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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  October 8, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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its get a quick look at the giants forecast at at&t park temperatures 63 degrees a little more than yesterday's game will talk more about the giants forecast and your extended forecast coming up. california finally has a budget even though it's about a hundred days late its closest to $19 billion deficit that includes no new taxes or fees 40% of the deficit will be closed by spending cuts. the budget differs a $2 million payment to committee college's next year even so university of california and california state university will get $5.5 billion that's more than the got last year. also the new budget makes no major cuts to social services.
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just three days after this awful crash she's facing prison time in the case. live pictures from at&t park the fans now starting to roll into the park the giants riding high having one day one of the playoff series against the braves. we'll be back as much more news and sports ahead.
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decision 2010 the race for california gov. once again and it's not the issues which are taking center stage. as the
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anchorman tells us this time it's a derogatory comment about the equipment made by jerry brown campaign staff member. >> taking center stage in the race for governor is the word for, which brown staffer used to refer to meg whitman. it's offensive comment towards meg whitman and we'll californians. >> this statement was made between brown and a campaign staffer was captured on a voice mail after the two had thought the fall was taught not. as you can hear brown is discussing campaign strategy in an attempt to expose meg whitman is positioned on pension reform. >> she's a whore. we believe
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jerry brown should apologize to meg for the comments they should be telling us. >> so far brown has not apologized but campaign manager steven glazer released the following statement. " this is a jumble and often inaudible recording of a private conversation. at times our language was salty. we apologize to ms. whitman and anyone who may have been offended. " not good enough for the whitman campaign. >> need to apologize for the offensive comments made towards meg whitman terry >> this just in to the kron 4 news room we are following a story out of branford to medicare right now very closely. this is where a town official say police and fbi have surrounded smi truck possibly carrying explosives. this is on interstate 95 about 80 mi. outside of new york city no word on why the driver is a were the truck was added trade will bring you the latest as we get it. >> a look at our extended
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it's more exciting as came to starts off. carry it around the bay area people are excited for the giants. >> he know what pam? because they're winning. that's my favorite thing and that's face said it's better to be excited why not but that it's the bottom line carried you can say whatever you want the ball players know it and the ownership group knows it. great fans but when you win the doubles than i can only tell you from the radio show i mention a couple times you normally get 100 e-mail's in a certain day now get 375 to 400 e-mail's over
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three hours because it sees as winning. the giants for may at getting right tonight for the atlanta braves. this is a swing game in atlanta of when tonight they would go back home for two games as a favor in this series. >> he looked our record it's obvious we score first and record is exceptional. especially held we have to find a way to get up early >> it's a premium when you're facing good pitching. we do the little things and this is the winner in the playoffs. >> that kane has a tough act to follow him be the giants' starter. it tam but the baseball world on is there 14 strike gets that's the most in a playoff game since roger clemens struck out 15 back in 2000. tim on his
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heroic performance he's pretty cool it takes everything in stride. >> it's hard to judge what better would be. if you come out on top that would be good think that's up there with one of my better ones. >> it's the best offer i've ever seen what a great job that kid did. he's tough he's on his goals pressures working he's going to be tough. >> his lights out we had two runners at second base the whole night and that was said. i down on hamas struck go but was more fingers than what's on my hand. >> we always enjoy this little statement read at the ballpark put together by vern gland fans ask questions and then i pretend i know everything is the first one
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>> gary what happens to the balls when the pitcher doesn't want them anymore and they throw them back? >> with the talk about some time to watch the game if the ball with picture proceeds the sky for the kidder says the spalls but in the terror something of a throw it to out to most of them go for batting practice that's what the players use before the game of the old ball for batting practice. question no. two. >> hey gary, the giants got a break which tim we think of instant replay now? >> i one of these guys who has the same goes like to keep a real and keeping it real is my livelihood if i was a player manager of eds of the line depended on the call the right i'd want a replay but when i'm sitting on my couch watching an event to i think sometimes it takes too long it been in pro football in the go under the hood and a put a guy and a the
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good with classes' taken four minutes to decide baseball slow enough for me during the regular season. if i don't think you replay but i've got nothing on the line except killing three hours and during the game. final question. >> gary how much chance to appraise really have losing to the best hitters? >> this guy sharp because the braves are without two of their better players on our team so i'll tell you tonight around 9:00 giants win tonight and they're not going to lose three rows of things probably over. if and then i can eat a when and they go back to a land of the they've got a decent shot. the think the giants this is their series the next up would be philadelphia are cincinnati and will see what happens there. and if you have any questions on the open your >> when going to send them
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through e-mail how about that trade we have a special giants section set up on our website carry as you know what i have to do is log on to >> let's get a look at the giants forecast game * 6:37 p.m. the first pitch forecast 63 degrees even some of those high clouds streaming in and that will continue to the giants game little warmer than what we saw out there yesterday. storm tracker 4 radar you conceal well-defined storm stretching out into the specific and all the right to associate with this will stay well to the north. we get a few high clouds streaming and as you get caught up with the very tail end of this. it's going to be a nice forecast out there because that storm except a few high clouds some low clouds arleen the morning and then it will switch to high clouds by the afternoon. 73 degrees sunday mild conditions
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will warm through the weekend each day of 05 to 10 degrees. warmer tomorrow, warm sunday and not to uncomfortably hot it will be 82 and are inland valleys. a storm passed in the north vocalist on monday to bring his back and fog but we will rebound nicely into tuesday ones >> date. live look at cited traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and what a mess into the back appeared to pay gates are backed up the fast track plans are backed up the only thing opened our car pool lanes a good sign for them. very likely many folks are headed to at&t park for the game. we'll be back with a lot more coming up.
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live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m. at 530 baseball take center stage in the bay area with game 2 in the national league division series tonight of course this is the west's series. kron 4 gary is live to at&t park tonight. carias is excited tonight. ira and added things all i want to websit


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