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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  September 12, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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if this shows there kron4 martin mayer's. >> of their kron4 news regards. we have occur in coverage of the second renault-coverage. and is
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scheduled to get on weight. what occur is prepared at index reports. on the number of people killed in the trust. christie and connally. she's at the command center in san bruno and it is at the center of the bay hill shopping mall. good morning christine free >> we're expecting that news conference this morning. concede the officials behind me. it is officials, there is a lot of the
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anxious residents of do to get to information out there reinsured plan today. that is what they're hoping city officials will talk about. there's 315 homes in the blast area that have been infected and given green takes. that means they're labeled as safe and that means impossibly return home. there's also yellow tags which means they have some damage or no water and those residences will deal to go home to retrieve belongings and then there are 49 homes that begin red tags which means they're severely damaged and it could be days before they go back. i think the news conference is just about to begin now. aren't giving sufficient weight. >> good morning to all of you. on a prod mayor of a wonderful city. i told the there was a dark cloud over our city. today there is raise the central character that clout. i'm linda
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give this over to the city manager who will update you on the specifics. >> thank you. at noon today because we will begin our program of bringing our residences back into their homes. beginning at noon residence will be encouraged to go to skyline college parking lot and the. entry lot, turn right and follow the sign and at that location will begin processing and exporting residents back home. of the location residences will find checking tables will be asked to show photo identification and
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for those without a floodlighted dedication the authorities will be able to verify identification. obviously it identification needs to be carefully confirmed for it the privacy and safety of our residents. beginning at noon residents will go home in stages. again, this is for our residents safety and privacy. residents of 111-199 and 200, i'm sorry. 111-121 states and drive. 202 to 15 states dry. and then you will enter first. residents of other homes will enter in scheduled stages throughout the day. at the
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processing center in skyline college to wristbands' will be issued for each address. along with decals for vehicles. this is so residents can enter with the assistance of family or friends as they go back home. the details will be color coded to identify the time that individual residents locations will be able to enter. the last scheduled entry time will be for the rest of the limits. it is for the 1100 block of vermont. that will occur at 5:00 p.m.. so, the plans as we have established bit. it will begin at to noon but it will continue throughout the day because we will be taking residence and groups and as he told the before residents will be met at their
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home set by pg&e will be all to assist with re-establishing and insuring the safety of the utilities that each resident. once inside their homes the residents are encouraged are directed by the county council authority is to throw away all perishable food items, the answers will be located in each neighborhood and we have arranged for an increase schedule for garbage collection. at the processing center residents will be able to receive information about their statistics information and representatives of the county health department, at the county health services and, crisis support. it will be available to
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residents of their individual needs. we have scheduled a meeting for residents whose homes are in size of the devastation area. the residents will not to, and mention it when the residents are habitable they will not be allowed to go home today. obviously there are many of outstanding questions for those residents for those homes that are destroyed. we will schedule a meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. at the san bruno senior center at 1-55 crystal springs road. for those residents. the purpose of that meeting will be to assist them with the individual issue and
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scheduling for their ability to access their properties which will not occur today. that will occur within the next several days after we are able to relocate individual who are actually going home today. that concludes our formal updates as to the activities for today and if there are any questions we're happy to take them. >>, your body is to be found? >> (inaudible) >> the search continues in that area and it will continue. in terms of the status of additional victim's information from this and the tarots corner office has at the discovery of additional remains. they need to
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undergo forensic testing and with us today we do have more bodies in the rubble. >> (inaudible) >> the investigation into the degree area encryption information from the county office once the discovery of additional remains. they still need to undergo forensic tests and we do have information about that today. >> (inaudible) >> we do have this person with us today. >> (inaudible) >> robert, f o u c r a u l t. >> (inaudible) >> we have found remains at a
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location and yet the process of conducting a forensics tests. >> how many bodies? >> we have four. four bodies, at three of them are positively identified. we're working on the fourth period as far as the remains we are in the process of doing forensic tests. this is updated information that we released last night. as far as the actual people that are missing i do not have that information. >>, and we're still missing? >> again, that we have remains that >> i'm not wood to discuss where
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they're located. the updated information >> and mormons? hillerman's customer >> mine was marshall. the focus today is really about how the residents go back to their home. will be future updates about the remains and the investigation.
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thank you very much. >> the answer my question on the housing please >> information regarding the low take precedence as well as all of the homes in the affected areas will be available at the skyline said today. again only in those residents whose houses classify will be able to occupy those homes today and we are scheduling a separate meeting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for residents whose properties that will not be acceptable. >> (inaudible) >> i do not have those numbers. >> if the media allows? >> i do now have those numbers. in the area of the relocation.
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>> (inaudible) >> once again our primary focus today is getting the residents back in the home and maybe we can talk afterwards on this or we can provide you this suitable location that will not to interfere with our process howling of the residents to get back in their houses. >> again, we have no additional information at this point regarding missing persons and we will discuss it well we have additional information we appreciate your assistance and we respect your privacy. thank you very much. >> well, we report this? >> again just to recap here this is ugly yet scuttle uncultured it with the reentry will allow people to go to law am the record to be taking
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people in stages and information will be given. back you in the studio. >> thank you. i think it is probably the most important information that residents have received up to now. the confined have the opportunity to understand it when they can begin to go home. things were to be red tape to score the deal is staggering take. who could go home and those that will have to wait. tomorrow they will deal with the residents who have actually it lost their homes and there's a special meeting for them set up. the way they can begin preparations and begin to refill their lives and their home. >> there is some clarity, the uncertainty as they fade away at least a live for the people love it actuated. just a recap again some 315 homes have been declared home safe. there will be allowed in later today to click belongings and assess whatever damage there might be. yellow tags are some damage and
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the red takes' are severe damage, 49 homes and they will be in meetings were what 10:00. >> finally some clarity. it may be actually more money with a number of victims the been reporting today and it appears that they have found more women and at this place until they do for some forensic testing it will tell them of their human or animal or how about is they actually have and hopefully we'll have more information later this afternoon and evening newscast. >> in the meantime will do it back with more coverage. \ /
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we're back at 18 with our continuing story. we're also learning more about some of the victims had died in the explosion was sambar know. it includes a mother and daughter. 41 year-old jacqueline green and her daughter vanessa. we
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mentioned that she was a longtime analyst for pg&e plans to upgrade. a daughter 13 year- old to nasa, she was the student body president and well liked. she and her mother were home when the blast hit. the other members the family red back-to- school events. >> another lady died she was at her boyfriend says. the couple is going to watch a football game on tv. this is a photo of both of them. the boyfriend was badly burned he tried desperately to go and say just a cup but he could. joel is a student at college. he is hospitalized in critical condition beard will be right back. back on kron4 news it
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weekend. it is 823. >> like this beautiful shot of the hudson of birds is go mr. it was a daily say to the bank. one of the people on the coastal is have a low but to complain about the fog. as a beautiful day. >> is check out the forecast. >> i did send a warning to. it's a nice day were up to today. an abundance of sunshine. temperatures not as warm as yesterday. the bridge is gone to 80s. '60s and '70s and sunshine and sky is starting to come up as boggs clear at and for tomorrow morning or in the fall all over the pace for the bid.
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and that is for tomorrow. today is mostly sunny and because of the expense of fog temperatures will continue to cool off until next weekend that will set up a fairly mild pattern for next week. monday through friday. at the beach today a lot of clouds i think and some sunshine for the afternoons. temperatures are generally in the low to mid 60's however 70's for santa cruz and they set up at this of western on too strong. here are our temperatures at 10:00 a.m. it is that these and blue, 60s in green, 70's and yellow and we have some leading stroke the bay. the sea breeze will keep the temperatures in check so much for the afternoon so we're not wood to get too terribly warm. you will notice some orange colors here for the east bay and that represents the san
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jose. a lot of '60s and '70s near the bay. >> your the highs for sunday. look for 77 petaluma. mostly sunny skies. cinephile 76 this afternoon. san francisco and cool ocean air will keep things a little bit coole upper 60s and low 70 is far richer in. san the interest would be to degrees. san ramon and walnut creek. 77 and it is closing in at 80 degrees. 84 of last get those. here is the seven day around the bay. with one to stay cooler than average for the next seven days here. steady on monday. everything is generally in the ladies upper
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60s and it should be a pretty decent amount of morning fog for the next seven days with sunshine and the afternoon and then the forecast model indicates just a slight chance for a weather system coming into the bay area. next weekend. it is still it will and anything could happen by then but we are watching a slight chance for some rain by next saturday. >> it is 826 and real can get better developing story. the san bruno blast. we're looking at before and after satatatte photos it shows how need to tree-lined street has turned into a gloomy area. piles of-, where homes once stood, this is the epicenter of the explosion. the area being sent today to determine how safe is to return
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of the beginning go ahead. >> i just reminded 1991 firestorm. this is surveillance video after the it pipeline and gas land produces the market. not far from where the murder happened to the board ducking for cover as per customers and employees alike were stunned in front and their wonder what the hell they just your belts and is one man slips and falls just to get out of it >> pictures really tell those and stories to new already continue covering the deadly gas explosion. eagle is good or website is well with the latest weekly press conference with video and sound about
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live from the bay area and the station this is kron4 news. >> the day is 31 we're back now it's continuing coverage of the san bruno gas explosion. to date some residences will be allowed to return to their homes all the peoples whose houses are severely damaged or destroyed will be kept back. we're getting mixed reports at the number of people killed. not least four people are confirmed dead. the number could be as high as seven. a press conference this a few hours ago. they say no romaines have had found. they do not know if they are human or animal. it will have the forensic test site this afternoon. and at last check five to six people are reported missing and were investigating claims by residents to reportedly smelling gas in the area. >> and speaking of the press
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conference want to go back live to christine, like ears is at the command center it and she's talking to the mayor. good morning. >> the morning we have mayor jim and seeking kind of the recap to see what we're able to set the news conference through what message do want to give. >> we want to reassure them that they will be let back in certain numbers today. when has skyline college and it will be identified and certain residents will be allowed to go back into their homes and our main concern is the safety of those homes make sure they have proper orders, pg&e has literally an army of individuals ready and waiting to restart their finances. >> and those that cannot go back today. when like the bill to go back. >> that is a typical question to
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ask. the safety of the residents and the return of the residents is our main concern. i would not to expect to be hopefully in days treated as going to be an ongoing process and is a very difficult situation the you have to understand it it not only is a fire started did is a blast site to. is going to be a long time for reconstruction. you happy will today that will back to their homes and tri lead a normal life. a look at the kitchen window and see total devastation. as lynn to very difficult but we're here to help them. >> those that might be frustrated by the confusion. what can you say about that. >> it is sort of a moving target. there are forensics there and there is work and here we have identified the the
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police and fire chief. some more remains treated as a forensic issue and we have to understand that there are a lot of other issues involved. identify remains. it is more than that. >> it you, now busy worker will you get back to your dinner. in this to recap, just moments ago in a news conference so again, it is more to be in stages that they're allowing people to get back in what they told me is that it these are most the people of grain takes on the home. emmy's the homes were expected and there's a free and she but also some people have feel it takes in the rooms to they will bill to go and get their belongings and this is happening in stages at skyline college. there as you go to parca am and their going to begin with stage one. those are people through 111 through 191 state drive. 200 to two and a 50
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is a drive. 81 monday. those are the ones that they are expecting to begin with and it also says that they aren't willing to have this information up very soon on the web page so you will deal to go online and sees some of that. it is curtailing the process and there went to have to out id people ready the residents and their or home to the homes. they're going to get it wristbands and then to deke textiles and upper vehicles. it sounds like it is a very thorough pot process. a very courted process. it goes to 5:00 today and tomorrow there will be more information for other residents that are unable to begin today. reporting live i'm christine conley for kron4 news. >> christine take you very much. >> go for more information on the gas line. the update in next hour-and-a-half. >> you this morning around way driver is also a fun side of
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caused a seven car accident and was also into debt. it happened about 3 this morning and investigators are on the scene. exactly how the accident happened is not known but traffic is being affected in the area.
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our continuing coverage of the san bruno gas pipe explosion. the crews continue to route they're trying to figure old buildings and roads were some the area were still in the attack and pg&e has of $1 billion to cover instances like this explosion. however of the daily times reports that may not be enough money especially for an investigation if they find they're negligent. residents have said they smelled gas in the area in the days leading up to the explosion. pg&e spokespersons as she will review any contact the company
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received about the decimal. >> you'll receive contact numbers. (inaudible) >> document swearing obtained that pg&e submitted the work to regulators that the extension of the same gas line to a half miles away from the gas it was within the top 100 high-risk lying sections. >> one of the things that did happen right away is the response from others to help.
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and it continues for the victims of this tragedy. many agencies and volunteers are coming in to help those in need. >> i don't get your the same token i feel sad. for people have lost someone to love the impacted by this. >> if you want to help the red cross is urging people to donate blood. take a look at the number on the screen. the number is a 8-34 ninth-type o negative but that is native. we'll be right back with our continuing coverage.
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in this around the bay, a fount body has been identified as frederick sell us. he was
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identified in the same house where ricard was found. police believe both men were killed by nephron and he was shot and killed by police in richmond and the girlfriend lived in the same home with the two men. her body was found in the car >> in other news across the world, new details of the hacker, it sure is geared to the release from prison and is he is hopeful that she will leave prison and the next two or three days. saturn officials say they were cancelling plans to release their president complete legal procedures. but there it bikers are caused of spying. the news on the two men is not good, they
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will have to stand trial. older it back.
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we are back for kron4 news weekend with the coverage of the san bruno gaslight explosion. residents of the evacuated since thursday and some are allowed to return to their us today. they have already looked at and take some 374 homes in the black area. the 315 homes and a green tag which means they have no apparent damage to they can return today. the tender leg but homes and have some damage of people lived there and they can only return to pick up their belongings and then move out of the area for time being. there are 49 houses with a red tags and they are either destroyed or have extensive damage of those people will appeal to turn until tomorrow. they will have a meeting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. to learn more about the conditions of their homes.
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>> and acting governor has been top of this investigation in fact, he says that the estimation and let me take up to your to complete. he reports that's not good enough. he says this that he want action now. >> it all come out anywhere from 12 to 14 to 18 months. i think, that is too long. people of california need to know what happened on the street. what was the cause of we can't print it from having any where else. they might give us your early reports. we'll wait and see what happens there. >> he once in the house could be prevented in the future. >> remind you out to stay with us for recurring coverage anyone or website. we of the very latest information and all the press conferences and video and
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it's directly related to the incident on our website. >> now we take a quick lead look out side and see the beautiful cloud cover over parts of the day. police of looking at the mount tan camp. it is blue skies of course. the beautiful >> day is expected changes in store, back to work monday. >> i did send it morning as a is a nice day shipping up for today. an abundance of sunshine. temperatures are not as warm as yesterday at lot people places, get to the 80s and '60s and '70s and '80s inland to the sunshine and those guys aren't hurting to cloud and the fog is making a comeback into the bay area. for tomorrow morning we were to have fought all over the place for the day and into the east bay valley and north bay valley and south as well. it is for tomorrow. it is sunny but the
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expense of fog tomorrow temperatures will continue to cool off in to begin next week and that will set up a fairly mild pattern for next week monday through friday. and the beach today it there's a lot of clouds with some breaks and sunshine for the afternoon. temperatures are generally in the los mid-60's however 70's for santa cruz and it's coming up that of the southwest. not too strong. attended 15 minutes per hour. your temperatures are at 10:00 a.m.. '50s and blue, 60s in green 70's and yellow and we have war meetings today with this seabury's will keep those temperatures in checkered so much for the afternoon we're not where do it too terribly warm. you'll notice an orange colors here in east bay and that represents readings in the '80s. a couple pockets ladies for no. they're 10's and 80's to the south of san jose. alatas '60s and '70s to the bay. here the
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highs for sunday, it is looking for 77 in petaluma with close links undisguised, said nfl and 76 and 85 in fairfield, san francisco high of 67 cool ocean there, it will keep things little bit cooler for today. upper 60s and lower 70's for richmond to ulcer readout, berkeley, oakland, and rebuilt, san leandro is 72 days ended 80s with san ramon and on the free. it's 77 and san jose. 80 degrees, a high of 82, a seven day around ben and where once a cooler than average for the next seven days here starting on monday. you'll notice that ratings generally are low 80s and upper 70's and 60's near the bay. it should be a pretty decent amount of morning fog
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through the next seven days of sunshine in the afternoon and then the fork as models indicate just a slight chance for weather systems coming into the bay area. next weekend. is still and taken at the end and we're watching a slight chance of some range by next saturday. >> where one drawback with more on the same or no coverage with christie connolly it blows up the command center in chile back with us to talk to more about what is going on. it is great news for the rest is being told that some of them will be able to return today to the gnomes in stages. you'll be updating you on the art.
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>> your back is 856 any evacuee as will be without internet sometime which makes it difficult to get information. with kron4 news it will
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>> nothing more and other than food and clothing as the ability to communicate. a lot lost home office at&t's card to the rescue. date set up the table and are offering free internet access and there are also offering laptops for people to and they're using it to check e- mail and other people can watch tv and you can notice that people are using a laptop to pull up gugler to get the satellite view of their homes.
8:58 am
you get a potential future customers and they're trying to do the right thing. >> our coverage will continue to and including live reports from the command center. will we >> are back. the morning.
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recovering some are no gas explosion today some residents will be allowed to return to their homes all the people whose homes were severely distort or damage will be kept out. we're getting some mixed reports this morning on the number of people were killed in the blast. we know all this for people that
9:01 am
are confirmed dead. the number could be as high as seven. the county coroner says more remains have been found but officials or revise the number last net and a last check five to six people were reported missing this morning. pg&e are investigating people who claimed a small gas in the area. >> record to go live now into the christine connolly to get homeowners some great information and it wanted to own the go back home. >> their action allowed. >> is in some problems. as you
9:02 am
might want. >> think so oh, she's in the wrong place. when the fix that will get back to. >> basically what they're reported was that the setting admired in december no is a parking lot and will start moving back. apparently christine has fixed some of ago back there. >> ok so what we have learned here again in the news conference for relief and anxious residents of have been waiting since there is a to go back into their homes but some of them will be able to go back in their homes in the next three hours starting at noon. that is go ahead and roll some video here will surely of the import information we learned that the news conference. the residents of the lead back today and it will start at skyline college our residents are told to go to park land. lavin from noon till
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5:00 and they will escort some other residents back to their home. it will be happening in stages so the first page of their able to share this, and those are residences that live in homes toured as 1112191 is a drive into hundred to 250 as they drive and 812930 planned to drive. this is also on the website. let us take a listen to the city manager had to say about the process president of going through. >> at the processing center at skyline college to wristbands' will be issued for each address. along with the calls for up to two vehicles. this is so residents can enter with the assistance of family or friends and as they go back home. residents will be met at their homes by pg&e staff will be available and insuring the
9:04 am
safety of the agility of beach residents. >> and you know for a lot of these residents they can obviously then get into their homes. but the food that is inside your home. they have garbage cans and it cannot tell us, residents are went to the will to go back but they did explain that most of the residents are far away from the blast that have green tags on their home. it means that building inspectors have gone in and see that the house is safe and also some of the residents have be allowed to examine all which means there's some damage to the home or maybe there's no water damage of a home but they will wield so back against other belongings with it will appeal to stay there. those of one back and have granted a memo will deal to stay back in their homes and is very good news for them today. those that are closest to
9:05 am
the blast phone call we do not know exactly when they will need to go back of this city says that they will have a meeting for them at 10:00 a.m. and that is multi the senior center it is a um crystal springs dry. and the crystal springs road. >> of course this is high anxiety for people that are left homeless. as affected families trying to cut the pieces of their life that trends in safety board examines every piece of information try to figure exactly what caused the it explosion theory investigators say that more questions than answers at this plane but we're now getting a glimpse of the information that we have so far. jonathan blum has more >> here and simpler no the federal regulators told reporters about their first full day than the skitters called the deadly explosion. liz's segment
9:06 am
of pipe was 28 ft. long by 2 9 ft. diameter and that section of pipe blew up 100 ft. away from the sudden explosion due to the extreme pressure. the greater the happened as a results of the explosion was almost the size of an olympic swimming pool. all of the houses burned down to their chimneys and they say the pipe is not the solid sheet of metal but rather to pipes welded together and they think of that has a contributing factor to explosion. >> some this is one of her more the people in the neighborhood and sometimes say they smelt the gas of the several weeks so this of this special e-mail address on the screen. does anyone has
9:07 am
information to share. >> so this becomes interesting. group of pg&e and place have been examining a large pit and is adjacent to the fire area. pg&e are not commenting on the new credit brought to live with the extension of the pipeline. >> it could be high a risk pipeline. we'll be right back.
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the back drawing and the weekends the latest of block, however. because of the early morning accident it was caused by a long way driver his going northbound on the southbound side of highway 101 because of seven car accident. it resulted in two deaths. it happened about
9:11 am
3:00 this morning and visitors are still on the scene. the sec how this drivers on the runway is not known this morning over the traffic is still being affected an area. >> we're learning about some of victims who died in the explosion it includes a mother and father. 41 year-old jacqueline grade. ironically she was an analyst and part of the team that had at pg&e plan to upgrade the gas plan. her daughter was killed two. she was well liked said a priest and a church. to other members of their family brought back to school events. >> 21 year-old jessica died as well. she was at her boyfriend's house, there are going to watch a football game. take a look at
9:12 am
a total of the couple. he was badly burned and he tried desperately to savor the credit. his currently hospitalized in critical condition. >> 100 people wanted answer is go to next. there at the church >> for about an hour-and-a-half officials explained how they can return to their homes red cave homes and elative homes and having much trouble getting access today. we took to the president >>i (inaudible)
9:13 am
>> we heard in the press conference this morning will this mean time develop county funds in support for red cross and pg&e but president private called on them to tell the it could be available if needed.
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>> i've been there in the halls and my father and grandfather were working. they is ran away. they screamed and ran away. there's nothing at the time. my mother and grandmother and my younger brother were in the house and there's a loud blast and in brooklyn there will live from the host. i think my house is all gone. there's nothing left. the fireplace is the only thing standing there. that is
9:18 am
all right because my family is fine. >> is nearly 37 homes leveled by the blast. dozens of other houses have seen less demonstrated printer 15 a.. >> here's a moment that shows how frustrated the homeowners are pre we had one man to ignore the police and walked right past the checkpoint. this is a couple of hundred of yards from the checkpoint. when he came back the officers would not let go back and see ignored them there's no word whether the homeowner was arrested. >> one of the people's homes burned to the ground his home when the gas line exploded, his
9:19 am
has is that the explosion site. his third degree burns to his head, arms and legs. he might need to go out plastic surgery on his ear. his wife and daughter were not home at the time of the explosion >> house is burning up, i was on fire. the grass on the lawn was hundred 50 degrees. my shoes melted. it took him off and i ran with no shoes the rest of the way. i told myself i cannot go anymore. i started walking into i can't deal with it. and my neighbors had two babies in the hand in his bleeding everywhere. nobody was saying anything. there was no words, no get out. is like a new killer bomb went off. it is the most
9:20 am
amazing thing i've ever experienced. i just know that in one more minute it was over. >> he participated at the 1988 olympics. he is now planning on the canadian football league and all the medals and awards and memorabilia that he and his son one more lost in the fire. >> when this switch gears here and take a look at the lab bridge. this tranquil and mom and >> brian baker is for tells all about. >> it is a nice day for today an abundance of sunshine and temperatures are not as warm as yesterday appeared a lot of places to the bay got up to these in the '60s and '70s on bass said. it is 80s inland and sunshine and the sky is starting to cloud up for tonight as the
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fog makes a comeback. it goes into the bay area. for tomorrow morning we reported to have fought all over the place for the bay and into east bay balance in dallas and south bay as well will take some time to clear. tomorrow and today's mostly sunny and because of the expense of fog tomorrow temperatures will continue to close laugh and the beginning of next week. also a fairly mild program until next week. monday through friday. at the beach today a lot of clouds was some mix of sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures are in the low to mid '60's however 70's it's not too strong credit here are our temperatures sports hall warmer a historic debate. the sabres will keep the temperatures in check and we're
9:22 am
not get terribly warm. we noticed some orange color security their presents readings knees bent double pockets and 80s in the south. it's 60s in the '70s your debate. the allies for sunday. look for 77 and set up by all 76 this afternoon. deerfield said francis the cool ocean there will keep things cooler. berkeley and oakland stanley interest in danville and simplon and 85 degrees. san jose is closing in at 80 degrees marginal in your seven there on the bay and cooler than the
9:23 am
average starting on monday. those readings and are generally lower 80s and low 60's and '70's to the bay. it is a pretty decent amount of morning fog with sunshine and the afternoon and the forecast models indicate just a slight chance of a weather system. next weekend and it is way out a lot of things to happen. the appeal of his slight chance for rain. on saturday. >> appear it back with more on kron4 news
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it is 926 and the national news in washington there's a large t party rally. there's 100,000. the organizers calling attention to the government's
9:27 am
run amok. the general election in november. >> from the bottom to the gulf of mexico to the center of the investigation. there you see it. the crews did raise it from the sea floor and took it to shore. investigators in your loans are trying to figure out what a little of millions of gallons of crude oil to-. >> had is a live update a news conference. >> also run to study before and after pictures. we long kron4 news.
9:28 am
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i've thises kron4 news morning. and we're back with our continuing coverage simple souls were severely damaged their for people confirmed dead however in the press conference that it is distorting that they have found the remains of the explosion. at last check for six people are still reported missing. >> required to go live to christine carly this live and make reports to the hot spots of the search teams we have a lot of difficulty accepting the area. proceed is going to bring this up to date and talk about the press conference. and is
9:31 am
still leading is in confusion in the dark. >> yes. we're getting the very latest information here at the command center in still at the news conference there's a lot of confusion about the death toll in the incident appeared as a talk about a little some video jury this team. now the san mateo county coroner's office is conducting on and additional salt remains the place to work on that the blast and by human in the death toll was seen in several times for they're saying that this season for bodies and three of them have been positively i.d.. but still listen to what the quarter had to say. >> we have found remains at location of where or to process any information we will know the
9:32 am
four fatalities and we've discovered amid yesterday's at a location where the process of doing testing. i will not discuss word is located. >> they're not it is the tallest much at this point but we're hoping that they will have more information about the skeletal remains possibly later today. there's been in other news conference scheduled for 2:00. the search continues. some residents are allowed to re- enter into their homes. but a scud and roll some video of the import information you need to know about 3 in.. so the processing is happening at college and they're told to go to lot " m " not all of the residents will deal to go back but some of them who are far away from or further away from
9:33 am
the blast art happening in stages, starting with the addresses you see here 111-191 estate drive, 200-250 as they drive 81-931 drive. this is the first page. it will be other stages some moms are green tags because they're deemed safe. those residences will deal to go back and stay in their home but is not everyone. their homes have been taken and some are closer to the glass on and those people will not be able to go back today and it would be several days before they are allowed to go back and assess the damage because it is still a continuing crime scene. there will be a meeting tomorrow for those residents at 10:00 a.m.. if you need more information the city of san marino said go to our website. there's more information listed they're afraid for kron4 news and i am chris in cali. kron4 news
9:34 am
>> they give course they'll keep on top. over the latest. the force in december no last really takes home when used to look at the before and after. but before it shows in the tree-lined street and not the dark clean the area. always win. you see your homes once stood also some 37 homes demolished and the other severely damaged. this is the epicenter at the explosion is being determined if it is safe for people to return and many of them will deal to return this afternoon. >> also have surveillance video far from where the explosion happened. watch the folks here. people start moving towards the door and duck for cover and what
9:35 am
they felt. one man slipped and fell when he tried to run to the door. barry's same period of that's not the one they're this. his is anxious to get out side of the will of his face. , they do not know whether to go in a row. sale of kron4 news. including press conference. we'll have more coverage.
9:36 am
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9:38 am
we're back. pg&e is expected to inspect the damage. we're trying to figure what building the road will do. pg&e has holes $1
9:39 am
billion byron insurance to cover incidents like this explosion however the l.a. times reports that that might not be enough money. an investigation finds that there negligent. day it smelt gas that area the days to get to the and the eight were viewing and contacts to seal the gas well. >> we have the ability to go back and catalog and now that (inaudible) >> documents by the associated
9:40 am
press said pg&e it submitted paperwork about 2 1/2 miles away >> one of the positive stories in the middle of this catastrophe was the community reaction of helping and in all forms of this tragedy. many agencies and volunteers take their we can to help those in need. >> (inaudible) for the people have lost so much of an impact of well this. >> not as good but blood. you want to help with the urging you to donate blood. to limit the number on your screen. get in touch with them the number is 88-393-4983. type o negative is most needed. >> learn more a press
9:41 am
conference and back used to go back to their homes we have that information coming to some
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
residences that were evacuated on thursday will be allowed to return to their homes later today. and building inspectors have already inspected 374 homes. of those they gave 315 houses and green tent. those homes have no apparent damage of families can return today. people that live in those houses can return but only to pick up their belongings. and then there are 49 houses and they are either destroyed or extensive damage and it will appeal to return.
9:45 am
>> earlier this morning city officials that the press conference. as of yet to say. >> well wanted to reassure the taken aback their proper water and services their handling them one by one to restart appliances. >> lows that cannot go back today what message would be sent to them, when mike to build look at? >> that is a good question asked it is for safety of the residents. their main concern
9:46 am
another safety. let some difficult informations this is our glass say to. physically but mentally in fact look at their kitchen window is card to be hard, very different for residents. >> those that my beat faster is confusion over how many are missing in the death toll it with that? >> it is sort of a moving target and the french text are born to be worked on. we have identified the place of our achievement and but remains. he
9:47 am
said it was blasted it as of yet to understand that there are a lot people such as identifying its more than that. >> the giants want to help the ones that aren't affected their donating to the victims of the san bruno fire. they'll also be collecting donations >> the mother my beat shifting use look it, already the weather is changing the is such a beautiful day yesterday but the goal be ok discuss a little bit of information is are the morning. >> there's changes of hit. and a
9:48 am
good seven morning to an abundance of sunshine and temperatures are not as warm as yesterday that one up to 80s in the '60s and '70s bay said today. sunshine is endicott up there is a come back into the bay area. the fall all over the place and in the bay, east bay valley and south bay as well. 06 and have a clear. for tomorrow. is nice and sunday and will continue to cool off into the beginning of next week. it is a mile pattern for next week. monday through friday at the beach today a lot of clouds and bricks and sunshine in the afternoon. low to mid '60's
9:49 am
however 70's for santa cruz. >>. temperatures of 10:00 a.m. its '50s and '60s and '70s and yellow and we have warming readings today. the sea breeze keeps the temperature checked it and it is not where to get terribly warm. there's a large color here in the spread that represents a couple of pockets and love '60s and '70s endure the highest per cent. look for 77 + n f i l and 76 this afternoon fairfield and san francisco 67 to the cool ocean air will keep things a little cooler for today and upper 60s
9:50 am
and low 70's berkeley and oakland and rebel and send me interrupt. make 80s on the east valley and san ramon want to creek 77 milpitas pesetas a closing in and argue all high of 83, were born to stay cooler than average for the next several days starting monday and those meetings generally reveilles upper 60s loss of lives on the bit. will going to the next seven is essential in the afternoon and then in the forecast models indicating just the slight chance of a weather system coming into the bay area and next weekend. it is still callisto. slit dress parade but
9:51 am
saturday. >> okay thank you. news around the bay of body was found and is been positively identified as frederick sales the body is the 35 year-old where his father ricardo was found last week. police believe that both men were killed by efferent and he was shot and killed by police. his girlfriends of the trans lived in the same ugly is home and her body was found in the trunk. >> 90 'til of the detained hiker they have granted her release for health reasons. the lawyer says he is sure to leave. here she is meeting with her mother. and it is, officials say that there were up not able to
9:52 am
release it because of incomplete legal papers. they have find two men were they sought to stand trial. >> were aboard the right back with a live report from kristin, let the command center.
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our we're back to want to go live now christine connally is at the command center giving us the latest on the gas line in an explosion. good morning christine >> well to date city officials just a few hours ago were releasing the reentry planned and that is when it happened at noon today. a lot of the residents are coming up throughout the morning at the red cross truck getting permission about the planned for today. that is wet and roll some video. and show you were there
9:56 am
parking lot " and " it is still homes with a green tags mean they're safe to re-enter and also some residents that yellow tags on the home which mean that they may not have water or may not be completely stable. there will be will sue the belongings and this is happening in stages. the first stage is one of lemon and to 50 is a drive. the rest is all screwed. this is happening in stages reporting live by christine connally for kron4 news. >> ok kristin think he's so much. >> more and kelly shows us that the bourse system residence. at&t has as a temporary shelter. >> this is a memorial red center and it is a temporary shelter for the evacuees it immediately after the disaster
9:57 am
now out side concede this tent city. their representatives of all of the major insurance companies. here is state farm for a aaa. this is the site for people to come and file their claims of the concerts during their lives back in order. it is not just insurance a company is barred companies offering their services to get people back on their feet. the remodeling company. the offer to take care fire smoke and water damage. where several of these companies as of stuff. maureen kelly for kron4 news. let us to wrap things up by mark gonzales on >> i'm isabel. if you want more inflation but the blast please go to our web site. you'll see next week. albite by
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