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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 16, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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live this is kron4 news at eleven. >> a strike out against the night. game what belongs to the giants. >> a great day in philadelphia, the giants been them. vernon is here. >> to tell one, i did not give you four to 03 with those two guys on the hill. you make those mistake pitches, and these guys are going to get hit. here we go 45,00929, how they serve
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it up in the third, crosstree ross 3416 against alidade. and and goodbye, it is one to nothing in san francisco. russ was not done yet, list them giving it up, back away and got it is tied at 01. here is again, to at that, two home runs. a late august picked up, makes it to joe one. the next inning, posey comes into the score to make it to rita one.
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rebate would be safe at second, that it is 41. but tim, in those six take a deep. he makes a 11 game gets four to three. here comes the relief corps coming in, brian wilson with 85 run on base, then in front of these brain and nervous a philadelphia fans, one giant fed back there, cheering on brian. its 33, all four of his hopes for a strike vote. 43, the giants won it. quite confident
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in the locker room >>. we have to check our ego at the door, put the personal statistics outside, and go out there and play as a team. and i think that is one of the main reasons we're we're at right now. for us to be able to come together and play well as a team. says a lot. >> we've seen to play a lot of them, it has been a good experience for these guys, playing these types of games. >> now i have been, in the clubhouse on the inside they're jumping up and down, on the outside is a quiet confidence. so giants' game to tomorrow if that is not enough, the raiders play the niners at candlestick
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tomorrow at 1:00. so it is a good good day to sit on the carriage with the remote- control. i will be back to break down game 2 was only i can. >> so what would you do, if you saw your giants player to lose a bracelet. kron4 reggie kumar explains what happens >>. we all remember this game, but something important to giants pitcher tim was lost that day, it was this bracelet. it happened when there were high fighting giants fans at the at&t part. they saw the bracelet fall off his wrists. >> we saw we saw something great profits rest and fall. there we
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looked at each other, and we thought we need to get back, so we motion to one of the cops, i took some sort of light and said i drop my bracelet, i did not want someone else to get it, i stood there for second this is amazing. >> these are pictures of the broken bracelet. he knew it was important to gym, so family friend fixed >> it. we thought that a couple of these might be missing, so i ended up buying extra the beads, and putting them on. i knew that tim was the kind of guy who just won it back >>. once the bracelet was repaired, they did get in touch with the giants' vice president, and she was able to get the bracelet back to tim's left wrist. >> i'm sure he is busy. to be
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honest it would not matter, as long as we keep a >> wendy. reggie to mark kron4 news. >> well the weather is looking good for tomorrow night's game, gave to, at in philadelphia. mostly clear skies. temperatures pretty mild considering this time of the year. the temperatures in the '60s at game time 64 degrees. at 5:19 p.m. pacific time. back in the bay area things getting more active, star tracker is now picking up a weather system for a few sprinkles in the south bay tonight. and some heavier showers offshore right now. we can see some light rain showers for san francisco and the peninsula after midnight tonight. then the chance of showers for tomorrow. to write
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out light and scattered showers. the whats as part of the storm is offshore. best chance for showers for the south bay and the east bay. where we do not see the wet weather we will have partly to mostly cloudy skies. i will lead to more know more about the outcome >> in out. coming up on kron4, not a big turnout for a local tea party, the message was clear enough. also how pg&e was in fremont neighborhood. i whats up with googol tv. they are about to hit store shelves those stories coming up next. so i got this new job last week, but their health insurance
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turning to decision 2010, a tea party gathering, drew a furor crowd than expected. organizers had expected thousands to show up, but the message was still clear. they wanted new
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leadership, jeff pierce and was there. >> but you party rally in pleasanton for organizers expect tens of thousands saturday, >> inaudible >> it had the same from all your enthusiasm and acquisition. >> prop. 23 suspends, with a stake in the heart all across the united states of america. >> a conservative radio talk- show hosts felt it necessary to acknowledge the democrats. >> we are doing this for you. we want to see this republican restored. thank you very much senior citizens we love you take you for being here. we love you. >> expressed concern about the
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lack of use in the tea party movement. >> i would like to see younger people who would be affected the most. i would like to see them get involved i have not seen them yet. >> it would have been far more effective. >> party leaders >> reagan did not win the first time are wrong, if he would toss it up and said all those throwback we might be still fighting the cold war ladies and judgment. >> i guess you will have to wait till november the second to see what happens. >> sarah pillar has wrapped up for a three day visit to california, the former vice presidential cabinet spoken at a
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high today. predicting big gains for the republicans in the upcoming elections. >> we have the greatest country in the world and the country deserves better than what you are getting out of washington. then stand up, stand up for america and do all you can in these next couple of we >>. neither admit women are clearly for reno was at today's rally. pg&e has been costly to fix a gas leak in fremont, coming up how things have changed since the gas line explosion in san bruno. also what is a global tv? we are about to find out >>. things are awful lot cooler today, things drop the 10 to 20 degrees. a chance of rain in the forecasts we will talk more degrees. a chance of rain in the forecasts we will talk more about that coming out. it's bur on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland!
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e.g. any continuing to work in san brno, you were looking at pictures from last month. it was the smell of gas that alerted one community to a different problem, i'll leave that crews are working on in fremont. kron4 stall land has said people have been noticing the problem for a couple of weeks. >> these images have shake how bay area residents respond to gas leaks. it has heightened their awareness as. pg&e does not have any numbers to release, but a spokesman says that they have reported an increase in calls reporting gas leaks. the latest week on fremont to, >> is a little bit about two weeks there has been a gas smell. it is strong early in the morning. >> t g n e 52 weeks along the
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gas line in sycamore street, you can see the air bubble expanding right here indicating valley. this basically distributes gas to homes for things like cooking. i want to give you any idea how big the line is, this is not at pg&e distribution line is an old pipe line, but he gives you an idea of how big this is. now this is nowhere near the size of the transmission line in san bruno, that one was 30 in. in diameter. investigators are investigating the cause, but they think it has to do with the pipes age. it is a steel pipeline, >> it is an older pipe line out here, >> by gas leaks did not disrupt any gas service are evacuations.
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in fremont, dahlin kron4 news. >> in san francisco demolition continues, once this is done a new transit system will be built. that will happen over the next few years and connect the eight counties and 11 transit systems. that includes high speed rail from san francisco. that project expected to be completed in 2017. >> we had a mixture of high and low clouds today. the senior from fisherman's wharf. temperatures sharply cooler today, only 58 degrees for san francisco. '70s for the warmest place in fun. look at santa rosa today, 66, that is down 23 degrees from yesterday. we are going to see cooler temperatures for some time as the weather pattern is beginning to change over the next seven days. a lot
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of places showing 10 to 24 said cooler. but whether offshore, a batch of heavier showers just off the san mateo county coast that is to win after midnight tonight. so we will see a little bit of what was there. not only tonight but into tomorrow as well. here is future cassette 1:00 a.m., there is the showers they are light and scattered, by a a.m. a couple of showers beginning to show up noticed a submarine. perhaps a couple hundreds of 1 in.. the chance for the wettest weather, is for the south bay south of the san mateo bridge at for the east bay in the afternoon hours. as this system pushes into southern california, it will start to wind up. today and like
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temperatures tomorrow be in the upper 60s married 58 for ocean beach 74 sonoma. look for partly sunny skies in san francisco a high of 63. we won't see the showers we will see a lot of clouds. 65 berkeley and oakland, the warmest place is in the low to mid 70's antioch up to 74 degrees 72 for walnut creek. look for upper 60s close to seven degrees in the south bay where this is the best chance for a couple of showers and sprinkles. here is the seventh day r. brown of bay that system is out of here for monday we are looking at lots of sunshine and a modest warming trend. perhaps to the low eighties in land, by tuesday there is a another chance of rain coming up thursday into friday. but not a
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forecast is loss of a more significant storm by next weekend >>. well tomorrow is the seventh annual anniversary of the marathon in 7 francisco. we're expecting 20,000 women to join in to raise money for cancer research. the race is going to take place from unions where all lot of the bay, this begins tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.. a new tv lets you surf the web, coming out the all in one kugel tv, is lets you surf the web, coming out the all in one kugel tv, is now coming to stores. ["knock on wood" playing] lets you surf the web, coming out the all in one kugel tv, is now coming to stores. every five minutes, chase pays for someone's eligible credit or debit card purchase. [beep] chase picks up the tab.
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obviously an evening gave in the east. tomorrow look for a nother cool day in the bay, temperatures in the '60s and '70s. >> thank you for joining us everyone we will be back with >> thank you for joining us everyone we will be back with you tomorrow night. eliminate , it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible.
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