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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 20, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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people who couldn't get inside the stadium there in the area to kind of feel the energy. we continue across the street at most that's one of the bars across from at&t park you can see how the entire paddy was packed people are spilling out onto the sidewalk the does want to be near the energy we saw video from earlier in the day of the thousands of people piling into the park more than 40,000 people today it is a sold-out stadium. people wearing orange and black, had died their hair orange anything and everything they could do to show their love for the team. people are really looking ahead and looking ahead to the world series of what could happen if the giants make it. who they could possibly beat in the series. i ask them for their predictions. >> i'm seeing the rangers not yankees. >> we need to when you
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before i die. >> q feel like you're going to the >> world >> that's definite were going. >> whatever winds that third game goes it's a statistic. (laughter) >> i can't talk about it. >> what's your prediction for the world series? >> i want to see the yankees at but the rangers i think but i like it to be the yankees. >> a lot of people did you want to go there because they all want to jinx the giants. everyone's having an awesome time inside the stadium cheering on the giants' right now. why the at&t park kron 4 news. >> one of the fans talking about the world series already in gary radnich are sports director hear what's happening to read >> yankees won today texas leads three games to two. to
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me in new york vs. san francisco is better than san francisco verses arlington tx. texas leads they need one more win yankees need to end the giants right our leading 1-0. >> we always have fans who want to ask questions. we call it hey gary. >> i was wondering what you think the giants' chances are it to winning a game and having to go play in philadelphia? >> i'm going to say this again is that hopefully if you're a giants fan the win tonight and tomorrow. you don't want to go to philly. the one on saturday night but i would want to put everything on the line on foforeign soil. >> what changes do think the giants are going to make in
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the off-season? >> can we enjoy the moment? what's good about the giants is there a bill to be good for the next five years because the pictures are really good. cloudy ross is coming back bill re-signed him and a few guys. and let's keep it in the present. >> hi gary what would you think about avenging cozy knock out. >> that was the first person as satellite they're happy to talk to me. young lady i think it would be great because when benji molina left the team it kind of bugs me because of one of these guys you've had 10 great years and then the 11th year the get rid of view. i would like to see him do well. like i said i have a soft spot one kron 4 anchors the part i was wished them well and then lose the number.
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>> jacqueline bennett? >> jacqueline bennett explained the infatuation with and you believe that. >> no infatuation he does comes through in the playoffs. >> gary will be back. >> at&t park let's go ahead and look at at&t's forecast we will see changes. same- store time but will be cooler out there tomorrow and cloudy and breezy. by the time the game wrapped up 53 degrees definitely bring jackets if you're headed out to the game tomorrow. a look outside this evening in the jacket 57 degrees in san francisco it's been cooler in the north bay in the '60s. 60s for the bay shore is ending on the '70s inland. this tail end of the storm approaches the bay area. in the court is a lot of rain
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but you will see cooler temperatures rain come in with the storm on its heels. will talk about these two would talk about future cast coming up in just a bit. >> 3 people were treated for smoke inhalation this is why. home morning fire in san francisco it also forced the evacuation of about 89 people from two downtown apartment buildings. christine conley as live tonight she's at the scene where crews are still awash in that area for flareups. >> 10 hours after the firing was put out crews are still looking for hot spots they have applied street blocked off and were going to go ahead and sue mr. yu the apartment building that was destroyed in the fire. 89 people displaced that building has been red tape and building inspectors say it will be demolished tomorrow. >from the rooftop next door you can see inside this apartment complex the roof is melted. all thats
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left building inspectors say there's little holding the walls up in the building is in danger of collapse. this is a look inside the apartment complex next door which was also damaged and has no utilities. in this video you can see crews fighting the fire the flames were so intense 40 minutes after they arrived they had to evacuate the building and battle the blaze from outside. many of the residents who lost everything didn't have insurance. people like marcus why fire walking down the street with all of his belongings. >> my apartment half of it is destroyed, the other half has all my clothes and school work was all saved under is about what went to go on. it's going to be so expensive to start over again especially being a student. i might relocate because of this >>. luckily there were no major injuries in the fire the cause of the blaze is
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still under investigation is still causing a bit of a traffic tie up in the area. reporting live san francisco kron 4 news. >> excitement tonight at&t park the giants are top ones-0 the top of the third filly is it will be back.
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the president's itinerary is all about stopping boats and raising money for federal democrats. >> the president will be here for less than 24 hours but democrats are hoping once he's got it will be a little bit much more caching campaign profits. air force one expected to touch down on thursday afternoon about 3:00 p.m. found that hill had here to the and it slow for care fund-raisers at homes in palo alto and atherton pur. one of the fund
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raiser reported $30,000 fair and the other is to benefit san francisco de a camilla jerez. the obama visit is all business no public appearances are planned so unless you're willing to read ejecta the democrats your public not going to get to see and read >> it's the way politics works now basically politics is controlled by money carried >> i don't think it's fair if you have lots of money you run for if you don't you don't run for it. >> if the of the big names big bucks it helps on the campaign. >> initially the president was going to appear in san francisco but then these fund-raisers were moved here to the peninsula so as not to disrupt traffic to the giants game. impelled so kron 4 news. >> are to the forecast big change is coming to the weather tomorrow was cooler temperatures and rain as we and the weekend. of more
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what to expect coming >> a look inside live pictures of the bay bridge toll plaza on no problems traffic said in a long at all the lanes will be right back. [ female announcer ] the independence to fix our schools?
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a frightening home invasion it in an east bay city may be connected to a spike of similar crimes in the area. the victim told kron 4 children were home when this happened. >> jason says 12 family members including a three year-old brother and 70 year-old grandmother who all had to cooperate with two armed gunmen when they invaded their home runs and 10:30 p.m. tuesday night. he describes what happened. >> he had a gun to the back ahead ask you or somebody i said there's no money. there's no safe, no nothing what you want. check everyone's wallet. at the two suspects took money from wallets and purses after
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forcing everyone in the house to take off their clothes. >> the minister. >> this limited information about the suspects. >> right now it's too early to determine if it's connected with ever home invasion robberies in the area of our investigators are following up as we speak. we have some spite of home invasion robberies but were gunna take a look at command staff of look at all the home invasion robberies that took place in the city that will put our officers were those are taking place. >> the ground latleakey's ceremony it was under way to read here you can see an animation of what the connector will look like when it's completed which is expected to be in 2014. it's estimated there will be somewhere between 20 505,000 jobs created by this project which includes
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about 600 construction jobs. the deal was made with art that 25 percent of the work will be done by oakland residents. >> for this community have been the working on this project and a recirculating the money into the community. >> 50% of di project will be apprentices hired from people in oakland cyprus will sound off tomorrow in san francisco as part of a statewide earthquake drill. the test as part of the great california shake out to stop. tomorrow when it 102180 am outdoor warning sirens will be activated followed by a voice message. >> all live look outside from the roof cam over downtown san francisco but clouds starting to move in. over night tonight into tomorrow morning
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increasing low clouds this evening. it tomorrow morning dense fog and drizzle. the fog will make a tour inland valleys and close to the coast line. into the afternoon will stay cloudy, cool and breezy temperatures in our coastal locations just 53 degrees and inland valleys to 68 in our warmest locations. 53 half moon bay, 59 san francisco, sixties north bay, sixties through the rest of the bay area. it cooler conditions, thanks to a storm sitting off shore if at least the tail end of bed and it's approaching the bay area that will push into more night into friday morning there's another one right on its heels that will affect us this weekend to read let's take a look on future cast rain tracker to read if you're headed for the giants game tomorrow no need to bring the umbrella by 7:00 p.m. the rain sitting on the north bay coastline well-off shore of san francisco not even moving in until 11:00 in san francisco. the giants
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game will stay dry overnight u.s. esl and it really starts to break apart as it continues to move and trade later friday morning things will drop out and stay dry for most of friday. saturday that's when the sector wave pushes and and it will be early in the morning on saturday about 5:00 starting to approach the bay. most of the rain is sitting there in the north bay at the 2:00 or cure it the second way for expected to see on sunday will bring is more widespread showers. cooler temperatures to round out the workweek to weak and there's the chance of rain early friday morning. a chance of rain again looks likely in the north bay and widespread by sunday. which led to the monday temperatures warm up a little bit but the still say little about the leverage for this time of your trade >> the federal appeals court granted a government request to freeze the judge's order telling the military to stop enforcing the don't ask don't tell ban. before that ruling came down several
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soldiers would been discharged would to recruiting stations to reenlist. our internet reporter kimberly tells us about the effort by some rock war veterans to rejoin the military to >> read few months ago that lt. lieutenant naturally it out himself on television and she's themselves to the white house that street on tuesday he went to a recruiting office in new york to reenlist. it look at an interview he did was cnn on the reenlistment process. >> the allowed me to read < up. >> you walk into the times square recruiting office today >>. the processing your paperwork rakehell i was an officer before i graduated from west point and certain of iraq and help of all my dreams i want to be enlisted to >>. we know that troy is
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fluent in arabic he did serve to towards iraq and now the rig and this is on shaky ground want to wait to see if his move and others to reenlist sticks >>. hundreds of students at san mateo high school are showing their support for gay teenagers. the students at aragon high aware and purple as part of a spirited day its a nationwide campaign against anti-gay bullying. kron 4 talked with an error got high- school student about the community there a >> i think eric on is getting safer and safer by the day we recently took a survey last year 100 percent respondents felt as though the climate for these students has improved over the years. but there's definite signs of improvement within the school climate and i think were happy that many students are being more and more aware of the implications of what they say. >> the campaign it is love support through social
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networking to rid a look outside at traffic the golden gate bridge traffic moving at medium speed in both direction north and southbound at this and the san mateo bridge where the headlights' are east come from hayward it's pretty heavy east bound right now all the right set of your screen westbound traffic is the medium speed. will be back. wearing shirts ♪
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the giants are out to-0 at
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the ninth phillies are at kron 4 news is at 6:00.
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. double play going out to call the giants win game 4. two games down to winds to go this is as good giants are aiming their bats at the world series to read it kron 4 has a live tv coverage on a date for the national league championship series against the phillies. including san francisco's fan frenzy. >> early today with gary radnich a buster posey is hot. >> all my numerous occurrences he was so tired appalled and over the fence it's just hit the fence. i have a novel idea what would you want to watch at three
6:01 pm
and half for game one you can do other things and just turned to kron 4 updates. >> i don't >> exactly right to rea. an upde what's going on in the parking lot let's go to vern glen who is of course monitoring the game throughout. during its 2-0 san francisco top 4 cure it >> thanks for the update gary. if it's not from the transistor radio and it would know anything although i can go off the roar of the crowd that's behind the to lot we have so far for this it's a little flavor in the ballpark yes the flyover ever popular. the kid will fly over without took some flavor. >> we move from some of that to some of the fellows
6:02 pm
inside from yesterday's. characters back and but how about the characters now with the likes of all breakoff. >> he passed them around i don't think anyone wants to see me in one but i don't really enjoy racing aubrey and as. he's proud of his body and he likes to walk round a bit. he gets a lot of laughs and keeps the guys loose. we have some characters in this club and has that said it kind of in my mind like the dirty dozen and in the cast of house and the misfit sees one of them. he has fun with it. >> can't be a good club house gallate in opry house is obviously one of them with his or install that he has warned throughout most of the season tried to get his teammates on board and bruce bochy gave me that
6:03 pm
look. i just want to visit a managing well as the giants hanging on and on game for. >> the great vern glen and the parking lot on wondering how the fans are feeling right held its the fourth inning. >> kate thompson isn't there any update on fan behavior is the giants currently lead it to nothing. the >> they've got to be used in that fashion and excitement to keep them warm because let me tell you it is cold and hear that someone down and how it's windy pure lead the cheers coming out of that stadium they allowed people are excited and having a good tried to read it been handing out signs all day for people to bring into the stadium people dress up your and here's footage from earlier in the day that i took up people or so excited they are here with their families and people to work with they just want to see the giants, and see the land trade it's been hard
6:04 pm
getting it to get so that today more than 40,000 people here and people shelling out a lot of money to try and get a seat to read some people were even risking up to the last minute standing inside the stadium sing a bit to get a ticket right before they went inside. >> 200 apiece for the bleachers. it's hard to get tickets especially i paid out the union to get a ticket for tonight and i need one for tomorrow. that's the deal. >> i'm looking for another farm wife. i willing to spend about 250 to read >> i was at your yesterday's it out here today skee-ball at the thrill of days of the night goes well as if it looks like it will happen most excited and most of fans tomorrow. of reporting live from at&t park kate thompson kron 4 news >> the playoffs of the
6:05 pm
trackage has fans from all over and then the others are driving their cars to the games which means parking is at a premium to read jeff bush shows you how much it cost for fans to park their cars run the ball park. >> that will cost $40 for cars, $50 for oversized vehicles. it it might seem out rate just until you look at parking rates on to house and street to $50 is the cheapest putting i can find and house and. the average rate is $60 to park your car know what if you park the truck or big as you see? that will cost a cool $80. a few blocks over and found that it was for $50 and further away there is parking for $40. that was the core rate for parking in the area the chief is putting i found within resole walking distance was
6:06 pm
0 record 30 and 32. they had spots for $35 but there is a long walk to and from the game. there is a lot and goes for $16 a day but that is so far it would be practical to park there. in san francisco kron 4 news. >wait until you hear what people are paying to get a good seat at the giants game. according to stub hub which is an online website where you can buy or sell tickets, they pay an average of $215 for today's game. they're already paying $202 for tomorrow's game. some fans are even thinking about the world series and the potential for games that could be played in san francisco and a whopping $702 on average per ticket. look at this, they pay even more in philadelphia $769 per ticket that's about $33 more than phillies fans paid for world series tickets last year. >> just as we expected
6:07 pm
increasing cloud cover cooler temperatures at the ballpark as we head into tomorrow accepting similar conditions but were already cloudy. it will be cool and breezy 4:00 to 57 degrees by 7:00 is 53 degrees. to multiply the jacket but she will not be the umbrella, not yet it least. our current conditions a school of paris-to close to the coast line 55 at one day, 56 san francisco, 58 redwood city. fog rolling in we have major changes coming this week and all the details coming up in just a bit. stay with us will be right back after this.
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we have an update for you on a devastating apartment complex in san francisco's nob hill. look at all the smoke pouring from this
6:11 pm
building there. this happened about 5:00 this morning as those for alarm fire destroyed the flames. it coming complex on high street what happened flames through early it was so intense it took firefighters two enough horse to get it under control. christine conley is live in the same with an update for us. >> crews that the fire her have it under control this morning insulate their still on the scene looking for hot spots you can see how light is blocked off from push up until solder. crews are here looking to see if there's any flareups were going to zoom into the apartment complex and show it to you what has been red tagged at total of 89 residents displaced because of this fire and the building inspections said the building should come down tomorrow. >from the rooftop next door you can see inside this apartment complex the roof is melted. all thats left is the shell which is still steaming from the
6:12 pm
heat. engineers say there's very little holding up the exterior walls of the unit building. it's in imminent danger of collapse. and this video you can see crews fighting the fire, the flames were so intense after 40 minutes they had to evacuate the inside of the building and could only battle the blaze from the outside. the building has been red tagged, some units in the apartment complex next door were also damaged and that apartment has no utilities. that's where jose lives. >>big flames, i woke up and put my shoes on, carried my bag and took my brother. i said grab your wallet and id and whatever's in your hand and let's go. this place is cooking. >>jose has a band and his guitar was burned along with keyboards and other equipment. five years of savings gone up in smoke. >>we have nothing, that's what i got.
6:13 pm
>> the cause of the fires still under investigation to date and only three people were injured in the fire there are very minor injuries that were taken to hospital treated and released. reporting live christine conley kron 4 news. big changes coming in the forecast cooler in chances of rain parade of full forecast as as a few minutes away.
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new details tonight about the shooting of oscar grant labor unions are planning to converge on a oakland city hall on saturday to show their support for the bart shooting victim. among those attending the longshoremen union which has kron 4 dan kerman tells us will virtually halt activities at peoria courts. >> all courts in the bay area art or to shut down this saturday to protest the atrocity that was committed by officer messily killing
6:17 pm
of oscar grant to read >> one of the largest labor protest at the new year's the international longshoremen were house union announced 1500 members will not work saturday from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to attend a rally for oscar >> what does rally to be militant, we wanted to be unified but we also wanted to be peaceful. >> grant as the doorman at shot killed the effort fell apart station by police officer johannes mehserle to read his been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and is scheduled to be sentenced early next month. though his attorney is seeking a new trial. today's jobless messily needs to be held accountable and this message as to the world that we stand together and this issue needs to be a drastic and we expect johannes mehserle to go to prison. the longshoremen's union is and to take one shift a
6:18 pm
months to take part mean meetings. what impact it will have on this court and the others in the bay area is unclear. i spokesman for the maritime association said he doesn't think what big impact but he does say it will delay the offloading of some ships. in oakland kron 4 news. >> a live look outside for about tam cam pretty thick fog layer rolling in to this city as we speak. with patchy fog thickened all the way inland thrifts the 3:00 hour cooler captures the increase the condition spirited temperatures tomorrow is 53 degrees among the coastline to 68 in our warmest inland spots. a couple storm set to impact us out there starting on friday for the weekend.
6:19 pm
late thursday night into friday morning and then another one right behind at its heels is set to push through this a look at future cast it doesn't look like it's going to affect the giants game tomorrow the rains will make it to the north bay coastline by 11:00 its starting to push and through the rest of the bay area. it's a little later than the giants game we should stay dry at that trend could tomorrow. it's clear to be broken into the 2:00 at war and after that things start to dry out. most of friday will be dry you could see that on future cast. as we move into saturday morning that's what will see another late push and starting in the north bay about 5:00 lasting in the north bay through the early afternoon horse. cooler temperatures prevailed for the rest of the weekend into the weekend we do have a slight chance of scattered showers early friday morning at a better chance in the north bay saturday to read those
6:20 pm
showers on sunday could last into monday morning but after that we will try things out and start to warm up a little bit. >> not to decision 2010 president barack obama will visit the bay area tomorrow but don't expect to see him at the giants game. as kron 4 rob fladeboe explains the president's whirlwind trip is all about raising cash for fellow democrats >>. the president will be in the bay area for less than 24 hours but democrats are open what she's going to be a bit more cash in keeping has the lectin day approaches. he's got a touchdown that as a fall about 3:00 and adhere to the peninsula for a pair of fund-raisers before departing the bay area for southern california friday morning. one of those fund raisers is a $30,000 faired to benefit the national committee and the other is to benefit san francisco d a, harris at supporter of fog, now locked in a tight race for the state attorney
6:21 pm
general. this is all business no public appearances are happening so unless you're or literature to the democrats probably not good to get to see him. >> that's the way politics works now all basically eight politics is controlled by money to >> read if you don't have the money you cannot run for a trade >> if you have a big name, big bucks and big bucks help to go on the campaign to >> read the president would appear in san francisco that it was reportedly moved here to the peninsula so as not to disrupt traffic to the giants game. >> you've probably seen the onslaught of new political television ads with accusations being tossed between candidates for governor meg whitman and jerry brown. sun that's the truth some not so much. kron 4 spock to about what the expert said has about what men earn maybe based on facts that may be interpreted it as skewed way.
6:22 pm
>> chance professor sought to has badgered brown's campaign about white men and the shows him bring up a controversial deal. >> they say the facts of the case may be accurate but relating to how she would be for governor is more about image better potential public office. >> you have an on flooding computer of meg whitman here and she's a rich ceo who doesn't really understand what's going on in california. she gets on a plane from 4,000 ft. everyone's going to look pretty small. >> then there is a sad showing what and repeating words spoken by gov. ronald supports bigger. >> in a sense you're getting
6:23 pm
this out. there is truth to it but it's the way you said and juxtapose those phrases and images. >> the fact of the table designed to influence how voters to interpret them. >> our live picture you can see 18 park where the giants are leading to-what is the top of the fifth filly struck at two out. will be back. >> the extended forecast cooler weather and what what their returns to the bay area this weekend. while full forecast just a few minutes away. [ bell rings ]
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a live picture from at&t park you can see the fans they've gathered to watch the game the giants are leading a two-one at the top of the fifth. madison baumgartner has been pulled from a mound and reliever is warming up and getting ready to pitch to the phillies starte. they bring us a look at
6:27 pm
some of the fit photos. >> and searching on life of great pictures of liquor and twitter trade love this one the die is waiting for reports and of course the selling giant's space: bite to rid you can see this player throwing up some peace signs and i love his beard, the beard movement also has bridewell some small talk going on there. this was my favorite ride out the slavi doubt this lady the orange lady from head to toe. and over to send us your fan pictures and videos were also keeping alive tally of giants game going on right now. >> a look at our current
6:28 pm
conditions out there right now out is getting " especially close to the coastline where fog is rolling in to read the changes come into the forecastle details as well as today's top stories right forecastle details as well as today's top stories right after the break. you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
tonight big story is one big block of news, more crews more story is not all our top story >> and san francisco thousands of thrilled and excited fans packed at&t park was another sold-out crowd more than 40,000 people filling the stadium to see the giants did on the phillies once again. it deck and head to toe in the larger black showing their giant and was tough to get tickets to this game it was sold to out reporting from at&t park kate thompson kron 4 news. >> giants fans of come from
6:31 pm
all round and a lot of them are taken the card to the game ready choose to but in china basin for $40. the closer you get to the park, expensing the parking spots are. looking at hasn't street as one block away is costing driver $60 for cars and $80 for trucks and vans. the cheapest rates within a reasonable distance was over at pier 30 they were charging $35 and parking. in san francisco jeff bush kron 4 news. >> the difference is go for a bonfire has destroyed an apartment building here a the unit building has been red tag and will be demolished. you can see the building right here. the building next to it also had fire damage and no utilities to rid the red cross said 89 people and displaced for this fire and some will be able to return home three people or to the hospital treated and released for minor injuries.
6:32 pm
in conley kron 4 news. >> in oakland officials held a groundbreaking for airport connector which is expected to be up and running by 2014. there's a lot of excitement because it's expected to create some between 20 505,000 jobs either directly or indirectly over that's right half years. i deal was crafted sank 25% of the construction work will be done by oakland residents. >> here at the port of oakland expected operations will come to a standstill between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. saturday as members of alongshore union take part in a justice for oscar grant rally at the hall. oscar grant as the doorman who shot by former bart police officer. it that officer is to be scheduled to be sentenced next month. >> here in oakland this site ships season has come in god
6:33 pm
but for the first time in 20 years there were no side shows reported to rid the video produced years from the dangers connected to sideshows maybe what the reasons why. >> before the video was made sideshows' did show statistics but they're happening and after we did in the video whatever that ever was 20. >> about the use the energy expertise instead of just a normal side show safety video. >> in oakland kron 4 news. >> hereon the and it's led democrats are hoping a visit from obama will provide a boost to campaign and election day approaches airport is scheduled to touch down at s.f. 0 3:00 p.m. thursday afternoon. then the peninsula president had to the peninsula for fund raisers one in palo alto 1 and after tend to read on behalf of the democratic congressional committee and the d.a., here is he's running for state attorney general. in palo
6:34 pm
alto kron 4 news. >> our big weather story tomorrow as the storm takes aim of the bay area the first one here. the tail end of the system but it will move and tomorrow evening into friday morning trade for a look at future cast as quickly by seven clocks approach to the north coastline and moving it overnight thursday and friday. we're going to leave the scattered rain showers. would to this weekend in a more organized warm tapping which your and your head or keep it was cooler temperatures in the forecast of the jets of flame into early monday morning. >> we asked ourselves what would happen if a knack book and and i pad hooked up (laughter) >> apple held a news conference today showing off a new kind of laptop between
6:35 pm
the i pad and a notebook. kron 4 with gabe slate was joined at different these are. >> there to back book at 13 flight 3 in. and in the book sisal looking 0.6 in.. these laptops are the first on the market to not have a hard drive built to endure it the use solid flesh tries for storing data and the result of that it makes it incredibly thin and light. of they know how to drive me so completely silent they make no noise and greatly improves the battery. apple plans to the last 30 days on stand by with no hard drive they should stay cool to the touch like the i pad and not get hot. when you had the power button it should be ready is no need to wait for to good doctor and they have a glass wall to touch trackpad like the i pad to read 11.6 in. is apple's first attempt at the net book size and a lot of people wanted something like this from apple. it should
6:36 pm
do very well. it's one dozen dollars, the bigger 13.3 in. is $1,300. the new mac operating system called lye and will borrow features from the i phoned including face of a video and that will wrap next summer. also unveiled the new version of the pilot software which is used for managing photographs, adding videos and other tasks. tomorrow is the state's annual earthquake drill. great california shake outside rooms will be activated tomorrow at 10:21 a.m. as part of the drill and a voice message will follow indicating this test is underway to read it to the reporter kimberly shares us with a great shakeout website has to offer. >> it takes place every year in october 10th 20 1:00 a.m. and state officials really believe this year could be
6:37 pm
the largest participation for this drilling in the country's history a stick a look at what the website has offer. it's a hundred people signed up 7.8 million people in california, 1.2 million are in the bay area if you decide to participate berkeley to ask you do the procedure and that's for a drop to the ground to cover aho. of the website to tell you why this is important. it's called the quake hit quiz it's a different scenarios whether you're in a car or happen when the great quake happened spirited test your knowledge what a quick word ahead. what should have over to look for what's on the what section i'd put a link to the great quake drops on the website return kron 4. >> are extended forecast again a few changes coming this weekend especially by
6:38 pm
the end of the week when cooler temperatures and rain and are forecast. [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55? just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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[ breathing heavily ] whoa! [ male announcer ] sometimes you just don't see it coming. that's why we have some of the largest doctor networks in california. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ] [ male announcer ] you never know when you'll need a good doctor. that's why we have some of the largest doctor networks in california. blue shield.
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6:41 pm
so i put $2 in their, and it says i need to put another $2 in there. >> if you stand around one she also flashed her fresno pageant had to get out of the ticket which didn't work. >> $65 for an expired meter to rid we have another one
6:42 pm
for $827 that means it's a misuse of a placard is your mother-in-law's not here. >> there were three men in the truck the of their seated when the question of what a placard apparently the placard a lot to the passengers 81 year-old grandmother that he claims is inside the park. tell her to call me air we can go from there. after a long conversation with the passenger it was clear he could not produce his 81 year-old grandmother the driver was issued two tickets one for $827 for the misuse and $355 for parking in a blues song because it was in his car. that's up parking space just over $1,100. in san francisco
6:43 pm
stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> your is up next for the latest of the giants and philly playoff game and a hockey player attack a fan kerrey has that game all the sports coming up next. >> right hon check out stanley roberts page as you report some people behaving badly all across the bay area that's the video reports including smokers ignoring no-smoking rules in the east bay and another what to illegally dumping garbage in oakland. if you have a story idea for stanley we have information on how you could e-mail them on
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
and san francisco the yankees still live in their pursuit of the american league championship your head yankees stadium played the got the last few nights blessed by the texas rangers. to date delivers
6:47 pm
three-zero ickes he might be the american league mvp. for nothing yankees and give up 11 hits over six innings but we had to get somebody out to the cure and the sixth yankee defense hadn't licks rodriquez doing his thing. the key is go on to win the 7-2. the rangers still lead the series three games to two. the sixth game is but a growing tenant and of the keys happened when friday but bsn and came back in arlington tx. pam went to robert the giants went on rather than play yankees n.y.? jacqueline bennett did
6:48 pm
you did people from arlington before which rather play the yankees? >> i'd rather play the rangers. >> from a fan's standpoint as a been watching to let jackie thompson fans are excited here. i would rather see we got the keys that we beat the rangers >> what a better chance competing to. >> on that here for a chance as i'm here to make community happy to read (laughter) >> the your you were born i started making people happy in the community. the year jackson was born i started dacron. don't worry it ought not tossing what am saying is that is scary is it not? >> the year jackie was born was a good evening everybody. >> chocolate are you scared?
6:49 pm
>> (laughter) that scared like him hugging me at a car in the cottage. rate held the phillies went ahead 4-to the giants had just scored in the bottom of the fifth an rbi for aubrey half pureed i don't mean to brag but i said to it madison ball gardner makes it through five for six innings this of a chance to win but he's been thrown out of the game as i predicted. i think i knew posey was hired. the year of jacqueline bennett was born, from the u.n. of this? the year jacqueline bennett was born i was saying hello claude ryan the new guy in town. >> oh my goodness chocolate i realize your that your
6:50 pm
out. does all kind of his statement out here. let me give you a site of a different kind as the homegrown product huey lewis as those before the game he sang the national anthem will tell you about he will loess international grammy award winning start along time giants fan. he has his thoughts of the giants' 3 >> are remember walking from school and listening to the transistor radio when the giants win. i remember it vividly and that was a long time ago over. a long time ago. >> (laughter) that was u.s.
6:51 pm
he copier and fax he's a graduate of the same elementary school that my children are attending. we have a fund raiser and i know he we has an album coming out of the number who laptop to to get an autographed copy he wasn't signs it and says hearing adult daughter for adoption >> friday to a curious and glamorous at the game at uc one inning of this thing? >> only on the monitor and peripheral vision. how about that. >> from: from the parking lot during his insides rain held their fifth inning just ended. don't be scared is 4- 3 right now out will have more from the fabulous vern glen to read that's what those deals pam weiss a fight over assignment to read lloyd to the gate to get on a lot. >> this bergs dealer james
6:52 pm
was fined $75,000 for excessive hitting. the 2008 nfl player of the year since the so disgusted with the fall and that is now considering you get paid 6 million a year is that what you are but that's the deal were all talking about anyone who follows sports the nature of the game is to be real physical they had people on the violent by is close to violent and here telling everyone knew " bottle someone pullback credit score to be real difficult trade you will want your best players to be carted off. telling the go easy on the quarter. we have to but rose their that prevent see what i did.
6:53 pm
>> he said that last time it wasn't true? that nobody was watching >> that's true we shall get one. when the giants play have elected pants that is there anyone out there? this game is so big the giants you seen a better person than a cure and what i should cough. when we return a hockey player takes all my gosh is a threat to happen deli. she was a balance in hockey. deli. she was a balance in hockey. loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs"
6:54 pm
"good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the canucks of minnesota mix it up to 20 year-old fan he's been suspended
6:57 pm
indefinitely and will not to seek legal representation as a hearing is pending round of talks.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> the stars of "glee" sexed up and facing controversy today. i'm lara spencer. >> "the insider" is on. >> i think it's kind of disturbing. >> children should not be seeing these pictures. >> posing in their underwear, licking a lollipop. >> stars taking sides. >> it's gq. >> i don't know if he has to touch her bottom that way. >> enraged at a-rod. why did crazed yankee fans storm the field? was it over cameron diaz? >> tyra's just filed restraining order, who she says left threatening notes at her home. before tonight's "survivor," the show's backstory, from hatch to hasselbeck.


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