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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 6, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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renown not dealing with any fog this morning. we get clear that fog. really nice day on tap today. the cool down in effect tomorrow. here's a look at side your current temperatures. 55 oakland. upper 50s for concord, hayward. 61 degrees for san
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jose. 10:00, warming in the '60s, '70s. by news pretty pleasant. he conceal these rate on to the north bay comedies made under the sub break and we'll look cooler along the peninsula. then i took the floor clock tower, notice of this red that indicates the '90s. warning of the '90s your death of the livermore valley. maybe in some locations renan's in north centers. by the time has 6:00 still deliver the labor day barbeques. temperatures in the '70s may be throwing a few nineties as well. it will be pretty pleasant and 90 degrees for standards, rather part. san fell, mill valley mid-80s. the peninsula's pretty comfortable day. right around 80 degrees.
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over to the state will keep those temperatures and low 80s. 91 as a head on over to oakland. 94 for walnut creek down to san ramon valley. every eighties to low 90s every evidence of bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we will see as a big different temperatures. new 15 degrees cooler than a lawyer were today. by tomorrow milady's for the inland spots '60s around the bay those '60s who goes. >> still, for the azeri going to work out labor day traffic is looking very ideal. bay bridge toll plaza, a couple cars on the road nice, easy conditions no reports of an overnight construction in effect if we will keep that low drive time
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just the minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. euratom and the carotene is bridge to the flood 17 minutes. red december there, i know it's a dark shop but ideal conditions as you make your eighth. brian blades are making their way into hayward renounce no drums to report in any direction. no way that the toll plaza. fifth puffs dropping up with a look at the golden gate, very few cars on the road. very little movement. nice easy ride nevada to the city. harry 37 5/8 your short a manager at. >> thank you. developing story on this monday morning the landfill's search for hercules man will continue to david for dinner road. they're looking for any clues to their world of budget solace. he's been missing since the body of his father was
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proud and israelis on over a week ago. he was beaten to death police believe that . you shot and killed by it is teach youngsters last tuesday kron4 is maureen kelly went to the landfall and has the latest. three of those are placed aggressive bidders than hamburgers and is more volunteers drove up to the landfill and restricted by p e on how the help look for frederick solace. >> and open confine them really do. he's a member of the community emergency response team otherwise known as surf. became part of his hard hat and heavy gloves which you use tub go through 3,000 t of trash piece by piece. >> that is the process they're going through to three times in sermons, there is the right to be a while. >> they're sifting through on 1
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a. of the central arresters believe petitioners to dump the garbage in the north shore business park. of this release is the main suspect efren valdemoro part to car given driving more people turn of the house today the shares search and rescue k-9 unit has been assisting in the search stayed home. >> the dog is not what this day there were many orders there were emanating from the debris of their a kabila and more difficult for the dog than we anticipated. hot, work for the volunteer showing up to date were hoping that their efforts for ride some relief for the keyboard over details >> frieds and cover to the family. and the people that were affected by this attrition. >> as i search continues and prosecutors for further case against efren valdemoro we will continue to cover the multiple
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murders. you can follow the story here on or kron4. new details and the chp on this labor day. it seems the more people have been drinking and driving this holiday weekend in paris last year chp 667 drivers have been arrested since 6:00 p.m. friday and just the morning. just in the bay area alone statewide 999. that is 67 more than last year. eight people have died so far on california roads police say they will continue their enforcement today. the fact dahlin has more from a dealer richard bourne. >> please typically see the most you are right that accident around this time of your this is typically the last peak weekend of the summer that is what we set up checkpoints for the bay area into monday night. when labor day weekend is over. >> have you been drinking russian >> no spirit >> you can see police talking to
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drivers to see that any alcohol in their systems. >> were looking up order for our call. slurred speech objective signs of a person who could be intoxicated. police will do more testing on those considered suspicious they want to get suspected rioters off the road. any of all this evening rush mark know. bay area law enforcement has increased some patrols and checkpoints in recent weeks all part of this summer's crackdown campaign which is funded with state and federal money. dahlin. fremont. >> meanwhile police say they have arrested two suspected drunk drivers as a 10:00 last night. that at a checkpoint continued into 1:30 a.m. place to using the new device can license plates as carbide. on you can see here is mounted it triggers the siren with insurers
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identify stolen cars. the install that a couple months go so far is proving to be a very useful tool. despite recent chart citing stable been flocking to the beaches. and by cables spotted wet look like a great white, you could see her on this map, and about a week ago a shorter started at the dammar beach in december. there's a shirts setting was very similar to the one and pacifica a shark attacked a sea lion not far from where summers replying in the water christine connolly tartar shark expert to buy their cars if you'll be if you hit the beach state. >> shark experts say there have been unusually large number of your settings along the california coast this summer. here's video shot and pacifica. you can see the dorsal fin of historic that sum estimated to be as long as 25 ft.. there was a similar siding on thursday. i
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say it is important to be cautious with your water look for groups as the lines which reprieve for sharks. >> we're gonna take a break in april and labor day. would back more headlines, more
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today being labor day you can see temperatures will be on the warm side inland 95 degrees expected 85 renovate. 72 the coast beautiful they fear getting to the beach and then we start calling it off as we head into the beginning of world the beginning of this week. tuesday and wednesday. temperatures really did down. ritter and the media bay 85 today 64 wednesday. down in the upper 50s by the careless. another changing forecast as we had driven the week. and have lenses morning
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president barack obama is planning to call for a long terms of residence railways and airports that will cost $50 billion. the officials say the residents are in just one part of a package and rows so that the white roses expected to announce in an effort to jump- start the economy. the president will outline the reposal today and a labor day event in milwaukee. a key piece of evidence in the gulf oil spill has finally been hauled out of the water it is called look for a renter. even a word properly the explosion would never happens. >> the beginning of hopefully the end, the local rancher from the deep water rise and reagan has been brought to the surface there was taken into custody by the u.s. department of justice as an important piece of evidence. national incident
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commander said earlier this week he would join other events that experts are lucky at to determine the cause of the explosion. >> summer on land where everything can be bridge together. >> one of the dangers of bringing it to the services or the hydrate or crystals that formed on a drug device. cruz force them out as they melted and from the gas. >> we're taking all the safety precautions necessary to the gas contained and held. let off properly. >> one step from under has been tested bp will be about to complete the drilling of early fall. bp said in a statement on friday that could happen by mid september depending on weather conditions. one official president said he hopes his recovery would help the families of those who died. >> the investigation was scored for the families. it is a major
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major thing for them member of them. >> steven slater's attorney says that his client resigned from doubloon airlines before he was fired. he is a flight attendant who was suspended last month after he basically blew up a difficult passenger. his attorney says he resigned the airlines as his number of play they did not give any details of his well-publicized incident turned into some what of it here with thousands of fans on facebook. but he's still facing charges for criminal mischief reckless endangerment and trespassing. another break, bart with more and 60¢. let us go as i give you a live look on this labor day. here's a quick shot of golden gate, traffic is light, but the holiday we expected to stay away.
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if fry. at that is at which road
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>> did morning james labor day four passes for a pleasant temperatures in the '70s or on the coast as you move further inland we could jump into the '90s. clear shot a san jose no fog inside. current temperature 51 degrees. knit ladies, high- temperature 89 degrees. fact done against 80 by the a clock tower. of for the signing we're warming up to the '50s. low of chilean half moon bay 45 degrees. 55 to oakland. the upper 50s to in the act. los ascesis of bay by the tenenbaum are all of this yellow shirt as widespread '70s by new and more made up getting up to about a.d. in most locations. '70s on finance the afternoon highs topping out in the '90s been some response, livermore in the delta added to the north bay
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getting nineties. 6:00 keeping those temperatures in the '70s mr. brady's. getting up to 90 degrees today in santa rosa. down in december fell, mill valley temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. keeping in along the peninsula in the '80s. the upper '70's for san francisco still pretty pleasant. east bay 82, 84 oakland. hayward union city temperatures and the upper 80s. 96 san wrong. 94 for antioch. down in the south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. you can see some nineties and your cupertino and campbell. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. big drop in temperature come to moscow we're talking 16 degrees. los '70s by wednesday so i will be a huge
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gold banner next couple of days likely today looks to be the nicest and it is a day off for most of it. labor take me with their good. >> labor day commute is looking just fine. not a single from to report. you can see cars are moving on by with no problems coming from all perches headed westbound towards the city no signs of any overnight construction nice easy ride just wrote the minutes from the foot of amazing to fremont. no problems on your right to san mateo. you can see the tail lights moving just fine as a major way towards foster city, those headlights making their way into hayward renown no reports of any problems, delays in either direction looking at just rob minister intend to. golden gate, practically a ghost town very few cars if any of their zebra commute is working just fine. novato to the city limits 21 minutes. wrapping up with a shot of albany. rows
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about 80 traffic is nice, light. the bay bridge toll plaza is a very nice easy ride. james. >> thank you. the argument over friday's is coming to stand of his courtroom. the supreme court will hear arguments in three lawsuits on wednesday. those suits were filed on behalf of more than a hundred thousand workers through been furloughed. they argued that the government violated state law imposing those unpaid days. there will have up to three months to issue a decision. work is under way to repair section of the great highway there is demand for winter storms. the church and began just this weekend. three stabilise a section of the highway. there road way which should down back in december of 2009 and again a generous this year. that work will improve drainage, have new paving and
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realignment of rate is expected to last into early in october. the streets near seven sisters corey tower are mostly residential and because of bad there is a much time. however residents a large crowds carried the other regular and making noise drinking littering and generally making it an unsafe place to be. police say a couple was wrong to and be in two weeks ago kron4 as dave can direct talks to some of those who lived next to one the most famous landmarks. >> she is led by the steps of the lacroix tower for 30 years. recently she seen the from escalate to on tolerable levels. >> the kids come from broadway after-hours you can hear their kumar is growing there shake. the party they do graffiti it is not saved. residents to live we have no parking. we are to procure it is very frightening to come up here because you don't of regard to be accosted. it is dark you can see the faces
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of people there needs to be some kind of control. >> this doubles as the parties began when the nightclub's closing. >> starting at 1-3. it is ridiculous allowed. it attracts a strange drive. a lot of live music. some mornings i come back to resume my car with four friends up and down and as someone daughter was walking by. >> solutions include closing off access to this hour a night. for the updates. charles live down the block for 40 years. as a time when the area was closed dickeybird troublemakers or recently yet a new kind of intruder. >> police said there is a chicken, there's some time. and then they had stopped the not so long. they should bring back or close that area or police regularly. i had a fellow recently in my tree looking into
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my window. ridden the street. it's unbelievable. >> he lives of drug cartel of his life. enforcer the gate. this allows residents of there. his solution keep a the way it is now. >> also this morning said this quarter's rise is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a liquor fee. to cover across lancaster drinking too much. the city is looking to impose the fee on wholesalers and distributors that closed fee would fallen about $16 million a year. the money would be used to cover expenses that taxpayers end up paying for. prevention programs and several centers. alcohol and hospitality opposing the fis saying it would hurt their business. sports, the a's while
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they just could not continue their winning streak from saturday. the angels won. , was hit, the final score 7-4. different store for the giants there is within one game for the division lead. the giants beat the dodgers in l.a.. so that is worth making up the difference is for a saturday night. the giants picked up 5 1/2 games on san diego and the last 10 games. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let us go outside give you a quick look here at the james lick. traffic on 7111 is moving well. we will your back.
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and merrimack. a live look it san mateo where traffic is moving fairly well. we'll get a complete judson your labor day commute is there is room one with erica coming up. world headlines, today is a national day of mourning. in court a mall where we can plan sides to the least 38 and left many more missing. here's some of the latest video of that area. two buses and half the cars were buried under mud after hillside class. officials say the death toll may reach 100. more than 30
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and others are injured. the president of guatemala has declared a national emergency in the wake of them of that first week in new zealand the big question is when it will be saved to open up the central business district was hundreds of buildings damaged or diseased surges are taking chances prepared assessing buildings and damage from sprint here's a task ahead for one of those teams. a big team ups. there are a lot of buildings quite a lot of damage. there will be checking every building. it's a major task. will we were kids with this again. around 90 buildings are damaged and it goes with bricks. engineers are expected to find from. >> star sean genera hours are well aware of now five is
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prizes. >> historic theater is one of those clear unsafe. the cost of fixing and likely to be too expensive. >> essentially not all the images of cracks in the basement are causing some concern a desert road. >> didn't get things out. known as section arrested night. >> so we checked out thoroughly before reopening. >> it's not a great job safety is the party. >> this is crucial. >> we're looking at people wanting to give back into bowman's quickly. we have to look at the economic situation. at the end of the day summit to sign off on these buildings as well. we don't want anyone going
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to a building is not safe. engineers from around the country as rose 50 search and rescue members of the fog in doubt. were looking for problems. buffalo's quick fixes to get to the back of their homes. there will do jobs like removing brawls and chimneys to make this a safer. >> there's an issue of the chimney. once the gym is removed it will get upgraded to green. that's what they want as many houses made save as quickly as possible. >> there will come back yes. with aftershocks continuing the inspection teams do not want to take any chances with buildings that are up to standards. >> will fall by stories was giving up did said of his dealings. back with more headlines in a moment. let us go outside give you a quick look at the bay bridge approach if you're headed to the beach today will be beautiful one.
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temperatures in the
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andrea back, a quick look to these zero albany camera traffic on westbound 80 is moving well. and another still be any real traffic today we will check with erica in a moment. jackie about the weather. it will be a nice one. the morning louisa. >> you want to the first run on the beach. it is packed of there. pretty nice day for your labor day. you couldn't ask for better forecasts. skies are clear with fog. really pleasant as we headed to the afternoon big cool down as we had this afternoon. for a look inside of some of your current temperatures 56 degrees. then into monday, jose. sonoma will
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be really nice day stay. along the peninsula temperatures are in the '70s. getting up to about 80 in san bruno. these bay bringing plenty of these as well. castro valley coming in raider and 89. 94 for san ramon. any of '94. livermore 95. south bay if temperatures are in the '80s. they getting up into the '90s to cupertino. 92 morgan hill. santa cruz 86. 72 degrees for half moon bay. 71 an ocean beach. query's 72 as well.
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overall would could not ask for better weather. plenty of sunshine of there pretty much throughout the day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shares is a big drop-off in temperatures come to amman. by about 14 degrees in some cases mid-90s low 80s. around the bay we jumped down into the upper 60s. overall pretty big cool down. a checked and a commune with america. >> no hot spots, from spots or delays to is easy conditions all around the bay and fact that the floodgates of the bridge toll plaza very few cars on the road had westbound towards the city. that is coming from all three approaches. no reports of any overnight construction very good drive * the minutes from the foot of the maze in to fremont. if your coming from the grittiness of macarthur maze is on again o'clock in about 18 minutes. over on to read to on the creek. there is sharp revert to cars. add the edges checked
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our sons there's i was bound to force moving goods. speed averaging about 16 mi. an hour. finishing of a quick look at san francisco, crosstown traffic a little bit more company that i saw five minutes ago is totally free ride. in unguarded moving just fine no problems to report your ids bound is also very easy commute. james. >> thank you. a developing story a landfill shirts for replacement will continue today on its fourth day. they're looking for any clues to do whereas' to frederick cells he's been missing since the body of his father ricardo sales has been found a week ago. the assemblage debts. police believe that out front efren valdemoro is a response will for the murder and possibly three others he was shot and killed by officers last tuesday navigates honor of dr. police officers changed efren valdemoro to the
4:33 am
city's mall on tuesday shot him and killed him there. kron4 tells us what happened. >> these video cameras the you see here outside the city's small and here inside the ranch market in richmond regarded the entire incident between efren valdemoro we see here in chp officers. that is according to a store manager and a mirror 8 4:05 p.m. tuesday night efren valdemoro ran into the asian market making his way to their rear of a drug store. the manager of the mayor was there that efren valdemoro appears to grab on the verge of knives. chp officer theresa there from there. >> officers pursued that individual and the market he destroyed a large weapons. large night. the officers ordered him to drop the knife she did not. the officers feared for their safety discharged this as bridge was wounded. >> the whole island scene was captured on several of the
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properties indoor and outdoor cameras. they're all been turned over to police investigators at this point. outside the ranch market as the commune, kron4 news. as the search continues efren valdemoro was involved in these murders we will continue to update you on the story keep the ginger to kron4 enter our web site for the latest details. it appears that more people have been drinking and driving this holiday weekend compared to last year. the chp says 166 drivers 60 on friday, 60 yesterday. in the bay area alone. state ride 990 drivers have been arrested. eight people have also died on california roads this holiday weekend. police will continue to support enforcement today kron4 is dahlin has more from the deal larger point. >> please complete the the most
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accidents are around this time of year. that is why this set checkpoints throughout the bay area and some monday night when the labor day weekend is over. >> any of all this evening are struck >> note. >> latest one said and piedmont police officers or asking drivers if they had any alcohol in their systems. >> means of people coarsens rocking to the beaches as holiday weekend despite recent church setting silicified happened thursday and sonoma county. in july people spotted what looked like a great work shirt so santa cruz. then about a week ago a shirt was spotted and on our beach after thursday's strikes setting that was infected very similar to one and pacifica. a sharp attacking is not far from where servers were soaring.swimmers were in the wa
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>> experts say there is an unusually no law high number of great work schillings. like the one ec video taped here by a server last month. here's video shot and pacifica last monday. you can see the dorsal fin of a shared the sum estimated could be as long as 25 ft.. for several days there were warning signs put up to inform people of the setting we spoke with shark expert patrick derr was obvious died about the increase in settings. >> compared to the user for we're an uptick. for years ago not allowed. >> one reason settings and the rise is a ban on inshore deal netting. sure is used to get tangled in the netting. now that is not happening. now's the time this season for shirks the ball club before this third debate migration. >> your biggest bass population
4:37 am
from august to november. surfers say they know the rest when they go on the ocean. >> like kenya border. the budget says there's no way to tell what part of the shoreline jurors might be cruising to the best advice is to pay close attention to what's happening in order rounder. watch this is a daring and they're giving an erratic member that means there may be assured in the war back with more headlines, more weather, more traffic all that is straight ahead on this labor day weekend. here's a live look at the same sale bridge, traffic is nice, light. will your back.
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us and we're back live small businesses have been hit particularly hard by the recession congress's working on a bill to help some help. a
4:39 am
business owner who is helpful. >> my second floor is a high and prices. we met for nine months ago and she was closing down of bias in washington. after nine years in business of victim of the recession. >> crash ricans supported anymore. >> that was then. this is now. >> she is reopened. will she hit the skids as leader in their operation and a smaller space. the good news is customers are coming back with more says she like other small businesses is still facing the same changes that brought her into just what to begin with access to cash and credit. >> < a smug we said we need ready access. easy access to cash. to support some crash. it is something of, is trying to show he is tackling urging
4:40 am
congress to move forward. including a $30 billion lending fund to help ease credit and pro billion dollars in tax breaks. >> we responsibilities to raise now is to live there or small business which accounted for over 60 percent of job losses. the measure will help but it is no silver bullet. as are giving a russian people in stores. the reds all businesses have to offer. >> in the meantime to neas says she has adapted to dry tons and is looking forward to making it through another vessel season. we're heading into election season. congress is set to
4:41 am
adjourn interest or week even if the bill passes midterm elections are fast approaching leaving little time. the four rowers had to the polls. a combination of legal pressure and a call for both britain means traceless sense of self. the ad ran for a lock on its access to its controversial and profitable a dope services section decide how facilitate prostitution. da lin has more. >> traceless got from. there's a blood brother read censored their plays the adult search ascension. here's a look good labour force taking them. law- enforcement officials say they're a lot of pressure will
4:42 am
as. in fact oakland police department uses it to judge frosted years. craig's list we had six arrests in june and. raises sensitive after the attorney-general as the company to kick down the adult section. they enable him and trafficking. assaults on women. there for grand rapids. >> chris has reluctant because it is the biggest money-making section. the state's share of ciano's reached rows. in a group is the research exult farm for phosphides is the strait reports are of the $122 million traces is subjected to make this year $36 million will come from the adult services section. that is about 30% of its revenue from just one section.
4:43 am
>> put people of our profit. it will solve the prostitution problem they believe people continue to oppose this kind of ride in other sections. incidents as of ramadan lin, kron4 news. >> we'll take a break, more lives straight ahead. a live look outside. conditions are actually really mild today a source the by the beaches if you're heading to the coast it will be beautiful.
4:44 am
and we're back. an update on the forecast with labor day. >> morning james. >> we may be having a problem with your microphone. will get that squared away. san mateo 67. >> as we head towards the afternoon will warm to of
4:45 am
frontal 83 degrees no far this morning. when you had their world it clear conditions. clarence the afternoon. kron denies forecast him by the a clock tower. this morning temperatures are sitting it. 61 degrees for san jose upper 50s for livermore. same goes for san francisco. 57 degrees for senate felt. as a headdress and a clock will warm up. then by noontime we will warm up all the zorn schurz's '80s out there seven is on the peninsula. and the afternoon of the stretch as is that we will talk road in the '90s mainly in some those in loans bonds. was this o'clocks may be your starting your review will be in the '80s for the most part. and along the peninsula will keep those temperatures in the '60s. afternoon highs 90
4:46 am
degrees. 92 degrees and sonoma. 93 and fairfield. mill valley, cinephile upper 80s. done to san bruno and getting up to 88. 88 for san leandro. hayward. about 82 degrees for berkeley today and over to those and in spots. temperatures about 90 degrees. 87 degrees for sunnyvale. 92 froze got ours. tomorrow big big changes in the forecast you can see that different temperatures by over 50 degrees. much much cooler. we continue to: down today looks to be the coldest day and how timely that is on labor day. check your traffic report. weather looks pretty
4:47 am
good. to meet conditions looking just as good. bay bridge toll plaza at the very few cars on the road coming from the 580 and 800 headed westbound towards the city there is no overnight construction in effect of course as mineral rights are not on rain now and i'm betting that they won't be all morning long pretty good driving conditions just emit from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. earlier i thought was really dark, you couldn't see the tail lights but the truth was there really just aren't any cars on the road it is a nice, easy ride is a major way towards the world was that those berlitz making their way into hayward still walking in it for the ideal 12 minutes. no proms either at the golden gate nice coming easy ride southbound very few short a minute trip. here's one no one
4:48 am
in san jose, very little company as you make your way in the south bay. still very few resume make your way northbound. here red for northbound san jose clocking in about 13 minutes. thank you. a one-of-a-kind for reverse schoolchildren and is designed to help students before the cost of college. >> what would college be. san francisco is mayor gavin newsom is area crouse in show and tell with fire roads. you think if you go to college across more than dollars? >> probably seen a lot of these a good college the mayor has come to southern interests goal to get a college savings account courtesy of taxpayers.
4:49 am
as far as i know it has now been done. aerostar can go budget cuts. the program which will take a couple of years to fully implement is rarely on modest children will get $50 to start a hundred dollars for lower- income one of the goals is to give families to save. as that of the center of it they would contribute hundred dollars for every child family this is a hundred dollars a at least for the first years. >> we know that shift your hundred dollars retrovir is an interest is still not right to do enough. we know that what really needs to happen is valid need to set up. families, relatives, friends kinney to help and augment so they grow year after year of the year. in one of the main ideas is just to get children think about college showed in hill had just
4:50 am
had some money set aside were seven times more likely to go. this latino father says he was descended to a children's college but like many parents have not saved ford and is intimidated by the costs. >> one have deny an hour access to reject a gown that their child is now being asked for the park's center and several years city doing independent analysis to see if this works and other members of the community you're going to say i would like to contribute you watch this will take off all the senate will give them 1 million rate that cannot afford college. >> the program allowed the serai budget negotiations each year. but across the to thousand dollars each year a the $6 billion budget dollars similar school. that course
4:51 am
of for many years until these children reach college age. >> also this morning there's an increasing trend of people sending fake e-mail's kron4 stay in our approach is more about this problem since morning edition of people living badly. >> according to this e-mail by l. aaron. apparently emily olivia judson partner or cement is not sure where the teachers make but has not to worry. it seems an really lost a husband and in airline crash. as he is fighting for new york to geneva she derided the slang to cnn as proof. it shows including our husband and a grand theme well she is too weak to spend money herself so she decided to give me $9 million. all i need to do
4:52 am
is buy my name and address of the give them a check. so i did. and the very next day air see this. it's an official abuse joe world war wetter. the details on how to get the money. all i had to do was send via western union jordan and 60 u.s. dollars. then they wouldn't send me the $9 million. oh goody. nine out to thinking. we to listen in the 9 million then turn around and give them the jordan 68. except they do not operate sieur de their words not mind. the truth is there's no inheritance is just people abusing the names of real people trying to get your money. please delete those e- mail's. in fact not given a personal affirmation and do not send money. because you'll never see a dime of the so-called the arrogance he will just end up losing your money. and the
4:53 am
newsroom, stanley roberts kron4 kron4 news. and as always if you are, are story idea send it to him e-mail him of people living of the abdomen. will your back.
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\ us \ / of the message kron4 morning news, now is 45 for you are looking at a shot of one the creek. a clear shot, no fog in sight. those temperatures will warm up this mess in places like walnut creek. by noon time she gets up in the breeze. high- temperature 94. back down again 84 degrees for the a clock tower. walnut creek not a bad place. and i saw spots for you expected to get to 74 degrees. plenty of sunshine in santa cruz of your head up in that direction temperatures 82 degrees. golden gate, maybe your head there for a barbecue temperatures into the upper
4:55 am
70's. plenty of sunshine all- around. kron temperatures are sitting in the '50s. 55 and your oakland starting to warn of angelos '60s for mountain view and san as eight. into the afternoon we should see some 97 to santa rosa. even in the sonoma. pretty nice day of state. could the kind of hot. along the finance like keeping the temperatures in the '70s. about 83 in a cemetery today. as we had ever to places like san leandro, hayward warming up and the upper 80s. topping out around 89 degrees for faster valley today and do the same loan tempters are coming in into the south bay we will keep those temperatures in the '90s as well. mountain view board 86. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it shows as huge drops and temperatures come tomorrow. so that sunshine, that
4:56 am
he'd all expected to find a diminished as we head into tuesday getting back down as low 80s staying in the '60s around a bay and the low sixties around the froze. enjoy the sunshine where you can. about james. >> thank you. a quick check of what made it big in hollywood #one the americans. you see him there that stirs him and his action crime film maker $15 million not bad. second place takers. that film brought in at about 11 1/2 million. in the third rays and the new movie machete. they made more than $11 million. after starting the summer by defending his title joe just sent has been toppled by a 105 found woman. with
4:57 am
thousands edwin fest in buffalo. then let the sun in the back row said a new world record of a hundred and 81 way it brings in 12 minutes. i know that austin more disgusting. she was still hungry after that. she'd never 20 wings at a different on this. back with more here in the kron 4 morning news on this labor day holiday weekend a live look this morning. look of gnatcatcher. that is jackie sissel giving us the shot. a beautiful picture of the golden gate san francisco and the background as seen from hundreds morning. will your back. peaceful if ipad 0 that
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
data access fuss >> etc. may now a shot of the golden gate. clear outside, no father this morning clear skies the sun general really be prevalent today green is a pleasant labor day forecast. bicol then come to ma. take advantage of the sunshine. as i say in the '50s. to divide and your oakland. our preferred mr. crocker, livermore. loews is for mountain view and san jose. in the afternoon wore mittens the '90s. keeping it in the '80s to petaluma, novato. nice weather of throughout this sonoma and napa. along the peninsula '80s december and up. the upper 80s during the city. many babies. ladies for berkeley richmond.
5:01 am
warming up and see every these fremont. also union city. bringing up temperatures rid around 94 degrees. 95 and to livermore. south bay eastern monday view. 89 degrees. at 90 as a head into morgan hill. we will have those northwest winds to 20 mi. an hour to half moon bay. topping out around 72 degrees plenty of sunshine. bring attempt to root 76. overall not to buy the forecast. pretty packed on the speeches today. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. much cooler and tomorrow you can see that simpson temperatures spread of 15 degrees keeping it cool to the remaining work week. checker and your commute with erica. >> thank you labor day commute
5:02 am
is opt for a great start not a single from to report. the bay bridge toll plaza very few cars headed westbound towards the city. those metering lights are of very low drive time just eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and fremont. note from mr. porter and your right to san mateo. cars are getting along just fine headed in the new direction towards foster city and again in no way that the toll plaza those spreads making their way into hayward because they're not many cars on the road we're keeping a very ideal drive time just 12 minutes from one end to the other. golden gate, nice, easy ride. deftly moving at a limited no problems under sell about commute novato to san francisco is only in the taking 21 minutes. if your kids to public transit ac transit, muni, bart all running on a sunday schedules and looks like a strain has suspended their services for today. james.
5:03 am
>> thank you. developing story the landfill search firm hercules man will continue today for fourth day of searching. they're looking for any clues to the where roads are fredericks calls. he's been missing since the body of his father was found in his hercules home over a week ago. he was round killed. police believe efren valdemoro is responsible. and possibly three more murders. he was shot and killed by siege peace officers last tuesday. kron4 is maureen kelly went to orlando and as late as. >> we have 17 teams connecting the search three of those are hercules police investigators that never grew sunday as more volunteers true but to landfill or restricted by pd on had help look for frederick sales. >> i hope we do find some. there really do. >> a member of the community
5:04 am
emergency response to they otherwise known as cert. kiki repaired as his hard hat and heavy glove which used to help used to go to 3,000 t of trash piece by piece. that is the process they're going to. pretty time consuming. it is the right to be wild. >> with their sitting to is located on 1 a. this man felt rested his police sanitation workers dump the garbage man or a short business park. a place where police say the main suspect in the disappearance efren valdemoro part car he'd been driving. well more people turn to help today these sheriff's search and rescue k-9 unit that's been assisting in the search stayed home. >> the dog is not with us today. there are many voters there were emanated. hope said their efforts can for ride some leaf.
5:05 am
and the people that were part of situation. z meanwhile as the search continues prosecutors put together their case trying to prove that waldemar was responsible for three others murders. this is the commodes more details really know. meanwhile more people apparently have been drinking and driving this holiday weekend for ' the chp says the hundred and 67 drivers have been arrested since 6:00 p.m. friday night and 6:00 a.m. this morning in the bay area. statewide. eight people have died so far in california roads and police say they will continue their stepped-up enforcement. police have arrested two drug jurors as a ton of progress made that
5:06 am
terrifying continued intel 130. also at the checkpoint placer using a new device you see it here to stand a license for its efforts to drive by. it's mounted on the squad car it should resign and said that identifies sterling cars. as you can see the volume of traffic there were a lot of plates on the meter tonight. few employees install the devisable months ago they said it proves to be very useful tool in finding. the latest advance happen debt sonoma beaches. here in july on this map you can see where people started will look like a great right. and then about a week ago sure its first run of that land your beach. thursday's start setting was action very similar there is a shirt that is
5:07 am
fact is the line and not far from where some swimmers work. we talked to a circus we are seeing as it should be. >> shocked experts say there have been an unusually large number shark sightings along the coast this summer. here's a video shot and pacifica last monday. you can see the dorsal fin that sum estimated to be as long as 25 ft.. there is a similar setting on thursday about duran beach. experts say it's important to be cautious shore here in the water and cook for groups as the lands which are pre for shirts. >> we'll take a break, we'll be are pre for shirts. >> we'll take a break, we'll be back with more headlines the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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5:11 am
around the bay. 72 along the coast. if you're heading to beaches it should be beautiful weekly data as we head towards mid week. but how major trees we knockoff. inland along the bay or the coast. noticeably cooler as we head towards mid week. buffalo's coming out. headlines here for you on the national front. president barack obama will call for new long-term investment in the nation's roads, railways and airports the proposals for a $50 billion package and then jump starting the economy. the president is expected to discuss the proposal in detail at a labor day events in milwaukee. meanwhile it is labor day and that means most government offices are closed that includes courts. post office and think in schools. none of those will be open today. on this holiday most transit agencies are in a weekend or holiday schedules keep that in mind bart, muni,
5:12 am
caltrans, on a weekend schedule san trans is also on holiday schedule as is indeed golden gate transit and ferries. but if you want to park in san francisco the demeter because parking meters will be in force as normal today. meanwhile crisis is abandoning its adult services section the on line across for the servers replaced the link to those advertisers with the word censored. the web site has come under fire from promote sing it's promoting prostitution. according pressure on prices to pole at the docks section which they say promotes prostitution so that is the latest crisis. north shore from
5:13 am
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james. it >> thank you, tropical storm arlene has formed just off the coast of texas the match months of san wins 40 mi. per hour additional strengthening expected before makes land fall as much or foot of heavy rain is expected in some places and sell texas as a result it could cause phosphide and mudslides. tens of thousands ofchechens are without power after over to the province. he is being blamed for the death of a man who drowned near halifax. will some to shore from a boat. as for here in the statesboro was far less intense than originally filled with the northeast getting hit with heavy rain but was little in the way of damage. headlines around the
5:20 am
world, heavy rain, mud slides have killed 38 people in guatemala. take a look at some the video coming at of that part of the world. two buses, cars buried after hillside crops. the death toll may reach a hundred. more than 30 others injured 23 people still missing. the president has declared a national emergency. that hearing california the argument over for lower friday as coming to san francisco courtroom. the car earlier lawsuits from three arguments. it was filed on my behalf of hundreds of orders. they argue that the governor violated state law imposing those unpaid days. the corps will have up to three months to issue a decision. and san francisco the board of supervisors are scheduled to vote tomorrow on a liquor fees to cover costs linking to drinking too much. the city is looking to impose his feet the imposed a fee would call in about a hundred dollars a year.
5:21 am
in will be used to cover expenses that taxpayers end up paying for. french and programs answering centers of call and hospitality industries opposed to the fee they say would hurt their business. work is under way to repair a section of the great highway, it was damaged by winter storms. you can see some of video showing construction which began over the weekend is an effort to reach stabilizes section of the great highway between skyline and slow. that rumor was shutdown between 2009, again in january after heavy rains across damage adjacent sea cliff. and cars to russian underneath the roadway. the workers include improved drainage, new paving, realigning the road is expected to last until the end of october. we in the ticket rate, more headlines straight ahead on this labor day weekend. a live look to the golden gate, one car. we are
5:22 am
starting flight conditions java conditions now are really busy with a thousand people a day
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very few cars headed in the new direction a couple more cries coming into hayward rainouts. still pretty good conditions
5:34 am
will keep them very good drive time 12 minutes from end to end. ill wrap up here wia quick peekl3 at the creek. no problems whatsoever in either direction.4hg# westbound too fs also was a free ride. if you taking public transit most ec in muni are all operating on a sunday schedule. the looks like a strz has suspended their services. >> thank you.3leñ elan for reseh continues to defer to les mann this ish%zo% the fourth day thy have been out there they're looking for any clues to where parts are frederick sales. he's beensu missing since the body f his father recorded sales has been found a week ago. he was. bludgeoned to w39y(olice believe that if efren3wñ valdemoro is responsible for that murder and possibly three more. he was sht and killed receipt the officers continues at that lin spoke today prosecutors continue to put their case together will
5:35 am
have continuing characters of these multiple murders. will let jan know what comes out>>@c police tbilisi demos tk you accidents around this time of year. it is typical this last big 7aben$vx that is likely set checkpoints to get the bay area into monday night when the labor day weekend is over. kn">> no call?
5:36 am
>> this is the latest one said dublin p one. you can see police trucking to drivers to see the have any alcohol in their systems. >>ko2pc5 looking for our callpfd speech. signs that a person may -9ñpossibly be intoxicated. z4>> release will do more testig on those who considered pgaáuátr(ráuáháhat is what is suspected robbers off the road. o7é@ bays ins all part of december crackdown which is funded]= state and 13 kron4 news. >>oçv: the siege near a cornerr mostlydz residential and because of that there usuallylp is not much crime however residence a ñ area and making noise,p  drinking, littering and generally making an unsafe. place a couple was
5:37 am
robbed and beaten two weeks ago kron4wsbt(ut>,c6zñ santa left knee has liy the steps of lacroix tower for 30 years recently seen the problem"re escalated to and pro levels. after hours to come up here you can hear the boombox is going. the wonder shake. the party they do graffiti is not safe.rg$ residents to live÷ñ on the steps and have no parking available l> love loud music. some mornings i ofe seend+ my car wh
5:38 am
four friends of and down a. someone thought it was a walking paths. >>qwe7sñ some of the solutions t will be broughthw off access to the@c tower and night reporting of trades. charles has lived down the block for over 40 years he remembers a time when the area was closed to keep their troublemakers by recently yet a new kind of an intruder. ñ had barricades and then they had stopped after so long. but they shouldwokhug brit back or crows thatjllñ areauf oa ì(lc@&c+ up recently in my treegbbñ lookg into my window. ridden the train right
5:39 am
is now. >> we'll take a break from ou back with more headlines in a moment. çlet us go outside and other live look on this labor day a shot from a rooftop other live look on this labor day a shot from a rooftop camera.zo7jov the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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let us talk sports the4ç giants and now within one game of the padres for thet!o division need. the contras lost as did the giants' 1 beating of the doctors and ballet. just like saturday cnight, home-run it secured the victoryo-6 the giants pick up 55 gameszg7 in the last 10 games. n 's, they ended their winning streak. the angels won. managing to avoid a strike by lead over the a's _ 7-4. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. move back with more headlines on this labor day. and live look
5:43 am
good side in the golden gate, pictures shot showing san francisco in the background. our real national pastime?
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welcome back to kron4 6ñ morning news, 5 4:05 a.m. a shot san mateo clear shot for you know fog around the bay today. as the head is the afternoon plenty of sunshine for everybody. semaddì+ of 56 degrees$cy getting up to 8 high temperature 83 degrees. backed out again '70s by adm. savages in the '50s. upper 50s soçto remind you, san jose.a"sñ8 livermore. in the afternoon, jumpingkoup and the '90s for degrees and send a> alog the peninsula we're keeping san francisco about 79m3 degrees warming itnb up is our further south. the '80s for sana$ g= br8 into redwood city. same goes for
5:47 am
hayward"gz, san leandro. but brady's through castro valley. m will keep in 20 ofj09 salmon run valley and 94.&ñ for any act. 5 for livermore. south bay, temperatures topping out in the upper 80s for the most part and ÷ like morgn hill. los dollars.@c if you're having had a town just for today, mid-80s fur tahoe.o 74 friday.hf7 damages along mostbgf these dishes are very to be in the '70s.áu/x2
5:48 am
the coast. labor day, seems to be the last day of summer. back to you. we're enteg nice, quiet conditions through labor day commute. very little to get in your way to finish of the hour the creek project. here's the bay bridge tollywg pa a couple cars headed on the road to the normal pay gate fares are in effect today but the leading lights are offering now will probably remain off for the better part ofv%k the morning if keeping a very good try time just halut nine minutes from the jy7xbfive
5:49 am
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5:55 am
and your back, there's an increasing trend of people sending to take e-mail's kron4 stanley roberts chose the from in this edition of people giving badly. >> according to this e-mail i
5:56 am
just inherited a 5.8 million lbs. that is less than 9 million in u.s. dollars. apparently family of a live raid jackson have never met is not sure why she chose me but ask me not to worry. it seems emily lost her husband in the swiss airline crash back in 1998. as he was fired from near to geneva she read this link to cnn experts. it shows a list of passengers including her husband olivier jackman. and according to the e- mail connolly is too weak to spend money herself if she is decided to give me $9 million. all i need to do is apply my name and address of the goods and the czechs or dead. and the very next day i received this, it's official worldwide letter the details on how to get the money. all i had to do was this your western union to hundred and 60 u.s. dollars. then there
5:57 am
would send me the $9 million owed goody. now i know which is thinking wait till they send me the 9 million then turn around and give them the german 68, except they do not operate co de. their words not mine. but the truth is there's no inheritances it is just people of using the name server people trying to get your money. please delete this e-mail's. in fact mark the nizam, do not give any person information and doped, don't send money. because you never see a dime of the so- called in her hands you'll just end up losing your money. in the newsroom, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> and as always let them know what you're thinking, said human e-mail at á
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