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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 15, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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6:00 a.m. on friday the top stories we have hot spot those emergency repairs at the cemetery bridge may cause another traffic snarl. >> notice for hillsborough residents pg&e will be working on a gas line this morning we will tell you what's in store. >> you might not find the gas station nozzle the year rely on salmosan francisco the fog g
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a return. >> big changes it is starting today the cooler temperatures then replacing the warm weather with cooler weather as we head into the weekend. bringing in more showers details coming up. >> let's get to our hot spot because emergency repairs are not finished. we brought you this first yesterday that lane was closed as a work on a crack that was discovered yoli is live covering this once again this morning. yoli once again we're looking at the same lane restrictions. >> right now doesn't seem to be too much hassle it is still early and it is friday so traffic could be later on friday
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but not affecting traffic at this moment. hopefully when the sun comes up will be able see the workers working right under the bridge just pass the flashing truck. that is the area that they are working read under. >> so you don't see workman right now? >> none of the moment it is too dark to begin work. yesterday they came around a day at when they started to embark i expect that about that time today. >> they were hoping they were being done before last night's commuter home but this is still the situation. erica is in the tropics it station. >>they expect to reopen the lane in
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time for the afternoon commute. it is still think the dunbarton bridge or the bay bridge as alternate routes. speaking of the bay bridge no back up. disease the meter and lights are still off traffic moving well from all approaches. drive time for you about nine minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont street san francisco. golden gate bridge easy commute a bit foggy but traffic is still unaffected headlights south valley toward san francisco the ride still clocking in at 23 minute trip. we do one give you a quick look at our maps. out of antioch is a hot spot we see slowing by lone tree way. it does pick up as a major way to pittsburgh.
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down heading towards the weekend today temperatures will be cooler with the chance of rain sunday. let's give your forecast for your weekend. del mar tried for temperatures today we will be 88 so comfortable around the bay into the low eighties and sixties along the coast. saturday and sunday we expect temperatures to drop down in fact down to 83 by saturday, and then sunday chance of showers temperature's only in the '70s. fifties' san francisco, 53 napa, 62 hayward the afternoon highs look like the spirit the upper 80s for the santa rosa fairfield, a concord
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downtown san francisco 72. '80s for the most part around the bay and '70s along the coast. your 7 day around the bay shows cooling trend it shows a chance of showers 30 percent hours shores on sunday. >> a warning to hillsborough pg&e will working at a gas line is starting at 7:00 a.m. it is near 280 south of black mountain road it will purge the pipe at 10:00 a.m. it is expected to create a loud noise and release odors in the area. crews will again purge line at 8 this evening and that will also produce sound and smiles. >> new details on the gas line explosion in san bruno they have
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decided to appoint five members to an independent review panel to investigate the rupture this after the ntsb released its report which did not pinpoint a cause. they will try to speed up investigations of the gas line pressure can be restored so sambar no residents can have heat this winter. panelists will make recommendations for they have to remove the latches from their gas handles as will tran reports >>. for 90 days you have to hold down the latch if you're in a pump your gas you have to do that at this fremont gas station the latches are removed on the gas pump. i went to another station this morning telling
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people what the latches are gone. state says there has been 13 cases where the latches failed spring gas all over the ground or even on to the customers. those cases involved vapor system technology system so not all stations are impacted because they may use a different brand. some gas stations fear they could lose customers and they might go to a different station where they can be handsfree. in fremont will tran kron 4 news. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes on this friday morning when new aunt going to feel the cool them. walnut creek [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me.
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san jose that taillights 1 01 north past 87 moving smoothly at the moment. complete whether traffic coming up. >> keeping our eye on the market
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is well we are 20 minutes away from the opening bell. stock futures are mixed ahead of all lot of reports we will get readings on retail sales we got that earlier this morning there was an increase consumer prices and sentiment coming out as well. mattel came out and said the third quarter jumped 23% which is good news however revenue missed expectations. google says its income jumped 32% and it beat expectations. it seems a venture capitalist sport less money into start-ups in the third quarter compared to last year what money did it boren was split among more companies. they are getting stingy with the money at this point. >> 611 rain now some are delays to be aware of this weekend because of transport. starting
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tonight and continuing through sunday delays of 10-30 minutes between lafayette and pittsburgh and throughout the pittsburg bay . it will is due to weekend track work. those delays will begin at 9:00 a.m. >> a quick break and we've continued until 11:01 of the stories alive look from the hilton union square as workers stories alive look from the hilton union square as workers are out on strike. meg whitman's hometown newspaper said it best: "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor"
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jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor. ♪ they've all been wearing shirts ♪ ♪ which caused a trend alert ♪ and everyone ♪ saw everybody ♪ tell'em all ♪ tell'em something, where to go and what it's all about ♪
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we are ready and hot spot mood the right hand lane shut down. you can see the tail lights beginning to slow down delays of three minutes right now so
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definitely allow yourself extra time if you have to make your way across the span you could always use the dunbar bridge or your bay bridge. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza still in good shape definitely building heading west bound looking good from all approaches. metering lights remained off could drive time of about nine minutes. we are so quiet at the golden gate bridge probably the easiest ride of the morning headlight's toward san francisco no problems through marin traffic moving at the limit. we do have a new hot spot in san francisco not in this direction you can see the southbound direction building by a northbound we have an injury accident blocking three lanes. 616 and check gone forecast. >> cool down today fog selling and on the golden gate bridge
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this morning one of the few spots that the fog is hugging the coast line. san francisco 58 by noontime upper 60s we will have a much cooler day today especially in downtown san francisco your pric-72. we have changes this weekend saturday and sunday much cooler and we could see potential for rain on sunday. your highs as we enter the afternoon much cooler conditions the upper 80s for fairfield or concorde. oakland should stick in the '70s we
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have aslant slight chance of showers we could see the potential for rain early sunday. for petaluma and through point race taking it through the morning seeing a chance through the delta and the south bay as well. chance of rain and the afternoon to our east. 618 another developing story union workers at are on day three of a six day strike they are at the hilton union square up straps that over a contract proposal. it freezes their pensions and increases were loud. we turn to the jackie cecil who was life it looks pretty crowded. >> there are several dozen workers all in all 850 that are
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wrought on strike for the next couple of days six days drag it will go until tuesday several dozen. the biggest hotel the contract dispute has been going on for months. they will be an here 24 hours a day until the strike against the crowd is getting larger by the minute. >> have you been able to see any customers driving up? the summit take your car when you drive up is there somebody detective lange? >> they say they have hired temporary workers will the strike goes on you can see there is still ballet and norman here out in front of the hotel i have not seen a lot of customers come obviously it is early to see action they are making
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themselves seen and heard. >> decision 2010 news this weekend president bill clinton will join jerry brown for a voter's rally. they will appear at ucla. critical races taken place in the state next month they have been trying to support democratic. >> chuck reed is in favor of reforming pension and benefit plan would increase worker contributions to their pension plans to 9-10% employes would have to pay half their dependents' health care costs and it could save san francisco 82 million annually. those against include mayor gavin
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those against say the added expenses could be devastating to families. teacher associations are also against the measure. >> jury selection has begun for anthony one of the four people charged with holding captured a boy. he is pleaded not guilty for that tracy team. the boy to scale the fence and ran for help at a fitness center. as part of a deal they each pleaded guilty to a series of felonies. the three will serve 30 years in prison. >> leader say this serious crime continues to drop around the city they say they will work to keep it that way according to a new report from the nsf be a
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crime is down 9% from last year and 13 percent over two years ago. this year there has been 5361 violent crimes, during the same time last year there were 5611, 2008 there were 6,184 g. the drop are due to strategically placing officers where crimes had >> and. we will be right back the fog is back deck. we are monitoring work on the san mateo the fog is back deck. we are monitoring work on the san mateo bridge. tire at age 55? just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars
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in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪
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i'm soaking up as it comes but i am certainly open to progress in my acting career >> the best of the game as the first of seven serious and it will have a team come back on monday at four games a three, four and five if necessary here at&t park and if we do not know the winner after the is the sixth and seventh will be on the 24th on saturday and sunday in philly. >> the timeout is 647 and will be right back. we're just three minutes with in the opening bell and here's a live shot of wall street. we do know that the
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numbers are up after the fed and reiterated central bank to do more to stimulate the economy. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina.
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outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message.
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hate and >> there is doubling of the opening bell. we're looking for positive stock futures, they have turned hire and they're saying that the central bank may very well take action here to stimulate the economy, it is the most progressive, and that he said before and he says that the high employment means nothing to the fed's but it should act. we will look for that to happen here as the look into this early next month when the fed's the next. we will see what their plan will be. we're looking at the trading and the s&p is already off to a positive start, we are tracking the dow and the nasdaq as well throughout the entire morning. back to >> the key we are what watching
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our hot spot, there has in a crash at the san mateo bridge i will bring one of our still reporters. surely? >> good morning mark it seems like there is that much is not causing too much of the problem as far as traffic is concerned about what they're planning to do today is to install the bolts and the brackets and is that all day yesterday drilling holes and placing those plates on their yesterday. there are two plates, one on the top and one on the bottom of the crash, they hope that they will be will to get this done by the end of today but it does seem like it took them longer than expected and they are really hoping to get it done by this evening. >> thank you, we will keep an eye with you as it continues. american has more on the traffic later on.
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>> we are tracking some delays stars until its, there are some delays at couple of minutes as a major way to the toll plaza and as you make your way across the span you can take that don and are in bridge as your alternate route, we are tracking more potentially serious accident on the northbound 101, there's the three vehicle accident blocking the three left-hand lane is an elite right hand lane is open to traffic in the meantime, analysts said chp and emergency crews just arrived on scene. we are looking at the west down on and see of we have something blocking the lane but we do not have any details regarding this yet. just pass this in the clearing does not start until you reach its work we will have more details as we keep our eye on this developing hot spot. the hot spot on the toll plaza is not a hot spot yet because the backups are starting to form on 8880 approached because the
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meter lights are cycle off. it is keeping good drive times, about 10 minutes fun to fremont street in san francisco. here's lisa with the forecast here we are starting with a cooling trend toward their cooler than it were yesterday. the dominant trend is a little bit less than was last weekend, we're having a chance of showers on your sunday, there's cooler temperatures for today and this weekend as well. the current temperatures outside as we had throughout the weekend are starting to decline and the contract down 55 sentries. by sunday we're not getting out of this 70's and a warmer locations and we do have a chance for showers, we do our how the change for this weekend's and is when the 62 degrees in hayward, mid-60's in fremont, and to the afternoon in should be warmed up into the 80s in santa rosa, fairfield, concord record to be pleasant
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conditions. it is 72 it as a high end downtown san francisco, it is not getting out of this 70's and oakland, ladies ride around the bay and warmer locations into this as they we're warming into the upper 80s. here's store seven day around the bay, you can see the big changes. we're changing cooler weather is 4 warmer weather is mark? >> thank you there's a warning as pg and e is working on a gas lines started this morning at 7, the location of the gas line as seen on google earth is pointed be no and rome, there are purging a gas line, it will happen at 10:00 a.m. and it is planned to release detective odours of natural gas in the area. to return a back to service their record to do the same thing again at 8:00 and there will be that i get a loud noise and the smell of gas. pg&e
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once residents to know what is going on and not to be concerned >>. i court order is asking some gas stations removed an onslaught on the gas to pump out. it says station owners have said today. but it does affect all nozzles from the company be as tea, they found that they can get a stop and people are doused with gas when the gas is doing it is a problem because of a fax and affects about three different states. this will take effect today, the people up and you want to use it you want to change a note today. and the >> news the government said but there'll be no increases in security, we have retirees and
6:36 am
disabled americans with the administration because of inflation being low since the last increase in 2009 and with consumer price to remain low it does not work with the increase. >> it is 635, we do have the details of a homeless woman who police say has mental health issues and she has finally been taken into custody. she is responsible for these five attacks, took a look at one victim who says she was attacked on her way to golden gate park. >> this woman came out of nowhere and she kind of came after me and she shook me and was talking gibberish, not making any sense. i was completely terrified >> i do not carry pepper spray, i would never carry it before but i do not walk with one eye behind my back because i never know or she is glad to come from and if i do see her across the street and it is an
6:37 am
incredible horrible feeling, it is very unsafe. >> up until now this woman has not been charged because of lack of evidence and collaborating with this is, every time she was picked up she was allowed to go free. they're trying a different approach and hopes of keeping her off of the streets. >> we will be right back as the kron4 news continues, here's a live look into oakland from the bay bridge, the beverage has a bit of the back up is at 60 degrees right now and it is cooling off today i i get for 70's. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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felony criminal investigation and money in bail as they gave confidential and deep and it beat information to the member of this and their crew shaft with the hell's angels. they're under arrest with no bail. he has been under investigation for
6:41 am
five years. >> construction starts today as a new air traffic control room will be replacing the two separate towers that are at the airport now. the report is the cost of $33 million and it is fully funded for the american recovery and reinvestment act, it was set for completion in 2013. today it hillary clinton will be speaking for climate change, the future of american leadership and women's issues. not enough tickets are sold out but there aren't tickets available for members. it is being held on four straight. >> we will be back, we are waiting for the sun to come up, it is coming up shortly or the east bay hills and your watching the latest with the hotel strike and the emergency repair work is
6:42 am
the latest with the hotel strike and the emergency repair work is underway. you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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welcome lot seconde for morning , and is 6:44 a.m. and then tracking some hot spots for you including at produce serious one on the northbound 101, the four left lanes are currently blocked and only the right hand lane is open until traffic, it is moving its way passover and it allows all let extra time as you make your way northbound, we're also checking into that had led the where you concede the red on your screen indicating speeds as low as 10 mi. per hour. it is definitely slows to make your way to pittsburgh. over now on to the way it of the san mateo bridge for we're tracking some slowing, it is still blocked emergency repair so pleased to allow yourself a little bit of extra time or use the denver bridge as an alternative. you
6:46 am
might want to avoid the toll bay bridge, the meter and let's have already been cycled on and the back up now extends over the 80 back up we're looking at about five minutes for your back up. it is now up 645 record to look at your forecast, there are some changes that are going through to the week ended is much cooler as we are trading of the warm weather for cooler temperatures and showers but we are going to be looking at 838 and a lot of and setting of edgar afternoon highs to oakland's and into the ladies as yet into places like redwood city and made to have a chance of showers service showing his rhetoric 2 or 4:00 on a sunday
6:47 am
and might bring a little bit of raindrops and it chance of showers two. raise as well. as you head over to 8:00 hour and by 10:00 you will be picking up some showers as we it had into the afternoon it does look like the best chance to the east. back to you. >> think you, there is of fire that started behind a convenience store and it started at 4:00 behind a 711, the firefighters were able to knock it down to the main body of the fire but they are checking the ceilings and walls to make sure there are no hidden fires. no one was injured. >> alright, i it is 6:47 a.m. and the reporting that the family farm of government
6:48 am
maldonado has been cited dozens of times for workplace safety violations, he has accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars and in extra tax income, these are violations against the company and they're due to over it zealous regulators. usc is set to announce to donations totaling $100 million for an institute of cancer research and a star state of the are building. there went to be doing research for drugs and cancer treatment and the other $50 million is one to pay for 90,000 fiat buildings that will it include newsrooms. >> the governor and vice president made it stop at the south bay, they had an event
6:49 am
ford the liberty of freedom foundation and she spoke about what she thought was the mainstream media and the policies of that president barack obama has been presenting. she also talked of taxes. >> california has a tough, to employ new workers better, along california would need to create more than 4 million jobs over the next 10 years to keep up, does anybody think that the liberal policies of braque obama are going to be able to turn this around and get the job done? >> she's tried to get people to look for new officials and she is headed to loss angeles to see her daughter performance and with the stars. >> the chilean miners have now been released from the hospital and the rest of the minors should be released before the weekend, they are showing
6:50 am
solidarity and sharing their stories with the public because they want to guard their stories and fairly divide any earnings from interviews, movies and books. the men have hired an accountant to track their income. >> china has shut down china has shut down more than 1,600 small, illegal coal mines to improve safety standards in a mining industry that is the most newspaper reported thursday that 1,611 small mines across china with outdated facilities were closed this year. more than 2,600 people died in mining accidents in china last year, though deaths have decreased in recent years as the government increased safety inspections and shut down illegal mines. in october, the state administration of work safety said mine managers and bosses who do not accompany workers down into mine shafts would be severely punished >>/engineers have smashed through the rock to cripple largest tunnel in the world, they broke the wall of the now and in all past several minutes at head of said drillschedule. a
6:51 am
real system that is connecting several different parts of europe so that goods can be transported through trucks and the venture will be shifted it to these were all systems. >> it is 6:60 a.m. let us take a look at the san mateo bridge, we are keeping an eye on this hot spot after a us today where does the same story today. there's a lane closed on the right-hand side and is the commute direction, they have not finished fixing the crack that they found so they do need to keep going on at work. we have yuli out there and she is looking at the track that, we will be right back. [ male announcer ] taxes.
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so who called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip off?" jerry brown. who raised the gas tax as governor, and pushed for higher sales taxes? jerry brown. who tried five times to raise property taxes in oakland? jerry brown. who supported higher statewide income taxes? jerry brown. and who says, if elected, he'll ask voters for even more new taxes? jerry brown. governor jerry brown, again? hide your wallet.
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i can look at your seven day of around the bay we're noticing that cooling trends. it does not take into tomorrow the you are looking at 88 today and it will go down five or more degrees.
6:55 am
the coast is one to the cooler and people look at saturday will be dropped more. we are into the mid '70s with the chance of rain into monday as reduced into the '70s for the rest of the workweek. >> the store is that we're following. faced book pages, it can happen especially if you are a celebrity. this is the newest addition of people behaving badly.. >>when is a friend and not really a friend? apparently when that friend is on facebook. on my facebook page i have a whopping 178 friends, some are co-workers, some the viewers like j.v, from wild 94.9 fm. another friend gary radnich i work with gary just about every single day, although i just became friends with him on facebook just a few days ago. i sent him this response to his questions regarding the playoffs, but gary never responded, i was perplexed. when i saw gary at his desk and asked him why he didn't respond to my facebook comment. to my surprise
6:56 am
gary told me he does not even own a facebook account and some guy is pretending to be him. >> i hate to say it stan, not me. >> yes you heard me somebody is pretending to be gray radnich. but what does gary think about that? >> it's no big deal, it doesn't really bother me, in fact in a weird way i'm kind of flattered if three or four people want to impersonate you, and as long as they keep it clean, no problem. it does make you think though if somebody had an ax to grind and mentions your kids, or something all little to personal, but so far so good. thanks for the impersonation. >> did you hear were gary said three or four people? that's because there are also fake gary twitter pages as well. you know it's one thing to build a page to honor someone you look up to. but it is totally different to pretend to be someone you are not. had i not talked to gary, i would have never known. funny thing is, i thought facebook had safety catches for fake pages. i stand corrected. i now have 177
6:57 am
friends on facebook, and none which are named gary. in the newsroom, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> we're kind to ask gary about that again today. if you stick wrong we are born to be talking with gary at the hour. please stick around we have some more developing stories with the dow. it is also a hot spot story we're following at this time until bridge, and is going up yesterday it acquired the lane is closed down on the west bound, upper body is squeezing it through. we are waiting for culture and to have arrived and never tried to get a fixed by yesterday but it did not happen so hopefully today cable bill to fix the cracks in the bridge they found were does need to be [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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as ceo, she laid off 30,000 workers and shipped jobs to china. china. india. russia. poland. i know precisely why those jobs go. [ male announcer ] because fiorina shipped them there. to shanghai instead of san jose. bangalore instead of burbank. proudly stamping her products "made in china." 30,000 workers gone while fiorina took $100 million for herself. carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer, and i approved this message.
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