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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 22, 2010 4:30pm-6:00pm PST

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live (music) this is kron4 news at 530. >> (cheering) back to philadelphia legal as the philadelphia as a game 5. >> more torture for giants fans as that philadelphia at philly's travel and they took game 5 last night 4-2. our sports reporter deal right niche talks about last game. >> thank you and let us review that they did not play their finest game last evening, it is 1-0 if you
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rule their place and to many people think that this was it. fair or foul a lot of people are questioning the call and send the ball did not get his fit on the base, it was second and third to audrey up and who could this baby and they had a 2-1 lead and jason and gibson and that affiliate insurance, he goes deep and the philadelphia phillips 14-2. the giants are going to lead the series four games to 2 and game 6 is set either tomorrow afternoon or four tomorrow night depending on the yankee range the transported their best at around 9:00 this morning and they are headed back to philadelphia the whole gang. idid see a limit of land it at couple of hours ago and then they took the podium. >> they delayed at
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president, we had to wait for airforce one before we could take off but we finally got here with the guys. really, i am deciding to cancel that these guys are battle tested and they know that they're playing in that club and they have experience. i like the way that my team has been handling everything thrown at them and they will go out there and give it their all and that is all you can ask. >> all right again, it is sanchez verses oswald and we do not know the start of the game peak >> that is an unusual, people would like to know how to plan for tomorrow. >> you know the deal is the yankees are playing texas right now and if the yankees went there game will be around 5:00 tomorrow night for the american league championship and the giants will be summer between 130 into our time if
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texas wednesday night and that series is over then the giants would play it around 5:00 tomorrow. said it is your plans in a pickle. >> well thank-you for clarification, of course it is a rainy weekend said is the best time to stay inside and watch a baseball game >> well pam, we are saying that bit of a break from the rain and storm track radar is telling us clear skies and light sprinkles, we're definitely going to be seeing more as we head into the weekend and there is a stronger storm up to the north and it will be moving towards tomorrow it is very well defined and going offshore and there's some tropical moisture and a stronger storm right on its heels for sundays and years ago we are born to see tonight and tomorrow, scattered light showers but mainly tapered off at this point. 7:00 tomorrow morning is when the second storm is really point to a near the north bay and scattered rain is led to continued to the 3:00 hour at a record to see much heavier rain as we head into sunday and all of the details on the arcana of the
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just >> it. the rainy weather is bringing up worries about the cliffside departments which have seen massive amounts of groschen this last year and kron4 news christine connolly tells us that some of those apartments are still in the >> enter. in pacific and concede that crews are still on work at the eroding apartments, you can see that some of the work being done is a grade with construction workers who are trying to fortified the clip in this area, this will protect the land and apartments and in the meantime the rain it is moving in the building inspectors are keeping an eye and the other apartment complexes, to which were evacuated last december and how much as happened over those complexes the last couple of months all the work is being stalled. christine, >> leprechaun for we have been telling you for residents and got the gala, they move right into this a matter to rest of today. >> there is still fire
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shooting a out of the refinery and a look over my shoulder you can see it. that giant plume of flame is because of a power outage stab at the outbreak refinery and it is gas burning off. it is a safety device, it is supposed to do that you can notice that the blacks well, that is the real concern, that black smoke is a bit of a health hazard for people sensitive respiratory issues and they're driving around the area taking measurements to indicate that people who maybe are a little bit older or people that are extremely on more people that might have as much they are the ones that need to worry, they should lock themselves in their noses and close the windows and doors and shelter themselves and plays the most people people who have robust health issues are fine. they do not need to shelter themselves yet. bebel predict what will happen later on this evening in there working on this problem without being at
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level three problems or other bodies the shelter of place where we have not seen much change in the size of the fire but we have noticed the smoke plume getting noticeably thinner over last half-hour. it was dark in black around 5:00 and that the smoke is getting out we have also is some changes in the noises that are coming other refinery indicating that they are, in fact working on and tried to get in control. there would have to do is shut down oil and keep it shut down until they get their power plant back on line and not read production back up. for now the district is taking measurements that say every is a unless you some it is extremely sensitive. >> this just in we went to show you a live picture, it is in force when you concede the moral and rub in the forecast was an abrupt halt, is arriving in a bad that we have showed you the president leaving in nevada for the it look in california, he is now in nevada where he is
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preparing, this campaign is 4 days long and it goes from portland to minneapolis and it should be getting off airport one at any moment. are keeping an eye that we will be posted. we will your back. çi
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i'd bet l.i. ever fall in the store with the president has arrived in moscow against the vatican see and hear in the middle of your screen shaking of you a hand as he gets out of their force one and he will then be listed to his limousine and taken to another campaign rally. this time another run for the senate majority leader for henry and he is on a world to work covering another campaign rally. we will keep you posted on the president's arrival in nevada. >> time now for tech talk with gave slight. >> there is a news have light on the scene bhp it
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500 was just listen to market. there's a lot of hype after this for a shot off and have not heard any of about it but now all of a sudden it is showing up on hp's website for sale. it's quiet released by the because it is in debt that business partners. they're not trying to take on the eye of with this device and they just put this video on youtube showing how it can be used by doctors and insurance agents to make their jobs easier. is not meant for her silly as it is meant for professionals for their jobs. i'm not too sure of this, and might be catching on by windows user's business or personal. as i can tell you about the h p 500 it runs on the windows have been operating system, a screen is 8.9 in. just slightly smaller than the i thought i did is touch screen and it does come with a stylus if you prefer that to figures. as two cameras, one of from one in the back for taking pictures or video and you can do it video it chats and the hi pot has no camera. it also
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supports i w/and that that does not. it weighs about 1 1/2 pounds of assembly who really relies on commuting for their personal life or for business this device can be a great gadget to have or to use away from the desk. but for now i would agree that the i pedestal the tablet of choice for the regular consumer because the h p tablets is on sale now that there website for a $800. >> we have been looking at a steady stream of range for the day but i look at the whole park as before the wind pushes and your record to talk about a coming up just a bit.
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this just in we are getting some information about the sharp attack, this is first that picture of the shark bite out of the victims of the bart and now we're hearing from the french to was with the victim, of his grandson this morning and matthew garcia is his name.
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he says read some cried out for help and the waves turned red with blood. the shark was out of the water and into his leg and garcia also says his friend called helped mediate before he disappeared under the water. he thinks the shark is about 18 ft.. >> we want to give you a look at some of the weather that's been going on in the bay area, these pictures were taken earlier today and you concede that it was very drizzly in the streets are wet and the cars are still zipping around you concede why they have their windshield wipers working because of the rain and jacqueline bennet is here to tell us what to expect during the >> weekend> the rain that we saw this morning is nothing compared to what we're when dizzy on sunday appeared store tracker is showing that the radars pushing through the last several hours into dryer conditions been left behind in its wake we still plenty of moisture of shore and there will be showers this evening into tomorrow morning and there is a wider
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view of what is light on to the north. this tapping into some tropical moisture and are behind it is to be the big even for sunday. this is when given tomorrow morning and we're or deceive showers mainly in the north bay. once again put its seal of the future to act. earlier saturday morning the label stock and the north bay and be an awkward to see a whole lot of heavy rain and this led by 6:00 in the evening of public have yourself will be splitting, one to the north, lenticel and denied a clock tower that will continue to spread to the north bay and watch this as we head into early thursday it morning. it will be a heavier sale approach and will drop down. as far to be a very distinct change with the downpour and the red under screen here is currently very heavy rain. this is a point to continue
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into the afternoon by 1:00 he will see the north bay and said it it will be about three hours. very intense, it is planned suit be a big key accumulation of by 3:00 in the afternoon it will be pressured the south bay and will taper off to the conceit appealing rainshowers the for the most part the damage will be done by then. in north bay up to 2 in. of rain is going to come on sunday and that is how strong the storm is and the melons or to get a healthy dose of rain and up to an inch and east bay and enough of that in this out there. a look at your seven day around the bay. a wet and windy weekend especially on sunday it is with the bring quite a bit of rain and you'll see some downfall in the south. as we head into next week things will start to dry it out before rain turns into the four pressers and friday. >> decision 2010 republican ray her campaign to sfa today and she also got the
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endorsement for her candidacy from the new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >> and this ratio is the only person with real answers for an extent that this cult and she is showing commitment and she will treat the people like grown- ups and she has the skills and experience to hit the ground running. that is why i am supporting meg whitman and i hope all californians do >>. after this election and it will be a big commitment of what california's will want. today what 48 years at the career politician with the same old approach or did they want a fresh approach. if i elect a day after the election we're now would be democrats and republicans and more we're going to be californians i we're going to join together and fix >> this state. whitman and lemberg to worry a company that makes t-shirts and customer products which are ordered online and egg man >> thousands lined up at the
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usc campus to z. president barack obama and drum up support for two high-profile democrats but less then two weeks barbara boxer and jerry brown are in >> we are the positive change, we did not skate go on anybody, not anybody because we are all californians and it is inevitable. the record to win this election, but what would it for the least at all because we can empower them >> after words the president urged them to vote was clever idea to keep on believing that i needed to
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keep on hoping attitude not on some doors and make some phone calls and keep marching and keep organizing. we will not just in this election, we're going to restore the american dream not is for some but for every, every at bat eight in this great land. >> today's rally came at the tail end of the two day campaign through california yesterday the president barack obama did as speech in the bay area and in atherton and he was running for state attorney general. a bit of a scare during the present visit to the bay area after a flight was violated. their fighter jets intercepted an aircraft during yesterday's restrictions of a plane landed without incident in hamilton in the new airport and is unclear if the violation is related to the president. the traffic out side on the golden gate bridge is starting to draw the line with the fog and headlights are on as a side
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is going down and the traffic is moving at medium speeds north and south of cruel be right back.
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♪ ♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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say in september nearly 63,000 in non-farm and jobs were lost and the result comes as a slight increase over this summer and a state job was to continue to receive that at and which was 9.6% and the odor is probably it lobbying with gas prices and a badges more nationwide and gas is going to $18 a gallon the average rate now is $3. >> americans are ready to of shallow are more cautious than last and spending is at 17 1/7% over last year. financial experts say that americans are warned to spend $5.8 billion this year on costumes and decorations and telling kidding that breaks down to
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$66.20 per person. typify people are expected to were hot costumes this halloween and halloween stories are expecting a real surge in businesses to let us not halloween chopping his stanley up to >> october 31st> how living customs committed crazies of sampras's good supervisor carmen is trying to help out i have been at costume dry. they've been collected at several locations of round the sun set neighborhood including the police station and the cause is to be handed out from 2-4 at the safeway near 30th ave. >> starting in november city bank is testing a new high- tech credit card and our internet reportedly sought immoderate tells us about the it features and how they will cost more money. >> they're called tucci credit cards and it tiny lights and buttons which the
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seed to is when you wanna make a payment if you want to use a credit aspect or it rewards. nra's on board the card. i read a blot on time dog, says that it could have more fees and it does not know how much it will cost and there might be more annual fees tacked onto appeared is also raising questions along plastic cards are born to be around. there's a new technology that can turn your cell phone into a virtual what a lot of companies are looking into this like visa and mastercard in april. >> i live look aside from eric m. cloudy conditions right now that it will be dry for the most part. more details come it is a minute. this is six and a minute.
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live (music) this is kron4
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news is at 6. >> it 6:00 policing, where investigating the group some discovery. human hearts discovered in of glass jar underpinned with the photographs of two couples. cresting connolly tells us that they do not believe it was a prank and they're trying to determine where the parts came from. >> it was a gruesome discovery, two human hearts buried in glass jars at a colma cemetery, pinned with the photographs of two couples. the maintenance worker who saw the tops of the jars sticking out of the dirt at holy cross catholic cemetery on oct. 12 and knelt down to take a look. he called police when he saw what was inside. now, police are trying to determine the couples' identities, the source of the organs and whether the find is related to some sort of ritual or is simply a prank. both couples are latin and in their 20s. right now where the parts came from is a mystery. >> they had both been autopsied and they both contained embalming fluid.
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they are either from the black market or it, you know, a mortuary. >> there are no reports that grades at holy cross cemetery are other cemeteries of being disturbed and there were no grave sites close to where the heights were found but there are evidence of burns cigars and candles. >> our investigation is the is down about the spiritual ritual. >> palo me on bay. they're taking this case very seriously and they say it is a crime to dig up the body parts by sell or transport that. >> these belongs but want to someone and whether they belong to a human being we do take that very seriously. >> here for kron4 news. >> a health warning for people living in midair. nauseous gas has been released concede it early on the map. jonathan blum
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joined those of the latest details. jonathan? >> at this hour emergency workers are still trying to get control the fire that is rising up now the fire is temperatures same size of the last two hours plus changes the plumose vote. intel led the plea was " is about then and gray, a couple of hours about as thick and black. a couple of hours of the it is raising high above and like to the north, this happened because there is a partial shutdown and a power plant without which caused some of that factory to ride to a halt and finally the factory had to burn off some of the gas and it did not build up and explode. they're telling is that this fire is not supposed to happen but it does mean all the safety equipment is working. >> it is a safety device, emergency response personnel
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are bringing us back to assess conditions and it is part of our operating procedures >>. to be worried? >> they are assisting us ever is back into the position. >> now while those emergency workers are try to get this fire under control here is what you need to know, we need to tell you that you are somebody with respiratory illness like asthma or older young then you should probably shelter yourself in place which means go inside, close to medicine door and stay there until you notice ok to get it appeared to look normal respiratory systems do not need to worry at, that air quality control people on driving up the down the area checking their quality i did result in the breed is there. and they will continue to monitor the quality of the air and the surrounding and it will never be know if it becomes a level three pollution which means that everybody should shelter it in place.
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per now that has not happened but it cannot predict what will happen as we continue to work on this factory. live in our day at i'm jonathan blum for kron4 news >> this is a pretty dry now this is a live picture along the embarcadero at the ferry building co and it earlier this trees for lot letters of this is a good sign about bill ball in the rainfall and a drizzle that jacqueline has been telling us about, in its stock went less to long is a question >> this is the first in a series of storms, three to be exact so you mentioned and that's all and it is a few sprinkles out there but it is pretty much dried for the most part and it remains cloudy as we see a system approaching the coast line and you concede up to the north to stop short very well into that circle rotation entail and where it is all the way down the coast line stretching not sure here. plenty of moisture is going into the system as is the one behind it that is feeding off of the typhoon and in the
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western pacific. here's what we are sorry to see up there tonight and into tomorrow when the scattered light showers in the possibility that is on the stay dry until tomorrow morning. record to have rain during the north bay early in the morning and sweating through the rest of the bay area by the afternoon and this is not even going to be big. the bigger one comes on sunday with a couple of inches of rainfall and is committed to sticking >> minutes. a 19 year-old you see a student is dead, three beaches are closed after a deadly it shark attack it off of the central coast. i am sure will happen on gugler. here's where the attack happened, this is santa barbara here where or do take this image of lenin. what in this morning here is this speech is part of vandenberg air force base i'm is open to the public and the victim was a body bordering his leg was bitten off. they try to help him to
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sharpen he bled to death. minuteman beach is check that as well for the next 72 hours >> here are pictures of the boogie board and you can see where the shark took the 13 in. bite out of the board. the victim has also been identified as 19 year-old luke is grandson who was a student at uc and set a barber. even in the face of losing 80 police officers oakland police department has managed to decrease crime in this city and the crime reduction is because of intelligence based policing. >> one of the brahms i saw is that they are identified and the more important to geocorona or math to where it these gangs were located
6:07 pm
>>. nothing at the jail codes and mort because the captain has formulated a computer data base that tracks by the crime. the suspects and victims and gains track the hotspots to cause intelligent hot spots police >> in. they're using anything that we are incorporating this year out here by trying to understand what is happening to a crime and using analysis to deal crime and to the will to predict where to put police officers and where to basically go after the people that we believe are doing the majority of the crime as well as being the victims of violence >> cry. they say that the data does can be accessed by all officers from the computers of their patrol cars and he explains how works. >> hi to this but would typically happen as friends it we would have the shooting in the area 76 and macarthur and we would doors on december 6th in the corridor which is a 767 bandit and it would go on to
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the preliminary investigation ended see key witnesses and suspects and that the cassette. now with the it pleasing we have a historical perspective on who is involved and who they have in current use with and now they are able to say that today has the shooting of oregon in the po is on getting beat the as we know that my be the suspect and we also have a higher visibility for future retaliation. >> intelligent based policing methods are put in place earlier this year i capt. joyner says that it has yielded results >>. at a hearing east oakland is were the first time in a very long time when are actually experiencing close to 30% decrease in homicides >>. in oakland for kron4 news >> disappointing defeat for the giants last night, this is the home run by the bill is that is the last score of the night ended giants just could not recover so now the teams are opera about the delta up for game 6 of the
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giants are still just one win away from going to the world series record to take a
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the details now the fire that caused millions of people to cause damage was set by a homeless man whose life was spiraling out of control. that letter has forced the indefinite closure of one was popular malls in the secretariat. >> 23 year-old alexander has been charged with setting ablaze in the video games are common he is described as a transient who had recently been fired from the job as an ended a worker. he was living in a homeless shelter and struggling with mental problems. he was booked in the county jail and faces charges of arson,
6:13 pm
burglary and making criminal threats. at the mall today firefighters are still putting out hot spots this morning. >> it is a very disturbing fort us to see that the small is identifies and and when you are inside and you look at you concede light through which are raised and >> fire and water damage about one-quarter of the 1.3 million square but center and i message on the walls website says that it will remain closed while the damage is being assessed pea the closure could have an huge impact on results and drizzle galleria and they are generating more than $3 million a year in tax revenue for the city and of playing 100 residents. today governor schwarzenegger a sheet in emergency declaration giving and media and unemployment benefits to anybody that is left without a job because of the fire. >> the galleria and plays about 93,000 each year which
6:14 pm
is more than any other mall. >> insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs.
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we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business. whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?
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the leaders have been in negotiations with pg&e about what to do about the pipeline that is exploded last september. just push tells of of the agreement that has often reached >> i made it very clear that we did it do the impossible if the pipe line was repaired and in place. >> strong words from the mayor. pg&e president kazakhstans gave his commitment that pg&e would do everything in their power to move the pipeline away from the neighborhood that was devastated by the explosion of the park. >> we want to move it, looking now so we can and back of it. >> all will decision is not to send or pg&e they regulate pg&e and they have the final word. pg&e is looking for a suitable place to move the pipe will not be easy and environmental reviews need to take place
6:18 pm
and it could tie the project upper years. san bruno is committed to helping pg&e putting a suitable place for the pipe that the mayor says that it cannot stay where it is. >> my concern is rebuilding the neighborhoods. >> the house burned to the ground as she second took the mayor said. >> in order for me to move back is pointed out to be removed. there's no way that i can go to bed at night knowing that that pipeline is there and knowing that it has exploded. could happen again? maybe. >> other stories making news around the bay area in san jose a suspect has been arrested under a shooting for another man. they said the 33 year-old victim was shot outside his home and died at the scene. also in san jose class's resume today the gardener at the academy which was evacuated yesterday detested the grounds to make sure everything was 8 for the students. there's also to
6:19 pm
thank barbara suspects in the breeze stirred during the robbery of the suspects did make, but just a small but the-street also there is the fourth car that was stolen in a string of lot of dust that started on october the 12th. the car's owner let their running with the doors unlocked all he wanted to 711. the car has not be found. >> decision 2010 candidate for governor make what man was stepping into the city in the sf bay. she did get some advice to date from the mayor of york. cheap >> she brought her campaign here to result in san jose. along with michael bloomberg she to word the facilities here near santa clara university to an on-line company that sells and manufacturers t-shirts and other custom products. in time to campaign for whitman plan barrett was later asked would i see how or her in working with the legislator
6:20 pm
and here's his advice and her response to >> it your present job is to make sure she comes into office she explains to register and she will be victorious. her collection is growing to be a mandate. the mandate to sacramento and let us stop fighting these battles over tralee earl things >> we are not ready democrats and republicans and more of your party californians the record to join together we're or to fix this date. >> he points to record and says that if elected he is quite used her experience to be in effect and get better. for kron4 news. >> inlaws angeles thousands lined up to see brought up, line up for two high- profile less than two weeks
6:21 pm
away about barbara boxer and jerry brown have been fighting past races. the president urged that it despite the election. >> we need all of you to find out, we've fired up. we'd all be ready to go. because, in just 11 days, and just 11 days you have the chance to set the election of this state and of this country much as for the next two years but for the next five years, the next 10 years, the next 20 years. >> picture now of the president, he is stumping for the majority leader in nevada who just got there. he is in a tight race against the party leader and we showed you the president arriving at the airport and lost it is about 30 minutes
6:22 pm
ago when he is now speaking on part of the three day campaign going up across the country it in minneapolis. >> take a look at the storm track or we have been seeing a steady stream of showers through the bay area since this morning but now finally we have little bit of a fall on the show is pretty concede some gaps here in the rain and it is a storm up to the north continue to push towards the coastline, is married to a kind and the tail and is all well short selling of moisture and it is on to it as on sunday. >> some light showers in the north they are beginning to the 1:00 hour to start early this morning into the afternoon and a couple of heavier cells pushing their way into the evening also, going down to the south and you can see some heavy rain and it was prepared and is not the one as compared to what is quickly coming on sunday, light showers overnight to the bay area
6:23 pm
and there is, the heavier rainfall is sitting at 8:00 and we this year and i down port overt the no. 8 credit will last quite a while until 1:00. this is going to bring 2 in. of rain to the north bay and it is going to bring it into this out at a healthy dose every down there as well. it is clear conditions for the evening and lingering showers into the inside of the evening. again with the evening four- star as conductor and sunday ended his would be very strong pick up the lines of pick up 2 in. of rain in the north bay, north bay and is really bearing the brunt of it. as a look ahead to next week there dry and warmer conditions through wednesday and rain will be returning thursday and friday. stay with us cool your back right thursday and friday. stay with us cool your back right after this.
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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president back up, is lending his voice to that it gets better project. the
6:27 pm
applause why does become so controversy of. >>-activist did to give all to the community to tell him it really gets better and present at the bonn opposed to this message. let us take a look what has to say. >> i do not know what it is like to pick on to beat gait but i do know what it is like to feel like you do not belong. there is a whole world waiting for you filled with possibilities and there are people out there that let you and care about you just the way you are. things will get better. >> the savage has responded to the president's message saying he appreciates the message that he wants to see the president back up his words with action saying that the president has the power to do much more than just a shirt belgae bt kids that it will get better that his administration has the power to make a better. stay
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what's in your wallet? "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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at 630 the big stories in one big block of news. workers, more it stories right now our top story. >> our top story is a series of storms batter onto pushing through this weekend ended is nothing compared to what we're going to be seeing. the upper storm sitting up to the north here very divided you concede the rotation around the rural and it is when to move in late tonight into tomorrow we're. two-seat quite a bit afraid i'd even more right behind it and it is actually in the process of turning out some hurricane force winds over the water. take a look at this one in a moment and at 1:00 in the afternoon the light showers continue into the north appeared you will see a couple more art continued to 6:00 and north bay. we
6:31 pm
will see some light showers over next saturday and into sunday and this time the characteristics of virgos from light showers to very heavy rainfall it very fast pretty solid, and the morning and the berlin just turns to the downfall and in the north it the dark red on your screen indicates the heavy rain and that it is going to be in the north they for a while. let us watch it sliding down and when the cloth and pushing south into the golden gate. it'll be pushing out by 3:00 in turning into it light showers after that. no. they certainly bearing the brunt of the weekend storm set to 2 in. of rainfall in the valleys in even more it suspected in the valleys. an inch of rain is expected in saturday and sunday in the central east bay and in this that they is still wet and windy weekend and said they will definitely be the stronger of the two storms. the heavy rain will move in
6:32 pm
at 7:00 in the morning and as a move into next week dryer conditions are expected monday through wednesday all most of the showers return. >> here at the refinery in rodeo emergency crews of all art working to shut down operations of the content of the fire. this is an intentional fire that is burning because of a power plant that shut down the causes gas is to back up and said commissioners. they are releasing those gases through the smokestack and what that does is it releases pollution into the surrounding neighborhood. supposedly is not enough to clean the shot there in place but people with very sensitive respiratory systems are being asked to have a shelter in place. they do not believe that people with normal respiratory it and they need to rebuild the they're not making any problems as they order it to get shut down. i jonathan blum for kron4 news. >> and sandbur they announce
6:33 pm
the results of the meeting about moving the pipeline and of the neighborhood can in suit the deadly explosion, the mayor says that pg&e makes a commitment to him and everything in the utilities' star would be done to move elsewhere but it is easier said than done. pg&e is regulated through the final say and it is unclear where they will be made. in december and now i'm just push for kron4 news. >> police investigating add chris some discovery it was a gruesome discovery, two human hearts buried in glass jars at a colma cemetery, pinned with the photographs of two couples. the maintenance worker who saw the tops of the jars sticking out of the dirt at holy cross catholic cemetery on oct. 12 and knelt down to take a look. he called police when he saw what was inside. now, police are trying to determine the couples' identities, the source of the organs and whether the find is related to some sort of ritual or is simply a prank. they think this could be a spiritual ritual >> i need that that is
6:34 pm
developed to protect and prevent violent crime is called intelligent please think and it is a very detailed system that uses analysis to take a look at crimes of people who commit them and then use that information to predict what is went out the next and then going after those people likely to commit violent crimes. has he for kron4 news >> meg whitman was on the campaign trail today along with new york city mayor migrant and day to guard the manufacturing facility with other custom products calling for an end to the factory tax and that in doors man is based on her business experience, something that they say it will help curb and california. in san jose i am for kron4 news >> and technique is there is a new tablets, is bhp
6:35 pm
slate that was just released a on the market and it runs on windows 7 it's touch screen comes with the stylist if you prefer it to figures and it weighs in at one and a half pounds and is on sell renault for hp's website for $100. kron4 news >> and san francisco a halloween costume is taking place and is the third year in rome debt they held the accosting drive out last year there were able to give away 200 coster's. the custom giveaway will happen on saturday on the 30th and post wanna donate construct and do so. in san francisco >> motors will probably not seek gas prices budget must from their recent highs and nationwide gasoline is going to about 82 gal. and the
6:36 pm
average is kron4 news will check and give us a look at prices right now around the bay area. >> tried to run the bay area looking at gas prices and its $321 and at near union bloc is $3.11 and on the peninsula the shell is selling the gas for $3.19 and just up the road at the chevron they are selling at 4 $3.27. it is just 11¢ less than what they think will be paying next year is $3.35. you see, the better the economy does that better that they're making at that, because when demand was at city the gas pumps. and will transfer kron4 news. >> with bicyclist and nine swedish designers have designed adair big forehead. >> if you do not like to
6:37 pm
wear a helmet because it is too bulky or it is you, it will you have no excuse right now because pure or to take a look at how the, it works, it is at color that you are on your neck of the caller has a big appeal yemen and sensors so that when you're in trouble like this it exploded when you crash this runs ahead with an inflated will give you another look. i sense there is is constantly monitored your every movement and it can deploy the air bag when you are in danger so that these sensors are charged by u.s. beat and to turn on all you have to do is put the collar around your neck and said the caller shut. stay with us will be right back. expecting different results. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you.
6:38 pm
i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. it's all about leadership. this is all about leadership. jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs, jobs, jobs. we do not have a revenue problem. we do not have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. we have a spending problem. rebuiling california. build a new california rebuild california. let's build a new california. we need to run the state as a business. running this thing a little bit more like a business. whats the worst that could happen? whats the worst thing that could happen?
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6:40 pm
and they're waiting to shell out more money for halloween this year in the latest survey showed that spending is at 17 was 7% over last year and financial experts think that americans are gorgeous and $5.8 billion
6:41 pm
this year on costumes and decorations and holding candy and it breaks down to $66 per cent. to add five people are expected to work rostrum and halloween stories are expecting are real surge in business. >> well gary is joined by his lovely wife felicia as they open up the kron4 news mill big plus the giants are headed to philadelphia early this morning meeting just as simple wind. gary's up next is the latest. >> i'm kimberly and right now we had storm is moving into the bay area's to be sure to check out our comprehensive of weather forecast page and look better updated media page where you get details of one and where the rain will have and also be sure to take a look at our live doppler radar to see when the storm
6:42 pm
systems are moving in and take a look at our seven day around the bay to let you know when the rain will last on kron4 news. [ female announcer ] the independence to fix our schools?
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meg whitman. cut administrative overhead. put more money in the classroom. more charter schools. jerry brown? his union backers want to make it nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher. they oppose reform. oppose charter schools. oppose change. jerry brown: no changes in education. meg whitman: more money in the classroom. more charter schools. a chance for change.
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(cheering) back to philadelphia we go as they when the game 4-2. >> yes well lot of disappointed people around the bay, the giants did not get to clinch before their home fans before 40,000 friends but they aren't to opportunities to make a it on the road and they took off early this morning to go from philadelphia croupier. there are leading the pack and aubrey have dressing down of it, he is making noise about the big bomb that he or is it good luck charm and the william note gump " toy deal and don't
6:46 pm
cheat, >> we've got delayed because our present, and he the latest with air force one before we could take, but we finally got here at with the guys, i decided to cancel the workout. you know, these guys they have been doing fantastic no we're playing it close but they're loaded with experience and i like the way that everything has handled and how the team is handle them and they go out there and give it their all. >> the giants and will not know a time there game begins, they will need to make the outcome of texas and the yankees. even at game of peace. johnny sanchez worth of wales and it's either 5:00 or at earlier. the giants have a good picture going and it is at the bottom of the fed and
6:47 pm
hamites leonard to earlier but i know you have a party bands for your giants fans so if the yankees when the jets will play at 145 and if the texas rangers when they will play at 5:00. in texas when they play around 5 and that is it and we should say pam, it is one to be an honored tomorrow for your great 20 pleasures of service and then you're going " you started when she was a teenager " she is kind to be celebrating tomorrow. i read the sheet and a couple other i heard of. pam will be on for all of her great work and it is a very distinguished award. it is one of those things that you'll is a one day mr. and that is that is my name. put a plug and funny but congratulations pam, to receive the prestigious award. >>kl thank-you
6:48 pm
>>. there are many great names on the list i cannot mention. the nfl is dishing out finds and it is one of those deals and it is a popular, popular deal and the latest is they are sending messages that will not be tolerated cheap shots. do not gets these people off? guys that ever played. if you have played the nfl you know their crippling nature of this door and you know how rapid is but the guys that played video games and we are one to take a break. when we come back the nine award winner is kind to take some
6:49 pm
740, at 60 mi. but i sat. but it is all for it something great. happy halloween >> thank you, a week early and showing affection and care for our drives. 241 this week. >> oh my gosh, you must want the job at k b r.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
z meg whitman's hometown newspaper said it best: "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor.
6:52 pm
art, when we do this thing we know predominance is about the giants and since i work on the driveway is station this is no joke that they estimate about 1200 e- mail's this week would be combined with kron4 news and let's listen, i have to it think that philadelphia would be dead giants and at the beginning of this series all along with many different people and here is the response. >> all lot of people.
6:53 pm
>> well first of just talking in dollars and cents here i'd do it at bunch of pre-game and post-game shows for the giants on their cable station and i am not one to blow that by saying something that is stupid but i have been during this long enough that i think people will allow you not tool is rare for the home team and problem more to the point you and pick out discuss the matter what happens and say oes the giants and believe me they're lucky to have jobs but they don't have to september 1st at that i'm very good but i observed get tired it doesn't help them make stupid statements, you know, let us build a more credible and believe me, of
6:54 pm
get in line. most people who are experts are picking philadelphia so we will see what happens this week and, obviously rooting for the drives that people are, obviously there about 65. >> all right, they're still coming. >> they came in second with about 50 and prego and piper are still popular that people are looking at two guys that, from that town and the one that always gets me is that they are against the giants and to tiny bruno is visiting this weekend and he said that joe bob told him everybody in philadelphia gates and because they think that they are going for the giants in there against philadelphia. maybe it is that i have been doing this for too long and it it comes down to the fact that not everybody is out to
6:55 pm
get everybody. i am too old, you are still young >> you're never too old or too tired >> ever on out is to get you. >> people are taking it too personally. >> i tell you what, if i am not working and now, you take your family and you go out to the game but when i am working all i care about is seriously and show, what shall life. i want to shout to be good and therefore you have to see the replay is and you have to concentrate and it yesterday i heard cries are running up the stairs and we're talking to ourselves and i'd rather sit and watch the games side can have a shot as that of talking to ourselves. nobody is listening to us because the game is on. if you're interested in the news you
6:56 pm
go to pam the national award winner but if your interested in the game why would you listen to me. my point is i would rather stay at home and listen to the game did give you a dynamite show. ok i'm over here a dog to be, that is not might think we're telling show off when there's a show. yes why it, but if you want to be the best you it need to be the best. and you will get one-third more audience across the country if you play in new york and the best franchise in the history of sport said that pretty much is it, texas will be good matter who you play but to play the yankees >> of the yankees are so sweet. >> yes they have just gone 3-1 ended is looking like the giants are going to be about five to my night. last one.
6:57 pm
all right and jason he didn't even give me an answer he gave me the score. oh i love everybody. see you know what. >> kron4 news program is know what. >> kron4 news program is sponsored by honda. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces?
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6:59 pm
jessica simpson and nick lachey reunite. the news and the video behind the headline. i'm lara spencer. "the insider" is on. jessica, how was it partying with nick? >> the exes colliding after dark. >> what was really behind the former newlyweds' stars' late-night dinner. then -- singer katy perry's wedding chaos. >> was there a new paparazzi brawl? ♪ happy days mr. c., tom bosley's funeral today. as "the insider" and his "happy days" cast remember the tv dad. then, jamie lee curtis'


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