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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 18, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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[ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. live this kron4 news at eleven. if >> he defacing this lot first lawsuit. kron4 as doll land takes a look at the suit. >> this is a copy of the class action lawsuit against pg&e. the suit wants a third party to oversee it. and distribute the $100 million recovered on that pg has set up pg&e has pledged the money to rebuild sambar know. >> it sounds good on paper, we
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need transparency, we do not want you do need is a who gets the money. this is the >> this is the attorney representing the man suing pg&e and others who may join the lawsuit. the recovery fund might be set up as a recovery of republic public relations move. they want in on bias' body to distribute the money. it also has that pg&e a pay for additional damages to affected residents for mental anguish and loss of real estate value. right now they do not know what the press that will be. for >> it will be a lot more than zero hundred million dollars. and you need to start to consider the damages for punitive damages. we're talking 345 under million dollar damages. >> the man leading up action suit is steve there. he was evacuator for three days the fire did not damage his home. his attorney said that this
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class action lawsuit is mostly for people who did not suffer major losses those who lost loved ones our homes, will most likely file individual lawsuits the gays pg&e. in sampras's go dahlin kron4 news. >> pg&e representative, say they are looking a lawsuit, here's what a spokeswoman said earlier. >> we have not yet had a chance to believe bart and thoroughly reviewed this lawsuit. it is disappointing and unfortunate that legal action if this close to the tragedy. what i can tell you is that we are committed to helping the residence, and the city of san brno who been greatly affected by this terrible tragedy. >> pg&e said aside from the $100 million of this budget to help rebuild several, it also has given out about $500,000 in vouchers to people affected by the explosion. three people are still missing after those explosion. four people have been confirmed dead crop, including
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just come rolla's. just as colonel was delayed today, this was the scene. her mother remembered. >> i will always remember the good times that we shared. good times to the beach the parks to the beach are laid eyes together eighties necks and watching tv. when the rest of the household was asleep. i will miss the times, item one out of boredom your hide behind a door wallasey up on the new blue. but mostly gobble mr. laughter. i hear it so clearly, i see your smile so vividly. >> last saturday, less than 48 hours after the explosion, we don't do this meant the said bird native to describe to pouty escape from his burning home. he was barely burned on his head are delays, friday he had to undergo seven hours of surgery. which included skin grafts. we talked to his wife mary today about how they are both doing.
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>> married to solace is showing men of those few recognizable items that she was able to recover from a destroyed on. a great spectacle. as she explains all looking her husband of 30 years is to be alive. >> the neighbors on either side toss away, so we were on the other directive. we were in direct line of the pipeline. the pipeline would directly for house. he is a walking miracle. >> we spoke to greg last week, two days after the explosion. he seemed remarkably good shape for a man who'd been severely burned and almost killed. but as the week wore on, his injuries got worse. for >> the doctors explained, that the week that the birds get worse as the week goes on this and it was with one. so that's when the skin to he's trying to heal a little bit, and so that is why she wanted him manually to do those graphs. the body, that is burned 10 percent that patient dies. greg was burned some%. so that hit pretty close
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to home. he is pretty bad. >> they're now looking at a long and delicate recovered. a hospital bill and will chair have been delivered to go on, family friends with their statement shall become to check on it several times a week. mary said that pg&e and her insurance agent have been very cooperative in having her family to of all medical logistical problems that have. she will be looking for new place to look live this week. craig is dropping at the bit to get calls a week to watch his son adam who plays qb for the hamilton tiger cats the canadian football league. he is even sporting his care and hospital and during this difficult time, mary was a of been able to find humor.mñ >> i will not let him live to down he ran out a house with a cell phone entry remote- controlled. >> incense burner dave the gore kron4 news. >> there roberts church and school in zebra now is holding its annual festival this
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weekend, more than a hundred people affected by the explosion to attend lectures. some of them were there today. they had special wristbands to let them into the neighborhood. a few families who lost their homes,, and some were affected in some way by this disaster. our coverage of the gas line explosion continues on our web site you could delay to the rug across, you could find all the information out a kron4 of com. fifth >> the first significant weather system of the season is heading down the terrace, it is been producing some water to even heavy rains at times, here on the north coast. some paste says around your we can. one to 2 in. of rain. right now the rain is just north of ukiah right now looking at star tracker right now. this is movie itself to the night tonight. here's the store on the pacific, and it is a pretty strong storm. but as a
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gift for themselves in closer here to the bay area it will weaken substantially. but then again in light rain is expected around the bay area tomorrow started around the north bay route 5 to 6:00 in the morning. the rain showers spreading south of the bay by early morning hours and then things winding down by that afternoon. here's future gas, and there is the grain moving south. so by 5:00 a.m. it is just north of santa rosa. this is going to make things what for our sunday. i will tell you what to expect coming up. >> still haven't kron4 news, bay area woman talks about her time in a green prison. and made with the talks about her controversial ad. estonia tries to compete against nintendo's week. those are still some of the stories just ahead or kron4 news.
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a nevada teenager is going to a face criminal charges after being arrested for drunk driving the manslaughter. police say this 15 year-old was behind the
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wheel of his car with a crush just in the morning. a teenage passenger died. the other four passengers including the driver had to be hostile how it is. the action comes just weeks after school began. kron4 jeff pierce bart just about the accident. >> high-school students in nevada were faced with the hardware lesson of tragedy this weekend as they try to come to terms with a heart attacks and it just before noon on friday. the to a life of a 74 and injured four others. one of them in critical condition. >> the vehicle was traveling westbound, at a high rate of speed. it be a coal loss control while the guards did it occur across over us of double lines directly to the path of oncoming truck. in the moral >> immemorial it will be held. high school senior mac's house knew all five of the victims. >> i went to middle school with isaac, i do not talk to him that much but it definitely newlywedsknew who he was, you oe
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one like. >> he was closer to more to young man will be a little like that the hospital. >> i saw him about a week ago we just chatted. do know that that was a loss on that i might be able the sale tied him and know him. the driver, he was ok, i've really didn't know in the well. >> the young drivers let his been no change for. >> we have arrested the driver of the bmw for driving under the influence. it is a felony charge. revenue the influence and causing bodily harm. >> i prefer everybody in the family can only imagine how much are they are right now. >> the charges against the driver now include driving without a license, and dick miller manslaughter. in a bottle of jack pierce kron4 news.
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>> from foreigners reggie grew more was in the bohol whole of the good will. >> it has been an emotional day for students and the ball high, many of them still coping with them with the loss of the 15 year-old who died suddenly yesterday. friends of the five students came together for the second time saturday and the baja high school, they lit candles and share stories about the 15 year-old classmate killed while riding in this bmw with four of his friends. investigators say that the 16 year-old driver, another control and ended up in front of a semi truck caring cattle. the high school juniors friends rode his initials on white chalk on red hill, located above the high school ball bill. cart with a 60 year-old driver. investi say wathey cannot believe that e got into a cart with a 60 year-
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old driver. >16 year-old truck driver. shote counselors will be here on monday helping students to with the sudden tragedy. in about reggie kerr more kron4 news. >> coming up after more than a year in an iranian prison search to talk to reporters the day before on the the plan to your. >> live storm track record showing gray north of the bay area. in this is going to be here and more. i will have the sunday forecast for you and coming up.
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and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval.
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we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. sir shores on her way home and she is expected in your tomorrow morning, she is one of the three u.s. hiker's arrested at around last year jesus i. after nearly 40 months in prison, she was
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released last week. a bid from williams has the latest. >> issued chocolatier will soon be freed, >>wqu using the arabic word ford willing, she spoke about words for her friends. to leave imprisonment in a rock and join her in freedom. schorr spoke saturday from a lawn with a half-million dollar bailout secured her freedom was raised. or ron says she was singled out for release because of the country's cultural resource burden on women. and also because she is suffering from a medical condition. during her brief visit to iman she visited the main mosque there. >> it might be the hope that i can show scena jos the grand mosque shoon. >> or built a hiker's began here in northern r rock where iran said they crossed into their territory. mean what runs president said that his
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government expects nothing in return, but >> there's an expectation that the u.s. government would also release prisoners. it would increase the number of runyon's that they took from other countries. >> they need a number of countries including on himself. 40 claims that the u.s. government had decollate detained u.s. said are running as citizensbut iranian citizens >> the group from honda left behind letters, waiting say that they were waiting for the rapture. investigators are is now searching for the vehicles the might of been using. >> what we started off cloudy and drizzly would buy the afternoon not about all. you could see blue skies with a few clear clouds. over the bay bridge looking good today. we had temperatures around 70
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percent for san francisco. '70s all around the bay area. were tamara wet weather is coming in our direction here storm kron4, and there's some moderates even heavy rains north the ukiah. pushing down one the one very slowly for tonight. is expected to arrive in clover diller run for 5:00 in the morning. the person pushes further south later during the day here is future cast showing to date. between five and eight this news to the south and to the so that by 8:00 will have some light rain in around san francisco east of july 0 and not a of. none of this ring is rarely set steady. light tthis rate is bary steady light to moderate. things really start to wind down by noon. especially into the afternoon hours, where we're
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going to seize guys go from mostly cloudy to study. increasing amounts of sunshine. how much rain to expect, light amounts generally less than 10 1/4 inch. the hills of north they may get have venture coastal hills half-inch no. 825 corniche. upper 60s low '70s. fairfield 72 degrees all the numbers to mark, for sunday below average. just as you expected the storm system or through town. 64 san francisco 69 san vernal. 70 union city. look for a lot clotting is to start the day he escaped. was sunshine and partly sunny skies in the afternoon. couple of drops in chances of rain really fall off a further east to go. and the farther south to go like it san jose coming like a couple
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of drops there. and then we're back into the summerlike weather. monday tuesday wednesday the fog is back in town, sunshine for the afternoon or monday cooler and fog year on tuesday and wednesday. then back to warmer and sunnier by the end of the week. heading into the we can't possibly closing in and 90 degrees by saturday. kathryn >> the a's were not all able to repeat last night's win. the twins defeated the a's 42. the milwaukee brewers beat the giants for the second straight game. the giants lost to to wind. they're now half-game behind the padres. nintendo's popular we has a new rival. so anyone to show you ". our tech
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lined up for tech talk with kids like. >> this is on his answer to the week, it is of those motions center controller for the place station consul. it looks a little strange as a ploy or on top. when you move around it is translated into the game on your tv screen in for you. the move as an add-on to the place station free. for $100 to the controller in the police station not it's the thought of your tv. a sensor that picks up the moves movement and i also has a video camera built tent which adds your image into the game. and that is the biggest difference between the moon and the we. with certain games, you will see yourself on your tv holding different objects that you're using the games. your images superalloy " impose a looks very realistic. it is kind cool. a san francisco-based
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video review an editorial website, he got an advance rebuke from sony. and has been playing with the move for a while now. >> it is critical to have yourself in the game, seeing yourself to the actions. is it just believe you could also see it. it does everything is advertised. and i think it is a nice complement to people already on a police station three. people who have a younger children who want the we stuff, and that the one spend the time buying a week. despite this and have the best of both worlds. >> date site kron4 news. >> we're wondering how to love knock things are with that. >> right into a television set there questioned >> trains coming just a few hours? >> we will see some raindrops began in the north bay just north to you prior right now looking at storm track record to more. some off and on whether in the morning. with things
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wrapping up for the afternoon. temperatures generally in the '60s and '70s. our first wet weather's system of the season. >> the night everybody. ?o?oxñw?w?oó
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