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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 14, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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weather. only a couple more days left. bring some clubs, keeping it cool for the next rookery. check and your commute. >> all is quiet no incidents in the traffic clogs, click bridge checked, problem fretted the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars headed westbound clocking
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eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. he will not run into any roadwork. the same material, looking good, we do have some emergency road work shutting down the right hand lane that is in effect until tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., commuters looking did not to make cars on the road but as the commune was on you may want to take the done button or bay bridge as an alternative ride. finishing up with the golden gate, just a few cuts on the road for the sub fund ride, those headlights are moving at the limit novato and the city limits is a rare 23 manager. james. >> alan lock plug will be closed today, because extreme fire hazards officials say conditions are still to drag and safety for me it's too dry to safely allow visitors into the park so they will keep a close the closure is expected to last of the local mall. but if the weather conditions are not back to safe
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levels that may keep a close to the weekend to keep an eye and let you know. another developing story parents and sand as they are an edge after police say the man tried to abduct a one-year- old girl will her mother was pushing her in a stroller in broad daylight. reggie kumar gives us more. >> >> san jose released this route structure a man who basically tried to duck a one you're a pro it happened here at the entrance to complex feared and misunderstood the mandate of the car, walked up to the mother, was pushing her in the park. such suicidal receivable liberal. the man for it was followed by the mother is a stud is hispanic the 25-thirties navy blue jumpsuit, the and all over it. san jose, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> mckay news is reporting the police have arrested two teenagers in connection with
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the trace elementary five is back in july it cells more than $10 million in damage. the phenomena has completed its investigation into the allison results will be announced this morning at a news conference of] a live it up but alarm fire razed pretty campus more than a hundred and 50 merger of the personnel responded the fire destroyed several cross terms that the temporary classrooms in place for the year. nearly a dozen hilton hotel workers of a continuing a strike today. it preceded a protest over working conditions. among the proposals the workers' union is against increases to employee using temporary replacement workers and a place of those striking workers today's the last every three days strike in oakland this is video of them walking the picket lines tuesday morning
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at the 700 years nurses are protesting the increase in their of cabrera's ridge facility is running smoothly despite the strike hospital officials but in a hundred and 24 nurses to cover the ships. operating is half a bossidy. community groups are a opposed to a gain interruption's holding a rally protesting the oakland decision to file an injunction against than nintendo's street gang. the calling a racial profiling. it is centrally off-limits to the gang. the effect of the position seeking an injunction against 42 members of that game. this is granted in the entire area which you concede there but for ago, will be cleared a safety zone people named in the intention of the order from associated
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together of the adams streets are to attend. the gang members have been involved in a lease that if i shooting is just this year alone. people live in that area something must be done. >> we cannot just continue to all of these young kids shooting each other, people are getting on the metal.caught in >> all the miners are free this morning from that mine in chile this is a video of some of last rescue workers, reached in the service last night. the rescue workers were just done there for about 22 hours or so, the miners were down there for some 69 days. everyone is happy that this for a deal is done with. kron4 takes a closer look at the last four minutes to the surface. >> mission complete. at the last
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five of 33 miners may be sent to freedom two dozen people or get run the mine as a minor #30 reach the surface. he was a hydraulic engineer this is not his first try to the earlier this year the shipyard your that was destroyed and a mass of the earthquake hit the mining jobs two months before mine collapse. his wife and two children or not we see him survive once again. my number 31, said the of the rescue capsule lot less than half an hour later the 20 federal help set up the communication system that allowed the money is to talk to people on the server is his daughter for sure if we jumped into his always refers to months. the next month and no. 32 has two daughters though he's never seen one in person, said that of the castle into his wife's arms she but to a baby ago when he was trapped in the internet as plaza which translates to hope. he was based
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to a video recording willie was trapped. louisa wrote was the foreman when the mine collapsed he helped keep order. creating jobs, but to prove his leadership the miners a ride for 69 days. the men will be checked and treated for dehydration and exhaustion but eventually the menace of the bullet as he rose and the minister but in much of modern to a dozen feet under the surface. having survived in theo 90,000 ft. under the surface. >2,000 ft. under the surface. >> summer during so well that there might be released today. will of warner amex have a there might be released today. will of warner amex have a lower. will be right back. ♪
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then any three months and since 2006. on the clipper fund a lazard to explore a bid to buy yahoo both companies have getting that the issue of what was california has joined 49 other states of investigating whether not think it cut
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corners. when foreclosing. >> the investigation comes as employees for several major banks and knowledge that the sign for plaza documents without ever reading on the process has been dubbed roll both signing one employes say she signed over a dozen documents that she never read. in california before closer process is different, so we're not directed by this exact issue but a california general is looking to see if lenders have complied with state laws here before foreclosing. in california before hall was foreclose but lenders have designed dutchman thing that they did of we tried to reach the homeowner what does this mean for four closers and i stay? the attorney general says he wants all lenders to stop foreclosing on homes here until they can demonstrate that they complied with california state law. big of america has
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announced a nationwide that will stop the sales of foreclosed homes while they do an internal investigation. what does this mean for people in the middle of a foreclosure while the website says for some people it could mean a delay in the process, we won't stop the foreclosure but could give the more times in their homes. >> we're going to take a break, we'll have more in a moment, let's go sudden of a live look at san mateo, they do have the right lane shut down for an emergency road where but that they will be shut down until tomorrow afternoon so expected to play a big plus in your morning commute delays and infected during courage to take one of the other bridges to get across the bay. we will be right back.
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welcome back, we l looking at a shot here of the south bay is a clear shot free of fog. it will be another one day, not as warm
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as it was yesterday. san jose 66, new in mid '80s, high- temperature 89. still warm back down to the '70s by the clark color. elsewhere at temperatures sitting in the '60s for cedras's, sander fell upper 50s for napa, fairfield, antioch. as we take it down today by about 10:00 a.m. will see plenty of '70s, noontime all of this or insurers were these will be a mixture of '80s, '70s afternoon highs, this schedule is as the '90s once again to see some nineties and just not as widespread. that debt to the '70s by the 8:00 hour. here is a look at your numbers, 92 fairfield, upper 80s concord, 79
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degrees for standard cisco, pretty and the biggest thing into the '80s it is a city could probably had to the beach. 7 to the said they could get to 90. the '80s rhythm through san jose and morgan the goat.hill. here k at your 7 day around the bay. all began in the cooling trend today, it is the beginning of these temperatures during under the band a trend. by 77 days, and low 70's by the end of the weekend. keeping cool, stirring in some clouds. some big changes in store. checked in with them at the with the traffic report. >> thank you, for the prime spots in the laser is one that may be a factor later on to get to the and the second. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic nice, light no promise for your westbound ride. the meeting like
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this like a bald, and a sense of any road work along the upper deck. san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well. the right hand lane is closed in be left section. it is in road work and took some of engineering. traffic is moving well rain now but this could cause major delays later on we do it but is that you may want to take a bridge or done button as an alternate. traffic is moving well, golden gate, you can see light conditions, very few careers. san francisco crosstown traffic at the james lick and inbound is moving well. just a few headlights' making their way towards the peninsula your read on the 10181 split is 816 metric. >> new details on the san bruno pipeline explosion the national transportation safety board is out with a preliminary report it
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seems to be generating more questions than answers. >> then end t s b + studs of additional light on the circumstances leading up to the explosion is still does not pinpoint a cause it indicates a pallor supply it malfunction at the milpitas terminal because of love to open and that was despite the impression. the report also says the city developed it in which prevented the dressed pressure from exceeding. >> the safety device to go over and over road all of that stuff. the bed is is even with this matter pressure spike and what was the killer, that is the >> issue. the report showed fairly uniform wall thickness which shows just general
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provision is not the cause. safety experts suggest there may be a plum with pg&e is overall pipeline maintenance and safety program. >> even if they're not addressing all the possible risks like plugging, problems of manufactured by, or others like to corrosion and until they understand what dead maybe they would be very foolish and try raise pressure on this pipeline. >> pg&e draw up the pressure of 20% after the explosion but there's been talk the they want to raise the need to meet the needs and demands from the winter season pg&e says they have not made any decision at this for this day they will work better with the public utilities commission. >> an update of the story ready yesterday a fairfield mother accused of stabbing a 23 year- old others to death before taking all life. she's been
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arrested, they discovered a three year-old girls murdered, homicide investigators arrested the 28 year-old mother monica, the official police discuss what happens when firefighters arrived at the scene. >> fairfield need entry into the primer. and discovered a female with lacerations and jury is not consistent with a flair. liz dunn they discovered the bodies of two three your children. at this point all evidence at this point going to it said the suicide by a mother when homicide of the two children. with no evidence to indicate a
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rows was in. again when the citizens alike, and on the place the bread allege the doors rows of color when it is locked, there is no way someone got in there. >> she was transferred to a local hospital in critical to stable condition she has been released and is now booked and solano county jail. prosecutors have not filed charges the district attorneys and others togolese that they need further investigation. patsy was a substitute teacher at school districts. please try to defend a man who may been irresponsible for several exposure incidents
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over the bus month. the latest case happen tuesday near a couple of a rut of oxford avenue a man approached for women who are walking, exposed himself and ran away. he may be the same man involved in recent exposure of incidents in the two under block of stanford ave. in a gun and a foot bluff near middle school. he's described as hispanic-20- 30, 5 seed six, ways from hundred 80-two drums. 180-200 l, fletcher said the 11:30 p.m. other former union and wadding milk.l. for inventors have issud a general alarm which means all the available crews are asked to respond to help out the causes under investigation. and as
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quick what should much of oklahoma yesterday. it's in mid- air, the epicenter of this quake was about 20 mi. stealth missile closer attention to to people who have this image rain now they did not know what was happening. >> it felt like the whole house was moving up the foundation. >> loves president of research branch were drowned her dream on >>. i held a lot of cracks, then to limit the sidewalk. the patrols and a slanting and moving. >> life misimpression is the plane had crashed. but out said has. >> sincerely quake hit folks have been checking for damage
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they still cannot believe that it has been an earthquake. we all ran out expecting to see flames there was never anything. i did not know what to do. >> if it not to arrest several items of that shot angeles wants to abolish torture is getting supplies. >> the whole trust and shaking. >> an advisory panel of the federal administration aviation wants to reduce the number of flights hours required to be a co-pilot the new law passed by congress increases the minimum and i'd love letters to 1500. airlines worry that they will be forced to increase salaries. on the captains or acquired have 1500 hours of flight time the change comes after an airline crashed and killed 50 people larger debt in experience it was one of the factors. here's
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they have the right lane shutdown for road work, and emergency fixes that they need to put in place but as a result there cannot have that lanes had done for the entire length of the morning, the mob. they will have to shut down the debt small afternoon. that may bottle like your commute ancon as much delays, if you can take the done button bridge or find some other way across. golden gate, not up, traffic coming out of san francisco not moving poorly. the jets had adopted the city of brotherly love but don't expect the phillies to do the many favors, philadelphia is a heavy favorite to to their superior lineup. all of the pitching matchup appears to be equal. the series is three games apiece with each taking two or three at home. >> we have a challenge going on
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there will be a tough place to peg. they're the best, we have to do the best. yet to make pitches higher. we play great defense, if we continue that i think we should be fine. >> the first game of the best of seven will be saturday, and second game will be on sunday, monday that he is a hub of, will have tuesday's game and at&t but, game 4 wednesday, and then it necessary they will go onto the fifth game thursday instead of cisco, it is still low and that the to fun and games will ahead to saturday's 23rd and 24 in philadelphia. for complete details on the play of schedule, interview, video log on to a website at we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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fourth indiana, traffic is moving well for now but that may change come the morning commute, road work that might dump things up for you. update shortly. cool them beginning today, good morning louisa. >> good morning james, if you're one of those people who likes the yield that we want to take advantage of today because after today if it goes down help. this is a clear shot at a downtown, and the temperatures are still in the '60s. high temperatures today not escaping the seventies coming in later rounds 79 degrees baghdad to the upper 60s betty o'clock l. orr. temperatures at 66 still '50s up to napa, fairfield. and then into monday about 64. 10 a.m.
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which enormous bins the '70s then by about noontime all of this orange stickers as the '80s. we will still bring in some nineties just not quite as widespread as we have been seeing. bennett the '70s with the hit rock era. members are coming and about 92 degrees for santa rosa. fairfield. keeping it about 84 degrees to san rafael, for what reason to richmond '80s mainly to the east bay, redwood city. 73 degrees for half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continues to highlight that cooling trend. cooling-off little bit today, but the weekend amid added to the '70s and those are some of the war inland's box. fifties for the coast. keeping these cold temperatures around as we sprang into next week. >> no slowdowns and chris
4:32 am
traffic moving at the limit that is said by the king said the toll plaza completely trouble- free ride. coming from all approaches looks good. meeting lights of, no overnight road would. whatever the what in effect at san mateo bridge, traffic is moving find late ne . that's an effective that some of afternoon. we expending some pretty big delays that there, you may want to take the done button or the bay bridge. golden gate, a quiet, no problems here those headlights are making their way into san francisco. look at the upper east shore of freeway, was spent eight the. wg
4:33 am
of member at least trouble- free, just as golden gate fields clocking in edison is an easy 16 minutes. james. >> alan rock park is closed because of the extreme by your the danger conditions are still too dry. it is just too dry to allow visitors in there safely. the closure will be in effect until at least among. but if the weather continues the way it is and the product is still deemed to be too dangerous and they will keep that closure in place. other developing story, appearance in san jose on edge, as we which appear after police say a man tried to abduct a one- year-old girl while her mother was pushing are in a stroller in blood daylight. they like >>. this is a sketch of the man the police are looking for the
4:34 am
man tried to abduct a one-year- old girl break here, in front of the condominium's entered into 600 block of monterey road. investigate his of looking for anyone who may have seen the attack. >> the victim was walking with her one-year-old daughter she had been at prescott, whether it was for or domestic vehicle, the committee turned can bexar stopped. escher's walking, the driver got out of the cult, he followed her for several seconds before he approached her. put his hand up her shoulder, kind of pushed aside and then he reached around her down toward where the child was seated, we do believe you try to grab the child. at that point she fought him off. >> after that he cannot and your
4:35 am
way into a color parents to live in this complex are shocked this happened in the neighborhood the alleged abductor is described as hispanic, late 20s or early 30's by foot 8-5 ft. 9 average build, the killer, black t-shirt and navy blue jumpsuit with the oral on him. >> the magic tree news is reporting that police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the elementary schools by a back in july because some $10 million worth of damage to san hesitate but it promises it has completed its investigation and they will announce the results at a news conference this morning. the well was a blaze that destroyed a good bit of the campus of more than a hundred and 50 personnel experts responded but those destroyed clusters have been replaced with the temporary
4:36 am
classrooms until they can rebuild. nearly 1000 hilton hotel workers and will carry a bitter strike through today. the workers say the proposals made by management on film. among the proposals call for increases in employe of can and freezing of pensions. the company is using management and temporary replacement workers to keep the operation going well strike takes place. this is the last day of a three dave there's a strike at children's hospital in oakland this is video of them walking the picket lines tuesday morning, up to 700 news is protested to increase health care of facilities. hospital officials abroad and at what a dreadful fo brought in a hundre4 nurses. community rep groups
4:37 am
opposed to giving injections of holding a rally, protesting the decision to file an injunction against the street gang they're calling it racial profiling if the judge rules in their written the area these see here that encompasses the entire area would be declared a safety zone. the people named in the intention would be barred from associating in public, for being out on the streets after 10:00 p.m. >>. it is not right that women cannot take their kids to the park we can't go to the store after dark. >> residency by lending activity has made their one's family friendly community and state. cutting this woman who did not want to show her face at of fear. >> it's scary. >> some community activists say that this injunction of my to
4:38 am
racial profiling. and keep families apart. >> the mother, their grandmother all the live here. they will never be allowed to step in front of your grow this goes without concern of being arrested. >> not everyone agrees that injunctions are the answer but they do say something asked to be done weekend that his continued their way we are now. >> all these young kids shooting its chairman and as a people getting cut in the middle. >> all the miners are free, this is video of some of the rescue workers yesterday and some of those miners reaching the surface of the hugging and celebrating the fact that everyone got live safely the rescue workers were down for 22 hours executing this rescue the trapped miners were down there for 69 days, the question for
4:39 am
the miners and their families is what happens now? they could face physical and emotional problems as a result of the drama. some experts think the trip back may only be the beginning of their journey to recovery. >> after this first big rush of the tension and euphoria experts say the months ahead could call of mental problems including anxiety, depression, flashbacks. some might find it impossible to ever grow underground again even reading about their ordeal and the media. trigger panic attacks. think about that they've gone from living like this for 69 days wandering at first they would ever get out to being held by everyone from president of what >>. thank you, god blesses you to the po. each month is running a $260 a pair of oakley sunglasses meeting california
4:40 am
tries many days to adjust to the sunlight. people around the world have been watching the miners have are reaping getting get incaution on how to deal with the interview, and they could get rich, they will each get a gift of $20,000 from a wealthy minor. and that is just the beginning with book and movie deals pending along with job offers. there is also a drama from a very different kind during, when this man was brought to the surface the woman waiting to greet him with cards and kisses was not his wife but his mistress. when his wife found out about the affair she decided not to be part of the welcoming committee. >> yet it is o.k. we will do that, here's a live picture as san jose will let you know how conditions are shaping up. weather wise a mild sedative this morning temperatures are expected only to get into this
4:41 am
low-middle upper 80s. we will be back.
4:42 am
and we are back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. as we head into their say in the beginning of a nice cool down towards the weekend you can see temperatures are expected to give 90 degrees inland, low eighties around the bay, mid-low 70's along the coast. really cool it down as we headed to saturday and sunday at complete with its forecast for the next several days ahead coming out. in the meantime uc-berkeley police are looking for a peeping tom, there was seen in edit locker room, kron4 subject bush explains. >> uc-berkeley police are investigating a peeping tom bettis up twice in the women's locker room of the recreational log facility. it happened on the fourth, a staff member noticed
4:43 am
someone taking a picture from their cell phone in the locker it turns out it was a man dressed as a woman with a long way in a tall on his head when confronted he ran away. two days later he was spotted again dressed up and drag this time it did not take long for a member of the club to figure out something was wrong she confronted him, he ran away again. >> we'll take another break, we'll be back with your latest headlines in a minute. he is a live look at the that the roof camera or things are shaping up nicely. few will get a ton was camera or things are shaping up nicely. few will get a ton was 80 this afternoon.from mccafé a, as in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪
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welcome back, time now for a shot of san mateo bridge, a clear shot of side, free of fall once again it will be another one day temperatures just a few degrees cooler them where we were yesterday turned in san
4:45 am
mateo temperatures 63 degrees, in getting up in the '80s than we're staying in a season san mateo. 87, backed by the '70s by 8:00 p.m.. elsewhere, 64 san francisco, oakland 66, said a '60s as well. 10:00 a.m. we should warm it up into the '70s by new and '80s back into the picture. at new highs similar to where we were yesterday, a lot of pockets of red, shows us that there are '90s, not quite as many as we saw yesterday. it could back down to the '70s your numbers are getting up into the '90s but just about 90 degrees for stand-up rosa, fairfield same. upper 70's in san francisco not escaping the 70's thing in cities around the bay, 73 degrees for the coast. los
4:46 am
gatos, 90, upper 80s through standards a. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. continued to cool down each day as we head towards the weekend today of the '90s toman upper 80s, saturday, sunday back down into the '70s the low 70's by sunday and some of the warmer in one spot upper 60s around the bay '50s to the crows continue with full weather radar of your weekend into next week. check in with erica who was traffic. >> for those of you having at the door commute is in good shape, no problems at the toll plaza cars are selling on by weather delayed coming from all perches headed westbound towards the city very good dive time of about eight minutes. patinas bridge to the macarthur maze 18 manager. we have some road work in effect at san mateo bridge,
4:47 am
traffic is moving along just fine rain now, right lane is closed up the incline from the westbound direction that is because caltrans is repairing a cracked steel pipe on right this is in effect until tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.. we're expecting pretty big delays as the commune wears on. you may want to take one of the other bridges in the meantime. quiet at the closing date, traffic moving at the limit. south bay conditions, one no one, san jose, and no promise for yourself bond ride. those headlights are heading toward trouble daylit cruz without any delay. james. >> thank you, there could be a $10 vehicle registration fee, the area was named to the were city in the nation when it comes erodes. potter holes,
4:48 am
cracks, and roads voters will decide whether not they want to pay $10 a vehicle registration fee to help pay for improvements we will follow that story. meanwhile a lot of foreclosed from are being neglected. it could lead to a big from kron4 and takes a look of some of what is being done. >> these empty homes are not being taken care of. gilroy city leaders are worried about been growing number of foreclosed from 251 so far they say it's and a whole big accountable they're considering a new ordinance that would provide fines and links for not maintaining those properties. >> of the house next ulexite this month than the property of value of your home goes down. >> people and leaving trash on top of staff left behind by the former owners ilan is dead in
4:49 am
the house is falling into disrepair something that has neighbors concerned about this has, it is an unlocked gate leading to a backyard swimming pool and a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. threats to kids in the neighborhood. >> become home, the gear is open anyone can go back there is what the kids on this block >>. 100 that a five foreclosed homes in morgan hill a hundred 90 in milpitas on hundred 87 san francisco, a countywide total of more than 4000. >> now on to baseball, the giants' head back to the city of brotherly love don't expect fairly to hold any punches. as they head into the weekend felly duffy is the heavy favorite. this team is recognized as having a superior lineup released on the amount we're pretty cool. the teams split the
4:50 am
season three games apiece with each taking two of three at home. all i guess it was kate thompson taking the nonsupport fanatic approach, she died the players about some of their other issues like their favor hot spot, the fear of the beard phenomenon. take a was a >>. giants 0 is sweeping but they were leaving statistics behind and asking them not so hard-hitting questions they may have wanted to know about your favorite giants player including have you ever been down the coca-cola side? >> yes i tried >> it. no >>. i tried to one thyme butter was locked so i couldn't. >> superstition's? >> no. we discuss programming for brian. >> are you part of the building be the thing?
4:51 am
>> >> note. really hang out? >> to the beach. >> i mean if we like going to the marina. >> at&t but, craig thompson, kron4 news >>. the first game will be this saturday in philadelphia. monday the teams will travel so there's no plan that day. tuesday bade at&t product for game 3, game 4 and wednesday. if necessary fifth game on tuesday that allows to be at&t if it is still not decided, and we do not know
4:52 am
whether the two final games in the series will be back in philadelphia won on saturday and the other on sunday. meanwhile san francisco mayor gavin newsom is looking for to see the giant flag raised overhead ledges city hall. all right about that between that that is mayor and newsom but to come out ahead to cruz and giants the flight was set to land on tuesday and should be flying fairly soon. newsom came up with the syllable about with philadelphia's bear. you know. for video, inc haaziq we have it all there. let's talk tech news kron4 tech reporter gabe slate has the latest on what is new. >> here is your tech headlines apple has the most i press congress to announce next wednesday for mac computers are kerman of the next time they did is they have been all ipad,
4:53 am
iphone lately. some of your but to buy new computer there may be near the new ones next week. there will also most likely shore up a new operating system. facebook has a new security feature when you log in facebook will help you be safer in those areas by providing you a temporary password and your account, to receive the temporary pass review tax evaders of tipi 232665, on your mobile phone. then they will tax you back a password will expire 20 minutes later i think this is great and a good safety measured just our user phone within that 20 minutes or anyone connected the text and i answered them. leslie sony and google have announced the entirely anticipated to tv sets will go on sale saturday. you can order one on their website or wait till early next week when they will arrive in best buy stores. the google tv is a tv with a
4:54 am
built-in web surfing you don't have the connected to the computer. the remote control is the standard keyboard. google tvs might be the hot holiday gift. what do we in see. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> we'll take a break, give you a live look from the said they are when no one can read and san jose rape by the interchange, traffic is good, whether napa at 66 degrees rainout it will get out to almost 90. will be back with a complete look at weather, traffic coming up.
4:55 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, thursday morning shot of walnut creek is a clear shot we're not dealing with any thought once again this morning. another one day not quite as hot as always i yesterday but currently in walnut creek read about 60. noon break into the 80s but it does not look like
4:56 am
we'll get out of these today. coming in rader and 88 degrees. back then it the upper seventies by o'clock. this morning and pretty mild in san francisco, 63, 68 degrees in three oakland, temperatures and to the mid-60s by the 10:00 p.m. plenty of '70s, and in time bringing in the '80s, afternoon highs it is going to talk about into the '90s fairly similar to the past couple of days just not quite as warm and widespread. then by 7- adm we wind down and bring those temperatures back down to the '70s. afternoon highs tapping ever around 90 degrees for santa rosa, fairfield those of some of the warmer locations. san francisco upper '70's is still pretty pleasant. as you had to redwood city bacchants the '80s.
4:57 am
86 years from now on view, fremont. 90 for low status and 89 degrees interests there for as a. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can really see this cooling trend that is starting to take effect, today's warm, to are still warm. it is by the weekend we noticed that cool down, transfer of trees or bring to drop. james. >> thank you, the very building has been named one of that top- 10 great public spaces, the american planning association released the list their program mechanizes great neighborhood, streets, public spaces at the public places that made the list, ireland sculpture in alabama. and quite correct in your city. we'll take a break, back with more including the latest from the san mateo bridge, a lane closure today, it will still be there during the morning commute we're expecting
4:58 am
some delays as a result. echo the of the malmo was a look at your alternate routes.
4:59 am
5:00 am
midmorning 5:00 a.m., top stories after a three month investigation the san jose fire department will reveal details of the fire that damaged trees elementary, that stores stood ahead. union workers at hilton hotels are indeed to of a six day strike. what they're sever straight ahead. all 33 minors safe and sound back on the surface what is next for them? we will take a look. one lane is blocked in the cemetery bridge because of emergency repairs that is being done in the westbound section that is your commute section. we will have a full check in a moment. first let's talk about a cooling trend. good morning louisa.
5:01 am
>> good morning, were just talking about a few degrees still warm out there mt. tam, a clear shot. to the jurors are still warm just a slight cooling today. you'll notice it along the peninsula and the coast. big cool than in store for the weekend a couple more days as a nice warm weather. 63 san francisco, upper 60s over oakland. south bay temperatures in the mid-60s. as we take it through that they will warm oven to the '70s by the 10:00 hour then by noon, all of this on choses where these are going to move in. in the afternoon once again we'll still see '90s. still seeing some red appear. just not quite as much as we are seeing in the past couple of days. not quite as hot either. temperatures dropping back down to the '70s. at your highs getting up to about 90 degrees
5:02 am
and sinners are, that is just about as warm as we're going to get. breaking into the '90s for fairfield it is for vallejo. the added to the south bay about 89 degrees and your san jose, cooler than that in on mn view. if you need another beach dates they will work. it is really saturday, sunday that we will cool down. by the weekend lows '70s. adversities around the bay of upper 50s to the coast. keeping it cool as we headed next work week as well. checked in with your gut. >>. roads and bridges, everything is moving well. pretty good conditions of san
5:03 am
mateo bridge, traffic is building. we aren't expecting some pretty big delays later on you might want to consider taking the done button or the bay bridge if you make your way towards the peninsula. other than that bay bridge looks good, no problems here, no signs of any overnight road work. traffic is moving well coming from all approaches meter nights are sick of all. wrapping up with the look of the golden gate, nice, easy conditions always probably one of the better commutes. headlights making their way sell bonds. at a 37 hour to these bay is a short swedish minutes. project and public transit looks like blood, is jane, muni are running rate of time. james. >> thank you the mercury news is
5:04 am
reporting that police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the trees elementary school fire back in july that clara, million dollars worth of damage in the san jose fire department has completed its investigation and it says it will issue its results this afternoon in an announcement and any news conference later this morning pardon me. the five above fire did destroy parts of the campus. about a hundred of it before reporters responded. costumes were discouraged that temper runs in place. muni workers at san francisco's largest retail have started a strike. they are upset about contract proposals that will increase health insurance payments, for these pensions all will interesting staff and workloads. it has keepers, dorman, kellogg's. hotel management says the average pay is $60,000, while some big
5:05 am
orders to make over a hundred thousand and all help the house are fully paid by the hotels. parents in san jose on edge this morning after police say a man tried to abduct a one-year-old girl while her mother was pushing her in a stroller and live daylight. >> san jose police released this sketch of a man who they say tried to abduct a one-year-old girl it happened right here at the entrance to the condominium complex tuesday morning, investigators say the man died of his car walked up to the mother was pushing her daughter pressure is sad but reaching for a little girl the mother was able to fight off the man he is described as hispanic male late 20s or early thirties, if the chair, dark eyes navy blue gym shoes with dirt and oil all over. >> meanwhile all of the miners are free from that collapsed
5:06 am
mine in chile, this is video of some of the last of them being rescued reaching the surface last night. the rescue workers themselves were down underground for 22 hours getting all the miners up, those matters were down there for 69 days. here is part about what the last of minor had to say. >> i believe those of us have faith that help but to hope, this here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. will be rescued. we think god. fed the first 17 days, you almost did not eat. we had for the food. but we knew administered. >> so what is next for the miners and their families? some experts say they could face emotional problems, some might find it impossible to go
5:07 am
underground again, psychologists say even reading about their own ordeal could trigger panic attacks. all symptoms of stress, the miners have been getting coaching on how the deal with all the in the manson of informing their way they could end up getting rich to. they're each in the gift of $20,000 and that is colleges' the beginning of the book, movie deals pending apparently already. job offers to awaiting some of them. we'll take a break, back with more headlines including the latest on the san mateo bridge everything's fine rainout.rightt they do have elaine shut down, we'll talk more about than a minute. curring conditions, 63 degrees, 877 in.
5:08 am
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5:11 am
of economic reports due today including a snapshot of unemployment wholesale and report on the nation's trade deficit of foreclosures also up, new figures show that lenders seized more homes this summer than in any three months judge since 2006. aol is right to be exploring a bid to buy yahoo both companies declined to comment. tests revealed high levels of children's products filled with lead at wal-mart. let exceeding the allowable levels was found in wal-mart product surges toward boxing gloves phone jury agreed and green and yellow beanbag chairs for trawls children at target the fed to shares of high lead levels. one of which had 70 times the legal limit. both
5:12 am
sources it will stop the sales of those items. we would take another break, will become that a complete check of your forecasts that straight ahead, here is a live look at the tropicana is in san jose as we follow the commute is going to be fine so far. san mateo will be another story will have a filter and then coming up.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
and yet that one of the big stories commuters you're going to expect delays on the san mateo bridge because of the emergency repair. yes it is in the westbound, a commute direction, here's a map of the bridge the damage was discovered yesterday during a bridge inspection the sale will take 24-48 hours to fix. we have more coverage with erica. >> new conditions are looking pretty good rainout san mateo bridge but i do not want to speak too soon that right hand lane is shut down river for the
5:16 am
incline, that lasted for the mark. we're already seeing the tail lights built slightly towards foster city, expect bigger delays later on, we are suggesting the you take the done button or the bay bridge of your headed for the east bay toward the peninsula. 14 minutes fermenta and, no significant back up. bay bridge, a different story traffic conditions are nice, light, all vallejo remains that way through the morning. no from small approaches. very good dried thyme 8-9 minutes. golden gate, nice, easy conditions those headlights headed said band entire ride coming down from marin county to san of this is a pretty good shape, nev. toward city limits 23 minutes. quick look at the upper east shore here is westbound 80 moving to albany a
5:17 am
very easy ride, no delays just about 16 minutes as the past golden gate fields in to see if it does go. let's get the latest in a weather department. >> we will still call a halt. " you're starting to cool off, golden gate is clear, of free, we will start to see those temperatures really does start to ease up a bit. san francisco 64 getting up to the mid to '70s high-temperature 79. not getting at of the '70s instead of this year to date. karen temperatures, but to the standards of temperatures and low 60s mid-60's for oakland, hayward, so bay as well. the coast 54 half moon bay. as we take it through the day, ted clark, warmup funny as '70s. new oon and mr. beatty's and
5:18 am
'70s. there red than his moves in, there will be some 90 is not quite as much or the past couple of days and then back down into the seventies by the o'clock york, the numbers are getting weapons the '90s but just barely. hitting about 90 degrees for san rosa, fairfield. about 85 degrees and through richmond. as you head down the peninsula redwood city 87, mid-upper 80s rate demand view and san jose. livermore should bring is a temperature of about 90. watch this downward trend, today we will have a few 90's, not getting ahead of the '80s, saturday lucky to get out of the '70s. in fact sunday is cooler still into the low '70's. upper 60s to run the bay upper 50s for the coast. james. >> thank you, hundreds of union
5:19 am
city high students will be screened for tuberculosis after a person on the campus tested positive for the disease the identity is not being released but the patient is being treated and is no longer on the campus 500 students were notified yesterday they will be tested sometime this week. n dtsb will be out with its general conclusion, their report shed some light on the circumstances leading up to the explosion but it does still does not talk about because it talks about high are buying construction which have despite the pressure but the safety valve kicked in the which prevented the of pressure from receiving a dangerous pressure on the pipe showed a fairly normal while
5:20 am
cigna's which shows version was not a problem. safety experts say there may be a banner from with pg knees pipeline maintenance and safety program because the pipe fell below the pressure threshold would suggest the problem could be a bad well or manufacturing areas they are not sure, an update on a story that we brought you first, i fairfield mother accused of stabbing her twin daughters before taking trying to take her own life the mother is under arrest cruz responded to the fire at the summit and discovered the three year-old girl's murder. homicide investigators then arrested 28 year-old monica mitterrand. fairfield police describe what happened. >> the fired of government had made entry into the apartment and discovered a female with
5:21 am
lacerations and injury is not consistent with a fire. later on they discovered the bodies of 23 year-old children. at this point all evidence and everything we have. still a attended suicide by a mother and a homicide of two joe tran. with no evidence to indicate any one else was in the supplement or around this apartment. again when the citizens are arrived the doors were locked windows locked. there is no way it was done from the roadside. >> shoes transported to a local hospital she has been released and as we said is now booked at solano county jail. palo the police are trying to find a man who may been responsible for
5:22 am
several indecent exposure incidences' the latest case happened tuesday near park boulevard. the man approached for women who were walking exposed himself and then ran. he may be the same man involved in in these excursions in the 200 block and on a footpath near term in the middle school the suspect all we know as described as hispanic male 20-353658. ways about to enter pounds. we'll take a break, we'll be back with more headlines in a moment. outside, a live picture from walnut creek, showing you a pretty nice commute. currently 60 degrees and the cree, getting out, becoming a leader 60 degrees and the cree, getting out, becoming a leader so.
5:23 am
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5:26 am
cooler than yesterday today is really the first day as we begin to cool down. we have temperatures slowly tapering off and then to 90 today, mid-70s by saturday and sunday similar story for folks around the bay, ladies they cool off the upper 60s by the weekend louisa will be of surely with a detailed forecast there's just a quick look. speaking ahead, the giants are headed back to the city of brotherly love. they won't be getting much love from philadelphia the giants of course playing against the phillies and the phillies are favored. there are widely recognized to be the stronger lineup but as far as pitching we are fairly equal should make for interesting matchup this but this season three games apiece through each taking 23. take a listen. >> it is a challenge, it will be tough, this is a team that is across in the nfl. we hope to be the best. >> i know that a lot of guys
5:27 am
that can argue with the law involved but we played great defense. we pitch as well as anybody has if we discontinue that i think we should be fine. >> first game of course of the best of seven will be saturday second game will be on sunday both in philadelphia, monday the teams are traveling out by then, tuesday it resumes with game 3, came for also a part, to at&t on tuesday, and is that we don't have all indebted to define the games would back to philadelphia won on saturday and then the final game on sunday. for complete details on the play of schedule video with the team in interviews, all available at we're going to take a break, when we come back to the latest on the traffic from the year, problems bring
5:28 am
for the cemetery ridge, it is fine now but it could back up pretty bad this morning we'll explain it all in a moment.
5:29 am
5:30 am
san mateo bridge can expect delays of there's workers that they're doing some emergency repairs done on the right hand lane in the westbound direction that is your commute direction this map shows you where it is having roughly, it is going to be down for a 24-48 hours, there's a new political be a while. the the >> video no delays yet, you can see the headlights moving, you can see that the right lane is shutdown, no one can use that. renown pretty good dry times for about 14 minutes from end to
5:31 am
end, that could very well change as the commune builds in the next hour of course we'll keep you posted if you are thinking of the bay bridge toll plaza no problems there, traffic is moving pretty well. although it is building we're not seeing any delays, meeting lights are off, no were work along upper deck is 8-9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze as your perch fremont. he arrived in a courteous to the mes is on the about an 19 minute trip. golden gate easy drive of the morning, headlights' headed southbound traffic definitely moving acrylamide, as you do make your way into san francisco here's a shot across to our traffic you can see those headlights moving pretty fast in down central also looking pretty well if you're headed toward the peninsula your ride from the one no one to reduce san francisco airport is a 16 minute trip. these bonds the lower deck it is all sort from free ride. let's get the
5:32 am
effect on the forecast. >> if you like the he you'll really like the weather, it's been a cool off a little bit but still keeping those nineties around clear shot of san francisco cleared and see this inland temperatures still warm up. low 90s, slight cooling to date we are sharing of a few degrees and a big cool down as we head towards the weekend. here's a look at your san francisco temperature, 64, warmer and oakland dead 66. the five hayward 65 hayward. 10:00 n the '70s may be keeping a few the '70s along the peninsula. all of this on shares as the '80s, warming up with these really nicely into the afternoon and then bring in those nineties once again. not quite as much as we saw the past couple of days but there's still some
5:33 am
nineties around, in fact on the system is ready o'clock hour. so your numbers are coming in about 90 degrees in places like santa rosa, fairfield. 79, were not getting a the '70s and san francisco. as you had the further down the peninsula redwood city coming in reader of 87, pretty nice and staying in the '80s reed around the bay 90 degrees for livermore, antioch. most daughters. 89 san jose and the coast 73. but here's your here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows that a cooling trend pretty nicely we're still warm sedate maybe tomorrow. but by the weekend we're down to the '70s and by the end of the weekend your sunday-monday temperatures and below 77 as an lesbos '60s around the big '50's for the coast, seeing a little bit more in the way a cloud cover for next week as well. backed you
5:34 am
james. >> thank you, weather coverage talking or how the heat is forcing a south bay park to close, will tran choses which park. >> going to a parking lot of fun and that a great time for fire fighters these days, which is why you see these and sang allan rock park is closed due to extreme fire danger the warm weather, low humidity it won't take very much to cause a fire to start which is why they're closing as far for now we don't know exactly when the plant to reopen. reporting from san jose, will trent, kron >> for news. . since then as they are on edge after police say a man tried to obstruct a one-year-old girl while a mother was pushing her in a stroller in daylight. we have a sketch of the man, san jose police are looking for this man, the man tried to abduct the one you're of the overall rate in front of
5:35 am
the condominiums and entrance. >> the victim was walking with her one-year-old daughter, the victim had of her daughter in a push cart, a little car with a handle on the bridge. she was not sure kind of car was. the economy see you turn, comes up right next to her, stops. as his walking, she notices the driver exits the car and then he followed her for several seconds before he approached her. present at her shoulder, which reside then he reached iran. towards the child receded we do believe he was to end of the child. but that what she thought the suspect >> all. he described as hispanic late 20s and early thirties stands 5 ft. 8-5 ft. 9 average build, dark hair, dark eyes.
5:36 am
deputy sheriff navy blue mechanic's saddled jumpsuit with dirt or oil on it. mckay news is reporting that police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the trees elementary school fired in july, you remember this, costs $10 million for the damage, the fed of grumman said it completed their investigation and they will announce the results at a press conference later on this morning. but gunfire back on july 50 of course ride park destroyed part of the high school. they cannot say that portion of the campus that was destroyed. temporary classrooms are set up to accommodate students while they rebelled union workers at the largest retail have started a six day strike, you can see the workers here near said over contract proposals that they claim will increase their health insurance, freeze their pensions all will reduce estacio debt is
5:37 am
increasing workload included housekeepers, bellhops, front desk. hotel management says the average pay is $60,000 for and some bartenders and bigger and bigger role hundred thousand, cali health care across of fully paid by the cartels. today's the last day of the three day and there's a strike at children's hospital in oakland. up to 700 nurses protested the hospitals proposed increase wider told that they're running severely smitty was but the story. they brought in temporary nurses to keep operations going although they are running at half capacity and have been some surgery is that every postponed. >> we're going to take another break, let's go outside as we had your to cemetery ridge, a
5:38 am
quick update on the situation the right hand in a shut down, crews are making emergency repairs and it will impact the morning commute as volume picks up. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
5:39 am
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and we're back, to get to more news faster we have kron4 so the reporter yuli really de see any work out there? >> from what i understand a lot of the work is happening underneath the bridge but they did at the close of that one lane for caution and safety not only for the commuters but also for their workers. it is not a very long shutdown is just right before you get to the incline the ball left-handed to lanes and then just as you are going
5:42 am
up the incline it goes back there to three lanes is may be shut down a quarter of a mile. >> that will be enough as the volume begins to become busier. the morning commute is starting to kick in here. most of the work is being done under the that you have not seen any visual hazard for drivers? >> now you just see the flushing license registered seven people into two lanes, so far that is about the only activity idc. >> thank you, eric is standing by as yogi is watching it. we will follow the story words again. >> a quick update on stocks futures are up after ending higher yesterday closing at the highest level since may. the dow gained 75 points to close at 11,096 and is pressing the wires him last three minutes
5:43 am
applications for unemployment benefits increased to four under and 62,000, that is the second rise we have seen in the weeks. we will see her tears respond as the opening bell rings at 6:30 a.m.. we're gonna take a break, will be back with more headlines in just a second here's a quick work from south bay, looks and traffic is building. we'll get a complete look at your commute traffic is building. we'll get a complete look at your commute coming up. about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth" [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring.
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5:46 am
look, dealing with any fog this morning to a little bit at the close, but not pushing its way inland temperatures are starting to warm up, or about 65 degrees, for san francisco read 64, 66 there oakland, still in the '50s this morning to livermore. as we
5:47 am
take it onto the they will warm up pretty nicely already getting into the '70s by 10:00, high temperature today their branches as '90s, and in the season ninety's once again but not quite as much as a receiver last few days and not as warm. adm bring it back down to the '70s. 90 degrees into santa rosa, fairfield. those are some of the warmer spots them bursting in the upper 80s for napa, vallejo. not getting in the '70s for san francisco's 79. 82 oakland, who 86 hayward and fremont. along the coast and other data as a lot of folks will be on the beach at about 73 said they'd temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. big cooling trend in effect, today shaving off a few degrees to mar same story. then by saturday, sunday
5:48 am
we're back down into the '70s, really cool especially on your sunday then it's the low '70's upper 60s around the bay of upper 50s for the coast. i bring more crime cover into the picture. cooler temperatures of about more clout cover and then that he willfully officially over. >> clothes but that will soon change. this highlights moving that is happening underneath the bridge i will give you a shot doodad times and has from the foot of the macarthur maze in december the scope golden gate,
5:49 am
traffic is moving at the limit, you're right coming down from nevada to city limits is 23 minutes. south bay, not a hot spot yet, you can see the tail lights are building in the commute direction. pretty good dry times as you make your way past and will give a cruz, downtown san jose is about a 14 minute trip, a quick check on public transit bennett, a string, muni, a string is all running on time. james. >> thank you, an honor that had been to the vehicle registration fee in santa clara, all of those potholes' in the area recently named the were city in the nation when it comes to throw conditions next month the voters will decide whether and at the pay $10 registration fee for vehicles. it will include things like this, pot holes,
5:50 am
that will go throw voters to november. community leaders opposed to giving injections uprose dizzying the city's " quinn's to final eight injection calling it racial profiling. here's the map that will essentially be off-limits, the city filed a position seeking an injunction against 42 alleged gang members if the judge grants that then the entire area will be declared a safety zone. the people named to the injection would be barred from associating with each other in public in that area of blood from being on the streets. police say the gang members have been involved in at least 35 shootings just as you're down and people who live in this year it say something needed to be done. >> it cannot continue the way it is with all of these young kids shooting at each other and clearing each other innocent people are getting caught in the middle. we're the civilians it
5:51 am
whenever were this is. >> the city has an injunction against 15 members of the north side thing. prosecutors have not filed charges against a substitute teacher accused of sexually assaulting teacher students. decays needs further investigation. picture of the suspects 64 real man, arrested for allegations but has been released he was a substitute teacher for the franklin, mckinley, unified school and director of the california and the attorneys offices it would report to ask for an outside monitor to oversee the affairs and bell. after allegations but made negotiations broke down. talks with the city broke down when it became clear that the two sides could not come to an agreement this state that guaranteed accountability and transparency for more current bell officials
5:52 am
face. we will take a break, here's a shot from our roof camera as we had a commercial, as you can see it's a pretty well cleared did, nice temperatures: not just a bit. 64 degrees in the city, it would get up toward 80 degrees this afternoon. we will be right back. traffic problem for your morning commute full details ahead.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. 82 along the bay 68 by the weekend. louisa would give us the full details forecast than a minute. as san francisco walked around the city could actually be hazardous for your health, especially if you're in some parts of the city stanley roberts explains. >>what does this bart station, public toilet, muni light rail track, and the corner of sixth and mission have in common? let's start with civic center bart station in san francisco. on the platform for the last couple of days this used syringe. inside the public toilet at civic center plaza, this uncapped syringe that is on the floor, needle pointed up. and over south of market on 6th and mission not one syringe, not two, but three different needles on the ground and in the street. in fact if you do what i did and walk around the city you can find these dangerous
5:57 am
biohazards simply lying around. see this playground? this is in dolores park and every morning it has to be checked by city workers for syringes buried in the sand. which brings me to this set of muni tracks. on the ground needle's everywhere, some capped, some not. the amount of used needles i found at this location was crazy. it is amazing that just the simple act of walking around the city one can discover used syringes just lying around. every needle i showed you was found in just a few hours of strolling the streets of san francisco and looking at the ground. how scary is that? in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> of a weird and take a break, as we go live look here at the cemetery ridge the scene of the tropics but it will be a hot spot in will be a problem for your morning commute echo bit
5:58 am
shirley to explain.
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