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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 6, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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shots. surf is definitely police department jobs on the chopping block in san jose because of the city's budget crisis. tonight we learned not as many jobs may be cut asprieveiately thought, after the city found out it is up for federal grant money and why the dollars come with a price. kron 4's reggie. >> reporter: 16-72 police officers may not be getting a pink slip after the city found out it was approved to receive more than $7 million. the program is aimed at helping
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cities with funding to get more police officers on the street. san jose mayor is optimistic about the funds but says there are strings attached. >> one of the conditions is they will help us for three years but in the fourth year we have to pay for it with our own funds. that's a few million doars. that's one thing we have to work out to see if we can afford to accept the uny. we are qualified and looking forward to trying to put officers back to work. we need more officers, not less. >> reporter: peat says he knows how important the funding is for the city's police department, especially since he was on the force for 14 years. >> we were understaffed in our police department for years and
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because of the budget crisis we have been unable to hire. we need to hire hundreds of officers to get on parto what the staffing level should be. >> reporter: the counsel will decide whether to accept the money before the 90 day deadline. in san jose, reggie, kron 4 news. state lawmakers are trying to close a deficit and tomorrow they are expected to vote on a plan. he is look, the budget assumes the government will give california $5.3 billion, which is two billion dollars more than the governor estimated. it assumes a boosted economy will bump up revenue and delays $2 billion in payments to schools till the beginning the of next fiscal year. this budget plan is already
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more than three months over due. if it is not passed the state may have to start passing out ious and may have to stop some public works projects. it maybe the only middle ground available because republicans don't want to raise taxes. the cost for the new clipper system is growing. it is now shelling out serious money in overtime to smooth out the bumpy transition. kron 4's kate has the information. >> reporter: $400,000 in the past four weeks and that's just for agents and inspectors. this spending blitz is due to muni stepping up enforcement since launching its new clipper
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card system. most of the overtime is being spent on fair inspectors who ask people for tickets and using computers to check their clipper cards and make sure they paid their fair. agents are also working overtime trying to walk people through the new system. they clocked 500 hours of overtime in the past month. muni says it will try to recoup some time with the commission, which is ruling out the clipper system. reporting in san francisco, kate thompson, kron 4 news. caltrain is considering cutting service and raising fees as they face a $2 million budget deficit. when benefits are added in the
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total compensation jumps 34%. caltrain blames the raising health care cost for much of the increase and also says most employees haven't had a pays raise since 2008. cryditions across the bay area. right now we continue to see scattered showers to the south and to the east of us. the storm that has been affecting the bay area over the past couple of days is centered off shore now. weir continuing to see waves now. so we continue to see waves tonight in our south bay locations. the chances of those have come and gone. sunny and cool, once the storm pushes out, warmer weather.
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perfect timing for fleet week. anger in oakland after a request by the attorney for johannes mehserle to start the trial all over again. kron 4's dan shows us the response from supporters of the victim of oscar grant. >> supporters gathered wednesday to protest the call for a new trial. >> this is another attempt to push out the sentencing and elongate the community. our numbers continue to grow. >> reporter: attorneys for johannes mehserle filed a motion friday asking a judge to set aside the verdict of guilty of involuntary manslaughter and order a new trial.
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the attorney sited several reasons. first, new evidence. a similar case where an officer thought he was pulling his taser when he pulled his revolve. and the judge made errors in his jury instructions, among them, allowing the jury to consider a gun enhancement if they believe he used a -- intentionally used the gun. it could add time to his sentence. >> we know this will have huge implications. we know that in order for police officers to be held accountable we have to get a fair and just sentence. 57 judge is expected to rule on the motion on november 5. that's the date johannes mehserle is scheduled to be sentenced. dan, kron 4 news.
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another cell phone carrier is about to introduce faster wireless service. verizon will bring its 4g service to san francisco. a look at the locations covered i "medieval knight fest".at
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the cores of a blue whale washed asho on saturday and will be left to decompose naturally. a park ranger said it likely collided with a ship. this is the time of year blue whales migrate south. president obama awarded a green beret the middle of honor today. staff sergeant robert j. miller was killed in 2008.
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even after being hit twice he continued to fire at insurgents to give his troop times to seek cover. in arizona, tornadoes and severe storms, forcing evacuations. more than a dozen homes were badly damaged. heavy rains detrailed a freight trains. a storm is sitting off shore of california right now. we saw heavy rains but that will push
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new at 11:00, verrizing ken phone customers could be the 1 1st to get faster 4g internet service on their phones. >> reporter: they say by the end of the year they will have the coverage in the bay area,
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san francisco, saf sara ferguson and oakland. -- san jose and oakland. they will also have coverage at the san francisco airport. they haven't released their coverage map yet so this is a approximation. you will likely see those along the free ways and they will extend to the suburban areas. it could be a year before the entire bay area is covered. >> it's appraise for the -- >> reporter: it's a race for the hearts and minds of us. we use so much data, these companies, if they are going to be competitive, have to show
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well. >> reporter: thid voe is where you will really see the difference but four g will make everything faster. >> if you want to watch television on your phone, this will make a big difference to you. you can get data and make calls at the same time. that's something you couldn't do till now. the is a catch. your current phone doesn't do 4g. >> it's not going to use the 4g network. >> reporter: the new phones aren't out yet. what anticipated phone will not, the 4g roll out means verizon will get the apple iphone. >> i think this is a credible rumor. you can probably book it now and say, there will be an iphone on the verizon network.
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the first 4g devices will be motems for your laptop. speeds up to 10 times you get with 3g. >> we have to wait and see before we know whether this is as fast and exciting as they promise. it's always that way. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. the storm has been affecting the bay area will push to the east. left with drier conditions and start to warm. tomorrow on the cool side. clouds in san jose to start the day. not very many. by noon, sunny conditions. temperatures cool at 3:00. 61 at the coast stoo75. here is a look neighborhood by neighborhood. similar to today. 65 san francisco. 72 santa rosa.
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68 oakland. 73 conquered. 75 antioch. 70s in the south bay. here is the forecast everybody wants to see, giants forecast, cool to start the game. some cloud cover as well. 59 degrees at 6:00. first pitch at 6:37. 9:00, 56 degrees. warmer weathers for the weekend. 66 at 10:00. 3:00 when the blue angels take to the sky 73 degrees. leddal -- little winds. here is the 7 day forecast, one more cool day tomorrow before things warm into friday and the weekend. temperatures hitting the 80s inland. 85 sunday. 70s for the bay shores and 60s close to the coast. high flying action for
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fleet week, starts tomorrow. on thursday from 1:00 to 5:00. the blue angels will be practicing and on friday from 1:00 to 4:00, there will be a full air show rehearsal. saturday and sunday, the air show from 1:00 to 4:00 and the blue angels will fly for the last hour. playoff baseball hit the bay but will
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good evening everybody's. 1956, dawn larson, the only time baseball produced a no season no hitter. it was a perfect game. tonight in philadelphia, roy halladay, his first post season
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start was brilliant. only one walk in the 5th. stopped him from a perfect game. brandon phillips no hits for cincinnati. >> roy halladay is 1 strike away. a bouncer. rue ease. in time. roy halladay has thrown a no hitter. >> one walk, 8 strikeouts, 104 pitchers. 79 for strikes. roy halladay the king of baseball tonight. best of 5, philadelphia knocks off the reds. yanks on the road in minnesota. cc walks in the tying run. allowed three runs. 4-4 in the 7th. here is what you get for 123
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million, mark teixeira, 6-4 yankees. 3 hours and 47 minutes to play 9. yankees win game one. and, of course, texas and tampa open with cliff lee who struggled a little bit but not in the post season. bengie hit a home run and lee cruises. 10 strikeouts, allowed one run. 5-0 in post season. rangers win game one best of 5. the giants first round playoff roster, tim lincecum and the fellies went for a work out this evening pat and aubrey getting ready to go. buster posey, all eyes on this
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kid. is he going to be rookie of the year? bochy getting plenty of [inaudible]. poor zito. no. >> disappointed in myself for not cracking that rotation. obviously the playoffs is why we play this game. you know, it was a team effort to get to this place. but we got to go with the guys now, i feel like i can help this team. i got experience. you know, but, you know, i stand behind bochy. he is the skipper. >> atlanta worked out at at&t this afternoon. if posey is the rookie of the year, this guy has to be close, hayward, lee, hudson is going to pitch game three. derek lowe starts tomorrow for bobby cox. once again, 6:37 the first
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pitch and it's going to be interesting. what do we counter with tomorrow when the game is on opposite us? good packages. fake tornado warnings. it's -- >> i am sure you will come up with something. >> i won't be here, i will be watching the game. >> thanks. >> you are a team player. >> brett favre, early this morning, it become official randy moss is now going to have minnesota extend his contracts. they gave him away to the patriots. he didn't catch a pass on monday night and now it's brett he didn't catch a pass on monday night and now it's brett favr[ mom ] my son ryandy didn't know his voulez-vous
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