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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 17, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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game two to philadelphia the final 61. >> that put us back to 11. storm oand really does not matter, >> game 3 will be tuesday
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night, both of these teams are not going to get very much sleep and they are flying as we sleep as we speak skews made they will be on the field there will be media access, they will be rather tired as they get into said francisco tomorrow. for once, the giants were involved in a one run game. and the phillies show how potent their bet could be. you have to hit. the phillies certainly did tonight. how about a football field, it was not pretty, but the flip 49ers are all above board with the w. nine years begging lights, it was a rough game just ask alex smith. louis
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murphy on the round pick up the 43 yd run. made it 6 nothing. if that was the frustrating and up, and miscommunication with josh morgan, and then they got on smith, you know what happens when they yell at smith he gets mad and response. smith they prepared strike to mike rolled with 43 young a touchdown. it was 10 to 69 hours2 1/6. six. ln and davis, a 17 yd score, it's 17 to 9 for the niners. they can taste their first win of the
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year coming. at the 49 years coming in at all love and penalties, they went in with the final of 17 to 9. they're going across the pond to play carolina next week. >> the giver and we will see later on in the show's >> we have a saudi sunday, all the wet weather has been adopted the east. here is star tracker we have a looking at allied radar. some of the showers have been hanging out around the islands for this evening. but they're not getting closer to the bay area. there is an outside chance of showers tonight. we actually impressive
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a lot of places picking up about 5 107 in. which is not about that much. santa rosa over a quarter of an inch for tonight. now the system that we saw, this sunday is moving to the south for tonight. it is going to impact southern california for the next couple of days. here is the view from earlier today. and tonight, they starting to improve for we will note cloudy skies for tomorrow morning and the clearing conditions in the morning. it looks pretty nice for our monday with temperatures in the '70s. i will tell you more about it later >> on. still ahead we will tell you what you need to know about the clipper cards, a classic san francisco venue reopens. a new movie set the box office record. that we get inside a chevy is
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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former president bill clinton is sad to say tonight drummond up support for two democrats in the state capital. dahlin is live with more on this. >> well catherine, at this one really well i'd just wrapped up this rally were former president bill clinton spoke to hundreds of voters is wrapped up about 10 minutes ago. you see supporters of jerry brown behind me, not up pactel is nonetheless quite a few people in there. now mr. clinton is very popular in the democrats in the state of california, he delivered to messages. both apathy as well as conservative anchor could cause democrats' victory this december and november excuse me if you do
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not like things are going right now, if the republicans take over congress things get worse. the other purpose is to drum up some support for jerry brown pollster just that brown is running a close race against make when it meant. clinton placed brown is a cabinet for the future. >> he made california the very first day in the country to have new appliance standards for energy efficiency and rebuild their in energy efficiency standards. >> this is the second time in the week that former president is campaigning for jerry brown. they have an interesting history, they were biddle rivals in 1992 when they were aiming for the white house. in fact made women use one of their
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debates to attack jerry brown. this rally here started on route 815 and did about five minutes ago. so it lasted about 45 minutes. : it's almost like a rock star going on tour. this is his 84th campaign stop in this election season. live i'm dol lynn kron4 news. >> san francisco is full of street signs, but not all of them make a lot of sense. still give few of them better place confused >> him. after a wet day, we have more brains in the forecasts.ra. >> him. after a wet day, we have more brains in the forecasts.ra. .
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what's in your wallet? the deadline for muni writers to switch to the clipper is fast approaching. we will explain what you need to know. >> the commuters who pay $70 a month for the fast path will
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have to get on board using the clipper card instead starting november 1st. it is a plastic reusable card that could be hooked up to your credit cautery loaded every month. people can put more money on it adequate for vending machine and use it on several other bay area public transit systems. to use the new system, writers told kron4 on the clipper reader to get on board, you could go on line and pick one up at the ticket office. and at participating retail outlets like walgreen's. the college offer free for gobble will cause by but starting in june. people who qualify for senior and new spa's passes will not have to make the switch tell next year. and for the vast majority uses the
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impasse, they do not have to worry about making the change until next spring. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> well after a wet day today things are beginning to dry out on the golden gate bridge. a couple with showers other offshore tonight. rainfall totals for today have been impresses, lot of places over a quarter of an inch, mount st. helena over 3.42 been injured. a corridor for santa rosa. so considering that was only supposed to be a couple is showers there is a weather day. some cool temperatures as well, a lot of places stock in the 50s today. every place with the exception of antioch up to 67. things are going to warm up somewhat for tomorrow, we could be back into the '70s some places. here's future gas
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looking at clouds in white. at what rate we do have is in green. there are a couple of ... we go into the early morning hours. otherwise the rain is finished for tonight. we will see mostly cloudy skies in the morning. the clouds will begin to clear through the morning hours of around noon, the sunshine will begin to increase and it will be mostly sunny for the afternoon, as the storm system moves interests of their in california. with the sunshine and reeves will be warmer, 75% from rosa and footboard not but. los sixties by the ocean. just one more just about everywhere in los '70s redwood city. from 65 to 69 to eight from alameda to oakland. mid-70s the like
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pittsburg 77 degrees with mostly sunny skies, and south bay we will start off with clouds in the morning. nice temperatures to into the low seventies. here is the seven they are round of bay. it will stay in the same weather pattern was sunshine in the afternoons with a warming trend in to tuesday possibly low eighties in land. this change by the end of the week, thursday and friday whether system for light rain friday and then a another stronger storm is doing it for next weekend. saturday and sunday for the potential for significant rain falls >>. fewer adults are getting married, new figures show that more adults 25 to 35 are not married as opposed to those that are. and the all recession may also be behind the fact that people aren't getting divorced. >> all of
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>> good girl we first introduced to to selling gibson 18 months ago, and found out that breaking up is hard to do. her and her husband of 15 years for getting a divorce but still living in the >> same house. why have there spent is in big guest room, he comes home late, so it's not perfect it has been difficult. >> as legal bills for to attorneys piled up, they switched to a less-expensive mediator but the situation with the house is not a >> simple. by now there are 20 houses in the area with our same price range and there are no buyers. my they have been informing my house will sit for a while. >> but for some, getting a divorce is not an option. the
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american academy of matrimonial law arias said that lawyers are reporting fewer divorces during the recession. >> it was a very difficult time very emotional time, and we made the decision to sell the house and could easily set out on the market for a year. so i priced it to sell, and we sold the heist right away. i'm not ally i lost a lot of money and bought her a >>. salley started over, she downsize in started a small business as an interior designer >>. i have discovered that i working with all my clients who are divorced or separated. so it's kind of nice to work with people who are in similar circumstances. >> if there is a similar law and >> in, we spend a lot more time
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together as a family, there are fewer places for them to scurry away to >>. for years it was home to martinez martinis cigarettes, a look of san francisco history that is reopening. street signs in san francisco can be tough to figure out what will show you some and see what they make your head hurt.
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there's no limit to what droid does. now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> when 80 been demonstrated is said francisco right in front of the post office, the sign read seven of parking from 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. the wind occur by the
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city paid to buy the city says 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. i guess no one decided to read the sign what they paid to the occur. here is a another confusing message, on the curb it reads 10 minute parking from 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. which seems there, let's read the official streetside, it says it tollway no stopping from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. so which of the two sons do believe. over on 16th incentives, there's a new, crosswalk in disabled rams, and they have even moved of hydrant which was apparently too hard to move their redstone with a hybrid, because here is the hydrant and here is the red zone. this is the proper way to paint a curb on round a hydrant. that a city law. over on page and laguna, this pipe dream has
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a 30 ft. redstone. they place this no stopping sight to fix it. although there still an extra 10 ft. of bread's own. i am sure there are more of these are around the city, i have a job for you, i want to deceive you could spot one is said to me. instead francisco stanley roberts kron4 routes. >> e-mail us at kron4 dot com people behaving badly. >> what is said francisco's premier supper clubs reopening, music returning to the venetian room. more on the giants, byrne will be back with more on the big two.the h-2. they toostatus.
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♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible. of the fund-raiser in san jose to raise money for california democrats. the guest of honor was a big name. kron4 is dahlin
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has more on bill clinton's visit. >> big-name here in california, where former president bill clinton just wrapped up a rally, it wrapped up about 20 minutes ago. to talk to hundreds of voters telling them to vote for jerry brown in november. we should have some video to show you, polls in just brown is running a close race against make whitman. he plays ball as a cabinet of the future, say bonn has always been an innovative person, you could see selling holdings a rally sides behind me, they wrapped up about 20 minutes ago. more than several hundred students heat. former president bill clinton has been very busy almost like a rock star this is his 84th campaign stop this election season. he is
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a very busy man and tried to help but a lot of democrats in the golden state. live dahlin kron4 news. >> in there's triples around bomb for lieutenant governor. it has received dozens of violations. there have been big tax lien citations for exposing workers to pesticides. the lieutenant governors say an overzealous regulators are to blame. as john cale and jon kalish reports, john mccain joined in san diego this week. >> a motorcade of motorcycles driven by veterans escorted crawly phone arena into the memorial park. but she did not come along, all >> please give a lot said diego
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welcome to john mccain. >> arizona senator john mccain himself a veteran ed a prisoner of war from vietnam, >> barbara boxer is the most bitterly partisan and tide defense editor in the united states senate today. i know that because i've had the unpleasant experience of having to serve >>. she is no plan to the military. >> she got boxer is the true friend to those who are serving >>. she voted over and over and over an increase in pay. this is not a cent to your doctor who is a friend of veterans
9:33 pm
>> when veterans returned and need help as a result of their wounds, how fast as this other help the veterans. of course she has been there to help the >> a. i what is senator who is quick to support >> a recent poll says boxers leading by one point. a reminder of for both sides just how >> pet
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this is a test
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in this historic venetian vermins reopen for the first time in 25 years. kron4 is rich occur more tells us about the history of why it took so long for it to reopen. >> covered nation opened as a supper club in 1947, sent francisco is a lead with it tend to watch musicians perform on the stage. the say the nightclub was very popular back them. >> it was a supper club, it was the epitome of elegance. cigarette girls circulated of course, it was very expensive to
9:39 pm
run a nightclub night after night, you have entertainment acts, and the fairmont shareholders suffered quite a bit. financially >> 25 years later they reopen. this time performances are not every night, on sunday composer perform. tony bennett performed in 1962, he performed to i left my heart in san francisco for the very first time. >> he was not that famous at that time he was well known, after the show i walked up to him, i said mr. bennett i've never heard that song about said francisco before, he said did you like it, i am so pleased to be back here 48 years later to the opening. it is time is overdue, we needed a cabaret
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citicorp. for these wonderful new artists >>. instead francisco reggie crew mark kron4 news para >> giant skylight for a second win against the phillies, and the raiders battle for control. coming up next. >> a cool and what they are around the bay area today, things will be warming up tomorrow lots of sunshine i will have the forecasts for you coming up. ["knock on wood" playing]
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with their health coverage needs. the giants going for a second win on the road in the series. so home to san francisco tuesday they play, >> they are fly back to now as i speak, there is to model their, their grid have a lot of things and media access. i wonder if they're going to be changes to the lineup.
9:44 pm
>> a quiet flight tonight, as they try to figure this thing out. >> citizens bank ballpark, the giants certainly found out why, here we go, but phillies loading them off on the first big gain sanchez, jimmy rollins at the plate. and j. rowe draws the bases loaded walk. and the phillies jumped up 1 to 0. the giant steps, and the giants' second. a no-hitter into the fifth. third home run of the series, remember he had to less than one tonight, first hit of the game for the giants. the giants tied it up at one. but all the good feeling less than half of an inning, hitting deep
9:45 pm
enough into the park to score a shame, the phillies take the lead to 21. could their release that pick out, all all plot to get through the pitch around to get to him, slide say, to make it 3 to 1. here is the kill shot in the seventh of bases are loaded, deep enough to clear the mall, iv for the night. the phillies won it with the final 621.21. tubi to wid. 49 years ae
9:46 pm
raiders that show up for some business. it was silver and black beguine rights, had a rough game, just ask alex smith. the raiders dominated the first quarter. he picked up 43 yds to advance to six to nothing. miscommunication on the ground here would josh morgan, you know when he yells at smith, sid smith responds, into the third quarter it is 623 for the raiders. crabtree ketches 57 yds
9:47 pm
in was 10 to 6. a 64 yd game, for fight foflank gore, 17 yd pe it 17 to 9. it was picked off a couple of times, so the 49ers, they win it 17 to nine. that will take the pressure off in the locker room >>. anytime you win, it is exciting for our guys. it gives them energy and motivation. you got to practice and practice. >> you have to start somewhere,
9:48 pm
you try to fix what ever it is a bill on the positive for the past five weeks. now you get a win, you still do it by you got that w. >> you gotta make some plays, tried to get upstairs, we really did get in rhythm the second half. >> we still have room to improve. we had take this one would call >> but it. believe it or not the way this crazy business is, the 49ers are one and five, still in the playoff discussion. even despite the record. >> you'll be at the giants' game on tuesday. i will be at practice on tuesday corp. soared practice to morrow they
9:49 pm
gave tuesday, and they gave on wednesday. but most said partly all be back at 11. >> brian >> captor and we have cloudy skies over berkeley to night. we picked up a 10th of an inch of rain, a what they the raid is over to night. it is actually kind of cool and rock to night. a lot of places in the '50s. lafayette in san francisco at 53 degrees. the most numerous showers in the north bay today, the heaviest rain came down between 10:00 a.m. and 2. the system is starting to spiral into southern california. loss angeles will have to deal with the rate for the next couple of days we will see improving conditions at around the bay. still so close to start off in
9:50 pm
the morning cool temperatures a lot of places in the 40's to start things out like low 40's percenter rosa, patchy fog. by late morning to ward's new spa's becoming mostly sunny and temperatures will start to warm out. here is future cast at midnight, the clouds shaded in great to white, at what rate and we do have is a green. this storm is pretty much done, still cluster the system hanging out through the early morning hours. mostly sunny for the afternoon, with a couple of high clouds there. temperatures were the day's low to mid '70s for the north bay valley. a 75% share rose said that about. san roof fell getting up to 72. 65 for
9:51 pm
stanford cisco, los '70s from cemeteries to redwood city, skies clouds to begin in the day around 8 skeptical that a clock these will become sunday. you sure the warmest place is in the mid-70s. possibly warmest 77 for pittsburgh at antioch. much warmer than today for the los '70s, things will get all little bit warmer for tuesday. upper round 80 in line with 70 around the bay. things will start to change by the end of the week thursday friday, there is a another weather system, it is that time of the year again. another system a stronger system of lives for decks weekend. we will watch that closely as it could bring some significant rain. >> it is gm's big move into the elector, mo. we took a new one
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look at the weekend box office sliding into third place the social network. it made 11 million this weekend. in second place the action bread, made more than 2 22 million. and debuting in first place jackas'' 3 d, made 50 million you know how these days go lots of studs and pranks. that is the biggest october debut. it set a record. from previous box office. >> time now for tech talk with kids like. >> is a lot of hype and but spurred general motors vault's sedan, it is it in answer to the collector car market. check this out gnocchi you start by pushing
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a button. that is the first day i noticed how quiet it is. it is so quiet, you have to look out for pedestrians at crosswalks. if you polled the blinker liberal it gives a bb sound outside the car, not as annoying as talking, but gets people's attention. the drive was with the pickup was best. the oval to enjoy it is compatible to a b six. it has the cool so boards the devil, which we're hoping to appeal to potentiit has bose spa standard feature. it uses only electricity, when the battery is completed its gas engine kicks in as a backup and recharges the batteries at the same time. if
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you have a full charge and a full take to get deeply troubled about 340 mi.. you can order this online and have it delivered at the end of the month. collector cars do not come cheap, the bolt calls $41,000. it does qualify for the tax break, of $7,500. most states offered tax breaks as well. so that does come in when you factor those incentives. dave slight kron4 news. >> to mull looks a lot better than it was today, you will see the sun and temperatures are warming up sixties% for the cisco and oakland a lot of '70s in the south and north bay. the rest of the week looking pretty nice, until friday when the rate returns. we will watch that very closely to see what happened >>. thanks for joining us
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everybody we will be back get a >>. thanks for joining us everybody we will be back get a 11 hope to see you then. he voted to stop the death penalty 64 times. we know the real story on jerry brown. until two years ago, when my dad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a neighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many thankyou points it would take to give them something special. their old seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can be used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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jerry brown opposes the death penalty. even for cop killers. he signed an inmates bill of rights. one supreme court judge that brown appointed was so liberal... he voted to stop the death penalty 64 times. we know the real story on jerry brown. now you do too.


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