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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 1, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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. one man at least four murders, investigators are trying to piece together a deadly rampage that started last week and ended last night. tonight, we have team coverage of the murders, including new information on the connections between the suspect and the four victims. plus the latest on one man missing tonight and now feared dead. we begin with reggie, he is live outside the home where two murder victims were found.
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>> reporter: it's still a very active scene tonight. investigators have been out here all day searching for clues and evidence to help them determine why two were found dead this afternoon. that truck is being loaded up with chemicals believed to make explosive materials. >> reporter: when investigators entered this home they made a gruesome discovery in the backyard and one of the bed rooms, where they found bodies. both women were reported missing by their husbands this weekend. charles was arrested tuesday for having explosive materials in his home. authorities believe he may have had something to do with the murders. >> when he was confronted with
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the fact that bodies were located in his residents, he did not react in the way we feel a normal person would react. >> reporter: the main person is efren valdermoro, he was killed by police officer tuesday night. >> he had a key to the house, last 10 years. he had a key, on some occasions there would be arguments there. >> what police are sure of is he is responsible for the death of his own girlfriend. her body was found in the car he was using trying to escape police tuesday night. she has been identified as tran. >> she made contact with a relative and advised them that efren valdermoro taken her by
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force. >> reporter: sources say efren valdermoro strangled tranwhile he was driving. the chase ended here late tuesday night when officers killed him after he ran into the market, and grabbed a meat cleave and charged at them. [inaudible] has not been charge for his wife and her friends murders as of yet. he is being held on bail. as for investigators they will remain out here through the night looking for more clues. reggie, kron 4 news. >> several of the homes were evacuated today because of the explosives found inside that house. at this point looks like the neighbors have been allowed back in to their home. our coverage continues with [inaudible]. he has the latest on the murder
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on the elderly man and a possible mote positive the continuing search for a son that lived that that same address. >> reporter: authority said were looking for this man, frederick solace, he has been missing since saturday. this is the area where they found an abandon cat lack. the last person who drove this suv was efren valdermoro. he is the man connected to all of the killings. police don't know if frederick is dead or alive. here is watime line of what happened. investigators august 22nd efren valdermoro fought with frederick and his father in this house. police came to the house and growing up the fight. 6 days later, police found
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[inaudible] bodies in the house, efren valdermoro beat the man to the death. they are still looking for solace. police say the two knew efren valdermoro threw his girlfriend, cindy tran. they rented room said from tran. she was the owner. he thought something romantic was going on between his girlfriend and one of the solaces. police didn't find solace at this business park. kron 4 news. >> our coverage continues online. we have posted today's news conferences in their entirety and we have the breaking news details, just log on to it was hot out there today and even hotter tomorrow. temperatures are still very mild across the bay area this
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evening. tomorrow morning they will stay that way. looking at the noon hour, warming expected, temperatures reaching 90 degrees by noon. 3:00, we will head up to the triple digits. another hot day out there but it won't stick around longer. details coming up in a bit. a big day for apple. the company released several new products today, including a new ipod touch. a look at the steve jobs announcement, just ahead on kron 4 news.
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a quick look at other stories today, a elementary school teacher is underarrest suspected of possessing child pornography. police say they found several computers and devices containing thousands of imines of child pornography at his
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home. he is a coach and life guard for a local swim team. authorities are looking for this man. he robbed at least 9 banks. these are surveillance paragraphs of the suspect. he gave a demand note to the teller and took off with money. he is believed to be responsible for other robberies. firefighters stayed on the scene to check for hot spots in the north bay, a grass fire near i-80 grew quickly. the crews contained the fire at 30 acres. air tankers were called out. no word on the cause. the ac transit board met drying to decide which services to drop because of the budget short fall. on the table, weekend service,
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dropping certain lines or cutting back service certain times of the day. no final decisions were made tonight. they will meet again later this month. another hot day out there tomorrow but a big change as we head into the holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes.
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now to decision 2010, tonight the first debate between california candidates for u.s. senate, barbara boxer and carly fear rena. with california's unemployment rate above 12%, jobs took
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center stage. >> china, for example, like texas, like brazil, gives companies huge tax credits, they help them cut threw regulation, theyroid access to credit. that's what we need to do. we know you ship jobs over seas. we also know she has opposed every job's bill we voted on. barbara boxer is seeking a third term. 20% of voters are independent. the gunman who took three hostages at the discovery headquarters was killed by police. the gunman who you see here, james lee was wearing a explosive twice, it went off when he was shot.
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day 28 for those minors trapped a half mile underground in chile. today tay took video of their surroundings. it could be christmas before they get out. 30,000 residents have been told to move inland as hurricane earl heads their way. and a mandatoriy vacuation for [inaudible] hilands. winds above 135 miles per hour, it could suppose a threat from north carolina to new england friday. you know it's warmer out there right now. sea breeze winds are light. temperatures running in the 70s for 11:00 at night, that's warm. 80 for san rafael.
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collator the coast line now. -- closer to the coast line now. temperatures in the 50s along the coast, we are seeing that right now. temperatures warm quickly into tomorrow afternoon. we are in for another hot one. temperatures in the 90s in the inland spots. down in the south bay and long the delta at noon, more 90s will pop up. later on in the afternoon, you see all that red here, inland and down in the south bay. i have upped the temperatures for tomorrow. triple digit for inland spots. 100 in conquered, 85 in san francisco, nice and mild along the coast, 73 in half moon bay. we are looking that low to mid- 90s. inland spots topping 100 degrees tomorrow. this will be the end of our
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heat wave this week. friday temperatures cool, but slower to cool in the inland spots. we will see a storm pass us to the north. inland spots cool on sunday. temperatures below average as we head into next week. steve jobs took the stage in san francisco to show off new ipods. gabe was there, he chose us what they inveiled. 57 new ipod nano, making the the smallest nano yet. it's now a fully touched screen device. it comes in 6 colors. ships out next week, $149 for the 8 gig version.
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there is a new ipod shuffle. people didn't like the third generation without the buttons so they added back the buttons and smaller. costs $49. ships out next week. new ipod touch, thinner, lighter. easy on the pocket. better screen, 4 times the pixels. adds a camera and you can take hd video. and a front facing camera for video chatting. the new ipod touch is $239 to $249. ships next week. a new apple tv. it is tiny. it connects to your home whyify so you can rent hd tv shows from apple, stream them and watch them on your living room
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here come the giants with help from a first time major leaguer, darron ford, arrived in the 5th inning tonight from richmond. 99 miles per hour. this young guy versus lincecum, great, great dual. lincecum on his game, here is the game.
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1-1, 8th inning. ford can fly. took third base. throw goes into left field, ford slides in and wilson, so the young man came on as a pinch runner and ends up winning the game as wilson closes out. giants 2, colorado 1. san diego lost their 7th straight. giants three back in the west. off tomorrow, giants at dodger stadium friday night. c.c. sabathia pitches tomorrow. as the angels try to avoid a four game sweep. anderson, and from there on couple of hitters later, the yankees take over. here comes teixeira. the previous two nights they
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caved in but here we go with kevin in the 4th, takes aj burnett, who has been looking for a good outing, not bad tonight, 9th, suzuki with the score 4-3 and that's it. the great closure rivera finishes it for the a's. 9-1/2 back of the rangers. here is a real brawl. chris, morgan, they charge the mound. these guys, this looks like a real fight, look, that is stuff that's going to get you suspended. that's what i would do. if you were in the middle of a fight, i would be at the end, oh, they broke it up.
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marlins won 16-10. the man that shop of the sharks said good-bye today, greg jamison, been with the sharks since 1993, said he is stepping away from day to day operations, he is 60 years old and said that's enough for the sharks. >> i turn 60 this year. okay? so i turn 60. i feel 40 and i look 80. and so it's been an my mind for a while. >> he will get back doing something else. he is going out on top and feels it. we are showing the shark's new goalie. he was in chicago's goal when they knocked out the sharks last year. he signs today, $2 million deal.
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scary moment at the u.s. open, victoria azarenka top of the screen, collapsed during her match. happened 31 minutes into her dual. 21-year-old victoria azarenka was taken to the hospital for testing which showed she had a concession. fortunately the word is, that's it, she is okay. no sweat for u.s.a. hoops today. 4-0. here they go, derrick rose is awfully good, they win 88- 51. u.s.a. is 4-0 in international competition. iran gave them no challenge today. big deal at 49er tape, two of their stars got in a verbal
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altercation. crabtree hasn't practiced much and davis probably said come on out there and do something. >> yeah. good night everybody. see you tomorrow. @ [ female announcer ] at jcpenney red zone clearance,
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