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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  October 5, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 430. our big story at 430 the national league west champion taking the field and practice for the first time since sunday's big wind. franklin joins us at at&t park as the giants now look ahead to thursday's first playoff game. >> down here at the ballpark the players are inside the clubhouse during interviews right now and each of them in the roadway are giddy on the inside if they get ready for the game on thursday that's great to have as a stadium set up has been ongoing for the last couple of days and change will look the video i want to take a look at these banners the unofficial count. it were going to say there's about 500 inside and outside. we haven't seen bunting banners at this since the 2007 all-star game. i have to give up to the
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grounds crew here they have been working long, long hours but they don't mind it. look across and ship as they paint the infield that would be the national league division series that will be on the first base side and the third base side you have to give up to them. you don't mind this extra work consider what's at stake? >> when you guys start setting up? >> yesterday was then a long day of here and then today since a.m.. >> it will look good on national tv game at 630 to 70 and its game 1 friday 637 will be good for game 2 and the players will be coming out here around 5:00 for like work out some infield and batting that will go to 6:15 p.m. and then tomorrow did lead
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the braves come in here to test at&t park. was the next hour from at&t park for and glenn kron 4 news. >> mayor gavin newsom newsome a lifelong giants fan and baseball player himself talked about the excitement of having the giants back in the postseason as his office term is winding down. >> as the guy who could even through the first pitch over the plates this a big thing for me. i love baseball but grew up literally falling asleep watching the game. i was drawn to being a professional player and to be the major city near the end of my term as mayor and have a chance to watch my home team and a long time heroes in the playoffs is about as good as it gets for me. >> we have kron 4 crews all over the bay area covering stories important to you here are seven more top local stories in less than four minutes. >> here in fremont police say they now know the identity of a man wanted for the attempted
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murder of a police officer. he's identified as 36 year-old alexander d. as a prole had a loss angeles. he remains at large tonight please say he deliberately drove a stolen van into the motorcycle cop on monday afternoon. but officer patrick brouwer at 10 year veteran suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries and remains hospitalized. in fremont kron 4 news. >> oakland police headquarters investigators working the case involving the shooting of six year-old leslie ramirez if they said the what the public to know they can come forward with information without worrying about their immigration status. >> it's a sanctuary city the police department is not interested in supporting anyone finding of your residence status and will not be as question regarding your residency status at all during in oakland kron 4 news to trade off >> in san bruno and said the fires own careers of been clearing out debris for about a week and half as we take a look
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here you can see they've made a lot of progress. it easy this bulldozer with clearing up the rest of the debris there only about 12 properties laughed at of the 35 hour destroyed beyond repair if that still need to be cleaned up. if everything goes as expected they could be done with the clean up by next monday which would be about a week ahead of schedule. christine conley kron 4 news. >> in southern california meg whitman former housekeeper told another news conference if the dispute claims made by whitman. nikki d has said she was never treated like a member of the family and said she's not a puppet and is now being manipulated carried out whitman spokesperson said it's time for the housekeeper's attorney to pack up this circus and leave town. the spokesperson said voters deserve to hear solutions not smears. dan curman kron 4 news. >> here it san francisco i met the board link and dealerships they say they have plans to accommodate some of their loved
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hundred dealerships. it none of the dealerships i spoke to in the bay area have got word on their future one dealer novato does know is still solid this year just at this dealership in san francisco. >> in san francisco kron 4 has discovered a second flaw in muni's club brigade which allows people to walk in without having to pay their fair. this is how the second flaw works. if you going to the neighboring dade and wave your hand over the backs answer the gates will open not automatically carried in muni said it knows about this since they started testing the gates in july and will be working on a fixed period of reporting in san francisco kron 4 news. >> in san francisco fleet week preparations are underway and organizers say this year will be the biggest celebration in 20 years. work is going on over appear 30 and 32 dairy for the first a ship to come to san francisco this year. the u.s.
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island is one of the navy's newest ships that will arrive wednesday afternoon. all the other ships will come in san francisco bay on thursday and with more either pure 27 appear 35. if the blue angels will start their practice sessions thursday afternoon. in san francisco jeff bush kron 4 news. >> a live look right now from heavenly ski resort in lake tahoe look at snow on the ground very ominous looking picture for continuing to see storms rotate through the tahoe area was snow in the higher elevations. look at our current conditions on storm tracker 4 radar we've been seeing a few ways of rain rotating column flushing the bay area from gilroy now down in moderate trade the snow continues but scattered showers in yosemite with a stronger sell headed for lake tahoe now. i want to show you what's moving through the area now. with a storm center river central california and the lotus the
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rotation of the storm is just to the south southwest around the center of the storm. will continue to see the rain shower rotate through the bay area as we head into the evening and even as we head into tomorrow. let's take a look at what were expecting tonight into tomorrow. lange rainshowers this evening it's going to be really really like you saw how things were trying of now on storm tracker. into tomorrow morning mostly sunny conditions and to the afternoon than in others the chance of showers especially in the south and east bay. conditions will be cooler and will see breezy conditions as well. by accepting a whole lot of rain fall accumulation will time out on future cast and look richard said a forecast for your fleet we we can forecast coming up in just a bit. >> and might be hard to believe that snow is already testing the sierra nevada appeared to this picture this is video shot from
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el dorado county the rtc snow flurries. the storm has all hit reno with record-setting rain and dropped enough snow to close highway 89 and monitor past. look outside traffic had lights your southbound traffic moving at a meeting clip in both directions. the guadalupe overpass a little sluggish. we'll be right back.
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eliminate for a weekly trade to. according to the san mateo times the move would plug into million dollar budget deficit that means commuters traveling between san francisco and san jose to pay $20 more for monthly tax between the two cities for total of $225. the service cuts will lead cal train with only hourly service from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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and that would go into effect on january. the plan to enforce fast food restaurants with children's meals stood including toy is healthier has passed its first hurdle. the plan would require restaurants which promote toys with meals like the mcdonald's happy meal to include the fruit or vegetables. san francisco mayor said if the plan is approved he may be to it. we're keeping the chance of showers in the forecast tomorrow less windy conditions, cooler temperatures that will start to change as we head into the weekend. a great weather on top for fleet week will talk about after the break.
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our weather story this afternoon a chance of showers to the bay area live look at storm tracker radar dry right now the chickens he rain surrounding the bay area off got this far as like tahoe down to yosemite over the five and down into monterey rate now pure it we do have a storm
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center over south-central california, we can see these waves of grain rotating around the storm. were going to continue to get these waves pushing through basically northern california and central california into tomorrow afternoon you can see waves approaching leg tahoe rate now in his see snow in the higher elevations there. that's to look on future cast for what were expecting. it's not going to be a whole lot here a slight chance of a shower and vallejo at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. if he could see thunderstorm activity only and vallejo notice not a whole lot going on as we head into the evening chances of rain pushing through mainly in the east bay and skirting the south bay. by 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. it will taper off after that temperatures tomorrow will be little cooler than today just slightly. in the '60s and '70s for the most part antioch a little warmer had 77. 75 in
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concord, 76 fairfield, 70 in santa rosa, 64 in san francisco in the low seventies for bay shores and down in the south bay. let's look ahead to the weekend as soon as that storm center joe brass pushes to the east of warmer dryer air building behind it just in time for fleet week on saturday. jenny and temperatures to 65 degrees mostly sunny as we head into the afternoon it will be gorgeous out there low seventies so will be fly warm but not what is breezy just perfect weather to catch a glimpse of the blue angels. a chance of the rain out there when the conditions as well cooler temperatures prevailed through thursday will start to see slight warming to the friday but the real warming takes place saturday into sunday. 86 degrees sunday for inland spots upper '70's along the bay shore in the '60s close to the coast. >> stocks have surged to their highest level in five months take a look the dow rose 193
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points to close at 10,944 elias highest level since mid may. the nasdaq climbed 55 points. today president barack obama until this killed for america's future programs designed to develop better partnerships between private industry and community colleges. he said the u.s. has stepped up to creating more college graduates in order to better compete in the international job market. >> just a decade we fallen from first to ninth in the proportion of young people with college degrees. not only represents a huge waste potential in the global marketplace it represents a threat to our position as the world's leading economy. as far as i'm concerned america does not play for second place and was certain don't play for ninth. i set a goal, by 2020 america once again leads the world in producing college graduates. i believe the
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colleges will play a huge part in meeting this goal by producing an additional 5 million degrees and certificates in the last 10 years. >> critics of the white house claimed that trinity colleges are being showered with too much presidential attention and federal aid at the expense of other institutions. the bomb that administration has extended grants for low-income students and added a billion dollars in work force training programs at community colleges. san francisco kindergartners got a head start for going to college to a trade show mayor gavin newsom newsome as well as city officials, donors and banks were on hand at sanchez college prep school to announce are opening a bank account for every kindergartner entering public school. the cal will be open with 50 or $100 depending on the needs and the nation's trade research as shown this to be an effective investment to boost academic hall. excited about seeing this project become a
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reality >> when the mind is stretched it never goes back to its original form and if you can create the quality of imagination you can get kids has enlistees kids thinking beyond lunch and be on recess and talking about a college education. that has a transformative impact on their lives. >> statistics indicate one at a three san francisco children are born into families with no savings or assets of any kind. the kindergarten to college fund is designed to help parents begin saving by simplifying the process. a live look at cited tuesday traffic at 4:50 p.m. you and to the top of your screen had highway 80 it is at a standstill the bottom of your screen so fell one traffic moving quite slow. will be back.
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now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. now here stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly.
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>>it can be frustrating if you are one of those drivers who wait patiently in line only to have someone jump in front. this happens just about every day during evening commute on brotherhood way, near lake merced boulevard in san francisco. drivers not wanting to wait their turn, to make the turn on to lake merced boulevard, and changing lanes at the last moment. like the driver behind the van is trying to do. yes it is true, it is rude to jump in front of other drivers who have been waiting their turn, but is it illegal? that would depend on when and where the driver changes lanes. if the driver crosses over the broken line it is legal. but if the driver waits till the last possible moment, and crosses over a solid white line, that my friend is a violation. it is called failure to observe regulatory signs and you could
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be issued a ticket if caught. any official marking on the roadway as considered regulatory signs, this means even painted lines. the driver of this audi could be issued a ticket or if a collision happens the driver that crossed the white line, like this driver, could be at fault for causing an accident by crossing at the last possible moment. yes i know, but who likes to wait in line, i get it. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> numbers released today are showing a shift in the smart phone market. kimberly tells us which devices came out on top. >> the new nielsen numbers are showing big shift toward smart phones that rankles android operating system like this the motorola the smart phones that run android it outsold those of research in motion that barry and apple i phone. and that's
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even with the apple i phone 4 for that entire month. does this past january at few months ago when android smart phone they really had a small chunk of the market and there were big sales gaps between those in the blackberries and the i phone. pam. >> new at 5:00 explosive allegations, the war of words continues between meg whitman and her former housekeeper with the undocumented worker and her lawyer revealed today. parking problems not all meters in oakland are created equal the dramatic difference in prices you pay to park. decision 2010 and which need to know to make an informed decision this november. today a closer look at crop 21. a live look at a traffic this is the golden gate bridge northbound traffic starting to back up quite slow on that side however the left side of your screen is southbound traffic in san
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00. >> meg whitman was wrong when she said someone put a gun to my head. >> a former housekeeper had to back sanctions not manipulated. and she said she was not close to performer employer meg whitman despite what whitman said last week. >> nikki was a friend of family for nine years shoes in many ways a member of for extended family. >> the back and forth started after nikki d as the key is what and of keeping her on the payroll despite knowing she was an illegal immigrant and then firing her which became a political liability. the former housekeeper held his third news conference if this country few women's allegations andsh


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