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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  October 18, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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which allows them to ride muni and part with in the city. must get a clipper card. to get their $70 monthly pass. they have too earearly switch, and to ticket the discounted fares. and also, for tilting the ac transit 30 pass. october 31st, that clipper is the only way to get the $80 monthly pass. >> there are several ways to get the fact a pass on the clipper but what the deadline of october 31st. the first option is to use a kiosk at the underground muni station at also, to go to a local drugstore. >> be aware, that getting this on the phone or on line can take three days for your balance to register. this is just the first wave of mandated clipper cards. more paper cards will be
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eliminated. with more people will go towards a clipper pass. kate thompson. >> the clipper confusion is nothing new. with problems on the clipper gates and stanley roberts shows us now more confusion on people behaving badly. >> when i look for people behaving badly it is not always individuals that are the problem. >> i went to the six and i did the same thing. no registered. >> what is going on is this electronic card the clipper, to write muni. according to the rider, there i money on the card but the electronic reader is not reading it. >> and nothing! >> the balance did not register a balance. we even try the card, myself. >> let us see what he says. >> according to the canada, she put $20. >> a $one 7.504 outside.
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transit. >> sir? >> i had a $17.50. >> and this is work gets interesting. them with the hand-held, he tried both. they both failed. in the end, she was given a courtesy ticket in this response. >> i do not have the answer. >> pretty confusing. >> stand become a good luck? and a join me later and will show you even more with the muni clipper system. >> a tanker on how we 101 near morgan hill. a overturned. highway 1 in 01 craig sklar is joining us over the phone. >> and at this point in time, traffic is a sliding from the site. all i am looking at in a overturned tanker. it is the 101 southbound. and i understand that is going to be a couple of hours before
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they're able to move this. traffic is backed up quite a bit. and everything southbound is backed up all the way hto highway 85. and it is still backed up three slowly and the 2:45 the rush-hour was picking up. slowly, the cute is going to get worse. and there appears that there is that the commute is going to get worse. the tanker is on the side. at the moment, is quite a mess for traffic. as traffic is sneaking around the side with the help of the c h p. and it is going to be this way, as were corn assault on the one answer one. democrat,-thank you. arcraig sklar is giving us an update, it is going to be quite a long time before things are back to normal. the new details on a san francisco homeless woman of random acts of violence in the sunset district. dan
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kerman tells us the woman who was in court, today. >> sheila flowers, with a tattoo on her face on his home video has pleaded not guilty to six counts of assault, battery. in connection with several attacks that occurred on the seventh avenue area and san francisco's inner sunset. the d.a.'s office sought bail at $50,000, the judge reduced it to $25,000. neighborhood residents, police were hoping that the court would issue a stay away orders and she would stay away from the victims' and also from this seventh avenue area. the court, however, only offered a three month stay away for one of the victims but it is possible that the additional states waters would be coming in the weeks to come. >> in san francisco, >> and making news around the bay area, tonight. >> in berkeley, they are
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investigating a string of burglaries, robberies of three different locations and the same part of town. these all took place at the northern part of the city. the first to seem to be connected because the suspect description was similar and the same late '80s 19 coroll wi dark paint. and the subset in nthird attacka suspect or a different car. >> and voters are scrambling to become eligible to vote in the coming november 2nd general election. today is the deadline. and that can be done at your local registrars office. or in person at this. the san jose, or through the mail. registration forms are available here, or at most city hall, public library, post office. they must have a postmark of no later than midnight, tonight. in san
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jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> president barack obama will be in the bay area this week and today he toward a science fair in washington d.c. on thursday, he will ride in california president obama will have two different fund-raisers. and one in the south bay, and then on friday morning, to seven california where he is expected to campaign for democratic senator, barbara boxer. ♪ >> in orbit weather story, with improving conditions into tomorrow. the storm that effected us towards the south, with the circular motion. the stormtracker 4 radar . and with what we saw last night and tomorrow, these temperatures at hello are not even that warm with upper 60s, and upper 60s down in the south bay. and a warm-up into tomorrow by five, 10
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degrees. a little bit of fog along the coast and will see that again tomorrow with three chilly in the north bay. the afternoon, a nice warm-up with five, 10 degrees with a sunny conditions which will be a good forecast for the giants. that is coming up in just a bit. >> i just checked with muni, the inbound metro is still operating at reduced speed. one hour ago the was a signal malfunctioned at the embarcadero station. and these delays are expected through the rush hour and will keep you posted. >> of the live look in the 80, 101 split remarkably light. towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. a different story, the bottom is going south 101 and is also quite slow. coming back we have much more news, ahead. [ cell phone rings ]
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♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your smartphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. call, visit or click today. at&t. rethink possible. >> facebook applications is
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passing on third party at persl information to third party advertisers. games, andfarmville facebook does not maintain those applications but they allow them inside the website for the one to use, enjoy it. as it turns out, at least 10 other third-party applications, perhaps more are sharing user's information, private information with advertising agencies. >> the to do not use those third-party? then this third-party preached is not apply to you. however, with user name, and friends, and depending on your privacy settings on the this content could be postings, pictures could be used. >> facebook is acknowledging the problem and working on a
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third-party response e putting a stop to this province practice. in most evidencases, they did not intend on passing on misinformation. however, their excuse was that the web browser was highly detailed. >> to go with your privacy settings and everything is set to private. and friends, only. and it is challenging for facebook to challenge all of these applications. if you are really worried about your settings? to not play the games, delete them off of your profile, and just use facebook to communicate with your friends. that is the safest way to do with these third- party applications. dave slate, kron 4 news. >> today, we found that if this privacy information a breach? kimberly sakamoto.
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>> it is been really interesting looking to these comments, the vast majority release sided with facebook. that users know what they're going back into american signing up for this application. . don't post of information and problem solved. also, that if people put too much for rationed out there in the complaint, later. and perhaps one is diplomatic,.... >> and we would like you to go to listen to our interview with technology analyst on his view of the privacy preach and let us know what you think. >> and a look at our extended forecast tomorrow. it will be short lived. storms passing through the later part of this week in the bay area and later this weekend. your full forecast
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coming up. >> a live look at the at&t park, a game 3 on the division championship. we will be back. i spend three hours on my homework --
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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>> then as in san francisco. and phillies and came-to of the national series. this was the final for the giants lost six-one. however, the team is back home in san francisco and this is video from early this morning. they returned to the bay area and getting ready to face of the philadelphia phillies tomorrow afternoon's game. vern glenn is like that at&t park where the practice is under way! >> vern glenn >> pamela, just about wrapping up on this eve of game 3. of the n l series at at&t park. the giants have been on the field for about one hour. and the philadelphia phillies have come, gone, and are back at their team hotel. the
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spotlight was on one particular guy that was 667 home runs less than the barry bonds. >> the giants got on the field a bit after 4:00 p.m. and more than anything else, folks wanted to see the batting show. not barry bonds, cody ross. four of the post season and three against the phillies will get everybody's attention. >> i love it! he is like no other calls. he would like to come up, talk to me, and talk to the guys from the cage. >> he is a good player. and he is a really nice clear before got him. we knew him, and we know that it has worked out great for us. giving us another power batter. >> and ross has just gone back to the clubhouse as we get the final thoughts on game 3 tomorrow. again, just
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after 1:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. and cody ross has 86 career home runs and 15 against the philadelphia phillies is to be a great show tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you, vern glenn with just three wins, and three home games! if they make it to the world series and a victory! it will add one of zero routelongest droughd ended. one of our reporters franchise will and a lot a willie mays. one of our reporters has been following this since the willie mays
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and days. the third longest team in baseball without a world series victory. and dave gingona with october, november anguish. , was born in 1957. you see hospital, san francisco and the giants' move to san francisco from your 1958. there were the first in any sport that i became a fan of. i took these pictures at candlestick park of willie mays in 1968 when i was 11 years old. look at what this looked like, no right will fence and i had also had him sign this. and since the giants moved out, with 11 world series victories. the dodgers, five victories, and the a's in 1968. for half a foretime victory. and with three world series since moving to san francisco, 1916 event lost to this yankees. with two-on in the ninth, it was caught by bobby richardson. 1-0. 27 years went by before the middle back to the world series in 1989 against the a's. and then the earthquake hit, that is me in candlestick. 15 minutes after the game was called off. and that is jose conseco, also standing around try to figure out what just happened. of angela, there were swept by four-games. another 13 years went by, and the
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giants lost to the anaheim angels with a seven games. and it do think being a giants games this season is tortured? think of people that have been tortured all their lives! like me. >> in daly city, dave gingona. kron 4 news. ♪ >> good news with the giants forecast forecast is improving. the rain this weekend and now, sunny, mild for. 1:19. 60s to start the game, 67 degrees by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow after a and the storm is been effected us went on to this up with a circular motion. showers being spread of to the coastline. there is a chance that we could see a shower of there this evening. although i do not think that it is going to happen. do our radar we of a sliver of fog over san francisco and
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will continue to see fog along the coastline. perhaps in your bayshore but the fog tracker could be a bit extensive in the early morning. edges along the bay shore but not quite inland or is or is it up to the north. press back early by 9:00 a.m., mostly sunny and warmer in the afternoon. however, it is going to be a chilly start in the north bay with only in the 40's. 45 and santa rosa, 45 in half moon bay and low 40's from bay area. grab your jacket but to not needed until the a after the afternoon. and with a san francisco, the inland valleys are of 70's. 79 in antioch with our warmest location, 75 in the south bay. to take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay the mild weather is going to be very short- lived. cooler towards muncie, thursday, friday, as a storm is taking in towards the rear on thursday, friday, and if we see any
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rainfall? the second storm system is bringing and a better chance of showers on sunday. >> and update you a traffic mess. we just received video from an overturned truck on 101. near morgan hill. it shut down three of the southbound lanes. it is carrying wax. they have to clean it up before this traffic can start moving again. working crews are out there tried to make this have quickly it could be until 6:30 until all lanes are open. we will keep you posted. >> heather was telling the the south on 101 and 1 morgan hill, this is a south 101 at the guadeloupe overpass. medium clip, northbound, southbound. we will be right back.
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every five minutes, chase pays for someone's eligible credit or debit card purchase. [beep] chase picks up the tab. it could be you. chase picks up the tab. it's another great reason to bank with chase. chase what matters. sign up at a branch today. >> and national news, the
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tennessee are morning to postal workers. and in a real view of the post office. henning, tenn., two gunmen walked into the post office, opened fire and it appears to be attempted robbery. two of the postal w workers were women, well known, and $25,000 is being offered by postal officials. a federal judge is inclined to deny the government request to delay her ruling on gays in the military. this is the judge that issued an injunction last week against the u.s. military don't ask, don't tell policy. if that will stand? these are able to serve, openly. and the obama administration has also been against the policy still wants federal officials to help them to wait. to postpone the ruling and the judge's ruling has been set aside. they're hoping until
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they can work out a formal appeal. pamela? >> the strongest cyclone in four years has killed at least four people. heather donald gives a look of this damage. >> we're getting incredible damage of the aftermath. look at this gasoline station toppled by this attactelephone typhoon. and his next picture, these people are trying to wall, carrying this propane tank. he is covering his face because it is being pelted by rainfall. this huge tree in the middle of the road as this city bus goes by in this man is trying to get water away from his business. finally, yet another person walking to the wind, the reign of this typhoon. the of this typhoon is headed towards china, vietnam. >> a live look with our roof cam, downtown san francisco improving weather conditions. mostly sunny skies and a bit of a fog along the coastline. details on your full forecast coming
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up. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah.


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