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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  September 14, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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live from where a news conference is set to begin in about half an hour. take. >> were moments away from the news conference federal investigators have been updating us every day around 5:00 p.m. with the latest that they've learned today. this is the fourth day they've been on seen here in yesterday's and today would be staged with the investigation will be conducting interviews to pour over some of the documents that have been given to them by pg&e. the last night i attended a meeting and at a nearby church where many of their residence in the area went to that church and really got to fire their questions at officials and investigators. some of the information that came out of the meeting last night took about an hour and 45 minutes for pg&e to turn off the gas to the pipeline the day of the blast. also fino was on hand at the meeting last night and said they finished conducting their assessment of the disaster zone. why is that significant?
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if the governor decides to ask the president to declare this seemed a federal disasters only will the that assessment done by the months which if it is declared federal disaster zone it could mean additional money coming in especially for those who had their homes destroyed or damaged and needed to rebuild. that's the latest from san bruno we will bring to the press conference which should start in about half an hour as soon as it happens. reporting live in san bruno kate thompson kron 4 news. >> today for the first time the people of the first responded to the san bruno fireball are speaking out about their experiences. christine conley was there and she joins us live with the latest. >> bill tell you it's just their job but when you hear their amazing stories you know the first responders are truly heroes. more than to enter people came your help in a fireball exploded in they've been here since thursday. a live look here you could see the work that's going on now. those are pg&e crews trying to restore
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power to people in the neighborhood. are going to pan over now show you what's going on as we speak we just noticed these people arrive at has not suits that are sifting through the rubble as the investigation continues. a lot of crews to load here we are now just beginning to hear some of the first responders stories. let's take a listen to what one of the police officers had to say. i was on call but off-duty at the time i looked out i saw the smoke, the flames and i knew i had to go. i was thinking to myself i knew what i don't a lot of people that lived in that particular neighborhood i basically grabbed the first for law enforcement personnel people wearing anything that had anything to do with law enforcement to come with me and started doing the evacuations on the house is going down the hall. thinking we have to get this close to the flame is possible without us getting
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burned to. , and we just got down there as close as we can started knocking on doors and forcing doors open and going out the back door of one particular house feeling the flames that was very, very hot to. and thinking we just have to start working backed up the hill because were getting too close. yet remember the police officers they didn't have fire protective gear on them they're going as close as they could to try and make sure the people are getting of their homes and in some cases helping them grab whatever they could to get them out as quickly as they could. it just some amazing stories were hearing will more for you on kron 4 news reporting live in san bruno kron 4 news. >> the fourth victim in the explosion and killed it this is the one year-old elizabeth torres she died in the fire which consumed a san bruno home. three other relatives were also seriously hurt. they were still
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in the hospital burn injuries. according to property record stepfamilies home was just yards from the source of the blast. police say the three people still missing are now presumed dead. for friends and neighbors to a been searching for them that news it is difficult to the case. jonathan blum spoke to a 17 year-old high-school student how he's coping with the likely death of his friend and classmate. along with william's father and grandmother. >> try and look for them at the rec center we went to the senior center we tried calling a cellphone but it was a deadline. >> much hope to have this point? >> it has been five days i have some hope but not very much. most of our friends have gone to the morning staged a more preach pretty shocked that this happened. >> are you morning or you're holding a glimmer of hope.
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>> i think i'm pretty much morning as of now i still have a little bit of hope but i'm pretty shook up about it. >> there has been destroyed. >> there house was right next door the blast was in the way the wind was blowing the house caught on fire immediately. >> to know if there were home on the fire >> > to appeared i know will in love on would of been home to an action when these pictures of the house the bonds car and the surface father's car was there. if it was 10 minutes later they would've been gone. it's really crushing to me if it were 10 minutes later or maybe earlier what a flat wooden of happened. it's really sad. >> one-family lucky enough to escape unscathed by the explosion found a different
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problem they returned find their homes intact to of unrealized it had been burglarized during their evacuation. dave >> talk to the > appeared jody was showing a san bruno police officer the rooms were someone had broken into the house and still in small but irreplaceable belongings like for engagement and umm... wedding rings. >> it's in their loans. >> it's going to be hard to value on that jury >> to talk about the emotional roller coaster that in writing on since thursday's >> explosion> we are ready so glad to be able to come back to house having anxiously waited for three days. were really glad the firehouse was in relative good shape than all the sudden i hear that jody's already screaming how we've been robbed. from there just awful feeling just been on pins and needles of old-time sense explosion
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happened in waiting and then we get back in our house and we have this happen to us. it's an additional saying it's unbelievable. >> both of them had birthdays and anniversaries within the last month. the burglar was able to take if cards and gift certificates along with jewelery and small items that could be carried out easily >> this report is they took our passports mine, my husband's and my three children and both of our social security cards. we had wallops with leftover credit cards in things. my checkbook everything. >> sambar police say they've received if you have their reports of burglaries in the area but not have linked ass burglary to any others pending their investigation. in san bruno kron 4 news.
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>> stay with kron 4 news as we continue our coverage of the san bruno gas line explosion and you can head for website at there you can find how you how you can help to make donations. still ahead will hear more of the dispatch recording from the first minutes of the explosion >> to amateurs warming a little bit over the next couple days but we do have a chance of showers in the forecast both riding saturday off both forecast of those details in a few minutes.
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sunny skies bay area wide this afternoon and warmer captures still in the south bay temperatures into the low to mid-70s. our inland spots are near 80 degrees. in to the '70s in the north bay as well. 63 and san francisco but still cool close to the coastline or resell faulting on this afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow going to continue to warm a little bit will still see the fog but we
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have warmer dryer air building and. sunday five sanders called tomorrow, 78 in nassau, 77 san jose in '80 and loss gatos. we have major changes for this weekend. future cast tracking rain in to the north bay, the afternoon into overnight saturday morning. the better chance for the rest of the bay area comes on saturday during the day. it's still a couple of days off so bring you better details on this tomorrow but it looks pretty likely will see some rain on the friday in the north bay and some rain for the rest of the bay area on saturday. temperatures will cool these two days but as we head into next week will start see warming. stay with this will be right back after this.
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the memorial has appeared at the corner of the emerson street in berkeley. it is set up to honor a chilean man who shot multiple times early sunday morning by
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two robbers as he neared his home just blocks away. he was walking with his fiancee who was beaten as well but survived. he moved to berkeley while waiting for his fiancee to finish her graduate studies. he was a boat builder and a dedicated soccer fan he died of this 35th birthday no suspects have been arrested as of yet. a man was seriously injured when a boat he was on hit some rocks near the richmond shore line. he'd see the boat being pulled up one man fell overboard the coast guard rescue team managed to pull him from the water and no one else on board the boat was injured. san francisco city supervisors are one step closer to approving an alcohol tax. today the board passed first reading of the measure the tax would bring and $15 million a year. that money would pay for the ambulance and hospital costs of transporting in treating people were drunk. it would also fund alcohol abuse treatment programs. mayor gavin
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newsom newsome has pledged to beef up the measure. the new honda is rolling off of this cargo shipper the first to arrive at the port of richmond. cars i used to be shipped to san diego or portland are now ship to richmond. honda and the richmond celebrated their rival today along with the team. it they'll gain jobs on loading those new automobiles. honda will also pay the facility that was built for the project they will collect fees of $5 million a year for the next 15 years. >> in california is a couple of wild fires to tell you about. we have one west of los angeles and did threaten some homes for while of the crews got to look quickly they were able to put it out. a fire in the southern sequoia forest is still growing now 1 is 3 days old it's burned about 4,000 a. only about 10 percent contained no one has been injured. i camera in a liquor store capture the scene from saturday night and when you
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see there's a car about thailand through the glass window and door the store it's a white car which you see from another ankle but that had been pushed into the store by and ask you the. you can see the man running upside his wife and child and the white car moments earlier the driver of the sec had also hit a bicyclist according to police who guided the scene. the woman and child in the car were ok charges have been filed against a man driving the as he carried governor supports bigger is in japan he made a short trip on the bullet train today he liked what he saw he described a high-speed system its very quiet futuristic. japanese officials were delighted he showed an interest off their trying to sell their technology to other countries. california's one of 13 u.s. district planning high-speed railway systems in the coming years. back to our developing story on the san bruno gas line explosion. after the smoke clears what happens to all those affected vicki lynn of the act
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as caught up with the mayor of san bruno as each day he was face to face with the victims of the tragedy. >> >> this community shelter sambar knows their checks in with volunteers and victims of the big blast that killed some neighbors and made others homeless. >> we have few roles coming up at the end of this week and next week. there's a lot of stuff happening. >> the healing process has started >> these are the same people that i knew at church on sundays. the same people at the grocery store, the same people that stockton on the street and said i don't need to bother you but i have a bottle in front of my house. i feed it to feel like you want to cry and i did it so emotional because in one instant the people that she knew worries aren't not there and gone forever where their entire lives were changed. they lost our homes and lost everything completely. some of the big
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emotional hit is over a dozen and a brass this will never enforced assess changer community >> forever> >> we now have the audio recordings of the emergency to indications between the dispatch and the fire crews in those first frantic moments of the san bruno gas on explosion listen in. >> were headed north on expressway it there's a large firepa about a 50 ft. flame in e air pureepureedits approximatele redwood city san carlos border it's a 50 ft. flames. >> there's a plane down were getting multiple responses about it.
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>> we've got multiple hausas, we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. you're going have to start hitting it with on this outside of the main fireball. >> engine 11, were on scene we have vehicles involved and on the shoulder. set up from the south of the fire there's a lot of heat to the north. let's go ahead and call this 24 i see. >> 2700 block >> i'm sure that as part of the far launch's carry on scene now will give you further when i get there. >> to listen to all of the audio dispatches you can add to or website we have a
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programming note to tell you about this thursday nbc will air the giants game and kwan will air nbc programming. at 8:00 p.m. fee can catch this season premiere of the apprentice. it will be followed by a special edition of the kron 4 news at 10:00. i checked out side of traffic on this tuesday this is in san francisco the top of your screen people trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge but it is moving at a crawl. moving a bit battered but still slow for this tuesday evening commute. we'll be right back.
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good catch, dad. [ laughs ] you may need a prescription to purchase common cold medication our web producer kimberly tells us more about this move. >> according to the fda it was last year that more than 8000 people that were mostly teams were treated in emergency rooms for abusing over-the-counter cough suppressants. in order to
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control the substance the fda is considering whether they should make these medicines into prescription drug. officials are saying teens are using large amounts of cough syrup to get high and these kids at tuesday's suppressants the role likely to mix prescription drugs and it's a deadly combination if enough is taken blood pressure in body temperature. to read all about the fda's potential who visit our whats on the web section on >> a live look good side from our roof cam over downtown san francisco gorgeous sunny skies and warm temperatures this afternoon still cool along the coastline because of the fog but to, warmer in when low 80's for the most part. if the '70s in the north bay and '70s at the degrees along the bay shore and '70s in the south bay. the warming trend will continue over the next couple days thursday will be our peak warm day before we get the chance of rain and a
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forecast friday and saturday. we are getting a chance for re will talk about that more coming up in a bit the news at 5 is coming up stay with us. male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00. this 30 in. steel pipe is at the center of the explosion investigation and san bruno. today he's headed to washington d.c. to be analyzed the pipe was installed more than 50 years ago that was years before homes were built above the pipe and years before the explosion. federal authorities acted investigation live on our air. also we hear from responders about the moment following the explosion. and we talked to one neighbor whose home was looted after the fire was out. >> first year is the latest from the authorities in san bruno. it they are still searching for


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