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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 21, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, auriemma let farmers a lot going on today we have game 5 of the championship series, president barack obama coming in to town, weekend approaching let's get the latest on the forecast with mark. >> should your right for the game tonight. live look at the golden gate, quiet, not much may be some showers, the ball careened coming in for the weekend. temperatures are in the
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'50s, 63 oakland, 54 livermore and fremont. storm tracker 4 or, remember the rain we had left left sunday that storm was just been sitting over the west, look to their rainshowers around las vegas, phoenix, showers down to san diego as well. those stores over chalet where we're watching is the storm is coming in. you see those clouds that the storm that to come in later this afternoon. chances are rain back of tomorrow few scattered showers possible with the rain is really for the weekend. this afternoon, clouds will be on the increase about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. has region in 59 to 60. upper 60s to the and the knees bay. the sunshine muezzin into the clubs that enough. tonight
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may be a shower or two, not much. friday a few scattered showers. carter, scattered showers. 5:00 in the morning and replace some scattered showers. the real rain i think is right to come in around 6:00. rain again in the forecast for sunday wet weekend ahead. there may be a showers tonight, and looks like rain mainly saturday afternoon evening into sunday, not downpours are rain on and off. update on traffic, erica. >> quiet spot for you thursday morning commute note from sarah in the bay, a quick bridge check, quiet conditions as you make your way towards the toll plaza no proms up the incline or to the s curve. eight
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minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. here red december sale is looking good, you can see those taillights headed in the commute direction towards foster city. that is traffic moving its way into hayward. no back up the torch was up 12 minute is from end to end. quick look at the golden gate just a couple cars in camera shot traffic is moving up the limit, goodspeed's of from marin county. no arms on the stand. james >>. another recall for tying up. they're saying they are recalling a million and a half lexus avalon and other models. this is a picture, there recalled more than 10 million cars or last year for a variety of problems including the sticky gas pedal. the jets are one win away from return to the world series and the fate of
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the team rinsed in tampa looks succumbs hands. it was not an easy or tree was a dramatic game the giants needed big games from their young guns to take a 3-1 lead. bottom of the third promise to out, one man on, deep left center. that scores of trees from first, the giants with the lead, 2- roll. bottom six, san francisco down 4-3. coming through the deep had to senegal's or to do and give the giants a 5-4 lead. here is, i and the ball, sending a pop fly at left field, that brings them home. not bad, there he is coming rows from play the giants win game 46-5831 lead over the phillies. take a listen
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>>. i got butterflies many also forming but it is all worth because we never lost focus. from the first which are run was jumping around, we're getting nods, the crowd is going nuts. >> i felt comfortable putting him at the plate he's come through so many times rest. there was, jensen and 65, the suspect in the month tonight, game 5 and means to go to the world series will see dance fans have their fingers crossed on that, giants fans are very excited, jot kron4 straws and bloom was that at&t bart. if
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>> with each game to expand their rare deer. and the beards get long-term record >> i have been growing in three hours. >> summer surprise because they stood because that too. others because they wanted to. daly plays no one was standing is at the cheese steak stand. of the giants regained it in the six unfairly sided 78. chileans learned as they will torture and when he tries to get mad as. >> source of a slide in the
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bottom of the ninth, the fog horn blow an offense did restraint. number one baby #y >> and. we're going to the world series. >> world series baby. >> one more win. one more wave (applause) and. (applause) >> it of course will have continuing coverage of the giants, now a decision 2010 president barack obama will be in the bay area today and his visit is all about november elections. the presence whirlwind trip will help raise cash for his fellow run >> is. the president will be here in the bay area for less than 24 hours the democrats are hoping once
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he's gone there be a bit more cash in campaign as alleged in their approaches. air force one is expected to touch bennett sfo thursday afternoon. from there hill had to the peninsula for their fund-raisers. before departing the bay area for seven california friday morning. one of those fund- raisers is reporting a $30,000 a share for the democrat national committee and early supporter rama. the aba of is it is all business, no public appearances are planned so unless you're really george check your problem not to get to see a >> him. that is the way politics works, all this is controlled by money. >> i and its share of your lots of money you can run if you don't you cannot. >> big name, go for the big bucks. >> initial the president is
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an appearance san francisco but then his recruitment let not to destroy a chapter to the but jordan's game. >> today is the state's annual earthquake drill the great california shake up pop. of course are the reactivated at 10:21 a.m. as part of the drill encouraging people to stop, cover, a voice message will follow indicating the test is underway all strains was stopped for barter minute, 7.8 million people have sent it to purchase paid it a lot of school participating. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go outside i want to give you a quick look as we go, james lick, headlights having set run on 101. we'll be right back.
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.: urban exudates about a 20 percent chance, at between thursday and friday 68 degrees about as warm as it gets, low sixties around the bay, 56 closed for cooling and of the three head towards the weekend, saturday, sunday a better chance of rain around the bay more detailed look coming yet. american airlines' stock futures are up after a rally yesterday traders are happy this morning the report shows that china's economic growth slowed for second quarter and a row. meanwhile the labor department their reports on a new claims for unemployment analysts are looking for a drop last week also to the conference board will relieve its leading
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economic indicators. its use to predict where the economy will be. san as a base ebay is reporting its profit climbed 22% while revenue rise slightly. so look for those changes to come down, ebay shares are up about half a percent. meanwhile the overall administration got what it wanted from the federal appeals court in san francisco last night the court agreed to freeze a judge's order telling them to stop enforcing the ban on openly gay troops. that means the don't ask don't tell will not be thrown out just yet, the weather is wants to see that the only way to make that stick is to change the law. president barack obama said an earlier intervention during a policy will lead hurt the military. and after congress's work needed. first lady awarded a used writing program with
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the prestigious award, the first lady during a ceremony recognized writers for a june writing program for its achievement in engaging young people in the arts it received $10,000 in support. we'll take a break, we'll be back with a lot more news straight ahead, a live look as we go. we have barely a car coming across this ban this morning and the south bound direction. so far so good as i said a full check of your forecasts never far.
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and here at the latest court on whether, mark is standing by that. good morning. >> waiting for the rain to come back, and the forecast of bennett to days, a chance of showers may be a shared kerman looks at the rain is really coming for the weekend. citing a, a cooling
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off will be the story for today friday rain showers, backing off little bit for the most part cloudy, may be a charge you're there. 7 morning a few shares the balkans during comes later in the day after 4:00 p.m. that will continue on and off through sunday. let's take look at storm tracker 4, acquired for now. as he see the storm from last sunday's bring in some rainshowers from losses rose. cards are short, it will thicken up and move on in. rainfall, and i deny nubia north bay shower sliding through. a few spots that will be wet. then is a maker way through friday, a dryer, there could be a charter to friday then the rain really on saturday, 5:00 a.m.. mainly on san
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mateo up to the north. scattered showers, the rain really starts to envelop from 3:00 on. will see most of the rain saturday afternoon and sunday. temperatures are in the '50s to 63, out towards livermore upper 60s in these bay. not a bad day. the suns general public does appear later in the afternoon as the crowds increase. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. may be ishtar about a 20 percent chance. reiter is saturday afternoon. erica. >> we're not tracking any problems except for this fog advisor 3 here red highly 17, if you're gonna take 17, a deal where the may want to watch your speeds. on to
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creek project, and these dummies the conditions here the bay bridge toll plaza known problems whatsoever for westbound 80 ride. san mateo also looking pretty good. traffic is flowing freely it both directions. all lanes open, and no back about the toll plaza. looking quickly at the golden gate bridge, just a couple cars on the road moving at a limit. here red in nevada city limits 24 minutes. highway 37 cheese bay, the manager. at restorer reread westbound 80 a bit of company in those headlights, james. >> the giants are one win away from returning to the world series the fate of the team rests in a cable which indiana of ted lansdowne. last night back-and-forth, a struggle all the way to the end in the bottom of the
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nines the giants were able to grab the wind and grape from 4. tonight starts july after 5:00, we will be following it. san francisco police are out in force kron4 is reggie kumar tells us whether crime has spite inside europe said that the at&t part. >> about a dozen or so police vehicles are stations to ride it said at&t park, police officers are patrolling the stadium on foot and morse ago. the heavy police presence has been put in place to remind people right from wrong. >> we do have officers that are sent from the stations to the game. we also have offices there they're paid for by the giants. it is a deterrent was to go when they see it dropping uniform the not going to risk the chance of being
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arrested. we don't usually experience a lot of crimes was sports events in the city. i think most people that go to those games pay for their ticket they go there to enjoy the game. obviously there's some alcohol that is consumed will experience a few bites. but normally not still a level where we can't control or separate parties involved. >> besides that they've made one arrest for ticket scalping and some fans have been fighting over move for a good drunkenness in public. >> meanwhile a frightening home invasion in the space city may be connected to a spike of similar crimes in the area the latest have done is 20 straight around 1030 tuesday night the victim of this house evasion told us that children are home when the crime occurred. >> 12 manley members
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including his three year-old brother and seven year-old grandmother all but to cooperate with two armed gunmen remained in their home around 10:30 p.m. tuesday night he discards for >> happened. i had begun to the back of my head yes were the money was us that there's no money. there's no state there's nothing. if you want to find money checker on solid. they took his advice taking money from wallets and purses after forcing everyone in the house to take up their clothes before getting away >>. the minister. limited information obies spokesman says possible connections to similar crimes. >> right now it's too early to determine their was connected with other home invasion robberies in that area are investigators are following up, we have seen this guy again, invasion robberies. where are in command stop look at everything. among those
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attending which has been determined which will productivity >>. calling it one of the largest labor protest happening years the international long short whereas union announced its 1500 union members will not work saturday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. to attend a rally for oscar grants >>. >> we want this rally to be unified
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>> bread was the and aren't man shot and killed by former bart police officer he has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and is scheduled to be sentenced early next month his attorney is seeking a new trial. . he needs to be held accountable this messages to the world that we stand together this needs to be addressed we expect him to represent. they're entitled 61 should adopt a month. that is our joy is schedule for thursday but was moved to saturday's said they did take part in the rally. we
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invented a break as we go outside the shot from our camera, cool start to this thursday morning. another checked and your forecasts thursday morning. another checked and your forecasts coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé have taken center stage at mcdonald's. spun from real fruit -- in strawberry banana and wild berry. experience the intense and spectacular burst of fruit, starting at just $2.29. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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welcome back, and nice ride from one end to the other on the bay bridge, highway 92 traffic westbound that is your commute direction. looking alright from hayward to foster city again moving at the limit. one last look at the golden gate, a clear shot of this band, no far to speak of your red and set on 101 moving up the limit. chp has been out there reported no problems as to make your way down from novato to san francisco. easy commute. will keep an eye on it for the morning. surprises from apple yesterday the company held
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the news conference showing off a new laptop kron4 as tech reporter shows is how these new laptops are different from anything of their rain now. >> and so we asked ourselves what would happen if a mack truck and an ipad heart that. (laughter) well, this is the results. it is one of the most amazing things we have ever created. it is our new map but there, we think it's the future of note folks, >> there are near to, new ones, 11 points exist and 13, their first and to not have hard drive killed in the use flashers, the result of that it makes an incredibly thin and light weight have zero minutes and silent, no noise and
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improved battery life at buildings the last 30 days on standby with no hard drive dishes they cooled to the touch and not get hot. they feature instant on when you hit the carbon and you don't need to refer to grew up trackpad and giving you just control like the ipad, the 11.6 is the first jet of the net book sized notebook a lot of people have wanted something like this a smaller laptop it should do well. it's for is it a thousand dollars the bigger 13 in. $1,300 both models are on sale now, gabe slate, kron4 news. >> hundreds of students at a san mateo high school are sharing their support for gay teens they were purple yesterday as part of spirit is a nationwide campaign against anti-gay bullying they talk to kron4 about the community there. >> i'd think it's getting safer and safer, we recently
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did a survey 100 percent of the responders has improved. there's different signs of improvement within the school climate. i think we're happy that many, many students are being more and more aware of the implications of what they say. >> the campaign has drawn on lot of support your social networks. we'll take another break, we have more headlines straight ahead, will be outside to give you a quick look at these big camera, you're looking at traffic on 80 those headlights headed west boundary before the merge is the traffic in the background. looks pretty good. we'll get a detailed look to your continued injure weather coming up. >>
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security. so, who would want to privatize it? corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry,
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harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford. and we're back, live look from our rooftop camera, on this thursday let's just say we're in the press because of change. mark. >> good morning as we're watching the cut to ribbons the bay area we have little fog to report on highway 17 but for the most part bay area is below the cloud deck, clubs sickening up to the day today and wit that maybe a sprinkled tonight. just a chilly one out in the ballpark is at&t, watching storm tracker 4, a quiet for now, watching for any of the rain to move been nothing for lease the 12 hours, when
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tonight, maybe a shower to popping up. mainly dry today and tomorrow the threat of showers on friday. the rain comes in for saturday, sunday las vegas, l.a. more rain for the end of the storm we had on sunday it dropped down, as is an sitting here, more rain expected for san diego as well as l.a.. chance of rain pretty red and seven california law rather than it's been here in the bay, future cast, watching the storm is coming in is getting them in a few waves, future cast is showing a chance the rush- hour around 9:00 a.m. may be a sprinkler to overnight. maybe grab the umbrella for some insurance there could be a sprinkle cropping up here comes the rain moving in on saturday 5 a.m., rain in the north bay, rainshowers manley showering for a good part of saturday
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there's kind of popping up and noon on saturday it's really up to 3-4:00 saturday the see the rain starts to pick up in intensity rain overnight, heavy rain expected napa the santa rosa, looks at the rain will be around as we head toward sunday. watching the storm. here's the first part coming your way with the crowds increasing throughout the day. the jets a share after the baseball game. highs in the upper 50s, the mid-60s, few upper 60s for the '90s bay but noticeably cooler. the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. here comes the rain, jan the showers tonight, maybe a share friday, showers for the first time here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain for a second half saturday and then rain on sunday. let's go werke in the traffic center with more. >> tracking a couple of problems. thursday morning ride looking first at a grass fire northbound 101 before washington this is a petaluma. right hand in the
4:32 am
shutdown, you can see were still in the green, speeds of up to about 50 mi. per hour traffic is unaffected rain now. another problem, in los gatos, highly 17 a heavy fog advisory about directions a doubly watch your speeches you make your way cuties when the roads. close a home, pretty good condition steered the bay bridge, a couple more cars than i saw my last report but still easy conditions for westbound ride, no signs of and the overnight construction the metering lights still off. san mateo, still looking good, traffic is moving well in both directions across the span. wrapping up, a quick look at the golden gate, just a few cars on the road moving at the limit. james. >> let's talk baseball the giants now one win away from returns the world series and it all runs in the capable hands of tim led to come.
4:33 am
allows its victory was that an easy one on lot of trauma giants needed d games from their young density 31 lead in the series, bottom of the third, two outs, one man on. not one out to the deep left, or drop from first, the giants' lead to a roll. san francisco is now down 4- 3. curls comes through with a deep shot to center field, that was or to an area gives the giants a 54 lead. after the phillies tied the game and five. here's the pitch, and there's the shot, sending in a deep pop fly to left field, but that would link audrey have come in for the winning score. that's it, the giants went 6-5, game four as theirs. 31 lead over the phillies. and again
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next game tonight, first bridge electrify. new this morning every call, toyota are once again recalling of a million and a half lexis avalon and other models for break and fuel bomb there's a picture of detroit avalon. the recalled more than 10 million calls worldwide for a variety of problems including those gas bubbles. if you have an avalon is involved in this recall. president barack obama all be in the your member of his
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video crews are preparing to demolish the four story apartment building on high street there was gutted by this fire the red cross has set up a shelter for residents who were displaced 16 of the building's residents say they will stay in touch up your the red cast are expects up to 50 of its revenge for use it, causing the fire still under investigation. other developing story the sandron a gas line is version governor schwarzenegger has signed into law a bill the bride's to rise faster refunds to the families and businesses affected by the disaster the solution and fire allows them to file a $7,000 property tax exemption even though their homes were damaged. victims
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can deduct income from lost wages and also ride the one- year reimbursement for san mateo county and the city of san bruno as low as local schools, since the explosion is still under investigation the state will not do for the money until the responsible party is named. today is the state's annual earthquake drill the great california shake out. you'll hear outdoor sirens, activated about 10:21 a.m. a across the street. it is car part of the drug is encouraging people to stop, cover, hold that it wanted to do a voice message will be broadcast indicating the test is underway. some hospitals and other first responders will stage more palaver in moscow to the exercises complete research and rescue and people posing as a figure victims, bart will stop all trains for about a minute or so. some
4:38 am
7.8 million people have signed up to participate. keeping an eye and the market, pretty good day yesterday, nice rally today's stock futures are looking pretty good there operate now, traders are happy this morning to you and your reporter out of china showing that economic growth has slowed for second quarter in a row there been some worry that china's economy is going too fast this good news for investors. the labor department reports and new claims for unemployment, looking for a drop. the conference board releases the september index of leading economic indicators which the use to predict where the economy will be. on that note, we'll take a break, back with more and a moment. let's go inside a quick look from james like, camera showing you pretty good flow.
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. and we're back. a quick look of the forecast, as
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they, cold mark cooler and even cooler for the weekend. chance of rain is building between now and saturday used to get a 20 percent chance in the overnight hours from thursday-friday better chance of it here in the weekend, temperatures for today mid to upper 60s in the low sixties around the bay, low 50s at the close, as they said chile as we head toward saddam, it. mark will be up with a detailed look coming up. other headlines, let's talk election coverage you probably seen the onslaught of new political alliance with accusations being tossed between candidates make woodmen and jerry brown. they're going back and forth some of the ad speak the truth some not so much. political experts here says that as about women may be based on fact better also interpreted in the screw right. >> we shared james crockett two very recent tv ads by jerry brown. about mid
4:41 am
equipment this one shows an unflattering animated version bringing up at goldman sat still. the five circuits may be accurate by relating them to how they will perform his governors more or damage. >> unflawed navistar, she is a rich ceo who is really understand what is going on. should they get an airplane. everyone looks small. >> met peril. ms. spero. >> shirring repeated platitudes broken by governors for its vigor reply she has no new ideas. obviously stated their of of contact. >> your highly editing this. it's the way you use it. the
4:42 am
taking of the context. >> the fact around the table are designed it influence how voters in terms of them. >> according to the median analysis group women has spent 54 million, but that suggests a drop in the bucket for what is shaping are to be the most expensive midterm election in history. pam moore has more. >> there creek, dirty, hard to miss. the last 13 days of the campaign has seen a huge jump in attack ads. what they're trying to reach 02 is a very small sliver of voters. maybe 5 percent in some states. take a look at this map which shows how many hours or political ads of viewers were bombarded with last week. las vegas 6020, la santa as 5098
4:43 am
portland, orlando and cleveland all over 5000 net is an 18% increase from the week before. >> that was kron4 stammer reporting by the end of the year the total of ways for political ads is expected to reach a record $3 billion. we're going to take a break, more ahead of the kron 4 morning news, let's go outside another live look if we can from our golden gate bridge camera traffic at a grin is moving fairly well not allow the company had there. we'll be right back.
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andrea back, san francisco is putting pressure on hundreds of new salons to stop using products that contain known toxin. a new law that helps consumers decide. >> with nearly 200 nails salons in san francisco only a handful are considered nontoxic. that could change
4:45 am
city sue rows across the nation a republic recognized those missile lines or voluntarily discontinued using products targeted chemicals. some are street is too had years of her decision standard polish for this nontarget ran paul sartre. >> to the people who were no price is a huge issue. we do really seriously we go on our staff or clients reading in talks account pounds. many chemicals are fighting their products that can be especially harmful to bring their women. some of the symptoms associated headaches, nausea and asthma manicures are disposed of along. >> you do notice for your help in the mausoleum makes a big difference. when you know you're dealing with grain products thereof here for you. for consumers to rather knots never harsh chemicals are the unknown?
4:46 am
>> salons that charges the rate will have a detail to prove that made the change, the good news even without the toxic trio dressed funny as pressure grows to choose from. >> let's get the latest word on whether, changes on the way as we head towards the weekend mark was a breakdown. >> good morning, another week and more rain. a live look over sand and discussing some crowd started to gather they will thicken throughout the day, clouding up, a cooling off for this thursday may be ishtar late tonight but we should be fine for the giants game friday may be a few showers around i don't think it's going to be much. saturday rainshowers a better day the rain really develop saturday night in descended. and looks like it will be wet on and off sunday will be the overall wet day. but i wouldn't discount rain on saturday either. strong trucker, quiet, waiting for the rains come in rain and seven
4:47 am
california scattered showers their expected for friday and saturday. as we move, share your coming, fiat said that giving up that could do was a night and sharp. it will roster of the more rain than for the weekend. storm of showers today, dry, no rain coming up, after 5:00 a.m. the first bridge for the game. friday, none is picking up much of the way of rain, a pop or charge here with a lot of crowds. here comes the rain on saturday shatters in the north bay, scattered showers for saturday. bring to pick up the intensity and then here comes the real storm. 6:00 a.m. rain and melting the bay area to the heavier rain moderate-heavy noon on saturday. from the golden gate bridge to the north heavier around a central bay
4:48 am
from noon-5. slowly clearing out by sunday. wet weather, i wouldn't discount ever saturday, rain on and off the heavier rain on sunday. bay area, a lot of clouds. 55 san jose, 56 concord in antioch. cooler than the rest is up to new highs in the upper 50s, mid- 60's around the bay, upper 60s to the lowest in the spot. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. a chance of a shower later this evening, the jets a shower on friday, probably friday rain on and off. more moderate to heavy rain on sunday. erica has an update on traffic. >> thank you, the concern we're dealing with is a heavy fog advisor in both directions on highway 17 you can see speeds are good rain now you may want to slow down a bit as you make your way to those winding roads be aware that in both
4:49 am
directions of highway 17 closer home, traffic is moving pretty well, and no promise of the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is building in the westbound direction but still moving at a limit coming from all approaches and a minute trip from the foot of the maze george fremont. your ride coming-martinez to the maze clucking in a 17 minute ride. smith going at the san mateo bridge, you can see those taillights heading towards foster city, a red lights coming towards you making their way into hayward, jackie pretty deal ideal drive time 13 minutes for men to end. note back of the toll plaza. your read the golden gate still quiet, just a few cars on the road moving at the limit. wrapping up a quick shot across town james lick, you can see those headlights heading towards the peninsula, your read from the 10180 split is an ideal 13 and a ride. james. >> thank you, a ground-
4:50 am
breaking ceremony was of yesterday for the oakland airport connector project bringing it one step closer to bringing reality we have video while an animation of what the connector will look like. it is expected to be somewhere in the year 2014 maureen kelly it tells about the jobs of this rogers will bring. >> a lot of construction or for sure that at the groundbreaking, that's because there's a rather more excitement about the number of jobs spring brought this project which is estimated to be in 20 505,000 jobs. but over the next three years, and about 600 of those are construction jobs. the attraction agreement to ensure that a big chunk of that work will be done by local people. 25 percent will be done by a people living in oakland another 25 percent by people living in the area serviced by bart.
4:51 am
there is also a special emphasis on hiring entry- level workers the construction apprentices from here in east oakland or this project is being built. that is to help ensure that this area gets a boost from the multimillion dollar project. >> parking at the giants jettied jim game comes at a premium of course prefer some people parking will cost as livermore as stanley roberts shares as in this edition of people being badly. >> will stand head to at&t bart to watch the 2 digit game undercover to permit a parking and traffic officers were harder work to hit people in this using disabled slackers. the driver of the gold lexus was using her mother-in-law's piker. she also floss'
4:52 am
increase but the intent of the ticket which did not work. one for the expired meteor and yet another one misuse of the blacker because your mother-in-law's that your >>. officers or also in in the tens parking lot. there were three men in the checked it seats four. the of the sea has a nice gesture, when questioned is manuela here? apparently a bullet to the present is 81 your grandmother he claims that she is inside a parked >>. after a long conversation with the passenger it was clear he could that produces 81 year- old grandma. the driver was issued two tickets one for $827 for the misuse and $355 for parking in the blues' zone because of his car.
4:53 am
that is basically a parking space for adjustor a loan under dollars. san resister, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> and of course getting a piece of the giants' playoff run tons of debris half the price tag but fans are finding a way to scratch get enough money to get their hands on a ticket. >> to under dollars apiece for the bleachers. >> hard to get tickets. i paid out the yin yang to get a ticket, even for tomorrow. that's the deal. >> i do have one for tomorrow i'm looking for another. for my wife. how much you willing to spend >>? turner and $50 at the baron >> next month. well tickets for tonight's game with his schedule will allow the 5:00 start at a hundred and $50 and like all of those people did like getting your hands
4:54 am
on one. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. let's go outside to be in a live look guys ago and a shot from these big camera in albany traffic on 80 is moving well. those of those headlights headed from albany in down berkeley.
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was meant to draw attention to the volatility of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. here's a live look that at&t part, we're waiting for game 5 to get under way tonight at 5:00 p.m. we had a dramatic win yesterday in game 4 if you missed it stick around we'll have highlights coming up.
4:58 am
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and we're back, ibm top stories if you drive a toyota be aware of the car maker is recalling 1.5 million vehicles worldwide, we will tell you why and what models coming out, president barack obama will be in the bay area as he helps fellow democrats. the giants did one win away from heading to the world series highlights from last night's game in just a moment. first what the object of the forecast. a live look from the golden gate, market standing by with the latest. >> and no one come back to come and 3 t coming in with storms moving in the first run with this week in the nice weather that we have had, now one is coming in this evening, let's take a look at the forecast dry but surely at the ballpark any chance of rain showers should be after nine-ton rock. could see if you
5:01 am
rainshowers during the day on friday it is on saturday that the rain really develops rain is expected through the day although we will have some showers bay area wide during the day on saturday meanwhile, cloudy skies for the most part around the bay, temperatures reaching 58 to 63, 53 san jose a chilly 48 degrees in los gatos in the mid-50s out toward santa rosa clouds of tear girdle sunshine we talk about the three punches, here's the first this and just what we can the nice weather. that sets the stage for the second and third coming in over the weekend what we're expecting there you see the first then ran out for the north coast around 5:00 for us dry them as they may be a shower. a special north of the golden
5:02 am
gate overnighted to early friday and then as the friday-saturday here's the second punch, rainfall around the bay mainly from a saturday, a chance of showers to the day 9:00 a.m. stars around the bay sticking around to the afternoon, the real crunch coming in on sunday that is really received a broker of the rainfall rain all day sunday heavy at times from noon-5 slowly clearing out sunday into monday looks like the second weekend in a row with a very wet sunday around the bay. highs in the upper 50s '60s, cooler than yesterday but then would get some sunshine into the early afternoon. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. may be a few showers overnight into friday scattered on and off sunday. let's get an update on the queue with their >> care. thank you, free of hot spots, pretty clear conditions but one concern i am tracking is a heavy fared
5:03 am
advisory issued in both directions at the summit. this is highway 17 dudley watch for speeds. especially in those wide roads as you make your way in an era of los gatos. no problems to report, very easy conditions here at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is flowing freely coming from all approaches the metering lights still cycle of, not seeing any signs of money overnight road work. enjoy that drive time of about eight minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze towards fremont san francisco, easy to foster city and hayward you can see those taillights heading westbound on the left-hand side that is traffic moving into hayward, no drums to reported in either direction still not see any back up but was up. still quiet at the golden gate just a couple cars on the road moving at the limit, down in the subway not tracking in the hot spots yet you can see those red lights headed
5:04 am
in the southbound direction only a few taillights making their way up to me that could drive time. as you make your way up toward santa clara. a quick check on public transit it does look like part from a street in muni are rerun time. james. >> breaking news coming of san jose police are attempting to arrest a wanted suspect shot that officers or earlier this morning and is now refusing to get better of his vehicle off with a map showing where we're talking about. rate their that intersection it happened about 408 this morning where we had a again in the area of seven ira and their way officers attempted to stop a wanted suspect who had fled from police earlier that suspect who was in a vehicle opened fire as they attempted to contact him this is according to the officers on the scene. one officer injured from broken ross. the incident is
5:05 am
ongoing employees again are attempting to negotiate with the suspects to get him to come out of his vehicle will fall the story get more formation shirley. also following the giants, that is again the big water cooler story of the day, one win away from a return to the world series tonight it rests on the shoulders of world really in the hands of tamil to come, he'll be on the mound for the giants last night was not easy it was a real back-and-forth with a nail biter for the giants they needed the win. and they got it. the bottom of the shirt third to roads, double to deep left, that would secure from first giants in the lead to-toe, bottom of the sixth the giants would be down 4-3 that is when they came through again with a big hit, deep center, scoring two more runs gives the giants a 5-4 lead. after the
5:06 am
phillies tied the game we go to the bottom of the ninth, rory facing what now, bloom 80 pop fly to left filled, sacrifice fly but that would be all that they need to come in from third and scored. and that will win the game came forgoes the giants. so we lead the series 3-1. we will hear more from cnn's in the stands last night to get to more news foster let's go live to the part where we have a jackie sissel standing by. jackie everyone will be talking about the place yesterday. there was really in a double >> order. classic last night i think that will be a game that will remember for very long time. ever the fans you can see lights are still ron at at&t park i am sure to
5:07 am
let the gates open the fans from last night's games would still be in there. absolutely exciting game last night. that put the giants up to three games to one meaning they only need one more game to cleanse the pennant and put them in the world series. obviously they're hoping tonight is the night. we talked about a jim is going against roy holiday, re now this city is so captivated by the giants this place is going to be a ground zero giants' favor today. i can only imagine what it's gonna be like, the game starts at 5 i wouldn't be surprised if you start to see those giants flames rolling in, i had to give her party were early in the morning but the gains and then some 9:00 i was i able to close my eyes and from midnight, a lot of people will we run in the sleeper of their eyes but it feels a
5:08 am
lot better when you get a w. >> normally i clocked out at 7:00 i was up to the past nine watching i could i turn off. once the game's over what you do, your shot of adrenaline that you can't just turn off the light is said it was so unexpected for the giants to go through this this season that i think it's all gravy for the giants fans, obviously they're so close they want to see them it has been such an exciting ride and a really kind of captured the imagination of stanford's record despite the disorder continued as red as long as they can again i can only imagine what betsy look like tonight if we do get the win it is going to be mass hysteria. jackie. jackie's giving is that live look, we will visit with him throughout the morning. as jackie said we've got licit come on the mount royal
5:09 am
holiday for the phillies. the system seems to be taking tonight's game just like any of >> there. purchase like any game. like i have been here to rise. attrited the relaxed and keep myself together we notified as to those games, every zeroth in a matter. it's one of those singsong were i think we're more comfortable when those close games. sometimes you'll see those pretty good year relaxed and ministers to hurt your i would say we play really well and as high stress games. tonight's game, game five starts allowed to fire crocker, keep it in here for the latest on all of that. we'll take a break, back with more of today's news in just a bit >>.
5:10 am
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is a reason in the south bay please stand opposite as we get more details that will come to. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. . ent" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor.
5:15 am
5:16 am
he worked his whole life, served his country defending our freedoms, and depends on social security. so, who would want to privatize it? corporate lawyer david harmer. harmer's social security privatization plan would cut guaranteed benefits and gamble with social security on wall street. while we worry, harmer's wall street friends would make billions in profits from privatization. david harmer. a social security privatization plan we can't afford.
5:17 am
and we're back, new for you this morning and other real culprit try out of the auto maker is recalling 1.5 million alexas avalon and other models worldwide about 740,000 are here in the u.s., the cars could have prompted their brakes and fuel comes. no accidents reported as of yet owners of any of these vehicles will be notified by mail. it recalled 10 million tires a worldwide for problems including those infamous sticky gas pedals. president barack obama will be in the bay area his visit of course will be all about the election he's attending to private fundraisers one at palo alto and the other in alton. one of those fund- raisers is a $30,000 ahead fair to bennett fred d. democratic national committee the other for san francisco da who is running for state attorney general
5:18 am
for the president does not plan and making any public appearances in fact he will be in and out heading to seven california tomorrow. i never did on bay area weather waiting for the storms to come in on fortunate wet weather is on tap a live look for the weekend pretty quiet out there we do has some clouds around but there is some sunshine, a drive for the baseball game tonight may be a few showers tonight. the bulk is coming for saturday and on sunday smith ran now no real problems of mild warning was an early clouds out there 58 in san disco, 63 oakland, 53 san jose, watch in the stores that are coming choir rain now still some rain over toward las vegas and that was our storm from sunday it has been sitting in spending very heavy rain on monday. they see more shares showing up.
5:19 am
so right about here some rain from st. springs. that storm will affect them for the next three-four hours for us watching the storm areas offshore quiet for today and think after 9:00 they will get a few rainshowers it will not be much, this is just a first storm coming through to prime up the atmosphere may be moist and up for some rain to come in. 5:00 first pitch of the game dry, maybe some sprinkles into the north bay friday, thursday and friday. maybe just a scattered showers. saturday the rain moves in the first wave was the rainshowers midday break, more rain saturday sunday it will feature the heaviest rain and as we see from noon-5 as the yellow shows up. moderate-heavier and heavier rain. sunday's rain totals will be little more than
5:20 am
last sunday's. what weather, on and off. today clouding up but we will get some sunshine upper 50s at the close 59 san francisco upper 60s for the warmest in one spot is cooler than yesterday may be showers tonight, maybe if you on friday some rain thread into saturday scattered showers throughout the day saturday into the afternoon, rain heavy at times on sunday. erica. >> potential hot spot westbound 80 an overtone of vehicle currently brought in the second lane from the left that is near university as you wait make your way through berkeley. traffic is fine here we are hearing reports of delays as you make your way toward university ave. be aware of that. other bay area traffic in good shape, once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza no back here traffic is nice and light. no problems from the approach is still about eight minutes from the foot of the
5:21 am
macarthur maze towards fremont. if you're thinking about taking san mateo it is a pretty easy ride, traffic is building in the westbound direction towards foster city but still keeping pretty good times of 14 minutes from end to end wraping up here's a quick look at the golden gate, traffic is nice, light headed southbound your ride from novato toward city limits 24 minutes highway 37 over to the east bay on 580 is a good trip. james. another update on decision 2010 and a new poll finding that jerry brown is a head in the california governor's race a public policy institute found brown has an eight point lead against make equipment. he leads woodmen 3436, among latinos and brown has 51 percent of their support that's despite the aggressive targeting. women also appear to favor brown. men and white voters
5:22 am
are divided. in the race for u.s. senate barbara boxer is bleeding to parlay feria 43 to 38% that means an edge has fallen since last month. support for legalizing marijuana may be going up the public policy institute finds that 44 percent surveyed backed the membership. 49 percent oppose. 7 percent undecided the same poll last month found proposition 19 leading by 11. with an identical percentage undecided we will keep you covered as we head towards the elections kron4 and will have everything you need to keep abreast. breaking news story of a san jose, more information coming up here is a map showing you what we're talking about there is a police standoff with a suspect, he apparently
5:23 am
opened fire we have one injury reported more on this. my mercury moment happened when i parked near the castle at "medieval knight fest".
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we're back, a developing story prosecutors could soon wrap up their case against army psychiatrist focus on, he's accused of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage last year these are court sketches witnesses talked about the end of that 10 minute shootout and how it for the been much worse army investigators testified about finding caring and hundred inserted by uninspired rounds it will determine whether or not he will stand trial on 32 counts of premeditated and 13 counts of murder. the people dead, wounded after a bomb ripped through passenger bus in the philippines no one claimed responsibility for this bombing this out of the philippines is home to kidnappers, extortion games
5:27 am
and decades old muslim pierre insurgency. they expect the outcome bart extortion game saying the best company had been targeted for extortion in the past meanwhile clashes continued between police and protesters over presidents are kerseys attempt to raise the retirement age to date you have overturned a car and bottles at the city protesters have blocked by schools around the country and blockaded the airport. we will take a break and come back with the latest on the breaking news story out of the san jose area we a map to assure you, standoff and a shootout between police and the suspect is barricaded himself inside a car more on the story in a minute.
5:28 am
5:29 am
and we're back, 5:30 a.m. more and a developing story action breaking news at this at present is the police are
5:30 am
at the scene of a standoff that was a shootout between the suspect and officers it is happening right here at the intersection of seven away and away again in san jose will question give you a better way of the land, there is king, attali right nearby this location were basically the police chase ended it began in 408 officers tried to coerce suspects he joe roth and then they cornered him at this intersection at one. the suspects opened fire we have reports of release one officer suffering injuries and for broken glass but nothing more severe, at this point that a standoff situation that called the negotiators their trend coax the person out of that car in hopes that he will surrender peacefully but this point they're not having much luck yuli is headed that way we hope to get a live report from the scene momentarily which is one of fletcher now we are following that keep it in here kron4 for more details
5:31 am
as it develops. also falling the giants that is the other big news items. we're just one win away from returning to the world series and the fate of the future of the giants are on the shoulders of him, lotta pressure and it was not an easy win at at&t part of the giants needed to win, got it but it was a battle. two-out, one man on cluster doubles to deep left center, that would score audrey from first. the giants' lead to-0 bottom of the fifth, san francisco is down 4-3. steps to the kate paye, a boom very witty as a double to deep center, that was store to a better yet give the giants a 5-4 lead after the phillies tied the game at 5 goethe the bottom of the ninth and it all came down to this right phrasing want and here's our then did. the giants win 65. that
5:32 am
was half coming in for the winner of that sacrifice like the giants stadium for final score 6-5, 31 lead in the series and you can imagine everyone just went berserk. let's go live to at&t park jackie sissel is standing by with a look at what is now way very quiet ballpark. good morning. you can see lights are still on i'm sure they would let them stay the fans probably would still be inside at&t part. i mean as a giant san all you can say is about. that was an all-time great game. as far as the giants in giants fans are concerned that will be one that goes down in the history books as far as transco. there are three
5:33 am
games-one. but they've got another one to close it out tonight about rob hours from now game 5. it will take place with lin succumb on the hill. and the phillies ace or roy holiday going for the phillies obviously been a fight, scratch, trying get back to philadelphia but let's start of last night's game. all-time great. it was one of those you could not turn off. for anybody is watching now at 5:33 a.m. it is proudly still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes the you could not turn a profit to almost 9:00. over three hours. every pitchmen something then the giants were able to call of of in the bottom of the ninth and i am sure any of those giants fans to read a stepping get up early this morning just add an extra cup coffee to the ordinary
5:34 am
leges said it's about 11 1/2 hours till first pitch. and this place will be as they say of the chains. we're expected to see huge crowds and it is not just people who bought tickets to the game this place is kind of been the ground zero for giants fever people come down here with or without tickets if they win tonight wow!. the streets of san francisco will the route and i am sure that's what they're hoping for, the giants fans are enjoying this ride them want to continue. jackie is giving us that live look and of course last night's win came at the bottom of the ninth and that is typically when we have brian on the ground. fear the beard. he had a chance to talk to reporters he is no stranger. >> i mean i've got butterflies, anxiety, many also are warming but it is
5:35 am
all worth it because we never lost focus from the first pitch everyone is jumping around the office from gain comes on knots, the crowd is going nuts. >> we had the right guy at the plate he has come through so many times and get a ball he can handle get deep enough in the outfield. >> >> we're number one. #one date >>. we're going to the world series. world series bay via >> us. you see the fans there are the cavities to the world series in their mouth but of course to do that we have to get past the phillies won more time holly on the mound again the game five starts at or around 5:00 tonight keep it to and for the latest. in the
5:36 am
meantime the latest on the forecast, there was a threat of a sprinkler to but let's get the latest word >>. the rain should hold off until after the game with may be a sharp tonight, it will be colder than last night's game with the clouds rolling in the family up by the luck. around the bay area club starting to roll in temperatures reaching pro 58 to 63 in oakland. here is the first line clouds coming in all should get some sun coming through check this out, halfway around the world of show you what is coming with the clouds may be as ago tonight, here's the rainshowers possible for friday look at this moisture stretching halfway around the world, all coming in our direction, it starts to pick up some moisture from super typhoon tim mcgee. injecting china rain now some of the tropical moisture from this major typhoon, hurricane is
5:37 am
going to leak out and had halfway around world back to the bay area so we are in for some wet weather especially for the second half of the weekend, future cast forecast, try the big, just and clouds rolling in as we head towards tonight, a dry run the bay area. as we head towards the overnight hours may be a sprinkle into early friday morning. tomorrow lot of clouds, scattered showers, not a lot of shoring up. saturday is when the rain really starts to move in, 9 a.m. ran around the bay area rainshowers on and on saturday afternoon saturday will be more retardate, sending is where we see the steady rain, 6:00 a.m. today heavy rain from noon-5, citing its u.n. said is in a row. for today's huge crowds,. highs in the upper 50s. here is a look at your
5:38 am
7 day around the bay. may be charlie tonight and tomorrow may be a few showers on friday, rain saturday morning may be a midair break. rain again saturday afternoon. clearing slowly into next week. update on thursday with their cat. >> no more problems to report clear conditions, traffic moving well let the bay bridge toll plaza although it is building from the maze. metering lights are off. it in nine minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into san francisco. your ride from the courteous bridge to the macarthur maze 20 minute trip. if you're thinking of taking san mateo, 92 looks good in both directions those taillights heading towards foster city. 14 minutes from end to end. not seeing any back up but the toll plaza. still quiet at the golden gate, traffic nice, light i just checked road sensors traffic is moving well alter marin
5:39 am
county. give me that i do dry time of 23 minutes from novato toward city limits down towards the south bank not tracking any problems. traffic is building. no back up yet on the 87 interchange ride from downtown up toward santa clara still 15 minutes. james. foss >> we're going to take a break, as we go a quick update just a reminder we're falling a breaking news story out of the subway a live report headed to the scene, or we have an officer injured in a brief shootout with a suspect that suspect is held up inside or car it is a standoff situation an interesting development we is a standoff situation an interesting development we will have over and over again and same thing expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you.
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5:43 am
is the third decline in four weeks. the labor department's initial claims fell by 23,000 analysts were looking for a drop we will see if this doesn't give wall street a boost. meanwhile one last note san as they pleased ebay is reporting this third quarter profit climbed 22% while revenue rise slightly. the bay is in the middle of revamping its web site look for changes coming soon the bay shares are up in pre- market trading. to continental says it posted profits in the last quarter united airlines had a profit of about 387 million continental 3 and 54 million bowes posted losses earlier those to work for several companies ito october 1st and eventually they will be combined into a single airline which they will call united. we will be a break with more headlines read
5:44 am
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nearby san as the police are in a standoff with they wanted suspect we're following that one officer has been injured will have more details through the morning the president is going to be in town this afternoon he will be camping for fellow democrats will have more on his arrival as they endure torture to run morning. the giants game 5 today, the to a game for yesterday. the a lot of dom drama in yesterday's game highlights and a live report coming out. check on whether. >> weather forecast should be fine for today's game. cloudy, cool heard them last night's with a live look at the golden gate as we're watching the clouds mix from of morning a series of storms in practice over the next few days chance of
5:48 am
showers tonight. in tomorrow, scattered friday, rain on and off, heavier rain on sunday right now not to bad news about the door. warmer air down near the ground 58 in san francisco 63 in oakland 53 san jose. 52 the current temperature in napa. storm tracker 4 watching and waiting see if anything comes in off the coast quiet for now the first real chance or a shower after 9:00 in the north bay, watching the rain around las vegas. this is our storm from the class and is still bringing rain in l.a.. rain today in san diego heavy rain showing up in the phoenix area for us here is the first wave and a storm coming in mainly just clouds it will break down the high pressure nice weather we've had future cast rain fall showing in nine to nine and those of us
5:49 am
and light showers, that'll be the story on the day through friday. then he died saturday, friday late after monday morning. showers and the north bay around 8 around to noon, then you'll see a steadier rain develop around 3-4:00 on saturday continuing into sunday. sunday that is when the heavy rain sure this up, the day shift to a clouding of sunny breaks ties in the upper 50s to upper 60s to for the inland spots and then looking ahead may be scattered showers late tonight, a few scattered showers on friday, saturday rain early, rain again in the afternoon. then heavier rain is expected on sunday. an update on the commute. erica. >> thank you, new promontories out of 680 rate
5:50 am
after industrial parkway a car hit one of the san burrows so there is san scattered along the lanes. definitely be aware of that in the meantime caltrans is on the way to clean it up. bay area traffic, getting busier but still in good shape, a couple more headlights' headed westbound towards the city. but the metering lights still cycle off, incidents free along the upper deck. pretty good dry time of 8-9 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. if you're thinking about taking san mateo, traffic is building in the westbound direction heading towards foster city still moving well in both directions. 15 minutes from one end to the other, you arrive at the golden gate still nice, light you can see those headlights moving at a lemon no problems of. car traffic is moving well. 23 minutes from novato and the city limits. public
5:51 am
transit are all running on time. james. >> today is the annual earthquake drill the great california shake up outdoor warning sirens will be activated it will be happening all across the state. listen now. it's part of the real encouraging people to stop cover and hold. those of the things it wanted to do so also be a voice message that will follow this is indicating a test. bart will stop all trains at that time for about a minute or so. some 7.8 million people have signed up to bridge is great. also new details of these bay, six men have been charged with a rash our drawers involving five different victims, they are suspected of robbery on october 13th on the yellow and green way walking paths
5:52 am
rate their red cedar street and at the corner of russell n. wheeler. separately these two gentlemen mario and damian both from richmond have been charged with armed robbery for an incident on october 5th. the cases were stalled when officers on patrol spotted a car that matched the suspect's vehicle during a search they found stolen property, the suspects had also used the victim's stolen credit cards. the man is suspected in a similar robbery said haaziq m. blake. officers and palo alto rested a stanford university employee with the connection of the burglary of a family's home earlier this month. detectives believe 20 road jose fernandez who works at a dining hall and through their home on hamilton avenue on our trade he is suspected of driving several items including the keys to the family's car as they slept. police found that car in the park, he is our young
5:53 am
probation for burglary and authorize use of an access card. eight current and former officials excludes of looting billions of dollars from the suburbs of tel are headed to court. the eight were arrested last month of schedule to be arraigned this morning and lost angeles this is video their previous court appearance they include robert rizzo who was paid an annual salary of $1.5 million to run a city of about 40,000 residents. we'll take our break, as we go again reminder we're falling breaking news at a san jose police we are seeing of a standoff with the suspects to is held up inside a car shots have been fired we do have reports of release one officer injured we will have have reports of release one officer injured we will have the
5:54 am
insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. what's the worst that can happen? what's the worst thing that can happen?
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and we're back here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. where things are
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headed, today's mild may be a chance of a sprinkler till falling and breaking news story at a san jose we want to remind you of it alive crew on the way that they will be there shortly what we know so far is there's a suspects held up inside a car. shot had been fired, between the suspect in police we have one officer injured more on his injuries in a moment. rainout standoff situation trying to coax the most. not having much luck. rule the tweet.
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