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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 18, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station fan >> at 5:30, in a overturned tanker near morgan hill. and craig sklar is live on the phone with the latest. >> this could not be in the worst of timing, this is a overturned on morgan hill. blocking the majority of the southbound lanes. and it is backing up traffic from north of morgan hill all the way back to highway 85. it is crawling. it is not moving. and try to go on the shoulder of this accident. it does not appear that there is oil or gasoline or flammable in the tanker. or is it as simply not spelled out. i do not see anything on the highway. and working crews are walking freely. and police are trying to direct traffic. it was a peak traffic time to get
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through. no word on injuries. certainly, no other vehicles have been involved an overturned truck that unfortunately is blocking the highway. just north of morgan hill on the southbound of 101. >> okay, craig sklar thank you for that report and we're going to be tied up for at least another hour. at least until 6:30. we will keep you posted and alive look as this fog rolls over san francisco. a live look. the tip top look of the skyscrapers. let us check-in with jacqueline bennett. how >> pamela, it is warmer, today. as we look on a or stormtracker 4 radar. improving conditions! the storm from yesterday is moving to the south so it is warmer this afternoon. this circular motion with the reign of the coastline.
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there is a slight chance that we should get a bit tonight but i do not think that it is going to happen. as pamela mention, the upper 60s and the bay. opera 60s also, in the south bay. warmer-upper 60s, and warmer inland. fog on the live picture is right along the coast. it will spill into the bay this evening and temperatures will be called tomorrow especially in the north bay. temperatures will be five, 10 degrees warmer than today. a perfect time to get to the giants game. >> the winter storm season is just the wrong corner in time for some to live in the bay area to take a proactive measure. just around the corner. kron 4 ' s haaziq madyun as showing that sandbags competes collected today. >> in oakland, pre-storm is under way at the municipal center. between now and the big storm of the season
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oakland residents can pick up a maximum of 20 of these sandbags. all they do with official identification of the live in oakland. >> the oakland public's work is thinking about extending service hours for residents are available for shopowners, residents from store related damages. >> in addition to the municipal service center oakland hills confide sandbags at the shepherds canyon. also, the could check with their fire station as well. >> and also, keep in mind a maximum of 5 per resident will be distributed at those locations. in oakland, haaziq madyun kron 4 news. of the san bruno explosion left behind a neighborhood in ruins. >> the health department had to live clean up the debris before the ratings season starts. potentially mixing the rain with toxins. christine connolly is showing that of working crews and a successful. >> and san bruno let me show
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you you can see that this is an empty, a clean slate. just a few cruisworking crews left, with just making sure that there was no run off. you can see all of this the debris from the 35 homes destroyed have been removed. all of the burned out trees that are in this section have also been finished. hauling them out. all of those trees are gone. and they have been able to do soil samples on pieces of property, here. you can see those little yellow flags. that is where they've done soil samples. all of 35 samples have come back, clean. they're done with the cleanup in this area of san bruno. all of these destroyed homes. now, they're going to lay down grass seed and that will happen, tomorrow. in christine connolly in san
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bruno. >> a four year-old everett hit and run in san francisco ocean view neighborhood. he was getting out of the parked car. capitol avenue, on the map. he had apparently x with the driver's side and was standing affront of the vehicle when he was hit with a burgundy, 1980's model four-door honda. south on capitol she heard a boom and saw her child lying in the roadway. a man got out of his car and asked what happened and then drove off. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room from the drug war in mexico, mexican security forces have just announced that they've seized 105 t of marijuana! that is to wonder 10,000 lbs.. the biggest bear one of cost and mexican history! 21 5,000 lbs., ran across the border from san
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diego into one of with the 11 suspects, arrested. >> a live look of the traffic left side is east bound. it is at a medium clip. not that many ccars and look at the left side! that is westbound. the right side is east bound. light and moving well on the left side.
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>> police in berkeley are investigating a number of robberies. >> the first was here on ashton near cedar of 11:15 on september 30th. police say that this person was walking down the speed and the suspect was driving the victim on foot. he made out with an undisclosed amount of cash. the suspect was cutting into late 1980's toyota corolla. maroon/burgundy. one week later, another robbery. pine
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street on the same time, 10:30. the same thing, on vine street, and approached by the suspect. and at gunpoint, he took off after this robbery and again getting into 1980's toyota corolla. witnesses say that it was similar to the first. also, that about to beat up with a loud muffler. also, the third was near scenic ave this time it was earlier in the day. 5:45. the robber approached the victim and the of both ran. and he was escaping an oiler gray car is not clear if the third encounter is related to the first two. the description is different from last week. the first two are likely related because the description and the getaway car are the same. in berkeley, jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> a shooting over the weekend at an oakland atm at
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the rockridge district according to police is not a random act. the oakland police say that the 20 year- old 20 year-old was targeted by the shooter. -28. no words exchanged, nor was the victim robbed. the suspects got away on foot. the victim is still in critical condition at a local hospital. >> and we can see a full forecast coming up. >> continuing to follow developing news on south 101 near morgan hill. a traffic map of the iraq, three of the southbound are closed. - morgan hill. carrying wax! only one lane open, and that at least 6:30 until all lanes open. we will keep you updated.
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10,001 four four. s&p was also up. and the nasdaq surged at 2481. apple says of the fourth quarter net income soared. seven percent! staggering sales by phone, ipad, 70%. 1.5 million product was sold. with 4.2 million ipad sold, with $4.3 billion. or, $4 per share. great news for shareholders by shareholders say that the san jose based creative strategies that it is also good for the corridors silicon valley. >> i think it does a number of things, they are growing. as the crow, there will invest in new things. a new campus, and more jobs-to- grow. and there will maintain their competition, with acquisitions. and with
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usually, mergers, acquisitions, there is plenty of technology and silicon valley the to be acquired. it is good, overall for our area. and the fact that apple is. it continues to thrive, grow, innovate in the silicon valley. >> revenue, and that and, record amount for apple. exceeded wall street's expectations! sales of the ipad might even have been stronger if not for supply issues. the holidays, apple will have plenty of inventory and expecting sales of the iphone, the ipad to remain strong. >> with only two weeks before election, alaska governor sarah palin is off on a new tea party boss towarus tour and she told a cheering crowd the chickens to 2012 from our house. >> be here, thank you! nevada! >> the fourth and final two-
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party express was executive difficult battle grounds. sarah palin will deliver her simple message. >> we, the little guy, the overtaxed, overregulated, overburden, had it up to here, mom of grizzlies and liberty loving americans. we have taken enough's we're taken aback and we're putting government back on our sign fside for week, the people. the last stop is concord, new hampshire the last stop and the first day before the of presidential elprimary elections. , and according to this. >> to you think that you will be running? >> thank you for your encouragement? >> governor, do think that your too divisive? >> o 0,h, going to say what they're going to say, and defiled just listen to the critics simon is will close the shop.
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>> and if i just listen to critics, i might just close up shop. >> and thousands of early voters. >> but former president showing support for brugand brugge natural, jerry brown, and mayor gavin newson. a former gubernatorial. this is is 84th stop for democratic candidates. if you're hoping to vote in next month's election but you've not registered? time is running out. rob fladeboe reports that would-be voters have until midnight to register. >> you know, election is getting closer when the foot traffic is noticeably picking up with the registrar's/voter's office on the berger drive in san jose. this is no exception. today is the last day to be eligible to vote in the november election. many people are doing this on a
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walk-in basis and zero " a can be done by the u.s. mail. or, to get those form or available here, or post offices, city hall, public libraries. the foot traffic of the registrar is expected to pick up as the day moves on. many last minute voter's registration drivers are on their way to day. >> would-be voters should remember that all voter registration forms in the mailbox need to be postmarked, today. midnight, tonight. in san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. ♪ >> a live look from our mount pam cam. there it is. the fog. rolling into the city and i think that we will see some fog overnight and into tomorrow. nice conditions, and with sunny, mild, for the giants game at 1:19 at at&t park 64 degrees by 1:00 p.m., 67 degrees by 4:00 p.m. when the game is finished. a look of the
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stormtracker 4 ritter, with improving conditions. this system has it pushed down to the south with the circular motion in the center of its offshore. it is continuing to produce showers of the coastline. there is a slight chance that we scould see lingering showers i did not think that is going to happen. but i do think that will have the fog. with the fog tracker up and down the coast. of i do not think it is going to quite make it inland but as it scales back fairly quickly. 9:00 a.m., all the way back to the coast, so sunny-wide bay area. will behalf sunny conditions but chilly for to start 40's and to start off the day, and grabbed the check-in for your morning where you not needed by the afternoon. and as the day progresses, upper 70's, inland and 67 degrees
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inland, 77 degrees in the south bay. kron 4 7 day around the bay and to borrow is short lived of record start cooling down to wednesday, thursday, friday is another storm takes into the bay area. overnight rainfall, thursday, friday it is our best chance as the good towards the end of the week and next week for more showers. ♪ >> let me update you on a overturned big rig. the south 101 near morgan hill. this is video that was shot 30 minutes ago. that has been moved only one lane is closed. traffic is beginning to flow much of a that was 30 minutes ago. that closed lane is expected to reopen in the next 30 minutes. by 6:20. we will keep you posted. >> a live look of cited the golden gate bridge. the soft fog is rolling in, outside--
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and the traffic is moving well, northbound, south on of the golden gate and the san mateo bridge. headlights = east. both are moving at a medium clip. we will be back.
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>> more trouble threats in europe french intelligence as saying that-travel against france from al qaeda. a series of alerts the as french security forces and others on high alert. this is video that is beefed up with the eiffel tower. france says that it received the reports from saudi arabia, north america. big honors for san francisco the city has to and named it the no. 1 the city in the united states. by conde nast. 18th time it is one these honor. it is followed by charleston, south carolina and seanta fe, and
5:57 pm
with ambiance, friendliness, culture, science, restaurant, lodging, shopping. this award will be awarded on november 2010. >> air travel has dropped look at this! the summer some more people flying in/out of a set of zero. and in fact, air travelers out of s-f zero. between june- august, that is a big gain from last year. summer travel between s f o has climbed 18% since 2006 with more airlines, cheaper trouble, and more international destinations have contributed to that number. we checked with the visitors bureau if there was an increase in air travel is was a of a convention center business. they said the answer was no. in fact, the convention was flat from year to year. >> a live look for more
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roof cam, and with warmer weather will be short lived. your complete forecast and the news is 6, coming up. s of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math. schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again.
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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news the 6:00 p.m. >> and at the top facebook is under fire again! privacy issues the wall street journal conducted an investigation and discovered the most popular third-party applications on fast's boare pag on users after information to advertisers. and gabriel slate's tech report automation has been the to now you can protect yourself. >> here is what is going on, with third-party applications inside this book. games, farmville facebook does not maintain or create those games. and they all of those for just
6:01 pm
enjoyment and as it turns out, at least 10 of the most popular third party and perhaps more were caught in sharing user information. private information, with advertising agencies. >> if you do not use of third-party applications? this privacy preach this not comprelate to you. with friends in, user's name, and possibly, defending on their privacy settings, some of the content created by users. with pictures have also been shared. >> and they have to acknowledge the problem. third-party applications. to put a stop to the practice. they went on to say the that the developers to not convey or intend to pass on the information. >> and if you believe to put a stop to this? the privacy will be honored. the courts are still wary. and if your still wary? you can set your privacy settings to
6:02 pm
everything a private. and it has to you agaiand it has to be very challenging for facebook to facebook to regulate everything. >> and if you are worried? cannot play games, just use this to communicate with your friends. ultimately, that will be the safest way to deal with the applications, to not use them. gabriel slate's tech report >> the deadline is approaching any, ac transit riders, thousands must switch to the clipper card by the end of this month. in order to use the transportation, kate thompson explains. >> there are two big changes. one for muni, the other for the ac transit and monthly paper passes are disappearing. gone. finished. no more as of october 31st. and in san francisco, the 30,000-40,000 the use the a pass, that
6:03 pm
muni, and ac transit must have the clipper card to the $7 past. commuters have to switch to this clipper card-$7 court. to get the discount. the same for adults-$70 card . clipper is the only way to get the $be surpassed. >> there are several ways to get the fifth a past, before the deadline of october 1st. a first option is to use these kiosks, underground. you can also will go to their website, and it will be sent to your house. finally, could your local drugstore, walgreen's is one of the largest providers of the clipper card to be aware. over the phone, over the web, it can take three to balance your transfer your balance. and with more monthly paper passes will be eliminated. with more people getting to clipper pass.
6:04 pm
kate thompson, kron 4 news. >> the clipper confusion is nothing new. there were the first to tell you about the gates and tonight, more people with stanley roberts. >> and it says that by having negative balance. >> and now, the need to put another $2. >> if you stand around one of these clipper machines long enough to resist predict the chance that you'll find a little bit of confusion >> i was wanting to put the value, and what to do. >> this will be put $5 to get a clipper card. the machine took her money. >> and no ticket! and a friend stepped in. >> can you get your money back? >> i put $5 in the machine? it did not have any card and it is wanted to get a ticket.
6:05 pm
>> the agent went >> this is ridiculous, what did they have these if the to not work? >> and a sense a chance to not carry cash the was given a voucher. and a blue information card. >> and go to the website. >> in other words, if you have to go to the website to get your money back. >> and they've gotten these machines to cut down on problems is this new muni clipper system confusing? >> they're confusing! they should go back to the old way. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts. >> the barack obama will be in the bay area this week and today he toward a science fair in washington d.c. later, on thursday he will arrive in california president obama will join to event on that date in the first with a san francisco attorney pamela harris was running for attorney general. . also, the democratic national committee. friday morning,
6:06 pm
seven california where he is expected to campaign the democratic senator, barbara boxer. >> let me give you an update on the south 1010 big rig near morgan hill. this is video. we've been monitoring traffic with only one the southbound lane in his opening area is open. three are still closed. this truck is still moved out of the way but the lanes are still closed. we will keep hosted women have new information. ♪ >> a live look aside, one shrunken that san francisco bridge. to take a look of the satellite-enshrouding. that fog is enshrouding. and current conditions, is warming up there and it was, yesterday. temperatures are still " to the coast. with 64 degrees in the summer of violence, and a 68 in fairfield that is no
6:07 pm
mistake! and is going to warm-up even warmer tomorrow. details on that coming up. stay with us. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth" texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!!
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what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. them a playoff fever, this was the final moment. >> the giants lost six-one. now, the team is back home in san francisco this is earlier video. they returned back to the bay area and they're getting ready to face off with philadelphia phillies to market at&t park. vern glenn is live with the field, where they have been working all day getting warmed up and ready for tomorrow. vern glenn pamela, the final workout has been done, the last of the sound bites have been recorded. this time,
6:11 pm
tomorrow, one of these teams is going to be too shy of advancing to the world series as the national representatives. two-games. and there is questions about the lineup, was going to play? injured? taking place? on answered however, we will address these in sports in 30 minutes. final thoughts from the coaches, the players. back to you in the studio. >> bart is making a big push for more commuters they're hoping that the commutwill help boost the rider ship. and at a high of 380,000 people every workday september 20th 08. today, 355,000, that is 25,000 less. this week, there longer trains all day, every day, with prices to writers combined with the giants' playoff will give the transit agency's
6:12 pm
these numbers back up. >> the san francisco giants. the beard is a hit on line. internet, the fear of the beard. kimberly? >> this closing picture of brian wilson and how to. myself. the beard of brian twitter page and here, it said to. yourself, download, resize, put on your profile. and once you go to the link it will show you a beard. just save that, and i opened up photoshop and wanted to see what kron folks will look like. here, there are some examples with the liberty bell. and as i mentioned, pam moore, beautiful, she is laughing and loves that! and i did find out. right here, i think i look pretty good. maybe next time for my giants game.
6:13 pm
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>> a developing story of morgan hill. as overturned big rig has been affecting the evening commute and craig sklar has the full details. >> this southbound side you can see this truck is overturned. traffic is backed up for miles. >> the traffic is backed up 3-4 mi. all the way to highway 85. it is crawling in some places, it is at a standstill. fortunately, no gasoline on the highway. people are walking around in cleaning up and officials are showing that there is no particular flagman'flat levels.t will be 1.5 hours as rush- hour takes its time. and as
6:17 pm
this is moved off to the shoulder is moving freely although it is still expected to be sluggish and backed up for some time to come. north of morgan hill, craig sklar, kron 4 news. >> and you can see the high 101, it is really at a standstill. you can see the green is moving pretty well. it is just in the area of the big rig overturned where there is still very sluggish traffic at this hour. 6:15 on this monday. >> new details on a homeless woman accused of randomly attacking residents in the inner sunset district. dan kerman tells us that woman was in court, today. >> she loves flowers with this tattoo on her face- sheila has entered imac guilty plea, and these incidences along seventh avenue where sterile familiar with she love
6:18 pm
flowers. >> i was hit in the back with a board. >> she grabbed me, shocked me. >> and very bizarre, she started to hit me, and flailing her arms. >> she is ounder bill, of $25,000, and is behind bars. she will go to trial next month but we also return to court on two different other assault cases this month. neighborhood police were hoping that the court would issue a stay away orders so she love flowers would stay away from the victim and also from his seventh avenue area. the court only issued a three-month stay away for one of the victims but it is possible the the eighth zero issue more of those stay away orders in the more days to come. >> new details, the man was shot in the back in oakland's rockridge shopping irrawaddy is in an atm. haaziq madyun what police
6:19 pm
uncovered. >> not a random act that is what oakland police investigators say about a man shot and the we need to use a atm at this waiting to use an atm. >> now they have been rationed feeding to the 28 rolled victim was targeted by somebody saturday morning. that-new information, and this type of crime is highly unusual in this area. the suspect took off on foot with this crowded parking lot no words were exchanged between the shooting suspect in the victim. no items were stolen, limited a information, just a brief description. this shooting victim remains at a local hospital in critical condition. in oakland, haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> san francisco police are looking for two suspects in a stabbing at candlestick park. a fight broke out and
6:20 pm
a parking lot and one was stabbed in other was bruised. two women were being questioned with the suspects and anybody is passed to contact the san francisco police. asked to contact the police. >> caltran is going to be closing two of the westbound lanes between 7:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. at least one lane will remain open. this closure is to allow construction crews to have an anti-corrosive paint to the recently found cracked steel beam. ♪ >> a live look aside from our san mateo bridge. traffic is find the look of that fog! we are going to be seen fog closer to the coast. this evening and also the bayshore. the satellite picture is showing it is going over san francisco and on the coastline. pacifica, with more extensive cloud coverage tonight. more on that, but first, or high
6:21 pm
temperatures with cool yesterday, and green. today, we add 70 degreesand 69 degrees and in the san jose by no means was hit warmer. however, it was warmer than, yesterday. 14 degrees warmer in santa rosa! fairfield, 15 more in concord, and 10 degrees warmer in san jose. that warming trend will continue in your forecast that storm presses to the south. that a circular motion with showers of the coast. there is a chance to with its lingering showers this evening but i do not think it is going to happen. conditions are going to be improving going towards tomorrow which is a great news for the full forecast giants game. 64 degrees of 1:00 p.m. and 67 degrees by 4:00 p.m. and as the game wraps up and in tonight/tomorrow. coastal- bay fog and pushing into a little bit further tonight.
6:22 pm
and pretty chilly temperatures. in the 40's for or north bay locations and south, the golden gate low 50s. temperatures a bit warmer by five, 10 degrees warmer. as a matter of fact. this warming trend will be short lived. kron 4 7 day around the bay with mild conditions tomorrow. going into wednesday and especially thursday, friday is another storm takes into the bay area. if we see rainfall? it is going to be late thursday, friday so it is not going to affect the giants came to stay chilly giants game. will have a bit of a warm-up then a return of rainfall sunday into monday. keeping you posted and stay with us. we will it be right back.
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>> and world news, the strongest typhoon in years. and residents knew this was coming. the screaming winds, heavy rain have left them >> this is the 10th typhoon
6:26 pm
to with the philippines this year, believe it or not. however, this was the most destructive power with damaged homes, abandoned vehicles. downed power lines, and causing huge waves. typhoon megi then gusting 72 mi. per hour, 172 mph and warnings come with fewer casualties. >> the townfolk are used to floodings we're not going to encounter any casualties if any? the bounteous province. >> people or try to secure- amounting to mountain province. >> the rice crops that someone in people depend on. it could wipe out this year's harvest. the microbes may be damaged if the storm hits hard. -my crop could be damaged. >> and china is expected to be next with vietnam's already struggling with another storm that is
6:27 pm
causing widespread flooding. the senior nato official is not saying that he is just hiding in caves. it is believed that he and his living very properly and homeless her toward the northwest region. how perilous, they're being protected by locals and the pakistan the intelligence. stay with us. it will be back after this break
6:28 pm
meg whitman's hometown newspaper said it best: "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor.
6:29 pm
>> now at 6:30, our top stories. more news crews, more stories. here's our top stories. >> and overturned tanker slowing traffic to a standstill on u.s. winter when a southbound no. of morgan hill. -u.s. one-for- one. and traffic is moving better. 101 f traffic all the way back up. and as it is believed right now, that
6:30 pm
there is no fuel just a waxy substance that they have to clean up. a phar- mor tedious situation. for now, it is clearing up as it was earlier, at a standstill. >> in san francisco, a homeless woman is been attacking women in the inner sunset along seventh avenue has pleaded not guilty to six counts of assault/battery. sheila flowers is in jail with a $25,000 bond. despite the fact that the d.a.'s office requested a $50,000 bail. she has two other unsolved cases in this will be gone to trial sometime next month. on cases of assault. >> in the berkeley, the string of armed robberies that have occurred over the last three weeks. three robberies, three different locations in the same part of town. they all took place in the northern part of the
6:31 pm
city and the first seem to be connected because the suspects at thdescription is similar and a similar take kgetaway car, and also, all three situations. involved pedestrians walking alone was, kron 4 news. >> and across california, they're scrambling to become eligible to vote for the second general election. today is the deadline. and that can be done a your local registrars office, in person like this one in san jose or between a malu.s. mail, and this can be also be done to post offices, and these forms must be postmarked no later than midnight, tonight. ken san jose, rob fladeboe. >> and in san francisco, several changes to the clipper card system next month. muni will stop
6:32 pm
issuing its paper a passes, those are for people that use muni and inner city. those people, 40,000 will have to get the clipper card by october 31st. ac transit. there will have to get the transit pass and no longer will the paper pass be issued. those writers that will be passed of $80 per month will have to get the clipper card. those commuters will have to get that card of $a zero per month. >> big earnings of apple teller sign a zero-test on a big earnings of apple, and zero july, september, the ipad and the iphone sales skyrocketed. with $4.3 billion, or $4 per share plus. analysts say that the
6:33 pm
numbers reflect the growing popularity of hand held electronics. >> the bulk of the news was the iphone revenue. how much they sold. also, the mac was up with 3.8 million users, and it was over 4 million sold the heaiphone was out selling the imac and perhaps an everything was up except for the ipod which was down 11%. revenue from the ipad was due. >> and the sales for the ipad could of been even stronger if there was more inventory this past summer. however, the will be prepared for this holiday season. ♪ >> the big weather story tonight, with chilly temperatures it is difficult
6:34 pm
to believe that it was cooler yesterday. that storm with low 70's inland this afternoon. 60s in the san francisco, 69 in san jose overall, the area was the temperatures were up. the least amount was half moon bay a santa rosa, 14 degrees warmer. 12 degrees warmer in napa, and 10 degrees warmer in the south bay. good news for the giants game. 1:19, with 64 degrees expected. as i mentioned, this warming trend is going to be short lived. into wednesday a cool down and thursday, friday, much cooler. another storm will take 18 to the the area. i do not think it is going to affect the giants game but fleet rain on thursday night, friday. and towards the end of this weekend, another storm possible. we will keep posted. >> and in san bruno, the crews have been removing all
6:35 pm
the debris which is good news before the rating system with no toxicity and the of mixing with the rainfall. let me show you it is still blocked off. and with cars like this making sure that ca peopl are no entering the area. you can see that all of these have been cleared. all 35 homes, the debris has been removed. over the weekend, there were able to remove the burned out trees. in this canyon. they have been hauled away. they also finished all of the soil samples. you can see those little yellow flags where they have done the soil samples. although seven coming back as clean. the next step is-all the soil samples have been coming back clean and the next step is green grass growing.
6:36 pm
>> and the municipal service center between now and the first big storm of the season oakland residents will be able to get their maximum of 20 of these sandbags. just show identification that they live in oakland. in addition to the municipal services, oakland hills residents confined a sandbags of the shepherds canyon facility. they're able to find- sandbags of the chevron canyon facility. in oakland, haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> a two year-old chinese boy has been dubbed a health hazard to other children because of his weight. internet reporter, kimberly sakamoto this-three-year- old. >> 140, this boy is many times larger than as toddlers. it is chilly effect in his schooling. let us show you that i saw online it is affecting his school. pre-schools in southern china has banned him from their schools that he is a health hazard to the other students. doctors are
6:37 pm
not quite sure when this child is so large. a few theories that it could be a growth hormone this order and others believe that is a victim of china's low ever syndrome. -china is little emperor. since there are only allowed one child, the will spoil it, rotten and a lot of web productiinformation research has shown that this is a common problem. more kron news, after this. [ bell rings ]
6:38 pm
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♪ >> decision 2010 governor, sarah palin is on a new tea party bus tour in the kickoff was in reno, nev. that she told a cheering crowds that she said she conceit 20 calls from her house! >> be here, and i think you,
6:41 pm
that! " when her this was exactly the come christmas to loo this will zigzag to the country's a little. >> and the overburden, had it up to here, mama chrysalis, liberty lobbloving mama grizzlies will take government back on our side. >> this tour will end up in concord new hampshire one day before the election. that is for the first primary will be held in the presidential election and she got plenty of encouragement to run, today. >> thank you for your encouragement. >> governor, what what yor critics? would you say to your critics who say your too divisive?, they're going to say what they're going to say. and i-will close up shop and do nothing if i
6:42 pm
listen to them. >> and politicians are racing against the clock. early voting is now under way and 23 states and the district of columbia. >> the 49ers to their first victory at the expense of the raiders. hear what players are selling on both sides and next. the giants are back with the from the combinecon fines from the confis of at&t park. kerry has that and all of your sports, next. >> a kimberly sakamoto, right now on kron 4 we're providing coverage of coverage of the san francisco giants playoff. fever! with the return of after to heated philadelphia games. and the creator of fear the beard movement. to send us your videos. on kron 4 .com. ♪ [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55?
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars
6:45 pm
in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend. vo: 2-0, pack and the wall,
6:46 pm
this is off the wall! three runs, they're going to score. >> the alameda ' as jimmy rollins came through last night. and first coaching the giants their one game per piece. the giants, the philadelphia phillies. arriving in the bay area this morning. and the giants do not waste any time. and they got back to the ballpark. and with some change in the line up. cody ross is the hero, with larry, because we photographed them. and here are the giants. and to not feel sorry for professional athletes to make a good block but there flying all night and right back to make a good-dollar. >> and there is a good chance that the rhis wrist
6:47 pm
continues to hurt? he could be sitting out. and it is almost for sure that we will check with vern glenn because his or nastily championship man on the scene. and-hour national championship man. >> and all indications that erin rowan will start is that how you're getting it inside the clubhouse? >> well, inside the clubhouse were willing to talk to as we spoke with mr. rohnert. and if he knows? he is not saying. rowan--and he just did a complete i do not know anything. if i was, this is how i would defy was playing against my former teen. there are many unanswered questions, teen-- >> and in the morning, on the bench puts of the lineup card. as far as today, the they did their car job,
6:48 pm
but as for mentioned, jimmy rollins taking a short stop today. and body, ronnie howard, and he is back. coming back tomorrow, buddy. and the giants you saw them flying overnight and earlier. there is more of a workout. the man has been co-chief ross. 667 home runs shy of barry bonds record. however, you would not know it with the way did he is been hitting his all the confidence in the world. >> i take a lot of pride going up there. and in certain situations, when games are on the line. to get the job done. >> won a place in florida, that is more used to look at it and tea lighhe likes to playd helps him to relax. >> when we play in florida.
6:49 pm
i remember. >> and he is a great player, and i know that he has worked out great for us. and he is a power better for our law and up. >> it will see how it could be ross shines. just after 1:00 p.m., cody. he has taken this deep four times, that will set the stage for the kouros and up for the rest? will see on the lineup. >> and half " kouroand with thee any favoritism? from the giants that they have lost last night? perhaps this could be the shape of things to come? >> actually, i was looking at, specifically. the giants looked strong compared to the phillies last night. they put up the predicted front, gary radnich. we will see at tomorrow, 1:19
6:50 pm
>> fair enough, and great job and if your into numbers? the ball players. when you are not too worried about these statistics but it is fun for the fan and the media. the chicago cubs, 101. and 55 years. if the giants of not won since coming to san francisco, with millsince 1955, beckon york. danville resident, tony la russa sign a one- year deal. a mutual opt for 2012. he is going to the hall of fame. and he did not make the post season. and tony la russa is one of those guys when you of the hall of fame manager in this day and age. and tennessee gets the guy? the condition of the wrong? tony la russa has his own way. >> and perhaps if there is
6:51 pm
something that he will not come back? however, he will stay with the st. louis cardinals for at least one more. when we return, but 49ers, and a hall of fame future will drive a car off his clef but escapes major injuries. those stories coming up-cle cliffside you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading.
6:52 pm
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>> anytime you get a victory? is exciting for our guys. and rego, the 49ers, yesterday. candlestick park. fans saw mike singletary struck out onto the field. 0-5, and he met the crowd going, get go in to give him, credit. he did not hang his head, a touchdown, to michael crabtree, 49ers said the lead. chasing campbell. it was lucky that he was not playing. pretty rough! and 17-9. and 2-4, reuters.
6:55 pm
>> anytime you get a victory, it is exciting for our guys. and detective is them energy, motivation. >> to fix the negatives, and to focus on the positives for the last 5 weeks. to try to get a victory. >> and a slump at the same time, to make some please. and we are going to try to get ourselves into it a little bit more >> and just judging by dealing with people today on the radio i do not think that anybody is having a party over the 49ers victory. at the very least, let us lay off mike singletary, and some of for one week. a 0-5, carolina on sunday. and his generation's best n f l lineup. worse, you remember him from his days with the san diego chargers. and he played with
6:56 pm
the new england patriots. and quite frankly, he drove his s u v off the cliff side in carlsbad. 35 mi. and somehow he avoided serious injuries and authorities are investigating how, why this happened and he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. and released hours before this crash. the suv fell defeat. >> and 2000 and you remember this guy, from eight san jose-children! and rocco on his way to win. and he will finish this off to wind. rocco mediate is back into the media were retested a
6:57 pm
tiger and nice to see with a guy of personality have a victory. >> and will look to you at 11 pm
6:58 pm
our kids can't afford another four years of crippling cuts to public schools. class sizes are too big, and all the standardized testing just isn't working. so classroom teachers looked closely at the plans of both candidates for governor. and we're supporting jerry brown. brown's plan focuses on a well-rounded education... with history, science, and the arts as well as english and math. schools where teachers and parents work together. and that's why we urge you to vote for jerry brown, a leader we can trust to make our public schools a priority again.
6:59 pm
barbara scolds the view ladies after the bill o'reilly blowout. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. >> you don't walk out of your own home. walter's new warning to whoopi and joy after their o'reilly walk-out. >> oh, my god. >> plus more exclusive with bill. >> do you regret what happened? >> i stand my ground. miss behar and miss goldberg would have been wiser to do that, than to grandstand. >> and why behar is going up against barbara today. >> it's not my call. >> then sarah palin, inches from a deadly grizzly. >> a bear is coming towards us. >> we going to back up? >> all new scenes from her documentary. is she recommending bristol? >> oh, boy, go upstairs. >> audrina and tony versus florence and corky.


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