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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  October 28, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> the giants and deliver in game 1. the best show could be outside the ballpark. >> go giants! >> giants! >> on the streets, and the bay area has world series fever. >> go giants. >> and co orange and black, baby. live from the bay area's news station >> and our big stores! at 4:00 p.m. less than one hour from game 2. that they can
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repeat the magic ahead of last night in the 11-7 victory over the texas rangers. and gary radnich is standing by. kerry. >> the giants have taken the field. and they are feeling very good. after their victory last night over the hottest pitcher. lee. and the giants, if you read all of these national bloc, report, the majority of people thought that just like in philadelphia. perhaps too much hitting in the philadelphia lineup in now texas. and it could be texas, and taxes of five, texas at sixth. but last night, with the big explosion of of lee. they put texas and a big hole. again, this is pivotal, game two if texas couple of
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victory? they're going to go back to arlington. and as you know, it is the best of seven. and the giants victory tonight will guarantee the the series will come back to this ballpark next wednesday. at the very least. let us take a peek at the major store that took place this afternoon. ron washington announced that vladimir will not be in the starting lineup. and he is no. 7, no. 8 he is there clean up! their power guy. however, he cannot play the field with a very rough night. and vladimir will sit down and not be in the lineup today. >> and with me being the master i have the right to change my mind and i decided that i wanted to go with merv. we decided to come back 46, 7, and if that happens? you'll see
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vladimir, and the north and the other. i really did not have anything more of an explanation than that. >> the big shocker was cliff lee. to go in, when you add all of the staffs. the greatest post season and major-league history. seven victories, and i'm going back to all the way to colfax. even further, with you to add everything all and this had the best arsenal, the best attempt. the giants took him apart last night. and if and if you're thinking about his timing, rhythm? the giants will face them one more time in this series. the pitching matchup tonight it is cain the verses wilson. will hear from both combatants. >> how you sleep at night before a game but at the world series? >> to close your eyes [laughter] >> and to try to do would normally. to prepare. and
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try not to pump it up too much what you are sitting there trying to go to bed. obviously, it is going to be exciting. >> and the consistency for good, bad, and have a predictability and consistency to your results. as a starting pitcher is very important to stay emotionally flat, for me. >> go giants! >> and that wilson is very smart. and to give you a quick off the field story. we are situated outside of the month of the gulf.mccovey ay call these local people trying to get a little bit of comment. and some people wanted to know if the marijuana smoke down cure is on a regular basis. and i only said the blonde is on the postseason. apparently
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this is a hang out--blunt. >> and one more thing about the local fans. normally, and i said this before, the 100 e-mails. for a radio show, almost 500 today. people are just going crazy around these parts. everybody is excited about the giants, the rangers, game 2 after 5:00 p.m. and let is go back to the host of giants, of the world series! pamela more! >> thank you, and also kate thompson. and we have more from all sides apart. >> thousands of people at the at&t park. you can hear the yelling, screaming, over 40,000 people. with streets around the stadium are completely packed. and
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filling over the sidewalk with security, everywhere. trying to keep people away from the traffic, and out of the streets. more security. you can see the swat members on top of some of the apartment buildings, nearby the stadium. also with dogs, bomb sniffing, to keep these top crowds out and control, and everybody is so happy. and they're in this happy to feel the energy and have a really good time. i just spoke with one fan who was quite tricky with her ticket and manage trade her ticket for more tickets! to bring her friends along in here is her story. >> and these are bleacher seats, and pretty intense. >> that was a smart move and, we are able to trade? >> sex. >> and you were able to
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trade-6 tickets--42 tickets. >> with no rainfall,-only i gave to tickets, and then get six tickets [laughter] and then did looks pretty good. and reporting live from at&t park. kate thompson. >> and the giants hamid having difficulty with the reception. and why. gabriel slate's tech report your cellphone in a large crowd. >> it is called at&t park but at&t customers are having difficulty getting reception inside the stadium. not just at&t, all carriers having trouble. in sight. these sold out giants game are the perfect storm for cellphone networks to not work. 43,000 fans turned to share their experience of the giants tried to use their phones to do that. with pitchers, videos, it is too much data for the network to handle. i had a
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mobile phone expert why did this happen? >> any time there's a large group of people in a place like a concert, and any type of street fair. you are going to of difficulty using the network is not going to be strong enough with so much coverage. and they do not have the capacity to handle everybody. think about it like a highway. with too many people is going to beat a traffic jam. the highway is there, it is available but some of the dollar to use it at once. it is about the passing. >> should be upset or disappointed? >> it is really not their fault it is the fact of technology that effect all carriers. people talk about at&t because of the iphone and with any amount of people in one room?
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>> any time your in which big crowd to text. that requires less of a signal strength. there is a good chance of success with the text instead of a phone call. or an e-mail. >> and we're going to see any of that rainfall and perhaps we will prepare for the worst and hope for the best. it looks like we're going to get the best in the stormtracker 4 radar is clear in the wind waiting. most of the north bay, and as we see this progress it will track around the bay area. a very northern portion of the north bay. at&t park, dry conditions and should stay that way through the entire game. we are getting the best, and they t t take a look at 4:to be seven, we do not have the blast of cold air! the temperature is 66 degrees, 61 degrees during the game. we're going to seek rainfall, cooler temperatures, and i will tell you when and how halloween will be. stay with us. we will be right back.
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, as you can imagine that to their victory over the giantover the texas rangers, the giants fever is a frenzy and that it is the mood of san francisco. >> san francisco is really exciting, with a lot of positive energy. >> to see everybody and orange, black everybody is showing up to support the team. >> very happy, very happy. >> and a party party atmosphere. >> and with the economy, the stress is nice to have this elevating 70's spirits. >> everybody is happy. and feeling divide and running away. >> it feels like it is feeling the-5, bringing everybody together. to get this wind on the when on the world series. >> and we're just happy! we need this, we deserve this, san francisco, let us get
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them! >> a live look with at&t park. jubilant fans still pouring in and try to take their seats. the game will be a 4:57 and will be with you all the way. more news, after the break. ["knock on wood" playing]
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>> off this just in to the kron 4 news room san paolo police are looking for a man that kidnapped is owned 5 month old baby. at 9:00 a.m., we just got the picture of the man people are looking for. alfonso evans. this morning, evan forced his whole way into his estranged girlfriend and knocked on an elderly family member, kidnapped the five month old and fled on foot from the area. are police contacted evans at the plaza bart station and elsa revo. he bolted from them carrying the infant. evans contacted his estranged girlfriend and threatened to harm the baby. he is still believed to be
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in the area, $175 aarrest warrant, for burglary, terrorists, and he has a propensity for violence. with prior arrest for pilotviolence, of violence, and child cruelty and armed. >> and we of continuing coverage with the world series with gary radnich. >> and to tell you, that people are really excited. about the giants and they are excited from the standpoint that they can be a part of history. giants have never had a world series since 1958. and i know that said that no offense, but i listened it
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to you on the radio. >> but i think you can see me think. and question no. one. >> gary, you think buster posey is going to win the world series and rookie of the year? >> buster posey has gotten one rookie of the year honor. the players have voted in the are run the achieved it. to be honest, this week into we see tonight in a better indication on the auto giant's going all the way. and we should be feeling pretty good. no. 2? >> hey gary. i was wondering on entering the sixth inning. >> yes, and divide here is that right, why you are taking out because he is such a good hitter. but he does not fleet a foot, and he cannot play defense. look at texas their left fielder,
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and the right fielder did not cover ground and this is a big ball park. and i appreciate looking for the end of this manager of the giants could of a dole radio show. as far as pushing the right buttons he is tremendous. >> had a gary, how is it going? and >> and poweablo sandoval is listed at 225. and if he is less than 260 i will come to your house and you can even put me on the scales. he is probably packing 30-40 lbs. perhaps more than he should. he had an opportunity to play with texas as a designated hitter. however, if he is going to come back he will need to be in better shape. and when they are victorious, they're more
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choosy. >> and a. gary, those rope necklaces what are they? >> does, i'm not a big cajolery man. but i can people are just trying to be cool i am not a big chest jewelry person. and if somebody sees that? then that is fine. i did nothing there is any great significance and i cannot think that it is going to effect your pitching. and look at what happened to the other pitcher. record to be life, until the game begins. this is the place to be, we will be life. it is a bit quieter than last night. live. and i do not smell anything it is pretty quiet. and i've just spent been formed from them lb that when a secured vern glenn.
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from m l b, that i will be right next to vern. and we will sue, then add back to the controller. she is controlling the out side, and perhaps jacqueline bennett. >> ♪ >> and with this weather, and pretty ominous picture from our mount pam cam. cloudy skies, over at at&t park. partly cloudy skies, and the reason is the rain fall as well offshore. the giants game looks like it will be dry. let us take a look of this storm offshore continuing to get a steady stream of moisture through northern california. right now, it is skirting the golden gate, and will move an overnight. and a look at futurecast for this evening, the rain as well to the north. until 9:00 p.m., and then more of a southern
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push, towards golden gate. heavy rainfall towards santa rosa, the coastline, and it looks like a good effect your morning commute. and if you're close to the coast? by 6:00 a.m. the to and dry air by 1:00 p.m., the rainfall will return for friday evening. if you have plans, prepare for this with pockets of heavy rainfall to the north. and bay area wide by 10:00 p.m., lee can overnigh, continuing to the bay area. that is going to be the heaviest of the rainfall. as we go towards the weekend, a dry out of the halloween forecast things are looking dry towards next week. and my guess is that we will see more warmer weather, and the october weather the we are used to. stay with us, we will be back. [ cell phone rings ]
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the world series. the last time the giants had victory were 1957 in new york. they moved to san francisco and in 1958 and the fans are waiting, hoping to get the world series 2010. 4:57, we are born to be back with gary radnich after this break. we will be right back.
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