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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 29, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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live from mrs. kron4 news and nine >> the man accused of shooting of fremont police officer remains in custody. . andrew body of to will be extradited to the bay area soon. he is caught saturday in san diego not far to the mexico border. investigators are incendy it would getting him ready to come back element accounting. rich charges he's facing. >>.;z one-year-old enter party n this basis two counts of attempted murder two counts of carjacking. he faces charges of domestic violence kidnapping after a it salting the mother of his child august 12th. this is
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video of him after he was arrested saturday. he had been on the runwlmejtt and injuring todd young fremont police officer. they knew bari and toes góvwas heading for the mexico border, they ask the border patrol in san diego police to shut down the u.s.-mexico border. a sergeant was the last u.s. exit in california when he spotted area and as >> he was coming off a free way he saw this on the record with two meals and side. that was similar to the suspect. he faults of your goal came off the freeway round a license plate was said that it was registered to the oakland area. the suspect identified himself as being the suspect. he was armed, he3f1 had as long as we spend that was loaded. both the driver in the suspect
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>>. oakland thus the gators have not released his name or what his connection is to bar infos at this time. in oakland reggie kerr mark kron4 news. >> sir todd young this is his photo, had surgery on his lottery today. he rahe remains n critical condition. this was his second surgery. he lost 6 p. of blood. they said that a lot of blood donors shown above the red cross offering of the statue of sir young. for >> there is a much busier day today about a third of the to donors were doing so were in the name of fremont police officer todd young. by 1:00 in the afternoon 20 of the 60 donors were given blood and honor the
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fallen officer. those numbers could the larger but the way to give blood was sometimes two hours long on sunday. many had to leave to come later n the week. according to red cross spokeswoman many of the donors had some affiliation with please. former officers, relatives or friends. >> think the please understand a particular need for blood. own family members shown support for this officer. for >> richmond police officergwñ hs not forgotten how other departments showed his support during a time in need. >> it's the least we can do, in when richmond loan-loss one of our officers a line of duty. when the first agencies to help us was fremont pd. they were hit they're helping us. here i am supporting them. >>gwp when the call came off oe need for blood but it is seeking
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not to donate blood. i was a little nervous >> i've never donated blood before. i'm doing this to help. anything that i can do to help it makes me feel so good. >> real bolland of concord is a regular donor, but when she heard about the bill donation. she signed up to help the saucer. >> in may she feel like it's your doing a good thing to make sure day until the next time. >> the red cross will be accepting blood from any type during the week. in pleasant hill gave control of kron4 news. >> and the suspect this expected in court this week. stay with kron4 as we continue to cover this officer's shooting. >> firefighters or grass fire and rain county. france said several houses since.
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>> big scare in sanders on. in this fire was burning near the upscale homes. it's kind of dark, but if it's right there on the hillside behind the fire has been since to contain. the firefighters are concerned about the blind win. this is my wind gauge right here my ties. the winds and kicking them quite a bit. it how die down for the last hour so and that is good news for the firefighters. the fire starter ron 620 tonight and it took about 50 firefighters to put it out. the product contained about 30 minutes. the good news that even though the homeless or threaten their no structural damages. please stick evacuate to families, but they have and it's now live backend. >> is a serious fighter because
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it was behind the trend concern homes. there's a lot of brush and undergrowth. there's a lot of deadwood. house >> will fire season is not over, firefighters will take this opportunity to remind folks keep abortion away from the round house. it could've gotten a lot worse, with there's a lot of dead trees out there. but luckily they got it under control for quickly and no structural damage tonight. coming back live now work in here from residents who were evacuated. for on this coming up to 930. i'm donna lynn. >> will lead fire dangers could become more concerned as the temperatures begin to soar. today there are completely different story mild temperatures. more than 80 degrees. up to 79 for field
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filled get to talk cochrane. only in the '60s for san francisco and oakland. all these temperatures below average. five to 10 degrees cooler than normal. this is going to be changes in the next few days. eventually warming up phone offer so much for tomorrow. we have a weather system was north of the day that's crayons and rate of the pacific northwest. this system is going to make its way to northern california tonight. along with this work will temperatures arrive in the bay area for tomorrow. the rain in the system is to our north. another mile day. after the system grows by tuesday much warmer temperatures. so getting hot wednesday thursday. all have the forecast of next seven days later on in. >> still ahead, the president gets a look in your list five years after katrina. a low- budget flick was the top spot at
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tough it is been five years since hurricane katrina has devastated new orleans. the city does bear a lot of scars the banal business that paid takes a look back at the disaster a long road to recovery. >> this is a new orleans five years to the dave president barack obama of promise not to forget. >> this city has become a note similar resiliency community. and the responsibility we have to each other. >> this was a disaster that people still live with every day. neighbors in st. bernard parish gathered inside the church with it more under love once killed in the storm. >> today we come together, to bury katrina. >> inside this a birder casket
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the memories of what kittredge of from five years ago. their homes their loved ones and him for while hope. >> katrina is part of assault. but in moving forward if we carry with us the gaffes that have been offered. these experiences that we have endured have made this better. >> and the lower ninth war they celebrated in the street in to your in your list out. with good food in good music. not everybody to his back. >> i'm so glad that we pulled through the us. >> a concern neighbors want to make sure president barack obama understands. >> don't forget about the people that live here. was katrina we
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made a lot of mistakes. >> her king trail left its mark on your loans, but the people tell you they're defined by something else resilience. after five years the sights and sounds of the city reborn are everywhere. in your lands on some of the haze kron4 news. >> love the people who evacuated your list five years ago have not returned home. it's is a 140,000 his residence less than a hurricane katrina some of those people are here in the bay area now. we talked to them about what have gone back. >> our house was completely under water. we run the roof next door. it was horrendous. we're lucky as much as we do have to go down to the superdome. reading of the convention center's we did have that for. " what we went through was just as horrible as anything that i ever want to experience. >> the long and hard road that
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fog diane evans and her grandson from your lunch here. as terrible as our experience was. they want to go back, but they can't because there's not enough housing. five years later and is still no. 1 city in america with a bad home. for 60,000 residential properties are vacant. >> most of the rental properties of been demolished and not redone. what has been redone as so expensive that people can't afford it. we're paying $700 a month which was damn good money. and six months later now won 1600. >> the other reason they're saying, is to keep maurice and a good school. >> i am care what they say we have friends in new orleans to the most the fact that there was a factor if >> diane hopes to have back home
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and another five years after maurices graduated high school. >> after he finishes school of the back. >> which have been a washington d.c. but while the politicians are on their break. work crews are working on the capitol building. given the data look over. that's coming up. >> after a cool to mild weekend things are really warm enough in the next few days. but some have the forecast coming up.
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well some break loose crius today. and you can see some clouds out there in and rebuild. some scattered clouds from a storm system that austria's trade. we had an active weekend. a lease with cooler weather in some when the conditions. here's december to bridge live right now. temperatures curly in the '50s and '60s. martinez checking in with 62 degrees and madeira.
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things will be warming not so much for to mark, but coming up tuesday was a thursday. a big change in the weather. for today though, some more showers or this year. we are winding down for this evening. you'll notice here there is some blue-collar is that shows no highest elevations. about 8,000 ft.. some unseasonably cool air over the city california. another storm is coming in for tomorrow. here in visits to the north of eureka tonight this is future grass showing clouds and rain. we have some showers moving over eureka and points to the north around 80 am tomorrow morning. the system will continue to push southward the bait. but all break apart. hough we may pick up a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. no rain expected. but definitely a
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continuation of these mild breathing. so '70s for the north bay now a high of 76 degrees. in the '60s for sentences december know. bread was city low '70s. it is that it takes some time for the fog to clear. mostly sunny july afternoon. sixties posted for the shore. warmest place will be up like '70s and union city. 80 french off. self a pretty nice day but still cooler than normal. a high 75 in samos say. here's the seven they're around the bait. we watch those temperatures rarely climb. according on to say to the upper 80s. '70s near the bay. off some offshore winds for wednesday thursday. that's been wiped off the fog and clouds. will seek the assumption is getting close to 100 degrees in land on thursday eighties around
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the bay. in cooling back down next weekend. >> time now for tech talk with games played. >> if it gives you access to thousands of movies and tv shows that you to watch for free. as long as you're not flex player with the dvd player. this is something that that i phone has wanted since net flex minute available. it has made at a huge success. there's so many movies to watch on that foot stream. they're cutting more deals with studios. is really easy to use. you can search by titles on are actor. it works well. quality of picture and sound a solid. no pickups. if folks of why five or regular cell phone service. when watching something on cellphone service, some people told me a
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form as well. if i didn't have that problem. but maybe that depends on how we barger how about that time in san jose days late kron4 news. >> for a man accused of shooting the fremont police officer will be extradited soon. also coming up what a lot of drivers are drawn off a message on to the bridge. 0
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as now here stanley roberts who be found some people behaving badly. >> insurance registration. >> this drivers get a ticket for a legal right turn. let me explain why. and at the essex street on ramp. were these two lanes leading to the bridge. but this third line drivers are only permitted to go straight. no right turns but many do. like this driver and this tried turf and the striver. half of drivers
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and the stern or patsy of people who've waited patiently sleeping gain access to the bridge. making their returned illegally. the problem is so bad that the san francisco police can simply sit and free plane be waiting for the violation. even with to sampras's go police motorcycle officers watching, drivers are still making this a legal right turn. which brings him back to the driver in the beginning. to the officers said he did nothing wrong. except make it illegal right turn. he issued ticket which counted as a moving violation. in san francisco stanley roberts kron4 news. >> to give a common story for stanley e-mail us at people behaving badly a kron4 doll,.
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still ahead the latest on the sharing of the oakland officer. fremont i'm sorry. and what's happened team to the suspect. and what school and on inside the capitol dome. the fix a project during the summer recess. also look at the front runners at this weekend's box office.
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fremont police officer that shot is a recovering from surgery. doctors say that the surgery well. but young does remain in critical condition. it was his second surgery, he was operated on friday. loss 60 p. of blood. the man suspected of shooting to andrew berry on a will be extradited soon to the bay area. he faces two counts of attempted murder of a police officer, two counts of carjacking. he also faces charges of kidnapping. very on
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toes was on the run after being accused of shooting the fremont officer. oakland police say that after getting information that they knew he was heading for the border. the border patrol incendy you please ask to have shut down. sandy to please see that very agile sold on that he was wanted for shooting officer young. >> he was armed he had a pistol in his waistband was loaded. both the driver and the suspect surrendered peacefully. there were both taken into custody. first >> fremont police chief said that he lost a bid to troopers are all charges possible it's very and toes. suspect is to appear in court this week stay with us as we continue to cover the police officers' shooting. >> firefighter suffered grass count fire is under control. it did for and several houses for a
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center for sell. >> get catherine big scare for a lot of families out here and sound were filed. the fire burning quite closely to expensive homes. one to $2 million homes. hard to see where and the fires burning causes dark back here. the fire has been contained. but firefighters are really worried about the wind. because the wind is picking up quite a bit of a charade quite a big this high as my wind gauge here should to see the wind has been picking up high bid. it has died down about 23 hours ago. fire started on 620 tonight. to about 50 firefighters to put that fire out and they got it contained in about 30 minutes. you know homes were threatened at one point, there was no structural damage. that is the good news very pleased to evacuate to families during the fire but have since love and back again.
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>> it was quite scary. laughter have high blood pressure. and the police made us leave so fast. and i could take nothing from the house just my dogs. >> was she can laugh about that now. she's doing ok the dogs to do in a cave. now the fire season is not over there. they want to tell you to keep a least 100 ft. of the central space around their home free of their births. coming back live, firefighters will stay out here over night to keep a close watch on this fire. about live from senegal dahlin. >> temperatures are really climbing this week. here's san
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jose a send said tonight. san jose got up to 76 degrees. right now cleared 61. for tonight is clear now but a midnight tonight look for increasing clouds. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. for low clouds and place clearing through the morning. between 12 noon. forester to see mostly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. still some scattered clouds looked around. this will produce some clouds and rain sing to the north. here's future croats at 6:00 a.m. '50s and a couple '60s to start up to date. it is still to be a mild day from monday. books for sixties and a base '70s north bay east bay, and for the south bay. but much much warmer is whether is coming our way to know more about that katharine california >> cat strapped schools got a
9:34 pm
double dose of bad news today lost as much as $700 million in federal money. and more than two and a half billion in state subsidies will be delayed. >> school of illustrators are getting a tough lesson in economics. the budget impasse in sacramento has left the state scrambling for cash. the top priority is paying off bondholders. so it is withholding subsidies for schools. that means the schools will have to borrow money to pay their bills. no sooner had that bad news came of the department of education washington said that california will not get any money for the raise the top program. nine states in the district of columbia will share in it during a half billion dollars of subsidy money. california made a strong bid for the money paris instances. neither of the state's teachers
9:35 pm
union endorses any of the applications. state superintendent said he is deeply disappointed that california was not selected. >> the race to the top and poses what they say and proven performance. two tourists were sent to the hospital today in san francisco, with a double decker bus collided with a car. happen that the intersection about broadway and battery. police say the men and women were sitting upstairs on the bus suffered neck injuries. driver of the car suffered one their injuries. both drivers are claiming they had the green light. when this on the bus are backing of the tour bus driver. just because the politicians are on their summer break doesn't mean things are quiet on capitol hill, coming up look at what's going on inside the dome. and the top three winners of the weekend box office.
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to havawards will politicians are often
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summer break, work crews in washington d.c. your giving the nation's capital away important weaker. >> the u.s. capitol dome is the most recognizable of american democracy anywhere in the world. >> and it's given a facelift will congress is away. workers are repairing cracks and repainting the 144 cast-iron dome. inside they are updating the house chambers with the new digital dealt tally board. showing these photographs taken by congressional staffer. >> the most notice so repairs being done inside the capitol or is to this plasterwork here. you did see this woman is working on the plaster on the wall. and
9:40 pm
also some of the paintings are being restored. these are not simple repairs, they are national treasures they back to late 1800's. >> in the past there really was an historic preservation. so it was a lot * things are painted over. >> so overtime the original frescoes bomb became shadows of themselves. and tell recently. >> we're cutting layers of paint that were put over the frescoes. inch by inch. >> just outside the senate chamber of team of arkansas rivers are filling cracks in what looks like marble walls, but it was actually painted plaster. its painstakingly detailed work. but it must be done. >> george washington laid the furnace down this building. there's nothing that compares
9:41 pm
with. therefore it's our responsibility to maintain it. >> so that the 3 million tourists that visit the capital each year will enjoy it for generations to come. free on a killer cnn capitol hill. >> our digital devices hurting our brains. a look at this disturbing questions raised and two new studies. >> would cut some cold weather this weekend with the readings are warming up for the next few days. were to come on finfootmop soon.
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anearlier this month the questin of scylla for questions. he is accused of holding her captive for 18 years. a judge in that case and agreed knows more might say that he's mentally unfit first trial. kron4 is christine crawly shows us how the process and has changed since degree.
9:45 pm
>> the california department of corrections is now intensifying property checks of sex offenders. using gps technology in checking for workers to make sure they do property-tax correctly. in the 12 years they never notice that the secret back your compound where he was allegedly holding j.c. guard capt. then there is the j.c. gps monitoring pont. they ignored monitoring information from his bracelets say that heat and more time his backyard that this house. now there is a new statewide tax forms that looks at gps monitoring. there's also a new policy mandating that ages speak with friends and neighbors familiar with the parolee. something officials officials never done a greater pace. there's also been changed
9:46 pm
in the department of corrections supervision model. the legislation passed last year allowed low-level offenders to be placed on supervised parole. it reduced its caseload from 7 to 48. this allows agents to focus on high risk of proles like sex offenders. nor agents are being hired. 440 added by next year. i'm christine from my kron4 news. >> your credit card roles have taken place this week. now the maximum fines will not be more than $25. the rule would be one charge per statement. no extra penalties for each date payment is late. any rate increase has have a clear explanation. and they cannot charge fees for not using your cards. although
9:47 pm
credit card companies are beginning to get around these rules. now the new annual fees have jumped 18% in the last year. >> sunshine over every bill today and in the berkeley hills. bill temperatures today reaching a los mid-60s. those temperatures will be dropped at especially starting on tuesday and wednesday. here's a live you from the bay bridge. with clear skies tonight. the moon shining jupiter's of their shining brightly temperatures in the '60s for brentwood. somerville 62 degrees. to ronald fog 60. 50s at ocean beach tonight. we will notice some increasing clouds letter on this evening. we actually have a storm system that pass north of us this weekend. leftover showers for the sierra today. but another system to win for tomorrow. this
9:48 pm
is one to continue her sister had a mild temperatures. know what weather expected vote this temperatures will stick around and general and the '60s and '70s. after the system grows by on to state you will notice temperatures really start to climb. so again much former tuesday and downright heart was a thursday and into the low to mid possibly even offer '90s. in round eighties and the bait. in the meantime the system here is producing some re later on tonight in to the morning. up to the north coast in eureka getting the green show a light rain. the shower should only go as far south as ukiah. left there were clouds of the bay area. most with site tomorrow afternoon with scattered clouds. temperatures remain a little bit below average. '70s for no. 8.
9:49 pm
76 to refer not fall. six seasons san francisco. '70s in redwood city. half moon bay high tomorrow 63 degrees. notice a lot of clubs tomorrow morning. but such conditions in the afternoon. temperatures may late in the '60s of the shore. it closed at 80 degrees night antioch 79 pittsburgh 75 san jose 76 lost battles. morgan hill closing and 80 degrees. and if you're wondering world of hot weather went, it's coming back wednesday thursday look for in one the highest bid to offer '90s. eighties near the bay, and started to call back down as we go into the weekend. >> now here's stanley roberts you found people behaving badly.
9:50 pm
>> starting down larissa's life crossing his life crossing dangerous intersections so you would have to. this is a crosswalks things up on gary. all i have to do is release across across the street to see if the driver will yield to him. some do, some don't, just like the driver of this nissan sentra. >> you know why you're getting stalking and stop a pedestrian crosswalk. >> when some of the sophomore crosswalk, drivers are expected to yield to the person crossing the crosswalk. in this case and the lease until they make to the center of the divide than the opposing traffic must stop. during this crosswalk street as
9:51 pm
being more than a hundred tickets were issued in less than three hours. the sad part is the police came to the same corner the market probably wait to write a hundred more. one thing to know when you see a crosswalk please stop the trials for safety. because even if you stop for pedestrians and bypass the try was you could be cited. in sampras's go stanley roberts kron4 news. >> it yet a common story line for stanley please e-mail said kron4 news people behaving badly. >> still had the color drained fatigue with things like smart bombs and i've pads are not helping.
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ok let's look at movies the expendable starting spot starring sylvester stallone pushed its domestic total to more than $80 million. opening a
9:55 pm
second place the movie about a police officer who goes after gaining bank officers. came in second. just edging itself into first place the new horror movie the loss exorcisms made over $21 million. >> time now for tech stocks with gains late. >> according to two new studies coming out two different universities all the gadgets that are alive are depriving our brains of much-needed down time. scientists are saying that would people keep their brains busy with digital input. they're losing downtown that could better help them better learn information or come up with new ideas. downtime is very important to the brain process. the study suggests that many of
9:56 pm
us have no down time ever during our day. if we ever get free time we spend on our digital light for play with the gadget. sending text checking the meltwater phase but playing video games played with five pot, i bet it's a smart phones. these gadgets are useful and entertaining but they said all or bring down time. reasserts that sick people who sat or to walk daily retain new information easier than those work on the gadget's 247. bottom line if your find hard to learn new things concentrate memorize. tried to take some time with no technology at all and give your brain will down time. keeps like kron4 news. >> that's a pretty good idea. >> on-site these gadgets are destroying our brains. >> if time for people to read and think. >> here in another minute 37 seconds.
9:57 pm
>> tamara fun to more mild like it was this weekend about coming up by the middle of wheat will be in the '90s and the land. there's a weather system rolling down the coast will suzerain around your recovered. were the start of mali exley caught it to march temperatures in the '50s. a little bit cooler as we get into the north bay. by the afternoon '50s and '60s '70s by the most part and shock may reach 88 degrees. mostly sunny skies with some scattered clouds. through the afternoon. then some sunshine and more of brady's tuesday. mid to upper 90s wednesday and thursday in land with eighties near the bay. so another heat wave coming our weight. >> now we can go off to be quiet a least until 11:00. have a good night everybody sees a
9:58 pm
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