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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 23, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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people just missed
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running the bases as the pitcher the giants catch a break here, yet buster posey that we are even at you. everybody shaking her head, just town we tossed it back, sanchez serve umbrage both teams cleared but in a playoff game like this, they're smart enough to know you do not throw a punch.
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nobody is going to fight back. sanchez and hands it over to the bullpen, and they shut everybody out, it just got into the right field for a home run. first relief appearance since 2008 he gives up a base hit. they have to go to brian wilson which gets a break there a line drive into a double play. and here comes wilson, two runners aboard game over. the san francisco giants start to celebrate, going back, after they lost thursday night there was doubt about the country. but across the country, there was a feeling that is the two-time defending a phillies were going to go home and take care of the
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giants. but on this night to critique teeth time in franchise history, they win the pennant and the phillies our son, the giants with three to two. of very exciting evening for people in san francisco. do >> of the faces of the intensity, you do not have to be a die-hard fan. >> at first i am one of these guys as did the yankees are the yankees the most famous franchise's history. it doesn't matter if you're giant fan, and you're in the world series. the yankees, would get nationally a third more obvious than the giants at and the phillies. you know what i mean because the european the yankees >> i heard some people say that the two underdogs, it's one of those
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>> it's one of those deals were here it's gonna be red hot, texas ranger history for the first time they are going to the world series. it is going to be dynamite in those two cities. while i think the country will warm to did you get into a 56 came as the series progresses. but you see, and texas last evening i finished off the power often based on the yankees and they knock them off in six games as well. both teams will be well rested, and again for folks who are making their plans, the way it will lay out, wednesday and thursday for 57 startfor 57n p.m. start >> and it is raining, we will get to that the minute on
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>> wednesday thursday here, and saturday sunday and monday back in texas. >> people were jumping route on the streets when you came in. >> am waiting for the celebration, fast as i've ever made it from home, saw the strike out they got back home. everybody loves the giants now. >> as we have been saying the giants will play the rangers in san francisco, the rangers beat the yankees in game 6, the effort team's first time to reach the world series in franchise history. the series begins wednesday, in san francisco. yes it did rain today, it was really pouring it was like they said earlier this afternoon i heard it was really coming down crying. pretty miserable lester were by the fireplace looking out. >> catherine yes it was one of those days were you
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wanted to be inside, lots of rain heavy rain in the north bait. things are winding down for this evening, but there is a stronger system coming in for tomorrow. if it is going to make for a what we can for both saturday and sunday. here's star tracker for the last three hours, huge shower is rolling through this evening. the steady rains are over for this evening, here's a live you from storm track for just a few showers of around the bay area right now. stretching between nevada know and send francisco. up to vallejo getting some light rain. this is all been to the east about 25 mi. per hour. some showers into marin county. over the next half hour. a rate falls on the light side to the south of the golden gate bridge, but it was to get over to the north a was a pretty hefty now, 2 in. for some parts of the north bay and tomorrow more rain
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is expected. perhaps another one to 3 in. in the north bay valley. this is the stronger of the two systems, the first you saw today, tomorrow system will produce heavy rains, especially in the afternoon hours and some gusting winds. when the advisory is in effect another one to 3 in. of rain is possible. i will have more coming up as kron4 news and nine continues.
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a former bart officer is rescheduled to be sentenced in less than two weeks. he was convicted of involuntarily manslaughter, today a bay area court check them so you knew members to take story from oakland city hall. >> no cargo was moved of the
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docks of the saturday it would dock workers stopped work to organize a rally to call for justice for oscar grad.grant. the international union has a long history of supporting socialist views, and this relic of just days before the hearing for the snc for johan as rosalie, >> i would think that the judge would. this is a legitimate call for justice. and that just as these to be done in this case. >> the union is in solidarity with the anonymous coast to stand with us, to mobilize the working class to see how important is to show social injustice
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>> the family is calling for the maximum sentence of 14 years. masterly has already received lunchmeat conceive of not being convicted of murder. they're represented by an attorney. z the jury view verdict itself was rebars of the actual charges, and we also believe that any mitigation the jury verdict itself >> should that sends be less than the maximum, the family hopes that non- violent demonstrations will routine be on the borders of oakland, >> we know that this been international has given us a ray of hope, that we're not going to take police brutality where things it will be addressed and reduced. and stocks.stocks. if >> in oakland jeff pierce
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kron4 news. to >> was a wet day in oakland today and all around the bay. tomorrow even at whether date, your forecast coming up next. south
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surfers have formed their own company and locked up a sponsor to host california's contest. the mavericks surf since 2003 to expand the mavericks brand with a website, videos and of wave riders has won a key video. >> ready date to the process so rare at what the will of debt in their trucks, people were just done, right now we're live in the bay bridge toll plaza we have a few showers of their somewhat further tonight, and forge a more we will have some more rain. in fact heavy rain. right now we're into the breach between two systems
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very curious george parker for, we have a couple of austin on showers. into the north face and fell nobody tumor and the showers moving across the bait to ballet hope. in a little tiny shower here just to the south, the winds are between this and know my airport in santa rosa. we're getting a break for this evening, but store no. 2 for this weekend is up here on the north coast, near eureka, this is where the really heavy rain is and do in for tomorrow. the brunt of it is coming in between noon and 5:00. here's the future gas will go through the next 20 hours. starting up at midnight tonight, where in this pattern right now where we are between systems of looking at spotty showers. this will persist during the overnight hours.
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by 8:00 a.m., the heavy rains will begin to show up at the north of santa rosa. but still tried down through the bay, some isolated showers. by noon the heavy rain is just to the north of the golden gate bridge and then the no. 8. still flight ranged points out of the golden gate. the store from will work its way to the entire bay area, the heaviest around two to three tomorrow. the rain will begin to wind down by 8:00, things will begin to quiet down. eventually things coming to an end around midnight tomorrow night. and into monday morning the rain will be completely over. in terms of how much to expect, the heaviest in the north bay, once again one to 3 in. here that deals could see three to 5 in. here. sonoma county in marin county as well. to bar their to the south that, though rainfalls
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start to lighten up, about 1 in. to the peninsula and the short period along with all the rain, temperatures relatively mild considering it's cloudy and rainy we will be in the '60s, upper 60s for antioch livermore. looking ahead over the next seven days, we will get a break starting tomorrow night. once all that rain is out of here we will have a couple of nice days for monday and tuesday, if this will not last long. look for a partially to sunny skies monday tuesday with temperature is running below average. another storm system working its way and when state thursday. the potential for more heavy rain, that will go through and then there is yet a another storm system for late friday in to saturday. so next weekend looking what as well. we're starting the beginning of the winter season. >> what do you do when you do not have a lot of money
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now here's kelly robbins 2000 people behaving badly. under cover parking officers are hard at work at people behave badly. according to the ddt the person was using her mother- in-law's pedicab card. >> $64 for an expired meter, when you have another one for 827 for misuse of a
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placard. the good your mother a lot is not here. >> the officers were also in the giants to a parking lot looking for violations. there were three men in a chart that seats four, the other seat has and i suggested, when questioned about the placard, apparently belonged to the passengers 81 year-old grandmother who he claimed his inside the park. >> we will have >> a living from there> after a long conversation with the passenger it was clear he could not produce this 81 year-old grandmother. the driver was issued two tickets one for $820 for misusing, at $350 for parking in the blues all because it was his car. that's basically a parking space for just over $1,100. in san francisco stanley roberts kron4 news. >> those were some expensive tickets, if you have a
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college or suggestion for people be heavy valley mill valley roberts of people believe the best clear kron4 dot com. the giants win game 6 tonight and that means we're heading to the world series. and people will for and against prop. 19 are getting pretty creative when it comes to attracting media attention. after firing this man [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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it has been a rainy miserable day again, looked at those paralyzed people. it was a good date to be inside. and brian is done to give us, as more of this is coming, you're looking at scenes from san francisco earlier today. anyway let's go to what brian >> the radar is saying it and i concede there is a bunch of stuff and more come, >> yes this is the stuff that we had today, it's
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often your riga and crescent city on the north coast. right now we're getting help little break, two storms this weekend when we already had to they tamara a starter system coming in. that is what we're watching. here is the library door, all little bit of rain on the light side scattered still somewhat of roadways for tonight. there's a shower just to the west of hayward, this is moving into san leandro a couple of showers in san paulo bait. looking at some light rain. that is moving up to vallejo it this time. here's a view of the golden gate bridge, the deck is work for this evening. 49 look for often on light scattered showers. if that will continue into tomorrow morning as well, it is going to be of the light side till about noon, then that stone's shower that we were talking about will come through the bay area looking
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for periods of heavy rain throughout the afternoon, especially in the after. whins 40 to 50 mi. per hour some wind advisories in effect. you can see about a another is for most parts of the bay area. up to an inch, highest amounts to the north of the golden gate bridge, one to 3 in.. east of highway one no one to the west of highway 101 into the sonoma county mountains, possibly three to 5 in.. more details in the forecast later on. >> if all thank you brian, the giants are going to the world series they won game 6 tonight is against the phillies to win the pennant. an intense game with the very happy ending. this was a nerve wracking when. national league championship hats, and the world series,
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you know how journalism has changed so is just watching comcast and they have all the reporters wearing the uniforms. that's ok, i will put it on line to rolled into tired. this was a great great night if you were a giant sand. from philadelphia, it got off on a good foot for the two-time defending national champions, they looked very hot from the start, and the san francisco giants then countered with jonathan sanchez and he was wild pitch after the walk. then chased who has been quieter out of post-season, lies one to right field. score is one nothing and that crowd was deafening. it was really rocking in philadelphia tonight. it's to nothing on the jason would sacrifice fly you just missed city and it out. from there on, but
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giants bullpen was fantastic. we will show you in a moment what they had to take over. but the offense came back, and a championship team maybe hold on, a great effort, but this seemed to be the giants' year, when there were a number of incidents is even though the base running was for their. but nonetheless, right back through the middle of very popular ring, and the giants score once, we will get run over moments later. on the ground ball was turned off an era of foster policy. that is what championship games to, you may get to throw out what about is to be run but you come right back. elie got hit, tossed about to sanchez, said justin not like the toss, and as we said about a half- hour ago these guys are too
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smart in that championship to you do not throw pledge because you're out of the game. the bold plan was great, and nobody scores again for philadelphia, end rebate is all home run to put the giants out for good 32. after working here on thursday night's loss, he gives up a couple of basis, i will sing comes out of the bullpen, a line drive but they were not holding a runner on, and it turns into a double play. the power hitting right hollered loss of four the phils, and there is a san francisco giants win, the national league pennant with a final of three to two. they move onto the world series for the first time since 2002. but the giants, remember 1962
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when there a basis of waycode et valuable player of the series in 10 post-season game, he is hit nine of them has had four home runs, national league championship season here. and look get them party down bohol. i do not know if you've heard them interviewed very drawl but now, he is ready have led this team tonight. every move he made, there's larry baer clapping, and william neukom. cuisine the
9:35 pm
championship trophy. when there is cody ross been named the nl c.s. most valuable player. >> am i hearing we are going to reggie, >> nobody knows baseball >> phrygia's live in san francisco, i think he is across from at&t part are you there reggie perry >> hamas catherine can you hear me. i am here outside of at&t part, you can see how the traffic is jammed up here. and willie mays plaza police is out. you should have seen that a crowd of earlier there were so many people in the streets they had to close it down for a
9:36 pm
about an hour. they worry and cheering holding die like all of them extremely excited that the giants are going to the world series. every time they pass a tnt part, everyone is extremely excited, everyone very very happy that their team is finally going to the world series. so that is what is going on here any at&t part. you will see some video how crazy it was earlier this evening live in san francisco reggie kron4 news. >> the yankee reggie, is kinder rainy but they are out there. they will face the rangers the first day wednesday in san francisco. and we're going to go to date to go up, ok so will what are we doing. oh okay,
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>> you can read this, in less than two weeks california voters will decide whether to legalize the use of marijuana. so as ted rowland reports, when to see an end, and don't worry been taken fans they will be on and a few minutes here is cnn's they only on larry king a replacement, now we have defined a cnn replace in for ted owens, that is terrific they will find a cheaper way to spread their message. >> they held a press conference in a news conference to allow the yes to spread its message for free. >> please vote yes yes on 19 for the kids, >> later the cameras were on the other side, but was celebrity rehabs dr. drew.
9:38 pm
>> in my mind why would you have one more mind altering substance that would become more accessible, >> both are getting plenty of free air time, and both sides are using cheaper alternatives to get their messages >> out> there is obviously a lot of media interest in this issue and this has allowed us to get our information out. we have also used great strides in using twitter in . >> both sides have produced tv ads that neither had the cash to put them on television so both of the videos have been posted all live. >> revenue from the legalization of marijuana can be used to supplement education in california. >> as of last week they had raised less than $200,000. but in the homestretch both sides have huge advantages,
9:39 pm
at every major california canada both democratic and republican is against legalizing pot. including democrat governor recanted it jerry brown. teeth who said if this host said if the whole society starts getting stoned were going to be even less competitive. >> governorships schwarzenegger, who was smoking pot on screen in his movie pumping iron, reduced recently reduced the penalty, >> that gets campaign says they are combating the lot of political support with a passion advantage. they say hundreds of people are volunteering to work phone banks and events leading up to the vote. >> speaking of prop. 19 there is a new poll on it late wednesday finds that 44 surveyed back the measure
9:40 pm
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a day for the umbrellas the day, lots of steady rain heavy rains that time in the north bait. we are getting al little bit of a break for two nights, in another strong storm is doing tomorrow by sunday afternoon we will be seen some heavy rains at times. right now let's go live to at&t part, people are going crazy as the giants are going to the world series. what roadways for tonight, we are reducing the rate not the opening the spirits of the fans out here. white men on the radara couple of showers are around town roof fell in livermore currently, these are mervyn been slowly, a
9:49 pm
couple of showers here in between vallejo is there field. antioch as well, this is really a break in between two systems. the first one came through this afternoon, here is the second one, up on the north coast of california near eureka. this rain is due in for late morning tomorrow. adding to the afternoon hours. through the course of the afternoon look for periods of heavy rain. heaviest in the north bay along with the rain gusty winds getting up between 40 to 50 mi. per hour. a. when did virus three is in effect. a total of one to 3 in. is expected, maybe even more over the sonoma county perry here is future cast looking at midnight tonight it will remain scattered through the overnight hours, mainly dry with some hit and miss showers. you can see the heavy air raid beginning to
9:50 pm
form arrau's santa rosa, so some dry conditions, and around the bay area this condition will work its way throughout the new south around noon around the golden gate bridge that the counties, to storm front pushes south by 3:00 p.m. look for moderate to even have been raised for most places in the bay area. then they will begin to wind down by the evening by 7 8:00 everything is done except for few leftover showers. temperatures will be in to the '60s tomorrow for most of spirit and then think still to stay active for the next seven days, the rain is out of here tomorrow night and will give us a couple of night stays for monday and tuesday parsley sunny skies, by work late wednesday, more rain is due with a another storm in for thursday with a possible by
9:51 pm
next weekend still more wet weather for next saturday and even if to said they kathryn >> time out for tech talk with kids like, >> if there is a new tab on the the scene the h-p's late 500 was just released on the market. there is a lot of high about it until now, what all of a sudden it shows up on h-p's was site for sale. it's quiet release is because it is aimed at their business customers. they're not trying to take on the i had with this device, they just put this on the you two to show how doctors and ages can use this to make third work easy, this might catch on by windows users as a tablet to have business or personal. here's what i can tell you about this eighties like, and runs on windows operating system. it is just
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slightly smaller than the i have is a touch screen and comes with a stylus if you prefer that. it has two cameras one in front and one of the backside, so you could do video shots with us late 500, the eye patch has no camera. it also supports a built-in flash and like the high tide. for someone who really relies on microsoft's windows seven for their personal life, this device can be a great gadgets you have. but for now how would save the by pat is the tablet of its choice. the h-p slight by hundred is on sale for $800. games like kron4 news. >> still i had a wet but happy night for a giants fan, you are looking like that at&t part. stay with us for some fan reaction.
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what a night for the giants
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and the giants and they beat the phillies in game 6. reggie is outside just outside each tnt bart, reggie what is happening? >> it is surprisingly, they are still outside you concede a traffic jam. a lot of people are hawking their horns as they pass at&t part. there is a heavy police presence down the middle of willie mays plaza, that four cops were in write year earlier this evening tried to control a large cloud bucrowd. you can see all of the people in the middle of the streak, got cars were try to control but people people were yelling people were laughing and screaming some crying and jumping up and down. they could not believe that the
9:57 pm
giants were finally able to pull this off. this one on for a about an hour, until police were finally able to control the crowd. here is what some giants fans had to say about the wind. it does not get any better than this. >> it was the game, the entire game was great they entire series was good. >> i'm irish, but everybody here is awesome go giants who your >> can see that people are still coming out of celebration mode, the giants have got to the world series 18 times, at this time they will battle the texas rangers. >> kron4 news> i knew somebody had to jump up and scream, quickly more rain coming.
9:58 pm
>> indeed more rain for tomorrow. >> we will be back get a 11 everybody taking a look at radar more rain in places coming. see you at 11. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!!
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what's in your wallet? somebody help me down.


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