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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  August 30, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station >> this is kron 4 news of 4:00 p.m.. >> our big story, the fremont police officer the were shot last week continues to recover at highland hospital. today, we are learning that the contests has confessed to the shooting. dan kerman is live at highland hospital of the latest. it dan? >> yes, if the officers here recovering. the headline today, that body and those is not in alameda county no rush. there was a warrant for his arrest and the normal 48 hours to charge him that is where there was no rush on getting him back here. however, they say that he will be back here by the end of this week. before that, he has it
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meant that he has confessed >> the showing. of the mexican border has submitted shooting todd young. >> there were two detectives that interviewed bariotos in the gave admission to the shooting that took place on friday. >> oakland police said that following the friday police and a multi-agency ensued. the tories just steps behind as he made the 500 journey south to san diego county in an attempt to cross the mexican border. >> a few bricks there were on saturday that it was the information that he was there- breaks. we were able to get it and to share it with local law enforcement and south florida law enforcement was also instrumental in making this arrest. -south.
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>> it is the border only turned sh was shut for 30 minutes and he was not alone. 23 year-old union city gustavo has also was withing and beating in his escape. 40 year-old, and when that was also arrested of union city also for accessory after the pact. >> that if you are assisting after somebody's escape. you are just as guilty as committing that crime. >> i just got off the phone with the alameda district attorney's office so far, no formal charges. after any of these three, they are arrested, and body and those for two different attempts of attempted murder of police officers and also two different attempts of carjacking. the other for excess 3, and the formal charges from the d.a.'s office will follow this week. reporting an open, dan
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>> critical but stable condition, surgery to repair his letter was successful. and will undergo additional surgeries-of latt blr surgery. successful, and a higher demand in blood donations are requested. 60 pines were used on his surgery. and many law in penforcement were getting giving their time off to donate, the officers know that they are supporting one of their own. >> when a shooting happens in the law-enforcement community is cohappen to any of us. it is important knowing that coming down and making sure that they considered effort concerted effort to help out. and i know that the senate we done for me.
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>> the red cross is accepting any blood for the week and his name. at any area of blood locations. and if ♪ >> the fog is clinging to the coast this afternoon from the latest satellite picture of beanie on the san mateo coast line. some fog of to the north. and you can see that it is broken and not very organized as you can see that it will clear out, quicker. tomorrow. current conditions, it is on the cooler side and a little bit warmer in the north side. and the warmest location is in napa valley, 79 degrees, and of low- mid 70's inland. and 61 degrees in san francisco, 71 degrees and mountain view. we will see quite huge changes in the next couple of days. aha that coastal fog will be pressing in and it'll going to be mainly in the golden gate in the morning. the
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shifting winds will increase our temperatures, nearly 90 degrees inland. and a big warming trend for the rest of the week. the details on your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. how >> icedras is the police are looking for a recent rash of copper that's. nearly one dozen places they are targeting underground pg&e bolts. maureen kelly shows us the extreme lengths these people are going to the underground of vaults. >> they have been able to get down underneath and full of the marelease and remove that manhole and go 300 ft. down. a hacksaw. >> this copper wire that is one
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over inch in diameter high-grade copper with pg&e markings on it. the power company is requesting seven charged to keep on the lookout for it and they believe that they know something about electricity with the type of wire that they're targeting the there are for that it is only a part of time before the electric themselves because of all these address equipment in these areas. this is not as difficult for pg&e but also for the customers. in this instance, the wake of power for this on employment office for tone for hours, and this metacenter was affected for 24 hours, when copper components from an underground transformer. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, in concord, these were found in the bbrass according to these, these appear to be new and not been installed
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anywhere which raises questions about where they came from. >> and national news, president obama return from vacation and got back to work focusing on the autonomy. the white house speech from the rose garden he focused on-chest the economy, and wanted to make senate aide 88 package, the first priority. republicans have been blocking this calling it misguided. >> i've been asking them to drop this blockade and i know the we are entering election season. people expect us to work together to get things done and improve this economy. those single step is no silver bullet. the will reverse the damage done by cost cycles, bubbles, that put us in this spot. it is going to take a full-scale effort. full-scale attack. to not only on the short term but also builds firmer foundation for an accord nation stronger for the
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long haul. this step will benefit small business in our economy right away. that is why it has to get done. >> following a speech, he visited wounded veterans at the medical center and he will give an oval office address with the changing the sun in iraq. in what amount joe biden beehas ben also in iraq ceremony a shaft of diplomatic role as the military messin dwindles. seven years after the american invasion. again, tomorrow president obama will address the nation from the oval office. during which, he will discuss the impact the u.s. has had in iraq. we will have the president's speech, live at 5:00 p.m. also, it will be streaming live will
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>> taking a look of the stocks today, it was down 140 points. closing overturned thousand, and the nasdaq was 200119. and rob black? would you like to talk about these numbers? with income data. the treasury. and how the stock market rreacted. >> and what june i got in a paycheck is up however, other numbers are down. new number of homeowners, down, and this is configuring to a lot of bad data. and the stock market is looking like it is beginning tired of selling. perhaps i will stop saying that but it is revision. i cannot wait until monday when the summer is officially over! wall street will try to get back to work in
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the wall street market will get some direction. >> at the market was up a bit but just not enough? >> not relieve the recession in the third quarter, fourth quarter. there is not spending there, pam. and you will see the market rally. and as i mentioned, do not think coast double dippers was excellent good news or not all. >> important economic data coming out this week. >> tons of data, monday, tuesday and wednesday, thursday, and the inkatha members, and and freda! and, it is going to be a very slow day with-friday. and perhaps people are taking extended weekends when they can. that is the day the most were about, china is slower than asia, europe also has problems with government spending. the u.s. has job problems. the big jobs problems. >> and h-p. >> yes. >> this bidding war. this three- r. >> yes, and this is obviously
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also them attend in dollars of their own shares. they have a lot of cash. -$10 billion. this is a small for a each become is on the 2 billion. >> important about this. is all about clout, and with itunes, photos, they stay there forever so it is important to stop this is a small acquisition. to not lose sight of the ball. that the share of $40 to $38 and they are saying that we have a lot of cash. let us buy back our own shares, from $48 to 2$30 peak a statesman? i would like to date a stock that provides cash. >> and if you like it? and perhaps a lot of qufor investors will like that? [laughter] >> stay with us. you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay...
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part of the next generation of does. ♪ >> a live look outside and the
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bay bridge toll plaza. clouds are starting to roll into the bay and the fog close to the coastline. temperatures are still cool this afternoon unless you are in the north bay which is about 80 degrees in santa rosa. and 79 degrees in cooler along the bay shore and in san francisco. as that fog rolls in, the inland temperatures will dr. and as we see this fog will move in tonight's and many close to the coastline is not going to go too far inland. tomorrow, we will many see the fog but many south of the golden gate but sunny and much warmer conditions! some warm, dry air and some shifting winds. will take a look of the temperatures in just a moment but first, with a four tracker. at 6:00 a.m., known as the fog with it but south of the golden gate with our fog tracker, briefly
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touching the delta, the north bay, and back to the bayshore. by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m., you can see that by offshore, the winds will reverse direction with not much of the sea breeze influence until tomorrow afternoon. with clearing of the fog by the tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be warmer as a result. temperatures back into the mid- upper 80s, inland. 89 degrees in antioch expected and warmer in the north bay, 83 in napa, 85 in santa rosa, and the most warming is going to occur closer to the bayshore. there will be sworn to the mid-upper 70's and we are going to see-sawing. and with the mid-week, soaring, and with the upper 90s, inland! and we will have this inland warm conditions last. and into the weekend, we're going to get the fog and cooler temperatures back even for the labor day holiday.
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>> this sewage spill from last week, you can see those crews into the redwood shores lagoon is now a lot larger than originally estimated. and we will have a daniel daniel villareal is there, and have the officials determine how much is larger than it really is? >> you know, that number listed the new estimate, it was our response at 5,000 gal. but they're expecting a much larger number. and you can see where they have done the work, and working crews have been replacing landscaping because they had to tear that of to get to the pipe and behind this, is the sewage pumped. you can imagine that a lot the coast through that is why so much has spilled into this near by redwood shores lagoon. spehler also was stacked with treating the water, the long boom, the clean-up? >> what is next? >> and it is going to see the sunlight will naturally dilute.
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it is a more environmentally friendly of dealing with something like that. for now, there are scientists thus they do not go into the water. >> what about the a real homes that were affected? garage? irreal homes. a noxious >> a real homes. >> and at least started inland contra this is where the garage is. you can see how close it was a and a daniel villareal of redwood shores, and that is about to be larger than the 5,000 gal. originally anticipated. a program change to tell you about for this from become a kron 4 role of a special edition of kron 4 at 10:00 p.m. and that is because nbc will of the giants came. dateline nbc will be senior on
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kron 4 at 8:00 p.m.. followed by a special edition of kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m.. kron 4 news smackdown will be moving to saturday night.
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>> rob black will enter your e- mail, and this is from rachel. that's going to lead tree-linead perhaps the boeing delayed a 7873 minor delivery again. should i sell this stock? first zero, tell us about the dream liner? >> first of all, it is a and aerospace company. it is not an airplane production company. and this was it due out early last year. it is wildly late. and announced on friday that it was also late again for the first product to those in love and. pr
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late 2011? in the wall street likes to perhaps like the known perhaps instead of the unknown. >> and use and not so? >> and i am assuming either. and a lot of times, the news can be countered than conventional wisdom. in the cuban and ice leak of a delay, and now wall street these are thinking that perhaps they've finally know. ahand what are your thoughts of taking property? out of a for 01 k? >> not until you are a retirement that is what it is not for, it is a bucket of money that will last you from 60-100. right now, before a house? you were not going to of the money when you retire. perhaps it johnny is thinking that the real estate will go up? and until unemployment gets down to 7%, 6%, that real estate can go
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sideways. >> should that be based on how you are buying this house? hippest perhaps for your mother? >> california, you can rent before even purchasing. and it is a good opportunity to get in but you should only do it with money that you've saved. or earmarked. and every paycheck, 15 percent towards my retirement, 10 percent for is a dream about. and you should not take one retirement account to pay for your new home. >> john a., and by rob black, that is a know! [laughter] and if you'd like to of a question? the answer is no e-mail at we will be right back with a lot more news, ahead.
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