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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 30, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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seoul wrongful death suit against their. also making headlines, a woman is dead this morning after leaping out of an aid floor apartment building near choir. it happened industry morning in san francisco her identity has not been released on. officers say a second person was in that apartment and was hurt by the fire, he visited a hospital, expected to survive. investigators are looking to cross that fire. and as a police have shot and killed an apparently suicidal man who
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confronted officers of the tenants ninth. it happened in the 5000 lot of wrong court yesterday demands for wife told him that her estranged husband had charms of an elegant, said it wanted to die, officers said the man confronted the officers of the knife. they had their choice but to shoot him and he was declared dead at the scene. san francisco police department is investigating 12 separate steps of copper wire from beneath the city's streets. the string of the copper has resulted in multiple origins that affected residents and businesses near the crime scene. previous locations include the 4549 hundred block of mission street, for under block of jackson street, intersection of god and of zero. church boulevard and masonic avenue. eight n ministry. to oakland child about this latest close of
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afternoon. five brothers would it stay open after the city has run $2.4 million to keep them in operation. the group in the city is projecting the closing. members are taking over one building and are planning to will take a listen. >> if they will not provide the funding without a fight, we'll make a fight, we'll build a movement this is so right. >> members of the world for just your actions as we get from the golden gate community development center keeps santa will follow their process. we'll back in just a moment, a live look outside as sfo word traffic and the sun 101 is moving well. no reports of any delay at the airport. clear is moving well. no reports of any delay at the airport. clear ãqw@,
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there is leaking like 3 decide our live graphic not selling anything down. traffic is so light just want to get to know that is out there. looks like the far layering is blocked. keep in mind. of the market, great first here's a look of your forecasts. we have conditions gradually warming as we head towards the weekend. 7 he expects to the average of eight it will get up to the upper 90s by thursday. the tabling of by friday, saturday, sunday. warming it up here as we headed to the first week of september. about midweek we hit c,gv)+pvzsé market headlines u. stock futures were mixed this u. morning after the dow, now is that the s&p ended higher on friday. a government report on personal income and spending is due out before the opening bells. japan's central bank has decided to ease monetary policy and the strong yen and growing
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pressure to support the sluggish economic recovery. intel announced it will buy the wireless unit of german chipmaker ag. intel says of the $1.4 billion deal will strengthen its hand and internet connectivity. and news survey found the average price of regular grass has dropped, 75 5¢. that is not bad. the latest numbers as the phrase is our drawers and 70¢ a cannot buy that california where the average price per gallon of gas is $3.60. bay area is a high as any in the nation at three hours and 13¢, or $11 cents, san jose $3.11. the middle of the east will be very center of attention the president said to formally end the combat role in iraq as well as restart talks between israel and palestine the speech is also planned for tuesday
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night from the oval office during that address there's expected to discuss the impact of u.s. efforts in iraq. another bric-a-brac of more headlines in a moment. a quick look here at the james lick. traffic is eyes, light no problems.
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andrea back, a quick click here for a rooftop camera the weather's not battle: out there but animal will be good this week who morning things that the tax louisa has been following that we will get to turn a minute. following the latest was in good news regarding the weather the farmers almanac is predicting a mild winter the 194 is predicting a kinder and gentler winds jerseys in. it goes on sale today of the produce is winter will be plenty cold but nothing like last year
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forecast is at odds and cold of the normal for the northwest. streaky of whether we're ossifying latest with hurricane are all. they're bracing for the impact is a category 2 storm sending heavy rains and strong winds and to the leeward islands. the hurricane center says it could become a major hurricane during the day today. the camera came yesterday morning continued to control rapidly. many people who evacuated norland five years ago still have now returned from the metro area has 140,000 your residence. roughly 2000 of those people are living in the bay area kron4 is maureen kelly talked to them about why they have not gone back. our house was completely under water we're on the roof of the building next
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door. it was horrendous we were lucky as much as we did not have to go to the super 93 did not for the convention center sorry that have data for. what we lived through was as horrible as anything either wanted to experience. >> long and hard road the broad dan evans said her grandson to burlingame back in 2005. as terrible as there's rinse was evacuating their native city if they do want to go back but they can't because they say there's not enough housing. it is still the number one city in america are forbidden hands. one in four residential college are vacant and rent are very high for the >> most of the rights of property has been demolished and are redone. has been redone is a responsive that people cannot afford it. we're paying 700 hours a month which is damn good
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money in new orleans. six months their new people and they're paying 1500. >> give a reason they're saying is to keep him a good school. >> we have friends in your lunch. they moan the fact that they went back and his children are in the schools. >> and hopes to head back, and another five years after >> recent treasury the >> when he finishes school i will back. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46jp let us get r c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46n0ñ good morni >> morning. today will see arni similar daintiest in terms of the temperature critical of there. this morning and not dealing with any fraud. clear shot a san jose 57 degrees. by c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4t1ñthe time we upper 60s, high-temperature we staying in the '70s. so here's a look rain now some of the other locations you can expect incidents as go noon at up to
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61. ; the afternoon livermore 77 in the warm spots getting is the upper '70's. we do have current temperatures center fell 52. kind of chili 56 in your concord. so big, to 57. as we had done to the afternoon we will get into the mid '70s for places like santa rosa, ron parker, sonoma. temperatures are sitting in the '60s, '70s, 66 san francisco, 69 san bruno, 72 san mateo. only getting up to 78 degrees pittsburgh, concord.
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'60s and '70s same amount view and san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wednesday and thursday lots of sunshine clear skies of forming an up not just into the '90s but upper 90s is although morrison's bonds. though ab is. a cooler c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46jp your c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>"ñbt. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>0yaons on thec looks like there may have justec been moved. across a couple cars to break it really wasn't a bigger problem. rather not affecting your drive and light hedges said it is just removed. 17 minutes from the james lick its sfo. traffic is moving while
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all around the city as to make juries found sell about this world. for a checked, bay ridge road plaza cars are selling on by now nearing light snow overnight construction. cars and getting by just fine as to make your way ahead westbound towards foster city. rhyolites making their way into hayward 13 minutes for men tense. golden gate, a quiet ride charges slowing of the limit. the manager of james. >> thank you, news around the bay teachers for such possible this weekend and san francisco won a double decker bus collided with a car. and having as to the intersection of broadway on man and woman who are injured or sitting upstairs on the bus dissevered neck and rent their injuries. the driver suffered
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minor injuries both drivers land had the green light. bart has expanded its wireless network into the station below oakland streets signal their but saturday bart activated new equipment to keep cell phones alive. that includes stations and 19th, trolls, lake merritt. next year they hope to expand the network into the other stations in berkeley student records rushing can do her free is designed to improve commuting and recreational rut in the county. the border for supervisors approved it. new details regarding former major- league pitcher robert clemens he will be arraigned today. facing
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perjury, saying that he gave a congressional committee back in 2008. he was talking roadster rights he claims that he never used steroids or human growth hormones. but former tree in its interestno carrier ringconnect 2400 
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4500 block of 4900 bucks of mission the former block of jackson street and the intersection of god and ophira turks boulevard and masonic avenue 8 and the ministry. calgene agency says it will likely keep two of its services and the cutting them. are likely
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to remain open to the 2010 fiscal year cutting service to gilroy will save katrine $385 a year. cutting weekend service go to the mortgage herd thousand dollars a year. other service cuts including reduction of weekday, early morning and late fees for this san jose traffic is moving while to get a checked on walnut creek and your forecasts in a bid
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and back and '90s eighties around ave '60s at the close. traffic is moving well for oakland and santa is the notion in the upper deck. no problems at the toll plaza. nine minutes from one and the other. san mateo bridge golden gate nice and light note from someone no one from orange county nor ford's market had. lines, u.s. debt futures are did you manage this morning after the now, as
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dec ended higher on yesterday. a report on personal income and spending is to just before the opening bell, both numbers are expected to rise. japan's central rate is decided to ease its monetary policy and mince the stronger yen and growing pressure to support the of the star-economic recovery but want to push toward a positive recovery. intel is going to bite the wireless unit of german shipment mark maker aeg the one client for billion dollar bill will strengthen its hand in the internet can activity restart talks now between israel and palestine a speech is planned for tuesday night during that address the president is assessing the impact of u.s.
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efforts and what they've done in iraq. also this morning on world news north korea is slashing assets of correa for blocking its twitter and accounts. north korea says the move proves that they approve improving interrelations of the north governor says this month that it enjoyed twitter in it was an effort to bolster its warfare against circuitry and its warfare. there's modern bible could be heard the barking both accounts from beijing. saying that they contained illegal information band under the south. the decision could come tonight and will buy on whether not to vent some blackberry devices in india tomorrow is the government imposed a deadline for the device makers to give agencies their access to interpret the data. a spokesperson says he will meet with intelligence the vessels to discuss blackberry details. whether they will be
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able to use their services after tomorrow. their leaders did in fact meet, when he was on a secret trip to seek aid and remote support for succession plans the visit was read the reported using anonymous sources. who this morning is the first time that both companies have confirmed that yes the leaders of both china have met. will we back, 443 is the time with a live look aside, checking at the ride at a stall earlier but it seems you're cleared traffic is still moving the the the problems. a complete check and your forecasts and your commute
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straight ahead. will your back.
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in we're back, a quick look here at san francisco international airport flights on-time the latest report of traffic was it was moving well. we'll get a complete with picture commune in just a moment. following the forecast were never changing forecast between now and the weekend louisa is falling that. >> certainly no delays and the officer wrote. we are in the clear, no widespread fog afternoon highs pretty similar chia's today fairly cool of them and then slow warm-up as we head towards mid-week. here is a look rainout of side as you take it today. clear fog in the
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forecast sunny and clear. 59 by the the clock tower. san as day afternoon highs should give into the '80s. 77. still going to stay fairly cool. 56 degrees for concord. 57 in sanford bay. auction eyes look like this mid- 70s about 74 degrees for novato. along the peninsula staying in the '60s. but low 60s i love the coast east bay, 66 san francisco, 72-riley, 71 hayward, 70 union city, 76 san ramon and
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pleasanton. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does show that a gradual warming trend each day. if we get to the cooler the state to march to the doctrine eyes of the upper 80s. 90s by wednesday, as you can see here thursday looks to be the warmest day of the week flighty of sunshine inland spots getting the upper 90s. ladies around the bay, '60s for the coast. friday, saturday and we will grab and surely storage cooling-off periods warm temperatures and the east. check and your monday morning commute with erica. >> new incidents report on east and 5 ft. 0 red and livermore. it has not affected traffic yet we do our and overturned a year ago on the shattering now.
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because it is in the non to interaction it looks like traffic is in the month to mid direction. a couple more cars on the road that is on our last report is still a nice easy ride heading towards the city. still looking at about 8-9 minutes. the golden gate, no proms year cars and selling on by. moving up the limit barely any company is a major way firmer and headed into the city. novato into san fran 22 minutes. wrapping up with a quick peek at the creek, i know it is a dark shot, traffic is sinking along just fine as you pass south main street. westbound 24 is still a free. headlines around the bank authorities in contrast to are searching for a man who has alzheimer's. gov roadie. 6 ft.
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tall ways of return and 15 lbs., was last seen saturday afternoon in leaving his home in the discovery bay country club. that is in the southwest part of the county. he was driving a white s u b. he has had alzheimer's for six years but it still knows his name into his wife's name. contact police. firefighters are cleaning up water grass fire and ran it started yesterday and threatened some houses near cinephile before being brought under control kron4 stolid and has the latest. >> a big scare for many families and cinephile because the fire was burning near many upscale homes. the charges see were was burning but along the hillside. the fire has been contained but firefighters they're really concerned about the wind. i am using this as my wind gauge. the wind is picking up quite a bit earlier. it has since died down
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a tiny bit. the fire started around 620 sunday night attack about 50 firefighters to put it out that the fire contained in about 30 minutes. even though hundreds turned their one. there was no structural damage that is the good news the directory to launch during the fire that has since let those families back in. >> i have high blood pressure they make us leave so fast they did nothing from the house. just the dogs. >> she lost about the now that's because the dogs roquet and everybody is out doing ok. the fire season is not over firefighters want to remind people to keep a 1 ft. defense will raise around our own.
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firefighters will stay out here into monday morning to keep a close watch on the fire. they want to make sure all the hot spots for. da lin. kron4. a muni has been caught on camera take a look. it happened saturday afternoon at the corner of clay and stockton. one of the bus drivers was helping a wheelchair passengers get off the bus, but the door got stuck when the driver tried to close the door. the bus rolled backwards had another bus behind it. two people suffered minor injuries one on the bus and one on the inside as well. here's another look at the scene after the press is removed. you can see the damage there was left behind the traffic right there, the call on for support from the ground. and a mailbox near beit badly damaged. i have a dream speech. the two large groups
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gathered. one in honor to the sole rights leader the other was led by glen back. or call takes a look. >> hands rampantly in the air. he took the stage saturday in front of the lincoln memorial for rally he organized in washington. the conservative media personality said the event was not political and was created to recognize america's military and their families. harvard attracted criticism for being several on the same day it is the 47th anniversary of rev. martin luther king's i have a dream speech. also delivered and for the lincoln memorial. that said it was a coincidence although the later it was mentioned during the event. >> like to relate to martin luther king because we have not covered him into mariette. he is still a man. that is the
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message. >> another rally was held called reclaim the dream. this one led by don strickland. the leader was indignant about this event. they want to disgrace the stage and you're not giving them the stage this is our day and we're i giving away. of beating king and raise some eyebrows by tearing up of the rally. she said she believes are on goal would condemn the towering but it is an honor were honor is due. >> meanwhile deal largest airline groups in mexico has been grounded because of money troubles. it is and forced to shut down indefinitely this has left customers stranded. it says it has been hit hard by swine flu outbreak. that scared away travelers for months the bad economy and hauling fuel costs also contributed to losses there
4:53 am
was restructured and regroup so far efforts to contain concessions failed. they fly to 65 national and international destinations. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. time is now 43, a jerk and your red in the east bay this is 802 albany. as the cars it is you have lied sinking to the s curve. living well. bart run on.
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all alike knew here, so far so good we'll get a complete check of your traffic in a minute. quick look to forecast first. all of >> good morning james a clear shot from downtown we're not doing is widespread fog this morning. also cool temperatures. barely cold war was eye of state. when you and we are
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getting up and the low 60s high- temperature today about 66. back down again to 59 by a court. current center sitting in the '50s. we are seeing if you cooler voices 47 and a generous. 48 to napa. upper 50s to oakland. 57 for hayward, 52 livermore. still continuing to see fifties with little more they like it if you '60s that there and that a warming up. maybe a few seventies by new high temperatures today notice of his yellow, that the '70s. were not breaking the '70s today, 80s or 90s. afternoon highs, getting up to root 75 degrees and your santa rosa. 78 degrees about the same for fairfield. mill valley, 73, will see temperatures in the '60s renters san francisco. low sixties for pacifica, ocean beach. east bay, temperatures in
4:56 am
the '60s, '70s. 72 in castro valley. some of those in line spots topping out brought 76 degrees. down in the south bay. temperatures are not even staying '60s. even up until the afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows that gradual warming trend toward the week. today could partially be the coolest did the week. warming it up tuesday to about 80 degrees. getting back into the 90s by mid-week. it looks at this point like thursday will be the warmest day of the week. cooling or by the weekend. james. it >> thank you. a checked on was the get the box office. edging into first place the new horror movie the last exorcisms. the low-budget it found made more than 21 million. opening in
4:57 am
second takers. the police officers doctored gang of bank robbers it took in more than $20 million slipping into third the expendable stocks slipped. in a nearly $10 million pushing its total to more than 80 million. a quick story for you san jose a man is trying to launch a high- altitude balloon and rows of surpassing the current record. he's planning to launch his balloon this morning we will have more on this story throughout the day. we'll take a break, be
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off in the back, five a m top stories at this hour the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer will be expedited
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to the bay area soon. the latest on the officers condition coming up. to channel development centers are scheduled to close after five hours saved. what they plan to do diverges those to closing coming up. san francisco police are investigating as " separate sups. the full story coming up. but a letter on the weather. >> we are following the cool temperature. it is boring to be another cold one. fairly similar to yesterday. the good news is we move on into a warming trend as a maker way to the week. clear conditions out there, not- in dealing with much in a way of fog. sky's declaring today and as the warm up a special by thursday and facts that could be the warmest of the workweek. here's a look as we break it on down at san francisco. clear this morning 61 degrees, 3:00 funny of sunshine warming up to 56. san jose getting into the
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'70s. afternoon highs and livermore and topping and a parade around 77 increasing clouds ahead towards the rear of the hour. turn temperature still pretty cool. 48 to napa. 53 san francisco. we're getting into the upper 50s and oakland. your afternoon highs top again around 75 degrees. down in december fell mill valley coming in redrawn 73. we will bring home about 66% of cisco, topping a their in the low 60s along the coastline. east bay, temperatures in the upper 60s. keeping in the '70s inland, warming up more than that. in fact the warm response only getting up to 78 degrees. down and do the south bay keeping in the '60s to mountain view.
5:02 am
sunnyvale. warming and up in the '70s to san jose and morgan help. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does highlight that warming trend succumb to mal temperatures back into the upper 80s. wednesday we will see those '90s. certainly feel like summer once again attacked thursday could be the warmest day of the weak upper 90s inland seas around the bay mid-60's for the coast. coleoptera the weekend. a character with traffic. >> in pretty good shape with traffic moving at a limit. starting off with the project, bay bridge toll plaza no problems here cursor sailing on by coming from the 58080 headed westbound. leading lights are off it's a nice, easy ride. at last check your ride from the foot of the macarthur maze and fremont lockean a just and nine miniature. over onto ride to the golden gate, no drums, nice,
5:03 am
light ride traffic is moving at the limit. ride from highway 37 to five e zero short e manager. a quick look at shore ride at the 980 traffic is moving well, headlights and moving on northbound 80 traffic is moving at the limits. not what a company. james. if >> thank you. the latest on the shooting of a fremont police officer this morning officer todd young is in critical but stable condition following bladder surgery he underwent the surgery just yesterday. doctors say it went well. it was young's second surgery. he was also operated on this past friday in which he lost 60. the blood. expecting an update on his condition. keeping to and for that. the man accused of shooting that fremont officer will be extradited he was
5:04 am
arrested in san diego not far from the mexico border. he faces two counts of attempted murder and two counts of carjacking. he also faces charges of violence and kidnapping. news also on the run after being accused of shooting fremont police officer don young on friday after getting tips they knew he was headed for the mexico border that is why the border for drawl and the police were said to show the down. they describe what led to his arrest. >> as he was coming off the freeway he saw this thunderbird with two mills inside there were similar in appearance to the suspects in the shooting. he filed the vehicle coming off the freeway the license plate came back as being registered from oakland. the suspect was inside the vehicle identified himself as being a suspect in the shooting. he was armed, he had a pistol in his waistband that was
5:05 am
loaded. both the driver and the suspect surrendered peacefully. >> please jeff will ask the d.a. to pursue all possible charges against him keep it to ensure the suspects is expected in court later on this week, continuing coverage your kron4 not only on the air but online so keep checking for the latest words. sentencing has imposed on for two men convicted of killing fairfield mac garcia pending defense motions for a new trial. henry don williams, you can see him here and jeanne allen owns were convicted of the shooting of 22 year-old garcia williams in town say been searching for a drug dealer could been cheated helms on a $50 methods and remedial keep mr. garcia's heart for that of the drug dealer. that is why they targeted a garcia starting and dead. in addition to the criminal case garcia's mother
5:06 am
also fired a 16 indorse overall full bid against a prayer. san jose police are investigating a shooting in a parking lot that left two men dead and one woman injured it appears the altercation house and went to groups ran into each other in the parking area officers responded to an apartment building of the three under block it has not been determined if the shooting was gang-related but the possibility has not been ruled out fleas are canvassing the area in search of witnesses and suspects this is the place of harmon is investigating 12 separate fess up herbert wire from beneath the city streets. the stripping of the copper has resulted in multiple power outages for residences and businesses. previous locations of those steps include the 45 and 4900 block of mission street for under boxer jackson intersection of got an affair, a turk, masonic, 8 and in the net.
5:07 am
to child development centers are scheduled to close tomorrow. san ave and golden gate. decided to close tomorrow afternoon. five others were saved now after the city from $2.4 million to keep them open. a group in the city is protesting the closing members have taken over it one of those buildings and are planning a march to mark. >> if they will not provide the funding without a fight will make the fight will build a movement this is the sole right. >> member city over just two afternoons and friend of the golden gate community will fall the story. a break now, back with more headlines in just a moment, i want to go back to siding in of a checked of the james lick see how traffic is moving along on 11 southbound
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in bareback, and the carrier here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and again we
5:11 am
have a changing weather pattern direct the week, we begin with the coolest kid the week. but and look as we head towards thursday and friday at nineties. if you're on the media data from 68 degrees of the way up to 80 degrees. 7 at warm up and play. when an interesting forecast, a nice way to welcome the month of september. on to market have livestock futures are a bit next after the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p ended higher the dow ended up a hundred and 64 points to 10,00150. headlines around wall street. there's a government report on personal income, spending both of those figures are expected to rise, we'll let you know. center of it has decided to ease monetary policy growing pressure on the government to support the economic recovery. intel
5:12 am
announced it will buy the wireless unit of anthony on technology intel says this $1.4 billion deal will strengthen its hand in internet connectivity. the middle east is going to be a big focus point for that. to end the years, and iraq. as well as talk for restarting the peace from a direct between israel and was signed. speech scheduled for tuesday night. during that addressed the president is expected to discuss the impact that the u.s. has had iraq. were headlines in a moment. westbound 80 looks like it's moving well. ,
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, time now is 515, we are dealing with clear conditions that side, and five is now much in the way of fog. by noon getting up to 68. high- temperature 72, mid-60's for the a frog hour. here's a look right now your current temperatures. the upper 50s and your oakland, hayward. still dealing with lawyers this morning. 47 to napa. 53 for mountain view. so here is still occurring now by 10:00. you can see 20 '50s, a few sixties by new and warming it up to the '60s might even see if you '70s not making it out of the '70s. we're tapping out in the mid to upper 70's into some of the warmer spots. that indicates those '70s. the highs look like this, 75 percent
5:17 am
rosa. 78 in vallejo. 62 mill valley. 66 for san francisco saying in the '60s for is that the daly city. are these big keeping it or 57. low 60s and a richmond. mid-70's to ceram. pittsburgh, antioch. warmer and do morgan hill. 77 campbell. 69 sunnyvale. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a little bit of a warming trend throughout this week. you can see each day we start to or met from today the warmer spots upper seventies by tuesday at brady's. back into the 90s by mid-week. thursday being the warmest day. in less of getting the upper 90s on thursday mid-
5:18 am
60's for the coast. calling and not ever so slightly as we head towards the weekend. here's a look set your hurricane, category 2 hurricane out in the lancet. when 0 205 mi. per hour this could become a major hurricane as we make your way through the day today. right now in looks like it's about 50 mi. to the northeast of san martin. we will continue to see moving northern league. when is getting it to hundred and 30 mi. per hour. checker and your morning commute there. >> no hot spots just gets is a nice, easy ride, outside bay bridge, you can see cars assailing on by. a couple more cars there is on our last report and a nice, easy ride of course there is leading lights are offering now really low drive time just eight-nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and to fremont. or on to the golden gate, cars are moving
5:19 am
up the limit. not allow a company as you make your way coming in from iran. nord's found that is a nice, quiet ride. novato and san francisco looking good 22 minutes. clocking in endicott shortie manager. run along the peninsula, looking smith. here's 101 traffic is moving well in both directions finishing up with a quick shot of the south bay, 101 you can see not a lot of cars, nice, easy ride if you make your voice up around no problems northbound that is an incident for your rights are. he ride from downtown san jose is a major way toward santa clara really good just of mrs. james. >> thank you. and news survey finds the average price over your gasoline has dropped almost seven and half sons, the latest surveys as the princess tours 70¢ california is a bit more with the average $3.60. they
5:20 am
area's more than that santa is there has the highest gas in all disarrayed cities $3.13. oakland san as a coming in just under a $3.11. new details regarding couching they say they will keep two of its services instead of cutting them to get close more than it turned million dollar budget gap. service to gilroy and weekend service is likely to remain open until the 2011 fiscal year coming up service would save them about three and $85,000 a year coming weekend service would save more than two dozen a year. calgene officials still considering other service cuts including eight reduction of early morning, midday and the evening. meanwhile san jose students can now go on line to get their diplomas. delivery on- line programs is a virtual school geared towards independent learners for
5:21 am
students to do not do well in a traditional environment. it is free, open to any student in grades 6-12 living in santa clara county. also the coast guard rescued four people from about about 12 mi. south of point reyes. three were taken hospital with multiple injuries the boat had stalled and was without power they believe the bowl was headed to alaska. california law enforcement officials say the man who was suspected of killing a church official in central california has been shot to death in a standoff with police. 42 year- old bishop claes sennar was killed at a church south of fresno. minutes after the initial killing a man called authorities identify result as the shooter, police responded and the shares he was shot during an altercation is as far as a 30's know he is not part of the church. and then nicole smith's trial resumes today, the
5:22 am
question looms as to whether the nannies will testify. the judge presiding your vacation said they were evasive about whether the two women would make an appearance is considered crucial. former pitcher roger clemens will be arraigned today, facing charges of perjury stemming from this testimony these in your screen he was there before a congressional committee back in 2008 testifying about steroids he claimed that he never used steroids or human growth hormones but since then teammates' engineers have come forward saying yes clemens did use airstrikes. the former pitcher says he's looking forward to having his day in court his arraignment is scheduled for a live o'clock in washington. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more overnight news in just a moment, a quick look in the city this is a rooftop camera where we have fairly mild conditions. 53 degrees rain now getting up to
5:23 am
only 66 this afternoon.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
in merrimack, the musical hit lee went into sunday's primetime emmy ceremony favorite to win but it faces some challenges from another freshman, the sears's which show hit a high note. >> news, and the modern family was the big winner on sunday's emmy awards taking on six catches including supporters
5:27 am
after writing and air outstanding comedy. >> are so happy that you have less and your families. >> supported actors and referred leave the show's creator brian murphy picked it is our own stature for directing. the is about the importance of arts education. i would like to dedicate this all my teachers. jimmy fund made reference to one of the biggest controversies. >> to rosa different sure. work across were drawn. >> the danger of a challenge from the tonight show. for a bus ride series. on the drum and found that men won its third consecutive emmy but the show featured a few abscessed top chef broke a major races severing air raid. this is something that we never expected i think a lot of people come out here and say this. the really mean it i have nothing prepared all. big bang theory be
5:28 am
there a valid argument for best actor comedy. >> i did not think >> this happened> alright we will take a break, back with more headlines in a moment.
5:29 am
5:30 am
and we're back, live pictures here, left golden gate on the right. in both shots we have relatively clear conditions cool. louisa. >> it is cool once again. still seeing temperatures in the '40's here's where the shot of the james lick. san francisco is a clear shot not much in the way of fog. i knew and getting up and the '60s. high-temperature 56 back that the upper 50s by 8:00. as a major way through the day. san jose 74 degrees. clear fog plenty of fog. a looks like.
5:31 am
back down again into the fifties. 47 degrees for napa. 10 degrees organize to make your way down to hayward. this afternoon highs expected to get up to 70 degrees. one of the warmer spots. 68. mill valley '60s. low 60s along the pacific and ocean beach. over to the east bay temperatures during the '60s, '70s. a little bit of a mixture of low '60's '70's for union city warm response today cnn's bob getting into the '70's might see a few upper '70's for danville walnut creek. 774% clara. 63 mountain view and sunnyvale. here is a look at
5:32 am
your 7 day around the bay. the good news is today could be the coolest of the workweek to are warmer be more than that to be unnoticeable warm-up. upper 80s by tuesday, '90s finally by mid- week. the upper 90s. mid-60s fruticose. coleoptera ever so slightly by the weekend. checked and your commute with america. >> for those of you heading of the door the commute is building. taking it outside bay bridge toll plaza no proms year cars are selling on by coming up from a 58080 headed towards the city. during light still cycle of eight-nine minutes in the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. hopping on over to read san mateo conditions are thicker across the span is still pretty easy ride as you make your way and the commute direction those headlights making their way into hayward looking at a pretty
5:33 am
ideal 13 minutes from end to end. note from either the golden gate, traffic is moving at the limit coming in from marin county and nice, easy ride. the reconfigured all lanes your early monday morning commute those lands are headed southbound clocking in a pretty easy 22 minutes. wrapping up quickly with a shot of albany traffic is moving well a little bit more company on the roads there we saw a couple more minutes ago still pretty easy ride estimate jury pass golden gate, free ride is to purge the bay bridge. james. thank you. our big story, the investigation into the shooting the man accused of the shooting remains in custody but is expected to be extradited soon. his name is andrew, he was caught saturday in san diego not far from mexico border investigators are now in san diego preparing to bring them back alameda kron4 is reggie kumar has more on the
5:34 am
charges he is likely to face. 20 year-old andrew branches faces two counts of attempted murder. two cards of carjacking. he also faces additional charges of domestic violence, a kidnapping and terrorist threats after assaulting the mother of his child on august road. this is video of him after he was arrested on saturday. he's been on the run after shedding his. todd young on friday oakland police santa developing several tips and leads they knew he was headed for the mexico border so investigators ask the border patrol in san diego police to shut down the u.s.-mexico border. the san diego police sergeant was patrolling the freeway near the last u.s. exit in california when he spotted this blue thunder board. as he was coming off the freeway he's got his thunderbird with 2 mi. inside there were similar in
5:35 am
appearance to the suspects in the shooting. he followed the vehicle coming off the freeway ran license plate that came back is being registered for oakland. the suspects inside the vehicle identified himself as being a suspect in this shooting. he was armed. he had a pistol in his waistband that was loaded. but the driver and a suspect surrendered peacefully authorities believe the man driving him to the border was harboring him. oakland investigators have not release his name or where his connection is. in oakland, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> in the meantime the fremont officer todd young remains in hospital he underwent what is under heavy sedation kron4 is will tran is in oakland with an update in this condition. >> officer todd young remains at highland hospital after undergoing two searchers already suspected to have even more surgeries later on this week. after suffering wounds to his
5:36 am
stomach and bladder causing him to lose 60 p. of blood. he's listed in critical but stable condition. reportedly he is able to move his feet off some doctors for peace is not going to be paralyzed after being shot. later on today there should be a news conference by the police department to give us an update on his condition. for now reporting from highland hospital i am will tran, kron4 news. in of dozens of people lined up but the red cross and pleasanton was intelligence a to donate blood for officer young in fact some many people showed up to hours and that's how long the wait was just getting to richard. many of those donors have some affiliation with the police force summer former officers of their relatives, friends. >> the police understanding the need for blood, having their own officers their own family members being affected. they want to show support for police officer and this please determine. it is the least we
5:37 am
can do. when he lost one of our officers in line of duty one of the first agencies that can't help was was fremont haiti. they're they're supporting us and here i am even though i'm retired and are to support them. >> we will follow this story to be sure to read the weeks ahead. we're going to take a break, san mateo as we go the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well. turley 57 degrees will get to 72. our real national pastime?
5:38 am
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and get back, headlines and indonesia as a a volcano has erected there n.j. a 400 year slate. the better to defer second day steering error tarring crabgrass it forced the evacuation of more than 21,000 people as jackson airlines had to be diverted not samanid last
5:41 am
erupted back in 1600 observers do not know what the russian pattern is but they are monitoring closely. religion no pope benedict of the 16 said that he is praying for the 33 chilean miners. you can see that small front there erupted into cheers when he began his message officials still estimate it could take up to four months to rescue those miners a group of engineers say they have a plan b that in fact could reduce by half the time it would take to reach those miners. keep you updated on that story we also have new details in pakistan, latest pictures, emergency levees built from stone and clay were able to save the historic city from the flooding. conditions there do remain for, food, water are scarce. the flood started about a month ago,
5:42 am
flooding more than 1600 people have died because of this disaster which has been called pakistan's worst natural dry as pastor in the recorded history. or did take a break, more headlines straight ahead bills have a live picture san francisco, traffic on the james lick those headlights moving while southbound on 11 conditions could be 53 degrees, 66 is the ever tried.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
while mass kron4 morning news, time now is 5:45 a.m. it is chilly start today, it will be chilly pretty much all day. similar to what was i yesterday, a clear sought, james lick also dealing with some clear conditions not much in the way of fog. oakland 59 degrees. i knew and getting up to 62 high- temperature getting into the upper seventies flirting with the 70 degree not quite getting there. still kind of chili and
5:46 am
santa rosa. 47 and your napa. much warmer is to have suffered. 53-84 by san jose. still keeping it in the fifties. by noon warming it up into the '60s may be even if the '70s. now or not much more than that all this note indicates the '70s. will not getting up into the '80s. it will still a pretty cool out there. after an highs mid-70s. 74 novato. after mill valley 73. 15 we in the '60s for its vivid cisco. the december daly, a low 60s along the coast. the woman of the '70s for san leandro, hayward, union city. those in
5:47 am
lancelot's four as of the upper seventies to walnut creek, danville. it for the bill will bring is a mature '60s, '70s doesn't look like with that of the '60s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a gradual warming trends. we warm up by midweek looks to be the warmest day with upper 90s. ladies around the date mid-60's for the coast. a peek at the atlantic's, hurricane earl ray now category two hurricane as a major way to the morning to the afternoon could become a major hurricane rain now is about 50 mi. northwest of st. martin is expected to move in a northerly direction the cadet at 230 mi. an hour. marceau's, danger's recurrence. keeping an eye on hurricane earl. now here is a character who keep an eye on our traffic. the commute is
5:48 am
building, traffic is still moving at a limit for damage or around the bay finished of the hour with the project, bay bridge toll plaza no proms hear coming from the 580800 purchase the westbound. of course those metering lights are still cycle bart. pretty low dry timer for you. eight-nine minutes from the foot of the mes and to fremont. note from either on your right to san mateo. conditions are slightly thicker but still a pretty decent ride and a major win the commute direction those bright lights making their way into hayward. rocking in a pretty ideal 13 instruments to end. golden gate is a nice, easy ride very few cars on the rug make your way and from marin county. novato and san francisco looking good 22 minutes. finishing off a quick shot of san francisco james lick, traffic is building is still moving pretty well as to make your way south bound towards the peninsula if you're headed eastbound it is a nice, easy
5:49 am
rider now he read from the james lick the sfo looking pretty good. caulking and add 17 minutes. james. thank you, we have were coming across this issue depressed regarding consumer spending this report shows that it rose in july space in four months. it is held by demand for automobiles and consumer spending rose four tenths of a cent. personal incomes were up two tenths of a percent. less than extended the lease was arise. we had a month of june the journal rise. it is the best since march. you can see how traders reacted. a little less than 40 minutes right now. other headlines, and two tourists were sent to the hospital in san francisco when a double decker bus collided with a car. it happened yesterday at the intersection of broadway and
5:50 am
battery. please see the man and woman injured more sitting upstairs in the upper deck. neck and rib injuries. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries both drivers had the green light. an investigation continues. have you ever had trouble dropping off or picking up your kids at school are getting around town when school lets out once cool in pan all discovered it is apparent that are behaving badly due to i do. >> to london or on the do. this is a man driving a signal its to 30 5:00 p.m. students have just read out. for about 215 to 3:00 p.m. during school days it becomes a parking lot. literally. what happens is parents and the parking of the street in hiring our kids what
5:51 am
to them blocked a road. it is not just double parking like you see here sometimes it is striking. yes triple parking. see the school was, it is waiting for the drivers for double park to move so the director of the good students. as parents to put their kids the bus finally goes to school. it is here to pick a special- education students the best erastus it for 15 minutes before making it into the school parking lot because of illegally parked cars. there are all kinds of one's life insurance and driving habits here. blocking driveways seems to be the norm parents are settings are not so great example for the kids to follow in the future. i hear morning 3 remorse. toss in an ice-cream truck lots of jaywalking student and you could say that mann drive becomes quite a mess. and in all, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> would your conner story idea for stanley reached a damn you
5:52 am
can send an e-mail at people behaving badly at meanwhile bart has extended stations below oakland city streets the underground stations of the loss signals but saturday bart activated new equipment to keep cell phones alive in four are dead sons those include stations and 19th, 12th and the merits station next year bart rose to expand to the underground stations in berkeley. we'll take a break, we'll back with more have led to a moment. let's go outside a live look from oakland, where we have conditions moving well no problems being reported that is our temperatures are mild. temperatures in the upper 50s. after 69 second.
5:53 am
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while the mexican farm morning news, and now is 556, we're talking about the weather. click check and your bridges bay bridge approach is building, a lot more headlights, still making it through their to many problems nine minutes from the macarthur maze in san francisco. san mateo is moving this morning, the this is not a cemetery this is active in the midst traffic and 800 is moving there any problems. i believe the headlights are headed i want to say northbound. past the coliseum. as you can see it's
5:57 am
moving well. golden gate, traffic is moving out of orange county without any issue. 71 lances habits are moving without any delay really still 21 minutes from nevada san francisco driving it all 12 speeds, a checked and a commune and your weather coming out. an update on what was big at the box office edging into first place. crude your movie than you are from the last exorcisms. i saw a preview look speedy. it brought in $21 million. companies second place was takers. that is that somewhere police officers stopped for a gang of bank robbers that was 20 million in third spot was the expendable. we had a clip, wash or later on. that's an '80s action thriller all the big names are in that. its domestic turtle is about $80 million. a
5:58 am
break. back with more top stories coming up in a minute latest overnight news as well a live look for our top camera or the sun is coming up and it is clear of their than it has been in a while. local virtu. but the forecast of a warming trend in store for this weekend, how will it
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