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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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this is kron4 news dot the 11. >> a shooting at a golf course rest from left to people that lost by ed two injured. please do not have a lot of leads. even though they say a lot of people witnessed the shooting. >> crime scene clean up scrubbed away blood just outside of the golf course rostrum. a shooting of the tests dance floor killed two people and injured two others. please have not released victims names. and they do not know much about the shooters. it happened saturday night at around 10:00 p.m.. there is a party, the run tell the two also square-foot restaurant for weddings and other of beds. it
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is located across from the marina. police say as many as 100 people attended the party between the ages of 16 at 25, many of those that way when police were pulling up. not all lot of witnesses have come forward. they told the renters their birth during a birthday party, police do not know if that is true, the police gave fake information.trued they do e given false information. the golf course manager is not talking to the media about the shooting. all we know they were both the golf course and the restaurant were open on sunday. >> oakland police are looking for the driver responsible for a car crash about 130 this morning. someone driving a lexus
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crushed into a bed, it had the band so hard it was pushed 30 ft.. it woke up the neighbors two blocks away. but passengers and driver took off. no one was injured. >> temperatures are really warming up in the next few days. we could be looking up at no. 10 to 15 degrees of above-average but the tide tuesday roles are brown. but with fog free conditions at lots of sunshine, these are warming up rather quickly. we will see the hottest temperatures on route 4:00 p.m.. eighties close to the bay, with ideas to the warmest in land values. antioch's wallace said barbara said expected to get to the low 90s for tomorrow. we are seeing this pattern this week were we have winds blowing from the sacramento valley route towards the bay cooling of the
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ocean. as a result temperatures going up monday especially tuesday. san francisco high 77 tomorrow look for eighties for oakland and redwood city. '90s into santa rosa and fairfield. the hardest day is forecasted for tuesday. we could have pies like mid-90s like fairfield call possible as by the first on jose. at low eighties for san francisco. we also hellfire major concerns, goes into effect schumann die and into forecasts and let you know when it is good to cool off >> coming up. your looking at the remains of a radio station that burn during a fire yesterday. today kron4 attended
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a news conference attended by the firefighters union, they stay the engine company that should have responded to the fire was eliminated in >> budget cut. saturday's fight to bar near these rate their talents in the distance, and right here less than a mile away is engine 34. it would of been the first to respond except it has been eliminated because of budget cuts >>. they would have been the first you got here and could possibly kept this to a smaller fire. >> fire fighters for let go over the summer, and the union says the city has a >> offered. the city lies on protected, response times are brought and worse. it is time to get these firefighters back to >> work. they sent a letter to the mayor to make concessions to restore a >> the jobs. let's hope they make the same proposal at the bargaining table. >> the city says they need
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between nine and $10 million to rehire laid-off workers >>. the union says they believe the number is over inflated. that they should all 94.3 million. while they are still far apart, both sides are willing to sit down. >> we're willing to talk to about any tepper proposal by >> might have. we are willing to sit down to date to moscow and eight in >> any time. a fire broke out you can see the box folks there, coming from the plant. kron4 as reggie crew martel's us what went wrong. >> a ruptured so, ignited diesel fuel and started a fire. crews were able to put the fire out in about three hours. a large cloud of black smoke could be seen
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from the refinery. know evacuation's were required. they tested the air for toxic fumes. nothing was detected. a worker was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation of fire is under investigation. >> the giants will be an alleged again to my for game 4. today the giants beat the braves 2 to 82 to 1 lead. the above specified. the giants' onlthe go two. things were not as good for the the forty-niners. the eagles beat the niners 27 to 24. the raiders showed some fight today. the final play to still the victory a fumble member come free with 64 yds around. there
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raiders won 35 to 27. but the raiders and the niners play an old stadiums. these think the team should consider sharing a stadium. they talked about this at halftime during the raiders' game. he talked about the success of the just have played out of the same stadium. the raiders have not indicated they plan to move from the coliseum. >> coming up crews are finishing work on the escape plot for the truck liners and chile. also we joined giants fan who had a very good day. and the blue angels give us a loss rate performance for this year those stories coming up next.
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if who .. still look scared for a happy
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ending soon for the truck liners in chile. but rescue expected as early as well in this parade of tall as latest >> after rescuers reached the truck liners, official sunday
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said the first man could be bought up one state. in one of these capsules. experts fear the slow bumpy ride of 2,300 ft. could me leave the men vulnerable to attack at tax to and are proceeding with caution. >> we want to move as quickly as possible but taken to cover security measures to get the rescue was first brought up alive. >> what of the tat is used to make it as safe as possible is getting their stomachs ready for the journey. >> hours before the rescue, we will put them on an average liquid diet liquid diet. >> the miners have become heat heroes for their strength during the ordeal. what official said when they were told to pick to go first, several said they would go last. >> still ahead the giants get
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another win against the braves. a happy night for fans. a look at the weekend box office still in top place the new movie about baseball. if >> lots of sunshine, commore cog up next.
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as we have been telling you the giants will be an outlet up for game 4 of this series. against the braves. kron4 said those talks to some local fans at a nearby park. >> giants fans were just shoveling end at the sports bar in downtown san francisco when said princess go to a one not being lead. fans recall then to th. >> we are going to win and we're
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going to win to night. >> cross and the street at the bar and grill the sticks fans were happy about the one not the lead. >> as it turned out the giants did need a another bomb or two >> when the giants tied it in the night, the offense were it was excited. fat all hope. from and then on it was nil biking time, at the bottom of the night. the giants
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fans all agreed with the phrase it is torture been a giants fan. >> i was on pins and needles during the game. but i also had faith. giants baseball is torture. >> i'm glad that we made it we got it. >> i am losing my hair, i'm going all but does that make me lose more of my error. >> instead francisco dave bing gordon kron4 news. >> sunny skies over city hall in san francisco today, where we made it up into the mid-70s to . right now live in albany were we rawhide eighties skies are clear tonight we have temperatures above 60 degrees. said francisco 59 oakland as low 60s. still pretty warm and
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antioch get 76 degrees. upper the giants' game tomorrow night in atlanta looking like some great weather. clear skies at m1 temperatures in the '70s. we're going to be warm in the bay area in fact, as well. here is our future cash model for monday. high temperatures in the '80s near the bay. with '70s in the coast. '90s is the warmest inland valleys with the north bay as well as the east bay. what's the red covers for tuesday. that eristic expands wymer weathered tuesday. warmest weather in the south bay. by wednesday still a hot day, but the sea breeze starting to trickle back from the bay. that might drop temperatures a few degrees. but mainly warm weather is quite to be the theme for this week. it will not start to cool off till the weekend. is
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tamara now hopper eighties for that and 90's for the north bay. as i mentioned great weather at the coast ocean beach '70s out of san francisco. upper 70's and low eighties for, some above average temperatures for the inland valleys. about 10 degrees warmer than what is typical for october. 85 set tuesday 90 morgan hill. sunshine all day fog free conditions for tomorrow. as well as tuesday and wednesday and thursday. we're not like to see the fogger cloudiness for a while. the warmest day is tuesday. a little cooler for wednesday little cooler still for thursday. been more significant cooling out lives by the end of the weekend into the weekend. and the fog forced to return friday saturday and interest under >>. prices at the pump are going up, the price of gas is jumped
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8¢ in the past two weeks. national averages $2.77 in california 3 02. and in san francisco always a bit higher at $3.80. >> inaudible >> dozens of protesters protested for the right for housing in san francisco. to take part of world palm estate. they rallied at the civic center. the protesters argue that homelessness is unnecessary and severance the >> we have 50,000 people without housing in the city. and 36,000 units empty. we want-and expose the contradiction. the city needs to do more for people without housing. >> the protested to see in the windows to over that building a >>. three weeks from tuesday california voters couldn't vote
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to legalize marijuana. we take will look at a closer look up >> top 19. here is a look at what proposition 19 will do if it passes. it will legalize marijuana for personal uses for adults 21 and older. it will be allowed to views of what else uptalk for their own use. you could also grow marijuana in your own area. at home. you would not be able to light up in public, you could use it at home or canada's consumption. here is what he would do for state and local government. there would be able to tax the sales. have passed ordinances for production and sale of marijuana. there are some limits to the law, it does maintain existing law so no sales to minors or driving under the influence. and for those who sell to people over 18 and
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under 20 what they could face six months in jail. at $8,000 fine. i'm christine crawl like kron4 >> news. have you ever wondered what it could be take to be a blue angel. a look at the weekend box office that a new movie about baseball still doing very well.
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debuting in third place out of box office this weekend secretary at an einstein and the movie made about 13 million. in second place like as we know what, this made 14 and a half million. and for the second week in a row creation of face a book founder, gets some oscar buzz made more than 15 million this weekend. plea weakened said
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francisco continues to mar although some would say what of the most exciting things is the blue angels. clear blue skies hard to mess, people never get tired of watching them. top bush found out what it takes to become a pilot for the blue angels. >> to be a blue angel you have to be good at math and science and dreamlike-athlete. >> we do a lot of work out physically because we do not fly with jesu. to keep from passing out we do a lot of light at work out. it is very challenging been on the road in trying to eat healthy we're on bart row 300 days that year. a lot of times we find ourselves eating salads to get those vegetables and eat healthy. we striper that 8 to 10 hours of sleep to be well rested. especially prior to fly in the next day.
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>> in order to perform those maneuvers, they have to communicate >>. before the flight we brief for about an hour, a cover of the maneuvers we are agreed to do each day. we fly given the keatons given by our boss, he will tell us what he is doing. so that we can match him. >> in san francisco jet bush kron4 news. >> we are talking about how we ran out to the rooftop, there were a lot of people on groups. hot weather, maybe i he with? >> it is warming up it will be in the '90s for the next couple of days, look for 90 concord san jose warming up. temperatures kind of a typical for this time of year. for the next seven days is going to remain on the warm side. 90s in land for tuesday and wednesday, eighties near the
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