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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 31, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> 6 san morning everyone, april get a live shot san mateo bridge, traffic is the lead in that area. heading into were guided not see any cloud cover. it is not too cold this morning, nice day, warming trend of the next couple of days louisa will give us a full update in just a few minutes. first, breaking news, other san francisco international airport, a 747 had to make an emergency landing it was it headed toward syria but when they had a major engine malfunction. but that happened after midnight or selling one of the plane's four engines stopped working something released in
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the engine and blew a hole to the side of the engines, everyone is ok. as of now no delays. have delays continue to fall this story as it develops. updates for the morning including video. another planned emergency to die about an alaska airlines flight was forced to return to lax late last night after the tire reported a bird struck the plane. it took off from a loss angeles. there's about a half mile west of the pilot called then. the plane landed safely through no reports of injuries or damage. let's start or the weathe talk about >> the >> good morning will. low clouds cover fog starting to roll in. apportions of petaluma, east bay. we're now season pocket drop in around the coastline. a little more fog the
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masai yesterday. temperatures express to warm up. cool temperatures this morning. 54 san francisco 55 cinephile. as a lay jury to the morning will start to warm glow of a care worker. as we head towards noon, we might even see some pockets of these places like livermore getting to these napa as well. the afternoon highs today will pop burgundies. will continue with our warming trend red on through the week. adt is dinners a. the necessary focus on mill valley upper 70's. 81 vallejo. 70 degrees your senses grow, 67 for half moon bay. 74
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berkeley, 79 castro valley, 78 hayward, union city, antioch 89, 87 concord and it's for them livermore, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares a warming trend of archer zero digits are back wednesday, thursday hundred and five degrees, and some foreign loans degrees it will feel like summer couple days of summer before we get another little cool down. checked under morning commute with america >> know from some arab way everything is looking pretty nice and run renown. overnight construction pretty much isolated reaching the incline and treasure island. that was shut down the to read and lanes. but again traffic is so
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nice and light it will not affect your drive and the minutes from the macarthur maze and to fremont. here's the cemetery ridge and traffic is nice and light action letter there always are yes big. you can secure your silly on by had a westbound in the commune direction. those bright lights begin their raids here ordering now clocking in the world minutes from and to end. a quick look around, we do when a jury of your ride along western 24 is the way free. completely in the green speeds are averaging between 55-60 mi. per hour. no from said the golden gate, nice, easy ride. i saw a little bit of fog but a nice and easy drive time clocking in at >> president barack obama is planning to speak to the nation about the formal ending of the u.s. combat mission and a rock. he's expected to save this for
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phil the campaign progress before his speech to will thank troops for their time and a rock. were the 90,000 troops have come home since each office. less than 50,000 troops of the ark of your day the new or will not be to lead the fight but to train them and back some of. will cover the address in the office live. but to the bay area, the fremont police officer shanna last week he still lost really critical condition are to have surgery to repair his water, stomach which had been successful we're told he will and accord additional surgery is littered this week. over the weekend authorities captured the suspects turned across the border into mexico. as kron4 as
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dave herman reports please see the suspects had hopalong lloyd. >> here at highland hospital in oakland fremont police officer todd young continues his recovery, in the meantime the suspects into bari and test remains in san diego county locked up, oakland police say he has admitted his role in the shooting as well as the car driving the third rise on friday and the means and to others have been arrested for trying a brian gross escaping. of your expected formal charges filed against them sometime later this week. >> dark years nearly 60 lbs. of blood during the two surgery's does lead to higher demand a blood donations. you're looking at the red cross oakland blood center where many law- enforcement personnel and civilians were coming to do blon
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are getting involved if giving employees time off to donate. officers during good know that they're supporting one of their own. >> when they shooting happens it is something that happens and the rest. it is important coming down making this effort to help out. i know the same retention needs. red cross is sending any type of blood. meanwhile if facebook ever a checked and treated to help all screenings cross. before posting well wishes as and encouraging more people to donate blood willing to the facebook page on our web site kron4 as new video that shows a great white shark swimming towards the servers and swimmers this is for
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the shark sitting happened yesterday, of landmark beaches and pacifica. authorities say they received several reports from surfers who said the stark was attacking ec line. >> at about noon on monday witnesses say this i huge shark about three and yours out into the water and many say was possibly a great richard raising from 18-25 ft one surfer togolese that he sought a seal in the shark's mouth. it was the russian back-and-forth and this saw large pool of blood in the water. police have placed these signs warning people that shortsighted. please tell me then they will keep the sends out for least a couple more days. sarah had a kron4 morning news we're following breaking news of a san francisco em for nationals morning were plane made an emergency landing, a live shot of the sfo were part
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of one of four engines on a course of airplane sell off and apparently ripped through one of the engines will have ãqw@,
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welcome back, i'd like san francisco, and just after midnight there is an emergency landing that took place of the airport when an airplane to across to sit near australia just as it adopts something happened to one of the plane's four engines here is a live shot of the gate apparently these are the passengers on the plane apparently there are fine, no injuries but obviously a very frightening time the plane had to make ed emergency landing, following this situation hopefully will have a quick interview with the airport spokesman. about what is going on with this is was any possible delays and other flights. we
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understand that there are no delays rain now. we will see what happens to these passengers because we will see of their right to bring in another airline to take them out of there are it will be interviewed because maybe they saw, heard something that investigators need to know to trying figaro what happens. this is a breaking story of the sfo shortly after midnight a plane taking off their you see right there that is apparently the plane that took off, they're working on the play in reno. again something fellow of one of the engines and low hole right through. fortunately a pilot captive school and look that big gash in the side that was taken from a passenger. they're trying to figure out exactly what happened with the public at the school in the the planes their fleet he turned (cambridge sfo landed safely you can see all
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those emergency crews surrounding plain that this time you can bet that the plane will be there for quite some time as the chart a friend of what happens. more video from sfo and reaction in just a few. now for market headlines august has not been a good month for the stock- market trading yesterday the dow from 141 points. s&p was down nearly 6 points. the nasdaq lost 34. . before today's opening bell will get a reading on june morris's also this morning the border force on august consumer spending. governors were severely in san francisco, fred chambers connors 2010 he will speak about the state's budget travel and other economic issues the conference will also
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assess social media, the great comic. san jose did have to check from the fed to help turnaround close near rhodes. $25 million will be shared among a trio of programs will rogers for was 10th and then resell the into low-income buyers the issue of the program string around it 65 for programs. coming up, we are falling breaking news at a standard system of international were a plane made an emergency landing shortly after midnight, but it was a conference of for the sydney. here's a live look at the gate. the plane, the passengers
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falling we are seeing is at the san francisco international surely after minute a plane
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taking off to sidney our geography you apparently something fell out of one of the engines or roll, the pilot kept his cool, turned and went around and landed safely at sfo. no injuries following this story throughout the morning, also following the weather. for that's in there to louisa. >> good morning. this morning it's a little warmer yesterday. more in the way of fog. here's our chari now san mateo, you can see lights out there visibility's not to pour. let us go ahead and take a look of the weather headlines. you can see the fog is tied to settle this point race. some charges kind of
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settled in cities bay to oakland and san jose. not too widespread. here's a look to your current temperatures. 61 story form of an oakland. 59 your hayward, mount you. warming allow all workers are more realistic date. '60s, '70s. then about noon were reluctant to the '70s widespread. maybe even see some great ease. here at unionize, today will sign up for these. all the arms into its '80s. here's a look at some of those numbers, 82 standards, 82 napa 81 vallejo. 7 these mobile e. peninsula's 70. seven sisters 72. palo alto upper '70's breaking into the upper '70's through hayward, union city and
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fremont. brittan to disarm valley warm response upper 80s. surge in fuel or other hot and antioch, such a comfortable 81 for said a prayer. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does highlight that warming trend, check it out. there's still looks to the mars did the week. plenty of sunshine those ties and means of stopping every around a hundred and five degrees '90s for the bay, these are the codes. check on your tuesday morning commute their >> thank you. for those of you having at the door traffic is nice and light. story of a creek project, bay bridge toll plaza still pretty darker side you can see traffic is moving of a lemon. coming from all purchase headed west from towards the city, overnight construction in
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effect between the incline treasure island shutting down the to read and lanes. traffic is very late, it will not affect a juror time one did the minister in the foot of the reason to fremont. san mateo, cars are moving on just fine. headed westbound towards foster city, those headlights coming into hayward so really easy drive of their but you do are some overnight construction in hayward, no. 780 are meets 92 floor closure until five. follow the detour in place. 780 is also going to be shut down overnight. golden gate, very far get there but you can see very few cars on organized some easy ride. right priory 37 said 580 is a short and easy trip. generally hotspot but you can see were completely in the greenery now the only honor screen is slower
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speeds in the nonjury direction that story has an overnight construction. completely in the green and red and westbound 580 and on the clear that the 586 interchange. a little bit of fluffñyñ slowing on a restaurant tyree 4. the slowest what is moving about 45 mi. per hour. a is coming easy ride. well. >> muni has found a way to generate $7 million a year, rate now muni jurors receive free parking, that will soon change as miniatures the jurors to $80 a month to park their cars at the city bus yard. if that $80 and up to one-third of the recent pay increase that the driver is received. they ask the jurors to not take their raise this year, nomura reported to take it anyways. these new charges will give the city about 3 $45 million a year. kron4 is dahlin talk to jurors about this new fee.
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>> this of the memo says. bus drivers are not happy. this is not fair the rows of free parking at work many drivers say management is retaliating because they did not forgo their pay raises. >> we sought to play. >> it's a retaliation. as far as the operators there's no our first part. like there's sitting where to park in the street was travers average ticket week. >> mca officials and sees the policy change is not a retaliation against drivers they say the agency needs to find ways to close a large budget gap. >> we're looking out for
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customers. as we implement this new parking we want to make sure working with the iranians. this is about payback this is about looking for ways to improve service for customers. >> officials say the parking fee from the drivers will help the agency resource some of the muni service there was cut. starting next month mca plans to restore some of;e the[yñ but growth andd details on killing of a lack garcia. eight judges sentence one of the men accused to 50 years to life. defendant henry don and jeanne allen holmes or convicted of the 2008 fatal shooting of the 22 broker see it. williams was sentenced yesterday the other suspect was postponed and doesn't cover 27. where learning more about last
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three series this goes into the redwood shores lagoon. the amount of sewage a deadly step out is expected to be much larger than in the show. >> this area behind me as for sears for a ruptured sending raw sewage into a nearby lagoon originally the estimate was about 5,000 gal. but now could be more. for the most further repair work has been completed. cruz to how this area take jobs ask some work still needs to be get done. the having cleaned up our residents are able to use them again there's still the question on december 6th originated. in a report released an estimated 5,000 gal. of raw search the stoves. that number could be low as to many more could unspoiled the new estimate is expected by tuesday.
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>> still have a kron4 news, we're falling breaking news at sfo. a plane made an emergency landing, coming of we will assure you the whole the was made in the engine one part of the engines fell through and richter. forcing the pilot made an emergency landing. iv ñ will assure you that correct hole we ™imk!?+'x//p-unwxí7hv 
4:24 am
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we're not exactly sure wire part says that pension this and that just a bid causing it to fly flared as thick walls of that engine fan out. we'll try to figure out if anyone on the ground was hurt. i can tell you that there are no injuries to any of the passengers on the plane. we'll try to get all ivan
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jury and talk to any passengers see if they sign anything hours they heard any thing, more on this story when we come back.
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all kinds of sanctions forcing the pilot to keep his cool, turn the plane backed sfo landed safely as far as we know none of the passengers were injured by this you can see here is video their we shot after landed
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investigators are looking at that one particular attention to find out what happens. fire trucks around there, we do not know if that caused the engine to burst into flames, if there is a shot of that whole shot by one of the passengers on the plane we're trying to get an interview with san francisco international spokesperson. to find exactly what happens as far as we know this incident is not affecting any of the other point flights are the best of folk. search or the other parts of the country, you should be fine. obviously those passengers and they will be there for quite some time as investigators talked to them possibly heard something maybe they saw something that could help investigators find out exactly what caused one of the engines to malfunction and force their fine to make an emergency landing. another planned emergency, this one happened out of was address. bart to the
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pilot reported a birds struck the plane. it took off from last angeles it was a half mile west and the airport when the pilot call than. the plane landed safely there were no reports of injuries or damage. we're following weather, traffic, first let's send it over to louisa. >> the warming trend is just starting, continuing with that as we entered the week. they bridge approach, it clear shot. low cloud cover l. lubin of fog. the warming trend really says to set in in fact triple damages could be back this week. warming up to call into thursday. here's a look where we're seeing some fog, it may be bay area pushing onto the gate to san rafael, working its way into petaluma, san bruno gap
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down into morgan hill. current temperature still in the fifties. getting up to 61 degrees for oakland, 59 concord mountain view as well. as a worker way to the day we will warm up pretty quickly, '60s, c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4.wby noon we con c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzn all this orange into casey's, look, it throws and by 8:00. afternoon 82 degrees santa rosa, still in the '70s for center fell, mill valley flirting with the 80 degree mark. peninsula coming in around 72. cappers '70s for redwood city. upper '70's and for san leandro, union city, fremont. inland widespread '80s, flirting with 90s in
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places like antioch. 88 and the president set bay, coming in the '70s, '80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check it out, there's those numbers again trouble digits for wednesday. the fact thursday to be the warmest day of the workweek green as and sunspots 205. i run the bay 92 and even the coastal scrub will be road 84. check it news with america. if >> no hot spots, and traffic is moving at the limit. no rums of the bay bridge toll plaza cars are selling on live from 580, 880, 80. overnight construction in effect between the incline, treasure island closing down the to write him lanes traffic is nice and light it will not affect your dry time one did the minister in the foot of the
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macarthur maze into fremont, right to examine san no drums here, traffic is living at the limits, overnight construction c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4.wit is completely closed down to 05 c,gv)+pvzsé÷hc this fall the detour in place. westbound 92 between foster city not me know we have several laying closures and 07, the off ramp is also shut down. no overnight construction and the golden gate traffic slowing its limit, no cars in camera shot nice, easy ride. 21 minutes are derived from novato into san francisco. >> well> still falling ricky news at a san francisco. surely after midnight a airline was taken off from asset file on the way to sydney australia where it had to make an emergency landing you can see lot of passengers you're wondering what happens. i can tell you that one
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of the planes and four engines malfunctioned when some part in the engine fell off blues and up rick a big hole through the engine the causes of function are the pilot had to make emergency landing, we know there were no injuries to passengers. kron4 is at cedras is the international to give as a live shot of the airport yuli what you tell us? >> it sounds like it was an amazing con passengers on the slate. we're looking at this is the cruelest of the passengers have been picked up their being accommodated to the night. mill iteration later on as to run again get back on a plane. i talked to some of passengers i was amazed that, there were, they did not seem shaken up, they said it was first we do to the crew. they said they saw some broken flames while they are in the air, it did get the
4:34 am
nervous but they felt so confident with the pilot just explaining to them what was going on, with their work in a do. the crew really get the whole cabin very calm. very easy. very easy lighting. in fact one passenger said it was as smooth as land issues had a long time. smoke is landing after an engine malfunction incredible. >> did any of the passengers tell you that they felt the shaker heard the explosion? >> know. they said they noticed all this and some smoke and flames to the side. it did get the nervous. but railway the crew stepped in as surgeon for people they were able to call on the whole cabin. i remember anyone saying anything like dave felt a jolt or an explosion.
4:35 am
getting a reaction from passengers we obviously will follow this story throughout the morning. following another story the recovery of the fremont police officer shot by a suspect c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzj oakland offices on hospital, in critical offices c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4wcondition. he t highland possible since friday.t after trying to serve research firm to a suspect in oakland we're told he will undergo additional surgery later this week. over the weekend authorities captured the suspects charged across the border into mexico. as kron4 for its police say the suspect had some help. >> oakland police say and do it oriente's senior smiling shortly after his arrest on saturday near the border has admitted to shooting from far beyond. >> we did have two detectives fly down to interview him. during an interview he did give
4:36 am
it missions to the shooting. oakland police say following the afternoon shooting. some of the agency manhunt and sued. authorities to steps behind him as he made the 500 mi. journey south to san diego county an attempt to cross the border. >> a couple resigned saturday which gave us information that he was near the border and wetter or to shut down. information they pass out was very instrumental making this arrest. everyone around the border had a stretcher. it turns out the border had been closed only for about 30 minutes when he showed up. he was not alone. police say this man was with them he was arrested for helping in the escape. 400 internet the get was also arrested on
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saturday in the city for accessory after the fact. >> anytime you're assisting someone of state and harder them you are actually just as guilty as committing the crime. none of the three have formal charges filed against them we spoke to the d.a.'s office this a formal charges we can expect some of them later this week. in oakland, the interim, kron4 news. >> president barack obama is planning to speak to the nation tonight about the formal ending of the u.s. combat mission in a rock. the president is expected to say he's felt the campaign's progress he will think troops for their time. were the 90,000 troops have come home since the present across this there'll be less than 50,000 troops left in barack after today. learn your role will not to be to lead the fight but to train a rockies to back them up. we will cover the address in the office live when
4:38 am
it begins at 5:00. losses in the speech live ibm coming up we're still falling breaking news of the san francisco, surely after midnight a plane made an emergency landing. there was a fine on the tarmac. there was a plane heading from as ever to sydney australia when shirley after take f a hole ripped through one of the plane's four engines causing that emergency landing. we will follow that story and come back with more formation in just a few minutes.
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welcome back, we're falling breaking news at san francisco international airport shortly after midnight a 747 at to make eight emergency landing. it was hanged in sydney went and had a major engine malfunction in happen shortly after takeoff, we're told one of the plane's four engines simply stop working airline officials say
4:40 am
something released and blew a hole to the side of the engine, is a live shot never sfo, here's a picture captured by one of the passengers. that keeping hole in one of the plane's four engines we're still trying to find out exactly what caused that part in the engine to loosen up. making that keeping hole in the engine. we'll find it of any passengers are not ok. official confirmation from the airport in just a few minutes. maybe anybody in the ground could a gun hurt when that party landed on the ground. obviously they're checking the area just to see c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4.wa live report from newly who spoke to c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4w passengers any some told her it was thisers any losing a land as they have had despite one of the engines malfunctioned and hopefully will get down from the passengers as well as an airport spokesman
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after the morning. following another story, disappointing news about personal income was the doubt to give up almost all of what it gained on friday falling 141 points in just over 10,007. the battle between del in hewlett-packard for fremont is free car is heating up. h-p's or authorized the repurchase of $10 billion in each features analysts say it's a move to send a message to arresters that the company is financially strong. as they shared by three far this time. it is a data storage and computer company has dubbed storage machines are designed to deliver services over the internet. the last offer came from h-p which was almost $2 billion or $30 a share. kron4 story talks or of the details. hbo dealt, the winner of the bidding war will have given it in the next internet technology.
4:42 am
the consumers expect to be the winner in the long run as these devices become the backbone of this technology enables of variety of services to provide on your smart phone, ipad, b.c. the likely don't get rain now. lorca's services, and i think everything from the tv to the applications year-end. >> it will take several years all this chevron stores. >> the nation's ongoing troubles or from increasing stress on government property for rams. a record number of americans are now getting some former federal a. >> a state-by-state analysis finds that one the other six people is now getting one or more kinds of aid. what and 50
4:43 am
million americans are medicaid, the federal program aimed friends way at the four. that is of the 17% since the recession started in december. more than 40 million people now get food stamps that's an increase of nearly 50 million%. close to 10 million receive unemployment sarah is. nearly four times the number from 2007. benefits have been extended by congress eight times beyond the basic 26 week program. enabling the long-term unemployed to get to 99 weeks of benefits. the case those p to end nearly 12 million back in january. along with unrolling crops have also gone up. this church is the change since october 2007 medicaid is the costliest. unemployment benefits to the biggest increase in dollar amount. >> consumer spending rose slightly more than expended in
4:44 am
in july. that is a sign that the economy a avoid slipping back into another recession. coming up, so following news of several sizzler international surely after midnight a plane heading to austria had to make an emergency landing when one of the plane's four engines had a malfunction from some part listen up, read a roll through the engine forcing the pilot, and we're cool some interim planner of the land.
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[ laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused. and welcome back, breaking news at the san francisco international we are following him as a landing that took place after midnight. audrey 474 plane had to make an emergency landing, is a live shot at this time that we tell you what happened. the flame to across a
4:46 am
couple minutes into flight something happen to one of the plane's four engines something loosened up in one of the engines and that blue or hole to the side of the engine we talked to some passengers just a few minutes ago the posner trolled c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzj did not feel ay jolt at all. they did see smoke, flames as they looked at the window. here's a picture captured by one of the passengers, looking down a huge death toll was one that part just came ripping through the side of the engine. a fairly the pilots according to the passengers maintain their coal, turned and went around, linda dutifully some of the passengers despite losing one of the engines told kron4 that their landing was this move is there a ride. nice job to the pilots. we understand there are no injuries to an era of the passengers but investigators obviously are still there trying to look at the plane trying to find out what happened. we're also
4:47 am
falling another story the weather, starting a warming trend and russia started yesterday. will see all alas. >> version on to the gave up to 11. also in the the state. starting to build new standard got. current temperatures so critical. 53 degrees. credit card cover over oakland. 59 from monday, hayward also concord. by the time we had done a lot pouring in for lou quickly. notice of the seal the edges the '70s. seven days inland, them by about noon time there is always worn jerseys '80s. when you ladies, the fridge and always i
4:48 am
yesterday, a these ribs to the north bay. sarah file, mill valley crushing 80. on the peninsula's 70 degrees. although the upper '70's. low seventies to berkeley, oakland also richmond. inland spot san ramon valley upper 80s rebound through. 89 for antioch 87 pittsburgh. says bay comfortable 81. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. check it out each day this week restored to warm up. tamara back into the triple digits. one of five by the inland spots. that is a renovated the coast. cooling of by the weekend, the weekend seems pretty comfortable, labor day looks to be the coolest day for the week. check on the
4:49 am
morning commute with their care. >> thank you. no real problems anywhere across the bay. that said bay bridge toll plaza, cars and selling on ride. a couple more the maison our last afford but still pretty easy red head west from. passing as they gave overnight construction in effect provide. it is almost over and done with between the incline and treasure island. shutting down the to right-hand lanes. traffic is moving well. a nice, easy come accountable in minutes. now comes across the span underwriters san mateo. cars are getting by without delay. overnight construction in hayward there is that 800. it is completely closed down to five. file the detour in place. westbound 92 is this rinsing several lin closers. of river is
4:50 am
closed. i want the jury the maps we're still in the green everywhere across this man and in the areas around it to. not experiencing any delays or the overnight construction. will finish off with a peek at the creek. it is still darker side cars a sing-along in both directions and is coming easy ride pascal's mainstream. will. >> thank you, chp is increasing enforcement's against drunk drivers starting this friday. this history was to keep the roads if this were labor day weekend officers covered up to enforcement, this is video for a checked for a period let's talk about something you're guerrillas, people behaving badly, not just from drivers of sir richard is true for them. stanley shows how hard they're cracking down on unlicensed hours.
4:51 am
>> server some reason you on our resources? he never got our prisons? >> this is one of six drivers caught in a chp deride checkpoint. i will remark during a moment. >> i know you said this is a d. richard 4 in the duke richard jurors. but they also cut something else. you don't license. you live in california for 11 years. they get shares run license. when i sit on lessons i mean they have a was the loss of i mean they never have won. ever. this manager the officer is id from the mexican consulate. and our license. often when the door or door resistance is a pretty good chance they have no insurance. when it is determined to did they do not have license the vehicle gets towed and a 30 hold is place on. >> you're where you can get
4:52 am
arrested for drug analysis? >> she told officers jostle wasn't moving to ease ago. >> the driver, or passenger and a slave or deride but send a file or the lives. this juror in the pick it was also during his adolescence but a researcher was different. her lessons was suspended in 2007 for not appearing in court for a driver to get. plus your war. and ring catherine thomas taylor recovered kron4 news. >> gets sort stanley needs your help. hinnies tips on stories pretty good way to do that, go to people living badly ed e-mail's daly, look to the pitcher he's covering up the winning design get any comments or suggestions from the years. how was out,
4:53 am
held stanley l. learn to c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzna plane had c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzñ jasmines and the fight to austria, after something king is, right a gaping hole. it followed that story about a coming up. will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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fish here is a live look from sfo. we spoke with passengers about 20 minutes ago they told us that this doesn't smoke, flames coming out of one of the plane's four engines, who severely they did not feel a jolt. this happened shortly after midnight the plane took off a massive show of the way to australia. just a few minutes and to fight something happens to a major malfunction to one of the four engines that cause the pilots of the plan to keep their cool, radio had to say we're coming back of fairly according to some of the passengers it was the smell of this landing ever had despite a major malfunction to one of the c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4t1ñ we want to c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzñ you, there is t there. there's a shot captured t by one of the passengers a gaping hole. apparently something came loose in the
4:56 am
engines, we're not sure. it obviously was a big ford to make that call. you better believe that investigation looking at the plane. but also combing the ground to see if anybody on the ground was hurt. one part of that engine came crashing down. we're told that there are no entries denny the passengers. they'll be taking an aggressive role this morning regardless of the destination there should be no delays. what that did a few. let's go to the weather. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4éq>> we can expp today. here's a look for a nowpp currently if you're heading over c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4w quite a bit ad cover, oakland. by noon timet ad getting up to 74 backed out again to the '60s. here's a look for the fog is starting to develop a low but this morning
4:57 am
much more than yesterday filling in red around the bay. also kind of seeing a subtle than through oakland down to fremont. so you're current temperatures outside 53 degrees for san francisco 512 hayward. about 60 degrees to san jose. taken under the bay. we will start to warm up into the '70s, kron4 barack a few days that their notice of this orange. widespread '80s are expected. but nearly all of those numbers 82 and santa rosa. a sixth sign, of course '70s keeping your order of 70 degrees for san francisco. 75 sam taylor. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows that warming trend. one of five on
4:58 am
thursday, your weather coming out.
4:59 am
5:00 am
cairo this excess of what appeared to set for set hit far no injuries reported and the passengers or said in a hotel rooms have access: no funds. theirs is running on time this
5:01 am
morning pass code is on the pro and. half the excess of fletcher to the grass or kron4 is julie has been live the sfo, she spoke to some of the passengers on board that plane. good morning only. morning mark. this is remainder to remembers from that flight. still waiting for to get her there, shuttlecock. most of those passengers have been shuttled to another hotel. getting accommodated. the show about 40 minutes ago, i did get a chance are to some of those they share their experience. >> a lot of flames came out of the engine. it was on fire. there was about it. >> that's pretty frightening. >> your nose on normal. but everyone was wrong. and all got sorted out. the pilot did a great job in getting us down safely. i think everything was good. yet the state, in
5:02 am
situations like that. at that point causing panic 1 mi.. >> i think aeromechanics. it wasn't that much of a drop. >> which is taken off. rainier for half an hour. heard a loud pop enough was it. sparks coming as the engine. they was really shaky. pretty scary. a little training. what did you do reiterate. the first thing i did research praying for all. those lower freight or rundown. the ruins did calm. the pilots of the boston job. all the flight attendants are great. everybody is wrong. >> that was something i was really impressed red is anybody's seen very kron4.
5:03 am
everyone does treated the same thing. everybody in the cavity and the others moments of being refrains every one is right on. in 51 present your commented on the land it was this move is lending should throw the long time. >> wow, that's the odd difference retreat australian and american. >> emergency vehicles or on the tarmac when this plane made a landing. as far as as the four operations everything will be operating normally. is that the truth. >> i heard the same. everything is normal. she said they you know rainout their discretion to take care of the plane. try to figure what happens in the first place. everything now should be normal. >> just before 1:00 this morning is a safe emergency landing. we'll continue to fall latest.
5:04 am
>> 5 03 rain now, whether a date. bring the warring temperatures for today. we are seeing also lobe of the fog. the results indicated that low cloud cover, fog in place. starting to rebuild this morning we're also getting ready for a warming trend as we had to the week, we'll see those triple digits once again. expect that summer to be back. a look rainout the fog on the seldens to the north bay. rerun the bay. the northern portions of the peninsula downtown differences below october. fog, oakland as well. your current temperatures inside in the '50s. 61 and oakland. the upper 50s for concord. and about 60 degrees into sanders' eight. >> by 10:00. by noon we keep up
5:05 am
of the '70s, '80s. a notice all of this orange, widespread '80s in place. the impact it will be pretty pleasant day. after about 82 for santa rosa. 80 degrees in novato, 80 of the layout. 78 degrees. 70 degrees for san francisco. even as the upper '70's. east bay temperatures those '70s. jumping up and the upper 70's. apyrase of places like any of comeuppance for a real and true for san fell. down into the south bay. bring as temperatures in the low 80s, pretty comfortable weather. here's that's by come tomorrow we're back of the triple digits by thursday wish to get to one of five, 97 in the bay these for the crows. check and a communal
5:06 am
character. >> all is quiet, no rods roster for just yet with that said will store your the project. cars are just sailing on by from all approaches have divorced from toward the city overnight construction is all over, done with them in all lanes are open across this man really low drive time of his eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont if you're making your way in these crown direction there's also the way for your right. here red december tear, no problems cars are moving carefully at the limit. those bright lights making their way to hayward rainout, we did as an overnight construction and the fact that is done now. we had a foster city boulevard remains of rainouts. wrapping up with a quick look at the golden gate, for you out there for the nice, easy ride to rise. cars and
5:07 am
moving as little between marin and san francisco. ride from the rotor to the city limits 22 minutes. mark. >> thank you, president barack obama is planning to address the nation tonight about the formal end of the u.s. combat mission in iraq. the president is expected to say that he is filled the campaign promise before his speech to will thing troops in texas for their time in iraq. more than 90,000 u.s. troops have come home since he took office. less than 50,000 troops left in iraq after today. their new role will not be to lead the fight but to treat iraqis pride factor. we'll be covering the address from the oval office when it begins this evening who also stream the speech live by we'll be right back as a kron4 morning news continues, a live look for russophile breaking news story a safe emergency landing for 747 with a retarded people on board after blows an landing for 747 with a retarded people on board after blows an engine.
5:08 am
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welcome back to live like a breaking news story as 747 aquinas slate headed to restrict it to across from assets of linen and engine 45 minutes out how to turn around had made an emergency landing a live look from the airport, we hear that sfo operations will resume his normal. the two under control passengers no injuries. reported. although there was a huge gaping hole in the side of the engine the blue. four engines on that airplane reported seeing fire coming apart of the engine. emergency vehicles word on the tarmac as the plane came in for a landing at 4:45 p.m. did land safely the passengers and crew in cartels waiting for the next flight to sydney as safe landing an emergency landing after 747 blows an engine on a flight to
5:12 am
australia, we will go back for a liar for coming up. other stories and the market update, and not a good month period for stocks. but today's last day of course from august. in trading the dow jumped hundred and 41 points. s&p 16 the nasdaq lost 34. also this morning the conference board reports on august consumer confidence. will fall the latest on the markets are open in an hour and 15 minutes, san jose a hefty check from the fed's tough turnaround for close the reds' $25 million will be shared among a trio programs which will purchase four foes terms and then resell them. the money should allow san jose to turn around 65 foreclosed homes. the budget
5:13 am
trouble with 61 days overdue for that budget. the conference will also discuss social media clout computing and green economy. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back, sfo on the right is a still picture the whole, rick tientsin, 45 minutes into the fight over the pacific from sfo to sydney. passengers reported hearing a bang, seeing flames coming out of this engine, a safe landing no one was injured to an intro passengers from the plane you can see the whole that is blown aside passengers remain calm emergency officials are on the tarmac as was farquhar's the plane came in for an emergency landing at 12 4:05 a.m. there is the plane safely back on the tarmac everyone is safe. the passengers offloaded and an hour
5:17 am
in denver to those waiting for another fight. no word yet on the cause. as investigators are examining the engine. we have live crews on the scene at sfo a live report coming up. >> weather update, you can see a shot outside a downtown the low cloud cover still on the picture, the big story is going to be the warmer. the and the temperatures in the fifties. by and in getting of the '60s high- temperature 70. some of the cooler spot. the '60s by the the clock tower, here's a look to give you an idea of how shore rule be. concord, livermore and their bradys come to mark back into the triple digits. upper 90s. a big spike in temperatures come to amman. san jose, said
5:18 am
residents of the '90s. we are certainly going to see their warmup. keeping temperatures in the '50s. up into the 60s through oakland. the bitter court ever. in the afternoon 82 degrees. 80 degrees and the novato. 81 for vallejo. and i 75 for san mateo. present conditions on the peninsula. the upper 70's. comfortable weather here. the rent-free month to 78. then lance rob reiner pretty nicely 89 through antioch. south bay temperatures coming in the '70s. '80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares spiked up to the triple digits one of five by thursday, will receive the weekend and
5:19 am
'90s around the bases for the crows. >> somoza ride across the bay not a single incident to report. that said i was sure you delays three free bay bridge toll plaza cars are selling on by. a couple more cars on the rear of the resort's 10 minutes ago still an easy ride. courses leading lights are off. entering a pretty comfortable a minute from the for the macarthur maze into fremont. jumping on over to redwood creek, of the dark shot but trust your eyes glaze the person taking along just fine in both sides of 680. the idea of a drive time to arrive from walnut creek and the caldecott eight minutes. i do and give you a quick look there are maps. the ride along westbound 580 generally a hot spot the you can see there were completely in the green, the right usually tries up when you win. but you can see no problems whatsoever moving at
5:20 am
top limits. ride along maine's just fine as you make your right to succeed zero. a firsthand look at the shark they say they spot a sure. this was the keating his spot of the shark and video taping. >> my husband and i were sitting in our living room, he was looking at the surf through binoculars he is tired of you out i see a shark. gchi'm guessg comparatively to read as botha's rich's 16 for both. i saw 14 ft. of white belly, and that of the white water. the kurds was 4 5 ft. and then justice you blood. it was gruesome something you'd see on tv on discovery not break out the window. >> what makes you sir it was a
5:21 am
great right? >> the size. the speed. >> the police have posted warning signs after they spotted to warn the swimmers and the beachgoers of distrust that was spotted. muni found a way to generate several million dollars a weird your right now muni receives free parking but that will soon change is muni will charge the driver is $80 a month each to park their cars at the bus yards. that is $80 as of 2 1/3 of the recent pay increase that the drivers received. the city are stars to not take their raise the driver is voted today getaways. these new parking charges won't give the city three up billion dollars a year the jury is expected to start in december. herod prisoner on the search for acts of vandalism.
5:22 am
this happened some time on sunday. early in the months someone shot a pellet gun. investigators are trying to determine if the acts of vandalism are related police say there will be patrolling the area more closely in the meantime. new details as police identified the man who robbed the bank last week. you're looking at a pitcher of beer a staffer who's suspected of robbing the exchange bank. the bank is offering order verbified thousand dollars. the spirit is a hispanic man weighing about a hundred and 80 to 2 under and prawns. the list here crud mustache and framed glasses. it is offering a long sleeve t- shirt. it warning this morning for parents of students of port of is goal school officials say
5:23 am
43 student was approached by a man in a car on monday evening. he then approached this female student kron4. on campus for an after-school program. the man described as white the road 55 years old with bond your use during an older larger white convertible. the year be as the kron 4 morning news continues, continue to follow our developing story as a file or 747 makes emergency landing after hole gets blown in one of its engines the plane landed safely and no injuries to the joint rows centers on board. operations seem to be running normally. live report coming up. this is the back to school list. the cost always makes mom freak.
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i love the from assets of. breaking news stories 747 the blue and engine out of the pacific 45 minutes into its flight from as a folk george strait. passengers reported hearing a loud bang in seeing flames emergency officials of on the tarmac as this plane came in for that emergency landing. it landed safely no injuries reported. those passengers are in bay area hotels waiting for another flight. investigators said to the scene to examine the engine there's a hole in the side of it as passengers are a tran as pitchers as far as operations are concerned as the crow. more on this contest for
5:28 am
a let's hear from a spokesperson. , as aris lights 74 down from sydney departed at 11 05. it came back to the report a pro 45 with an engine out. the plane landed safely the passengers and the plane were taken dardanelles. qantas is doing their best to get the more they need to go today. that is the word russophile and a live look here from the airport. operations are back to normal kron4 is really is live as a ferocious spoke to some depositors getting up to fight. julie. >> forms are were the talk to local really coming up and she did the interview those passengers coming off the plane. over your back is kron4 morning news continues in two minutes.
5:29 am
5:30 am
cahill what a match the kron 4 morning news a live look from sfo. this plan of 1747 makes an emergency
5:31 am
landing news said it as an astronaut when a major engine malfunctioned a hole blown in the side of the engine, with this picture taken by a passenger as passengers reporting area bang seeing flames coming as a descendant the plane out over the pacific turnaround. came back as a focus. he city emergency vehicles but a safe landing for the two injured 12 passengers on board in the crew. jackie sissel is live at the airport monitoring what is going on around the 747. good morning. >> good morning. among the south end of sentences for the airport here will get the terminal were that airline pulled up. renown not a lot of activity. we're still being kept back about a quarter mile from the play itself. i've not seen any of the emergency vehicles of purging the plane. so far to impart to this case and there ride over 15 minutes ago obviously the passengers are deplanes the
5:32 am
plane. we're waiting for officials to come out here and start their resting issue mark. >> early waves of daylight. darya. >> will pick up with yuli talking about the passengers you'll you got to start to the passengers before they headed safely on to her toes for rest. what did they say? it must've been scary. >> way they described it was c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzjon seem to be calm and act like you mentioned i spoke to some of them i will let you hear that the state. i say we will have then at another time. basically a lot of them said that they were afraid at first. but that the crew did amazing job in keeping the gap very wrong. the pilot told them exactly what their work and do their work and returned. land
5:33 am
basically that are the people on the flight may across the crew members because they seem so,. one passenger mention that when they landed to the other was the smoothest when dacia at in the long time. a philip there's nothing wrong. on this one about the passengers will they wait until later on today to get them off for what is it? >> basically the bill archer of georgia are also making its and trust we will sit and wait until they can accommodate them and send them back to restrict. as for the rest of the airport, all the five seem unaffected? everything's is due back to normal. there is kron4 clarke this morning tons of people out there. waiting to get a brochure or bus. now everything is back to normal he would never thought anything happen. well let julie
5:34 am
nothing bad did happen. thank you elite. >> we are starting to see a little bit of that fog settle in. to get ready for the warm-up as we head into the afternoon, will continue through the week. here's shot of san mateo. some folks started to rebuild this morning. the warming trend really kick since they in fact triple digits this week. taylor, in the fog this morning the broader visibility is down to two tenths of a mile. san arizona border mile visibility. starting to see that far roland drew. canada says bay. in the afternoon temperatures restore to spike up getting into oats. warming up by couple of degrees and standards of today. filet hour and 81. san francisco 70. upper '70's into red road city. palo alto. east bay keeping the
5:35 am
temperature is below 70 store berkeley. the down and your hayward. union city. san ramon temperatures in the upper 80s. 89 degrees for any act. 88 and san ramon. temperatures are comfortable 80 degrees rebounders san jose. milpitas. reruns of the santa clara valley. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to bring us that a warming trend rate on to the week. back up to 105 by thursday. around the bay temperatures in the '90s. absolutely beach weather. calling a run down as we head towards the weekend but still pretty pleasant weather. temperatures are in these in the '70s around the bay '60s for the coast. labor day is the coolest day of the workweek. temperatures in the warm response on the coming in the '70s. check and a commune with
5:36 am
their care. no off sparks coming from spots or delays. it's a nice, easy ride for a much rarer added rainout. the bridgeport was occurs assailing on by coming from the 58080. headdress run towards the city or near destruction is over, done with. metering lights are still cycle bob. and during in the eyes from the ec eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze to fremont. hopping on over to red december to air conditioners are slightly thicker but still a pretty delay free ride is a major win the commute direction towards roster city those spreads making their way into hayward looking at a pretty easy 13 minutes for men to land. no drums of the golden gate, nice, easy ride. foggy of their cars getting by just fine no drums between marin and san francisco your ride from the rotor and the city limits clocking in the 22 minutes i 37 to 580 shirts read a minute trip. ride on the westbound
5:37 am
highway for a little bit of yellow. but they just aren't speeds are not terrible. the slowest what is about 45 mi.. darya. >> thank you, new details in the killing of fairfield, but garcia. yesterday's a judge sentenced one of the men with a convicted of killing garcia to 50 years to life in prison. defendants hundred todd williams you see here were convicted of the 2008 fatal shooting of garcia. williams was sentenced to the other defendants said they will be postponed as of september 27th. >> a ruptured pipe leaked 40,000 gal. of redwood. nearly 10 times the amount estimated the revised sow was accompanied by test results from the lagoon water which shows the highest levels
5:38 am
of chordophone including e. coli. or warning to residents still posted to avoid all forms of contact with the water. including swimming, boating, a carjacking. a cleanup plan is being devised by officials. we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. and give you the very latest that airplane, that's make an emergency landing in sfo. will we back. >>
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
the latest of a developing story this morning all the passengers are saved their run- up in on the right-hand side in see the flow of the whole region and in a qantas lin will zoom in on it. that is what forssmann area this morning to make an emergency landing again as a tour to alternate intro
5:42 am
passengers are ok for engines one is out. they landed safely with the victory. this happens around 1245 just before 1:00 a.m. at sfo. the plan was turned it sydney australia did not make it very far. 45 minutes into the fight when that engine blew. they're investigating what went wrong with the engine were caused the explosion a left-hand side you can see everything in sfo is back to normal. those passengers are in house waiting to get another flight out. will you
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
automatic the kron 4 morning news. time now as 545. chavis san mateo, karen the insanity and the temperatures in the mid- 50s. high temperatures 75. we're starting to see a warm-up. back down to 60 by the clock tower. as a maker way to the day warming it up into the upper 80s in concord, livermore. check
5:46 am
their temperatures toman into the triple digits in concord upper 90s and livermore. we go from 70 degrees 83 to mark. san jose about " a great jump in temperatures as we head into tomorrow. santa rosa could be in the upper 90s. fairly comfortable weather today but get ready for that he waived. as we head into tomorrow. afternoon highs 82 degrees, about the same man on a park. cinephile, mill valley temperatures are in the upper 70's. keeping those temperatures reach around 70 for san francisco. 60s along the coast, 78 degrees in redwood city. barbara san leandro 77. 72 in richmond. the upper 70's flirting with a degree mark, 380 san ramon valley. 89 degrees and manioc, south bay temperatures are coming in right around 81.
5:47 am
the decrees and san jose. mid- upper 80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. one last day of temperatures that are fairly moderate and that tomorrow, then that he really starts to sock in. one of five by thursday for the and sunspots nineties around the bay, '80s for the coast. calling up ever so slightly by the weekend labor day looks to be the coolest of the week. check and a commuter aircraft. >> for those of you heading up the door very quiet conditions on roadways with that said finishing of the hour with a creek project. a livermore company than we saw just a couple of minutes ago but still pretty great conditions coming from the 580 and 800 purchase had worse records city meter lights are still cycle of entering a very comfortable in the the minutes from the foot of the reason to fremont. right to san mateo, no proms denies come
5:48 am
easy ride at the westbound towards foster city those headlights making their way into hayward looking at a pretty easy 13 minutes from end to end the just a quick reminder for those of your head westbound the foster city boulevard exit off ramp is closed that or remain in effect 07. really foggy conditions traffic rise looking just fine. the ride from novato and the city limits looking good. quick check on a train come apart, muni. all systems are running on time. mark. >> thank you, a quick recap, and of the sfo you're looking at 1747 that blew an engine out of the pacific from san francisco to sydney australia. passengers reported hearing a bang, flames coming at of the engine there's a hole ripped in the side. it did make a safe emergency
5:49 am
landing at sfo at 1245 this morning all the passengers were safe here was the view of those passengers were taken off. you can see of emergency vehicles there are on the tarmac as the 747 came in with three of its four engines everyone is ok operations are operating normally a live report coming up. >> although police are increasing their patrols and warning residents after a string of burglaries the borrower of the break-in has happened near the downtown called the area in the vicinity of the shopping center over the last few weeks. the thieves have taken laptops, gps units, phones and other electronics there been 28 or delays reported surf art. the fda and investigators have found roden seeping and your and even make nets at the highest forms believe to be responsible for 1500 cases of salmonella
5:50 am
present. the release the observation the reagan aken hello there. the two farms recalled more than half a billion a after seven l ellises were linked to their products. >> lawmakers are going to try again to try and pass a bill that would make it illegal to carry on loaded guns in public. yesterday the state senate rejected the bill by 20 to 16 bill california law allows governors to carry a rifle or handgun and a holster if the weapon is now loaded. the legislation and make it a misdemeanor to openly carried a handgun in any of the craze. as one step away from the governor's desk, the bill would make it a misdemeanor punishable by a fine or jail sentence when parents or guardians allow their kids to school. it applies to the parents of students aged 6 and older of ms. glasses for 10
5:51 am
percent of school year or more without a valid excuse. >> we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. as a kron4 morning news continues after this short break a live look good side fog is the story. as the fog is very thick during towny. over highway 37 parts of the north bay, following the latest on the fog and a bit warmer. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney red zone clearance,
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are 80% off? who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney.
5:54 am
live look from sfo breaking news their story as 747 the blue and
5:55 am
engine 45 minutes into flight said yesterday had to turn around, come back and make a safe emergency landing. no one was injured but there is a large role ripped into the side of the engine will have the latest on our developing story with a live report. coming report >> other stories, my space is now allowing users to sync up their accounts to facebook. the site which used to be the most popular networking spot on the web revamped their records to look more like facebook now those is the user will be with to some of tennessee should oppose come of voters, after both sides. it is part of some mass brawls happening in has been plummeting with ad revenue and growth in last year's. >> california highway patrol is increasing enforcement to nap during drivers this all starting this friday and more of these that you can see a sobriety check chp wants to keep roads
5:56 am
safer the labor day weekend which is this weekend they're ready up enforcement. that is what this video is from. it is not just from drivers that they're out looking for kron4 stanley roberts is heavier cracking down on unlicensed drivers drew. >> so for some reason you have the terms as this? >> >> you never wrong? >> know. >> this is one of six drivers caught at the chp and deride checkpoint and the info. i'll come back to her in a moment. i know is this a deride checkpoint and they do catch during drivers like this man but they also catch something else. >> you don't have allison the living california for 11 years. >> to get jurors that are licensed i mean i mean that higher was lost that i mean i'm talking level of never had one. ever. >> this man showed the officer his id.
5:57 am
>> often when they do not have a driver's license is a pretty good chance of that insurance when it is determined that the driver does not have a license the vehicle gets told a 30 day hole despite solid. >> you can get arrested for driving with no license. >> she told officers that she lost her license moving two weeks ago. >> that's understandable we should not be driving. >> the driver, or passenger and the label were given a ride back to cinephile. this driver in the picture truck was also driving without a license about her situation was slightly different. it doesn't 7 for not appearing in court for a traffic ticket. plus your award appearance of fairness to appear in court. hanson had. bring county, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> if your comment or story idea you can e-mail him of people
5:58 am
giving up the at kron4. >> we're falling breaking news that the sfo where shortly after midnight an emergency landing from a plane heading for a mass about the sydney australia i discussed at the phone with the airport of structures and at an update in just a few minutes.
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