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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 7, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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4 is been following this dramatic murder spree since the story began unfolding more than a week ago today while authorities say they're not giving up until they find a body first at 5:00 the man suspected of shooting a police officer in court today carried a huge police presence as andrew faces a judge for the first time. kron 4 was there as both sides of the emotional case began. it was an emotional day both in and outside of the court room as a man accused of shooting officer todd young faced a judge. 20 year-old end to you see here is facing charges for allegedly shooting officer and during >> the man accused of shooting fremont police officer todd young entered the court room it was filled with these fremont police officer if carried 70 of
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fremont's 180 officers can show their support for the wounded 16 year veteran he was wearing a red jumpsuit hands were shackled at the waist and he tried to make by contact with three female family members in the court room but i had to be difficult to see them imbedded in a sea of fremont officers feeling close to 50 seats and a dozen more standing in a row. he spoke briefly with his attorney of what this to say about the case. >> i will say that our deepest road office 3 on his family during his recovery. whether this turns out to be an intentional shooting of a police officer or a tragic misunderstanding on the streets of oakland it remains to be seen. >> and areas officer todd young remains in serious condition at highland hospital in oakland or he's been since he was shot august 27th. the american red cross has seen a 50% increase in blood donations since the
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shooting. for the day and a row the search continues for a missing hercules man. investigators are carefully coming for any special landfill off looking for clues that could lead them to frederick's solace. that man has been missing since the body of this father ricardo sales was fat and hercules hall or the week ago. they believe read cargo was bludgeoned to death by efren valdemoro call me irresponsible for as many as four deaths. he was killed by a chp officers during a high-speed chase last week. >> are just moments ago i talked to her to leave police department and they say the search is over with for today. they have found no clothes and now they think they could even be out here to possibly friday there looking for massive landfill which is over in the east hills here in pittsburgh and they're going through 1 a. worth of trash. let's roll some video and walking through what they're doing great >> now this landfill is the biggest lead hercules police
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have in the search for a 35 year-old frederick salisbury it's been almost two weeks since sales was last seen alive in this hercules home. just days before father was killed for five days search and rescue crews most of them volunteers, have been carefully and meticulously sifting through the trash here at the keller canyon landfill. >> are determined in their all in good spirits they want to help the family a want to provide answers. >> her to these police ended up with this landfill because it's where the trash from the north shore business park and hercules is brought. last week police found his white cadillac escalate at the park that was driven by efren valdemoro he also used to work at the business and a park and the area while. a thorough search of the business park last week provided no clues. the tracks had already been removed. for the past five days search and rescue crews with hard hats and gloves to accuse the year have been sifting through 1 a. of trash
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from the park. >> for done here is nothing of calls from the search will continue to work with the family and talked to friends and solicit clues from the community. >> >> crews will be back to the landfill at 8:00 a.m. to resume the search. >> a tugboat crews removed the tugboat over night. a memorial is set up in berkeley for slang and not lie and it was on the prowl and one that street on august 31, 2001 berkeley police shot and killed the animal today. people left a note to the line called for stronger protection of nature. there were notes pricing actions of police. those people say the animal was a danger to people who live in
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the area. >> developing news to tell you about at this hour and we are looking at live video of dozens of house fires raging across the city of detroit michigan. but it's there. the detroit free press said the homes are scattered at 20 different locations about 20 structures are reported burning in the area near seven mile on the city's east side and spread over three sidestreets. fires also been reported that other locations on the city's east side including mcclellan and buried. detroit's northern border a total of the least 15 fires have been reported on the city's west side multiple houses are ablaze at curtis. it many homes have already been destroyed in part crusade strong winds are making it more difficult to get the fires under control before new loans catch fire. investigators are trying to determine whether the same person has been moving about the
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city setting the fires. we'll have more on this as it develops live in the newsroom kron 4 news. >> were trying best we can keep up with the fires as they burn throat to trade cash just to give you an idea let's look at google earth here. will take this: one injury and damage talking but fires burning on queen anne van dyke. you go down a couple blocks here and you have another group of the fires that are burning rate in this neighborhood here at seven mile. at least a dozen houses are structures burning their. any move on to the rest of the city any see here you have more fires burning in this neighborhood this is robin would street. several locations were told on robin would have fires burning as well. as to pull out here there seven more locations specifically on the west side. fires are burning in this neighborhood here. " keeping a
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close eye on this developing story will bring you the very latest as we get it. >> take a look of these current conditions temperatures much cooler the warsaw of there yesterday mainly in the 60s with a few '70s and extend their. only one place in the '80s out there this afternoon. we'll talk more about this cooler weather in just a few minutes.
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hold steady with one in five adults letting up regularly trade. the smoking rate which fell dramatically since the 1960's has basically been flat since about 2004. the san francisco board of supervisors meeting to discuss the city's proposed alcohol tax has been cancelled. city clerk told us the meeting was not published and in local newspaper in the last 36 hours there for the city charter states the meeting cannot be held. the alcohol tax is one item on the agenda of their expected to pick up the discussion at next week's meeting. >> huge temperature change over the past 24 hours temperatures are down quite a bit over yesterday's reading. as low as 13 degrees in oakland to 26 in concord in livermore that's forcing for the most part. cooler weather into tomorrow awful forecast is coming up.
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three possible school closures in richmond to tell you about of
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kennedy high school and attended elementary and grant elementary all facing shutdown which could face a city lot of money. if jonathan lomas live in richmond where meeting about the closures is said to get under way tonight. jonathan. >> it's going to happen here at 630 it the city council chambers although the actual agenda item will be coming up to about 8:15 p.m.. the west contra costa county school district is in serious financial trouble and need about one. them million dollars from the city of richmond in order to keep these three schools from closing. we'll show you video of the three schools that are on the chopping block and a big one is kennedy high school. a lot of the students would have to go to richmond high schools and other surrounding high schools which would cause crowding at those schools. it's been more than two decades since high school as part of the county has closed down. it's a big deal obviously not only because crowding but didn't have to readjust at schools and other teachers. the two elementary schools similar
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to this both on the chopping block. what's going of the city council because the school district has asked them for money off the boat to decided the council will give them the money. the council is getting money from the settlement they had with chevron oil corp. and because of that the council has the money the question is to they want to send it to give it to the west contra costa county's school district which is in major trouble. at least some members of the council say they think the school district deserves to get money from the city since the city does apparently have it. city has other things it to spend money on to so it's not entirely clear how the council will vote tonight. needless to say there will be parents to voice their disapproval tonight. the council might decide tonight whether the schools will stay open for another year. >> was taken now to novato nearly 40 students there will have to transfer schools more than two weeks into this school year. as kate thompson reports
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the superintendents of the district has no choice of the want to keep desperately needed state funding. >>even after hiring more teachers in august when the district jumping in kindergarten through grade 3 was enough. the superintendent said the district didn't overbook the classes, it was a flood of last minute registration which causes a crisis. >>we did not overfill classes, people just showed up on the first day and we said oh my goodness were over by 3, over by 2 in some different places. >>if on the first day of school many classrooms like olive elementary school there were more that 20 students in a class, a state mandated fee that the district paid dearly for its seating. >>for every student over 20, we pay $1050.00. we lose that money. it's a penalty from the state. some people might to say its 40,000 that we just make everybody happy? any the 40,003 there's not 40,000 to eat. we've
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already hired three new teachers to try and accommodate that. >>as for waiting two weeks for moving children to other schools the district said that its standard waiting to see who is coming and whose not. reporting in novato kate thompson kron 4 news. >> outside of what all of elementary married parents disagree with this court's decision to move this didn't but the executive said the recall was made. >> i think it's horrible thing kidskin establish with the friends especially when surpass carroll gardens. >> don't get like my child starts will have to be moved-and know that before the school year starts. >> i don't think there's anything about the procedure that's going on now about choosing money over kids. it's about making the best use of the scarce resources that are available. >> this cruz school districts said a spots open up the bindle
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back to their original school. >> look of these clouds starting disagreement over oakland forcing the cloud cover the coast line south of the golden gate and now moving into the oakland area. our current conditions temperatures are just so much cooler than what we saw there yesterday. 66 in oakland, 59 a san francisco, 63 in hayward. if our inland spots some places in upper 60s at this hour. a big shift over what we saw yesterday. down 23 degrees in redwood city, 15 to 26 degrees cooler in our inland locations that's a huge drop from yesterday's temperatures. as we head into tomorrow will see the fog stream back into the bay area but to lotus for fog tracker mainly sells of the golden gate for the 6:00 hour there some fog in the north bay but it's patchy and the fog will turn this way instead of peeling
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back to the coast line will say get mixed out to carry its kind of broken in the bay shores up and down the peninsula. as of 9:00 a.m. this will continue until later morning hours and the fog will clear of this way he could see it sticking along the san mateo coast into the new hour. temperatures tomorrow even cooler the overseeing of there today. 64 of oakland, 59 is severances go, 72 in santa rosa. 73 antioch, 69 in san jose. tomorrow the additional cooling and that will warm up as we head for the rest of the week. temperatures gradually come back of the the time we had a friend in the weekend temperatures will pretty much level load but it will be below average for this time of year. if the now >> shall news with the ninth anniversary of the 911 terrorist attack coming of this weekend the justice department investigating a handful of anti muslim incidents in four states. your looking at a mosque in texas bedell as with graffiti this weekend. there were other
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incidents similar to this in tennessee, new york, california. the fbi be eyes looking into the stabbing of a muslim cabdriver in new york city. this is the florida preacher who plans to burn copies of the muslim holy book his name is terry jones she runs a small evangelical church in gainesville tree once to bring the car and to mark the 911 terror attacks he says. the top u.s. general in afghanistan and president barack obama are blasting this idea sing it could threaten u.s. troops, diplomats and travelers overseas. he sees signs near his church regarding this events. the former jet blew attendant who slid down emergency chutes after running with the passenger was back in court today steven slater who might be able to avoid jail time up the deal apparently is now in the works. it will allow him to do community service he will first have to undergo a mental health evaluation he is facing criminal mischief charges.
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>> look at this firefighters in colorado planning to aggressively ramp up the fight against the seven 100 a. wildfire that's forced thousands of people from their homes. this is a rugged canyon north west of boulders. the fire destroyed dozens of home some 3000 people and forced to flee the area as well. firefighters have surrounded the 827 a. wildfire in a remote area east of san diego. this fire started thursday and then the brush. the burn area between is about 50 mi. east san diego. listed a live look outside in walnut creek is slow going in both directions the right-hand side of your screen is southbound traffic slowly winding its way to danville. this was san jose 101 we can see the camera shaking around.
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