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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  October 7, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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away from their first playoff game in seven years and the fans are excited. with a live picture to show you of the field as the giants can get ready for the first game gates did lead the braves. slowly but surely the seats are filling carried kron 4 is their live and we have a live report from our sports director gary that's coming up. first let's check in with jacqueline and get a look at the game day forecast. >> you can see from the live picture plan is sunshine out there this afternoon and temperatures are little bit cooler game * 6:37 p.m. so by the time the first pitch thrown out a to 9 degrees right now were 63 in san francisco and racine winds not too bad out there right now but 10 mi. an hour those will pick up will talk about that and it traded as the game progresses 56 degrees expected a few clouds tonight but nothing to be too worried about temperatures will just be cooler. conditions bay area wide 63 san francisco, 70 oakland, 69 in santa rosa and low seventies
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for inland spots. the winds were seeing some preconditions down towards the south bay 30 mi. an hour winds there in san jose and also met you and 10 mollen our wins in san francisco but i expect those to pick up some as we head to getgain time. in the south bay up over moisture from the storm that pushed for yesterday's so will see things really clear route i warm up as we head into the next couple of days. the graphic to stock their egos. mostly clear and chilly up there this evening into tomorrow morning cool temperatures especially in the north bay but into the afternoon a little bit warmer than what we're seeing today. will see the real warm up this weekend will be comfortable not too stifling. we'll take a look at the extended forecast an awfully weak forecast in just a bit. >> if you don't have tickets for tonight's game but want to go out our internet reporter kimberly is here to tell you where you can still find tickets but how much you have to pay.
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kimberly. >> i found to get some crags list and sub, but the problem here when have to open your wallet to pay out. when i searched earlier the bleacher seats are running about $90 but were getting closer to game time with just took a look and sound of the running $7 now but those are for the upper reserve and bleacher seats which earlier this season were running $5 buried a big difference of course the more expensive ones are the field club, lower box and dug out those go upwards of five to six to $700 i found some $4,000 a ticket very expensive. you're going to find tickets but you're going have to pay up. on we'll continue coverage of the giants' favor, we of the reports with interviews of the players and some other excited giants fans. >> a new report shows san francisco some has some of the highs parking meter rates and vines in the entire nation
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prices have doubled in the last 50 years. the report was called for by the board of supervisors would be holding a hearing on the issue in the next few weeks. christine conley walks us through the findings. >> >> is report compares san francisco parking meters to 13 other major cities and found that only two other cities at higher fees for downtown parking meters like this one on first and market. chicago charges for 25 an hour to park downtown and loss angeles for dollars. san francisco is not far behind with a fee of 350 an hour for downtown parking. the median charge for other major cities was a $25 an hour. parking meter rates in san francisco have gone up three times since 1992. it used to cost a $50 in hour to park downtown. san francisco has a tiered system so-called smart to park in downtown metered than one like this in the neighborhood commercial district. the fines are also carried the most expensive ticket is for parking and
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experience acquired meter downtown that will cost you $65. the only other place that matches that is new york city. the money from parking meters help is on muni which runs the system he said the prices are key part of san francisco's transit reverse policy which promotes biking, walking in public transportation overdriving. san francisco supervisor thinks enough is enough. show called for a hearing on the subject and may pursue a ballot measure. i'm christine conley kron 4 news. >> >> california driver's licenses are getting a complete makeover to help prevent fraud and counterfeiting this is what the new one looks like that stake is falsely can see better. look of this new brown bear the old line of it is visible only when a flashlight is pressed against the back of the card. a look of the signature portion of the lower left-hand side of the card is going to be engraved with raised lettering that you can feel when you touch it. see this color image of the top of the
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license it can only be seen using ultraviolet light. now look at the new law under 21 card really the most noticeable difference they are now vertical. this helps retailers and please identify the age of card holders the backs of all these cards are now going have a bar code that double checks information carried by the way drivers do not need to get new cards until their current ones expired. >> the american red cross is teaming up with the popular fishing website in order to organize a blood drive in honor of 19 year-old joseph. he was badly burned in the san bruno gas line explosion in fact you may remember the story he's trying to save his girlfriend jessica who wound up dying in the explosion and fire. he has been a member of the west side called a i'm he was 13 it's a website for the fishing enthusiast and he stood in the hospital at st. francis memorial in san francisco since
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explosion trade >> governor sports figure is appealing a federal decision to deny disaster money to the city of san bruno and the stage for last month's data line explosion in a letter sent to president barack obama the governor asked that he not reverse its decision. the pipeline explosion destroyed 37 homes and killed eight people. fema has agreed to reimburse the state for up to 75 percent of firefighting costs but will not cover other expenses. funds from state and local governments along with money pledged by pg&e would cover those costs. fries and cell phone customers could be the first in the bay area to get what the company claims is faster four g internet service right on the phone. jonathan blum shows us where it will happen first. >> >> it's really a race for the hearts and minds of us. bay area were so influential in the
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nation in the whole you so much data these companies is there going to be competitive nationwide have to show well here in san francisco. >> tech talk-show host toledo talked over sky " a very technologies will really shine and presents new faster four g network. the deal was were you see the difference but four g will make everything quicker. >> if you're going to use internet access at all and make video calls or want to be able to watch television on your phone this will make a big difference to you. it also means you can get data and because of the same time that something you couldn't do one of rise in net work until now >> there's a catch. your current present phone doesn't do four g courage >> it has a big four-screen video looks great on but it's not going to use the new four g network have to get a brand phone she said. >> the new phones are out yet but they will be soon and many will run goals android operating system but one hotly anticipated will not report the wall street
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journal suggest a four g rollout means rising will finally get the apple i phone >> i think it's a credible rumor i think in fact you could probably book now and say there will be and i phoned when of rise in net work in early 2011. >> the first orgy devices will be modems free laptop those are due out in the next couple of months the promise speeds up to 10 times what to get with reggie but he said it's not holding his breath. >> we have to wait and see before we really know if this is going to be as fast and exciting and wonderful and as beautiful as they tell us. it's always that way with technology. >> in severance as the jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> this is highway won a one the headlights' are southbound but both traffic moving at about the same clip and it's all looking pretty good. will be right back.
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the dow jones down 19 points while the nasdaq ended up just three points. also down mortgage rates which have slid to a record low 40 max says the average 30 alone dropped 4.27% that's down to him last month 4.32% and 15 year loan rate down to 3.72%. a look at traffic in san francisco right now this is the james lick 8101 split traffic headed for the later deck at a crawl. a southbound 1 01 moving also quite slow. will be read back. [ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
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i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be,
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but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪ less than two hours away from the giants coast indian land of praise in the first round of the playoffs. let's check in with kron 4 sports director gary he's live on the field at at&t park. carried. >> that stick a look at starting pitcher tim for the first time
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in his brilliant three year career at a little pickup throughout the month of july and august. but then finished strong in september and a two-time award winner no doubt presides in the giants' staff said great opportunity for us and it's been awhile for the giants organization and first for myself. first for a lot of these guys so were going to take all and obviously not try to be to wide-eyed about it and try to stick to our game and treated just like any other game there's no need to put added pressure on yourself i guess. >> with bordet's in between the giants clenching and of course tonight's game 1 against the braves, there's been time to talk about barry zito. d that's been the story with the highest play the pair enfranchise history be on the playoff race roster. at least for the first-
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round the word is no carried but to his credit he's handling it like a pro. >> and disappointed, in myself for not cracking that rotation odyssey the playoffs is why we play this game. as a team effort to get to this place but we have to go with the good guys now and i feel like i can help this team in the playoffs and i have experience and you know, i stand behindbochey decision. >> bruce had something to say about why barry will not be used in this first round. >> he went out to the pen right away his gun to stay sharp in case something happens or we go further. >> the took up with some members of our audience we always
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enjoyed doing this we have some audience questions here's number one. >> i can understand dropping very of the board? >> here's the deal he leaves barry off because indeed it's the best of five game series you probably only going to use three pitchers and jose who started a lot of games when they acquired in midseason was left off because in the playoffs the majority the games are going to be low scoring he's been living around with various leg injuries and the cameras could guide it camomile field. question no. two. >> hey gary, buster must be lost for rookie of the air right? >> if he doesn't get it the man who will get it is on the field tonight jason a word. the way this works out posey is the second half of the season is in the best rookie but some people say jason hayward has played the entire season on the east coast and a better look at some of its going to be really close to get
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my vote little home town deal would be bused to oppose the will see that it's going to be nipped and tucked between of land as a rookie jason hayward. here comes question no. 3. >> i give this guy credit i wouldn't come out here tonight and brag about a big beaten and the left and all of these guys if want to wear your colors in it will bother anyone else go ahead but not everybody feels like i do so if you're brave stand in the one to keep it yourself. one more please. >> hey gary if there's a game for who should start ball gardner or tim? >> depends you can look at it either way that see the giants are down two games to one you might want to come back with your east lansineast tim. then e back with f. baumgartner the
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kids use tim in the whole business. i like paul gardner if you're asking me i use 70 important matter what but my hunch is of the giants happen to be two games to one of the comeback with him. that's it for the ballpark as pam said were inside two hours for the playoff game since 2003. we'll go back to a woman consistently voted the no. 1 anchor in the market and believe me kron 4 management treats are like that here is pam. >> mr. sports director at the question you see a lot of play us over the years how does this stack up? >> the matchup stacked up pam, they're both pretty good teams they're not great teams the giants or glad to of its san francisco is lucky enough to the next round it will probably be philadelphia and their a great team so a these are two teams that surprised a lot of people by being here. it's all right it's not the greatest but if your san francisco fan darn good
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enough after seven years. back to the third best thing for the market >> pam> (laughter) thanks gary. >> let's take a look to the giants forecast sunday skies right now but a little bit cooler in the windsor also would pick up this evening so first pitch at 6:37 p.m. temperatures 59 degrees and as the game progresses 56. make sure you bundle up. our forecast for this evening into tomorrow mostly clear and cool a few clouds turning in with residual moisture from yesterday. chile into tomorrow morning temperatures in the upper '40's and several locations but into the afternoon will warm up a few degrees over today. the wilmington trend continued into the weekend. our overnight lows look at the '40's on the board 40 santa rosa 47 not, the 48 saratov, 49 in half moon bay along the low 50s across the board this will be chillier than what we see over the past several days. high temperatures
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in the afternoon about warmer. most in the upper 60s, low seventies today toward getting back in the upper '70's and our inland spots. 780 antioch, sunny by santa rosa, 76 and not by 67 san francisco civvies for bay shores and 75 in san jose. here kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay around the bay forecast a little warmer tomorrow and a little warmer on saturday in a little warmer and sunday. a great weekend especially when a check of the blue angels temperatures expected to be 73 in san francisco on saturday and 76 on sunday. stay with us will be back after this.
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part of the next generation of does. >> >> proposition 19 would legalize
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marijuana for personal use for adults 21 and older. adults would be allowed to possess, share or transport up to 1 oz of pot for their own personal use. you've also grow marijuana and your residents at 225 sq. ft. spacing would be able to let the public but you could use mayor 1 up at home or in a place licensed for canada's consumption. here's what it would do for state and local government. if they would be what to tax marijuana sales for adult consumption and could pass ordinances to regulate the production and sale of marijuana as well. there are some limits to the law you can see some of them here. it does maintain existing a loss of no sales of marijuana to narrow minors in no driving under the influence. for those that sell to people over 18 and under 21 they could face six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine. christine conley kron 4 news. >> to live look good set of
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traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza an boy things have changed since our earlier check all lanes including a fast track claim are backed up the only thing moving are the car pool lanes rate now headed into san francisco. like the many of these folks are headed to the giants game. kron 4 news that these folks are headed to the giants game. kron 4 news that five is coming up next. as a prosecutor, you never forget the cases where children are hurt. i'm kamala harris, and it's why i started san francisco's first child assault unit and wrote laws increasing prison time for child sexual abuse. and when i found out that nearly every young person killed was a high school dropout, i started prosecuting parents who let their children skip school. truancy dropped 30%.
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as attorney general, i can do this for all of california.
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live this is kron 4 news at 5:00 p.m.. giants excitement it's a new high. >> you can definitely feel the passion the team is getting ready to battle the blaze without its highest-paid player. >> disappointed in myself for not cracking their rotation. it on is the playoffs is why we play this game trade >> tonight from the field to the fans kron 4 has everything to feed your playoff fever. >>


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