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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  October 24, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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live (music) from the bay area news station this is the kron4 news >> hello everybody at the top story for this morning is the giants' beating the phillies in now heading to
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the world series for the fourth time in the history. >> we are going to cover all of the basis for you but first we want to get to weather, let us to look out side, it is very breezy and rain is in the forecast here is jacqueline bennet with the forecast. >> it is very showers rate out in san francisco by taking a look at this door tracker we have heavy rain looking at the north the best more will be pushing and with the storm behind us as well as a logistical look at what is the one on out there as well. we of widespread showers and we are receiving them south of the golden gate and they are moving towards the south as we head into the morning added to the afternoon. not particularly heavy out there right now we are seeing melo in seven rows up and is going to pick up quite a bit as we head into the afternoon. let us take a look at a couple of things
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first, with the advisory in effect along the coast line there are very gusty conditions expected, up to 55 m.p.h. as this store pushes through the bay area so current wind speeds are breezy up there and marty mentioned that a is 70 mi. an hour in san francisco and also there will be delays at the sfo all day because of the weather and 20 mi. an hour in half moon bay and in oakland and these will pick up for the rest of the morning. let us take a look at the raid, the rain is going to pushed through as we may agree to the 10:00 hour the north bay is certainly bearing the front of the storm this afternoon and we have some heavy rain pushing its way down to the south into the tall clock tower to have widespread heavy showers in the north bay and it will push down into the golden gate in the afternoon and also the diablo range is pushing into
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the said day later this afternoon and into the evening. showers are cutting off dramatically and we will have things dry up very quickly into the evening and at least for a few days to get more rain in the forecast later this week. let us take a look your forecast coming up in a bit. >> yes it is. >> sliding into right, and this is don for a home run. he is gone deep. >> yes he did, and that was a key play and putting the giants ahead and next up is that world series. let us relive last night's highlights. it was in the third inning that jonathan sanchez heads chase ugly and it led to a bench cleary. your basic baseball get
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together. it moved to the top the eighth and there we see it again, as solo home run put the giants ahead and it was a lead that they would not relinquish. and that bridewell said stepping in got it easy double play but then into the ninth- inning for the third out full count brian wilson, 93 mi. an hour cut their for the k and the ticket to the world series. let us get something and reaction. >> it does not get any better than this. it was the game. the entire game was great and it is, a san francisco is on fire. >> i am so happy to be here and to experience this with everybody here. >> well no surprise, thousands of giants
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fans gathered into the streets to celebrate in the celebration and here is kron4 news reggie kumar in front of the at&t part. >> we are celebrating the big win in front of the at&t park and they are going to the world series, you can see all of the traffic here everyone is out here having fun and celebrating and the entire street is blocked off and here are some of the fans (cheering) get excited that the giants won in san francisco reggie kumar. >> and a big is this how about the ticket. prepared to spend some cash. >> break into the piggy bank (laughter) >> this is the most popular site for ticket sales, the giant tickets are very popular as you can imagine
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because of the prices are ranging from $500, that is below and, all the way up to $17,000. >> that must be it sweet with champagne. >> at the very least, did the. >> still to come work begins on the bay bridge power at with regard to take another live look at the bay bridge and very cloudy skies and blustery winds across the bay, there is a high wind advisory and the ground delays at sfo. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back to kron4 news weekend and take a look at the storm tracker for the storm right now is based in the north bay but it is heading south id will be back with the forecast in just a minute. >> you no-fault is supposed to offer the best weather in the bay area but visitors center expecting those warm
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and sunny days and mildly nice word typically disappointed with the rainy day weekend. meanwhile people did what they could to stay dry and a lot of them had umbrellas. dalian has hit the streets to track the storm reactions. >> the first major storm caused weather-related problems in quite a few problems the bay area for example in mayor again to stop cars like this one that lost control when off the road and you can see a tow truck getting ready to pull into a safe location set out their cars could get through and also in marin county we saw some roadways that were shut down for a short time because of mud and rock slides. here in san francisco the persistent rain caused heavy flooding and some streets and even freeways and they are reporting that they sought more traffic problems this saturday compared to a typical day because of the rain and they expect to see more traffic delay problems on sunday with more rain on the way and they're using this opportunity to remind
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everyone to really slow down while they're driving in the raid. in san francisco i am dalian for kron4 news. >> we want to remind you of new construction, wow, look at that sky, that is animation of course. it is set to start today, you're looking at a computer animation and this is the second level of the bay bridge tower which will be put into place and all tolls sections of the new showertell r it will be attached to the first level of the tower. it might cause a bit of that destruction for drivers who are driving by so be extra careful. >> we're also talking about how we did visors on the bridge so let us hope that those guys are set up there. still to come on kron4 news weekend there is a debate on proposition 23 @ measure that will suspend the greenhouse gas all for now. >> and a live look at the
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all we are looking at out and beat and out wet sunday out there today. let us take a look out the storm tracker, this is that there did series of storms this weekend is is the strongest a lot of the zero streaming rain coming in. here is what we're seeing out there right now the rain is mostly in the north bay and are couple have your cells in the north bay that are pushing towards this out when the rate will pick up in intensity added to the afternoon in something else will pick up with the wins, there is a wind advisory for the entire bay area. coastal location, hills, the winds are 25 mi. an hour with gusts up to 55 mi. per hour. the winter one storming of
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snell is expected to fall up to one but what this storm. with the traffic out we do have pockets of heavy rain out there on the north bay has been hit and is moving into the hours. look at the shading here on your screen, the red, the pain, it is had been heavy rainfall. santa rosa is certainly going to bear the brunt of this into the 1:00 hour and notice that when the rate becomes heavier is pushing down a little bit. at 3:00 in the afternoon in the north bay near the golden gate and the diablo range we have at continuing into the evening hours or the 6:00 hour it will totally be down towards the south bay where we will finally have drier conditions as we are ready at the evening into tomorrow. take a look at the kron4 news seven day of around the bay at a win today and monday, tuesday conditions are drugs and
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this is good news for the giants in that is on wednesday but check out thursday, we are expecting rain. heading into the weekend as well we're expecting showers again. >> thank you jacqueline. a recent field poll does show that more voters are against proposition 23 which would suspend the greenhouse gas lot and it shows that 45 percent oppose it, 35 percent approved and the rest are undecided. much of the debate over the economy and jobs as much as it is about global warming. >> suspending bell lost about proposition 23 will show that it will be able to eliminate the emissions from vehicles starting in 2011 with able to be able to drop those levels and prop 23 is on the whole plot until they dropped 5 1/2% because currently there are 12.6% and it is the old tile to
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suspend it to keep the job market from worsening. with district industry including energy companies such as oil it will cause loss of more jobs and emission laws are vital to the environment such as global warming and jobs will be it increase in the global warming feel i and the jobless rate will actually dropped to 5% and that is the realistic goal. >> joining us now is assemblymen john loeb with the 23 campaign and kate as a >> well. first all the keys so much for joining us on this stormy sunday and personal would like you to do is explain your stand on each side of proposition 23. >> well prop 23 is designed for the economy until we are jobless rate drops down to 5.5 and will last two years
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we only did that twice. the purpose here is to trigram our economy and send a message out that california wanted to lock in block 32 and we're never going to able to drop them completely. five different studies have explained that it in southern california pacific authority they have stated that energy costs will go up by 60 percent of what we're saying is that we are not against reductions but we are saying that as time goes on keeping this would hold our government will develop a plan that allows the whole country to trample its salt as such because california go again low and the governor and business director said that we have absolute no effect on the green hat is gas emission and this is a lot of anti of ferment issues, it is not as a pollution issue is not as a health
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issue of greenhouse gas emissions and that is a problem we are trying to filter through, this is dirty oil, this is pollutants' and this is not to do it as a that is what we are trying with but we will be successful. >> since proposition 23 is not about jobs. it was on the ballot that it is to assist oil companies, three of which are oil companies from taxes and one from kansas and so it is really hard for me to believe that these texas oil companies are really concerned about the california job market and that is what they are pouring billions into proposition 23. what seems to be the case is that california is doing things right because built 32 is a great things for the economy and we have half a million jobs is because of this legislation that was passed in 2006 and the california clean tech sector has grown and 10 times the
8:21 am
national at it was spared because of bill 32 is a great spot in the economy right now ensouled the proposition 30 is asking for the texas company is to follow what is happening in california and they are using money to do that and that is why we need to say no at the ballot box. >> katie i wanted to ask you about that percentage will assertion that this, up to this point, brought 32 or 8032 has not made much of an impact at all in california stock of the >> i'm it. yes in the in my mid. it is the eighth largest economy in the world in california i will also produce the most carbon dioxide. so to say that a lot that reduces the global warming emissions by 80 percent by 2015 it is not doing anything for the
8:22 am
entire globe, just because of this bill that we are in the effectiveness of that skill. >> assemblymen wrote you come from and that your accountant as the second highest unemployment rate in this state, how would you played out that ab 32 and how would help with job loss customer >> five different studies that showed that if we do not suspend a be 32 we will lose 1 million jobs and agreed economy is a good economy but the problem with it that we have is it will subsidize up to 56%. spain and italy did the same study and for evergreen job they created in spain they lost two jobs and from a great job they graded and italy they lost six jobs. if we were to create, the reason for this is because of tax subsidizing creating jobs. it's like breaking all of
8:23 am
the windows and seeing how many people can't be credited to fix the windows. it's not good because taxpayers are paying for it wrote their increase energy costs at we cannot afford it right now. this is a time and had to restore our economy is the third highest at a slower rate in the nation in the grain economy is only one percent of our total work force. we cannot afford to experiment with california all the rest of this state stand by and watch and nobody else in the nation is still we're doing in there is a reason for it. if a b 32 it is so great that we will not deal lot that has to have a real issue here of restore our economy. we need law enforcement. it is an economic disaster waiting that >> in. yes what would rather use some stats specific to ab 32, i am not too sure about of the country but abc
8:24 am
32 here in california has created half a million jobs and we are growing out the national average and there's 12,000 clean tech companies here in california so ab 32 is working for california. it is showing the entire country that we can do something about climate i we aren't growing the economy. your leaders and we need to support this position. >> in the latest poll does show that support for prop. 23 is going down. >> i do not believe that the poll is accurate. i do believe that they are slated. the field poll is even worse, the credibility is the worst in the state sold the fact that exist is the art of living today, they're voting in a week and the public will realize that this is an economic disaster if you do this and taxes does not have the be 32, be at a flat rate is why data they have crated 70 percent all of the jobs in the country and the reason that
8:25 am
we are at about third highest unemployment rate in the nation is because of subsidize jobs in california that do not create investments and that's what we need to do. >> think you ought both of you out and they you for joining us. proposition 23 on the november ballots and [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ]
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and we are back at 828, president at the obama is waiting to get all of the plain. he is getting some down time after wrapping up some speeches and goodbye to the flight team. two months you will be attending more rallies in fund-raisers in minnesota. the polls suggest that a number of key races are going tightly and democrats are running ahead. the latest democrat says
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that republicans are leading them by six points around likely bidders with independence breaking and they say the republicans will win back the has the not the senate. >> said to have yet? that case said giants bieber? the giants are in the world series and we have the coming of free and the next few minutes. >> and quesadilla. >> i that one sounds good. >> we have cloudy it rain and whether it in the bay area but we will have the full force as coming up.
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live at around the bay area this is kron4 news. >> welcome back at 831 we have a live look out side from our mount tam camera and you cannot see the wind blowing the understand there are wind advisories and slowdowns that the sfo.
8:32 am
>> picture does tell you all you need to know and if you need to know more here's jacqueline bennet. >> you always need to know more. the storm tracker for radar is explained why the mount kem campbell looks like that. we have a wind advisory in effect for the bay area as the third it, strongest, storm pushes into the bay area and there is a lot of rain to the north than most of it is heading north bay and it is certainly going to get at lot more radios there this afternoon. storm track before this is the way it advisory, is in the hills and the bay area and this is an advisory for the last up to 55 m.p.h.. we are talking about 11:00 to about 3:00 in the afternoon. when speeds right now are not too
8:33 am
terrible but again they are going to be picking up to 25 mi. an hour winds and oakland right now and we do have incoming flight delays at the sfo witches going to delay flights leaving later today. let's take a look at future cast, a heavier rain is pushing into the north bay and you concede there red and pink shadings here is obviously indicating at downpour thread santa rosa and its core to push down to the south in the it 1:00 hour. we are born to be seeing all lot of rain pushing down to this out kate as well. 3:00 hour we have heavier rain through the santa cruz the ins and also the doppler range and we are also going to be see it's a profit quite a bit here, this line is the dryer locations filling in right behind is so we will have a sharp contrast with wet and dry and it will be in the evening hours about six or seven. let's take a look at how the north is
8:34 am
bearing the brunt of this then in 2 1:00 hour you could look at this there is already an inch of rain in san arose at the hardly anything in the golden gate. there is about one-third of an inch and oakland to be a three-quarters of an inch in san mateo. of the rain will be tapered off it will be talking about the drier conditions coming into the next week and was a bit. >> thank you so much jacqueline, thousands of giants fans were hitting the streets in san francisco last night celebrating after the giants won build national league championship and of course are heading into the world series prayed for the most part it was a peaceful celebration but there were some residents near the ballpark. it is always fun to see these guys (laughter) some retailers' stores are preparing for big business selling giants
8:35 am
here and in union square out there was ad giant bloody mary breakfast this morning. let's take a listen to what the fans had to say. >> i think it is all good. the giants are 1 to win the world series. i'm excited, i am happy. you know, it is pointed be the bomb if they win. it is a dream come true and i cannot imagine a better outcome for the drives. >> waiting for so long, they are right, always a bridesmaid in never a bride the giants find ourselves and we are a series for the first time since 1958. both teams are hungry for the ultimate prize in baseball the world series championship. gary has highlights of last night's giants game.
8:36 am
>> the giants are on course right now for their first world series title since moving west in 1958. here we go to philadelphia at, game six, or read online or in philadelphia papers the phillies were coming home to knock off the giants and the back-to-back contests and go to the world series and it started well for philadelphia. john sanchez all over the place and a wild pitch and a week that will up and lighting to write the philadelphia phillies want the board first and it was one to nothing. you note that the phillies have to win and then, people are talking about this, jason worked just missed it. that sacrifice fly it out of the deal to make it 2-0 and the crowd was ward the outcome of the phillies and it hit
8:37 am
just off the glove but the pitchers sanchez was bored and he did not want to do so heat barely it left the base and the giants picked up the base running when the line shuffled by audrey have was shot right through the middle period is 2-1 lead is about to be taught? no. the tide nailed it. the giants do tied the game it minutes later and there you go. the game is now tied at to appease and oh, it do you want some controversy here? a guess you do not want to be hit by pitch and toss the ball back to the pitcher. it is a sign of disrespect. you will get doors thrown out of the championship game. we want to say militarist do not want to fight but it is day two-two until what every day in the eighth inning
8:38 am
goes deep and it had softened to the right field stands and time comes that the bullpen to wrap it up but he cannot get it done the gets one of and back-to- back in philadelphia hits and then comes bright and wilson with a long drive right into a double play and the threat is over and a ninth-inning it did not go quietly, wilson with two runs the board and a power hitting right our that is it, the giants are going into the world series winning in six games with the 3-1 win and san francisco again has never won a world championship san moving was in 1958, the world series opens on wednesday it at&t park against the texas rangers. oh yeah. >> coming up we have airport workers holding a rally for oscar grant's the man that was killed at a platform and
8:39 am
we are taking another look at the san mateo bridge, a lot of shaking going on out there but look at the roadway it looks like it is drawing up and is still just little wet on the ground, it is over testing cloudy until it's on. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how can you retire at age 55?
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just ask jerry brown. he gave california state employees collective bargaining powers. since then the unions have grown stronger and stronger. now state employees can retire at 55 with much of their salary for life. and taxpayers are on the hook for one hundred billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities. no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. he'll just spend, and spend, and spend.
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no wonder those unions are 100% behind jerry brown. you're back 842, joanna who was convicted of killing oscar grant's will be sentenced less than two weeks from now this week members of the bay area airport will be holding a rally for oscar grant's. >> no cargo was moved at the docks and oakland and richmond and san francisco when kron4 news organized a rally for oscar grant's who was shot by the policemen nearly two years ago. >> the international law (cheering)
8:43 am
>> the international law union has a long history of supporting that type of hearings. >> i would think that the judge will hear that this is a call for justice. and that justice needs to be done in this area. >> the solidarity of the it unanimous in their to mobilize the working class to support basically as social acceptance. >> the family is calling for the maximum sentence of 14 years and the police officer has already received leniency by not being convicted of murder. >> i do not think that the jury verdict was a
8:44 am
representative of the actual charge and we also believe that any indication that the officer had a the did the jury verdict itself. >> the oscar bread case has reached beyond the borders of oakland. >> this is an international news story and it will take police brutality to a point where it will be it reduced and really stopped. >> anything less will be at another stab in our hearts. >> well, we are keeping an eye on the let their hands as we take a live look at side at san francisco jacqueline that has of full- court press coming up in
8:45 am
just a minute. + +
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we are back on kron4 news and it is fairly clear in san jose. >> hopefully a want it all, it is people run the bay area that no they need the rain and people will argue about it but it is true. let us check in the jacqueline bennet schulz said to call it what you? >> yes, we may not want but we do need it and it is here in the north they not in san jose yet. so we are starting to see some heavier areas have rain on the screen, will go ahead and as a man and we are glad to continue to see the heavier it sells data into the morning. here is a look at the future tracker, it is pointed at 11:00 this morning you can see the dark red and the
8:49 am
pain which is syndicating a downpour right over san arrays of and the heavy rain continues into the 1:00 hour also pushing down into the coastline and it will be a pocket of heavy rain. 3:00 is continuing to push in the santa cruz which will keep you warm widespread it moderate rainfall and of course showers as well. it is pushing into this it has 6:00 in notice are sharp cut off of the rate where we are born to be seeing some clear conditions and it will be clearing dramatically as the brain pushes through. it is not a whole lot of pride out there. you're not that it will certainly pick up later this morning into the early afternoon. watch this, as you move into the north bay it will accumulate into and and should have won the
8:50 am
rain cuts off the evening will be used wednesday for the giants game of the world series and will have drier conditions in wednesday and thursday in a completely different story for rain in the forecast, we will keep an eye on that for real and showers and friday will be saturday. we will keep you posted. >> so thursday's game might be postponed for friday. >> still to come at troubled family is trying to live up functional life ended on watch to whitestone. >> we will talk tomorrow we watch to whitestone. >> we will talk tomorrow we cthis is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff.
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we're looking at ed documentary click called " trampoline " it follows a father and his rebellious teenagers. this is one of many films in the got the best festival director here is a >> in the >> have a little bit of competition with the raid and the giants but >> begin focus back on the movies. we started back on the 14th and it we have 60 films altogether from all over the world and that bunch of bay area films as well and yes, a wide
8:55 am
variety and it looks at individual families and individual people and perspectives on the environment and social stuff that you know, documentaries are not just a moment the really engaging >> let us talk a live more about a trampoline. how did you find this family? >> as friends with the paris and as all of their network who could have is sit and i still in the volunteer and less time they let the cops were the have some people are passed out and everybody was scared. as the only one that showed up and has also worried side decided to show up with a camera and make a movie about it. it is a great film
8:56 am
for anybody who is raising teenagers and tried to figure i had a talk to their children >> it is about the family expletive or imploding? >> pretty much both. there is conflict of how the parents are winter raised the children >> the parents are in conflict with each other? >> pretty much the kids can do whatever they want because the parents don't like here. they let me into their world and i got to see happen. >> you mentioned earlier that there's a lot of space for documentary's and it is amazing, does it take a lot of money to make them? >> it is a labor of love. in his passion and it took me
8:57 am
six years to make this. and you have to make a movie that you can't stop in the middle. but i had to deal rather >> jeff, tell us a little bit about the status of documentary filmmaking in the united states and in the world. >> i cannot really speak to did a documentary makers in the states but i know in the bay area we have a lot of documentary lawmakers and they get it published in the sundance catalog and the films are almost always back images we have very few of fiction films that pay it at sundance and a lot of documentary film lovers. >> tell us about this one >> this is called cali back for more and it is a band of the son who tracked his dad down when we know that he
8:58 am
was a bit of a to expect of so he is a bay area of god and if he will be at this screening so that will be cool >> yes the u.s. films they give you a good sense of friday. >> just iraq but would you say that document trade making at done some good >> i think the format has done better and people are more interested and since michael moorer and the idea of hollywood silicon's exceeded the box office exchange. the nasdaq in late change in that has been great. >> well we all read it of
8:59 am
time huhh...a spider web.
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mamma. oh, that's a good broom. [ female announcer ] the best treat is the one you get at home. rice krispies® childhood is calling. life (music) from bay area news station this is the bay area news >> well as just after 9:00 this morning at our top story is the giants built the phillies and they are heading to the world series for the fourth time a world series history. we'll have all the news coming up. >> first want to talk about the other story in the bay area and that is the weather. in san francisco you can see beat overcast skies trotting of the buildings. jacqueline bennet will give us the forecast. >> it will not be ready when we planned wednesday but we
9:02 am
do have rain pushing into the north bay and we did expect that. we are seeing a healthy dose of rain up there. this yellow on your screen is getting moderate rainfall is and we're seeing it right over the 101. we're also going to be seeing it into the afternoon and this is the third storm for this weekend ended is the strongest of the three and you concede the moisture from by typhoon and we back in the western pacific so plenty of rainfall and we're certainly like to see it in the afternoon. you're also going to seek high winds it they're especially along the coast with conditions under of wind advisory. they're moving it 20 to 35 m.p.h. and bess up to 55. another warning of for the storm warning in the sierra, snow
9:03 am
levels are born to be heading 7,500 ft. and up to 1 ft. of snow is expected. it's the first thing for the season and it is pretty early to see snowbelt. taking a look at the future gas for the 11:00 hour your same more pressure to the north bay indicating downpours right over the hills and you are looking at 3 in. of rain and we're seeing far less of that down into the it north bay. you're seeing heavy to moderate showers and some of the pockets of heavy rain are heading into the golden gate added to the 3:00 hour by the diablo range and the mellons we will see heavy rainfall periods it is a very dry conditions as the rain times to push through dramatically in dramatic drawings sold it is starting to head the workweek with drier conditions and a giants game we will talk all
9:04 am
about a coming up in just a bit. >> here is the right call back up against the wall, that call is gone for a home run. (cheering) it is gone deep. >> there was a historic, but they keep playing for game 6 last night and of course next up is the world series. it will be facing off the texas rangers and the this relive + megs highlights with the third inning with jonathan sanchez who gets ugly, but he is not too happy about he tosses the ball that to sanchez and all badges to clear but typical baseball nl it is moved to the top where we can enjoy it again. it there was the bearded one, brian wilson he
9:05 am
headed easy double play here in the eight then into the ninth for the third against lie in howard's before wilson tosses off discounter and strike rate recall the case and the giants have the ticket to the world series. let us get up and reaction. >> we are excited, all of the rickeys, here we come, a world series >> i was born and raised in san francisco in this really means a lot to me. >> well of course thousands of giants fans piled into the streets of san francisco to share the gusto with about celebration that likely remain peaceful >> the fans are still celebrating the way in and out side of at&t part and you can see all of the traffic here as people are
9:06 am
still out here having fun and celebrating. this entire street has been packed for and alex (cheering). in san francisco kron4 news. >> and if you're looking for tickets for the game, yak, you'll call up a pass. the game against texas, prices start at $515 per ticket and they go all the way up to $17,999. that is just under $1,900. that is 7999. >> i heard that they are still selling in some sandals, that will be interesting. check it out. still ahead we have more on your rebate forecast >> and let us take a live look out side, this is the
9:07 am
view from your life mount tam kem allied planes advisory is in effect and ground delays at the sfo all day because of the weather. we will be right back. i have three kids in the local t-ball league,
9:08 am
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a live look at storm trackers for, you can see that the storm is moving from the north to the cell and there is some grade in this out of marin county and into concord and san francisco as well. all this supposed to offer warmer weather in the bay area but some of us are disappointed in the radio and one weekend. there's a lot of the umbrellas at there. >> the first major rainstorm is causing weather-related problems in quite a few parts of the bay
9:11 am
area for example in marin county is cars like this one that lost control and you can see it to attract getting ready to get called into a safe location and other cars got through also in marin county there were shut down for a short time because of mud and rock slides. here in san francisco the persistent rain caused heavy flooding on streets and freeways and they are reporting that they sell more traffic late on saturday compared to it typical day. they're expected to see more problems later on in the day. we are using this opportunity to remind people to slow down when driving in the raid. in san francisco i'm dalian for kron4 news. >> we also want to remind you that the new construction for the bay bridge is expected to start today. this is the second level of the tower that will be put in place and another section of the tower will be individually placed into 30
9:12 am
stores in the air and then attached to the first level of the tower. seeking imagine the instruction for the drivers is going to go up as well. yes, there is some winded by is is so you should probably watch the road and not the bridge. does he does on the road and will be very helpful. still to come up is when to be a problem in order to go back into session to try and form a new government we'll have more of that and >> we are going to take a live look out side the approach to the bay bridge, you can see the trend, we'll the full-court press with jacqueline bennet coming up.
9:13 am
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all right we are back on kron4 news weekend and let us take a live look out side of the golden gate bridge and yes, there's a storm and jacqueline is pointed tell us all about it. >> are going to see some rain in the area as we head into the weekend, there is a steady stream of showers all
9:16 am
morning long and that is still a look here, real big close-up. it is going to rain in now and this is what is pushing through the bay area over the past several hours, it is pretty much pushing out easier it and there are plenty of areas with more moderate rain which would help explain why there are 3 in. of rain ever worlds in the last 24 hours. also went to advisory was the pri's strong store pushes through the winds will get up to 35 mi. an hour and gusts up to 65. at the coastline there is a full advisory in effect. let us to look at the future cash for the rest of the morning with the moderate range and at 11:00 hour you concede the downpours with the 11:00 hour you'll continue to seek the rate move towards golden gate and
9:17 am
the doppler range towards your clock is finally moving to the south of in the rain is cutting up dramatically behind the storm. the move quickly but not before we get a lot of rain, laurentian said rosa and you will notice that most of the rain is going up here this evening. record to have a lot more in this time of year is that we usually would. a quick look at your kron4 news, seven day around the bay with drier conditions and that is great is for the one in the world series and the rain looks like it is when to move in a that would coincide just with game time ago it was on the other is wet weekend. >> agreed think you jutland, turning to international news there has been a seven
9:18 am
month political impasse parliament is saying he expects to have a meeting date set by the end of this week. the 325 members have failed to give any party >> still it i racked and led the headlines over the summer for documents related in the afghan war and they are expected to be made public soon. they're focusing on the documents >> some 400 million documents report more birdbaths and was publicly reported. an actress but in this term >> 15,000 is equivalent to 590 lebanese.
9:19 am
>> media ellis show incidences of abuses for war crimes that went largely ignored and the pentagon refused the plans and send the patient and promptly investigated >> remember this is an investigation and that reduces people to brickkiln lot and then expose is the information to the world. >> they blocked out the names by anyone that could be put in danger of the pentagon says is that some 300 iraqis and notified that their names have been public. but if it >> that was prepared by cnn
9:20 am
and who is offered the opportunity to review them but they declined due to conditions attached to a accepting the terms. coming up help not wanted? what the future holds for job- seekers. > [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski...
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nine planes, at%. what are job-seekers to do? >> take you so much for joining as abdon and let us start with the question where the secrets that seem stagnant especially in california? >> at like a coach could definitely be assistant. one
9:24 am
thing you should be asking yourself is should be beat reach that to professionals or we should go into your network. as a starting point they will help you find at your goals are so it could be finding a balance or job search for example on maybe somebody who really understands a social hour and where to begin pour leadership development and then decide is it possible that i am underutilized in my own network. will help them find out what to do in their lives. >> see talk about life cut short which is a career in itself. what is a life coach it do for you and a social network or as a mentor? >> coaches on a mentor is
9:25 am
but it is the relationship of balding. anybody can call him or herself as a coach and there are thousands and thousands of people out there that call themselves coaches and it can help you with starting businesses aren't job search or time management and so it really is up to the person to say what the want and then the question is can i find somebody who is really confident >> that is safer incident that someone has decided they want to pay, how does one come out fighting unreviewable like coach. >> the of many coaches in the field is unregulated so it can have psychology back and are at say that a great
9:26 am
starting point is to go to wine at the organization's that start with coaching and there are a handful of organizations, the largest among them is the international kitschy federation, they have about 16,000 members and 6500 of whom have gone through provincial programs and it ensures that there is a professional standard and they are adhering to the code of ethics and people can assume that they are some degree credential eyes. there are certain number of clients, >> so then once you find that like a coach or you think you have any have some questions for them on the screen that will put up some of those questions will >> the questions include: i
9:27 am
would say do not just pick i like coach interview a few or a handful of people because you want to make sure that you're paying for what you're getting. >> what is the range that someone would pay >> i think that it be good to people that are part of the right cf you're looking at a couple hundred dollars potentially for an hour or recession. it is important to decide do you want to go about it on your own with your existing network it could be thousands of dollars preparing >> what about a workshop >> some do. >> very quickly. some people it think that they're like coaches have changed their careers totally.
9:28 am
>> absolutely. they cannot choose your strings accordingly. >> the you so much for joining us. we will brickbat.
9:29 am
9:30 am
(music) live from the bay area this station this is the kron4 news it news whe >> welcome back taking a look at our mount kem can wear is still some heavy it forecast that aside. >> good morning we are seeing some have very and pushing through and the mount tam can't is a little bit different now. there is that used arms this morning and this is the strongest.
9:31 am
but is continuing into the afternoon in let us take a look at what is one on right now in the north. plenty of rain fall it will happen at about noon so and its going to push. a lot of heavy rain coming of the north bay and right now is on the radar and i'll show you what we have been seeing for the past couple of hours. a couple of yellow on the radar and it is pushing mainly towards this out than continuing to go east so this time it here on future gas, at some pretty heavy rainfall and you can see the red and the pink. it is a downpour in overt said rosa added is pounding with rainfall. a lot less of this is done in to mop up over the past 24 hours. so we're starting to see some rainfall into the north it
9:32 am
and the senate chris run into a double into get it all about rainfall the record is a lot this out is well. by the 6:00 hour getting some moderate rainfall but is still a look at the rainfall up to 7:00 hour there is not too much overt pinsetter rosette into navajo cannot say nearly as much there is some piece inoculations and not quite a quarter inch in san jose. kron4 news it seven day around the bay dryer conditions this evening and
9:33 am
it will degree of once it is great for the world series but rain in the afternoon. it could possibly delay the game so will keep our eye on it. your halloween for us is looking wet as well. >> are taking so much. the transit vans hit the streets at a they won the national league championship against the phillies and now they're headed to the world series a lot of excitement but generally it was pretty peaceful in the streets of san francisco last night just a few complaints about the noise from residents living near the ballpark and this warning shots are already forced selling giants series year-end they're holding up alliant mary breakfast. harrison what some drive fans had to say. >> man i think it is all
9:34 am
good. we are appointed in this series and will say that right now. i'm excited, i am happy this has not been since 1989 so audubon did they win. outplayed the right now. >> i cannot imagine any federal pub. " giants >> this is the last time since 2002 but did not win the challenge is the texas rangers have never been so most both teams are hungry to win kelly has the highlights of last night's win >> the giants are on course now for their first world series title since moving west in 1958. here we go to philadelphia tonight. game 6, go on line and read that the burst of the delays were coming home to a top what
9:35 am
the giants and back-to-back contests. it started well for sanchez of a place then chase with the week that what. the philadelphia phillies were on the board first and it was one to nothing, you know the scenario they have to weigh in and then this, a lot of people were not talking after the game about this but there are couple of runners where jason just missed it. he read it to do that they and the crowd is growing but here it comes to this drive but the tour's but the pitchers sanchez was on board and he does not know to do, he barely beats the base but the giants pick up that base running when it shot note and is 2-1 and it
9:36 am
is about to be tied their nailed tories at the plate but the chance to tell you the game moments later a little brown ball and in by the philadelphia phillies. and there you go. the game is now tied at to peace and there you go. oh, do want a little controversy you're never supposed to trust the ball back to the pitcher, it is a sign of disrespect you will get it thrown out of the championship series set of bloody mills around and millionaires don't buy it so it stays 2-2 and the eighth inning goes deep. the giants had enough and 10 months to come but he cannot get the job done he gets one note and bond comes brian wilson line drive right at all. it
9:37 am
turns into a double play and the threat is over in the ninth inning prison go quietly either. wilson with two runners aboard in the power hitting and quiet hour and that is it. sit down and the giants go into the world series winning six games with a 3-2 win and san francisco again has never won at championships since moving west in 1958 and the world series now, opens on wednesday in a t and t. park against the texas rangers. >> meanwhile the of this to show for at and national league champion. this is what happens at the world series at at&t park. we will be right back. >> and also some champagne, we have been checking some on-line ticket brokers and this is called laser gaidar and they also have tickets
9:38 am
on sale for the world series and started at about $500 in this one the top price we defined was about 8004 giants tickets compared to some of them starting at 7000. >> to i keep thinking about? they'll be glad and they're able to get that facial hair. it's awful. >> on that will earn
9:39 am
9:40 am
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9:41 am
and we're back at 941, especially was accused of killing oscar grant's will be sent tens less than two weeks from today they held a rally to support grand and we have this story. >> no, ago was moved at the docks this saturday when they stopped work and organized a rally calling
9:42 am
for justice for oscar grant's to a shot by a police officer nearly two years ago >> international >> the international union has a lot of history and supporting social issues and saturday's rally comes just days before keep hearing where he is convicted of the slaughter on hearsay 2009. they stand in solidarity and they're supposed to support us and i want to see how part was that they speak to justice. they are
9:43 am
represented by lawyer john rest. >> the jury verdict itself was a representative of the actual charge that any indication the he got that because of the jury verdict itself. >> should be less than the maximum they hope that the rally is will provide the justice that this has become region and beyond the borders. >> they have given us the real hope that this will take police brutality to the point where a well really stopped. 40 years is not enough that a thing less to be a stab to our hearts. >> and we're taking a live look at traffic for you, you concede this door moving in from the north bay headed
9:44 am
south to the east jacqueline bennet has before it as coming up in just a bit.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
welcome back, we're going to take a live look out side of this is from the same material bridge the cameras jammed been done just a little bit. co-ops >> a little it went to check in with jacqueline bennet she will bring us up to speed. >> well right now of flood advisory has just been issued the heavy rain that beat expected is here, it has not moved south yet and they will leave in to the rest of the morning. we continue to see rainfall
9:48 am
which is why it we see this double last 24 hours. still, it let us take a look at the flight advisory the flood advisory is happening until 3:00 this afternoon and a it is going to close off some roadways. be really careful if you are out there driving today stayed somewhat some bush ball. the storm is pushing through added as a pretty strong one with wins 20 to 35 mi. an hour and a last until about 315 and still lives are about 75 part feet in higher elevations. i look at future
9:49 am
past when it went to look and see a heavy rain and you concede widespread moderate rainfall and its cargo was the golden gate put it in the rain is cutting up dramatically political but it o'clock a quick look at kron4 news and seven day around the bay they should last into monday, tuesday wednesday the rain is pretty lively and we will keep you posted on that as it looks like it a bill what helene we will have all of the detailed
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
but maybe rating today but never stops fashion and there is a big day today for a special guest joining us this morning is christopher collins from the runway and lower margins. thank you for joining us record to talk about before we go i have just about project runway it because why is it is so popular because people like cat fight? >> they like to see the evolution of all of that but also people really enjoy it same what people do and in the short of the time, it's a 38 minute tape and here's the most crazy as charles we can think of. it is exciting to see people of pressure from the artistic side
9:54 am
>> speaking of artistic we have very few minutes to show people trends are, are the retro, are they knew are they able to be in our closet what is going on? >> there's a little bit of everything in medicine is exciting about appearing we are showing the customers that come through what they can actually buy and put together and you can see it right here. >> it is sunday night and it is the only one bed is super dry sorry, (laughter) led their entry into and scarves and will lay flat on her to give her a bit of of fashion for a book and we have over here on the other side what we call out trends look at this is an entire look because these testers are at fabulous place and it
9:55 am
is the issue is just a right to go. people can see this looks at it was there, and >> c. mr. celebrity status as a racing huge transitions >> just a marble at and what their day to day looks far and what they get from the very next level. most of the time people are wearing beautiful clothes fifth of >> and that is the letter and because it suits you. >> there is a lot it you know, we get dressed up a lot
9:56 am
>> one of the pretty things we see is the short skirts and a lot people of pushing the trend by wearing them to shore as they age >> the schroder it it wears the tighter. >> leggings are of great trans and it's for many different age demographics >> let us talk about the issues now we see the boots and the floods and 10 in. tall so it is everything. >> there's a comfort factor but sometimes it to sacrifice comfort >> (laughter) definitely
9:57 am
>> it seems like flats have been away for a bit now >> they keep returning and the cargo pants and the steady gains in the floods >> a lot of things a going into place but it is about controlling volume and the doubt to >> that you are done as is going to shoot be a fashion show 23rd to 24 and it sounds like a great time. >> i'll (laughter) are scared >> thanks to address. we will see you next weekend and in the meantime stay dry. (laughter)
9:58 am
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