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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 23, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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>> deborah: bless her heart. that's "inside edition" for today. i'm deborah norville. thanks for watching nelson has been head coach since 2006 and led the warriors to the nba playoffs in 2007. it was their first appearance
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since 1994 fans respect nelson but said it's time for the warriors to have new leadership. it's time for a good thing. and his strategy was off. he did emphasize defense enough. nelson has let a lot slip. so it will be a blessing in disguise. i think it's time for him to step aside. he sieved a purpose and served it well for oakland. he had had a fun season. >> it's a good thing. they needed a chge. how did i feel? they will be a better team when they get rid of small ball. it does not win championships. don is a good coach but his strategy has been playing out like 70s and 80s. >> sports director gary radnich
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has more details on nelson's leaving. new details to clipper card glitch. the flaw that allows the riders to slip through the gates without paying. they can activate it with a waive of the hand. i told you about the glitch, 30 million-dollar clipper system. things like a simple waive of the hand and can anyone can get in the train without the use of a card or fast pass. there's also the door opening glitch where the gates get confused and stay open allowing anyone access for free. now i have received new
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information regarding city wide problems. over at the station, one person using a fast pass can allow unlimited people to pass through the gate. over at powell station there have been complaints that the brand new gates go out of service often. it's a problem at this station as well. and this gate, no. 7102s that gone down three different times to same day. at church street the gates opening and closing 52 slowly frustrate many riders. he they have an 866 number for drivers. except the phone only works on business hours monday through friday and 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the weekend. because we know that it never breaks down after hours and no one will answer the help desk if they are at lunch.
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and something else i noticed, there are absolutely no exit signs so when riders try to leaf they get confused. i know, with every system there will be glitches but $30 million? really? >> this thing is retarded. >> riders seem to be having trouble getting ready for the new clipper card system. >> riders are getting more and nor frustrated with the clipper card fair gates. many of them know how easy it is to waive your hand and ride for free. if you want to pay, that is where it gets difficult. >> it sucks. you have to buy the tickets and recharge the cards. it's crazy. it's does not seem to work and i'm just trying get to
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somewhere. hello. it says $2 then another screen said $2.25s i did not have the quarter, one machine is not taking cash. >> what were you trying to get? a 4 there are round trip ticket and no one will help you. you walk up to the attendant and they shake their heads. it's not fun. i had had my two dollars in quarters here which is what i thought i was supposed to do i have to wait in another line and i've been waiting 5 minutes. use this one. all right this one will work. yes. i know they are trying improve things, if it is not broke why fix it. >> walk through there. >> it frustrating. but i mean what is new. when they say this gates are supposed to be making it easier
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to pay and harder to cheat, clearly we are not there yet. we found people taking advantage of this gate. it was left wide open. warmer out there today and the warmer weather will continue into tomorrow through the weekend as a matter of fact. we will not see much cloud cover tomorrow night. temperatures a few degrees warmer. the warmer dryer air is already building in. by noon, quick warming temperatures into the 80s and by the three hour, warm to hot, into the 90s this is just part of the warm up. we will warm up more from here. and so we will take a look at that if the exteed forecast in just a bit. the nevada teen-ager that died in a car accident is being remembered for his big smile
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and personality. we see how the small community is remembering the high school student. friends the tell me he was friendly and can had a big smile which would light up a room. but sadly that smile is now just a memory after the 15-year- old high school student died last friday when the driver of the car he was riding in somehow lost control and ended up in front of the semitruck carrying a little. cattle. she said the community is still in shock about his sudden death. he was a wonderful dancer and had had he a lot of energy and he cared for everybody. he was always smiling. every time you saw him he was smiling. you cannot really ever move forward i guess you could say all you can do is cope with it.
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isaac mom's was upset when she found out what the driver was drinking and driving. she was upset that her child is gone. the grandson has known isaac since the 4th grade. the 15-year-old's death could have been prevented. it's a wake-up call to the youth. it comes from training. teaching the children not to drink and drive. not to be caught up in circumstances that could you know cost them their life. the funeral is friday at 11:00 a.m. at the same church the public is welcome. in in navatto. the teen that was behind the wheel will face charges as a juvenile, and felony dui, he
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will appear in juvenile court next week because of his age his name is not being released. the convicted he could be in jail until 19 years old. it's an overwhelming job but someone has to do it. work crews started clearing debris where the gas line explosion destroyed homes and killed seven people. explosion destroyed homes and killed seven people. a lo[ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour.
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new details on the california battle, governor schwarzenegger announced that they are closer to closing the 19 billion- dollar deficit, that after six hours of talks today. this is the 85th day of working to budget. both sides say they will work through the weekend to have an agreement by next week. meantime a new poll shows the race for california governor is
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tied with just six weeks to to government democrat accurate jerry brown and his challenger meg whitman have 41% of the support of likely voters. however, 18 of them surveyed were undecided. the poll has a margin of error 1ass
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the task of cleaning up the san bruno neighborhood where homes were destroyed and people were killed ñrçñrt(çis under çway they were taking out burned ço cars today. the crews are focusing on one property at a time. you can see the crew worker there digging through the ash and debris that is then o7kç
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away. they are wetting down the area to make sure that dust does not go into the air. the clean up will go çfrom thr on çthe four weeks. meanwhile an independent panel will be set up to investigate the facts leading up to the gas line explosion. and a review of management practices is being called for at pg&e. it was warmer out there today, pretty comfortable but it will get hot toward the weekend. 5 to 10 degrees of warming expected. as we go to saturday and sunday, upper 90s and inland upper 80s and low 70s close to the coast line. first let talk about tomorrow.
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7:00 in the morning mild, all the blue in your screen, temperatures in the 50s but some hangs in the 60s to start. quick warming as well. temperatures quickly reaching the 70s and 80s. 80s is orange, look at all of those. we are going to see a few 90s into the 3 and 4:00 hours. you can see them down by livermore and we can see a couple down in the south bay. let's take a look neighborhood by neighborhood. 90 degrees in santa rosa. inland spots into the low 90s and upper 60s along the coast line and then noticeable noticeable difference for the bay locations. kron around the bay forecast. 5 to 10 degrees of warming
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tomorrow and we will continue the warming through the weekend and can monday will be our peek heating with triple digits inland and 75 at the coast line. but as we head to the rest of next week things will cool down. tonights headlines,s world leaders gathered today at the world summit. u.s. officials walked out as iranian president spoke claiming that americans may have been behind the september 11th terror attacks. meantime iran's president is getting a request from sarah shore while he is in new york. she is one of the three hikers detained to be released. their two friends were captured and charged with spying near the iraq, iran boarder. no word on his response. the once popular diabetes drug
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avandia is under restrictions in the u.s. heart attack risks connect with the drug are too high to continue for use with most patients. the nelson era is is over çfor the golden state warriors. what is next, gary weighs in on the golden state warriors. whpizza but this was a first -n grease on his back ! i totally missed it, another shirt ruined. good thing the expertise of spray n' wash is combined with the power of resolve in our new in wash stain remover. only resolve has stainseekers. just treat the stains you see and add to the wash for the ones you miss. the stainseekers will find, penetrate and lift away the toughest stains. trust resolve. forget stains.
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don nelson is no longer the warriors coach. that story confirmed byship sources çtonight. he is scheduled to make $6 million this season. but with new ownership they wanted to go young, and it will be a few days before they make ç the announcement official. we asked espn, if he thought
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that nelson would get all of his six million. >> i guarantee you that he he will get every single dime that he has coming to him. there will be no buy out with don nelson. he leaves nothing on the table and he would be laying in the middle of their practice floor until they gave up the 6 million. >> okay. we can laugh because nelson had a great career, nobody won more games at the nba level. did he not win a championship but he he owns half of maui and will be fine. giants are back in first place and so much for the giants can't hit. that is a weird outfit but as long as you are happy do your thing. here is uribe, hit two home runs in just the second inning. juan uribe just went crazy.
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giants scored 9 runs and again, a pair of home runs by uribe and san francisco just cruising buster posey will get in the act his 16th home run of the season. if you watch the posey ball. giants pitchers have gone 17 straight games allowing 3 runs or fewer. longest pitching streak since the 1917 white sox. they set the record with 20 this a row. baumgartner got a lot of offense and giants on to colorado. both the rockies and dodgers -- rockies and padres lose tonight, the giants half a game up on san diego. out to the stadium. the bats are breaking at a rapid pace and lee will get nailed in the ear.
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fortunately that is all. they came out and his ear was cut. did not have a good night all the way around. a lot of new names here for the a's as they close out the season against the first place rangers. here is the before mentioned braden. 8 innings one run, the a's trail the rangers by 7 games. suzuki, 198 hits coming in he is the first player in history to have 200 hits 10 consecutive seasons. only pete rose has 200 hits or more but not in consecutive years. years 49er vernon davis talking big tough. he said well win this game and
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as i always say what is he supposed to say. are you familiar with fireman ed. the new york jets super fan could face assault charges after shoving a giants fan. he is known for his chant, did not like the fan coming into his area. the fan is pressing charges and the incident caught on tape. he is a 51-year-old retired fireman and unofficial jet figure head and the bottom line is, pam, and jackie if you go there, don't you know if you are a 49er fan for a lion fan or boise state fan do not walk into his territory. i'm always in the middle on. that you want to have fans that are excited but -- fireman ed if you are just ed, hi i'm fireman ed, have a did xx
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