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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 5, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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5 this is kron4 news at 11. >> for the third day and the role a search team has been firing at they point landfill. they're looking for any clues for the hercules resident from direct sales. he has been missing since his father was killed. jakarta was found in his home and about the coup he had been bludgeoned to death. police believe that he is responsible for that murder and possibly three more. he was shot and killed by officers last tuesday and today kron4 news is a marine tele it went to the search. >> we have 17 consecutive searches today. those are it
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won't replace police investigators. >> the number grew as more volunteers drove up and were instructed by it that pd to help look for frederick solace. >> i hope they can find him. there really do. >> tony garcia is a member of the committed date and emergency response team also known as research. he came with his hard hat and his heavy gloves which help move 3,000 t of trash piece by piece. >> that is possibly what they're going through. it is pretty time-consuming and you know, it is going to be a while. >> what they're seeking through is located on 1 a. of this landfill where sanitation workers dump the garbage in the north shore business park. the police say that the main suspect in fredericks sales is a friend. he parked the car while driving. more people showed up but the county sheriff use k-9 units and is assisting in the search for solace. >> the dog is not with us today.
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there was many owners that are emanating from the debris and it could be difficult for the dog. >> a hot and smelly work for the volunteer showing up today as well who are showing up at their best efforts will provide some relief that a broader assault to be found. >> it provide some comfort to the family into the people and a lot of people were affected by the situation. >> or it can do for kron4 news. >> the offer overt friday is coming to the court room. there will come to three lawsuits that have lost on wednesday and it was filed on behalf of more than 100,000 workers weapon for load. they argue that the governor violated state law and that the state supreme court will have up to three months to issue a decision. >> temperatures were warmer today and for tomorrow for labor day a disappointment, even more. we have a pattern in place
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of we're getting when said of the north and it keeps all of the fog away. it really prevents the sea breeze from pulling into the bay. the results are warmer weather so for tomorrow but between a high of 80 degrees in san francisco and oakland making into the 80s and low to mid 90's for the hottest. east de ballet is things changing for tuesday. instead of northlands we're getting of pri's were limping up. is going to beat wendy. with temperatures will drop shortly from monday to san francisco with 62 on tuesday. even the warmus places will be in the upper 70's 480 degrees. more details coming up catherine? >> the streets near san francisco were mostly residential and and not all lot of crime happening in that area. this is a map for cram mapping out, and it shows that they're very committed in the last year.
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barrett few of them last week specifically. but residents say that large crowds and now other regularly making drinking hampering and generally they say in making an unsafe place. they say a couple was dropped and be in just weeks ago. they have been going to talk to some of the people live next to this city's most famous landmark. >> the residence of have lived by the hill for it 30 years. and recently she's seen the problem escalated to an intolerable level. the kid >> come from broadway after- hours now come you give the boombox is going. artie and the graffiti and it is not safe. they have to park up there is a very exciting to come up here because you do not know you are going to be dark. you cannot see faces of people end date needs to be some sort of patrol. the cup >> says the parties are beginning when the nightclubs are closing. it is 183 even.
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yes it ridiculously left up there. it tracks the strange crowd >> of love music. some mornings i come back to visit my car with footprints up and down debt. i almost thought it was a walking past. includes closing off access to the tower at night or putting up skates. they have lived down the block for four years and he remembers a time when the area was closed to keep the troublemakers but recently he had a new kind of intruder. >> the police have their kids that you could not come up but a certain time. and, uh, at they stopped that after so long. they should bring it back our close the area and police and regularly or more. at a fellow recently in the tree looking into my window. >> but in the trade. you know,
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it is unbelievable. >> he lived on telegraph hill all of his life. there is a lot of residents of there. his solution? >> well blue >> coming up on kron4 news we have a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill and the chp is making a lot of d. wyatt arrests this weekend. and it shark sightings of the bay area. the experts tell us if it is safe to hit the beach tomorrow.
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the piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill has finally been pulled of the water is called the blowout. it has been working effectively. the explosions of it never happened. >> the beginning of hopefully of the end. the suspect blowout preventer has been brought to the surface. it is taken into custody by the u.s. department
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of justice as a piece of evidence. in the explosion that claimed the love bandit lives. national incidence commander said that earlier this week it would join other evidence. they're looking for a two-out determine the cause. >> it is when to be taken to a point where debris and pieces have been recovered. >> one of the dangers of prayer to the server with the high traits of a crystal that will form on the deep water. it will flush them out as the no. 10 ford the gas. we're taking all of this safety precautions necessary so that gases contain did health and went off properly. >> once the new blowout preventer has been tested they will deal to complete the drilling of the relief well. bp said in a statement on friday that it could happen by mid september depending on one condition. when bp officials said then he hoped its recovery would help the family of those
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that died. >> the investigation moved forward and it was a major, major thing for the memories. more people are drinking and driving this holiday weekend. compared to last year. still ahead is the chp with the crackdown. it also is the latest on recent sharp settings of the bay area and some advice from our shrek expert. with temperatures that were in the 80's and 70's and 90's and london even warmer for tomorrow. the rest of the pork as is coming up.
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people have been drinking and driving this holiday weekend compared to last year. the chp is saying that 167 drivers have been arrested from six friday night and 6:00 a.m. today. statewide 990 drivers have been arrested compared to 993 last year. a people have died on the road in california. police in
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california will step up the enforcement and they will have a de e why a checkpoint. >> they have the most the last accident this time of year. >> lead this is the last big weekend of december. that >> is what police set up checkpoints with the bay area. until monday night when the labor day weekend is over. >> know all there this evening? >> that one set up and people on sunday night piquancy police talking to drivers to see if any alcohol in their systems. >> we're looking for alcohol, it starts beach, objective signs of a person that to the possibly be intoxicated. >> they will do more testing of people that are considered suspicious but they just want to get suspected the why drivers off of the road. >> to the driver's license? >> any alcohol this evening? >> know. >> oh, ok. if >> they have a checkpoint this weekend is all part of the crackdown campaign which is
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funded with state and federal monday. in piedmont all land for kron4 news. >> well i have a checkpoint for them where they art brut questing kids aren't not drunk. the checkpoint will continue and at that spot to their use in the best 2 it scanned things. it is mounted on the car and it triggers a siren when and decade stolen cars. as you can see the volume of traffic, there is going to be a lot of things went on the reader tonight. >> they installed the device a couple of months ago and they say is a useful tool in finding stolen cars. >> blood been flocking to the beaches this holiday weekend despite frequent shark sightings. most recent one was there say. in july people were spotted what looked like a great white here just south of santa
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cruz and about a week ago a shark was spotted at and the more beach in specific. but thursday's sharp setting was very similar to the one pacifica. the shark attacked swimmers. they talk to a shark expert if cp will be saved. >> experts say this summer there has been an abnormally use have mountain of sharks. one ec taped here it was hit by a southern california surfer with the a shot in pacifica last monday. look for the error was pointed parody concede that the door and called for another shirt. some estimate could be as long as 25 ft.. for several days it warning people to inform them about the setting. we spoke with shark expert patrick douglas be a step about that increase and settings. >> in the years before i can say we're deathly on an upgrade. not allow the people spotted sharks
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years ago. >> one of the reason and they are on the rise is on a band of netting on the coast richard cease to get tangled in the netting and now that is now happening. now is the time the season for sharks double that before they start their big migration in the next few months. >> your car to find that your biggest, biggest population of white sharks or around aug. all the way through november. >> servers like jason long in pacifica's say they know the risk when they go into the ocean. >> is not very surprising. it is not for the keep of the water. >> patrick says that there is no way to tell when they're cruising. the best advice is to pay close attention to what is happening or groundwater watch with the seals are doing and if they're being in a now erratic manner general it is a good idea to get of the water at that time. i >> of christine connally for kron4 news. >> well a postcard kind of day
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from san francisco all around the bay area it was beautiful. big blue skies over this city today. temperatures are up around 7 percent in san francisco. is warmer in the state with 90s this afternoon. right now is still very mild will allow the 60s, 73 in antioch and oakland is checking in at 60. the warmest day of the next seven days will be tomorrow. it is labor day. the holiday, with 80s in those places and 90s in the east bay. nineties in this some places in the south bay. the north as well. for tuesday everything cools down big time we're going to watch as temperatures plummet from 10 to 20 degrees. the 60s near the bay had only 70's as the war misplaces. some locations around at&t even cooler in wednesday with a lot of fog and drizzle and a persistent onshore winds will be pretty testy at times. this is not the case to marker does absolutely beautiful. upper 80s low 90s. san francisco courses
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or 80 degrees and 70's at the coast and it is a great day tomorrow to head into the beach and we will be in the low to mid 80s score the shore and disenchanted with the whole day and disclosing in on monday through and how fremont. be out of nine, it's correct in the afghan pleasanton and danville i'd 95 and for the south it we're going to watch those ratings to make sure that there and upper 80s to read or 90 degrees. 92 months that is. morgan hill is 93. here's the seven day around the bay and the fog begins to return tuesday, the winds are really coming off of the ocean and the temperatures are really selling into the upper 60s in the bay. upper 70's all around 80s inland and the fog continues to depend for wednesday. the temperatures will drop dead i think we're going to say on that cooler to mild side of the rest of the week of 60s bayside and upper 70's to 80s inland. catherine? >> think you brian. the a's did
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not continue their winning streak they managed to avoid a sweep. he'll head of a home run and it was the final score 74. the giants are now within one game and they lost earlier today. the dollar led the sec last may along the rue de the giants picked up five and a half games on san diego -10 days. >> and it was a lot more interesting than the typical news conference. still ahead is the company that is promoting a new video game that is shaking reporters on a wild ride. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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you this office so confident that this is the best aerial combat game ever that they wanted journalists to compare to the real thing. that is amazing about air combat. what is in livermore. you get to fly a real fighter jet and engage in real aerial combat. they train you for an hour and then they take your up in the sky over the bay and show you what you can stroll. >> i got it. >> yet taken. for >> sitting beside you just in case something happens. the ciskei machete and a zip around four mile our it spending. everything you see in top gun you could to do. it is crazy.
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they give you a copy of it captured when your done see and see how well you did. the best way is it fires believed it. it gives you a virtual cents in you get the alignments on the of reuter jet and if you get a good clean shot even superimpose the image of the smoke coming of the play. and they stick to plans up at the time in a real dogfight. after the real seem i get to play the game. nothing can compare to the real thing but the game does look pretty good. it is the most realistic aerial combat game i've ever played. >> get dog fights and takeoff and land and swept through nine precision and track targets and strike from above. it used actual high-rise resolution and satellite imagery of the real earth to give you a high degree of what it looks like paris was better? why the real thing of course i do not think i will do again. i prefer just to play the game. the fighter jet you put
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yourself to 45 season to use leverage is 1-2 g's. it takes every and some of strength not to black out or brief. i'm proud of that because they told me most people who are not pilots the block out or violence the next day. they are in livermore and as even as it is expensive and they can check your information for more information here will see to release to a hundred dollars per if you want some more information disclosed to the couch and used the video game. it is a good one. the bill be a great hit this season. in livermore for kron4 news. >> we are applauding him for not blacking out. the >> as it looks like it would be tough. >> little section of to much fun if your >> weather is hot to mind a begin to cool down again? >> yes will be a hot day and having temperatures in the '80s to the day to 90s in the inland spots and 100 and antioch. 90s in san jose and after that we're going to see temperatures
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sharply cooler for the rest of the week. >> sounds good. thank you for the week. >> sounds good. thank you for joining the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows
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