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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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this 8 year-old rule adopted in fresno last night. >> a manhunt underway for a man who intentionally hit a fremont police officer >> beginning with george in the traffic center with what's what's going on in the webster to. >> over night accident that was pretty serious crash resulted in huge investigation which is still ongoing. it shut down one of the two tubes headed to and from all media. it's not likely to have a big commute impact. we will tell you about alternates in a moment. checking in with yoli who has live on the scene and has this update. >> good morning george thurston
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lusher when they will open the tube because traffic investigation is over now a criminal investigation when they are waiting for chp and investigators to come on the scene and fill in blanks off as far determining speed and that kind of thing. call this suvs went in the opposite direction get pulled over a few blocks from here they sped off when the place. when his black car was just coming right out of the tool there was a head-on collision with the suvs appeared that person is in grave condition. the people in the as you bay there are two drivers and three females. the two males fled the scene of but are in
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custody now. >> lets take us back to the maps and show you this is the to the that leads from oakland into alameda going in this direction. the opposing to is open so you can take high street or pork street from oakland to get to the island until they clear that appeared hopeful play bridge first westbound light traffic no back up or delayed. commit to this san mateo bridge and still a good one so the volume is heavy in the westbound direction and lastly cold in the bridge ride 1 01 south down no problems coming in from marin across this band easy trip along doyle drive. no problems here and again wally incident in alameda is a serious incident is
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not likely to have to be the traffic impact. >> another a clear-cut cool forecast very similar to yesterday. chance of isolated shores continues for today 54 is there francisco by noontime 62, high today only 65. a few degrees warmer than yesterday but not noticeable. elsewhere still chilly san rosa 40's, along the coast 46 degrees for have monday lower 50s for livermore mid-50s through the south bay. the afternoon will only keep it at 76 degrees for santa rosa and that's one of the warmer spots today, 75 fairfield, ran around the bay keeping temperatures in to the upper 60s low 70's so space in story 71 in los gatos. better
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chance of showers taken tomorrow by the 2:00 hour you conceal isolated showers to the south of san jose. bring showers into the delta at by 6:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m. better chance along the peninsula through hayward, fremont, livermore valley. keeping chance for spotty showers along the evening. we also still have a winter weather advisory for the sierra till 11:00 today the higher elevations we are talking around highway 50 light to moderate snow falls. your 7 day around the bay pretty unstable for the next couple of days is drying up for years thursday, friday. by sunday is to be pleasant temperatures mid to upper 80s up for '70s around the bay '60s for the coast. >> developing story. an amber
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alert has been issued for a little girl. 8-year-old elisa cardenaz. police say a stranger kidnapped elisa from the front of her house around 8:30 p.m. monday night in fresno. she is hispanic, four feet tall, about 60 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. she was wearing a light purple "winnie the pooh" sweater and blue jeans. the suspect is a 25-year-old white or hispanic man, >> it appears as though she was playing in front of her house with a friend. for some reason a stranger was able to get her to come to the vehicle. that's why it's important parents talk to their kids about not talking to strangers as well as parental supervision will your kids are playing outside. this is truly every parent's worst nightmare we will work as hard as possible to locate this young girl. six feet tall, 200 pounds and he is either bald or has combed-back
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hair. he was wearing a white tank top and jeans. the suspect was seen driving a 1970's or 80's model ford single cab pickup, possibly brown and red with a white horizontal pin stripe on the side they believed he does not know the family in any way. we are standing by expecting a press conference at 630 this morning we will bring you the latest when they happen life. >> the search continues for driver who intentionally slammed as stolen van raid into a police motorcycle. it is wet engine under the ban. fremont police say the officer saw the stolen van and was attempting to pull it over when the driver hit
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health. the officer only suffered a broken leg. will tran live with the latest. >> he is a 10 year veteran of 43 year-old man we don't know when he will be back to the job but was just a broken leg he should survivors and juries. it's not just of sleep fremont please they're using other departments including chp. yesterday they used in airplane search dogs, 40 police officers altogether they set up a perimeter apparently the suspect slips through. they are continuing the search. i put a phone call in and hopefully i will the back from them. i can say they did arrest a suspect in connection with this case at this point were not sure if he was a passenger in the event or was involved in the theft before the officer got hit.
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>> will be back with more a couple of minutes. ♪
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another fault lie there on the day. low 60s than noon mid-60's at 3:00 p.m. the '50s by 8:00 p.m. >> the $20 billion fund to pay gulf oil spill claims as the program has been inundated with questionable documentation, inflated claims and fraud. the program is bogged down by the sheer volume of requests for money. 98,000 request they represent livelihoods' impacted
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during the gulf oil spill. >> waiting for opening bell stock futures up after japan cut interest rates down to zero for the country. we are watching for a positive opening after finishing in the red yesterday. first of foremost supply management comes out today. economists are looking for a rise. twitter ceo is replacing kevin williams today. it is costing more at the palm energy information's as the national average up to $2.73 in national average. >> we will be back with more the moment. a live look set aside at the traffic through albany is seems to be moving well and the traffic through albany is seems to be moving well and clear as well. serving on the board of goldman the traffic through albany is seems to be moving well and clear as well. sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from
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insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers. we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter?
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6:15 a.m. trucking a hot spot the closure of the west to go to the college of alameda so that is likely the to be take. well not this morning use fruit they'll bridges and ordered to get on to the island. take this circle route around to get to class this morning. otherwise most of you will be headed the opposite direction this morning. it is getting from oakland for to the island use one of the two bridges this morning. if you're coming from the south get on through a farm i'll. thill other
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hot spots the driver on the bay area's so far looks good on the freeways. at the bay bridge no back up or advisory's me during let's have not been activated we have been incidents free. san mateo bridge ride heavy in the westbound or commute direction but no problems or back up. the golden gate bridge ride still smuts with no problems reported on 101. check gone weather. >> very similar to yesterday's shot of san mateo this morning clear free of fog about 53 degrees by noontime we should jump up to 65 year high today and not breaking out of the '60s. then back down to the upper 50s by 8:00 p.m. as he had tortured and vmi or slowly warming up into the '60s, temperatures right now 40's, '50's minute all the yellow matches up with this '70s and
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this will come into our forecast by 4:00 p.m. mix of '60s and '70s: the backdown by 8:00 p.m. your numbers today will stay low 76 and rosa a degree or so above what we saw yesterday so not noticeable. 65 jurors in francisco, richmond 72 for billy appeared ran around giving most of the captors and the upper 60s low 70's. the coastal state: 62 the better chance for showers tomorrow but really light. 2:00 a.m. half of charges south of san jose continues through much of the morning even bring in rain through fairfield, 10:00 a.m. better chance of rain drops through the peninsula hayward, fremont. keeping it light and those isolated showers continuing through the evening. your 7 day around the bay
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keeping wet weather in to the forecast for the next couple of days trying out for the next couple of days and warming up by the weekend. w8yand if >> this is video for their shares search of been a year-old girl. she was taken from her front yard loss by playing in fresno. we are waiting for a press conference to get underway in about 10 minutes. an amber alert will be. they do not know the license plate number. they do know a vehicle description. we can show you that and tell you the latest about what she looks like and what the man looks like. it is said to atone chevy pickup. it has a white top on the cab and a white pinstripes. you can wait 10
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minutes we are waiting for press conference. >> investigators believe they are getting closer to the suspects responsible for the sexual assaults at park regency apartments sketch just for is the least last night of the attempted rape. he is described as white the 5 ft. 8 medium build brown hair and facial hair. the sheriff's department says they are doing everything they can to get to the responsible. >> pursuing every lead that comes about about not only that we have distributed public awareness fliers to the residents of this complex in the residential area to keep them aware. >> security has stepped up at the complex cards are now checking the id of everyone entering. >> suspect accused of stabbing a
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man and abducting 80 year-old girl is in custody. he turn themselves over last night in with him was the victim 18 year- old judy who did not appear to be harmed. he was wanted after the stabbing of a man and a kidnapping of judy. >> this morning is debate between jerry brown and make whitman has been canceled this after heated debate last week in which brown and with men clashed over many issues including immigration. the debate came on the heels with the former housekeeper coming forward. we spoke with political analyst says it's no wonder they wanted to cancel today's debate and that white men lost the debate because of the scandal. >> her hope is let's stop
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talking about this in the back to advertising budget will have to have a very close got clever scheme right now. >> jerry brown closing in on to do percent support for his seat. this is a first poll conducted since the accusations from her former i undocumented housekeeper. >> we will be back with more a couple minutes live look at walnut creek everybody will be couple minutes live look at walnut creek everybody will be cool today even the creek. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we decide to get her some cool weather not >> stores the we're following right now prosecutors using videotape as evidence against this man who had tried to wontons were. he is facing a mandatory life prison term. and his sentencing today in manhattan federal court. he has pled guilty to 10 jobs. >> supreme court is going to hear arguments today to sue the government went too far. the jet propulsion laboratory had issued as whether government has the right to probe the personal lives of loris contractors with assets to federal facilities.
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>> president barack obama to offer some today and colleges. he says that colleges are great resource pure pork with for resort people with resource skills. he signed legislation this year pumping $2 billion into the community colleges. 500 million a year for the next four years. >> new poll says the vast majority of americans is better for some students regard to community college. the poll by stanford university shows of 71% of its sometimes better for service to pursue a deplorable are as secure from the tomb your school and to enter for your college. upper half will be right if >> free right back with the opening bell on wall street.
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state budget cuts are crippling my classroom, so i can't believe the sacramento politicians cut a backroom deal that will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax give-away, a new handout that can only mean larger class sizes and even more teacher layoffs. but passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate give-away and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations. welcome back to and the opening bell on wall street. and lowered interest rates are down to zero.
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transfer the economy to the european asian markets were up overnight. author >> alright we want your right to our hotspot which george was tracking this problem. in the tube. from alameda and sort oakland element of. george was a going question mark >> they're still going on with the investigation after loss is crashed early morning incident in which a vehicle can the wrong direction from alameda it through the webster to. mr. is the opposite direction. came out and then have had on crash with this white suvs. friere on the scene, with the addition of a tow truck, does that mean we're a close to getting this thing clear here? >> they did not give me any time here, this approach are just came just minutes before game alive. and fact as we speak these two other tow trucks have arrived as well. this action and
6:31 am
called to create vehicles. there is the sgb that was going the wrong direction, which had had a head-on collision with a black vehicle. then there was a third vehicle behind also coming out of the tunnel, at least to some time to stop, but still nonetheless crashed into the vehicle and from him. it is just now they're bringing all the tow trucks. again the officers on the scene to not want to commit what to what time it will open. is that it could probably take to lease an hour. but do not really have an estimate. because they're trying finish of the criminal investigation on the scene. fife >> thank you will stay there to keep you updated as to when create things will get clear. again this occurred at the webster to. this will affect principally students of the college of alameda this morning. a loss they managed to get a clear and the next hour. right now you should use park street bridges. of course you can
6:32 am
always get on to the island of the south end. as well down by the oakland airport. tracking other traffic this morning. will take a look at your right to the bay bridge, and the west bank of new. you'll see the meteor light said just now but activated and things are starting to back up. expect traffic not to start to slow as well. as you kron4 interstate 80 coming around the corner from the berkeley curve. but take a look here. even at the eighth approach, more about of today than it was yesterday. at this hour. i will also surely the right on interstate 80 coming down from albany through the eskers. you will see traffic is moving well here and has not yet begun to back up for the ride on and on. puzzled over to the wonders of turn. if a >> good morning george, and another chilly afternoon today. you can see a clear shot albany. we're not dealing with that fog
6:33 am
this morning, but we are seeing a chance for some slight shores to figure it other just by tomorrow. we even have a winter weather advisory in the sierra to here's your current temperatures outside. . if about 48 degrees for santa rosa 48 for now. 54 percent francisco and starting to warm up over and then the august 60 degrees. you're an afternoon highs are getting into about 76 degrees in san a resident as one of the warmer spots. was take a look to your 7 day at around the bay of tariff >> kron4 nose and alert police are giving us an update let's listen in. >> icamera
6:34 am
and a kicking backend >> this is this stranger adoption, he was last seen driving a '70s or '80s model pickup truck eight years old and her name here let me get right to elisa cardenaz mid-20s. possibly come back here they are getting conflicting reports. he was last seen wearing a white tank top and wearing blue jeans.
6:35 am
he was last seen driving away with during the 1970's are eighties model should chevy pickup truck had a white stripe belongs to the side and the top of the cab was white on top as well. activate the light signs of all the freeways because they are on and they did not have a license plate. if they do not know which direction that he has headed. the officer right now describing a series of events that have unfolded prior to the adoption. police say that the girl was playing in the yard with some friends, when the man a suspect pulled up in a pickup truck spoke spanish and told the girl to get in. he wants to take into a nearby dollar store to buy toys and coloring books. one of the girls ran inside and got her mother to come out and that is what a man apparently grabs a list, and pulled her into the truck and drove off. alissa's mother was outside and saw everything was happening. she
6:36 am
jumped into the car the suspect. all she got was the description of the suspect in his vehicle. i do not think we clear up the dollar audio. so we're listening to the latest from the police. i can say that some of the media have reported not only are there a hundred officers actively searching. apparently detain somebody for questioning. they have focused their research on the vineyard near by. they do have some budding custody right now they're questioning that person, but that person did not have a listing with them. as we learn more will come back and do the update. we will listen to this conference and will come back with more information. after >> 636 right now on a developing story we're following other fremont, with the search continues for a driver who intentionally slammed a stolen drive van into a motorcycle officer. you're taking a look
6:37 am
at the scene of the accident. fremont police say that the officers spotted a stolen van was attempting to pull over, the officer when under the van, and actually only suffered a broken leg. but there's more to this accident. well trances in fremont. >> well the area, they did arrest one person is suspect in connection with this case. we're not exactly sure to was a passenger during all this, for was allegedly the old vault with the stuff in the first place. the place apart are hoping that he will give you more information. someone from the fremont police departments should be available 7:00 a.m. this morning. so hopefully will get more affirmation. i can tell you that this officer is a 43 year-old man, who was there with the police department for 10 years. when anything happens to a police officer other agencies
6:38 am
do get involved. if they use an airplane, search dogs and they tried their best to set up a perimeter, but this suspect master skate. the man had discontinued. when i hear from the investigators. half >> think you will. >> there some shaking in the south bay just 10 minutes ago, if you felt that it was located 21 mi. east of says it. reverse earthquake just hit 10 madison wrote. at 6:28 a.m.. this is all the information we have right now. we will bring more details of the committee kron4. >> alright 638 a m. we will be back with
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welcome back to do feel like, a 3.4 earthquake hitting san jose. it struck at 6:28 a.m. pick this morning. probably not many people feeling the aftershocks. no reports of damage or injuries as we get more information will bring it to you. >> the attorney for pskov elisa cardena johannes mehserle has hs requested a new trial. he stating that the jury did not hear about a similar case that
6:47 am
have been less than a year ago in kentucky where an officer and a similar situation to the same thing. were he mistook his gun for a taser. that officer was not convicted. the new trial motion could be heard the same day as the sentencing on november the fifth. >> bay area traffic, margarine what is happening in the webster to. >> that is right mark we're still looking at the close r of the webster to. due to the investigation of the large sedan from overnight. now that is to publish from oakland to alameda. the opposing to on the commute direction is open this morning. this hotspot likely to clear in the next 30 minutes. the chp now estimating the time of reopening between around seven to 7:10 a.m.. so it is possible we could see some progress as early as 7.
6:48 am
if it does, if it does reopen in the next half an hour, that will breathe a real boon to students at the college of alameda of that is where most of the traffic heading in in the morning is going. from here let's take you to the bay bridge for the meeting might have been active. there's already a backup to the 880 over crossing. this is a meter and light back up. we had previously been incident free. in san francisco take a look across town free way. still pretty light bonds central. no delays on the james lick off the east bound skyway. we are getting word of bart delays on the rich , out of the richmond station heading towards fremont and millbrae. the trains are still delay due to earlier technical problems. it turns out it was a power problem. they did have some power outages the weather
6:49 am
was on the train or station is not entirely clear. bart says that the problem has been resolved, and the continuing delays. other trains are reported on time through the system. check on the weather with lisa. george >> enough which you jotters waterway. you will later rancor over the next couple of days, there are a chance for showers. we're free fog, but the chance to show charge becomes a bit better by tomorrow. we do have a winter weather advisory in this year and will touch on that a few minutes. your current temperatures outside so kind of chilling to the north their word is hanging on to the '40's and santa rosa not a of. 46 degrees for half moon bay 54 into san francisco, your afternoon highs still some lawyers yesterday 65 degrees per san francisco 65 richmond 72 for vallejo. down
6:50 am
around the bay looking at around 71 into a loss of those, could be 73 frannie of the kind of cooling to the livermore valley into the upper 60s. so good chance of showers tomorrow. that is will might start to see some sprinkel south of san jose. we will continue best chance in the south bay and a route around the east bay as well. by about the 10 clock hour, we may pick up some circles around the peninsula. into the livermore valley. and we're looking at so spotty showers into the evening as well. we do have a winter weather advisory for this year up until about 11:00. you can see plenty of activity in the sierra. looks like a snow fall are at this point heavy rain writer for highway 50. snow showers throughout the morning. here's a look around the bay, unstable weather round for the next couple days. it will start
6:51 am
to clear up on the weekend. funny more sunshine. >> 3 people have been diagnosed with was all smiles. as the fifth first-inning cases identified in the county this year. they have all been reported recovering from the disease. the district is urging people to protect themselves by using repellent, a make sure there is no standing water on the property where mosquitoes can breed. >> a plan to make fast-food restaurants to have children's meals healthier has passed its first hurdle. if a san francisco board of supervisors committee passed the effort yesterday. the plan would require restaurants to promote toys with mills like mcdonald's happy meals to also include fruits and vegetables. they cannot at access to texas keller's started mark broderick said that this plan is approved, he may be he does not want to dictate hot restaurants market their food. it's especially when many of them have held the
6:52 am
options available. >> it is that time of the year the blue angels have a right. you can see them here as they flew into san francisco. they have will be doing flight demonstrations at this weekend's airshow. >> 6:52 a.m. as the time my analysis of people looked at san jose traffic, and it looks like one the one it in both directions is moving pretty well. we will be right [ male announcer ] sacramento and silicon valley
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rule the upload. rule the status update. rule the moment. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon it's 55 right now take a look of the 70 around the bay for cows, chickens to the chance of showers or today and tomorrow. and how close a special about the coast. even in land area 76 to they 7273, looking at mid '80s with falls on sunday without any cause. >> dot on nasdaq in as a peak after bank of japan cut its interest rates to zero. trying
6:56 am
to spur economic growth. they do like the news here in the states. the dow 89 points. >> we have more now on the giants' playoff fever, and serve for the excitement has been a big boost, not just to the fans but also local businesses. kron4 christine, which shows how restaurants are making sure they are ready for the next big game. >> is just being crazy, >> take a look all these cakes that they're stacking up to get ready for the playoffs. workers are doing all they can to prepare. anticipating they will be four full before during and after the game. >> what a bar onto the patio, we look at the menu and make some changes to make sure that we can forget the food out in a timely manner. >> over the weekend they had twisted amount of customers. the other businesses are also prospering. business that serves
6:57 am
fried chicken and don'ts. . workers said it will be signed on thursday and friday. >> i am scared, we do have stuff but it was so crazy last friday and saturday and sunday. it's like they don't even think about money. they do not even think about it. >> many businesses say they will open early and stay open late, it's all hands on deck as the cash in on giants' favor. i'm christine, leif kron4 news. >> we will be right back and two minutes as kron4 news continues to and we're following the developing story of the statewide amber alert, this is the family of the eight year-old girl that was adopted from her front yard in fresno. we will have the very latest coming up after the break.
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a good morning minute before 7 the top stories in this hour.


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