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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  September 21, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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reports the city manager also arrested one city council member there said he is unfairly included on the list. >> campbell city manager joe earned $312,133 last year if making him one of the highest- paid city managers in the state. this is out bricks down. his base salary is $223,000. he cashed 04 weeks of vacation time in nearly $16,000 and love a penchant he pays calibrate go 35 percent of the salary or more than $72,000 for retirement. last year he cashed out instead of investing in a 41 k so he had a report as income. it that $7,000 for retirement is was the council member said danville is on a fairly so high and less. and many other towns did not include their retirement contribution. >> he chose to take it as a cash
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lump-sum and so really what track to do is look at all the other cities and say okay your showing your salary but what you putting in on top of that for retirement and out of the other cities shown on this friend of thousand are not showing it to return an amount. >> according in danville kate thompson kron 4 news. >> the scandal in belle was honored earlier this year by the los angeles times. since then to officials have resigned the city's books have been audited and the state of california filed a civil suit. early this morning sheriff deputies arrested the mayor and seven current and former colleagues. heather donald shows us why this is now a criminal case. >> meet robert rizzo city manager of the town of 40,000 people. they're averaging come just over $40,000 a year. his salary $800,000. if double that of the president of the united states. that's not counting millions more in loans and
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benefits for himself and others. >> to use the tax dollars collected from a hard-working citizens of belt as our own piggy bank which then included at will. >> alley county district attorney's said rizzo was the ringleader of a gang of corrupt officials and stole least five and a half million dollars. he called a correction on steroids. if those arrested today include the current mayor of oscar hernandez seen here last july. deputies reportedly had to use a battering ram to gain entrance to his home. his bail was set at 3.2 million off the highest of any defendants. >> last court that no one be allowed to post bail until there's an opportunity to examine the source of the bond. heather donald kron 4 news. >> even more financial controversy tonight the country's largest public pension fund doled out six-figure bonuses and big raises all as its investment portfolio lost
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nearly a quarter of its value. virtually all of cal's investment managers were awarded bonuses of more than $10,000 each with several earning bonuses more than $100,000 during the 2000 eighth and ninth fiscal year. the cash awards were distributed as the funds lost $59 billion. oakland police released the locations of two recent sexual assaults in america area today. investigators say one woman was robbed and sexually assaulted sunday evening on the 1400 block of for their third avenue. the same night another woman was robbed and sexually assaulted near east 18th street and lakeshore. leaf people who live near the lake are very concerned about the recent crimes in the neighborhood. >> think it's a problem now that we don't have that much police force your point of these problems. >> it's scary to think that as a female can walk from the street. and be saved. >> it makes you feel unsafe it
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makes you watch your back and look around and it's unfortunate because this is a good area, it's a the neighborhood. >> oakland police believe the very same man may be responsible for the two separate crimes and hope to release a sketch of the suspect soon. in castro valley sheriff deputies are warned about an attempted kidnapping it happened friday near canyon middle school in castro valley purity see the location indicated on are not. a 12 year- old girl was walking towards the school when she said a man in a dark red or maroon ford taurus sedan pulled up next to her. detectives say that man repeatedly asked her to get into his car and drove alongside her for several hundred feet. the suspect is described as a hispanic male 40 years old was short black hair dark skin and a goatee and he was on shaven. your looking at live pictures of a protest of this is getting
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under way in burlingame. the san mateo county democratic party are gathering and outside of the hyatt regency were fun raiser is under way for republican candidates meg whitman. as you know whitman has spent $119 million several money in her race to win the governor's seat. she's running against jerry brown the democrat who is the current attorney general. the contractor is fixing a software glitch that allowed lawbreakers to slip through new muni gates with the wave of the hand. first kron 4 first revealed that which last week showing of commuters are slipping for without paying. the gates are designed to open automatically with a motion sensor when a person exits. it the same center can be activated by someone entering the system by passing the need to open up with a prepaid fare card. clipper card use is on the rise it's up 16% in the beginning of september and up a hundred percent since it was launched in june. clipper cards can be used
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to pay fares on muni, a barge, ac transit, a cal trained, the golden gate transit and dumbarton express. san francisco was one step closer to expanding a ban on tobacco sales. the board of supervisors approved a measure in a 7-3 vote today. the current law bans the sale of cigarettes at drug stores. the new legislation would expand the ban to all stores which have pharmacies. a second but will take place next week. >> whatever church cooler by anywhere from 5 to 13 degrees out there this afternoon mostly in the '60s. we have a few lingering '70s out there now. the 71 up, 77 set rosa, a to fairfield, 71 antioch otherwise in the '60s bay area wide. tonight into tomorrow will have a lingering cloud cover but the fog will reform its going to
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become widespread over night tonight into tomorrow morning foggy conditions but mostly sunny breezy and cold tomorrow. big changes in store for the weekend as the big warmup begins on thursday. all the details of that coming of the bed. >> a live chicken traffic back in san francisco where the james lick is really backed up the top of your screen traffic on highway 80 headed toward the lower deck of the bay bridge and it is just creeping along. not much better the bottom of your screen that southbound 1 01- traffic headed towards the peninsula also moving slowly drip a lot more news ahead stay tune for kron 4 news. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
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at&t. rethink possible. the environmental groups say the bay has released a new report of waterway hot spots in the bay area at 225 hot spots were reported to us this year. jeff bush shows you where the worst and explains why it's so bad. this is so bad it's in violation of the federal clean water act. he can see why take a look at all the garbage in the
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water and on the shoreline. had but with a double and a christmas ornament or some of the distinguishable refuge found on the state. other things were littering the place as well. so once flip-flop on medicine my bottle. why could be identified is not stuff that will disagree easy. bags of chips were everywhere in styrofoam. cigarette butts or another, item hundreds of them are in and around the flu. see the bay says this garbage is not only unsightly but it's in serious threat to wildlife and the ecosystem. the flow is a big problem because the garbage found here came from somewhere else. five increase flow through oakland into the flu garbage is carried downstream and ends up here. the greeks are the only source for the trash events of the oracle and the alameda county coliseum generate a lot of trash which makes the way to
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the water. >> extended forecast a big warm up in store for this weekend things get really hot saturday through mondayok carried details coming up in a full forecast in just a few minutes. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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crews are going up and down the street and there wetting down the soil to make sure none of the dust flies up when they do the work i'm going to show you just how close this fires on is to some of the green tag homes where people are still living so because these homes are so close the health department is also going to be checking the air quality in the area and making sure it's safe while they're doing all this work. if the work is expected to take anywhere
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from three to four weeks. in san bruno kron 4 news. >> mr. de pg&e released a list of high priority pipelines across the state if that need to be inspected, repaired or replaced. december was on the list and and many are concerned about what the utility is not telling the public. on the phone with us now is sambar no assemblyman cherry hill who has his dissatisfaction as well with the list released by pg&e. it thank you for joining us what is your the satisfaction based on. >> remember of reasons and concerned and upset they were released yesterday appeared to give a list and said it was not the riskiest 100 they said there were others involved to the criteria they used was not the same that would establish are risky situation. i lost confidence in the list and frankly what i'm being told by piccinni that in 2007 about 2.8
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mi. north of this blast site in this city of south san francisco, they determined that 1.4 mi. of the gas pipe needed to be replaced and it was at risk that was in 2007. by 2008 we just heard that they said it was an arrest and 2009 it they said it was at risk again and the high risk that the consequence and likelihood of failure makes the risk unacceptably high. what we're hearing i don't know if we can depend on it as being a high risk areas of the state and we need to know where those high risk areas are. >> was pg&e responding to your call to release the list of the riskiest ones? >> will meet with them later this week to talk about how we can get to do that and how we can determine the actual high risk areas. people have to plan, understand and more importantly the california public utilities commission needs to have the information so they can regulate
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and to the proper job that i think needs to be down and is lacking. >> what is the reluctance based on in terms of piccinni releasing the list that you're interested in? >> i don't think they know what exactly where those exact spots are. they use different criteria to determine what is in high risk area that one of those is not the fact that this is a sensitive area or potentially could break or ruptured. i think that's where we have to look at how we need the california public utilities commission to establish that criteria. right now what is in piccinni's hands onç everything and frankly i don't have the confidence that they're doing it correctly or they're looking at it appropriately for public safety. they're trying to do the right job, i think we need more oversight >> assemblyman jerry hill who is
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representing the area of san bruno were the explosion took place will be speaking with you later to find out more about your meeting with pg&e. >> cooler and breezy this afternoon look at our current wind speeds a lot of teams out there and 20 mi. an hour winds in san francisco, concord, fairfield here's what we can expect. it conditions are pretty much clear out there right now and that will continue this evening but cold temperatures will as well. tomorrow morning the fog will redevelop offshore it will push in bay area wide. that should clear by the afternoon and most sunny skies and freezing cool conditions once again. fog tracker are depicting the fog pretty well accepted the north bay. it will be more expensive here at 5:00 a.m. showing widespread fog down to the south but there willç be more to the north here. our reluctance to peel back its 70 am still pretty good over the
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inland valleys you can see a clear over the bay shores and by 9:00 a.m. pushing off shore. we will see clearing but maybe an hour later than what fog tracker showing. temperatures will be of the same compared to tomorrow in the low to mid-70s in our inland spots 75 not bought, 76 santa rosa, 73 san francisco and low '70's down into the south bay. big change is coming through this weekend here's a look at your extended forecast. warm-up thursday but it's going to get hot into friday and especially the weekend. the upper 90s inland even the triple digits by monday and upper 80s in our bay shores and it upper '70's along the coast by monday. summer is definitely not over yet. >> national news it looked like democrats would successfully pushed the bill to allow gays to serve openly in the military. it didn't happen this is the senate vote from this afternoon were republicans did successfully
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blocked the bill the white house and democrats have been trying to get rid of this so-called the don't ask, don't tell law. they concern the democrats could lose seats in the congressional election in that would make it harder to repeal the ban on gays in the military. federal authorities have kicked up a distracted driving summit today. they say crackdowns by traffic cops are great but new regulations are needed. the new rules are aimed at preventing accidents involving drivers who texture talk and sell phones. roughly 5400 people died last year in accidents across the u.s. and all of them linked to distracted driving. that all going summit is bringing together leading safety in transportation officials. >> a live look outside at traffic at this hour this is san okxdw3jose highway 101 and the headlights' southbound and traffic moving at a meeting clip north and south down right now. the guadalupe over past is zipping along. more news ahead.
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many twitter users fell victim to an ugly fact attack while others were left with less as they told people to stay away a while the teams split. kimberly tells us how this happened and what's going on now. >> popular site was taken down by hackers and it was a wicked bad a glitch was activated without clicking on anything all you have to do was move your mouse cursor over those links and ugly content popped up without any warning. in many cases of bad links were then retreated to followers which helped to spread the ball around the world. some experts say the virus could and harmless it was just a nuisance while many others worry its just exposed are really nasty security flaw and one that could be exploited by hackers in the future. installing and malicious software and steel twitters personal information. read all about the attack attack visit >> this is not first time
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twitter has been hit by a hacker as kron 4 craig has the company's reaction to the latest attack. >> knowing your twitter headquarters in san francisco will go in camera or not they released a blocks in the problem is under control was discovered about 30 minutes after the attack happened are also saying it only affected computers and of mobile devices. this is in the first time twitter faced a problem, butñr go they pointed out they faced a hack attack they had to adjust only to come back again now. while the problem is resolved and they still may see unusual treatment or count if the not to worry change your password because password user codes are not affected by this actç attack ad your computer was notç affected either. in san francisco kron 4 news. >> a live look aside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco mostly sunny skies to consider a few clouds there in the background. will see fog reform tonight but big changes coming in our extendedçç foret cheered all have details on that coming up a bit.
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