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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  September 1, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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involved in all of the death. he is infected in a hercules where it is that is still missing tonight. in the layout he is connected to the death of two women and in richmond they found a dead man in the trunk of his car where he was as shocked by it police officers. they found the car after a chase that ended at the east pacific mall last night. the officers tracked him down and he was wielding an knife and they shot and killed him. tonight we have seen coverage in to help you understand all of these separate murders might be connected christine connally is live and hercules this evening but first we began with the anchor man who is live in vallejo. dan? >> this tangled man is even more tangled as the woman is found in the car at that news conference which you see behind which continues to go want they have
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identified tears as in the train. but a tele how she is identified to all of these people. she is the girlfriend of the murder suspect that was shot by the chp. she is also above landlord of the two solaces. the older solace to was discovered dead and the landlord of the number solace in who is missing. we're told that there is some part of a romance between the younger solace and a friend and the latest in a dead woman whose name is in deep trance. she was his girlfriend. they do not believe that said the trade was kidnapped last night sometime between 4 and 7:00 p.m. and they say somehow she was able to get the word it to family members and they were the ones that ended up contacting authority members in the first place. that is the latest news on sunday trans. this morning and they it noticed the two bodies that were
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found in vallejo. >> grammar discovery of two decompose it bodies was made on tuesday when the officers came to interview the man who lived here about his report that his wife and her friend were missing. >> it came out to follow on the missing persons and to get board permission from the has been that when they are inside the residence they saw some suspicious stuff that from their experience they were led to discovered the bodies. the >> 40 say the bodies had been here more than a day. >> the body as a have been here for several days. i can say that one body was located inside the residence of the second body was located in the backyard. >> police would not say that it is possible that he could not know that the bodies were here but they have confirmed that the murder suspect also lived in
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this home. he did stay here off and on. as to what their relationship was that is still under investigation. >> dave yet to contact him to the death of the to win. in addition to the body is the police also discovered a variety of chemicals both at the home and at a nearby storage facility. >> chemicals that you can use to make explosives. >> it in as has not been a rested for possession of explosives. >> and we're back live at the vallejo police headquarters. they were confronted with the fact the two bodies were found in his home and the wife of the her friend. the police think he was involved. would he say? but he did say widows did not react in a way and normal person would react. a session of being accused of the wife out murder and her friend. that is the big question at this point. this is
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the latest, reporting live i'm diane ackerman for kron4 news. our >> team coverage continues now. maureen kelly is talking to people in vallejo to open up about the suspect. >> i do not think he's normal. he stares at you crazy. i did not know he was this dangerous. >> neighborhoods say the police were usually called out where they live with the victim and her has spent charles were in has. they are usually led away in handcuffs it was usual because the frequent yelling matches that he would have with the it elderly woman. >> the lady i would always hear her yelling. i would come out and i would be up there and ephron would say do not worry the hershey is crazy. i >> month ago the neighbors say that she was a logger allowed to go inside of this property but he was spotted a few times scoping out the street. >> he would drive around but i did not beat think anything of
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it. at the he would kill anyone. it is shocking but also i guess i would think he was capable of it. >> morning tally for kron4 news. >> witnesses reported and escalade leaving the house of a 73 world man dead in her place. it matched the description of a car earned by some in vallejo. >> that is right today pollees got reports that somebody spotted a white to escalate and this business part which is just in the outskirts of vallejo. we have seen search and rescue crews presumably for frederick solace in who is still reported as missing. we're going to show you some video footage. frederick solace believes the
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here was reported missing on saturday and his father or card was found dead. he had been beaten to death. the two are renting the home front nephrons girlfriend and they occasionally stayed in the house. today at about five minutes away from the house of the white cadillac was found a day has been linked to the him. desert searching the area for any signs of frederick. >> we have been quite concerned for some time that frederick solace to is still missing and has not been seen or heard from since the early saturday. he is intricately and i arrived. he is still missing. we are concerned about his safety. >> what police found in the cadillac escalade they're not telling us but they still have search and rescue crews had been out here for several hours looking for any signs and he is still reported as missing. kron4
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news. >> here's another look at the met the center of the minister appeared he is suspected in these murders. 38 year-old ephron waldemar he shot and killed last night after a chase ended in richmond. they tell us what happened after the car chase came to a close. >> these video cameras that you see here outside of the pacific east mall and here inside the ranch market are were courting the entire incident between 38 year-old effort on end of the chp officers. that is according to a store manager who told me 8:45 p.m. he read into the asian market making his way to the rear of the crowded store to the seafood part. he then grabbed one of the knives. and >> our officers pursued that individual into the market. he displayed a large knife. the
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officers ordered him to drop the knife. they feared for his safety and the suspect was mortally wounded. >> they said whole buy land a scene it was collected on surveillance tapes and they all been turned over to police investigators. >> again this is a developing story, much more is the unfolding in this case and even at this moment. stay with kron4 news and are website as we continue to cover the multiple murders. accord to take a break and we'll be back with more.
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another hot day across the bay area. temperatures are running in nineties around the most part. 83 in san francisco. 889 in oakland. keeping along the coastline is starting to feel warmer. it was 72 and have a mandate. this evening if you
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have plans of doors it is going to be a great evening to get out side. temperatures are going to stay on a mile to one side and into tomorrow morning even into the mild a one-sided it will stay hot. the temperatures range from the low seventies to the coast line get another 100 degrees. i look at the feature cast for tomorrow morning all of that grain on your screen at the temperatures are in the 60s, very mild. into the ours things are going to warm up fairly quickly. i do not want to agree with future cuts right here along the coastline. i think you'll be warmer than this the death light and love with all of that red it into the '90s. i agree with that completely. expenses it creeps into the afternoon. that is in the north bay into the delta inland spots ahead begin takeover right here. i do not think we will hit the triple digits only maybe in a couple of
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areas inland. like antioch and 99 in livermore and i do not concord. pretty close. temperatures are closer to the clothesline are looked more tolerable and we're going to see much cooler weather as we head into the weekend. you'll notice a big dip in the temperature is heading into friday and saturday. as storm passing through the north will bring extensive fog and much cooler temperatures that will last into the bird day and next week. stay with this will be right back after the break.
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a state of emergency has been declared a north carolina as hurricane earl a rises in evacuations are underway while the strongest winds from this category four hurricane are expected to hit this coast tomorrow night. kron4 news is back with us and shows the path
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that hurricane earl could take. >> there is now. it is sitting just to the east florida but it is far enough off the coast that it should not affect miami. at least not too much. it has been chalked up to the caribbean and we're going to put this into motion. right now is downgraded to category 3 and the ones have died and just enough to put it to the threshold. it is that of peter it on a category four. it does not cause major damage their the lookout close all beginning to the coast near jacksonville and more folk. very close to the coast to about this blue thing you see here that is called a column. it could take what you notice all of the portions along the coast it could hit. right now stay offshore in the warmer in dry air is planned to divert it to the northeast and is glad to go all the weight to lockport before it makes landfall. that is the best case scenario. it's
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not be a good hurricane to turn and head anywhere on of the coast. i say this will be right back after this.
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see transit is considering big cuts. it will consider what is on the chopping block. they're here right now and oakland with what the latest on the meeting as. >> there will be some major changes starting in december were some services will be cut in half. there have they a board of directors of workshop where the public also comment on the proposed cuts. that is going on right now. or to study a few of the cuts number one are eliminated almost half of the weekend service and the two is eliminating four of the all matters and three outsourcing for seniors and disabled people. they all want to reduce the
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hours of operations and ac transit officials are needed to budget balance and the board to have more on this coming up at 5 and 6:00. for it oakland and live and we're glad to go to break the will we're back with live news.
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with climbing numbers it is difficult to believe that their jobs at there but there are. they're having a look at jobs where companies are desperate to fill them. it puts >> together less. let's let him have a look at them. if you're one of the many business professionals. all you need to do is add an accounting track to year degrees machinist. it is a great deal for those looking to enter the job field with little education. it grows with
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experience making it a good place to grow a career. healthcare is were the work is. they expected to grow 50% to nurses and pharmacy text. to check out the entire list free itself is a kron4 news and stay with us. the news at 5:00 p.m. is coming up right after the break.
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much more is unfolding on our top story said kron4 news and we will continue to cover this story. the news that five is next.
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