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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 10, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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breaking news as we begin the 4:00 hour and we want to show you investigators are still checking through the smoldering rubble of the neighborhood in san bruno leaving a crater you see there. the devastation for blocks. the fire was finely contain this afternoon but least a quarter of the 15 a. of the charred homes were still too hot to search. crews with dogs are going house-to-house to try and determine whether not there were any people still left behind pets and other memorabilia that they wanted to let people know where things stood at this hour. we have a look at the latest on the explosion. there were four fatalities 38 homes have been destroyed, seven damaged severely. 75 percent of the homes have been surveyed so far and 25% not approach because it's still too hot. the fire
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crews will be on the scene again all night tonight. we want to check in again with christine conley who is on the fire live for the latest. she's been there all day she was there last night one of our many reporters in the field were going to get turned just a moment. we want to give the this aerial view to give you a sense of how quickly and how vc2much this devastation is estimated. the fact that the gas was going through the distribution lines which led directly into the homes. the fire was intense and the homes burned quickly. we now have christine standing by. >> we just got into a vantage point and we moved here so we can actually show you one of the burned out homes. were going to go ahead and hand in on it here this is really the closest that we've been able to see any of the damage. basically this home that we see here we can just see the frame of the house and that said. there's a lot of
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crime tape around the home this entire neighborhood that surrounding it about two blocks away from the center of the fire, that neighborhood people are still not allowed inside. it looks like a ghost town in the neighborhood right now the only people i've seen in the street just police officers that sitka, carried a lot oftvú people tryig to come here to see if they can get inside their homes to possibly get medication jury this is the closest we've been able to get to see any of the damage and that just one home that we saw there that was destroyed in this place. further up there are more homes that are destroyed we can see pg&e crews and fire crews that are out here trying to assess the damage and to what they can to look at the power as well. this entire neighborhood surrounding and the power is out. pg&e crews i've seen the looking at lines to make sure that the lines are
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safe around this area as well. again just a good vantage point here where we can actually see one of the structures that was destroyed in the blaze. back to you pam. >> christine it's scary to see on one area of those homes still standing and now we look at the devastation just blocks away. it is a still small smoking gas in the air? >> there's no smell the smoke or gas in the area at this point but, it is eerie looking at this whole area because this neighborhood like you said it's empty. there's no one here except for police officers going around and a lot of presidents that want to trying get in so they can get medications and things like that from their homes. from where we are we don't smelly smoke we don't see any fire we just see that one home what that was destroyed in the blaze. >> the police perimeter are they going to begin at some point to let people and to check one by
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one to carry them into their homes and bring them back out? >> it varies somewhat location there at to rid this location where we are at sequoia and sleep with their not letting people in. they told people it could be until tomorrow or her i was up on sky line and i did see chp officers bring some people into their homes. echinus seems it depends on where you are. this is a crime solum so that's what they keep telling the people here they're being very nice as they told residents is really nothing they could do it they just have to try and keep the area safe. whole lot of frustration really from residents who want to be able to get into their home. >> of course we heard from the police chief earlier that one letter was taken into custody apparently no other problems? you can see the rolling patrols for the community. >> that's right have a lot of
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neighborhoods another interesting thing even in the neighborhood surrounding i saw pg&e crews going out in checking the line to make sure that the lines were safe in the surrounding neighborhood spirit they are checking this whole area as well to make sure that it safe. >> are right christine conley bank you. >> into the kron 4 news room we've learned that all schools in the san bruno park school district will be back in session on monday. their normal scheduled they were closed today because of the explosion. >> now we want to check in with kron 4 is dan carmen who is at the command center and of course last night the command center served as as a corrugation point for the evacuees and red cross. >> piccinni have donated a
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million dollars for the recovery of those that a been impacted by this. they said last night during the news conference if they were going help with things now they said they have donated $1 million for ongoing help as things move toward. a couple things we should talk about it is the search going on today. it's interesting that the earlier news conference was the fact the fire chief said they have not heard any reports of anybody missing. we just heard a report from his seat that once somebody's looking for somebody. of the official reports of this time of anyone missing purifier crews are moving through the wreckage going door to door checking houses for any casualties. there using search dogs to do this. earlier this morning at a news conference the indicated that they were only able to check 75% of homes the of their 25% of the homes were too hot to enter. if were expecting a news conference coming up at 5:00 today and we will find out whether not those
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homes have cooled off all and is in fact they've been able to make it into those other 25 percent homes. one other no will last talked you have asked us if there were any natural gas bills in the transmission line. we check back with pg&e they said no and the so that as of 9:00 this morning all the gas had dissipated. once it could stop the transmission line of both sides the flow of the distribution line there's still some residual gas and the blind they said essentially that all burned off. at one point was all gone i don't have the time for that but at least as of 9:00 a.m. this morning all of that was gone. we're waiting to news conference single which will be taking place down there at 430 from the ntsb and they're going to be looking into the cause of this fire. they're conducting a parallel investigation along with the fire department glass six, seven or eight
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investigators on this. and then at 5:00 p.m. were expecting an update on everything from fire officials. that's the latest at the command post. >> of course last night officials was that 53 homes had been destroyed and that was downsize to 38 homes. were you surprised that fewer homes were actually destroyed in light of the devastation? >> i was a little bit surprised especially from my vantage point and looking at the fire ball last night from 3 much right after it began i was surprised that was down side but fire officials explain that their estimation was from a helicopter up above that was looking down through the fire ball to trying town homes. after they explain how they did that initial count the number actually went down. >> and current reporting from this command center. thank-you dan will be checking back with you. again this is why there's
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more the dramatic video from last night's explosion and fire in san bruno. consuming home after home you see this home going up in flames as fire fighters go through the neighborhood trying to do the best they can to knock down the flames. at last we heard of the news conference earlier today some 52 people had been taken to area hospitals. on the phone with us as a representative from one of those hospitals dissevered cisco general. rachel is on regional banking talked with you last night what's the status rate now. >> we have four patients at our hospital now. three are in critical condition and one is in serious condition. >> this is all burns or severe smoke insulation? if >> some of each carried it to over critical patients are burn
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patients treated one is an installation patience and then we also have one with inhalation in serious condition. off >> you have been in communication with the other hospital servicing the people of the victims of this fire give us an overview of what's been happening since last night. >> we know that several hospitals in the area receive patients initially. state francis memorial hospital in san francisco where the twos it to receive the most of the early injured. that is because san francisco general is the trauma center for san francisco and northern san mateo county. san francisco is the regional burn center. it is logical that we would get thez) most severely injured patients. both hospitals still have patience. were continuing to look at video from yesterday's explosion of fired you have any of the numbers from st. francis how many patients
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are being treated >> there> i can't represent them i believe they still have patience. >> are a surprise considering the magnitude of this tragedy that this point you're dealing with four patients and not many more? >> we really did know what to expect and of course it does raise concerns about why there are so few patients in terms of what might happen to other people. on the other hand there were several patients that weren't severely injured that retreated aerial hospitals. >> me give us a sense of the process ahead for these patients? >> there in critical condition now three of them so they are in intensive care ending watched closely. one of them is doing better already. the person who is in serious condition have been upgraded from critical so we know that person is also doing better. z>> were certainly happen here that's thank you so much for your time this afternoon trade >> looking at pictures from
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just in i've been doing a little digging looking to piccinni's history with pipeline problems. i found they had 19 other significant pipeline incident since 2002. and in this information from a group called save pipeline group. they say there's been one death from the incidence three injuries about $4 million in damage. nothing like we saw in december know. the worst was in salinas last year about one-and-a-half million dollars of damage. it covers everything from corrosion to earthquakes. >> of course the fire crews are still at this hour searching homes, searching the area: one by one house by house trying to find whatever they can to help them understand what happened. the last news conference earlier
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today said the 75 percent of the burned area has been search but at that check 25% still too hot for the fire crews to survey. let's listen to some of the residents were reacting to that explosion last night. >> everyone was concerned and ready to help, trying to comfort of the people. probably about an hour people were still down there on the walk while flames were massive shooting up in the air. there was a bunch of people down there trying to help and then they started singing the loud speakers evacuate and coming up with buses that were tried to evacuate people down the bay hill. >> my brother-in-law was watching the baby as i was coming home i turned down on glenview and there was a ball of flames 3 to 4 ft. near it look like it was right on top of my house. i just grab my baby in
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close and packed up and watch and thought for sure my house would be gone. the libyan today and i got and they sorted mail in my house is intact. i'm shocked. if you saw the flames that was there i thought every house in the neighborhood was going to be burned to the ground. >> many of the residents stunned by this gas on explosion and acting and these are the pictures of what's left behind from the gas line ruptured explosion. people were forced to leave some with their pajamas on. you've heard the man he had to get a note for his child people left their home without the medication summer coming home from work when they saw the fireball in the sky last night.
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truly a devastating experience for the people of san bruno as something that shaking the people throughout the bay area. the first lady of new york is in the area. will be backing come back with more @ñn
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for 30 were continuing our breaking news coverage of december don't pass on explosion. were waiting for news conference by the ntsb on the left side of your screen while we await the official word from them while we wait to that lets check in with christine conley was on the scene in san bruno. christine. >> wants to play all were right above the fires all were going to pan over here so we can show you one of the homes that was actually destroyed in the blaze. the sis this several blocks away but from this vantage point you can barely make out the foundation of that home. it looks like it was destroyed in the fire i concede crime tape around the home and around the house we see several the fire trucks.


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