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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  October 10, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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live from the bay area news station. this is the kron4 news. >> hello everybody and welcome to our to live hours for this weekend. we're less than two weeks away for elections there
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is a lot of hype and a lot of fear it that will shake out who will bring the power. the president brings us back to the campaign trail trying to get to rally the based. >> it is becoming more and more of the continual campaign. cal berkeley it grad who spend more than a year in at present in agon is trying to release her to hiking companions. your court to hear from cheryl short. >> i want to apologize ladies and gentlemen. isabel and i did not discuss our up its before we address today. do not adjust your set. we really are wearing out worst clashes over its possible. >> are you doing the fashion report? this >> this is the only large sure i have left for the giants. beyond that by the way to know how much you love yourself on? could actually be resulted and brain
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cancer? scientists are raising serious questions. >> alright let us take a look out side this morning and get a lot more color out. a lot of sunshine. here we have bluet is one is still with us from most of the week. >> which should be a wonderful back to work we gladys condo for sure from brian. >> a great day on the way for today. yesterday was very nice, temperatures today are sunshine and warned thewarm temperaturesr low 70's in san francisco. san jose will be above normal and concord is mid to upper 80s with setting skies are run the rest of the bay area. now and fairfield are high of 70 degrees and fairfield and richmond are low to mid 70's. close to 80 degrees for oakland for
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sunshine. and for this the way lost that goes is 45. i will let you know more about the forecast for today as well as next week coming up in a few minutes. >> new details this morning for a fire at the south bay. ed destroyed a building that housed of radio station and also burned by baker's of vegetation and evacuated a nearby kelloggs factor. the three lerma fire started just before 5:00 p.m.. this is the it had won a one. they took firefighters two 1:30 a.m. this morning to control the blaze. the building housed and asian live radio station. nolan was burned and no injuries are reported. >> to the east bay to people are dead and two people are wounded after a shooting in the gulf pyrrhic they shot fires at about 10:00 last night and she did it
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happen on the dance floor at the restaurant that the club runs out for months. they say that somebody had rented the facility for a birthday party. >> i manhole explosion in san francisco. quite uncommon. flames and smoke shooting into the street. people at a nearby barn ran into safety and some of them thought it was an earthquake. kron4 news reggie kumar will explain that pg&e underground equipment fell. >> this manhole cover it flew it several feet into the air and there was fire and smoke pouring out of it. nearby at the club lost power. jim o'reilly is the bartender in east >> everything. essentially the lights started (inaudible) >> them.
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>> that was reggie kumar reporting. >> will have to take a look at this sketch where police on parole art looking for a man suspected of kidnapping two young girls. the sisters aged 5 and 10 or walking on sunday the drive when the man that approach them in his jeep and said he would shoot their family they did not get in the car. the girls did manage to get away. he is described as a caucasian man with a missing to nt was driving a green jeep that tinted windows. >> sir sure who was released from the raw and is on a mission to free her it fiancee to remain in armonk in custody.
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she based bail after facing health problems. she's talking about how she is helping to release her friends. >> my dearest friend joshua? >> at that picture is a photographer at your wedding. >> they hoped their words will connect to the hiker still in iran and they want the rna and government to release them. >> i am not free. i cannot go on with my life. my life will not resume until shane and john sherman. >> she returned to oakland since she has been released for the first time and she signed a petition to release the hikers and they have also started a letter-writing campaign to support them. >> sarah will be sending them to a prison where they're being held. it will be hard to know if it will the two americans read these letters >> i can see how small entire
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track they are and i know how they feel. >> since they have lector she has not been able to contact her fiancee iran in authorities arrested them and the wrecking near the iranian border about three months o >> i cry out for them and i asked the world to help me and to help us, to release them. >> she says even today all of the hikers have no animosity in the middle east. she just wants her friends back. schumann's their freedom. >> we want you back now. >> 40. >> and oakland dalian. >> coming up we have the sharks, the earthquakes and oh yeah, at
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that time came later. we will have that to coming up. >> that is why henry is wearing an orange shirt. (laughter) that this took a look at walnut creek. it is still over crust but it should be a beautiful day. a lot more and come back. [ male announcer ] taxes.
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and get back at age 11. this is the third round series a stock. . the giants second baseman was struck on the right hand with the pitch a game 2 and expects to play today. >> we will see this afternoon. that is take a look at stamford, a pack host. they one
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and it made up for it would occurs at times. this is the third time stamford has beat usc in the last four years. >> it seems like this day has not been able to wrap up any weapons. they say that yesterday the wolf packs ran for 196 yds and three touchdowns and then poland cut her neck russian port 91.this is the western athletic conference opener. nevada be its them 35-18. >> the final with kali is 5-7. the sharks won in sweden and the san jose earthquakes clenched
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of spot with 2-0 >> still have a kron4 news weekend did you hear this? will you hear this. the blue angels performed their for show. i saw them, i heard them. >> to direct your windows? a beautiful day for the angels today a live look out side dish to be another lovely day around the bay. [ lisping ] i lost my front tooth the other day,
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they called proposition 24 and jobs tax the gas at all levels where you're sweating over san francisco yesterday. even if you could not see that you could hear them as a sort of the skies. the annual event brought and tens of thousands of people to the san francisco's square. it was a booming festivity.
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>> on a bright blue saturday the crowds at your early to watch the skies had san francisco bay. >> i got up and walked down about 930 >> to keep interest alive there was an air show. but with the appearance of pat elbert and this support plan from the blue angels the crowd was on their feet. and books and on rooftops. for many in the crowd it was a three week tradition that they have been saving for. >> this is our 13th show. >> for it a lot of them as it is
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the first time since the blue angels. >> my son is of the angel. he joined in 2009. >> this to be the two solos and the next two years. >> it is not only an honor but a privilege for my son to be associated with this team and what they present to the country. it is a thrill for my wife and i as parents. >> in san francisco i am jeff. >> beautiful scene >>. yes. we have details about homeless day coming up. >> we are going to be joined by
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the most intrepid guess of the week. he landed a half-hour ago and he is here already pared his ran a very provocative fascinating book were good ideas come from and is the internet too much or too little. how is all happening in our brains? we will find out coming up on kron4 news weekend.
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welcome back to kron4 news. one of the big controversies about the internet is whether it is bad. a lot of people do not anything done and there's so much amazing information that we're creating wonderful ideas instead of with other people. that is one of 25 questions that are discussed in the book. where good ideas come from. it is the natural history of an ovation by steve johnson. it is a pleasure to have him here. thank you so much. one of the things that you talk about where good ideas come
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from is there are recurring patterns. mission is one of them and it ties into the information overload as opposed to information integration. >> in the book i am trying to look at and fireman's that lead to innovative thinking, or original thinking through his transfer modern times. one of the things that are real is that it is this idea of a cliche we have with bill blown genius that is focusing on a coming up with a brilliant idea and a seven epiphany almost never happened. it innovative and are mense tend to be more chaotic environment where there's a lot of different inputs and a lot of different listed clore aimplicit collaboration >> for example at some point theoretically some guy was slamming a rock against another rock and got a spark and somebody said that would seem to be your is your recut moment. it is more complicated than that?
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>> yes, one example i look at is gutenberg he invented the printing press. and yet since that he worked with but he did not press. he was back and so he goes up into the hills in germany and you drink some water which is another great way to end of it sometimes is (laughter) (laughter) and he saw but technology of the surprise that is designed to press grapes. any thought that is why missing. he brought the technology input into this new space of printing. >> you got a wonderful charge in the book in which a look at the, the century is and the millennia in which you do things with small committees and you have some major innovation here, the wheel, the fire and that all of a sudden you get to the point where there are large committees and there's a huge bump. people are next to each other. ok, that makes sense. is the idea of the press and guber,
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what is the internet when to do? that is more than just community is, that is the whole world swimming in money. >> that is why i'm so optimistic about it. i think that the main driver of innovation and progress is not wood to be our ability to focus and think deep thoughts and constipate solely but the ability to connect to each other. we can learn from some of his been dead for 300 years. >> you say about 1000 but 999.9 of those are useless. they're distracting me. >> that is what is valuable about social networks, the people you choose to follow, if you decide to follow interesting people who bring an interesting perspectives to daily reading habits you can cut through a lot
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of that noise and by the cigna >>. can you give me an example? can you let me know what the internet has created and set of scrapping of a possibility >> think of all the things have been built up on top of the web. it has been transformed faster than any media in history. 15 years ago it was static pages with hypertext and now is youtube and made up for people are organizing political rallies to the power of this medium but they are face to face rolla's of the same time and it has been maybe the most profound and drive more innovation >>. it seems to me when you talk a creativity or talking about something to the balance of ordering chaos. too much order, a stall in russia, you have to give him a lot of innovation. somalia, you are not or did a lot of innovation because nobody has time to worry about it study find that middle ground on the internet that really is the target >>. on the other hand it does
8:27 am
have, if you set up the right filters you can choose what you want to read it is not like you turn on and starts throwing things hysterically at you know. you set up your bookmarks, you said it filters. >> don't you let >> twitter? yes but what i felt people i do not want to know what they have for breakfast. wanted with the red today, one of on the clip they found on youtube and that is the valuables up on twitter. >> ok, we have to go. >> i thought it was 24 more questions (laughter) >> if you want to meet steven johnson to that he is at kepler's at park and will be 11 at 7:30 p.m.. his book is " where good ideas come from " is just such a fascinating read. >> it is good to be here, thank- you henry. >> and speaking of pleasure,
8:28 am
marty and is a bill with their own good ideas. >> you are going to have to carry this conversation online at >>. there is a lot of that where they go online and to keep the show going off the air. that is a win-win to do right now. >> well we are born to do is tell you about a rare appearance with his son and successor. we have the coming up. >> well we are where to go outside and check the weather, look at the fog. it looks nonetheless like clearing out to be a beautiful blue day. we will be right back. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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life, this is kron4 news morning. >> we are back in a 30. taking all live look out side is a bit of that is most late eighties around the bay. >> not too bad for october.
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>> a lot of sunshine in the forecast for today, the fog is cleared away we're going to see those ratings reached that 70's and san francisco, concord will have clear skies and this temperatures today are at about 3-5 degrees in some spots oakland is closing in on a degrees, redwood city is looking at 80s today. 80s also for santa rosa and for concord. the warmest place is closing at 90 degrees with alatas and and beautiful weather fort great activities, that airshow, the blue angels art looking to be a great day. the winds will be breezy of of the ocean for the afternoon for about 20 mi. per hour. on monday we have some extra clout in the morning and so the fog will be it bring in the temperatures a little bit cooler. temperatures will go
8:32 am
down a few degrees but after the system goes by things really start to warm up for tuesday. it looks like the hottest day of the next seven days with 80s near the bay and possibly the '90s in the warmest inland valleys and the warm weather is forecast so stick around for much of this coming week. here's a feature cast where we are looking at temperatures for 10:00 a.m.. 60s in most places, shaded green, and the '70s and yellow. but the afternoon you're looking for 80s, set pay into the 80s and a couple of 80s possibly near the bay but other than that it will be 70's and 60's at the coast. here we go, petaluma had 83 degrees tomorrow and 82 in nevada and mostly sunny skies were clause are still hiding out the ocean. bricks and sunshine with upper 60s to around 70 degrees and 74
8:33 am
in san francisco and we have mid to upper 70's in the east shore and in fremont we have it up to 80 degrees. the warmest place is in here on the use they will be up into the upper 80s in close to nine days like into jokai. at 88. we have discussed and temperatures in to the upper 70's and low to mid 70's we are reaching 76 this afternoon. here's the seven day around the bay. monday is one to be dropping a few degrees but it will go back up for tuesday, there is no fault expected on tuesday the option of bonds will be developing and that will warm up everybody. but the coast, going up into the mid-70s and that it will stay pretty warm for the rest of this coming week and wednesday and there's there's a ladies and and not in london that eventually start to cool them by friday and into next weekend. >> thank-you, a lot people are homeless in any given night.
8:34 am
today a march and rally will give a place to address the issue it is all part of the world, a state. they want to bring attention to homeless people and bring the resources to get them back on their feet. today's event starts at 4:00 this downtown. >> if you want to catch up on fascinations there are too frequent expert the first one starts at 11:00 this morning. the second one is that to the bay area if the market pavilion and the flea market is offering fascination for what the cough, tetanus in seasonal food. >> the woman and that was slated to be courageous next leader made are rare appearance. he was at the crowd in the may day stadium joining him was his father who is reclusive nt has been sickly. he is rarely seen. there were there for at galley
8:35 am
for al workers party 65 years ago. >> cruise in western hungary are bringing at the damage to block the toxic sludge. they hope that it built a clean it up. it createit killed seven people ans of the town are already devastated. this is from all of the russian.our route option >> they punched through rock walls for rescue shaft more than 2,000 ft. under the ground, that is where the miners have been isolated for two months. patrick has more on the delicate rescue process. >> that break through. this
8:36 am
capture the momentum and the drill went through it time after time and hours later they left the site. (honking) for the pennsylvania is drillers they're there till the very end. >> we had our heart enhance and our stomach and i throw up very long until the last and. the miner said they sought they taught some of us >> your driver. a job well done but not completed. >> what needs to be done? >> it will definitely be of a proud moment for us but i think
8:37 am
that be the final really once they are out. right now is just hole in the ground. >> there's still a long way to go to rescue them, a capsule will be it lowered it to place them out one at that time that officials say that it could be the most dangerous part of the operation. >> rescue workers decide the order of which order they will even and the last person it will be it for the toughest one. they will need to be helping each other to move material and helping them to remember that this is 428 kilobytes it is very hard to make >>. the toughest minor will have the worst role who is as to the last man. officials are concerned for the quest and will all need to be strong >> for the last two months they
8:38 am
were it exceptional moments thinking they could die. some may suffer from post-traumatic stress at this force is someone to relived again and again at the same experience. >> it they're free from the mind they may never be free from that. >> still ahead on kron4 news weekend of big announcement from washington about the future of the social security benefits. >> also, i want to take a peek out side from mount tam. we will >> also, i want to take a peek out side from mount tam. we will be right back. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac.
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democrats are desperate to close the enthusiasm gap that may lead to huge republican victories come november 2nd. >> it could rile voters even more when officials aren't expected to say that 58 million people on social security will go through another year with an increase to their monthly benefits. this is the second years without an increase since automatic adjustments were adopted back in 1975. the first year was this year. >> still ahead, the drivers in san francisco are paying the highest fees when it comes to pop the meters. the report coming up. >> at a picture of the san mateo bridge, overcast skies, we have before us coming up.
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i laughed. beautiful view. it is 67 degrees right now and we are
8:46 am
looking at a nice day for san francisco. >> most of the bay will be and ladies and 90s in some cases. many people like the heat at this time of year because it is so unexpected. >> their rates for it the parking meters and fines have been doubled. we suggest that we are one of highest in the nation. christine connally has more. >> this report compares our readers to 13 major cities and found that only two other cities have higher fees for downtown parking meters. >> chicago charges 25 an hour and loss angeles for dollars. san francisco is not far behind with $3.50. the media and it
8:47 am
charges on a dollar an hour. it has gone up 3 times since 1992 when it used to cost $1.50 an hour to go downtown. it costs more to park it downtown metered than one of this and a commercial district. fines are also tiered. those expensive ticket is for parking at an expired meter. that will cost you $65. the only other place them matches that is new york city. the member from the fines help find me. they promote biking, walking and public transportation overdriving. it would appear that enough is enough. she will go for a hearing on the subject and maybe even pursue the ballot measure. i'm christine connally for kron4 news. >> well there is at 350 lb. bundle of joy at sea world. ed killer waves gave birth to a
8:48 am
calf. the seventh but is already the length of its mom. there is no name in just yet for the little or a cat. this is the seventh calf born to the killer whale and a 16th successful birth that sea world in orlando. >> true story of legendary racehorse opened this weekend, secretary it follows the life of a light that agrees to take over her father's stable's despite her lack of our stories and knowledge. it is played by john malkovich and heat navigates the male-dominated business and it is also related to the triple crown winner and 20 years earlier when they did the same move >> 2. i remember. henry is
8:49 am
coming up next and we will be [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message.
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i love the it. i spend so much time with the. your myself fun and ladies and gentlemen myself on, yourself and could actually be causing considerable harm. it is a source of huge controversy we have an expert on the source. she is an epidemiologist she is a toxicologist and she is it the option of the book for what the industry has done of how to detect your family and i will lead to you that it does sound fairly outrageous in terms of my goodness, the sky is falling. there are already warning sweetest have not want notice. ah >> lot people do not to notice that there self one is a small
8:53 am
alkaline radio and the warnings that, itself loans show you that if you holes the blackberry it a certain amount from the body at the new blackberries says you cannot keep the phone in your pocket without exceeding the sec guidelines. we put the warning subsea can read them. >> what the outcomes of ignoring these warnings? >> we do not know, that is part of the problem but we do know that men who are have beat cellphone users have half the sperm count it as others. >> well, it is that a published study? >> it is several different published studies from the will of and research in the field in australia, turkey, if you spot the sperm come in half, half of
8:54 am
it will die and the ones that are exposed are sicker and they die sooner. >> is that true in the human body as well? >> unfortunately. men who use their cell phone for four hours a day at half of the sperm count as compared to others. >> not to make light of this but in an expense of birth control. >> unfortunately is not a good idea and sell fund manuals if you bothered to read them and tell you that after you buy the phone. that is the san francisco wants to let people know what irradiation is so important people pete people have a right to know what a days so harmful. i have to sell
8:55 am
funds, that is not an issue but they need to know what they are holding a microwave radio next to their brain. >> what are the consequences? >> we're just finding out, these are some of the falling, the majority of people using cell phones not show signs, and every study that has been >> done every step >> is is funded by the assault but industry? >> guess there are very few of them but any study that has all people for it to years or more there is a double risk of brain cancer and teenagers are high- risk. >> but that number. even if that is true, let us just predicate for a moment and stipulate the best trade. the number it we would actually come down with is
8:56 am
tiny, tiny, tiny compared to people that will crash from talking on their cars. >> yes that is a high number of death. i think fun of should have all morning lg as that as well as long-term risk includes increasing your risk for brain can sit. it may not seem like epic number but we have 4 billion cellphone users. most of them do not have chemotherapy and despite the excellent work brain cancer is a terrible disease to live with. >> just 15 seconds for the answer, does it would toothwort? >> if you use blue to accuse a headset and do not leave the phone for a chosen to play with. use our web site we have more information. >> and the website is? >> and our mental health and
8:57 am
taken catch up with art tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at the east bay jewish community center in berkeley. j.c. seat east bay got work. give them the website again >> environmental health trust. out argie. >> thank you very much. we'll record to take a break when we come back we have news, sports, weather and one of the most provocative performing stores, and although she's saying she swings
8:58 am
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live this is kron4 news morning. >> welcome back everybody this is a second of 5 hour for kron4 news. the blue angels are providing men and might. >> did you save men and mike? have you checked out the navy lady. (laughter) >> coming up this hour while of rescue looks and then for the it chilean workers it may take an adjustment once they get back into society. all reports once we get back. >> did you see the grammys? pink did act and the choreographer for that as a similar act and and about the sexiest woman on stage and now. guess what, she is on our stage tonight. >> ok, here's a clip it out
9:01 am
walnut creek it looks very nice that there. >> it does, it looks very nice and it is warm up there at these this time of year. >> good sunday morning for you yesterday, pretty nice, warm temperatures. today, warm sunshine and temperatures treated as a couple degrees warmer for yesterday. san jose is forecasting into the low 80s this afternoon and that is above normal. concord it is made to possible upper 80s with sunny skies and the rest of the bay area for the '86 and the rosa, napa, fairfield, and san francisco and richmond. it is close to 80 degrees for oakland with sunshine and for the separate law status is 85, fremont is forecast at 80. that is surely the forecast today. will be the same next week to
9:02 am
come up in a few minutes. >> it is sad to and say that there's a fire that burned last night by the kelloggs factory. the three alarm fire started just before 5 yesterday's west of highway 101 and it took firefighters of wild to control the fire. no one inside the building was burned and no injuries. >> in the east bay to people are dead and two people are wounded after a shooting at a golf club. they heard a call of shootings at about 10:00 last night and the shooting apparently happened on the dance floor of the club that runs out for events. the manager said that somebody had rented the facility for a birthday party. >> i manhole explosion set
9:03 am
flames and smoke shooting into the street. people by the nearby park thought it was an earthquake. reggie kumar explains that pg&e says some equipment that failed. >> pg&e crews have been here over night and at sacramento they're working on replacing the pipe that failed. they're looking into that manhole. this is the one that exploded and killed when into this with no way here. there was but a nearby pub that felt the explosion. pg&e says they still do not know what it felt. their 20s and the cable to lead to determine that at this point it is still and not when electricity will be turned got for the customers that have been
9:04 am
affected by this proof in san francisco and reggie kumar. >> a hit-and-run accident and oakland happened at about 130 and 1800 block. please send a driver of the lexus lost control of his car and then ran over a metal fence. it is so-called love poems the man some 7 ft. over the way. they say that the driver and three passengers ran away. >> even if you did not see them lot of folks all bumpier the blue angels soared above cities skies. the angels performing again this afternoon carrying tens of thousands of people to the san francisco's area. >> on a bright blue saturday they arrived early
9:05 am
>> i got so and i walked down >> to keep interest alive there was an air show. and with the appearance of albert the cause was amazed. >> on boats and all and rooftops for many of the crowd it was a tradition that they have seen before a >>. this is our 13th show that >> is here. but for phew family is there a special reasons >> are set in line is no. 7 on the jeep. >> he is the blue angels since 2009.
9:06 am
>> this will be the to solos in the next few years. >> (inaudible) >> it is not only in honor but a privilege not just for my son but to be associated with this team and what their present to my country. it is just a thrill to my wife in bed. >> in san francisco i'm jeff pierce for kron4 news. >> well this week's we week is the biggest boom build and and is buried that means a lot of parking problems and traffic jams. they said getting and was not very easy. >> this is like to get onto the island. of ships is open for people to bore and crowds were thick ever worry look. at the
9:07 am
time the playoffs and all of the season you like a used to seeing all the traffic in the gutter of but today on saturday the giants are in a glance and all the people were arriving at the waterfront to watch the ships and watch the airshow in the skies above. sybil who drove their cars or stuck and there were not happy about it. >> is pretty intense. we've definitely made a mistake >> the real ones for mecham's every form of transportation passes the less it looks like us to ride bicycles are getting around use mr. sunday is fastidious on sunday it the
9:08 am
eagles play see again at another 63 people into the next in san francisco ended for kron4 news >> still ahead " the giants. >> and we are going to take a live look that said we expecting big crowds. it is a beautiful day out the side today. where some large yesterday.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
we are back talking about sports. the third round series against the parade. the teams split one game apiece and sanchez is left hand against the right-hander tim had said. he was struck on the right hand and
9:12 am
he does expect to play today. >> it was a great day for college football. stanford, the game last night, it was a packed houses with a record 51,000 fans at an card will actually be done. it came down to whitaker who got a 30 yd field goal. he was the winner after that point and he completed 24 to 45 for 30 yds. as the third time they have defeated them in the last three years. >> looks like reno nevada has one, they can thank the man who got 196 yds and three touchdowns and there's two of 64 yds rushing for 91. he is a 73
9:13 am
yd scoring in the third quarter and the western opener and that beats down by 35-19 >> cal had it easy time after it do you see all, at saturday on berkeley. it was the columbus bluejackets beating them and sweden and the san as a earthquakes managed to win it 2- 0. >> alright lawyer full forecast is up next on kron4 news is used week. the lack of traffic in the it bridge is heading into the city for doing blue angels. >> that is going to change some. we will be right back.
9:14 am
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let's get to work. we are back on kron4 news and it
9:17 am
is 916. a beautiful be it as usual allaire o'clock >> i think everybody had a great time outside yesterday. you couldn't get it a better day. but is checked in with a meteorologist. his grandson is up for the rest of the week. >> it is warm temperatures. the fog is cleared away and your record to see those readings reach this 70's. concord is clear skies and these temperatures are about three to five degrees in some spots. and oakland is closing off and in redwood city the forecast will hit the 80s santa rosa and concord and the warmest place is closing in on monday degrees. it lot of sun and the beautiful weather for the activities. blue angels are looking good. the
9:18 am
chub renters are reaching the 70's with winds possibly a little bit breezy the temperatures are a little bit cooler from temperatures go down a few degrees. this august day of the next seven days with 80s near the bay. one mother in the forecast. here's future astra looking at temperatures at 10:00 a.m. ended a 60 but the afternoon hours near three to 4:00 for 80s in the east bay valley as well as the north bay valley and said they had a couple 80s are possible here
9:19 am
the day but otherwise 70's with 60s at the coast. here we go in petaluma it is high with 83 degrees and 82 in nevada. mostly sunny skies in some cloud still hanging out of the ocean but it breaks of sunshine upper 60s are around 70 degrees and 74 in san francisco. you have made to upper 70's niece drawer with union city and fremont at around 80 degrees. the warmest place is here in east way and it will be into the upper 80s in close 90s like antioch at a high 88 and for this set a great weather with blue skies and temperatures in the upper 70's and low to mid '80s. we're reaching 86 this afternoon in the years the seven day around the bay. monday i mention the temperatures drop a few degrees but it will buy back up for tuesday. the fog is expected and that one everybody up. mid-70s to mid-80s on the
9:20 am
side. it will stay pretty one for the rest of this coming week. still hanging on inland and going into next week >> and here that is go ahead and check in with henry. >> we are glad to tell you about a very good dance of and that is taking place where to keep it all over town. it is called trolly dances. we will explain all over town. it is called trolly dances. we will explain coming up on kron4 news. and s. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself.
9:21 am
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get a third-pound grilled-over-the-flame burger! includes a salad and a fountain drink, all for an amazing $7.99!!! that's sizzler! wellcome, all young, wellcome >> some who knew that and the ride could be some much fun. it is called all the dances and is
9:24 am
ask city-wide an event. this is some video from last year and the idea is will it is kind simple and yet is crazily complicated at least to put together, it is put together by it of curator a san francisco trolley dances and she joins us now is about to explain how the heck you do a trolley dents. these are not true is that our action dancing. that is turn next done. >> it is monday dueled dancing on the trolley. you come to us at least at the terrace and you'll go on to ours and we take you to see different sites along of the trolley route >> have a different dances are there on the way. they are short pieces and not full evening events. >> so some of them are safe in
9:25 am
their and you get off the trolley and you look at and some you literally drive by right? >> write some new drive by and said you walked by of what yet to find their been for the defendable bargains are. >> so let me show some of last year's because we have not yet had this year is greeted us up until next week. >> of this is the lowest part >> this is on the bridge. >> please is you always go and is so amazing to see it come alive with dents. every time i drive by some art i sing he know the place so intimately. his is a fire hydrant >> that fire hydrant? >> yes that one
9:26 am
>> this is my fear is there still on the trolley. (applause) >> yes it was on the drive by. is on the corner where was low enough of the use of the fabulous performance. >> notice of pedestrians by the way who have no idea it was going on. >> a lot of people love it. even if they are bonded to the will follow us and wonder what's going on said it will watch people take their bikes and a park to park. >> and said the yen but your >>. yes and i found assuming >> ". what you went to do this in a pool? >> gross synchronized swimmers so we never had a team trip and the marionettes and they have been didn't for 40 years and
9:27 am
made it into the olympics that one plays the i like having all ages report and people looked on the inside >> to this is last year's. >> yes last year's said do not look for any of this but this year is going to >> store where cut at the height of the milk center and we have a it right there with folk dancers that action workers there and then let them inside of the building one day and there does lovely group of women and joe goode performance group the what is love and adore >> we're looking again this >> i do not ask you wanted be much easier to bring them all to one place? >> but that it would not be an incredible journey. >> would decide lives on last week so what is going on with this is seems to have become a big deal and the bay area news
9:28 am
in location as a framework for the deaths >> i think there is a few things there weren't you have the proceedings they did you create this set inside curassows stimulated by the history and the environment and the sound that it really simulates you as an artist and then you do not have to pay for a year (laughter). you do not to pay for permits and it would not. >> it is august october 16th to 17th and v and go to the web page limit, a dancer of a different sort who does this serve in and out of her work will fly up in the sky. we talked with that coming up on kron4 news.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
we still howling of a little shade of fall out there but i bet you if you went across the golden gate to the other side it is probably nice and blue. unless somebody wants to call us and tell us that i'm wrong though we do know is the bundy area >> let us second of the mineral is feared he has the forecast. >> good sunday morning, mr. de what is pretty nice and it will be a couple degrees warmer than what we had yesterday. san jose
9:32 am
is forecasting an to the lower 80s is afternoon and conquered it is made to possibly upper 80s with sunny skies around the rest of the bay area look for 86 in santa rosa not buy an fairfield as high 87 degrees in san francisco in richmond does low to mid 70's. sunshine and for the south bay with lost at us the forecasters at 80. i'll let you know more about the forecast today as well as next week coming up in a few >> minutes>, brian, thank you. thousands of people are homeless on the streets of san francisco and today a march and rally will take place at the civic center to take address some of the issue of world list today. they want to bring attention to the homeless needs and provide them with resources to help them get back on their feet. >> storage or the uc-berkeley
9:33 am
grad released last month is in the bay area this week. she is on a mission to free her fiance and her friend. they still remain in already in custody. she's able to post bail and she is takahashi is for and her friends. >> when a lot >> you're out and that picture photographer your wedding. >> 14 in late day hopes our actions will convince the on iranian government to release them >> i am not free. i cannot go on with my life. my life will not resume until shane and jobs are with me. >> she returned for the first time since her release and she started a petition to ask officials to release the hikers. she and her friends started a letter-writing campaign to push
9:34 am
shane and jos. she will be sending them to the prison where they're being held and it is hard to know whether the government will let the americans read the letters. >> i can see how small and have trapped there and i know how they feel. were hiking near the iraq border 14 months ago. >> i can hear them saying speak louder for me. i will cry out for them and i will ask them to help me and help them released from. >> sir says that to this day hikers have no animosity for hikers and she wants to write for the hikers and demand for a >> their freedom. i stand to >> mean you all three of you
9:35 am
free for joy. >> and oakland dalian for kron4 news. >> next month's midterm elections that president and vice president will appear together today at the second of four rallies all designed to make capture some excitement that the pair created back in 2008. they are desperate to close and enthusiasm that that may lead to huge victories. >> a government announcement is expected to say that 50 million people on social security will go through another year without increases and it would mark a the second year without an increase an automatic adjustments that were abducted in 1975. the first year was this year. >> 33 trapped miners are counting down the days, the days that they are scheduled to be
9:36 am
rescued. will have an act >> date 40. but a stick of butter and look out sid my mercury moment happened when i parked near the castle at "medieval knight fest".
9:37 am
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9:39 am
in world is the man that is slated to be more made are rare public appearance. he showed up at the stadium in north korea and was joined by his father who is a reclusive and has been sick. he is rarely seen these days. there were there for a gala which features, gymnastics and all this is to match the >> and western hungary crews are building a 2005 it longer than before it bay industrial waste rise of what. there are looking to get rid of the toxic sludge, the incident did killed seven people so far. it is on the
9:40 am
verge of collapse and it and look at this. it happened one week ago and the storage pool ruptured. >> well enough to chile where the miners are days away from freedom. i drill punched into the underground chamber today and that is opening the way out. they are expected to start lifting and use special capsules and that should happen on wednesday. altogether it has been more than 66 days since the mine collapse. >> they're calling pakistan's decision to reopened and up positive development. the border is usually closed on sundays and monday is the soonest where they can resume. the move ends attendee it marked where they have been stranded on their way to the border and 150 were destroyed by attackers great >> once again it is time for henry. we come but perry >> (laughter)
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
we are back i'm going to route to a look at sampras's of. it is slightly overcast hazy skies? >> at shaw work. let us check in with the meteorologist. he has the final say. i >> lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. the fog is cleared away and we're seeing those ratings reached a 70's for san francisco. tds in concord in clear skies for tonight. these temperatures for today happened to be about three to five degrees in some spots. oakland closing in on 80 degrees and the forecast is reaching 80s today. it is also in the it cedras appeared closing in on 90 degrees with lots of sun and a
9:45 am
beautiful weather for the activities. the temperatures are reaching 70's and the winds are a bit breezy for that afternoon before monday the extra cost in the morning hours and the fault and the temperatures are coupled degrees cooler. there is a week for this system is passing to the north i temperatures go down a few degrees. after the system goes by things really start to warm up for tuesday. it looks like the hottest day for the next seven days to 80s near the bay and possibly lower 90s in the inland. stick around for much of this coming week. here is feature cast. 60s in most places. 70's and yellow and by the afternoon our third three or
9:46 am
4:00 look for 80s as well as north bay valets and said they into the 80s. hubbell 80s are possible near the bay that 70's and 60's at the coast. here we go, petaluma a high of 83 degrees for tomorrow. 82 in nevada. novell and 70's and it is mostly sunny skies. the clouds are hanging out but it breaks the sunshine but upper 60s to 70 degrees and 74 in san francisco cleared will have the mid to upper 70's for the short end date city of fremont will be off the be in the upper 80s. 88 and blue skies and temperatures in the upper 70's. low to mid 80s in morgan hill. here is the seven day around the bay. this temperatures drop up to degrees but they will go back up to stay
9:47 am
no fog expected. it is offshore ones that are developing the at the coast and into the mid-70s we will stay for a warrant for the rest of this coming week. wednesday and their state hang on to inland proof for local down by friday and into next weekend. >> well isn't she charming. 350 lb. bundle of joy. the team that the killer whale, that his mom, she helped the cat and was the seventh the baby to that americans have not yet determined expects of the cap so i said she'd but we do not really know. there is no name for the lower credit just yet. little? this is the seventh calf born to a 34 year-old katrina and this is the 16th sussex all cash for it see world. >> we also want to let you know
9:48 am
the true story of that race horse coming to theaters. a days of mother who agreed to take over her aging father's stables. this is despite her horse racing knowledge. against all adds she manages to navigate the male- dominated business and ultimately live to the first ripple trompe. 25 years ago back in 1973. >> the movie is getting a so- soap ratings but it is such an exciting story that is worth seeing. >> we are getting what they're from the national weather service to have a fire or whether watch which as an affect all weekend at credible fire pattern and tried schools could increased fire activity across the region. >> ok henry it now start talking.
9:49 am
>> excuse me folks, imagining at tremendous actress and singer who by the whitefly is andrea. she is a woman of many talents coming up on kron4 news. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
9:50 am
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9:52 am
(singing) >> yes ladies and gentlemen she can't saying and she can also out this way. contrail weber one
9:53 am
of the stars of the current cast of this zombie is the rotating cast. it is a rotating stage. why did they have to put a rotating stage in? what makes for fascinating be on the fact that she instructed gorgeous and incredibly intelligent knowledge she danced and all mysia in acrobat ended dynast but she is also a choreographer and a producer and she has done it some remarkable demonstrations of this creation of this aerial work. thank you so much for joining us. i do not know a lot of areas that sank. it is a send-? i'd like us in there and do come fly? >> there is a story or as drink that we're trying to tell on stage with the orioles can be
9:54 am
part of the vocabulary of memorex bans the described as the best musical that we need to stand and the motion is too big to speak. >> it is the whole theory of all >> for a yes and others said musical spirit if it moves you to be in the air the need to do it. >> if your edition as an actress you have a great career and at current you are highflier and you are an acrobatic performer of >> i thought it was for a long time that would not tell anyone that is due in a shakespeare play or anything and it was just straight theater. it was hard enough to make a living at it. i
9:55 am
would not tell people because i thought they would not think i was serious bird it would not think my training was serious or somehow it would diminish who i was as an actor and i have given that up. >> these days a realism is being used a lot and theater. can we run all little bit more? o cannot that one that maybe this >> 1. you may remember that this is panic and she it did this in the gramm is, this was the high point of the grammys and she did in their realistic act and andrea choreographed this. she created >> this i did. on actuate down on stage >> us up pretty slim out it. >> i had to block it by everyone on this stage it was mildly
9:56 am
intimidating. aho >> you think you had a problem? she is up there so and wet and spinning like a lunatic. >> i remember when i first thought of this idea and i told her and i told her where i imagined her and it is an idea i have never done before. was something she does have to go with and at the very end to a record to get wet. >> (laughter) and it will be what it because anybody else would be scared >> she is like ok, cool. she does not has to worry about hair or make up. >> we watched this again? this is what i do not understand. how many different things can you do with rope hanging down. does it not limit the number of things you can do.
9:57 am
>> i will stop it now when i am not inspired and more. the configuration of having the upper and facing basically the downstage said that day i never not in this perfect symmetry trio. i love the idea of it it takes a classic and fuzzy like there's something in the air or does cultural you can put anything in the air. >> you can catch her and she is there through october 31st and you have the performance close to very it is all down henry. come on. >> that is planned to wrap things up for us. we have to look back on the track bees. we will see you next weekend. have a good weekend.
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