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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 27, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> our big story at 4:00 p.m. on this monday, the heat across the bay area. people were out today, in showing that the weather and try to stay cool. let us take a look if the numbers with jacqueline bennett. jacqueline? >> pamela, it is very hot out there with a burn 90's. and 75 degrees is providing relief on the coastline. at half moon bay. and napa, and i would not be surprised over 100 degrees inland. warm along the bayshore, with 96 degrees in redwood city, and 97 in los gatos and it's still 84 in san francisco.
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here is the difference of the blast 24 hours. and we are expecting that warm up and here is what we are seeing with seven degrees warmer in redwood city, half moon bay, and inland. perhaps we're not even seen peak heating and even perhaps triple digits. for a few more days, we can expect this with warm, dry air is not going to go anywhere. notice the light cloud coverage off shore. some formation of fog near the immediate coastline which is providing that light relief. and it will pull back, quickly tomorrow morning. a rapid cool down tonight with pleasant overnight. a cool morning and then still a hot afternoon! i do not see this warm, dry air moving from this picture so i think it is going to stay hot until wednesday! and we will take a look a your
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extended forecast with trouble digi temperatur triple digit. >> triple. >> and rob fladeboe is reportin from f gi >> and in the seven got in santa clara county, gilroy, and take a look. the time in downtown gilroy is 90 degrees. the national weather service is looking for a triple digit heat today toward possibly 101-102. to not look for any record breakers it would have to go back to 1963. 108 degrees on this day in 1963. san jose could be a record breaker if they reached 97. that would shatter the record back in 1958. it is going to be hot over santa clara county. no real relief until wednesday. in gilroy, rob
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fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> the month, in southern california, downtown los angeles had a new record. the all-time high of one of the 30 degrees! 12:3:00 p.m.-113 degrees! and these are live pictures of a wild fire. it is 20 a. but you can see that it is growing. these winds are still going, and that hot weather, this wind is also according to some degree. the working fire crews are along highway 101, and going towards open spaces, away from structures. two different helicopters are on the way, two different helicopters are currently working on the fire. so far, no evacuation's have been ordered. this just in to the kron 4 news room and the scheduled execution of albert brown has now been delayed by 45
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hours. the convicted murderer, rapist was supposed to be convicteuthanize by lethal injen now that is going to be postponed until thursday evening. and he is still waiting to decide if he wantcan grant clemency. >> know, the losses for the san francisco forty-niners. and of vern is going to tell us about the organization. >> how many fingers? >> sex! that means sex offensive coordinators. -six! and the offense of court in there, a man that he confronted, defended her this entire is gone, jimmy raye last week. when your 0-3. and
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you of a pour offense especially dead showed up yesterday. and- through kansas city. jimmy raye is gone and the quarterback, mike johnson is now the new offensive coordinator. and we spoke with mike singletary this morning and wire the move? >> and we've looked at the overall view. of where we are. looking at where we need to go. we felt that and i felt that i needed to make the change. >> it was interesting that michael singletary said it was his decision however, york is also thinking of being part of that decision. >> and with only three games? and it with if this was already eight games already into the season? however, the s
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question is that will singletary keep this? this confidence? >> the sow this next game is going to be very crucial. >> the atlanta falcons could be another loss, they could be 0-4. >> do not say that just yet! >> the city of san francisco spend $150 million for homeless each year. and it has taken of and thousand of the streets in the past six years. either permanent housing or sending them home. kate thompson reports of thousands more remain on the street. >> san francisco is not going to close the borders to the homeless so every year everybody comes to the city and ends up on the street. >> the client, we've a lot of social service organization, and a very tolerant community. and a temperate and are meant for people in need. i think that all
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plays into effect for homeless coming to stanford cisco. >> homeless advocates are saying that they are from the bay area and the need for services has increased, dramatically over the past couple of years because of the economy. despite spending millions, there are 250 families on the wait list for shelter. >> people from poor communities are losing income, becoming homeless, they do not have that high credit card. or savings account to rely on. so, they end up losing their house, and a eventually, they find their way through the shelter system. >> and even of millions of dollars being spent, thousands of the will thicken off the streets of public opinion seems to be the home was in san francisco is a big problem. the director of human services agency that the san francisco ' s problem is magnified because of the san francisco's, geography. the view seems san francisco is that it is in your face. los angeles, in terms of
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square miles, los angeles county towards san francisco. we are 49 square miles. -worse. and because resentfully-it is much smaller in los angeles, then more spread out. and our city center is more concentrated, so you see them work, concentrated. >> and christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> you are seeing a lot of upper 90s, and i would not be surprised to see triple digits in the next hour or so. details coming up in your seven-day. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store.
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erangry peasants can mess up a i parkcar really bad.tle at "medieval knight fest". matt, my mercury agent, helped me file a claim right away. turns out mercury not only saves me money, but they also cover medieval mob damage. they got my car fixed in no time. call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast free quote and start saving today. >> stocks ended on a weak note. and they were we bring most of the day however, they closed 48 lower. and the nasdaq was also done by 11 points and rob black is here to talk about the money,
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what happened on wall street? mellon is been a weird mind. - september, and september is over and we're starting to see the positive, and not the-. the economic data does not free to eat out. and i cannot tell you why. the difference is really i do not know why. -freak us out. >> september can be a difficult time for this stock market? >> september can be a pivotal, because it is the end of the third quarter. and you know, i would say that if we were on a scale of 1-10. with one frozen, 5, warm, perhaps we are a number 6. we're not doing it that bad. >> and let us look as southwest airlines. what you think of the purchase today? >> i love that really bertrair n
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the love southwest, most beloved southwest. you do not have to pay for baggage, or your not going to be nickled and dimed can, and they're usually on time. i would not invest in their stock. >> you would not? >> no! >> and warren buffett said that he would never invest in a airline. and if it is good enough warren buffett? it is good enough for me. and if they had issues with compensation, pilots, compensation? mechanics? >> the fuecost of fuel? >> exactly. and if you and i want to the caribbean, and perhaps not together a lot however, with southwest airlines. pamela okay.. >> and now, with campaign ads. and with media companies. >> yes, but an all-time high. as far as ad spending. that trounce the presidential. to tfifth2202
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daugh 20 million. for 220 million. to order 20 million. and it is good for companies like a cvscbs. and wih political spending. not to change the channel pala bu [laughter] >> and how was the upcoming election affecting the market, the industry right now? with industries not spending in the big industries are not spending? >> it is a week and see. with nancy pelosi speaking about some of the bills will be in front of congress before, and some after the next election. i think a lot of people do not want to go out and cancel tax cuts, democrats, or republicans toward the would prefer to wait after the
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election. there and i think that the market would rally the if it is the democrats maintaining control? or if the demon known is better than the demon unkonw >> rob black will be right back with answer your e-mails. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs,
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♪ >> boy, it is hot out there today. take a look at our current conditions with two different spots over 100 degrees. and santa rosa, once are one degrees and would not be surprised even nap of right now is the 99 degrees it would reach the 100 mark. the only places we are seeing is half moon bay 75 degrees because we've had some fog forming at the coast. we will see that again tonight the look of the spots down here with redwood city, 97! oakland is 95
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degrees which is a record breaker! and this is going to continue tomorrow. warm/while conditions and tonight. and to tomorrow, it will cool off in the morning. fog in the committee it coastline but that will not last. and by 3:00 p.m., still trouble digits expected and the warmest spot is going to be in livermore-triple digits expected tomorrow. and neighborhood by neighborhood but first, on the futurecast. tomorrow, a lot of the green/blue is one to be representative of the 50s. it is going to be pretty cool out there. compared to what we saw, today. as we progress towards the afternoon widespread-'80s represented by the orange. the '90s are the breacolor red and e triple digits are going to be more popular as a going to 4:00 p.m. with neighborhood by neighborhood, the high temperatures expected are nine
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degrees in novado, 103 = fair field, once you're 4 = antioch, and windsor 5 = livermore, trouble is in the south bay. 105 = livermore, and cooler conditions close to the coast. early fog. only 74 degrees in half moon bay. 90s along the bay shore. kron 4 7 day around the bay and this warm, dry air that is been sitting over austin ganassi it moving. the computer model is not showing us that it is not going to be moving until released wednesday. and even the bayshore. it-a lot until wednesday. however, some relief will start to be cooler on friday and towards the weekend. and that will continue towards next week. ♪ >> the budget battle! still no state budget for the state of california! that is a record. 88-89 days. frappes last week if you remember the the governor
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the legislative leader had a baj. the big five are supposed o be sitting down at 4:45 this afternoon. >> the golden state warrior that the new head coach is keith smart. general manager of larry riley. he will be taking over don nelson. he played briefly in the nba for san antonio in 1989, 1988-1989 season. he is best known for leading the n.c.a.a. championship for the state of indiana. >> and we're still going to run, play fast, and we want to live a lot have another element and with a big, physical basketball team. we still the polls when you can get up, down from the floor with a fast-paced-tools. and also, another element as the rebound and the toughness. the
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stamp that i want to be fast and also be a physical team from the defensive standpoint. that is the direction we're going to be going. we're going to see if and make that happen. >> it was also a media day with promotions. and that those are wearing santa claus out fetes. having some fun, with upcoming advertising campaigns. -of fetes. the mock, george has died. he played for three different teams, nine seasons with the raiders before tiring in 1976 at the age of 48. he was inducted into f pro hfootball hall of fame. >> and a live look downtown san francisco it is hot! 88 degrees, and it awarded with 8 degrees by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. 88--
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000.
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>> and rob black is back with us now. taking your e-mail questions. and there is a newsletter called " true wealth ". suggesting in the tech stocks now? >> and with a man to the likes of brochures. and with tech stocks having plenty of cash with mergers/acquisitions. however, i do not like pro shares. >> what are pros years? >> pressures use leverage, and the balance every day, and they're not very efficient. and a short movie can make more money but where, in the long run. -short-move. >> and have a short move is that something perhaps of a the trader mentality. and i do not like the perot sharpro share its if it is a mentality of the day
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trader. >> and i like to get term investment insurance. and should be going on line? to get the on line employs the to get a "? or should i use my professional. to check with your local professional it is professional expensive. and just make sure that you go with a reputable company, like john hancock, or general electric. >> and did not go with a smaller business. >> they could be of the business. >> and if you have a question? e-mail at and we will be right back with much more news, ahead. @2
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