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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 6, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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by about 10:00 a.m. at it should warm and to this '70s, by some in the spots will see '80s may be these days while. by 3:00 p.m. will start to warm it up and bring the high temperatures today into the '90s, and back down by 6:00. temperatures for the most part should be the '70s and '80s the '60s along the coast and peninsula. your afternoon i coming in around 90 degrees today. for sonoma and napa temperatures in the '90s, 93 for fairfield along the
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peninsula about 79 degrees for san francisco. the temperatures along the coast into the '70s about 80 degrees for redwood city to read berkeley, oakland temperatures and low 80's and operate these fur a word in union city. captures into the mid-90s said about 94 degrees for antioch, 95 enter livermore and down in the south bay puree. your 7 day around the baa big dip in temperatures come to or about 15 degrees cooler than today and those inland spots. low sixties for the coast. here's a check on your labor day. >> good morning were not even going to use the word to me this morning because there will be much of one. if you folks like us are at work today the rest of your looking at holiday conditions. at the bay bridge if you're headed in that direction will find no delays. you will
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also find $6 toll's at this hour. there are no holiday conditions or holiday commutes for congestion pricing of the bay bridge. despite the fact that there's really not much of a commute today, you will still pay to the prices at the bay bridge toll plaza. your ride to the san the tail bridge pretty smooth here. look how like the traffic here is an that direction of pair of the tail lights heading in that direction at the 6:00 hour. very light to traffic and here's a different look at the golden gate bridge. no traffic your free ride in and out in either direction northbound or southbound. in walnut creek country boulevard pair some power lines tell and it's creating a minor inconvenience for the few cars that are out this morning. that's the reason for the lines downed on the
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freeway 680-24 of course line. >> 6:03 a.m. the developing story at 8:00 this morning investigators are to be the land still looking for signs of and the single hercules' man. he may be the fourth victim or fifth victim connected to a multi murder investigation. kron 4 willis at the landfill this morning. >> for the investigators today will be day four at the landfill. there searching for a 35 year-old whose father was allegedly murdered. the solaces got into a fight to the left visible bruises on this case, despite sitting through tons of garbage in a 1 a. area. investigators say they're not discouraged the not say how much longer of the continue to search if they don't find him today. reporting from will trend kron 4 news. >> police believe he is responsible for that murder and
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possibly four others. he was shot and killed by chp officers last tuesday. he may be connected to the death of his girlfriend, to other women who were killed and the father of the missing man. as the search continues and prosecutors are preparing their case against him for murder there will be major developments that continue. with all this on kron 4 and you can get the latest on their website on >> crakes list is abandoning its adult services section. the on-line classified service replace a link to those advertisements with the word send surgery it's come under fire from critics who argue that is promoting prostitution. >> focuses on craig lists were taking one step at a time verifying and confirming crakes list is in fact shutting down because our focus really is on law enforcement within our borders, and victims within the reach of this country's law
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enforcement. i would say the do we also need to think about changes in the law which rate l give the sights of virtually complete immunity. for these prostitution in other words creek says, it cannot be held legally responsible for any single advertise on its site. my belief is so strongly, and it's my personal belief i can't speak for other attorney general's that we need to change that law to hold the site more accountable. that also have our reach possibly beyond our borders. >> or themore than 20 other attorneys. >> only county beach are advising people to be careful this holiday after witnesses reported seeing a great white shark with the sea lion in its mouth near the shore. this was
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200 yds off the grand beach it was reported last thursday morning. a similar setting also reported last week in pacifica. witnesses say they too saw a great white shark devouring it by sea lion near the shore. >> were people had been drinking and driving this holiday weekend compared to last year. the chp said hundred 67 drivers have been arrested since friday evening in the bay area and state why did 990 drivers have been arrested. eight people have died so far on california roads and police will continue to step up the source said today. >> 6:07 a.m. as the time right now will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. the key so much for making is not the only ones who are at this hour on this holiday periods will be right back.
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back here and 6:10 a.m. a live
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look from our golden gate bridge cameras showing in san francisco the background. kier the current conditions 57 in san or fall it will get up to 87 degrees expected high this afternoon. if you're headed to the beach today it's good to be a good one with temperatures right around the 70 degree range here. >> former h-p ceo who resigned last month following allegations of sexual harassment is in talks to join oracle as the top executive. according to the associative suppress it's not clear what job he would take. he resigned from h-p a month ago in the wake of the sexual harassment investigation. oracle ceo larry ellison has been one of the most local defenders since the investigation carried a >> investigators hope the successful recovery of these failed loper better is one step towards solving the mystery. if they're going to take the device and send it to a nasa facility in louisiana where will be analyzed.
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>> the time i up now 6:11 a.m. will be back with more a couple of minutes. had to look at the sunrise, that is gorgeous. it's a nice one. it's a beautiful shot is all it is a car waiting for everyone to wake up.
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of a comeback to the kron 4 morning . this is labor day your looking at the shot of the south bay. in fact, free of fog everywhere today will get plenty of sunshine is specially into this afternoon. 82 degrees in san jose by noon in a high temperature of about 89 to take back down to about 80 degrees by 8:00 p.m.. here's a look outside of your current temperatures. 56 san francisco, oakland in livermore about 58
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degrees. as we make our way into the afternoon check it out, '90s that's near santa rosa. 90s for sonoma and napa and and san rafael 87 degrees. 79 today in san francisco, 80 from san bruno accounting to palo alto. also apiece in hayward in through castro valley traded slugger in the spots are action gunna show 90s right across the board. 94 for san ramon, 95 in livermore and up into martinez and 90 degrees in the south bay. will bring temperatures up to about 89 for santa clara and morgan hill look at about 92. if you're headed to the beach shares a look of beech forecast. santa cruz 86 degrees north west winds 10 to 20 m.p.h.. half moon bay lots of sunshine of their 72 degrees, and the cooler spot
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today at about 66 degrees. but i speak forecast for you and it's probably going to be the last day of the week. it's much much cooler temperatures come tomorrow in fact, this week were going to get back down a '50s in some of those coastal spots. '60s around the bay, and '70s for some of the warmest inland spots. the big changes temperatures and is ververy appropriate that its steep and nonofficial last december. >> not really a commute in a ride at 1013 san jose looks great. this is where 1 01 crosses coming down from santa monica expressway and great america crossway. it's like traffic here on the northbound side which would otherwise be the attraction is very light. the ride through walnut creek, as we move through the south bay
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to the san ramon valley headlights' are northbound 680 heading up out of the valley toward 24. no delays in either direction in your ride through san francisco, about 14 to 16 minute drive time to ask the folks is that we're having this morning. no delays on 1 01 south no problems along the causeway for your trip down to sfo or the peninsula. >> thank you george 618 a and a tropical storm for me know of has formed in the gulf of mexico. this is said maximum sustained winds and additional strength is expected to for the storm makes landfall though. as much as a foot of rain is expected it to some places in south texas, that could cause flash floods and landslides. thousands of nova scotia's are without power through tropical storm beryl. earl is being blamed for the death of a man who drowned near halifax while he was swimming to shore from a boat. as for here in the
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state's, the northeast was hit with heavy rain because little damage in its wake >> on this labor day president barack obama will be addressing the issue number one which is the nation's sagging economy he'll be speaking in wisconsin. in ohio, both states incidently have competitive prices in this midterm election. sand trap is in >> oh, spoke this labor day on turning the economy around. this week he's lang of the problem and try to offer solutions. if >> for a decade middle-class families felt the statement of stagnant incomes and declining economic security. companies were rewarded with tax breaks for creating jobs overseas. wall street firms turned huge profits by taking in some cases reckless risks and cutting corners. all this came at the expense of working americans. ultimately, that house of cards collapsed.
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>> he will later talk up the economy on wednesday and ohio. both states have tough midterm election races and polls show americans are not happy with mr. o'donnell is handling the, the economy >> new spending, permit bailouts government takeovers and federal mandates have all failed our nation. americans employers are free and free to invest. an economy wracked with uncertainty. rules, regulations and mandates. >> while congress is at a stalemate over what package of ideas would best jump-start the economy, democrats say the president was handed the problem >> he inherited an economy that was about to follow the end of the cliff. he inherited the recession >> the economic news is trouble last just last week the unemployment rose to 9.5% to 9.6%. not the direction the
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president and democrats want to have been as they head into the midterm election. >> the argument over furlough friday's is coming to a san francisco court room. the state supreme court will hear arguments in three lawsuits on wednesday. this is filed on behalf of more than a hundred thousand workers who have been furloughed. they argue they governor violated state law by imposing those unpaid days. the state supreme court will have up to three months to issue its decision. >> the board of supervisors their scheduled to vote on a look for a fee to cover the costs linked to drinking too much. the city's looking to oppose a fee on wholesalers and distributors. the city could bring in $16 million the year with this. this would be used to cover expenses that taxpayers usually end up paying like emergency room visits. prevention programs, and so bring centers and at alcohol and hospitality representatives who
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are opposed say would hurt their business. >> the city council said tomorrow to review options for the heels bird avenue bridge. this has been the russian river since 1921. this is a picture of the bridge. the future of this deal trust and has close because of structural concerns. building a new bridge and only allowing oil by and pedestrians across the old bridge. >> construction began this past weekend, there of course in to read stabilize that section of the great highway between skyline boulevard and slope boulevard. after heavy rains caused damage to the adjacent sea cliffs and also caused erosion on the low services itself. the work now will include improved drainage, new paving and realigning the roadway. that work is expected to last until october. for >> did 6:22 a.m. right now will
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be back with more and a couple minutes. let's go live look out here, looks like resumed into san jose. for missing the guadalupe overpassed but the shots. it's 50 degrees in san jose, looking at a nice he called today before we really cool down suddenly tomorrow. enjoy it 89 degrees for the high this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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6:26 a.m. new zealand's prime minister is warning of the country's economic recovery will be hurt trade you can see all the rubble because of the earthquake look of a giant kite. look the train tracks it was a 7.1 magnitude. it smashed buildings, wrecked roads. you could see started fires as well. in fact some residents in a christchurch were evacuated today because their homes are now in deep layers of salt. it
6:27 am
spewed out of the soft ground and turned to liquid under the pressure of the quake. >> heavy rain and mud slides have killed 38 people in guatemala. you can see the latest video out of their region to buses and old cars were buried after mud came down off a hillside. officials said the death toll may in fact reach hundred 100. the president of guatemala has declared a national emergency. >> today marks 30 days is the mine caved in trapping 33 miners in chile. their 2,300 ft. underground they're feeling tensions and showing support. some relatives are arguing over who should get the minors paycheck., during the weeks and months it takes to rescue them. the local government is asking the minors to send a note sent to get their salary so that we
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don't know. relatives of the miners held a procession in amounts to mark the 30th day since the contract. many say they're not going to leave the mine site until their loved ones are returned. >> new details this morning vendor slot has admitted the location of her body. he's a suspect in the disappearance of holly's body. he said he wanted to get back at her family for making his life tough. he took that money which was part of a sting operation wasps he's their charge but killing a peruvian woman. 26 a.m. is the time right now. let's take a look at the approach to the bay bridge, it's open for you really no trouble approach to the bay bridge, it's open for you really no trouble at all. we'll be right back. re! all gold premium mattresses 50-60% off after $200 instant rebate. plus, get an additional $100 off beautyrest gold mattresses and $200 off beautyrest world class gold mattresses
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francisco on the left, and walnut creek on the right and all is quiet in traffic. it's quite weather wise in the timing is perfect. it's not your fault but what a great day. usually the last day that vote to the beach is, camping and it's the last day with really warm temperatures. come tomorrow big dips in those temperatures. you could see the sun rising in a clear shot out there. i really pleasant labor day forecast for you. those temperatures expected to take a dive as we head into tuesday and wednesday. as we head towards 10 a and we should start to warm up will see a few '70s along the peninsula and 60s along the coast. final warming up to see these in your high temperatures today by about 4:00 p.m. all this red shows '90s. we'll be back up into the '90s especially those in the spots. '80s and '90s in
6:32 am
the north bay as well, by 6:00 p.m. a lot of folks still outdoors at 6:00 hour. the temperatures will cool off in the '70s and still keeping '80s as well. your afternoon highs getting up to 90 degrees for santa rosa, san were falconry ease and about 86 degrees and no valid today. it's like bringing up temperatures in the upper '70's for san francisco. chicopee just so, stain in the '70s today from san bruno south and getting up to about 80 degrees in hayward, union city and fremont. topping off and 89 degrees for castro valley. the san ramon valley bring us temperatures and the '90s and its widespread 90s in the unlikely locations.the in the le temperatures are going to get up to the '80s through some of those north coast locations. plenty of sunshine tahoe will be
6:33 am
pretty pleasant as well. staying in the '70s lots of sunshine down into loss angeles quite a few places with partly cloudy conditions. 94 degrees great weather in yosemite today and hot in palm springs as normal at about 106. here's your 7 day around the bay officials decline in temperatures come tomorrow. much cooler tomorrow and for the rest of the week. here's a check of your traffic with george. >> still looking pretty quiet out there was no problems and no commit to speak of. all be very surprised if we encounter even one hot spot today. other than temperatures. at the bay bridge toll plaza light traffic and a reminder that the $6 tolls are in effect until 10:00 a.m.. there's no break for commuters headed across bridges because it's a holiday. the commute rates are in effect even though today is a holiday for most. your ride to the san mateo
6:34 am
bridge also a good one but very light. no delays on your approach from the toll plaza, no delays through a word on 80 approaching 92 either north or south. the golden gate bridge ride not only light traffic but fog free this morning. the warm temperatures that are sure to come. you could see the northbound lanes are set up slightly differently there's a buffer lanes set up on the bridge so instead of having four lane southbound they only have three, two lanes northbound and and they've allocated one lane to a safety buffer in the center. if your ride coming up from dole drive you don't have any problems coming into the city heading into marin which is where a lot of the traffic will be going this morning. >> 6:34 a.m. our developing story the landfill search for hercules man will continue today this will be the fourth day they've been out there and they're looking for any clues to the whereabouts. he's been
6:35 am
missing since the body of this fall there was found in a hercules all over the week. he was found bludgeoned to death in police believe this man efren valdemoro is responsible for the murdered and possibly others. efren valdemoro was shot and killed by a chp officers last tuesday as the search continues they are preparing their case against him will continue our coverage on the multiple murders and look for the latest on our broadcast and also under website >> more people had been drinking and driving this holiday weekend compared to last. chp said hundred 67 drivers had been arrested since 6:00 friday night to until 6:00 a.m. today. statewide 990 drivers have been arrested so that 67 percent more than last year. eight people have died on the road so far in california this holiday weekend. these will continue their stepped-up enforcement through today's labor day. piedmont
6:36 am
police said they arrested two suspected drunk drivers at 10:00 p.m. last night that checkpoint continued until 1:30 a.m. this morning that checkpoint to police using a new device to scan license plates. as cars drive by it's mounted on the squad car triggers a siren when identify stolen cars. >> this times we've had 67000 hits during the course of a shaft as you could see the volume of traffic on the meter tonight. >> too much police installed the device a couple months ago they say it's very useful in fighting stolen cars. >> people been flocking to the beach despite local short settings. people spotted what looked like a great white near capitola south of santa cruz to concede on the map. about a week ago a shark was spotted at lamar
6:37 am
beach in pacifica out. thursday sharks didn't was similar to the one in pacifica in both instances the shark attack the sea lion not far from more swimmers were in the water. kron 4 christine conley had a chance to talk to a shark expert and see how safe it would be if you decide >> there has been an unusually number of sharks settings along the california coast this summer. here's the video in pacifica last monday. you can see the dorsal fin of the shark that some estimate could be as long as 25 ft.. there is a similar setting on thursday after ran beech in sonoma county. experts say it's important because as well your water and look for groups of sea lions which prefer sharks. christine conley kron 4 news. >> will be back with more in just a couple minutes. let's go live look outside it san francisco and you can see how gorgeous it is outside today. if light winds and a nice warm temperatures.
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but 640 a m and the streets are mostly residential it's usually not much crime however residency large crowds now gather regularly in that area drinking making noises and generally making an unsafe there occurred police say a couple was robbed and beaten today two weeks ago. the talk to some of the people who lived next to the city's most famous landmarks. >> recently she seen the problems escalate to intolerable levels. kids come from broadway's after hours you can hear the boxes go the windows shake. the party they do graffiti it's not as safe to residents who live on the steps and have a parking available. it's frightening to come up here because you don't know what she going to happen you can't see
6:42 am
the faces of people. there needs to be some kind of control. >> a couple said the parties begin in the nightclubs closed. i would say one a m to 3:00 a.m. it's ridiculously out of there. it attracts a strange crowd. >> lot of loud music, some mornings and came back to visit my car was footprints up and down and carried >> some of the solutions that will be brought up the committee meeting include closing off access to the tower and a >> he remembers a time in the area was closed to keep out troublemakers but recently he had a new kind of intruder. the police have barricade set chicken, there is certain time. then they had stopped after so long. they should bring it back or close that area or please it regularly. i had a fellow who who recently in my tree looking
6:43 am
into my window. right in the trade. it's unbelievable. >> he's lived on telegraph hill all his life. >> there's a lot of residents up there too, did the same way it is well. >> in san francisco kron 4 news. >> its sixth 40 3:00 a.m. will take a break will be back with more headlines and of course a complete check of what weather. here's a look of the san mateo bridge the we have so temperatures to a jury of 56 degrees in san mateo it will get up to the low 80's this afternoon. pretty good if you're headed to the beach. we'll be right back.
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i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit welcome back to the kron 4 morning news time now is 6:46 a.m.. here's one at creek this morning a clear shot be starting to see the sun shine break and it will warm up pretty nicely today. currently 55 degrees, a
6:47 am
new time upper 80s in the high temperature of walnut creek about 94 degrees. here's a look right well outside of some of the hot spots if you're heading to for labor day. the 74 degrees for big sur, 82 degrees for santa cruz golden gate park a lot of folks have been there for barbequed this that's going to be in the upper '70's today. overall look clear day, lots of blue skies. this morning seen the temperature is sitting in the '50s for san francisco, oakland and down into mt. view in san jose. the afternoon will bring up 90s for santa rosa also if you're heading to sonoma are now but it's going to be a nice 12. don't wear the long sleeves it's going to be a hot day into the '90s, 80 degrees for sambar no damage redwood city and hello all tow. upper 80s also for san leandro and a word. 81 degrees in
6:48 am
richmond today and those in the spots brunettes widespread '90s. getting up to 95 today in livermore, 94 in concord pittsburgh is likely to trade in the south bay temperatures popping up into the mid to upper 80s and also '90s when the head into labor day. your 7 day around the bay shows that huge drop in temperature come tomorrow. 15 degrees cooler tomorrow with those high temperatures next week topping out in the '70s even the low seventies. '60s around the bay and '50s for the coast. here's a check on your traffic with george. >> as we start off with a look at the ride through san jose on highway won a one, were expecting like conditions since were not really looking at a commute to and it is pretty light both ways. this is the southbound ride and the guadalupe parkway there's no traffic. san francisco traffic also moves pretty well here
6:49 am
doesn't, the central freeway no backup for delay. no problems on the northbound side heading into san francisco and the walnut creek ride last time the check was pretty dark we could make much out to. here you can see both the southbound side of the freeway as well as the northbound side a particularly light in the southbound direction. expect no delays or problems between walnut creek in pleasanton. >> at 6:49 a.m. after starting this summer by defending his hot dog title, san jose joey's super eager has been taken over by hundred five problem and carried on >> when eating contest. look how great she was. this is the black widow have you prefer? >> i heard she eats a lot. >> stood on his heels for some time and now she's toppled him she claims a record of a hundred and 81 wings and 12 minutes. can
6:50 am
you believe that? could you believe she was still hungry afterwards to one on t 20 more wings. >> i heard she's done it takes the fastest and oysters. it all the fastest. now to another sport, the giants the padre's lost yesterday giants beat them in los angeles. just like saturday night want home-run last year the victory the giants to pick up 5 1/2 games on san diego and the last 10 games. >> as yesterday ended their winning streak the angels won the managed to avoid this week by the angels pureed hit the home run and giving them at least three run lead over the a's. the score 7-4. this >> 6:50 a.m. is the time will be back with more couple of minutes. check out the sun rise here, gorgeous. it's going to be
6:51 am
a hot one today enjoy it because it's a giant cool down tomorrow. will be right back. á
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virtual games are continually striving for realism. one game is putting its money where its mouth is by offering of kron 4 gabe slate the chance to compare and air combat simulator to the real thing. >> air combat u.s.a. is a very unique service based at a livermore airport. i've never heard of it until the video game maker held a press conference planned your combat usa to unveil the new video game. it's a highly anticipated title a fighter jet came that hits the market september 7th. the first game with a huge head in the second to get a lot of buzz. it's so confident that this is the best in real combat game ever if they won a journalist to compared to the real thing have you go about doing that that's what's amazing about your combat
6:55 am
u.s.a. in livermore. they like to fly real fighter jet and engaged in a real aerial combat dogfight. the training for an hour and then take up in the sky over the bay in the to control the aircraft. they're sitting next you in case something happens, they used italian build fighter planes so they sit to around three to 400 mi. an hour whirlwinds and spending. everything seemed top gun another fighter jet movies you get the feeling. they have video cameras were rolling in the cockpit during your flight to give you a copy of the video caption when your done say to see how he did under pressure. the best part the simulated dogfight. the target system guns are all working budget to line up the air fighter jet in your cross hair and pull the trigger. if you get a good clean shot the superimposed images smoke that you hit them. you could battle
6:56 am
friend of yours and a real dogfight. after the real thing and get a preview of the game if nothing can compare to the real thing but the game does look pretty good. it's the most realistic a real combat game i played. leak it to sweat through night precision bombing tractor targets using silent to u.s. movies and strike from above. the use high resolution commercial satellite imagery of our real earth, to give you a high degree of realism. what was better? if the real thing but i don't think we'll do it again i prefer to play the game. in the fired jett to put your body through fortified she's of pressure. it took every ounce of strength in me to not black out. i'm proud of that because most people wore pilots do blackout or vomit the first time. as you can imagine it's expensive to
6:57 am
construct a web site for more information. it will cost to a least a couple thousand dollars if you want the expense from the comfort of of your couch try $50 far this video game. it's a good one i think it will be a big hit this holiday season. in livermore gabe slate kron 4 news. >> all making vomit for free trade actually am proud of state. let's check out the weekend box office first place the american with george clooney and a 13 million. second place takers and now when they elephant and a half million. and third place was machete starring jessica all off making 11 million. it will be right back europe'will be right back.
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