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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  October 12, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 playoff fever taking hold of the bay area at this san francisco giants defeat the atlanta braves and move on to the national league championship series. this was a scene that the public were giants fans gathered to watch she has yesterday's game. they e the giants to the next round of playoffs and the crowd goes wild moment later this was a scene in the locker room as a giants players stage of the champagne in celebration
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lifelong chance 7 cisco mayor gavin newsom newsome is ecstatic about last night's win along with the anticipation of the upcoming season the mayor cannot collect on is that after this series winter and >> i've aged over the last week. it's a stressful as a dance. but one thing i'm looking for do is getting a photograph back from my friend the mayor read in atlanta. the san francisco giants flag flying over it led to city hall. couldn't you imagine the good thing is we don't have to imagine right behind me having to hoist the atlanta braves flag on the front of city hall. the indignity. i feel for my friend the mayor of atlanta out because that's exactly what you will be doing when he receives the giants leg hopefully tomorrow. when looking forward to the youtube clip of that. it's some energy and
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hopefulness at a time in an economy like this where we have forty-niner team that's talking about abandoning our city and not committing to it in ownership and walking away. are going to celebrate an ownership that to walk away from our city that stood out on a city and is been rewarded by a strong fan base in the country. >> our coverage of giants fever would be complete without our sports director gary who is on to philadelphia. >> of the state here. >> can i get people booing me already. i just listened to or near he's a wonderful guy but you know, fix my taxes lore might pg&e get me a job to keep your damn flag in atlanta. anyways. it gives me the creeps when mayors that treated people have more on their minds that a flag. >> it's just for fun. >> i need to get any mill for
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friday so i thought i'd. there's a big sports audience here i am happy to service them, what i do all day is talk to people on the telephone and i love doing it and we have for little version of talk radio with the fans asking questions. if i don't know the answer look over to panama and showed it to me. question no. one from the kron 4 giant fan base. >> hey gary, what we need to do to drop see note at big fat paycheck of his a week in world though when the world series. >> i say this for him you're stuck with him. nobody will trade for him you're stuck with barry but to his credit he was in the locker room celebrating last night not on the roster still travel with the team and you can look at two ways. no. what he's a good sport, no. 2 if you had $60 million still owed
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to you be a good mood to. >> hey gary we've matched the phillies even this season had had to think we could beat holiday game one like we did last time? >> holidays probably the best pitcher galangal i would not bet on philadelphia will probably win in six games. i'm guessing, the giants a little better than it led the philadelphia is as much better than the giants. anything the giants do from here and it is great. to take one more? >> let's take one more. >> campbell are baiting mean. >> hey gary to miss all the negative calls because not only were the vast majority today positive, but all of them should of been. >> i do, when you do talk radio in honestly it's more fun if you get someone showing livermore
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i'm very upset by something that he cannot fund. it's great to be a giants fan. thank-you. i activate some guys. it is fun and all kidding aside if a little white ball to make that many people happy god bless them. i'm going back to bed and of the back end 5 15 ft. in the kron 4 early evening sports audience. >> well the giants' first game of the best of seven games series will be saturday in philadelphia the second game on sunday, monday will the team will be off as they travel back here to the bay area and then tuesday the phillies will have to come to at&t park game 4 will be wednesday and if necessary the will be a fifth game wants thursday in san francisco also if necessary to final games in the series would be held on saturday the 23rd and sunday the 24th in philadelphia. for continuing coverage of the
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giants' playoff fever keep it here at kron 4 or had to website where we have set up a special section. >> very hot once again across the bay area a look from our mount tam cam plenty of sunshine and very hot conditions. our current conditions, a lot of upper 80s and low 90s again this afternoon 96 in half by 89 in san francisco i would be surprised if we break a record there today carried 85 in hayward, 91 and met you operate islam that is inland and low 90s in the south bay. the only place where it's relatively nicer out there is half moon bay at 70 degrees. were missing fog coming up along the coast over night we'll talk more about that in just a moment. first let's talk with the red flag warning in effect for parts of the bay area. the north bay hills and east bay hills and diablo this is for tomorrow morning. the winds aren't what is gusty is what we saw yesterday's they're
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expected to be up to at least 20 mi. an hour passed tonight and remain hot with low humidity and that of course causes of our concern. also an excessive heat warning for the bay shore said san francisco itself. dry heat possible records was at a few yesterday will be in the upper 80s and low 90s by what were seeing today. will see fog search along the san mateo coast tonight that's coming up from the monterey bay when that would have much of an impact on our forecast is the immediate coast locations. wednesday we'll have a warm morning and hot afternoon it will stay hot through thursday and the relief coming out friday will take a look at your extended forecast chocolate's want to get coming up a bed. >> you heard jacqueline talking about the whether it's a combination that concerns firefighters the high temperatures, low humidity and gusting winds. a red flag in effect because of the high fire danger. one area where
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firefighters are keeping a close on tonight. christina >>. take a look as science says the fire danger today is extreme i can because of the high winds you been talking about and also because of a lot of dry vegetation like you see right here. take a look at the hills you just see a lot of brown it's the same seen around this neighborhood and a lot of dry vegetation. firefighters on high alert they've canceled all nonessential training so they can go on patrol this area. i saw them driving down here in town road and i was with the fire station earlier today when they responded to a call the troll video and show that to a >> now. >> here you can see what people need to be vigilant the fire crews at the oakland hills just responded to a little fire that happened in his backyard when some crews were cutting down the street. because of the local committee all it took was a little spark for fire to ignite.
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the good thing is as you take a look around his backyard you concede there isn't any high grass and that really is a bed this area because it doesn't take much fuel for fire to start and jump over to another house. that's what they want people to be very cautious this is a good example of what can happen and a red flag warning. >> the fire department telling me the action getting a 95 percent compliance rate with the homes in this area what it comes to read it they had clearing out the homes that's good news they want people to remain vigilant and be cautious during this red flag warning. live in oakland christine conley kron 4 news >>. despite the time of year and fall season this is a reminder to people to remain vigilant in october. heather donald explains why >>. the most devastating fire to hit the bay area happened in the fall the oakland fire october 20, 1991. these flames
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destroyed 3500 homes killed 25 people. of remember this next one here this is they loved fire it tore through the santa cruz mountains in october 25, 2009 485 a. were destroyed in this one and $3 million that's what it cost to fight it and three years before that began october 25th the foothills fire this wind whipped across fire destroyed eight buildings in east san jose. >> a live look outside at traffic in san jose this is highway won the one the headlights' are southbound and traffic moving less the what does al gore. at the guadalupe overpass not too bad either. we'll be back much more news to come.
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[ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet. were following a developing news for you, the 33 miners from chile they're about to be rescued of one by one to read this as a live picture of the rescue capsule at school and get them out of there you can see workers have been testing it for
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what seems to be colors now. the just attach a cable on it. the left-hand side of your screen there is video tape of the trapped miners. rescue crews are expected to enter the mind and one to two whores we just learned are going to do speed test to see how fast it can send a capsule and hundred they're glad to bring up the minors a one by one. the baptist and the capsule that you see on the right-hand side of your screen up late and the sun that down. they're expecting to bring the minors fell one by one and a good for a horse or so. we just learned the first writer to come out will be 31 year-old florence you will sold well. looking at the left hand side of your screen he's the one that shot the video of the miners underground he's considered to be in-shape. the idea is to bring help these people ought first just in case they get stalled as it looked as capsule from the ground. we're keeping a
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close eye on this developing story as an is to get a reformation will pass along to you. >> we want to show you what the miners are facing on a trip to the surface. they're saying this could take 10 to 20 minutes maybe more. for the men riding inside the escape capsule could see an awful lot longer. the test of the capsule and the rescue workers inside looks uncomfortable and that's even before he's loaded to the shaft leading to the minors. the more than 2,000 ft. shaft is the second of three that were started after the miners were trapped 68 days ago planned be turned out to be the most successful. it reached the minors refuge in september, since then it's been widened to accommodate the escape capsule. to of the albert built by the chilean navy they have been using phoenix won and to each capsule has its own oxygen supply, communication equipment and video monitors. chile's mining minister describe what happens when the men reached the
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surface. >> it will receive first aid immediately and will be able in terms of their medical conditions. if there is any problem that justified we will send them immediately to the hospital. >> otherwise the men will be allowed to be with some of their relatives. the american crew behind plan be as packed the drill but they're not done yet. >> until the last guy comes up the job's not done. >> >> the monitors are considered to be in remarkably good health all those of developed skin infections. they have brought in experts from nasa and helping them and keep physically and mentally fit during the more than two months underground. >> a look at the conditions and that the what hot one out there today as the red flag an excessive heat warning is in a fact. it will talk about how long the heat will stick around coming up after this break.
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another hot weather across debate today on a lot of places in the '90s, the in oakland, 93 in nassau, 91 in redwood city and at least on the peninsula to the south bay. mostly in the '90s up and are interior valleys and also in santa rosa half moon bay is 70 degrees there. were seeing fog surge up the coast near monterey that will likely reach half moon bay this evening. while look at a couple fire what ththird fire was brout his we have to read all under the red flag warning. why temperatures low humidity are all they culprits. 20 mi. an hour gusts can still be dangerous we have temperatures this hot and conditions this dry. we also have an excessive heat warning for san francisco all the way down the peninsula and for the east bay shores. all
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of the bay shore in this morning. this will be until tomorrow by 8:00 p.m. in the evening. i get to mull will see that without 80s and low 90s will experience in these locations. the stick a look at how warm it's gunna get tomorrow. the aforesaid rosa, nine in san rooftop, 86 san francisco, 90 vallejo, low 964 inland valleys, a three-day and operate these low 90s for bay shores. look pitcher kron 4 here is a look at your 7 day around the bay on the a forecast, if the continuing for a couple days of look like we were going to see relief for thursday but not the case for today. the relief, it friday we'll see 10 degrees of cooling through the bay area and continue cooling as we head into the weekend. the pictures on the weekend becoming much more seasonable mainly in the '60s and '70s through the bay area >> with this heat wave people tend to gravitate towards the
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beach. jeff bush shows you what was like san francisco is ocean beach today. >> take a look at the ocean beach parking lot on tuesday. it's packed from the looks of things a lot of people at the same idea made it to the coast. this is what october looks like a san francisco while the rest of the country is cooling off for a warming up but everyone knows it will last long and that makes it even more special. the did was for the dogs and kids at anyone else who did have to work. check out this little dog having the time of is like choosing a ball into the cool pacific ocean trade the stock wasn't sure to think about this crop it came ashore. the sky was blue and it was a perfect day to kick a soccer ball around or take a walk on the august long sand beach. some people can look to the beach but did nothing and lay on the sun which is a luxury in san francisco standards. they created the spot in the middle of beech it was a popular spot for people with kids. it was nice and cool without the danger of the ocean waves. of course
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the servers are no strange ocean beach but isn't too often that the ways and whether sync up like this. at ocean beach in san francisco kron 4 news. >> hear a melody that a lot of folks showed up to cool off. as temperatures rose in alameda so did the number of people upon beach. the one mother made for a good day for folks to get at least another day to lay out of work on the to and for the great weather goes a white. some folks one for a nice long stroll on the beach where the temperature was a few degrees go along the shore. if that wasn't cool enough visible tries was a ticket and even cooler water and a lot of folks did that. people weather was ankle deep, waist deep all the way and it was a popular stop for swimmers all day long. >> a live look it cited traffic on this tuesday in san francisco. at the top of your screen traffic on 80 headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge looks like at traffic seemed headed towards the lower deck. at the bottom of your screen southbound 1 01 is a
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today the dow ended up 10 points the nasdaq closed up 15. intel says its net income leaped 59% in the latest quarter. beltane analysts' expectations as the world's biggest maker of microprocessors intel is a proxy for the overall pc market which has doubled in the for the past few months. it had earnings of 52¢ a share compared to the 50 expected. all live look at some traffic on the golden gate bridge. traffic north and southbound on the golden gate moving about the same at a meeting in class. one is ahead.
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