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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 20, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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giants win it, 6-5. >> the giants now just one win away to advancing to the world series. >> be kept battling and came back. you got to to be resilient. the team was tonight. >> it's back. giants are back. >> fans are in a frenzy as playoff fever heats up. >> an exciting playoff game tonight. the giants and the phillys both fighting hard. now the giants is one game away
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from the world series. this felt like it was the clencher. >> is this the best post season game? buster posey, i heard a couple of critics say he is tired, but not tonight, 4 hits, giants lead, 2-0. sandoval getting his first start of the playoff series with philadelphia. 5-4 giants after philly had takethen lead. romo. look out. down the line. just fair by worth. here is what i like about bochy, throughout the playoffs romo was lousy but they left him in and roy oswalt came on in the 9th, got in trouble and
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juan hit a sacrifice fly and that's the game. 3-1. the giants lead the phillies, they can wrap it up tomorrow. >> i got butterflies, anxiety, it's all worth it, we never lost focus. from the first pitch, everybody is jumping around, we are getting nuts, crowd is going nuts. >> we had the right guy at the plate there. he has come through so many times for us. got a ball he could handle to get deep enough in the outfield. >> with all the excitement tonight, anybody who knows the game will tell you it's not wrapped up yet. tomorrow the giants will have tim lincecum on the ground. the game starts 4:57, versus
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roy halladay. giants won the game when cody ross hit a couple home runs against halladay. halladay will want to get even. if philadelphia wins tomorrow then the series goic back to pennsylvania. last three starts lincecum 3-0. halladay 3-1. >> i could only imagine what the fans are doing right now. going crazy. >> jonathan bloom? >> reporter: the fans were nuts tonight. they say it's magic inside. they say it's post season inside. tonight it was eelectric inside. this game was different, there was so much at steak. the fans were on the edges of their seats.
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9 nothings of nail biting, wonderful, delicious torture. >> reporter: with each game the fans get rowdier. and the beards get shaggier. >> little long but you know, you got to keep it going. >> i have been going it three hours. >> reporter: some stood because they had to. >> let's go giants. >> reporter: others because they wanted to. [ screams ] >> reporter: and the other lane place no one was standing was that philly cheese steak stand. as the giants lost the lead in the 5. regained it in the 6. philly tied it into the 8. fans learned the true meaning of tumper. >> we are going to -- of torture. >> we are going beat them.
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>> we will torture anybody who tries to come at us. >> reporter: then with a sacrifice fly in the 9, all fans could do was scream. >> number one baby, number one. >> number one. >> we ain't stopping till we reach the stop. we are going the world series. >> world series. >> world series, yeah. >> one more win. >> one more win. [ screams ] >> let's go giants. let's go giants. >> yeah! >> reporter: now, although the giants have three more games in which they need to win just one to advance to the world series, many fans say they think tim lincecum can beat the phillys tomorrow in san francisco, let the giants advance without
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taking another trip to philadelphia. >> police are out in force, kron 4's reggie kumar tells us if crime has sparked. >> reporter: police vehicles are stationed right outside at&t park, police officers are also patrolling the area by foot and motorcycle. >> we have officers that have been deployed from the stations or assigned to the game, we also have officers there that are paid for by the giants. i have a higher visibility than normal. it is a prevention, most people when they see a cop they don't want to risk the chance of being arrested. we don't usually experience a lot of crimes with sports seasonherer in the city. most people that go to the
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games they go there to enjoy the game. there is alcohol consumed. we will experience a few fights. but normally not to the level where we can't control or separate the parties. >> reporter: they have made one arrest for ticket scalping. in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. big changes coming to the forecast a couple of storms take aim at the bay area. [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55?
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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some surprises from apple today. apple held a news conference showing off a new kind of laptop. gabe was there and shows us how they are very different from anything on the market now. >> reporter: so we asked, what would happen if a mack book and
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an ipad hooked up? >> well, this is the result. it's one of the most amazing things we have ever created. it is our new mack book air and we think it's the future of notebooks. the are two new mack book airs. they are the first on the market to not have a hard drive build in. the result, makes them thin and light weight. makes them silent, makes no noise and improved the battery life. they can last 30 days on stand by. they should stay cool to the touch like the ipad and feature instant on.
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track pad giving you justier control. it is apple's first attempt at a net book size. $1,000. the 13.3-inch is $1,300. both are on sale now. gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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president obama will be in the bay area tomorrow and his vizset all about the november election. as rob explains, the president's trip will help raise cash for his fellow democrats. >> reporter: the president will be here for less than 24 hours but democrats are hoping there will be more cash as election
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day approaches. departing for southern california. one of the rund raisers is to defendant the democratic national committee and the other is to benefit [ inaudible ]. the vizset all business. no public appearances are planned. unless you are willing to write a check you will probably not see him. >> it's the way politics works now. >> i don't think it's fair, actually. if you have lots of money you can run for it. >> if you got a big name, go for the big bucks. >> reporter: the presidents was going appear in san francisco but then these fundraisers were moved here so as to not disrupt traffic for the giants game.
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the red cross set up shelter for residents displaced by a fire. officials say this four story building on hyde street was destroyed in the fire. the cause still under investigation. nightclub where wherea shooting occurred this here has din shut down. today a judge ordered club suede closed. this is video from back in february. lawson haul was killed outside the club. a home invasion may be connect to a speak in similar crimes in the area. the latest happened at 10:30 last night. the victim cold us children were at home when the crime occurred. >> everybody had to cooperate. >> reporter: jason says 12
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family members, including his three-year-old brother and 70- year-old grandmother all had to cooperate with two abdomen gunman around 10:30 p.m. tuesday night. >> had a gun to the bark of my head. asked me where is the money. i said there is no money. the two suck spects took money from wallets and purses. >> so he made us strip. >> reporter: jeff talks about possible connections to similar crimes. >> right now it's too early to determine if it's connected to other home invasion robberies. we have seen a spike in home invasion robberies. we will take a look at all the robbies that have taken place
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in the city and we will put our officers where the crimes take place. tomorrow is the state's annual earthquake drill, the great california shake out. encouraging people to stop, cover and hold. a voice message will follow indicating a test is under way. big changes coming into the forecast. dense fog and drizzle expected close to the coast line. increasing cloud cover. 3:00 p.m., cooler, breezy, as the first in a series of storms take aim that bay area. there is the first storm, breaking apart as it approaches. another one on its heels and
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will hit us tomorrow. giants game should say dry. scattered, light, you can see not organized into friday morning. it's always gone. friday stays dry. saturday, remember that one on the heels of this one, that moves in. in the north bay continuing through the morning hours and into the afternoon. 7 7 -- a chance of rain lingering into monday morning, things staying cool through the forecast. the giants are one win away from the world series. gary is upnext with highlights and reaction from game 4. don't move. @
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all right, good evening, the giants are one win away
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from the world series. dusty baker is back, maybe. buster posey 1-11 in the series, four hits tonight. and the giants have a 2-0 lead in the third. watch madison, pretty good. 5th, aaron makes a great tag, throw to limit the damage to one run. santiago prim pressed -- impressed. he gives it up to polanco. phillys have the lead, 6th inning, giants come right back. sandoval been idle in till
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tonight. delivering the good here. biggest hit of his career. the giants have the lead 5-4 and the place is rocking. romo out of the bullpen, two bad performances against atlanta. gives it up to worth, just fair down the line and the game is tied 5-5. romo gets out with no further damage. here is juan. didn't hit him, hit the bat they say, he got another chance to swing. slides in and buse bochy's team, decided underdogs win 6- 5. they can wrap it up tomorrow. vernon with more. >> reporter: one sign can say it all, it's torture and we
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love it. to the locker room. >> best out you ever made? >> yeah. oh, yeah. right now? oh, yeah. >> you never know, tim has been great but that guy is such a stud out there. this is a big game. >> reporter: this 1985, 13 teams, 3-1nlcs lead and only two failed to close. at the ballpark, vernon, kron 4 news sports. >> tomorrow's match-up may trump what happened saturday. linseical verbs halladay, 4:57, turn to kron throughout the game for coverage. >> the yankees headed back to
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texas for game 6. nick swisher jumps on one, robinson cano jumps on one and all c.c. sabathia has to do is strand a lot of guys. the yankee offense more than enough. washington no answer today. 7-2 yankees. they resume in arlington on saturday. if necessary game 7 sunday also in texas. the earthquakes beat u.s.a. 3-0. [ inaudible ] has a club record 17 goals out of the 33 goals scored. real quick, let me show you this guy, james harrisen. said he is so disgusted forgetting fined that he is considering retirement. the nfl is coming down hard on
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the head to head tackles. he won't even miss a practice. >> good night. put more money in the classroom. more charter schools. jerry brown? his union backers want to make it nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. they oppose reform. oppose charter schools. oppose change. jerry brown: no changes in education. meg whitman: more money in the classroom. more charter schools. a chance for change.
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more charter schools. ["knock on wood" playing] every five minutes, chase pays for someone's eligible credit or debit card purchase. [beep] chase picks up the tab. it could be you. chase picks up the tab.


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