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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 25, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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live this kron4 news at 9. >> well the heat is on, you're looking at some of bay area beaches today were people are flocking to the beaches try and stay cool. as the temperatures at the triple digits. dammar it will be even hotter. here's >> not hard to see by people were heading beach today, when you take a look to these temperatures. this is what we got up today o'clock actually broken record to 94. in san francisco we talk about 91 degrees today. livermore the upper 90s san jose alone '90s
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and hitting and hundred degrees in santa rosa and 91 in san were filed. continue with the heat wave in to and to tomorrow. little bit of a cooling along the coast. monday we will start to heat up again money might be the hottest days a week. it will start to cool off by wednesday. here's a look ditcher afternoon high get up to about 92 degrees petaluma 88 degrees in the valley down to san francisco we should come in around 82. a bit of a cooling trend. look at some moderate temperature hundred four degrees. . kathryn >> the heat wave this weekend has struggled on alert for poor air quality and the bay area off. spare the a will make the seventh issue this year in 2009 there were 14 of them 2007 there were only two. 758 for wildfire
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has closed the roads near the town board did they get. the fire has destroyed at least one building. >> we see the flames for ties 40 ft. at one point, we're standing outside the town of bordet born bodega. one firefighter was injured fighting the fire. he was taken to st. francis memorial hospital in san francisco. we do not know how he's doing at this time. it started from 12th. >> one was from my grandson one was from my granddaughter.
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>> at one point the flames got pretty close to some truck structures. >> there is only 200 ft. from our shot. the wind starts to pick up, we're worried that as the bird dollars shot. >> the fire danger is not over, it is pretty windy, and they said the next couple of days it will be a pretty hot across the bay area. bodega on dahlin kron4 news. if >> in addition to that fire, there two other wildfires in the bay area. in that account for there's a fire. and then have to bait a 2 a. fire and that was contained late this afternoon. some thousands of people without power tonight in hayward. the average began just for 6:00 and due to equipment failure. the
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problem is overheating. customers were without power at one point. pg&e is expected to restore power to all customers by midnight. new details tonight in the case involving the san jose krieg's officer who pretended to rest a 15 year-old boy for allegedly having sex with his 14 year-old stepdaughter. the d.a. will decide whether to file charges against the officer. he is on paid administrative leave. ridgy kumar has new video and reactions for the boy's attorney. >> this figure shows the san jose police officers stand over 15 year-old boy both the officer in the boy's face have been blurred to protect their daddy. the boy's father was secretly visit do take been the rest. during the confrontation between you're a boy and a
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police officer, the boy allegedly had sex with the officers of 14 year-old stepdaughter. the officer's comments have stirred up controversy. >> inaudible. >> if i see in your my house my home anywhere near my daughter, all rest you do believe this time?. >> not a good thing that the person you had sex with is a pop star. the d.a. will probably file charges. growing up in be in high school, called solders lots of the mess around with. you're stupid. >> the one that office are restive for what the officer put it through. the boy has nightmares about their ordeal and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> the video the first and then i noticed when i watched about the officers white hand was on his gun. any doubt would be
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upset, but who you go talk to. you go talk to the kit, he talked to the kids' parents. >> i contacted the attorney representing the police officer for reaction, she is not return my calls. in san jose reggie kumar kron4 news. judge >> the boy and girl have been cited for having sex. >> a federal judge in san jose refuses to grant the stay for execution. the judge will not reconsider the decision. 56 rolled out where brown due to be in for the 1980 rape to murder of a 15 year-old girl lumber will subside. tapas this will be the first mistake for the last five years. death chamber and how executions are handled.
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kicking out field to the ninth circuit court of appeal. the d a whats your drugs, not the legal ones with your old prescription ones. why they're buying them back from you. also thousands of people hit the bay area beaches, to pick up trash. and kron4 first and covered with new did not one to the no vote people evading fares. coming up what they're doing to fix the people evading fares. coming up what they're doing to fix the problem. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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the dense fell half a game today after play in the rockies today. san francisco suffered a heartbreaking loss tonight. as colorado 110 to nine. sandino's ago beat cincinnati earlier today to take first place in the division. in san francisco fans a lot of them that bars to watch the game. many of them excited about that giants going to the playoffs.
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>> everybody is very excited here. it's real exciting. >> the giants play call rather again tomorrow. >> in oakland the texas rangers clinched a playoff berth. the first time in 11 years. the rangers are now the second big league club, to lock up oppose seasons bob joining the minnesota twins. texas is the only major-league franchise never to win a playoff berth. the governor has been no legislation that would made it the toughest safety standards on ski slopes. the governor did not like a companion bill that would the bill. the governor
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said that this is an unnecessary burden on people. thousands of people turned up on bay area beaches today to pick up trash, part of the state will why coastal cleanup. why this is so necessary. but coming up big in this tonight's edition of people behaving badly paid. >> your still on the eighties in some areas right now. antioch. 68 degrees from san francisco. we will talk about the numbers you can expect for tomorrow we will talk about the numbers you can expect for tomorrow coming right up. some tough decisions. ake we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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this just an end to the kron4 newsroom. 911 emergency system is out tonight in sonoma. if you have an emergency, and you do need to call one. please call the bordet get at 7 07-875-3001. 70787530014
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emergency. >> lot of people hit the beaches today. the here near at&t part look of the warrants gorgeous conditions. summerlike weather for the first few days of fall. as we head into tomorrow, it will still be warm with heat wave. in fact by the 10 clock hour we could see temperatures into the '70s. by noon time, we will work for a weapon to the eighties widespread eighties. they're looking at the '90s going into the afternoon. not much change, you might see a bit of cooling along a coast tomorrow. here's a look at those numbers for you. getting up to about 90 degrees in santa rosa, not quite as warm but still warm. 88 for san roof fell in in
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the valley. comfortable 82 in san francisco. but that's well below the 91 the we got today. over to the east bay temperatures in the '80s. you might see some '90s castro valley union city fremont. looking at the upper 90s in places like san ramon livermore and then build. cupertino temperatures dropping of to 93 degrees. dr. morgan hill about '96. your 7 they're around the bay does continue to show a warming trend. in fact by monday's weak to be up to the triple digits getting up to 1 04. and the low spots upper eighties around the basin upper seventies around the coast. still keep in a war on tuesdays and wednesdays, that's what it will start to cool down. it will continue to move to the " direction we do have a string
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half of hot days ahead of us. >> today was the 26 annual coastal cleanup day. over a hundred thousand volunteers clean up their favorite beaches. this year nearly 700,000 t of trash is picked up. jeff pierce went to oakland to see how the book volunteers did there. fog >> across lines to remove trash and improve waterways. a friend of salsa krieg's have been doing this for 16 years. hadn't places have gone from tragically at habitat restoration. >> we try to keep the native plants prevent erosion we have rainbow tribe in the creek. and they need water that is not full sediment. >> but not also secrete is so
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perceived. >> we have some areas that get a lot of trash. and also into the storm around town goes into the creek. >> a crew of just eight save the bay from piles of trash. >> this is quite a collection of trash and breather we picked up here styrofoam can rapper's cups. >> i'm trying to find work site for this family of volunteers to follow. they will either be looking at a launching base of plants or taken out trash. for >> this family volunteered. >> if we learned about community service and very firm fireman, >> mounds of trash about kind was picked up on this coastal cleanup day. some things that should never found their way to
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the trash. and if it sometimes seemed overwhelming, the spirit of volunteerism is them overcame it. >> this gives you a lot of hope, when some people are out here doing this. raising awareness. >> in oakland jeff pierce kron4 news. >> stanley roberts shows us that today is coastal's clinics was badly needed. the bay >> error has the most beautiful views. as long as you do not look down. the bicycle sitting in the water at berkeley. according to save the bay, aquatic park is one of curtis' water waves in the bay. and i can see why. there is the use diaper, and plastic bags and head as balls floating around. for the park is so dirty, the many people simply avoid the park. there's trash on top and
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under the water. things like this higher, not just one here's another. even areas is not listed as the various have trash and debris. nobody knows of this telephone looking thing i found this at berkeley pier. also this tossed a bag floating in water. this area is known as strawberry creek, this is for some of the runoff from the city of berkeley runs off. this run offer includes the juice packaging and other forms of trash. i was allowed to enjoy some of these great views whether rose looking up or looking down. to find out how you can help keep these areas clean i place a link to save the bait all my people behaving badly page. in berkeley stanley roberts kron4 news. >> work for new five maltol understand francisco bay. this is part of the $4.6 billion
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project to overhaul the water system. water is not transport across the bay in became pipelines. new pipeline, will be underground and will make a lot safer in case of an earthquake. it won't run between york and the park take a look at this, you're looking at two navy pilots doing some stunts over lake tahoe. as you can imagine they are in trouble. traffic moving find tonight in all directions, bay bridge toll plaza is a fairly busy evening, but no major problems stay with us. ?o?oxñw?w?oó
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san francisco's one step closer to a law banning fast-food meals. this is scheduled for monday for city hall, a proposal would make it illegal for
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children's meals to come with toys. that would apply all restaurant. it doesn't appear to be aimed at places like mcdonald's who does include toys in their meals. part of the first national drug takeback state, federal and local authorities teamed up to bring attention to prescription drug abuse. they say it's also a safe way to get rid of drugs. >> grind up mixed with coffee grounds to litter. so someone going to the trash can find a way to use it. it is the best way to get rid of it. i'm hoping that it destroyed properly. >> drugs are being caught today. >> the plane made an emergency landing this morning after the got a phone call that a passenger had explosives. the plane was on its way to pakistan
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from canada. explosives were found. the passenger was questioned, the other passengers were allowed back on the plane nine hours later. this might of been fun to watch, but a couple and navy pilots have been grounded after this video surface showing them performing stunts on and their helicopters over lake tahoe this week. was on the steps into the water comes back up. the pilots were flying the helicopters from an air show near san diego. they decide the house of on their way. the helicopters were damaged. the navy was not amused. >> heat wave hits the bay area with temperatures narrowly the triple digits. what you can expect for tomorrow. newhall have a look wildfires in the bay area. and here and also when you did not what you did hear about
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while you're looking at pictures from san francisco beautiful day as we head into an early fall heat wave. search your from sentences go to san diego. when i stayed to be out of the water. here's a look at what we can expect tomorrow. lisa >> you have not to be to stop acting quite awhile. as we head into tomorrow we will be still looking at the record heat. the oakland airport came in at over 90 degrees. we will be warmer tomorrow, but will be a bit cooler, the hottest day this week will be monday we are expecting triple digit. 80 degrees right now still in concord. also to antioch upper '70s a livermore in san francisco temperatures are still on the upper 60s. as we head into tomorrow there will be a bit cooler ended yesterday in san rose about 94 degrees, were
9:31 pm
found no valid or came to the '90s tomorrow we will be looking into the upper eighties. it's a scare. in the east bay temperatures in the eighties to low 90s write down for castro valley in fremont. and the san ramon valley temperatures pretty close the century mark, about 90 degrees for loss in 91 for santa clara. your 7 they're around the bay, shows that warm up by monday, the triple digits looking out of 204 expecting. >> the hot weather causing a power outage in he would in castro valley. the others just began before 6 after an equipment failure that was that the piccinni's substation. the problem is overheating. more than 30,000 customers at one point were without power. $7 so
9:32 pm
affected. they expect to restore power by midnight tonight. it is going to be hot again tomorrow, but to date >> thousands of people flock to san francisco's ocean beach saturday to get some relief and the ocean breeze that kept temperatures down at the beach in the high 80s. the parking lots were trapped work pack. the hundreds to for the water maritime park. the temperature stays in the mid-90s. across the bay, we found our personal high temperature of the day 99 inner ring go, force people were spirit in the air. traffic was stalled all afternoon. a concord community park, it was around 95 degrees midafternoon. the picnic tables on the open were too hot to bear. all of saturday's victory place in shady areas.
9:33 pm
here in new hour, there's a little bit of a breeze here in livermore. children could not resist playing in the fountain in danton livermore. and neither could the adults. is >> just warmest here, it's refreshing, i will be dry by the time i get to the car. kron4 news and from livermore. >> to heat wave this weekend sparks and grass fires outside the town of bordet debate, burned about 75 a., kron4 is dahlin has more on the fire. >> if volunteer firefighter was injured firing the in this fire. he was taken to hospital in san francisco. the fire is no longer a threat, it did destroyed a barn and two shops. bill looks like a downed power lines start of the park fire. it came down near highway not one year bodegas. its verdicts close
9:34 pm
weeks to 90 a.. flames are out, but they are busy mopping up any hotspot said they might see. fire officials say that the threat is not over. you can see why, because it is very windy over the next couple of days and it will be very hot. reporting your bodega up on dahlin kron4 news. for >> in addition to that fire, and two other wildfires. in napa county a 25 a. fire. and in half moon bay, a 2 a. fire, that was burning near airport drive. both fires were contained late this afternoon. in southern california brush fire broke out between san diego and to macula, the huge fire started in a car and then spread to nearby brush which was very dry. in utah the wildfire that began in the salt lake city last week. is now
9:35 pm
fully contained. for the 1600 homes had to be evacuated because of this fire. started sunday by machine-gun fire, during a national guard three homes were destroying. the court house was badly damaged. the department of defense is compensating homeowners from the damage. developing news tonight an emergency alert in sonoma, the 911 emergency system is out. officials there say that if you need to have an emergency and need to call on and you should instead call bodega bay, and there is the no. 7078753001. but again that is 70787530014 emergency calls. crews continued to remove belongings and ash from san bruno. this is video from this neighborhood. seven people were
9:36 pm
killed, 37 homes destroyed san mateo county's environmental health division is helping clean up 29 homes in this neighborhood. two others have been red tag, but the property owners can repair the homestead demolishing them. total cleanup will run between 1.7 million expect to finish up in three to four weeks. pedestrian in critical condition happen overnight, on the 2100 block of international boulevard. investigators think good pedestrian was crossing the conducts pulse of the pedestrian crosswalk in was hit by a car. no arrests have been made. dollars worth of tickets. and on muni, might be a free ride but it is not legal. kron4 digs deeper into the new controversy.
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it is a glitch decorated a sensation, the new mitigates that allow commanders to stop there without paying. when we first uncovered the store, and a of how explain just away by hand as people in to the station. stanley roberts gives us look at this and other problems plaguing unit. the sold rubber goods thing has caused some very special moments, moments i just felt like share with all my friends. you could just wave your club record, are worried your hand. being the first nation to break cover gate that which is well liked to college. result of very best of almost everyone. they all do it, the aldrich. at the worst in some. after kron4 broke the story, 24 hours later sued
9:41 pm
all these other stations and the papers. but you could not tell by reading them the we broke cover gate. stan i did see on tv, and the renegades broke, and some stations there were stuck open because they became confused. >> how the hell does this thing work. >> at another station some confusion for writers. writers. >> i will be watching cupper gate, until the fix sustained real dates back. and i seriously doubt the old gates will ever come back. but there are some news station. in san francisco and stanley roberts kron4 news. >> in the information further e- mail us if people behaving about
9:42 pm
where kron4 doc com. some people are getting a free ride with this one is legal. there were freeboard to goods given up today as part of the military past program. the tickets were presented to 49 police brigade, during the year until rubin welcomed today. bart has earmarked to sell some dollars worth of tickets for all service members. free $50 tickets are available to any member of the military to return from iraq or afghanistan. well might be hotter in the bay area, but the midwest this facing bigger weather problems, if this gives you an idea of the problems, and recovery efforts. >> he is not over we are expecting another warm-up. it was like cool down for tomorrow, the son of the bay area spots, but as we had some money we could get up to the triple digits the whole forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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while this is but it chose the beginning for the fall, hot weather had people flaunting to the beaches and pools of san francisco. there's some on capitol little baby to learn how to paddle. we says here with details. >> we're seeing some really warm temperatures today, in fact oakland actually san francisco believe it or not don't count sampras's career reached 91 degrees. 90s in san jose and santa rosa about 99. december fell round 91. as we continuing to tamara but monday is were the real but he began. in fact we could be up to the triple digits very your afternoon highs
9:47 pm
getting into the 90s in santa rosa 94 for fairfield's and gone to mill ballet into the upper eighties. down to the peninsula coming in around 82 degrees in sad for this group. 88 oakland. really warm forecast free once again 90 don fremont and union city. in san ramon valley bringing temperatures into the upper 90s 96 for pittsburgh by six antioch 90 for danville san ramon. abroad 89 degrees for mom you tomorrow. and 19 san jose. your 7 they around the bay does show warming trend as we head towards monday. we will be getting up to the triple digits. upper eighties around the bay and upper '70s around the coast, keeping plenty of sunshine portion of this work week. it will start to cool off by wednesday. allure as we continue
9:48 pm
into the end of the week. >> thank you the we so, parts of the upper midwest r of the water in minnesota and wisconsin. this is a flood canal called her if followed 48 hours of brain. the rain has since let up quite a bit, but it could be quite a few days before the wilder received. in for williams takes a look at the damage. >> nature came of victorious against one high school football stadium force to back up into the school's athletic department,. >> we're just trying to figure out how to get the kids into practice. >> the past couple of days have seen heavy parts of brain. growth have closed residents have brought up the sandbags to protect their property. state of emergency was declared for flood affected counties. the raging waters came quickly. >> it actually looks like a what barbara coming to my right your
9:49 pm
was happening so fast and quick. >> a swollen river took out a 50 ft. co-op in minnesota avenue bridge. motorists are looking at a detour some fog miles. to get from the north to the south side of town. kron4 news. fifth >> state of emergency has been declared and parts of minnesota and wisconsin. in fact wisconsin is now suffering from some of the worst flooding it has seen in 17 years. it is less than three months before the next major international climate some of. are deadlocked already arguing about how to cut greenhouse gases. it is all brought on by national interests. meantime on new initiatives to suspend the global warming law, 40 percent favored are in proposition 23,
9:50 pm
38 percent oppose proposition 23. most of the survey, due say that considerable glow warming to be an important issue. a new poll shows the races for are just about even, with a lot of voters undecided. in the attorney general's, loss and was counted the a steve cooley of republican has 35 percent of support compared to 31 for san francisco district attorney pamela harris barrett and the lieutenant governor's race. sentences for mayor and current lieutenant governor are just about even as well. and the race for california governor, is tied really democrat jerry brown as challenger republican made women both have 41 percent of support of likely voters. 18 percent of
9:51 pm
those surveyed were undecided. democratic senator barbara boxer is pulled ahead of her challenger. 47 percent support boxer compared to 41 percent crawly if you're on the theory called percent undecided there. and another of the city official shows the rest in the salary scandal in california, is now free on bail. angeles bought shell is wearing a pink sweat shirt, she is a former assistant city manager for the small town in california, she was released last night after posting a bond offering of $50,000. she's run the eight officials arrested this week on corruption charges, she resigned last july after meeting reported of the scandal. she's the fourth official to post bond since their arrest last tuesday. and his attorneys answered to the we, look at the new place station and what makes this so
9:52 pm
different. a look of the golden gate bridge tonight it is pretty free of traffic problems. traffic is moving by both directions. and the bay bridge traffic is out there, but there is no problems to report stay with us
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it received alert of the 91 want and this we're hearing now because of the wild flower. some on my officials say if you need to, called a board data base emergency call 7078753001. 7078753001. >> the place station moved who is now on the market. the sony's answer to the we. it looks a little strange, with the glowing or on top. it works it's
9:56 pm
accurate, when you move around the movements are picked up and translated into the game on your tv screen in front tube. the move as an add-on to the play stations 3 $400 to get the motion center controllers and the place station i that's on top your tv. a center to pick up of those movements. the i also has a video camera built in. and it can add your image into the game. and that is the biggest difference between them ruin the we. was certain danger will see yourself on tv holding different objects your using the game. the images superimposed looked realistic. looks like you're actually hold it. >> thomas as an editor, san francisco-based video game review web site. he got a dance reviews from sony and has been playing with the move for a while. >> it is very cool to see yourself in the game, see the actions that you are doing. your actual scene and rockingham, does everything as advertised.
9:57 pm
it is a nice complement to someone who owned the place asian trade who might have member children who want some of the we stopped, but maybe mom and dad do not want to spend all that money on a we perry did get the best of both works. >> in foster city gate site kron4 news. >> since the people are celebrating the german tradition, a love of animal oktoberfest by the bay happening appear 48. you need german fruit drinks of the world's best beer. >> think of a cover for us by the bay is the best in the country, and sentences for me that happened, people are working hard. this is an incredible event. >> and oktoberfest for the bay continues through sunday night. but cold there's going to subside before tomorrow. >> it will be another hot day, >> as we head into monday will be hotter could jump into the triple digits. dammar my cool down. monday as corn to be the
9:58 pm
hottest did. in fact a hundred and four declared. >> see you tonight at 11 have a great evening. forno carrier
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