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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 17, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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cockpit flight 432 heading from phoenix to now we have had to stop in san francisco this evening because of smoke in the cockpit. at last for the smoke is dissipating you could see crews around the plane right now we don't know how many passengers were on board and crewmembers we don't have they're doing we have sent a crew to the scene will bring the latest as we get it. moving on now deadly crash of auto claims a life of a high school students for others were involved in the crash to were seriously injured it happened just before noon police say alcohol containers were found in the bmw that the teens were driving any see the big rig involved. investigators and now looking into whether was a factor in the crash. kron 4 talk to students at novato high school about the accident. >> i notice but it's horrible it's not a good thing for certain matter who is at 010 pin died it's terrible. >> by high-school students were
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traveling on google street debut this is the curve for the bmw crashed into the big rig. that's take this fall you can see that curve and when we went over this around a little bit and go back over here you could see this as nevada boulevard where this happened police are saying speed was a factor as much as 80 mi. per hour and you can see this long stretch of roadway were that bmw would of been able to get some speed going then try to make this kerf and crashed. investigators still trying to determine know why the san bruno pipeline exploded last week the snagging of this gigantic fireball this morning crews were clearing some of the rights of the red tag homes. kate thompson is live in several tonight. kate. >> with learned a lot about what: going forward with the clean up. you can see here these barriers which drove in the neighborhood everything behind barriers has been red tagged or completely destroyed. he can see this all over here which is lucky to still be standing they
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boarded up the windows to keep people from breaking and entering. as we show you more this is fair much rise you can see how the chinese are just dotting the streets here the only thing that's left standing from this home which has been completely destroyed. we have video to show you how of the neighborhood will and no homes and burned out cars. oakland with the cleanup was said today by samper officials is that residents will be able to hire their own contractor to come in and clean up the properties or they can sign up with the county. the county will have a contractor come in and clean up as much as possible. dearly as of this clinical start is wednesday that's when the county says bill have the contractor on site. also they say they can clean up about one property a day and with 37 home destroyed it rented properties that could take more than a month to get this entire blast zone cleared. when it comes to paying for this cleanup the cowboys said anyone who signs up for with them the
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county will be footing the bill for and will figure out how to pay for it. if people go out on their own they will not receive money from the county to help clean up their property. reporting live in several kate thompson kron 4 news meanwhile gas carrying several but officials say there's no indication there's a leak this is after crest more elementary was evacuated. your looking at video parents picking up their kids after the evacuation teachers say the small gas in their classroom school officials notified pete she knew right away recommended evacuation. it was the second school evacuation interest today's. in crespo valley and other gas scare after pg&e gas line was cut their construction crews accidently cut the libel working at st. upgrades as a precaution a temporary shelter in place for our lady of grace school was only in effect for about 30 minutes until the line was shut down. another attack of the park regents department in walnut creek this time police
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say 27 year-old woman was sexually assaulted by 6 ft. tall white man in his 20s who forced his way into her home. investigators say they don't think it's related to the series of attacks in recent months. jonathan blum has a look into the investigation. >> >> when police arrested the suspected rapist last month president told us they were relieved now that suspect still in jail this latest sexual assault has many residents shaken up. >> the has to get this under control there's one like myself that live along that need to feel safe. my dog isn't going to protect me from attack obviously trade >> would you make that this is the same type of crime that these same type of >> for perplexed were unnerved like the residence and i can assure you were doing everything we can try and solve this case and its own in custody. >> we make that is another result in the same place. >> it can be unrelated there's something about this area that's causing an attraction for
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violence. >> fellow essence say they think it's the buildings themselves. >> it has the pockets of igor in one corner you can hear a lot back there and you could definitely have something happen without anybody seemed carried >> what would make you feel safe. >> getting a secure call box. >> the park regents he has a call box by you don't have to use to convert good side and walk around the gate to get in. the owners say they close off the front walkway like they did in the back with these wrought iron doors but the clerks could still get in by hopping across the stage from the apartment next door. the owners have hired more security to guards at all time and they say they're considering new surveillance cameras. >> the rethinking your decision to live here? >> no not yet. >> oakland police are investigating a bank robbery in oakland the show you a picture of the suspects now it happened at the bank of america to 02 igorot this is september 4th
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please see the suspect one side and give a note to the teller demanding money the suspects picked described as a black woman 5 ft. 6 in. tall and a survey finds workers in chinatown are getting paid less than minimum wage the chinese progressive association team double city departments to document working conditions and chinatown where the 400 restaurant workers were surveyed saying they're getting paid less and minimum-wage. nearly 27 percent said they made 625 an hour or less more than 40 percent surveyed said worked more than $40 a week. a live look aside from the bay bridge toll plaza and ominous looking picture with the clouds continuing disagreement over oakland. if we are seeing a storm approached from the north that's not really the main thing were responsible for the cloud cover. the storm well defined appeared to the north you can see rain starting up in oregon and northern california of the first band of rain is breaking up as it approaches the bay
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area but there's a second one here is that said to push through this we can all play on the train is going to follow what is going ahead and coming a bit. >> a live look at sfo this is a plane that had an emergency landing 50 to 20 minutes ago or so after smoke was reported in the cockpit we have a crew headed to the scene will bring in delays as we get it.
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live out to sfo the plant in the middle of your screen u.s. airways flight 432 had made it could emergency landing we're live at sfo can you tell us what happened. >> there's been an emergency landing here the flight u.s. air way for 32 was supposed to be going from phoenix to mallee but around 5:00 the crew reported
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to smoke in the cockpit and they landed here sfo pureed the smoke i understand has dissipated and there were no reports of injuries everybody is supposedly doing o.k. so what happens you know they're waiting for plain where they can take the passengers to now we. >> alright think he's so much moving on now. i do approve today has greeted the world's largest airline shareholders voted to approve the deal during shareholder deals and show houston and chicago. it clears the way for the $3 billion stocks to close in about two weeks it's likely going to be some time before you and i will notice a difference before we fly continental air the airline will be called united based in chicago and run by continental seal. >> a storm said it impact the bay area this weekend rain not looking likely until sunday.
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were going to get an increase in moisture and cloud cover so it's going to feel pretty much keep out there tomorrow afternoon. there's a slight chance of showers in the north bay i think it's more likely into sunday of that work should go to see rain. cooler temperatures prevailed and sunday temperatures cooling down of the low seventies inland and mid-60's will the bay and upper 60s along the coast. storm tracker 4 radar the first band is rainshowers well to the north of us but it's breaking apart as it approaches the bay area. but stick a water view the storm its well-defined up to the north to concede the initial band right here the second band is going to swing by tomorrow into early sunday and that's when were going to see our rain. let's check out in future cast 4:00 a.m. sunday slight chance near the north initialed band of rain here is going to look pretty uniform but watch as 8:00 in the morning pushes into the bay area. it starts to break up become a little were scattered. like showers expected in the
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north bay and south of the golden gate as we head into the new our ridings taper off to sing a few showers here in the north bay and and on by the afternoon. to keep those plants to the afternoon. it will still be cloudy but at least it will be dry. rainfall total very in quite a bit in the north bay. and the bench in central bay east bay will see much in the south bay if any at all to traces appeared our extended forecast rain will be the store this weekend, the conditions as well cooler temperatures will prevail if the as we head into next week dryer and slightly warmer weather is expected. >> the north bay coastal mountains were showers are expected also happened to happen to wine country will kron 4 rob explains the early rain could be bad news for much of the still ripening wine grape crop.
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>>wine growers around the region are keeping an eye on the sky and over here on their grape this week and for parts of the bay area and the santa cruz mountains but we'll come right now. this vineyard in saratoga has bird netting right now to keep the birds out thats a sign that grapes are starting to ripen, but if you taste one of a bit tart right now so that ways to go several more weeks, perhaps any kind of rain and moisture that's only going to slow the process down. ideally october, but that could change depending on how much rain we actually get. grapes don't like moisture as a rule, it may get inside the clusters and rot the fruit from the inside out. the harvest of chardonnay and savignon and other white grape varieties are already underway in some vineyards as growers look to get a crop in ahead of this of course comes on top of it already unseasonably cool summer that has the grapes already a couple of weeks behind schedule. in saratoga rob kron 4 news. this just in we got
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more of an arrest in a deadly novato car crash that happened this afternoon. if we have video to show you of the accident. there is a high school student was killed in the crash there's the bmw involved we just learned the driver of the bmw has been charged with felony d y and other related charges to causing great bodily harm is done to the debate team so we did not have his name but there were five of all high-school students in that car several of them were taken to local hospitals and one was killed. world news the 33 e trapped chilean miners walk and a visitor today rescue teams open a new board told the chamber were they've been living since august 5th 2,000 ft. underground. it's the best news yet for the land and during the sixth week underground the board shaft is 12 in. wide but it's a big improvement on the smaller holes that it been used to deliver food water and medicine. the next up is to widen the
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whole to 26 in.. the miners will have to clear the tons of debris as its widen once this stage is completed inside the six weeks still be of little or rescue cager bring the minors one by one the cage is likely to be a tight fit should these minor minister and they may have to be blindfolded even sedated to avoid panicking during the ride to the surface. just a few days ago officials were saying it would take two and a half hours to bring a single letter to the surface but installed new ones which could shorten the trip to 10 minutes. on the second day of pope added six visit to britain they've arrested six people on a suspected terrorist plot against him. so far no charges are expected to no changes are expected to to pull bendix schedule. let's take a live look outside and voids foggy of their the golden gate bridge slow moving in both directions fog in the bridge and then moving over
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to the san mateo bridge nice and smooth and both directions. will the rig that.
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time now for tech talk with gabe slate. >> it looks a little strange it has the glowing or on top but it works it's accurate when he moved around your movements will pick up and translated into the game on your tv screen in front of you. the move as an add-on to the police station three for $100 to get the motion sensor controller the move and the place station i that's it's on top of your television i center to pick up the new movement. the i also has a video camera built didn't shooting your image and having your image into the game and that's the biggest difference between the move in the week. the certain games still see yourself on your tv holding different objects using in the game the images superimposed and looks very realistic and looks like you're
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holding the thick thing. he's an editor of the a video game our preview an editorial website he got an advance to review it from sunny and has been fine with the move for a while now. it's called how yourself in the game seeing yourself to this and the actions that you feel it's instead of seeing her racket in your hand so does everything as advertised and i think it's it's a nice complement to people who already own a place dish and three of them might have yet were children that once some of the we staff but amy mom died does a lot of by a week. you get this to get the best of both worlds. even though mobile apps are rising web producer what kimberly does is about a study that shows many are even using the apps that they have. the research center to study the fell one in three adults have a cell phone with applications but of those only 35 percent have applications to play games,
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listen music or browse the internet and of those that have those gaps only about 24% use them. researchers found people are far less interested in applications and they aren't using the funds to take pictures to send and receive text messages and access the internet. tax experts do say this could change over the next few years or the next few months. to read all about the study visit our whats on the web section on a live the good side from our roof cam over downtown san francisco sunbreaks in the clouds but they are streaming in a storm sitting offshore will talk all about it coming up the news that six is next.
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00 now at 6:00 a teenager killed for their sent to the hospital after the car they were and collides with a big rig truck both lanes of novato boulevard
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were closed due to the crash the driver of the card has been arrested. this capital little bit before noon on a bottle boulevard you can see it marked your honor not. kron 4 reggie is live in nevada with the reaction to the tragedy. >> nevada boulevard was closed for several hours today after the deadly crash. it has reopened and traffic is moving smoothly at this point. the crash happened at the curved area of nevada boulevard. that's words where it all went down we do have new observation regarding the driver of the bmw like you mentioned he is under the age of 18 and has been arrested for felony d y and causing great bodily harm. were also told he was driving without a license now kron 4 jeff bush tell us how the accident happened. >the crash happened just before where traveling westbound. police say the car was traveling at an estimated speed. of 80 mi. an hour on a
6:01 pm
road with 56 m.p.h. speed. witnesses say the car lost control going around the corner and spun out in the path of a big rig carrying a load of cattle which was traveling in the opposite direction. the rig and the car collided and the bmw was knocked into a nearby field. one of the occupants died instantly at the scene, two others transported to the hospital by helicopter and the other two were carried off in an ambulance. the occupants of the bmw were all high-school age and went to novato high. officers say in addition to speed, alcohol might have been a factor because containers were found in the car. it shut down novato blvd. for most of the day while police investigated the accident. the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries the whole ordeal. in novato jeff bush kron 4 news. all five teams involved in the accident went novato high-school you see the school there. investigators tell me all of the teens are under the age of 18 and again mentioned earlier that team driver did not have a license on
6:02 pm
him at the time of his accent. please are not releasing the names of the victims because they are minors. we're told the family of the victim that was killed in the accent has been notified. live in novato kron 4 news. our viewers are reaching out with condolences on and are twitter and face book fan pages. kimberly has a look at your comments. many are offering condolences but they're a lot of parents grandparents really expressing fears for their own kids. dennis on facebook road to a bb parents of the kid driving this is what makes me scared to have children. he to be the best parents the world, but once they fly for the nets their on their own. this one from he or she said she's in a bottle mom i speak not only for myself but for every parent out there that has teens periods kids, please, please slowdown. life is fragile my thoughts and prayers go to the families of the kids involved. our face book fan
6:03 pm
page is there is simply writes how heartbreaking. to read all about this fatal accident in novato and to leave us your thoughts visit >> new details uncovered in the san bruno gas line explosion and pg&e said it was concerned about liquid corroding for natural gas lines in the bay area. pg&e said it had those concerns last year the ntsb which is now heading of the investigation said it's looking to groschen as a possible cause the time last week's explosion and fire that killed five people and destroyed nearly 40 homes. crews began clearing some of the lots of their red tag homes along the ash has and tested the health department warns it could be tainted with toxic chemicals from the incinerated cars and homes. pg&e said its starting to get out thousands of dollars to residents to live in the area. kate thompson is live in san bruno. kate. >> new information at about one
6:04 pm
sambar note plans to do with this claim of you can see behind me of fairmont drive the homes and destroyed all of the breed that is been let sitting here since the blast. today loaders were given two choices they can hire the role contractor to clean up their property or they can sign up with the county will clean up the property and absorb the cost. >> for now out cars in the charred frame of homes destroyed during the gas line explosion have been moved. the area remains frozen exactly where it fell since the blast nearly nine days ago. >> to do on their own or give the option if they like to sign up and allow the county and state access to their property would be apt to go in there do it for them. >> group included one property a day it could take more than a month to remove all the parade. >> because for number of steps the these testing is done on the site at the end of the process each property will have a certification that indicates this property is safe and healthy and snow conditions and
6:05 pm
are mentally for what they want on the property. >> upset of the meeting residents were to get over their options like jose alvaro caring of the photos of his damaged home try to figure out what he's going to do. >> we don't know yet >> the county said how quickly this process moves depends on how fast residents sign up. the realistically of concern is one day nearly two weeks after the explosion >> there's absolutely safety concerns and don't have immediate health concerns in this material were to remain on site for a leak occurred of time it you could potentially have health concerns. >> as for is the clean up goes the county is going to take care of everything that's behind barriers like this which is all the homes that in red tape or destroyed. when it comes to homes that are near the blast site like the cells which are green tag and have had some smoke and water damage that will be up to the homeowner. kron 4 christine conley get a closer look at how some owners i started to clean up. >> this is to know her for a
6:06 pm
window looks right out into the glass all of the homes across the street no longer exist. amazingly our role is still standing with no major fire or water damage but smoke well that's another story. >> service procaine into sponges when the wake of the sponge to conceal line with the said its stuck on the wall. i couldn't see it until he showed me so there washing down all the walls, power washed villa outside to avoid a repeat. >> these giant fans with air filters are sucking the smoke ever home in his bedroom has been sealed off because crews are worried about fire debris that's fallen in from the roof. they are sure if it has asbestos and what to test it despite all of this harassment have been staying here. >> as tonights we stayed with the air purifiers to put to of them in the living room forecast and working from the back of the house and out. >> you can see crews clean this said and-off for furniture all
6:07 pm
of this clean up could take more than a week. >> while all this work is being done she said pg&e came by with no strings attached release check from the $100 million fund set up for victims said she's unhappy with the response. >> all we had a jewish dora de and out there going down the block and there doing it and efficient manner and to wonderful ladies. >> a memorial service held for victims of the gas explosion family friends gathering to remember jackie and her daughter janice us she was the eighth grader in san francisco class is for kids of today so students could attend the service. love one say the sudden death have made them realize the importance of cherishing every day. their service is planned for 20 year- old jessica morales was killed in the explosion it begins at 7:00 p.m. tonight funeral services will take place
6:08 pm
tomorrow at the church of the highland and morale is will be buried monday. three people are still listed as missing all members of the wallace family live yards for the stars of the blast. the coroner's office is examine the remains recovered from their home to confirm their identity but it could take several weeks before it's determined that there remains of this missing family members. steve kron 4 for continuing coverage of the san bruno gas explosion you can add to what set a or we have comprehensive coverage of the incident. piccinni gas line broken castro valley this morning fire fighters from alameda county what the scene of a busy street a fire official explains what happens. >> the firefighters arrived quickly to find that in fact there was a service line rpr president said that had been inadvertently broken by one of the construction crews that's working on street to upgrade. as
6:09 pm
a precautionary measure reissued a temporary shelter place for the school and that's just in order for 30 to 40 minutes so piccinni could successfully finished the line. >> the shelter places only issued for this school residents for not notified. >> storm tracker 4 radar a storm sitting in the north continues to protest the tail end of it that is carried it will affect us as we can of the complete forecast in just a few minutes.
6:10 pm
but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. and a deficit when he left. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners.
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walnut creek apartment complex has been a fourth assaults reported the chilly weather happening here at the park regents department services on a " road near 680. jonathan blum talk to residents about security at the complex jury >> authorities say it's happened
6:13 pm
again but they tell us this latest assault here at the park regents department in walnut creek is unrelated to the string of sexual assaults that ended a month ago with the rest of a man who is no currently sitting in jail. these are a hundred percent positive that this is a different assailant. if for the loss to explain why it's again happened to the same apartment complex. residents said we talked to said they're not feeling entirely safe and some told us it will feel safe until the security precautions are put in place. >> getting a secured a call box. the >> no one could just walk in. >> yes. a >> to get a sense are considering not. >> no i don't. >> the proper management would not talk to a spokesperson for the company told us they're considering additional security precautions including an upgraded some video surveillance system and putting a tent across the front of the complex right here currently pedestrians can walk into a pedestrian in to the complex without a key. the one not creep jonathan blum kron 4
6:14 pm
news. >> parts of forecast rain going to be a big story for this weekend may land sunday will time out on future cast coming weekend may land sunday will time out on future cast coming up in just a few minutes. time meg whitman told a lie weekend may land sunday will time out on future cast coming up in just a few minutes. her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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[ male announcer ] losing a tooth is a big deal at any age. that's why we offer dental coverage. blue shield. meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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big changes come into the bay to breakers starting next year people of not registered will be escorted off the course by police and private security the number people can register for the race will also be capped at 50,000. people should know >> if we need to will be more aggressive in the enforcement in the big consequences again it's not to be punitive it's to be safe and that's the issue. when guys are out there and they're completely wasted, and you have a kid in a stroller with a mom where you have a family of three or four year-old you all realize you have to be careful in the neighbors have a right to say hey it's my city to. >> for than 20,000 people finished the annual 12 k race from the san francisco bay to pacific ocean but some 70,000 of
6:18 pm
antenna notoriously body event that features wild costumes lots of cakes and alcohol has been banned >> from the the next year> the north bank was the mountains also happens to be wine country as kron 4 rob explained early rain could be bad news for much of the still ripening wine grape crop. >> they say that's not good for the grapes. the bird netting on this vineyard tells you that the fruit is beginning to ripen but still two to three weeks away october is typically a grape harvest time but this rain dissects the process back at least to the three weeks once more some varieties are very vulnerable to moisture it could get inside the fruit and action rock that the route from the
6:19 pm
inside out it also creates much in the vineyard and other problems for harvest like chardonnay and sauvignon are already coming in anticipation of these rain showers. in the worst-case scenario some great some inaccurate but all which means that for will simply be left of the vines and the crop loss for the season. this comes on top of an already unseasonably cool summer as the grapes already at least a couple of weeks can schedule. in saratoga rob kron 4 news he heard rob mention it the chance of rain this weekend half an inch would be too much for the vineyard it does not look like or what is that much it's good to be light rain expected this weekend. tomorrow's the clubs' demand and moisture streaming and so it will feel pretty lucky of there tomorrow. temperatures will cool as we head into sunday and cool even more as the rain moves in. it will be released and morning and again not all that heavy will take a look at it in just a moment. " the first line showers
6:20 pm
bring apart as it approaches the bay area and is up to one behind the deals that set to push in saturday into sunday a well- defined stormy sea to the north causing rain in oregon and california. here's what we can expect rain fall 4:00 in the morning light rain approaching santa rosa. did the initial band of rain you sit here at 8:00 in the morning look pretty uniform but watch as a pushes into the bay. it breaks up a little bit that 10:00 in the morning there's light green shaving over the north bay indicating light showers will continue in the north bay until noon you could see some of the shower still going. but the afternoon pushing out soar not expecting a lot of rain would this still be concerned with this were putting in to be thorough it surely going to get to the north and outdoor record to see that 1/4
6:21 pm
minutes for the rest of the north bay. no valley novato said rose the most of those guys is going to say a quarter of an inch. the central the state it's probably going to be too much about or putting in there to be thorough. in the south bay don't think will see a lot of rain in the street at all. looks like the showers late saturday early sunday as we move into next week dryer and a slightly warmer conditions are expected. >> united and continental airlines shared some pish. likely before passengers noticed difference combined airline will be called united it and will be based in san chicago. crews are working in the final steps to seal the well for good. they're pumping in cement right now after connecting the relief fall for the blown out while in the early in the week. it comes in hopes for a permanent fix which
6:22 pm
bp is expecting to be completed in less than 24 hours a day in more than four months since crews of try to stop the leak for good after the fatal we'll rick explosion carried the federal reserve said the net worth of your typical house has dropped by nearly $13,000 in the past three months. >>to figure your net worth you have to add up the value of everything you own. your house, cars, investments and to track everything owe, mortgage, credit cards and so forth. in 2007 that number was more than $563,000 for the average american family at the end of last june it dropped to 455,000. american family. down 12% in just three months. that in itself is making a recovery difficult since retail sales accounts for 70% of the economy. bullwhackers home who the new figures came as a bit of a shock to many investors in crime to the sell-off on wall
6:23 pm
street economists had predicted the net worth figures would rise not drop. it will be right back.
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in a spoof of the recent tea party rally in washington d.c. tv satire are going to hold these two long rallies on the national the day before the november election web producer kimberly is here to tell us about the rally. >>, he sent youtonight i announo restore sanity. see you october 30th as on the national mall spreading the timeless message taken down a notch. for america. >> and story john stored i will not take down a notch trade >> jimmy go pureed white >> fellow americans to scores of
6:27 pm
the four days from now on a october 30, 2010 i am calling for the nation to join me i'm on the washington mall of the march to keep fere a live. >> i love those do so funny because the event is right before the november 7th election political experts believe they could impact younger voters with these rallies. to read all about is doing rally is is our whats on the web section on and stay with us will be right back after this quick break.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
now led classroom tonight's big stories in one big block of new this moral cruz, more stories right now our top stories. >> in novato the team driver of the bmw was arrested for felony d y causing great bodily harm in driving without a license. investigators say the driver had four other passengers in the car with him the accident happened right over here this curb area of the bottle
6:30 pm
boulevard. investigators said the driver of the bmw lost control of the car and part of a cattle truck had somehow landed over there in that area for those passengers were injured two of them severely pared it to have minor injuries now all five teams are novato high school students and investigators say, alcohol played a role and they also believe speed may have been a factor. in san bruno homeowners will get two options as far as cleaning up their properties near the blast site. the 37 properties that were destroyed or red tag the county says that property owners can hire private contractor to do the cleanup for the county will be bringing in a contractor people consigned over control of their properties just for the clean up and that will be free of charge. if homeowners decide to hire private contractors they will not receive any money from the county for the cleanup. the
6:31 pm
earlier the cleanup will start with the county contractor is wednesday to get the contractor down there saying the contractor can clean up one property a day. with 37 properties destroyed it could take over a month to clean up all of the homes near the blast. it reporting in san bruno kate thompson kron 4 news. continue >> are coverage in san bruno right next to the glass own cleanup crews are inside homes like this one over here. this house is green tag but it has a lot of smoke damage to. it you can see the screen fans right here on the porch they have filters on the in their actually blowing clean-air into the home. crews are inside and wiping down the walls and also the ceiling to get some of the ash off of those areas. the whipping down the items inside the house as well. you can see a tarp is in place on the roof of
6:32 pm
the home that's because some degree axa fell into the house on the roof. the action of one of the bedrooms here sealed because the debris fell into the bedroom and not sure if it has any asbestos on it. several weeks before this house is completely cleaned and as i pan over here you can see some of the other homes on the street and those green vans that you see right there that's the cleanup crew. i have literally seen dozens of them around the neighborhood as they try to clean these homes that have smoke damage. i'm christine conley kron 4 news. >> 0 walnut creek and other sexual assault near the park regents department has some residents shaken up police say it's not related to the string of assaults that ended last month with the arrest of a rapist whose still in jail. now looking for new suspect a 20 year-old white man 6 ft. tall out wearing a beard and a buddy of the time. if they're not sure whether the current complex, but
6:33 pm
the looking to be fought security the card margaret's and installing cameras. in walnut creek jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> our big weather story rain for this weekend a look at storm tracker 4 radar well-defined storm in the pacific northwest. the first band of rain is drying up as it approaches the bay area but this more in the winds that will push through saturday and sunday. here's our weekend at a glance increasingly stroke there tomorrow will give us cloudy and muggy conditions is a slight chance of north bay showers even though i don't think it will happen. in dissent morning that's almost the most of the rain pushed through just like rain. that will be dry but cooler as we head into next week. >> in world news the 33 trapped chilean miners had been reason to cheer today rescue teams who opened a new bore hole to the chamber were they've been living since august left 2,000 ft. underground.
6:34 pm
>> it's the best news yet for the men and during their six week underground or shaft is 12 in. wide and it's a big improvement on the smaller bowls that the news to deliver food, water and medicine. the next up is to widen a whole to 26 in.. the winners will have to clear the debris hobbled and once the stage is completed bill be able to lower rescue cajun bring the minors out one by one. the cage is likely to be a tight fit to chile's mining ministers they may have to be blindfolded even sedated to avoid panicking during their right to the surface. just a few days ago water officials would say would take to a half hours to bring a single letter to the surface but today they say they've installed a new winched package for that trip to about 10 minutes. the miners will receive a special treat to help celebrate specially an independent state. the sky kimberly for >> that> fresh papayas all of
6:35 pm
those on the menu. they won't have to lay in wind but it will have coca-cola washed down that meal. some menu items did have to be modified to fit down the 8 cm-a-amateur choral. if it stretches down to the shelter were the men are held up. if the state will be cut into strips and yet not it's will be big to rectangles and said of the traditional half moon shape. after the latest on the minors and a special meals and visit our whats on the web section of stay with us will our whats on the web section of stay with us will be right back after this break. her nose would grow? newspapers report the claims in this meg whitman ad are false. and she knows it. taxes went down under jerry brown. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions.
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meg whitman's nose keeps growing. whitman says california lost jobs under jerry brown. turns out 1.9 million jobs were created. she spent millions saying jerry brown raised taxes. fact is brown cut 4 billion in taxes. but whitman's nose keeps growing by the millions. on thursday i showed to the flaw that was discovered on the clipper system if you wave your hand near the correct center the fare gate will open and you can
6:39 pm
ride muni for free. they all do it. in fact there were little over half a dozen attempts. you get and $85 ticket with p.o. p o k pureed the officials claim the faa's new to them but a source inside muni told me they know about it during training classes'. contributor is even without the flaw in the system people have been exploiting the system in many of the ways that this man walking through the gate that a woman used to accept after seeing my camera he attempted to grab it out of my hand. not allowed to fill me. for this man who walks up opens up the gate to let this girl out. or the classic walking through the emergency exit and heading down to the train but not paying the fare. even with
6:40 pm
the new clipper system muni will always have a problem with fare evaders. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. yet, understory differ stanley e-mail us that people behaving badly at the giants are loaded the first- place all the final run towards the playoffs. 10 time all star jason kidd is live in studio ready to go one-on-one with learned next. i'm kimberly and right now we've moved all of our coverage on the san bruno gas line explosions to a special section here you will find all of our video reports including one on a vigil held last night for two of the victims. another video report on health officials worry about toxic ash in the air near the explosion site will some slide show featuring your pictures and links for those who wish to donate on
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
[ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong."
6:43 pm
jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. doesn't cover my kid's pediatrician. which is not cool. she was so fantastic. she had this sock puppet that she would use to explain exactly what she was doing and why she was doing it. i just wish there was someone to explain to me how i'm going to find another doctor like that. [ male announcer ] we know a good doctor is hard to find. we have some of the largest networks in california so you can choose one that's right for you. blue shield.
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it's a good thing it to fill in for gary today because in studio is the election because it been around too long at all. (laughter) jason kidd has joined us in studio were going to visit with him in just a few moments but first of all a quick little bit of baseball a fixture is stepping down dodgers manager joe vittoria after the season and this is stepping down dodgers lost under tory but he said forget it by leaving i'm going to hand the reins over to first base coach don mattingly. showed tory saying no more for the dodgers at the end of the season. on the strength of a 10- 2 win last night them leading the giants take the field tonight he will be the milwaukee
6:45 pm
brewers coming to town to test the giants to lead the division by a half-game. the padres are in st. louis and in and the giants they have to keep going with 16 games left. raw >> or not to shed them being the first is nothing i could lose the wind. >> we know what it's like to be here and appreciated tx we fought like crazy to catch somebody so we certainly don't that to happen here. college >> football on a rare friday night cal is under the lights in just a few moments. with the no. 1 defense in the country. opening it up against novato after 7:00 tonight that puts cal the number one defense the novato with the no. 1 offense.
6:46 pm
>> they have allowed people to get to many first downs in the community but i think our offense we should be would have some points in were going have to do. >> i love the feel of flying of high-tech game and also played into my old high school teammates so it's going to be a great atmosphere to play carried >> 22-1 and 1 pureed 49 niners chasing campbell's is he just getting beat up the tennessee titans' all over he could barely get off a pass in the 38 to 13 loss. campbell says hey no fear the home but are against the rams a sunday run the ball rings will be ready to go. >> we have to keep things clean and on the ball. pretty evident.
6:47 pm
>> i feel it will give robust. >> the raiders are 3 in half when there's to be the rams' the game is blacked out in the bay area it's the home opener for the oakland raiders. is this season for the forty-niners high-school coach of the week its oral brand patrick who runs the show for sarah to demolish his disciple fast thereat the upside on of this the they have an onside kick in the touchdown to win it. in its efforts the forty-niners were donated thousand dollars to the sara football program and what johnnie mostly at house of their this is at the base to presidio today they have their opener today dodge ball husak by 21,000 square feet full of trampolines all over the place so house of
6:48 pm
there just opened for kids of all ages. >> it's actually working and see yourself working there. >> i to believe in the product i had it tested out. >> will listen with one that basketball players ever to come out of the bay area what the world was going on at this charters' game. jason shakiness moneymaker. (laughter) 8 it's always great to have you when you come home we have to have you and studio so will visit with you in on the other side of this brick what what's going on with you the dallas mavericks your thoughts of of ron james and heat. were going to go after you. one on one.
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
back with our good friend jason kidd along time hard to say nba all-star 10 time, currently with the dallas mavericks. that's a
6:52 pm
range with that shot. (laughter) st. joseph's alameda act high-school legend played collegiate and cal and life is good for you. >> life is great-still feel young, and facing other guys around now on the court but i have a great home and children right now one can get back to the community. >> what was happening this morning? >> we have a foundation on which we partner was north and license and these kids this is a school that i went to help soak and teachers with the kids. it was a great turtle and these kids are awesome. these are kids that might not have an opportunity we shall take some and they give get donations and so were trying to raise money to keep the school going to get more kids in their there will be on any
6:53 pm
dancing shows (laughter) >> no call from dancing with the stars come on (laughter) >> when he returned to a score he once went have touched are you have a nostalgic visit to get flashbacks. >> even have a book that i use their public was brand-new (laughter) it brings back a lot of memories the principal's office campuses great so it's been a great in the oakland hills the brought back a lot of memories but also brought back that it can help hopefully you think of them the tools have a bright future. >> speaking of memory is the look of you in action for st. joseph oddly enough with a lot of pair and i could jump. her your with todd bozeman was that the day to fulfill my dream. i was in their room he traveled together but you didn't quite make (laughter) carried
6:54 pm
>> i had a great time to call a lot of friends and to be above fulfill my dream to be drafted by dallas as a dream come true. before there's oracle arena it was your house. the oakland coliseum was your house and high-school college and be a did you have a sense even now. >> i feel comfortable going in there i could do would bear flooded almost carried a place so much their it's always good to come back home and see family and friends. i do feel comfortable there because i started playing high-school and it's always been a great sports town and of course the rate now they're struggling a little bit but >> keep your eye on the warriors even though you do your thing. >> i do my as on the warriors
6:55 pm
pick but i watch all the teams i wish the niners, the raiders' unfortunately there blocked open hopefully they can turn that around. just known as the black hole with these pitfall lot of sports in the bay area. >> when the issue is what the issues with the brawn james what's your take on him? >> think he had every right he had a chance to make some people might say he did the wrong way later on he might say that to but to, he's a talented player they have three of the best in the leak and they have a chance to win like we do in dallas the team to beat is the lakers their chance. >> that was my next question without all of the fanfare >> as long as kolbe's out there playing he's the guy in the lakers he's the team to beat he's the best player in the leak rate now any of of ron and the
6:56 pm
new have local, city was coming on. the league is young but i would have to say the lakers are the team to be because they hold the championship of the last two years. >> as time runs out we went to the vaults and blew the dust off of this rare tape with you and me we both have a lot of hair. this has been 1991. even back then (laughter) >> i made a shot. those days for good. >> remember that frank just giving me the drill. >> i have no bills to pay them. >> great success story for you. terrific giving back to the charter school and when you go back to work >> the 25th we report its early
6:57 pm
in earlier each year so plan know what i'm doing. >> to be calling you cops. (laughter) jason kidd everybody good night.
6:58 pm
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caone inteus ngs... the nal ave bank at times mo d of ear! go to alone.c what your w bank at times mo d of ear! douglas' other family challenge. i'm lara spencer. is on.on the t today. >> michael moved to new york last fall to help their son dylan who has some special needs. >> plus wife katherine's gnosis sabotaged. >> and matt leblanc snapped smoking. onday? >> bristol palin's pressure before the dancing premier. >> i think she's going to have the hardest time out of everybody.


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