reggie
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kumar. what's the latest there? >> reporter: fremont and oakland police officers are still making their way here to highland hospital to check on the officer shot in the line of duty. we heard he is in critical but stable condition. the doctor who operated on that officer describes his condition as touch and go. operated on the fremont officer that was shot twice. the bullets hit the groin and pelvic area. they're keeping a close eye on the officer's condition every hour. >> his injuries were quite serious, they're life threatening. he's in critical condition. the surgery was extensive. he is awake but he is basically being given medicine and sedation to keep him
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comfortable. >> reporter: craig stickler says -- the officer had recently joined the alameda major crime suppression task force which focuses on gang violence. the officers were in east oakland to serve a warrant. witnesses say when the officer and his partner approached this man, andrew barrientos, he took off and the officers took off after him. >> suspect was running and threw a weapon and put the weapon behind him and pulled the trigger and it hit the officer twice. we returned fire. there were two officers involved. we returned fire and we don't know if the suspect was hit. >> reporter: after the shooting, barrientos ended up car jacking this green mazda
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627. the 20-year-old is considered armed and dangerous. at the request of fremont police, reare not releasing the officer's name at this time. the medical team that worked on that officer, they are donating -- encouraging people to donate blood. they say it is necessary for people to do that. and he will have to undergo more surgery. in the meantime, chief stickler says this is the first time in nearly 20 years that a fremont police officer has been shot in the line of duty. kron 4 news. >> our team coverage continues now with kron 4's jonathan bloom. he's here to show us where and how the incident unfolded. >> reporter: this police officer was from the city of free -- fremont. he was out of his familiar territory in a dangerous part of town as other officers
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described point you can see on this google earth map, the shooting happened at the 2000 block of osine avenue. and this is where they were serving the warrant. apparently when the suspect saw the officers outside, he took off running shooting behind him and wound up at this liquor store where he attempted not one but two car jackings and succeeded at the second. there were three shots fired as the suspect took off in an unknown direction after a couple of hours police couldn't find the suspect until they set up a command post at the mall. and there was a lot of police activity over here. meanwhile, the police officer himself was transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery for his injuries. here's more on how the events unfolded. police swarmed the block with a wanted gang member had shot and wounded one of the two officers
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that came to arrest him. >> suspect was running and drew a weapon and just put the weapon behind him and pulled the trigger. it hit the officer twice. >> the officers did return fire on the suspect. it's still unknown if he was hit. >> reporter: but the suspect got away. andrew barrientos is a 5'7" hispanic man who weighs in at 240 pounds. he has tattoos bearing the name decoto. this time he resists arrest again. after he shot the officer, he ran around the corner to a liquor store where hysteriad to car jack two different customers and the second time he succeeded. >> he got away in a green mazda 626. right now he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: this is a photo of the actual car he escaped in. it belonged to one of is the
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liquor store's regular customers. by 4:30 police still hadn't found the car or the suspect and had launched a full scale man hunt. meanwhile, the officer was undergoing surgery. police say he's part of a joint gang task force that works closely with the dea. >> this task force deals with the most dangerous drug dealers and the gangsters and that sort of stuff. >> reporter: still, fremont's police chief was stunned. >> this is unusual for fremont. i've been the chief there for 19 years. this is the first officer that's been shot since i was chief. >> that shooting happened in broad daylight and many people witnessed or heard it. >> reporter: this is the house where it am started. cons and this man apparently shot at each other. this neighbor was filling out a
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job application in his house when he heard gun shots. >> you hear gun shots that sound like fireworks. then you see 20 different cop cars coming down the street. >> reporter: he saw someone on the ground. police later confirmmented that was the fremont police officer wounded in the shootout. they carried that injured officer into a police car and went on their way. >> he had street clothes on. that was horrible. i don't wish death upon anybody. but it was just like wow. hope he isn't debt. hope he's all right. >> reporter: shortly after the shootout, about two blocks from where the officer was shot, salinas had seen someone who caulked out of the liquor store. >> he started telling the man
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get out of the car or i'm going to shoot you. something like that. so the man just got out of the car and he let him take the car. >> reporter: the guy ran away and she flagged down a police officer. she said it was scary to see that unfolding in front of her. >> it makes me feel very insecure. because a lot of accidents have happened in this area like last year someone was killinged here. >> stay with kron 4 news as we continue to cover this story. we will bring you any breaking details in this newscast if they happen. and we have a police news conference posted in its entirety on our website we will also have the latest news on the weekend morning news that starts at 7:00. the cool weather continues into tomorrow. it will be a sharp change over what we saw today. the tail end of a storm is
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sitting just off shore right now. that's going to push through tomorrow. bringing a chance of showers first in the north bay then other parts of the bay area. we'll see winds kicking up, temperatures will drop. tomorrow's going to be a very breezy, very cool day. some improvement into sunday, it's going to be less breezy and a little bit warmer. we'll talk more about the potential rain and that warming trend in a bit. no end in sight tonight to the war of words between san jose and its firefighters. the city offered a new contract today. the firefighters rejected it again. a look at the sticking points and why the firefighters vote today means their layed off colleagues will not be rehired anytime soon. that's just ahead on kron 4 news. but deadly on fleas. so ask your veterinarian for advantage, the flea specialist, for effective, but gentle flea control.
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we have developing news near sacramento. we are being told tonight that seven inmates at the prison
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have been shot. here you can see ambulances taking three of the men to the hospital. officers open fired after a riot broke out. none of the wounds is considered life threaten. the prison is on lockdown at this hour. sure it's been cool out there this summer but rain in august? it is a possibility. there's a storm sitting off shore. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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at&t. rethink possible. the labor dispute between the city of san jose and its firefighters union drags on. tonight union members rejected the city's latest contract offer. it included an 8.9% cut in pay and benefits in order to save more than $10 million for the city. if it had been approved, the city says it could have rehired 49 recently laid off
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firefighters. we talked to the firefighters as they voted today. >> reporter: some 600 firefighters met behind closed doors to hear the details of a new contract that would cut their total compensation by roughly 8%. city hall has been pressing the union to allow rank and firefighters vote on the contract. after the meeting they did just that by secret ballot the firefighters in a nonbinding vote overwhelmingly rejected the offer. they announced the tally was 88% opposed and just 12% in favor even though accepting it would mean 49 of their colleagues that were laid off last month would get their jobs back. >> actually, the firefighters that were laid off, most of them were here and listening to the way we voted. and they even after they heard all of the information that was presented to them and from the information from the city, they're still confused. they said is there any written
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guarantee that we're going to come back? and i have to tell you that we don't have anything written from them. >> reporter: they said this last and final offer is on the table. if there's no progress soon, the dispute could be resolved through arbitration. kron 4 news. today san fransisco city attorney dennis herrera announced his plan to run for mayor in 2011. he says his role as city attorney has prepared him to be an effective mayor. >> after having the opportunity to serve the city as city attorney for the better course of the last nine years, i don't think there's any job to prepare you better to fight for the issues that matter to the city that we all share. whether it be fighting for a smooth functioning union or education system that works, fighting gang violence and intimidation on our streets. i've seen first hand what it
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takes to make san fransisco work. >> he is the first to formally announce a bid. devon dusty has been entered into the race. lots of changes in store for tomorrow. early in the morning some fog and drizzle close to the coastline. it'll be quite minimal though. and the chance for showers in the north bay as the storm taking aim at the bay area. overcast conditions and also very breezy conditions. winds picking up over 20 miles an hour. some sun breaks are possible into the afternoon. but it's going to stay windy and cool and there is a 20% chance of showers with temperatures very much on the cool side. a look at severe storm tracker 4 radar. there's part of the storm offshore right now. storms will be in northern california and farther north of that in oregon. first we're going to get the winds. the winds will pick up overnight here and then seeing cooler temperatures.
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temperatures drop off tomorrow in the early afternoon. behind that, showers. there is a slight chance of showers leading into this into the north bay. then after that as this rotates around, it'll get the coast and down in the south bay. a quick look here on future cast. you can see some traces of rain mainly down to the south. again, starting in the north bay overnight tonight then later tomorrow into early sunday morning down to the south but not a whole lot of rain. not measurable at all. the bigger story is the temperatures and the wind. look at these temperatures on the cool side. 60 in san fransisco. inland spots in neumer 60s, low 70s. 64 in hayward, 70 in san jose. when you factor in winds that are 20 miles an hour plus feels about 10 degrees cooler. sun breaks possible into tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies in the forecast. as we head to sunday, warmer temperatures. a warming trend in store. things on wednesday and
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thursday could warm more than you see right there. we'll keep you posted on it as it comes closer. tiger woods shows his frustration as he drops out of the league at the barclays. and would it be fife straight losses for lincecum? sports coming up next.
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another august test for giant tim lincecum looking for anything to go right in a winless month. timmy 0-4 on this friday. here's some of the good tim lincecum. good placement there. gets upton on a strikeout. uh-oh, a 1-2 pitch, backed away. how about a splash hit. the 22nd home run made it 4-0. lincecum five hits in six
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innings. enright, the stockton boy kept the giants offbalance. you want to see a catch, check out gerardo. they fall a half game behind philadelphia in the wild card race. the a's have a chance to play themselves right out of a critical series in front running tex tonight. brett anderson on the hill looking to make quality start. not going to happen. david murphy, big double off of anderson. guerrero and cantu score to make it 3-0. texas not fooling around. anderson so bad tonight. loses his balance off the mound. slips and falls down. he would hyperextend his right knee. he finished the inning but that would be it. just a couple of innings for him. josh ham to be is going to run
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it down. a nice catch to rob mark ellis and rangers win 7-3. they now lead the a's by nine and a half games. the story of the a's tonight. strasburg is through for the rest of the season maybe next year too after learning he has a torn ligament in his right elbow. he will likely need tommy john ligament replacement surgery. slugger manny ramirez is one foot out of los angeles. the white sox claimed him off of waivers and have until tuesday to go for him. apparently the giants took a pass on him. tiger woods sensational round of round one. imploded in round two. the barclays. oh, boy.
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the cameras. too many clicking on the cameras on the back swing. tiger losing his focus. missed a 1 footer. what is that? how many times have you weekend hackers done that nor tiger shot a 73 today. he is four strokes back. it could have been like mickelson who missed the cut. your leader is jason day. the niners nose guard will report to the team tomorrow to sign his contract. franklin is the team's franchise player which means he could have skipped training camp and he did. he'll receive $7 million from the team. we have chargers and saints tonight. in the superdome. who dat? that's the saints. this is drew brees off the fake play. henderson going to haul in the
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pass. victorious 36-21. tom redskins win 16-11. >> have a good night everybody and a good weekend. ♪ spread a little love today
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