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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 24, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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6:00 a.m. top stories at this hour possible cause behind the san bruno gas line explosion and fire. are microbes to blame. >> executions in california five years after they're put on hold details >> straight >> lawmakers may be close to closing the deficit.
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>> we are following the weather warmed up schedules for the bay area louisa with the forecasted a moment developing story in the north bay we had a big rig overturned on 80 is a hot spot for folks out there would travel this road jackies as well as on the scene right now. jackie looks like chp is out there. >> we still have a pile of sought out here afloat front loader is trying to get rid of this odd that has been sitting here since 230 this morning when a big red traveling westbound on 80 attempted to exit columbus parkway east bound speed made it almost impossible to negotiate the turn off of 80 he hit those barrels limited to the underpass is billed as load several tons of sod remain on the roadway the driver suffered
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minor injuries. not only is westbound closed but also eastbound 37 to columbus parkway which i am standing on right now remains closed. making progress getting this on medicare but there is diesel that spilled when the truck overturned feared that may prevent them from opening it sooner than 7:00 a.m. but they are making progress. 7:00 a.m. is a time for opening >> maybe about an hour we will keep an eye on it. not a heavily committed area but a hot spot for the roadway. george could morning. >> it is not likely to have an impact since most of the traffic will be the opposite direction that is from westbound 82 westbound 37 so the traffic heading to these bound columbus parkway really not in the commune directions the that is
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the good news there. track the rest of the commune as we look at the bay bridge and sir you all for the bridge check no other hot spots for you drive around the bay area looks good at the bay bridge no back up yet or delayed for the west bound ride san mateo bridge expect good conditions here as well we are seeing heavy traffic already in the new direction but no problems across the span or on the approach appeared we will finish with the ride to the golden gate bridge very light traffic this morning across this band and through marin county 1 01 south is moving without delay so does a good start to southbound ride. part on time this morning is the transit no delays or problems reported ace train looks good and cal trend is clear on the peninsula so far. but go to the weather center here's lisa. >> get out your bathing suit in
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your sunscreen you need it this weekend and this next week as well warmup kicking and today you will feel the temperature is really starting to warm up today continuing through the weekend in fact we could see triple digits by next week. here's a look right now we will take a look at our next graphic to give you an idea of how warm it will get today we will break into the '90s the low 90s continuing to jump into the upper 90s through the weekend monday could bring this temperatures of 101 keeping it in the '80s around the bay the coast temperature in the '60s today '70s for the weekend and into next week. definitely beach weather out there for this weekend. warming up quick today by 10:00 notice of the yellow it shows the '70s as early as 10:00 a.m. '80s by new high temperature flood disaster could
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bring us nine days through the delta in for livermore valley upper 80s today in places like santa rosa grown apart '87 for paloma 93 sonoma gorgeous weather through sonoma and napa. along the peninsula high of 70 degrees for san francisco. the coast '60s and '70s and '80s heading to the east bay oakland 82 hayward mid-80s through union city and fremont and into low 90s through san ramon valley same for antioch and livermore south bay brings us temperatures in the '80s and '90s as well. 7 day around the bay continues to warm up each day this week cleared conditions and hot by monday bringing nestor all digits in the forecast. >> new details on a possible cars to the gas line explosion and fire. the chronicle is
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reporting microbe gases may have spent up corrosion on the gas line. that includes a portion there ran underneath december neighborhood that exploded on september 9th pipe corrosion say this drop of microbes can lie dormant for years before springing to life. today's cruise will be out there clearing debris left after the fire as this is video some of the cleanup underway. any cash or dust has been wrapped in plastic and hauled off cars are focusing on homes on pearl, claremont. they have agreed to homeowners have allowed the county to clean that up. it will cost between 1.7 $2 million. >> memorial service will be held
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today there remains of seven to year-old william his father and grandmother were identified this week their deaths bring the total to seven. that service will be held at 4:00 p.m. on eastern drive to be followed by a reception at mills high school where william had distorted his senior year. >> a federal judge is expected to make a decision or whether not to resume as it executions in california after five years saying clinton officials say the death chamber that you see here will be ready for execution next week if the judge lifts the moratorium elbert green would brown is sends to die next wednesday for the 1980 rape and murder of a 15 year-old girl. >> we will take a break at 6 08
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our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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arise today will be warm and breezy and then it gets hotter for the weekend. upper 90s on saturday and again on sunday looking at this and troop mark for monday. first week of all feels like summer the summer we never had in the bay. >> market had guns stock prices are lower in the early trading yesterday dow fell 77 points commerce reporting new home sales today for our august
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they're looking for an increase. nike's earnings rose 9% topping expectations oracle says it will not follow the trend which is to buy service companies the comment was made during the open world conference in severances go. >> the budget battle still make maybe soon over according to governor's office lawmakers are close to an agreement on how to fix the deficit in fact were told there could be an announcement as soon as monday both sides will work through the weekend 86 days past due on the budget. >> uc berkeley will be cutting jobs they will cut 200 jobs next year consulting for a hired to save money included the school had too many managers the campus could save $20 million by
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eliminating jobs through retirements and layoffs uc- berkeley has cut six thunder positions since last year. >> check gone awry coming out of marin county everything moving while no problems there but will ticket with george in a moment in get a look in your forecast of hot one on tap for the weekend the beach probably the place to be.
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a visit with george in a moment let's talk about the weather. everyone wants to know hot hot it will get. >> this is when you like to be a forecaster it's a nice weather this weekend and the beginning of next week as well. here's a shot of san jose san jose 55 by noontime shoving up
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into the 80s your high today 86 not too bad. back in to the mid- 70s by 8:00 p.m. here's a look at your weekend forecast 92 summer the warmer locations where they yesterday breezy into the afternoon calling it hot for the weekend. temperature jumping on upper 90s inland '70s are on the coast. it will be beach weather today appeared your afternoon highs into the 80s today close to 90 but will break into the 90s in sonoma and fairfield as well since francisco coming in around 7880 for several eighties for redwood city into palo alto east bay '70s in places like berkeley for the most part '80s in the space san leandro san ramon valley low 90s today 92 for san ramon,
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pleasanton, south bay into the '80s may be the '90s as well. for morgan hill and los gatos. beach weather this weekend temperatures in the '80s santa cruz a gorgeous day for your saturday, sunday pescadero 72. '70s through ocean beach and half moon bay. point re should come in at 73 degrees not very much over the weekend. winds and about 20. 7 day around the bay highlights the warming trend check out monday 101. we have plenty of hot spots in the whether department let's check the traffic. >> under columbus parkway where the connecting ramp remain shut down after a truck overturned and spills its load of sod so the ramps from westbound 80 to
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ease them columbus parkway and again east of the freeway that is the ramp that is closed westbound 80 turnaround you can head that direction most of the traffic will be headed this way not having impact on the commute. no other problems are hot spots in the bay area commute with the bridge check no problems here slowing in left lanes we will probably see the meter lights activated within the next 10-20 minutes because today is friday. your san mateo bridge still good right here with no problems or delays. golden gate bridge ride still smooth southdown with four lanes available in the commuter action not expecting much in the slow ride for marin today friday fairly late and late commute. >> 620 this morning news around the bay california highway
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patrol is reviewing high-speed chase. the commissioner is ready to write some sections of the pursuit policy to clarify language that may be ambiguous. >> funeral services for the nevada teenager killed in the car accident 15 year-old isaac he was killed when the driver of the car he was then lost control ended up crashing the car into a semi truck carrying cattle or five teenagers in the car he was the only one that did not survive. the community is still in shock. >> it was a wonderful dancer he was energetic. he always smiled every time you saw him he smiled. >> you can never move toward you
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can only cope with i don't think you can never heal from a child's loss we learn to deal with it. >> facing criminal charges the marin county district attorney says the teenager will be charged as a youth with grossman they hit killer manslaughter while impaired. he will appear in juvenile court next week. if he is convicted he will be incarcerated in chile's 19 years old. >> the man accused of killing j.c. to guard he will appear in court today his public defender has expressed doubt about his competence and may convince the judge he is incompetent to stand trial. they're charged with 29 counts of false imprisonment rate.
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>> or a boxer has widened her lead over carly take a look at the fear of field pull boxer leaving 40 per 7% to 41% with 12 percent of voters undecided 857 registered voters from september 14th to the 21st margarine of area or error 4% boxer began running advertisements of #13 the day before the polling began for the survey well the arena did not launch one until yesterday. >> americans feel the same way about democrats as they do about republicans in a poll by the associated press. 60% disapprove of the jobs democrats are doing, 68 disapprove of jobs she
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0 p is doing, at 59% are happy with democratic on the economy, 64 percent are unhappy with gop's on the comics. >> canada as tendances nine candidates spoke in front of a standing-room-only at kaiser's last night they include taking a look 6:23 a.m. albany you can see traffic is moving well this morning waking up to the second day of our little heat wave that is kicking in this weekend.
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morning and here we are with the news coming in now, yes, the dow was down 62 points and nasdaq is up 58. everything went up in august and everybody is still thinking about it on this friday. >> we are following up big story this morning where a way that turnover. jackie and white is going on here? >> what they are doing is replacing the san barrels on the end of this on ramp that was demolished when the big rig was coming down the west bound et exit in columbus, eastbound it came down too much speed and flipped the truck over and he spelled his look so that happened around 230 this morning and since then caltrans has been out working to clear it. they have cleared the sod and you can see the caltrans crews now working on the san girls. not
6:32 am
only is columbus parkway it closed by eastbound 37 and it looks like they're making progress. i cannot give you an estimate of time but depending on what they're doing it may be longer than that. >> this is seen to be ok? >> i'm at the bottom of the off ramp so it is real heavily used from westmont 82 columbus eastbound and i'm not sure that it is going to cause much of a problem but it is still very early in the commute. we will need to wait to see how long this last to see how big of an incident it ends up being. >> ok, jackie or nodding your head so it is not one to be an issue? >> yes most of the traffic will be taking the 37 in the west bound direction and the traffic
6:33 am
and the eastbound might be more inclined to use the connector and that is open the 37 is not much of a problem. we do not expect to see much of the delay. it will likely not any impact and even turn around and come and take it that way. let us check traffic at the bay bridge for the west bound back up is still it slights, they may have turned the metering lights on, we have not had many problems. there are no other hot spots reported around the area as we will continue with the bridge check and here you see the commute in the west bound direction. after a big rush right at 6:00 it tends to taper off the ban that is what is doing here. looking at the right on the golden gate it is still problems or delays reported through marin county for the 101 rights set down. it appears to be doing well. public transit is
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enjoying a smooth ride a we have not had any delays reported for bart to or fort peace train. a check on whether with the weather center, here is liza with news of what appears to be a nice weekend shaping up. >> the keyword is hot. we're. to warm up today and continue to warm it up right through the weekend. you can see the clear conditions out there. these guys to come, warmer and a bit breezy as we head into the afternoon. by saturday will see temperatures getting into the upper 90s and same store for ad later on. by 10:00 we can actually start getting up into the '70s and by about noon time will action worker way into the diesel lot of locations right up into the east bay to the livermore valley to the napa valley and an afternoon high bringing us into the '90s for
6:35 am
the forecast. working our way of all little bit warmer than they did yesterday to get closer to 90 and about 89 degrees for santa rosa. we could warm ourselves up into 90 and sonoma through fairfield and along the peninsula is keeping us warm as well to the upper '60's and '70's and about 78 degrees in san francisco. 82 degrees and oakland and it will warm up even more than that in a word and also in fremont as well. 92 degrees in san felt. antioch is getting up and a few nineties in the south bay but hopefully 80s in san jose. your seven day of around the pay and we're talking about three hot days ahead. >> thank you very much police said. other had once, new details as well for a possible
6:36 am
cause of the gas brno explosion. the day that occurred and according to the chronicle micro gases may have sped up the groschen on the gas line and lot it ran right through the neighborhood. that pipe corrosion experts say that to they can lie dormant for years before springing to life in water at the bottom of the pipe and they going to work on the evening at the metal. they are cleaning up the debris that has been left behind, here is some footage and any potential harmful average has been safe beat hauled away. they're focusing on the homes on earl, claremont drives and they have agreed to let the county clean up the cost. there are accepted it to beat $2 million. >> is expected to vote on a bill
6:37 am
today that would have energy and oil spills, gas leaks that need to be reported within the hour of that happening. the officials say that we need more time than that. and the rest could lead to more false alarms. everyone is under scrutiny now. also of oil spill that will be voted for later today. we will follow the latest developments in you can always find more information on our website >> the time of 6:37 a.m. we will have to break with live footage for a bank robbery and hostage situation is under way. the police are surrounding the bank of america and at this point we have police confirming that there are hostages inside and for how many? no one has been seen inside. but we're keeping an eye and we will take more updates we get back.
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641 and reticulate that decree, will migrate looks like people are up and moving and living merlo. we're looking at a nice warm day and we are going to fight this weekend. it is good to heat up to 91 this afternoon. >> in national news for the first time in five years of a female death row inmate has been executed. to resell was convicted of murdering her stepson and has been so she cash are tender of 50,000 insurance policy. the gunmen she hired it are sentenced to life and present, one of the accomplices committed suicide last year. she lacked the knowledge to it planned the killings and she was manipulated by the >> gunmen> please in seattle are
6:42 am
investigating a quadruple shooting. the woman who fatally shot three people and herself was a grandmother. she burst killed her son-in-law and then her two granddaughters and then wounded her daughter who is trying to get away. the wounded woman who was taken to the hospital is in serious condition. >> it is 642 s will be back, the dow was up strongly this morning 152 points. the dsp nasdaq is trading positive of this hour, we will be right back.
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the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 times per second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new. introducing the new 2011 cts-v coupe. from cadillac. the new standard of the world. this is a shot of a tow truck the crews are cleaning up the scene of the accident, let us see how it is affecting the commute this morning. it is not an area where a lot of communities use. then >> is right area as you take a look at the traffic maps the area of the east connector from the side of the freeway for the
6:46 am
traffic is actually moving westbound, it will start moving over the 37 and as it connects in that direction it will ignore the ramp entirely. anybody that needs to use it to continue to redwood and reconnect from the eastbound side. these downside is more likely to be used and is still open, let us get a bridge accident and other traffic around the area, no hot spots are problems watts but we do have some concerns about an accident that was reported in palo alto, has not backed things up and hear of the bay bridge with the meter and like some look how quickly the traffic is moving, they're not being cycle led to slower range so it is not in artificial delay, the san mateo bridge is moving smoothly across this land and no problems on the 1 01 ocd and the marin county is a smooth ride there are no delays from
6:47 am
southbound traffic to be easy trick in both directions here but there you are northbound or southbound which is the commute to direction. it is 6:47 a.m. and it is dawning to add beautiful day. >> it looks like a beautiful day and it feels like a beautiful day, here is a shot of the sun starting to rise, no fog and did they heat wave is certainly kicking in today. it is much warmer by the weekend sweep continue with the warming trend, triple digits and expected for this week. we have a forecast to let you know what to expect, 92 degrees in the inland spots and upper 90s for saturdays and sundays, lots of sunshine and highs and around the bay we will keep it in the '80s. it will be the mid to upper 80s by sunday and the close, we'll bring you the temperature will be in the '70s, that is certainly beach weather.
6:48 am
it is getting close to the 90 degree mark in santa rosa, it leaves near the valley, downtown san for cisco's in the upper 70's and keeping in the 80s in redwood city, over to san leandro and they were we're bringing it into the mid-80s and warming up in the inland spots and bringing it up into the '90s. it is 92 degrees in antioch also pits where and 86 degrees in martinez. record to thrown a few 90's over here, i is not so we do this during fall but we will show you a beach forecast. with this great each other, it is 84 degrees in san chris over the weekend, for atascadero it will be 70 degrees and 4 half moon bay of we're looking at sunset beach as well it will be about 73 degrees. we're going to get southwest winds from 2 to 4 mi. per hour. the sun is warming
6:49 am
trend. as tacking on a few degrees each day into next week and monday looks to be the hottest of the week with the temperature of 101. for monday we will cool it off by 1¢ thursday. the area? >> i think he's a much looser, muni writers seem to be getting trouble to use getting comfortable with the clipper card situation here we jonathan lynn to tell us about the situation >> they are getting fed up, they say is so easy to get through without pay and that if you do want today is difficult to get the machine to read your card or get the money on the card in the first place the inspector say that they're spending a lot of their time teaching their riders had to use the machines and writers like the new old ways when they were using corning's. it should be easier to pay and harder to cheap but it is all part of a process. >> meanwhile police have
6:50 am
released a sketch of the man, take a look here, he is a salted of trying to assault the woman. she was jogging this past sunday morning and she was able to fight him off and he is it described as a hispanic man in his mid-20s and the as brand hair and brown eyes. >> funeral services are today for an of lotto team who was killed in that car accident. isaac brock, the community is remembering the high-school student. >> the vigil for it the 15 year- old that was killed in that accident yesterday was held in a church, it was a bmw that collided with the truck and the team driver of the car has been arrested and charged with manslaughter and see why. the driver whose name has not been released, because he is a minor,
6:51 am
will make his first court appearance on september 30th. meanwhile, the funeral services are scheduled for today. in nevada i am reggie >> camorra's for kron4 news> it went to take a break in a 6:51 a.m. and we have the latest with your whether, it is a warm day on tap today and a downright hot weekend that, it is for the be a great one if you're headed to the beach will look at in just a bit. our real national pastime?
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of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. the 654 and taking a look here it looks like they're waking up to a nice day, even though in lake tahoe once we, what is it is of cover? it is all right but is just suddenly cool, it will get hot and tahoe and later in tahoe it will be gorgeous and warm and at night is a little bit different. >> look at that shot. it is a
6:55 am
beautiful shot. it is a great day and we still have the full forecast, but as the view of quick sweet pea, it is upper 90s in land sunday is a similar story ended yet in the outdoor plans it is going to be great when you get out there and enjoy the outdoors. we came out of the gates strong and we are looking good it's been really kicked into gear for traders this morning it's well above expectations. >> possibly for the nba time also is about to resign as head coach of the warriors, this is a development as warrior fans sulking all around the bay area. the announcement will be made at the beginning of training camp next week and they expect that
6:56 am
it is time that the warriors had better leadership. >> i think it is a good thing. it is about time, his strategy was always off to begin with and we've had enough. >> in the early '90s he has led a lot with his fingers >> the timing is rest we have the new guy coming in and i think he will be perfect representative for read of a rating of the fans >> finding it is a good thing they needed change. >> they will be a much better team when they get rid of him and then they'll start winning their championships, he is a good coach but all of the tactics that he has been using have been played out in the '70s and '80s. >> we love you and we're sad to see it go, warriors fervor. >> his been the head coach
6:57 am
since 2006 and he led them to the playoffs in 2007. that is his first appearance since 1974 >> they're having a hearing on an illegal immigrant farm workers and their testifying today, listen to this. here is this even colder. he is expected to be at the hearing and he took the day taking profits and challenging the day, the challenge was designed to dispute the theory that of legal immigrants are taking jobs that americans would otherwise do. he picked corn and he was on a farm, we should hear he has to say. this >> six of the right now we'll back for more in just a couple of minutes. taking a look at san as a the metering lights are on and once you get on the northbound on the right side to the train is on time. fielder back.
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