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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 29, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live from the bay area news station this is kron 4 morning news. >> it is friday and the giants when game 2. the golden gate bridge rain coming down as predicted. let's get a look at the forecast. >> rain expected throughout the day today it started late last night in the north bay and just garden to make its way over the peninsula as we expect rain to develop within the next hour or two. that rain is streaming up from the south. look at how slowly it is moving it is barely moving at all. it will be it date of rain
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from the south as it slowly sweeps across the bay area. it will take until the evening hours to wind down. it will clear out holiday's at halloween sunday. we have ranges starting in oakland. 1 01 in the north bay heavy rain around wilbur park.romer park. it should be moving into redwood city soon. rain from 7:00 a.m. until noon. continuing through 5 and 8:00 p.m.. what to freer friday night's showers for saturday. scattered showers saturday
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but driving up saturday night. it looks nice for halloween night. upper 60s and clear weather on tap. hi today '60s with rain on and off. your 70 forecast coming up wet wharoadway's always a problem let's check the commute. >> clear conditions on the roadways but you may want to watch your speeds. across the span looking good right now there is lots of space between the taillights headed westbound towards foster city. looking at 12 minutes between 1 01 and 880. golden gate bridge ride wet but no cars in camera shot and nice and easy ride into san francisco. novato into san francisco 20 minutes right now. crosstown traffic
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getting along just fine. you're right from 1 01-80 split to the airport 15 minutes. >> the world series again great news. the giants had to taxes with the two-0 lead. i knew explosive offense. matt cain got the start. matt cain was cruising as he got nelson to strike out. that was one of the amazing what they thought was going to be a home run. it had backspin and came back. in the and it was not run. that was off the wall. that's when the
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bats came alive. in the eighth edgar renteria up with bases loaded. giants in the end winning game 2. it was a shot out nine-zero. >> it's nice to get the first to appear but you have to get to this number before you get to the next number now we go to their ball park. we have been road warrior spirit there is a lot of baseball left. >> when we get back to texas we believe we can turn this around. we believe we can get back to texas and one to erode just like the giants did. we are confident we can get it done. we have to get back to texas and do that.
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>> giants fans stayed pumped through the whole thing. jonathan blum stayed with them and has more. >> as the clouds gathered over the park fans gathered outside prepared to tear on the giants rain or shine >> we are staying right here to watch the giants win! >> as they huddled around tvs and radios 43,000 inside the park stood on their feet hanging on every pitch. and never hit.every hit. then the hn put the giants on the board and fans watched in amazement as they walked off run after run. and shut
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out texas 9-0. >> (cheering) said the cowboys home. >> nine runs in nine runs! >> (cheering) >> this year were more to do it! >> co giants' two more games! >> let's go giants! let's go giants! >> chanting and cheering spilled out into the >> streets> (cheering)
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>> game 3 will be headed to texas today. this is very important for the texas rangers and the giants. >> giant said rangers are taking a red dye or driving to loans star state. this guy says he's been going to world series game since 1985. >> it's a nice trip where we go to the world series. it was prior to me going to get married and i said i would get rid of everything i ailment but i wanted to keep the world series trips. >> he is flying home for game 3. >> we will go 3, 4, 5, comebacks six if we need to. >> it has been unbelievable coming here and seeing the rangers for the first time in the series.
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>> alex and his co-workers are driving to arlington taxes in this chevy camaro. they will be watching the game from the stand they will be outside the stadium like at&t park. they will incur a giant and ranger fans to donate for breast cancer. >> ranger fans will be signing on sunday. whoever raises the most money we will give the money to that chapter in that area. >> giants and texas fan art told to write messages on the car in support of the team spirit >> game to what is left with this schedule. game 3: saturday, at texas, 3:57 p.m. game 4: sunday, at texas, 5:20 p.m. if necessary game 5*: nov. 1, at texas, 4:57 p.m. game 6: nov. 3, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. game 7: nov. 4, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m.
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. a live look as we head off to break and a shot from our roof camera. it is so whait what they today border with mark coming up.
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lookit your 70 forecast rain today temperatures in the a mid-60's throughout the day. this evening low fifties for a body. tomorrow the rain tapers off by sunday hopefully it will dryout enough that we will have the pleasant evening for halloween. next week more sunshine and dry. they are changing the way they pats' down passengers moving from the screeners hand pat to
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enhance sliding motion. screeners will continue to use the pad down method to detect explosives but the hand sliding is being used across the country it will continued to be you done by the same of the passenger. debt futures down. microsoft said it rose 51% boosted by higher sales of office this this software. gm says it will add a new small car to its cadillac line up. bryson and wireless has agreed to pay a fine of $25,000,000.51999999 in refunds to customers who racked up that it charges over three years. cbs
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pharmacy's says it will cut 300 jobs to reduce cost. ac transit has receive $6 million to fund clean energy projects. that money will be used for ac transit tfuel cell. california receive $27 million incurred clean energy funding. bart will celebrate be barred. it extends the train system into antioch. it will span 10 mi. between its board and hillcrest avenue in antioch. bart trains are diesel multiple unit trains and are smaller than regular trains. primarily to shuttle people to the pittsburgh station. the extension will reduce
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greenhouse gas by 260,000 lbs. per day when it's complete. that is expected to in 2215. we will take a break at 412 back with more of a moment. the various photographs that you have said then you might be in one of these photos. david harmer wrote an education plan titled
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"abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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or 14 talking about the giants half way to the world series title. they have won two need for. matt cain continues his dominance. an amazing effort some of the highlights. he and c. j. wilson kept things scoreless but it was the seventh time in the eighth inning we had seven runs in that inning alone bringing it to 9-0 sealing the fate. i'm not sure you had a chance to watch the game. wasn't that painful for rangers fans to see that meltdown incredible. the series takes the trouble day today both teams headed to texas for games 3 the giants will send out sanchez.
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here's the schedule. game 3: saturday, at texas, 3:57 p.m. game 4: sunday, at texas, 5:20 p.m. if necessary game 5*: nov. 1, at texas, 4:57 p.m. game 6: nov. 3, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. game 7: nov. 4, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. the rain held off for the games. >> texas will be up for '70s for the game. i feel rangers sympathy for the score. no sympathy. >> i was just trying to put my self in issues of texas rangers thinking this those painful. >> why would you ever wanted to that. we are seeing the rain come and we had this line sitting offshore making its way in our direction now is pushing and. santa rosa
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down to san jose. the rain is moving in to the fairfield area. this will slowly slide its way east. and it will take a good part of the day to make its way across the bay area. storm tracker for heavy rain showing up in san francisco about 380. over the bay bridge heavy rain oakland towards lme debt. berkeley heavy rain on the shore freeway and this is slowly sliding to the east. rain over the caldecott tunnel pushing east. few pockets of heavy rain on 37. heavier around napa. here's the line in peninsula it is is ofin half moon bay. and the west side of this san mateo bridge. as
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future cast shows right around the bay area at 7 until noon. 5:00 p.m. drying up in san jose continuing in the north bay. showers for the south and east bay. rainshowers scattered saturday the models are popping up showers. by 4:00 p.m. scattered showers in the north bay clearing out toward sunday. temperatures right now around the bay area are in the '50s. i want a show you the satellite and how much rain is coming. it only goes offshore 200 mi.. there is rain imbedded all the way in this. temperatures in the '50s climbing 10 degrees at us today. rain showers tomorrow night's for halloween beautiful weather in the next week no excuse. latest on tropical with eric up. >> and over night hot spot
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involved in the fatality rate nonworking on confirmation to see if the lanes have reopened for your morning commute. cash hopefully i will have an update on the next report. quiet around the bay area right now no problems at the san mateo bridge traffic moving well in both directions across the span. the cars on the left making their way towards hayward no back up at the top plaza. smooth sailing at the golden gate bridge just a couple of cars southbound. the roads are a bit wet so watcher speeds. i just watched the road sensors and still making good time from novato to san francisco. south bay no hot spots very quiet conditions out here just a couple of taillights headed northbound. no back up on
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the 87 interchange. southbound easy go conditions just a few cars on the road. >> decision 2010 a new poll is telling bad news for meg whitman as kron 4 reports the field poll shows jerry brown poland had significantly. >> jerry brown has a 10 point lead over ms. whitman with 49 percent choosing ground compared to 39 choosing whitman. the poll shows brown pull away and especially when you compare it to previous polls. september field pull the two were tied at 41%. in march when a man was ahead 46-43. >> central valley and los angeles she is not as competitive as she needs to be. that shows me the issue of the house keeper to spend a much money she spent
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she has been unsuccessful. >> well those who do what men had favorably increased 2% from 40-42% those who view her as unfavorable have almost doubled. >> as soon as she won the primary and as soon as jerry brown was announced. you see a sky rocket in her favorable ratings. despite how much money she spent early on brown has been successful in making voters questioned her character. >> make women said to pose a commissions shows the race is much closer. it shows one shows it tied one shows up 1%. >> but a boxer is in the
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leagulead by 8 points. six percent say they're undecided right now. carly is close enough to pull off an upset but it would be difficult. most voters have already voted or made up their minds and independence that make up one in five california voters favor boxer. the poll has a merger of error of plus or minus 3% so it is still relatively close. when it comes to choosing representatives of washington a survey finds a solid majority in favor of dumping the congress on election day. those polled want to get rid of the incumbents and start over from scratch. >> the sound you hear is
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what many voters would like to do ought to people on capitol hill. they asked if given a choice would they keep or replace the current congress. 65 percent said get rid of them all. 15 percent were not short not surprisingly the anti- incumbent feeling was strongest buy tea party backers. but look at this for out of 10 democrats would also hit the reset button if they could the democratic leaders are reaching new highs in on popularity six out of 10 voters nationwide had an unfavorable opinion of nancy pelosi. 52 percent you her very unfavorably. harry reid is the same. >> keep it tune for election night coverage we will
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broadcast the latest results live at 8:00 p.m. and continuing until midnight giving you the latest minute by minute. go to our web site for live election bloc and political polls. we will take a break at 424 back with more headlines in a moment. some of the latest latpictures. we have been adding pictures to the slide show. a lot of fans are taking it to the house. been great thank you for the photos and keep them coming. great thank you for the photos and keep them coming. meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers.
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we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter? a look from the roof camera san francisco is wet. i drove across the bay bridge and it started dumping out there. a lot of rain on the road in may caused back up or delays at sfo a lot of
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folks lined out to had to game 3. both teams flying out today we will keep an eye on that. we'll let you know if there are flight delays. the dramatic video for tornado that touched down in tennessee. look at this. i don't know what that was that just blew over it looks like a trailer. the twister knocking over to buildings part of a powerful storm that swept across several states. look at your screen there they go. that in chattanooga. the death toll from a tsunami from indonesia has reached 400 this morning this is new video. people stranded waiting for aid to come by. 300 people still missing. that number continues to climb as search and rescue reach villages on islands
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the war ravaged by those waves. more also feel dead they may have been swept it out to sea. they're changing the number day by day. north korea has fired two rounds towards south korea near the tense border. it is reported south korea immediately fired back, officials have not confirmed it happened. this does raise tensions between north and south korea both flirt with the idea of going to war. in russian news agencies are reporting the navy has test fired a ballistic missile the launch was conducted from a submarine. it reportedly hit targets 3,400 mi. to the east. the kremlin hailed it as penetrating
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any perspective defensive. police leaders in britain say detectives will be taught how to keep track of suspects on social networking. officers will get tips on how to navigate facebook and twitter. digital forensics. we will take another break a lot more news on kron 4 morning news when we come back a look from the golden gate bridge we are seeing red wet roadways of be careful it may be a slow ride this morning.
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for 29 as the time james like freeway traffic coming in moving all right. it will be a slow ride as the volume picks up. we have rain.
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could morning mark. >> it is coming down on the e short freeway. it has not started raining in san jose and livermore. live sweep of store trucker. san francisco with rain right now. the heaviest rain in the bay bridge oakland up towards richmond it is coming down on the shore freeway. all this rain moving to the north east the whole line is slowly sliding over the east. lookit the rain from san mateo rain on the western edge of this san mateo bridge few showers popping up grumpy a the bulk of the rain and out in the livermore valley. we've had rain all night in the north bay. there is heavier rain
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in vallejo and napa. wider view you can see a lot more rain to go you can see this beethe spinning of the storm. we have a whole day of rain coming from the south. as we look ahead rain expected all day with a high of '60s. tomorrow scattered showers sunday clearing in looks like a nice day for halloween. monday tuesday wednesday beautiful weather it will be mild highs in the '70s. we will keep tracking heavy cells dropping around the bay throughout the morning. let's get the latest on traffic. >> of hot spot for the overnight hours for your
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ride out of brentwood highway for shutdown of expecting as small portion of the roadway. but it will throw wrench and your commute. police on seen tried to clean everything up but no estimated time to reopen the lanes. traffic around the bay area we are saying minor accidents done nothing slowing you down. reports of flooding in san francisco southbound to 80 at 1 01 soak your thought. san mateo bridge no problems to report traffic moving well in both directions across this band. the golden gate same-store reached piquancy very light conditions out here southbound ride looks good towards inferences go no problems from marin county that ride completely in the clear. a look at the opry short freeway no problems for westbound 80. traffic moving through albany right now.
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>> the world series giants going to texas with the 2-0 lead. a newly discovered offense. matt cain on the mound. he gets crews to strike out in the fourth on the plate again gets them looking. ian drives one deep to center going off of top falwall. it bounces back into the field. the rangers would strand at second. the giants but came alive. deep to left. that was crazy. the eight it when insane in the
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ballpark for-0. bases loaded. the main thing a out of the eight was all walks. meltdown on the mound in the eight. giants win game 29-0. after the crushing when giants fans were going insane the fever was an all- time high. maureen kelly taught to people about the fan frenzy. >> here in san francisco everyone is honking horns waving their flags going crazy. >> everybody seems happy. the fog keeps people gloomy battery of sunshine in october. >> the economy the problems the stress this was flipped
4:35 am
us over lifted our spirits brought us happiness. >> it feels like it brings the city together and the differences are squashed. everybody is coming together. >> everybody is friends because we have the same fight. >> we feel good around here. giants representing putting it together winning their first game that was big a win tonight we may as well start the party. world series champs. >> fan excitement continues one of the might die-hard giants fans back out in orange prior to the game at the time he said a win against texas is a sure thing. >> this is like every holiday compressed into one plus the mardi gras. and connie bell in brazil. we are in it to win it. texas
4:36 am
will be toast. ranges will be texas toast. they are done stick a fork in them its over baby. >> fans are having a hard time using mobile phones during the games. gabe's late explains why in gives advice. >> at&t customers are having trouble using yourself phones inside of the giants stadium. not just at&t it's all of the carriers having trouble with their networks inside. the sold-out games are the perfect storm force of phone networks to not work. 43,000 fans tried to share their experience and try to use their phones to do that sending pictures, video, is too much data for the networks to handle. i an
4:37 am
expert why this happened >>. a large group of people in one place a concert, parade, you'll have trouble with the network it's not that it's not strong enough. is that so many people are using it they don't have the capacity to handle it. it's like a highway it's only a certain side and if too many people drive at the same time it's a traffic jam. you do see the five bars but so many people using it at once. >> should we be upset with the carriers are disappointed. kent says it's not their fault. >> it affects all carriers we talk about at&t because the iphone but if you put any people like that with one carrier ran be in trouble >>. when you're in that crowd tried text message it uses less of a signal strength. it's a good it did
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you can use a text message if you can't call. >> police are warning about fake tickets seven cases from wednesday's game. some paid thousand dollars per ticket. the only way to ensure a valid ticket is to buy through the giants web site or not authorized resellers. here's the schedule for the world series. game 3: saturday, at texas, 3:57 p.m. game 4: sunday, at texas, 5:20 p.m. if necessary game 5*: nov. 1, at texas, 4:57 p.m. game 6: nov. 3, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. game 7: nov. 4, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. much more coverage and had also coverage of the whether we have a lot of rain today. as we go somewhat worse favorite your pictures. you
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may be featured in one of these take a look. david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence"
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by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. no major back up so we have a spin out here and there because of all the water be careful of that. as the morning commute builds planned on delays. everybody will take a bit slower we have a lot of rain coming down right now. we will have more with mark on the weather in of it. new details out of the gulf oil spill. halliburton said it never tested the final mixture of cement to seal the well before blowout. the
4:41 am
tests that were conducted should have read doubts about the cement. bp wanted to change the mix but halliburton stocktaking ahead. research cruise to see if it hurt d.c. choral. that happening today as well. news around the bay gruesome discovery a debt of body in an industrial part of the city. kron 4 spoke with investigators. >> this was the scene on bedford avenue homicide detective viewing evidence surrounding a woman's dead body on the sidewalk. she was found there in front of all where house by someone who called 911 as 6:00 a.m. thursday morning. homicide
4:42 am
detective gave loyal information about the victim. only she was an adult white female. >> we have not identified the body nor we do know that the cause of death, no id we do have some leads as to who she may be. >> several markers on the sidewalk sgt phillips says the markers are not bullet casings. >> it does not appear to be a shooting. >> officers say day into tend to view surveillance video that may have been recording when the woman was killed. >> for 40 2:00 a.m. break. as we go some breaking news the possibility of a suspicious package outside the white house more affirmation on this coming up. a live look from a roof
4:43 am
camera wet morning and mark will be up shortly.
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for 44 this just coming in and out of d.c. authorities investigating suspicious package near metro station near the white house appeared they have closed streets. the metro station was closed at 630 this morning. they are conducting an investigation right now one entrance was close to so we will see if we get more information. one of the stories we're following now suspicious package near the white house. as soon as we learn more we will let you know. in the meantime let's go look at the weather. >> the line coming through
4:45 am
the bay area we have not seen rain in san jose or the east bank. well the inland east bay. it has been dry in walnut creek and livermore. you can see the line the whole line is moving slowly towards the east of rain pretty much all day and it has not started in livermore about once it does it will rain all day. as we go to our live sweep of the storm tracker 4 at the heavier cells there rain on the shore freeway heavier rain to the east of the short freeway still in berkeley and over and all moving up towards the north, northeast. it is sliding towards the core deal yet junction right now. the eastern part of highway 37 currently now get heavier part moving to the north toward santa rosa. it has been raining all night so
4:46 am
far in the north bay. here is the line san mateo had a rain it came down good in san francisco 45 minutes ago that was the rain up over the short freeway. it has not made it into san jose or palo alto it will make its way east over the next few hours by 7:00 a.m. rain pretty much around the bay area and it continues through noon. through five, scattered rain showers tonight and over night. some showers saturday not a washout for saturday but there will be rain around. by 4:00 p.m. dry enough for most of the bay. but still lingering showers north bay. things will dryout and helene sunday looks nice temperatures in the '60s. normally we are done with daylight savings time but we
4:47 am
have pushed it back so it ends a week later. so it ends next sunday part of the reason they did that is so it is later later for halloween. the bay area today rain expected highs will only be 59 santa rosa 61, 63 oakland, south and east bay bit warmer than the rest of the bay area because the rain has not come in yet. taking a look at the seven day forecast this scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow clearing on sunday should be nice day sunday. beautiful weather next week monday highs in '70s tuesday mid-70s same story for wednesday clouding up wednesday with the chance of showers back in the bay area thursday. we'll keep our eye on the heavy pockets through the bay right now. if you're not seeing any
4:48 am
rain you should be getting some soon. let's get the latest on traffic. >> these accidents keep popping up minute by minute. these hot spots are probably wreck weather related. and over night hot spot highway for shut down by low entry way. due to an earlier fatality. chp has no estimated time of reopening lanes yet. we will keep you posted. i told you about flooding to 80 right where it meets 1 01 in san francisco. we have a to a vehicle accident blocking lanes. traffic slowing as it approaches the accident so definitely watchers be that there. all lanes are currently flooded and a wet. a new hot spot northbound 880 break at auto mall parkway. pretty serious accident i don't have any
4:49 am
other details. traffic is moving well right now just past the scene. we have some other accidents out there but not causing much in the way of a back up here quick bridge check san mateo bridge you can see traffic moving well in both directions across the span. no problems or delays in either direction no back up at the top plows appeared 30 minutes between 101 and 880. golden gate bridge ride same story every day pretty quiet. make your way into san francisco check the road sensors from novato in the green but you may watch speeds on the wet road ways. >> can't help but talk about the world series fantastic game last night the giants half way. two games into the four games in need. they showed dominance in game 2.
4:50 am
it was that seven run eighth inning that literally had the fans going out of their minds. ranger fans the exact opposite. they're sleeping in to their seats a complete meltdown on the mound. the series take the trouble day today everybody had to texas for him three the giants will be sending sanchez to face the rangers. the excitement in san francisco has been building around the world series everybody tried to get their hands on giants gear. stanley roberts looking at people selling the products. >> did you get you fear the beer t-shirt. or did you shop on an authorized retailer. giants fans show
4:51 am
their support by it wearing t-shirts or anything they can get their hands on the which means people making a buck selling unofficial merchandise. this man standing on market street is selling t-shirts for $50. i found an unofficial championship sure and caps. they even have an official looking side. take a closer look they have a square shape hologram not the official seal. and another boost they have t-shirts with the official lookit logo for $5. they're not official. under the highway and more t-shirts. many reading san francisco check 2010 champions. they showed me gear authentic most of it has cecile's. here's something else you should
4:52 am
look for see this hologram the stitching is raised so you can feel it. major- league baseball one judicial unofficial stores. or unapproved retail outlet. not some guy selling t- shirts out of a duffel bag. >> giants fevers affecting more than just sports fans. it is a mental health boost >> these people normally don't have much in common. that is until a giant step up to the plate. from the ballparks to office cubicles it shared torture and optimism. psychologists say it's a way to feel connected even if your not a loyal fan. a moment of joy i have to tell you i felt excited when somebody was wearing an orange t-shirt that said
4:53 am
fear the beard. there was a moment of connecting. sharing the love for the giants is helping personal relationships. because the giants are a team of misfits and castoffs people find it >> hits home> whether you're out of work or board about what's going happened to education. what's gonna happen to your relationship or politically you have this wrested from it. i think you could not ask for better medicine for so much. >> in san francisco kron 4 news. >> in the midst of the giants fever the sharks are rooting for their home teams a bunch of them want to the park last night to offer support and the players run the gamut. die-hard fans and fans was just passing curiosity. >> i can't say i was a fan before. early this year we
4:54 am
went to games and i enjoyed watching. obviously watching and now. >> 10-12 loss going often. >> true fan. >> yesterday when they posted the score fans were cheering loud. we can feed off their energy and they can feed off ours. >> this year the beard movement has been very popular there is a face but page dedicated to brian wilson's facial hair. this is a shot of what some people post. there you see one on the screen says his beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body. one says it
4:55 am
feeds on pressure. here we have he should run for president to appear everybody involved in the social media doing its part to get people involved in more than one way. that's fun for everybody. we will take a break a live look at at&t park for 55 is the time it is wet out there. a lot of rain in the mix for your morning commute. mark will be falling in on storm tracker for in just a bit.
4:56 am
for 50 6:00 a.m. one lucky winner 1 for tickets. her name is carry kron 4 gave away for tickets she's been a giants fan all her life. this is what she had to say. >> i'm going to cry. thank you so much. oh my god i
4:57 am
can't say anything else just think you for the opportunity. i've been a giants fan since i was all little girl. this is a dream come true. i cried when they called me. >> you look like you're in shock. >> ibm. i've been trying to make sure this is real the entire time. thank you for the opportunity. thank you so much. >> this is the schedule for the rest of the world series. game 3: saturday, at texas, 3:57 p.m. game 4: sunday, at texas, 5:20 p.m. if necessary game 5*: nov. 1, at texas, 4:57 p.m. game 6: nov. 3, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. game 7: nov. 4, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. here is a live look from at&t park wet friday morning. mark will be here
4:58 am
in a moment to break down or the heavy rains are now.
4:59 am
5:00 am
(cheering) a final out and the giants win it 9-0. >> there you have it big story giants up 2-0 world series fans going crazy, the excitement and the highlights straight ahead. new polls show but boxer is in the lead against crowley. we'll tell you all about that. following the whether the other big story affecting everyone right now. >> you and i are both gone
5:01 am
forever sleep right now we were keeping track of the game last night. in short freeway standing water out there. storm tracker for shows heavier rain and the yellow the heavier cells popping up through the bay everything coming up from the south we have not seen rain in san jose in livermore. it is slowly making its way east. heavier cells rainout these just came up the freeway heading to the north north east. heavy rain in vallejo. judge showing up in napa pushing up to the north and east. north bay we have a steady rain that's where it has rained along best. a lot more to come heavy rain showing up near the shore for a way coming up to the south. making its weight 24 just passed caldecott tunnel. san ramon has not rain get but it is coming. over the central bay we had
5:02 am
heavy cells over san francisco a brief break moving into daly city. it is moving north, northeast. so spaying milpitas no rain yet we have another hour before the rains like this way over. expecting rain bay area wet all day coming up from the south. the range extends a lot farther than where it shows here. around the bay area today temperatures in the '60s rain expected all day. the good news is the forecast greatly improves as we make our way to the weekend. saturday there will be shores around all day expression in the north. not like today where we expect rain all day but showers popping up from time to time. sunday for a halloween we clear out even by saturday night most spots clear route. halloween nice upper 60s around the bay the
5:03 am
beautiful weather comes during the week into the '70s. mild weather for monday election tuesday, 73 on wednesday scattered showers oncthursday. >> we have a ton of hot spots. you won't slow you down much but watchers be that there. hot spot we been falling since with a live bonaire. he's found highway 4 completely shut down. that is due to an earlier fatality that happen overnight chp has no estimated time of reopening lanes. we will have a full update in our next report. another report southbound to 80 at 1 01 reports of road flooding in all lanes. we had an earlier accident there that has been cleared. other than that we have had
5:04 am
minor accidents out there but most of them on the shoulder not point to affect you too much. traffic moving well coming towards a maze right now coming from the upper should be short freeway. the metering lights are still off no back up at the toll plaza. did i say they're aunt's i'm at their off. eight minutes from the foot of the maze to san francisco. cemetery right looking good right now westbound and eastbound 92 good shape no reports of problems or delays appeared no back up at the toll plaza looking at 13 minutes between 101 and 880. golden gate bridge very easy conditions you can see the roadway is all wet but traffic is moving fine. you're right from a bottle into the city limits 25 minutes. >> whether coverage yo
5:05 am
leasyoli. >> it is what people should keep it slope around the city. there is a lot of clogged drains and puddling. i came through hospital curve on the on ramp just coming up from bay shore there was a huge puddles right around that area. that almost made me spend a bit. take it easier on the road is very wet. >> what street is this? >> king street between second and third appeared right in front of at&t park. there is some puddling here
5:06 am
when people go by clicking gives quite a big splash. >> pack extra patience you may be on the road longer today. she said it is like out there be careful. we have more coverage on our web site if you want to know what's going on on what the weather go to kron you have allowed it weather forecast if you wanna know what it's like in your neighborhood we have a tool for that putting your city and zip code and you'll get a customized forecast. we also have sunday and live imagery. if need to know where the heavy rain is go there and find out. don't forget we have a banner here is there is some nice weather pictures or dramatic sites bill are instructions on how to send photos and videos and we will incorporate that. also
5:07 am
rolling through the bay area the world series and the giants. the advent rolling all over the rangers last night example of how commanding the giants have been in the series they're not 2-0. last night it was all about matt came. he was giving it struck come out with a check swing once and then come looking. in the fifth in driving it way back i thought it was would be a home run but it hit the top of the wall and bounced back into place. you see him there amazed that did not leave the park. arrangers would strain to him at second appeared this is when the giants be at bats came alive. deep left and then on to the eighth that's what got painful for-0 giants appeared bases loaded lines 1 to last two rounds come in
5:08 am
that inning it was driven up to nine-zero for the giants. it would close it out at the top >>. we have ourselves in a good situation. were going to their ballpark or they're more comfortable. we've just got to take confidence and a good approaches we have had in a last two games take them to texas with us >>. they had to texas today that's what both teams are doing they are going to mess up zero this morning. hopefully they will take off on time. start time is 357 tomorrow afternoon. game 3: saturday, at texas, 3:57 p.m. game 4: sunday, at texas, 5:20 p.m. if necessary game 5*: nov. 1, at texas, 4:57 p.m. game 6: nov. 3, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. game 7: nov. 4, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. we will take a break 509 is the
5:09 am
[ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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developing story falling out of washington authorities investigating a suspicious package near the white house they have closed off streets to the area is are some of the latest images. this is coming and. streets are round mcpherson square closed to traffic and pedestrians. you concede crime scene tape up there. one of the entrances are closed. no word if the package even exist or whether somebody stumbled across a device. we're watching this story as soon as we know more we will let you know. senator barbara boxer is in a lead for read collection. boxer leads carly by 8 points. according
5:13 am
to the pull 49-41% with 6 percent still undecided. that means former hewlett- packard c o is close enough for an upset but it will be difficult. most voters have already voted for have made up their minds of the independence one in five most favored boxer the poll has a margin of error of 3%. so it is still technically a close race. ms. whitman says her former housekeeper should be deported but then stepped away when asked about the comment yesterday she returned to her previous stance saying it is up to federal authorities. she fired her house keeper after she says she found out that she was working in
5:14 am
the country illegally. the housekeeper said she should have known she was illegal. more news coming up. rain is coming down mark has a look at storm tracker 4. as for san francisco warming up to at storm tracker 4. as for san francisco warming up to 63 this afternoon. meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers.
5:15 am
we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter?
5:16 am
5:17 am
we are back alive shop for you alive lookit at&t part on the right car roof camera. i don't know if you can make it out by rain is coming down a lot of it road are wet. >> are there still giants fans there? maybe if you hanging outside it will be nice and taxes close to 80 for those games for the world series we are watching rain on storm tracker for heavy rain north bay over night. no rain yet in
5:18 am
livermore or san jose. heavy cells come over this house over the last three hours. storm tracker for you can see the heavier rain just over highway 24. heavy rain towards pine hearst. just moving into walnut creek and danville as well. heavy cells through cordele ya. rain all night in the north bay. we had this just moved through sam a tale now over the bay. some heavy rain over the bay right now. not much rain in san jose and fremont yet. it is moving slowly. rain bear area wide by 7:00 a.m. all the way through noon. through five as well and eight. scattered showers after that over night. for saturday not a washout but showers are
5:19 am
showing up around the bay area. we will dry out by saturday night nice weather for halloween on sunday. for today rain throughout the day highs in the '50s and '60s. the later arrival of the right upper 60s for ever more in san jose. 70 forecast after today's rain showers for saturday. nice weather for halloween sunday. into the su'70s next week with another chance of showers on thursday. we will track heavy cells through the bay this morning. we'll get a look at weather traffic. >> looking at the problem we've been following all morning long. highway 4 shut
5:20 am
down due to an overnight fatality. chp still on seeing right now no estimated time of reopening the lanes. we will keep you posted. another problem in san francisco i told you about reports of roadway flooding southbound to 80 we had an earlier accident that was cleared. we heard reports of a new problems a car hit the wall traffic beginning to show slow but watch your speeds because their roots are very wet. at the bay bridge traffic moving well from all purges heading towards a maze right now we do have reports of the roadway flooding in some of the car pool lanes. not much of the back up their meager and lights are off. a good drive time for you 8, 9 minute trip. san mateo bridge looks good across the
5:21 am
span in both directions slightly balding make your way westbound towards foster city. once you get off the bridge we have a serious injury accident where it meets 92. traffic moving around just fine in the meantime. no problem at the golden gate bridge went out there but a problem for ride throughout the morning those headlights southbound into san francisco right now no problems coming out of novato to this ban right now a dirty short freeway just a few standouts westbound 80 but you can see traffic is still moving well right now. just past golden gate fields to san francisco 16 minute trip. >> continuing team coverage we sent will tran out looking for rain as you might imagine it wasn't hard to find. >> on at the richmond san rafael branch there is steady rain at this hour. is
5:22 am
there around 4:00 this morning and it has not been very long for puddles to be on the road. you can see it's not very windy but the road are slick. i saw an accident on the way here. and then drive the north bay and the bay area for that matter to show you the rainfall coming down. >> also making headlines this city in oakland has filed a lawsuit seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars stemming from the violence that broke out against the verdict.
5:23 am
they point man was being held without bail. 35 year- old brandon wallace was arrested. he shot one man and injuring another tuesday officers has not released details of their arrest. he is being held on murder and attempted murder charges. a meeting tonight on this san bruno explosion. they will talk about rebuilding the neighborhood. earlier this month they waived fees for building. tonight's meeting starts at 630 at st. robert's. residents affected by the explosion will not have to pay utility bills until 2012. the request from the
5:24 am
relief customers whose homes were destroyed will qualify. though relief will cover victims new temporary housing. we'll take another break much more head we have a live picture of the james lick freeway in san francisco or traffic is moving smoothly this point. we are getting reports of a number spin out here and there but the volume is light enough there is no there but the volume is light enough there is no backups. i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night.
5:25 am
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to challenge ourselves on the most demanding track in the world. with us, in spirit, was every great car that we'd ever competed with. the bmw m5. and the mercedes-benz e63. for it was their amazing abilities that pushed us to refine, improve and, ultimately, develop the world's fastest production sedan. [ engine revving ] the cts-v, from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
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we are back at 527 storm tracker 4 you can see why the bay area's wet. we have a decent system rolling through. so far this storm system will be with us all day long. and snow for the sierra. ski season is under
5:28 am
way in one resort up in the sierra. new details on the massive gulf oil spill halliburton acknowledges it did not test the final mixture of cement being used to seal the well before a lot. it follows a finding from the commission saying the tests that were conducted should have read hist doubts about the cement. bp made a last- minute request to change the mix. we will take a break as we got a break some of your pictures. giants fans have been clamoring around for the past few days giving us best photos of why they are the biggest fans. also the latest on whether coming up. a lot lookit said francisco
5:29 am
just outside of at&t park. a a lot lookit said francisco just outside of at&t park. a wet one out there. "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
5:30 am
5:31 am
we have store sells moving through the area. >> over oakland right now 1580 the rain is coming down as we slide storm trucker for highway 13 at towards your orinda. it also lafayette area. it started raining and out by walnut creek and pleasant hill. i want to show you how it is coming from the south very heavy cells over night heavy rain already for san francisco out over on the shore free white. there is standing water on the road. while this is offering up from the south pole line of it is slowly sliding to the east. waiting for their rain
5:32 am
by livermore making its way towards a word. it will be arriving shortly as we look at storm tracker air. those heavier cells around highway 24. rain just like to moderate right now towards san francisco no rain for redwood city and over san jose coming by 7:00 a.m.. you can pick out the storm and see the line stretching all the way south to los angeles beard it is so slow to slide off it will come up from the south all day around the bay area. keep watching the rain. you may have felt our rumble in the north bay there was a 2.4 earthquake. but pretty quiet out there. this afternoon highs 60 degrees a bit warmer toward san jose with
5:33 am
a later arrival of the rain. rain all day today scattered showers for friday night rain and forecasts saturday more shower rebuilt. today will be the steady rain maker. sunday looks nice sunday morning low 50s around the bay upper 40's for inland spots. by the afternoon upper 60s for nice afternoon. beautiful weather for next week mid- 70s. heavy cells coming up from the south this morning we will keep track of them. we are watching the traffic impact as well. when the rain gets to san jose we will see traffic problems. >> fingers crossed right now better news for all of you highway for bypass now open to to traffic after a major accident over night. they have officially clear the
5:34 am
scene so the commute is back on track there. still following so los been out some minor accidents around the bay right now. reports of flooding to weigh the rate at 101 in san francisco that is still going on. there were three earlier accidents watchers be out there. you can see the lawyer screen indicating slow speeds a mix of slower traffic because of the rap wet roadways because of the lanes have been blocked because of earlier accidents. the bay bridge the metering lights are cycled off right now but we are hearing reports of flooding in some of lanes. you may want to watchers be that there. traffic from the maze to san francisco looking good a drive time of about nine minutes. other bay area traffic looking good right now a bridge check for you no problems at the san mateo bridge we are building in the me direction as you make your way towards foster city starting to see a minor way at the toll
5:35 am
plaza. still keeping good drive times here looking at 14 minutes across this band. same story every day at the golden gate bridge nice easy conditions for you southbound drive headed to san francisco. no problems road marin county we are completely in the green. novato into the city limits 25 minute trip. like mark just mentioned no rain in the south bay so easy conditions around. all but look 1 01 in san jose. taillights definitely building but we're not seeing any accidents or delays out there. 87 interchange still in the clear right now downtown san jose up toward santa clara 12 minutes. if you don't like driving in the rain at all take public transit it does look like as, barred, muni all on time. >> team coverage on the
5:36 am
weather yoli one of our soul reporters getting it on more news faster live in san francisco near at&t park. >> the rain has not stopped at a time it has got lighter about a minute ago it did look like it was going to stop and then it's taken up again. it has just been nonstop since i woke up this morning at 130. people tried to keep in d.c. other because i know there is still a lot of puddles and going on because drains are clogged. it's been awhile from having a good rain. keep it easy. a couple of spots i drove through the eyes of some paddling and possible spin out. be careful out there to wet friday. >> save you yoli. at 536 let's talk about what happened at at&t parks last night a big win for the giants. huge win for the
5:37 am
giants a 2 game lead in the series. they have some power at the plate apparently last night it was matt cain who sealed the deal. top of the second he gets cruised to strike vote. then in the fourth, looking. still low score in the fifth. deep to center they think this is out. it hits low wall and bounces back into place. everybody shocked. in any event the giants came alive after that. c j wilson deep left how about that. the eighth inning that's when the game got intense four- zero giants in the league. bases loaded cloudy ross comes in right behind him
5:38 am
albrighaubrey. at the end it wa- 0. and that's how would end. >> the bull pen and could not throw strikes. >> >> this is is exactly what we wanted to take to at home and go to their place. we cannot relax we need to keep pushing for it and keep going. >> the rains may have, but there is no washing away giants fever. people own blizzard in the stands with every score appeared it has them flooded with orange and black and fans could not be happier. >> (cheering) >> taking the cowboys home nine runs, nine runs, come on. !
5:39 am
>> (cheering) >> (cheering) >> this year we can do it. ! >> go giants two more games! >> two more games can happen in arlington. i just went to stub hub prices $400 all the way to $10,000. if you have plans to go out there are tickets available in game 4. game 5 is about the same as well. if it comes back to san francisco ridiculous money for game 7.
5:40 am
if it gets to that point the most expensive ticket at at&t park right now $25,000. if you have that kind of money we live in different worlds. $25,000 to game 7 at at&t park. new york times reporting apparently lent to federal best of patient to human growth hormones. they were looking into shipments of h. g. h. sent to his wife in the bay area. the times says that was before post season. the team says he was left off their roster because of a neck injury. now we know it's because of this investigation. we'll go outside. actually will go side will we come back following the rain. it is
5:41 am
wet out there we are seeing traffic's been out here and there erika looking at your commute storm tracker 4 in just a moment. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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5:44 am
we are back just a quick look at storm tracker 4. all whole lot of rain pretty decent sized storm rolling through this morning mark is tracking it. we will be right back.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
kron 4 morning news watching storm tracker for heavy rain through the bay area in pockets. getting a few breaks currently it has been raining all night in north bay. we are still waiting for rain down in san jose. it has not moved into the south eastern sections of the they just yet. we are getting cells coming from the south antioch another
5:48 am
hour maybe an hour-and-a- half in san jose the rain started in concord within the last half-hour rain on 24 to rain on highway 4 as well. heavier cells through berkeley moving to the north and all media san francisco rain had be about an hour- and-a-half ago. here's the break in the eastern edge of the line waiting for rain in fremont and san jose. slowly moving in your direction the rain is coming in the north bay heavier rain west of 1 01 right now heading towards the rosa shortly. we have pondering of rain on the roadway. you're 72. rain through 5:00 p.m. more showers by 8:00 p.m. not a washout for saturday but still rain
5:49 am
showers at atm. scattered showers showing up in the north bay at 4:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. then drying out heading towards halloween sunday. sixties was clouds and rain. scattered showers tomorrow mid-60s and a nice day for halloween in the upper 60s with sunshine beautiful weather next weekend warmest day will be election tuesday at 74 degrees. >> southbound to 80 in san francisco has been a hot spot through the morning. a series of small accident because of roadway flooding but southbound to 80 record is closed due to a serious car crash. emergency crews are on the scene right now unfortunately no estimated time of reopening lanes beard i will keep you posted. another problem the bay bridge at the maze actually as jim approach the
5:50 am
toll plaza more roadway flooding affecting the car pool lanes. no backups or accidents yet the meter and light are off we are moving well from all directions rain at your drive time from the foot of amazing to fremont street san francisco on affected right now looking at 8-9 minute trip. san mateo and not too many problems we have one problem right is to make dry off this ban northbound 1 01 highway 92 we have a serious accident blocking the left-hand lane no report of any back up yet. you can see we are building in both directions but moving with no delays drive times typical 13 minutes between highway 101 and 880. cooling a bridge no problems and to report very few cars headed southbound towards in francisco. you're right through marin county officially in the green top
5:51 am
speeds novato towards san francisco 25 minute trip. highway 37 clocking in at 8 minutes. literature walnut creek looking good it is a dark shot but traffic is flowing well right now. i just checked the road centers and everything is moving well. >> stock futures down this morning after ending yesterday mixed. microsoft said net income rose 51% boost by higher sales. automakers placing big bets on small cars gm says it will add a new small car to a cadillac line up. cbs pharmacies that it will cut 300 jobs to reduce cost. for
5:52 am
rice and wireless will pay a fine hoo. for rises than it would issue refunds between $2 to. new this morning transportation security is changing the way it packs down passengers at airports. they're moving screeners from the traditional hand pass to a sliding motion. gsa says it will continue to use had down messagmethod. the procedure will be conducted by screeners of the same gender as a passenger. also this morning crews are working through the night to contain a wildfire that has burned at this point about
5:53 am
340 a. southern end of the air force base in san of roxburgh county. no structures are threatened fire erupted yesterday afternoon near rocket launch pad. the fire appears to of been started by a spark from a power line. our tornado touched down in tennessee this week. watch this trailer. the winds come. strong enough to flip buildings over. that is crazy. that was part of a powerful storm system. we will let you see this one more time. the wind and rain coming and it does not take much that was an intense storm. a live look assigned at the san mateo bridge a much but there story of course we have wind and rain but nothing is at its tennessee. we will get up
5:54 am
to 66 this afternoon mark is tracking heavier rains and will check with him an up bet. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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5:57 am
storm tracker for we are tracking the heavy rains this morning it is wet out there. spin out accidents. we have a good bit of rain coming through to lay all and 1 01. north bay getting hammered. detailed look in just a moment stay with us.
5:58 am
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we are back 559 v m top stories at this hour the giants halfway to the first world series title in 56 years after decimating the rangers last night. 9-0. >> developing news suspicious package


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