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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> a new poll shows barbara boxer in the lead after carly. >> that rain held out for the game but not the commute. if you jump in the car anytime soon sprinkling at the golden gate bridge. i don't know for on the tail and or the beginning mark. >> it was pouring on the shore for roue. the last three hours you can see the heavy rain coming through san francisco up the shore freeway and the corridor. heavy rain north bay is well and no rain towards livermore and san jose slowly going to be sliding in your direction over the next few hours. marty it moderate rain through martinez. a few breaks right now. tailing off in oakland over toward richmond as well. back in san francisco after a break in all media.
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nothing showing up yet from acute milpitas. dry roads on 880 quarter. upon being water on the peninsula. the rain from the south pole line sliding slowly making its way toward san jose we want to show you everything coming from the south. it is slope to slide east. will see rain all day. high temperatures only near 60 for the north bay and peninsula where we had the rain already. upper 60s for livermore in san jose waiting for the rain to arrive it will arrive shortly. your 70 forecast rain all day scattered showers still in the forecast nice weather for halloween sunday mild next week. 70 for the expected
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high. it is seen morning with the rain. with george. >> 28101 interchange flooding is usually reported high standing water is the case and the cause for an accident on the southbound connecting ramp from to 80 extension here leading onto 1 01. normally an easy ride towards s f o the 280 extension is usually trouble-free but in the southbound direction there is a stretch we have at times seemed 8 in. of water in the roadway. that is the case this morning so to lanes are shut down. traffic is light so not a big traffic jam but hazardous driving conditions out there. flooding at the bay bridge toll plaza high standing water once again it
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is especially in the carpool lanes here. light traffic still some of back up. risk of driving through deepwater issued insured out the electrical system in your car or you get water on your brakes and then you have trouble trying to stop. an early morning hot spot clear from the lanes now highway 4 had been shut down past the bypassed near lone tree. was because of the early morning fatal accident. now the roadway is opened and clear. interstate 80 west bound to the lord be short freeway through the s curve still smooth traffic here no problems. an area of concern as well. >> 6 03 continuing team coverage will tran hit the
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road to see where you can expect. >> if you're going from hercules this is what you are facing at this hour. the rainfall not coming down hard i'm barely use in my windshield wipers. look at the road is very glossy fortunately i don't see major puddles. but it might have an impact on your driving conditions this morning. cars as they should should be driving more carefully today than on friday. that could cause traffic to back up. will tran kron 4 news. >> world series coverage continues the giants' victory as headed to texas. i two-0 lead in the world series and newly discovered ofoffense. top of the second
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and matt cain was cruising. then in the fourth cruise at the plate again. this will always be to center. it went off the top of the wall for the double. ron washington can't believe it did leave the park. that's when the giants backs came alive. c j wilson deep to left. now this four-zero giants. bases loaded and he lines 1 to the left to run scored giants win 9-0. >> we put ourselves in a good situation. we are going
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into their ball park where they feel more comfortable just like were confident playing here at home. so we just have to take confidence and the good approaches that we have had in the last two games and take those to texas. >> jives fever is in full force there could not be more black and orange in the bay area. >> nine runs and nine runs,! >>c >> (cheering) >> (cheering) >> (cheering) >>! this year! the share! >> go in giants two more games! >> just listening they are
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crazy. they get a crazy look in their eyes. that is the craziest part nine runs what? here is the schedule. game 3: saturday, at texas, 3:57 p.m. game 4: sunday, at texas, 5:20 p.m. if necessary game 5*: nov. 1, at texas, 4:57 p.m. game 6: nov. 3, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. game 7: nov. 4, at at&t park, 4:57 p.m. >> more with the road series in a moment. it out of washington d.c. authorities have been investigating a suspicious package you the white house for time streets were closed. there is an update please say the package is not hazardous. the package did not have hazardous to material streets were reopened so that situation over no threat. >> 6 07 a.m. we will be back
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you can see how it will go throughout the morning. you can see how it has been moving north bay got hit we are waiting for the hit the east bay. but you will get it within the next day to ours. >> employment cost posted a gain that coming in new the labor department says the cost where civilian workers
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rose 0.4 percent and are up 2% last year. government workers feared even worse. both were the weakest showing some on records going back 28 years the market's not reacting well we are still negative. >> incumbent democratic sen. barbara boxer appears to be fending off a strong challenge by republican carly fiorina in california's u.s. senate race, racking up an eight- point lead and getting strong support from independent voters, according to a new field poll. with just four days to go in the campaign, the widely watched poll shows boxer leading fiorina 49 to 41 percent. another 4 percent of likely voters favor other candidates, and 6 percent are undecided. that means fiorina, 56, the former hewlett-packard ceo who is making her first run for public office, has a chance to pull off an upset but faces a powerful headwind. most voters have already voted or made up their minds. independents make up one in five favor
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boxer. the race is still a close one. meg whitman says her former house keeper should be deported but then she stepped away from that comment when asked about the common during a stop yesterday she return to our previous bans saying the decision was up to federal authorities. she said she fired her house keeper last year after finding out that her maid was working illegally. >> new details right now breaking situation from virginia d.c. area. more shots fired at the museum of the marine corps over night. right outside of d.c. these air reels coming in and out
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we will give them to you as long as we have them it occurs after the fbi linked to tuesday night's shootings with two similar cases in the common wealth. we have a series of shootings the most recent happening here i don't know if that's damage from a bullet. this is a developing story more coming up. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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the james lick is like traffic is light. >> the rain has been heavy over night. but there rain has not made it to livermore down to san jose. tracking the yellow new round of
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making its way towards marin county. the heavy rain or last hour-and-a-half. take it slower on the shore freeway eyes are storm tracker for shows heavy cells and novato. every rain up to petaluma as well. heavy rain mere bodega bay. the spate rain over highway 24 on walnut creek. fairly dry toward concord and 242. rain coming down again rain around south city moving in this direction out over oakland and alameda. now clearing out the more showers moving in. tried roadways in san jose and milpitas over to fremont as we wait for the rain to move in east appeared rain
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around the bay area at noon through five. future cast rain around 8:00 p.m. than scattered showers saturday morning. intel midday. clearing out for halloween sunday. if you have not seen rain yet you should get it in the next few hours rain on and off through the day today. scattered showers saturday nice for sunday halloween. george with hot spots. >> thankfully things have cleared out all low as we are getting a brief respite from high spenstanding water in san francisco where northbound and southbound lanes at 281 all one connector were inundated with water. they have cleared the accident that had blocked the ramp on 1 to
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1 01 from here to here. but it cleared the drain and solve the problem. that is good news later on this morning because as mark said we can expect this to last through the morning commute. the right and the macarthur maze westbound direction flooding had been reported that the toll plaza you can see there are no problems for the bridge the approaches look great. no delays even through the macarthur maze or the nimitz freeway on to 80 westbound. 92 westbound and may be transferred across the bay. not there but there. traffic is at a standstill actually that is the camera shot. this is a good shot of traffic on king towards the embarcadero. the pavement is still wet but it does not appear to be raining right now. wet pavement for the first time in awhile always
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hazardous because of unburned gasoline settling on the pavement the first rain it slowed to the surface increase the oil slick. >> we're going to head out to yoli getting us more news faster. are you still on king street? >> yes between second and first to george was saying it's dry for the morning and moment. it is starting to sprinkle again and that is how it has been all morning long. it has been raining in looks like it will stop and then picks up again. roads are still wet but even when the rain stops people should drive with caution. >> thank you yoli one of our eyes and ears out there will tran also drive around a >>. federal officials has
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denied disaster aid for san bruno. the mercury news says the agency turned down the governors' appeal to reconsider fema has says state and local resources were not overwhelmed by the explosion of fires that killed eight people. fema is reimbursing 75% of the firefighting cost. the california puc has approved pg&e said relief customers homes that were destroyed by the blast qualify for this their rate relief will cover new temporary housing. >> oakland city attorney john russo filed a civil lawsuit against four people who allegedly vandalized city property or looted businesses during a july protest over the verdict in the trial of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. all four were arrested the night of the protest and are facing criminal charges. the four were among thousands of
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protesters who gathered in oakland the evening of july 8. mehserle is due to be sentenced next week for involuntary manslaughter for the january 2009 killing of an unarmed train rider. 21 year-old bay point man is being held without bail in connection of fatal shooting of the son of a drug rehab counselor earlier this week. randall wallace was are rested and one man was shot and one man was injured. police not releasing any other details. he is being held on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. >> a developing story serial shooter hitting high profile buildings in the city will shooter hitting high profile buildings in the city will tell you carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people
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and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach.
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>> we are following are whether it is developing into a storm. in light of preponderant grain into the wee hours, is an off and on situation. it will be back
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on in your neighborhood during the commute. will be the time it up at spill look at the golden gate bridge the time it up at spill look at the golden gate bridge which is very quiet. d another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs.
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>> and we are back and there you hear it, and a belt winning four of the opening of wall street. we will see what happens with the stocks bad all morning long we have been prepared for the opening here on wall street so we bolsa happens when the numbers start to trickle in and will see the numbers from shop on their earnings are up but it is we will see where it goes this morning as well. >> you know if you had the at the rain and you do, you do not wood joist. we are getting at a little break right now that it has worked its way are wrong to the world series, at ronald halloween, it is really working out. >> except on the weekends.
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the heaviest rain is today and it will be nice for halloween sunday if you live in san jose the weather has been nice, it is fabulous at 76 degrees yesterday and that has been riding on and off in the north bay and has not even started raining on and the north bay. we have to have the line coming out towards the rest of the bay area, look at the showers that have moved up through the east shore freeway and right now we are looking at the heavy rain on the marin county shoreline headed up into nevada and here is a live street, the update of it moving to peddle the mine to a restaurant in nevada and heavy rains are towards santa rosa. a is starting to move up into the novato area. we have the heavy
6:32 am
movement throughout berkeley and it is just a few showers but to look at this. it is all going up to the northeast and we are going to get in some heavy rain with the whole thing slowly sliding into the east and we're still waiting, we can wait a few more hours for the rain in san jose so we are watching it closely as we watch all of the rain come up from this out then slowly fold line is making its way eastbound said there is that the art rainfall expected this morning. for today that rain is expected to attract the day, scattered showers on saturday and clearing on halloween sunday and then we have nice weather throughout the week and this will be the third weekend in a row with rain in the forecast but at least it is clear for the weekend and clear for voting on tuesday. >> thank you marc. as we
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start to track the drive around the bay area that roads have cleared up and we will start your up with the track of the trek across the bay. this is the highway 92 and the west bound, at midway transit and it is a very smooth ride with each direction and on the right side of your screen and the lights are west bound, you can see a lighter volume than usual and the golden gate bridge fried won a one sat on looks good with the wet deck for the golden gate bridge and no problems to report for the ride on the one a month for marin counties southbound. a look at the macarthur made said here you can see that the ride look so little slow for interstate 180 in the west direction but the macarthur made is looks good. the incline is looking good for the cavalier and lastly and check from san francisco and the central
6:34 am
freeway in bound meeting up with this skyway on the dips like freeway and again the wet pavement on both the upper and the lower decks for trading as a party and hazardous driving conditions. >> let us talk world series. the giants are headed to texas and when bay touchdown the last live they like apples, had the like these apples? they stopped at 2 in the second game and struck out just one, sorry sam. that was a strike, sit down. things are looking great still no score in the fed, and going, going, not on. turn it around. >> ron washington is going how about? that is all the giants need the bats came l
6:35 am
and (cheering) gone. how about that? bases are loaded and lines to left, there is cut the ross right behind him and right behind him is operate half and it was painfully easy to run up the score because the rangers did it to themselves, final score in nine to nothing. >> he had a blister on the mountain and the relievers were not very good. >> but all of the relief pitchers? let us hear what the players have is a >> it. i cannot explain it we might of been able to break it up in the end. >> this is exactly what we wanted to take to a hall and then to go into place but we cannot relax and we have to keep pushing forward.
6:36 am
>> well the bay area is undeniably excited this is what the fans had to say we ran into the side and at the bar. >> this is my first world series ever. game 2 of the giants' game since i was a baby, i am so excited to be here and this is like a dream come true. >> i never thought in a million years and come to the world series >> kind of a dream come true? >> i never even dreamed the score. it is beyond it. >> 78 chase may have to give me back the tickets i dropped, i love san francisco. >> another way the stars of line is jose who was left off of their roster for the entire postseason and i tell you about this new york times article? it is time everything together and i have been off of the roster cuddy has gone a lot of play and because he is off of
6:37 am
the roster is because of the new york times reporting that there is a federal investigation of him and that it weren't ticked off about it and they told major-league baseball authorities of shipments of eight g h that were sent to his wife in the bay area. this was before postseason said the team at the time said that he had been left off of the roster because of the neck injury, " said 'til, timing, what effort. it just worked out. we will see what ends up happening with this investigation on the deal and >> the time now is 637 am we have live picture of the at&t park and both teams are moving out to texas if i am not mistaken and they will be coming out at 9:00 this morning and again, what
6:38 am
they're depending we do have some nasty storms coming through and we'll see what that does to the sfo. we will be back with more.
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>> welcome back in is 641 right now we're taking a look at this storm trackers for of the bay area because we of the storm coming up that is expected to hit fairly hard especially in vallejo, you concede that the plo at the red. it is moving on through and we have more rain on the way it after the next couple of hours when it will everybody into the north valley and into the it east bay and san jose as well. >> developing minute by midnight the dow is down by 15 points and they are down after of report came out this morning on economy growth which did little to reassure is about the health of the economy. if the dow was down to the s&p is down as well and the nasdaq is
6:42 am
down by 15 points. >> meanwhile vries and wireless has agreed to pay fines and refunds to customers who have racked up charges on their phones for the last couple of years and fries and said it will issue these refunds for about two to $6 for the 15 million subscribers have been affected by this. this is the largest that they have ever handed out. >> this morning the secretary has changed the way of passing down the passengers at the airport. the traditional pat would be like this. they're now doing enhance slide which is known as feeling you down and feeling you up. are people going to like this? it is more thorough, their record to continue to use the patent but everything else will be banned and the new
6:43 am
hands lie technique is already being used at the airport and it will continue to be used by screeners but it will only have screeners of the same sex of the passengers to do it. >> ok. it is 643 we will take our break and be a live picture of walnut creek, 680 it is moving well in both directions and the last check with the storm trackers it was dry but that will be changing a very quickly it mark lever for customer come back [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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>> they're back at 646 a m i wanted to give you a quick update on a developing story added d.c., just this morning we of shots fired at the museum at we're looking at live pictures of the facility. earlier we saw police officers walking up shoulder to shoulder looking for shelves. this comes in the wake of three other shootings at this very museum and two days later at
6:47 am
the pentagon which was 30 mi. away and just this past monday of marine recruit station has also been shot at. this is what the fbi released just last night. the same rifle was used in all three shootings. luckily all of them have happened after hours and there is nobody in the buildings where the build things have been targeted. you have this this morning and they are looking to see it is blood matches the other three had it looks like they have as your real shooter on their >> hand> it is 647 and we're looking at the weather because it was raining very hard earlier this morning that we're expecting another round to him as this morning maybe later on during the commute. >> it has been drive all night and here we have the heavier rain that has come up the short freeway and it is pounding into the north bay as we're tracking and
6:48 am
life is going into the north bay and we have been localized flooding in some of the streets of san francisco ended to the north and the heavy rain in petaluma is coming up from the south, southwest. the have a right is just some of it up and to santa rosa and as we move closer you can see it was novato, they have not have the to moderate trade right now and we have had some pockets of bright but the rate will be moving towards the toll plaza and the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge as well. we are catch a little break right now but this is all point to be straight up into marin county over the next few hours. it is slowly sliding to the east so it will bring even more in san jose and livermore and it will be it about two hours before it breaks into the east bay. we will have rain on it off and the house will be near 60 where is read it right now but we will be
6:49 am
waiting for the rain right now in livermore and san jose so five to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. looking ahead of the rain will go on and off throughout the day so we are looking as scattered showers throughout. we're looking for scattered showers through saturday as well but it will be nice for halloween, it is clearing out. let us get the latest on traffic right now. >> as we track the ride we're looking at no high spots it is a very smooth ride, is typically lighter than usual but the rain is creating early morning problems but not right now and as you can see here coming down the as curve and down through the golden gate fields there is not a lot of slowing down and the ride looks good but the rest of these short highway through all the name ed everett will you will pick up some slowing but the ride overall is not too bad at all to the
6:50 am
macarthur base. the approach it from here through oakland and on the 80 northbound it looks good. there are no problems as you come up from the coliseum area and head towards the base told bridget plaza. there is a little crowded here through the ballot cruise exit and right after the guadalupe parkway there is no problems. public transit is not reporting any major problems or delays either the mania for the metro and caltrans is reported no problems. james? >> ac transit has received $6 million as part of the federal grant to fund energy projects and it is funded by an act that will be using the research for a hydrogen production to provide energy
6:51 am
it for its the project. they will be joining the officials today to celebrate their groundbreaking research and bart will expand from pittsburgh and hillcrest avenue in antioch and the trains will be diesel powered and malty unit trains, there actually smaller than regular part trades in the expansion which is being coordinated with the highway widening project will reduce emissions when it is completed. that is expected 2015. >> halliburton co. acknowledged that it skipped a critical test on the final formulation of cement used to seal bp's oil well before it blew out catastrophically in the gulf of mexico. the company came under increased scrutiny when investigators from the president's oil spill commission revealed that tests performed by the company before the deadly
6:52 am
blowout showed the cement to be unstable. halliburton said it did not conduct a stability test on the final mix of cement after a last- minute change by bp added more of a certain ingredient. >> see this week, they had a major tornado roll through, watch these two buildings on the right side. this is what tornadoes can do, they can take buildings and throw them like they're tinker toys and it is part of a powerful system that swept across the states those wide buildings on the left, hear what men and there they go. on the next. >> they have run for weather for sure but we do have a storm that we will be tracking so we will have to get more weather and a few minutes. aa
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♪ ♪ and we're back here covering the giants. he might have noticed that the giants receiver is affecting more than sports fans at and it is all positive, it is a mental help boost for people in tough economic times because it is
6:56 am
something to pick up their spirits and vicki will show us the healing powers that they have offered. >> you know these people usually do not have too much in common but this is until the giant step up until quite. it is shared torture and shared it nervous optimism that the college scienceitis psychologists call it a way to feel connected even if you are not a fan. there is this moment of joy when i have to tell you i felt excited that someone was wearing an orange t-shirt and two weeks ago i knew that meant. there's a smell of connecting. they say sharing the love for the giants is helping personal relationships and because the giants are teams of misfits and castoffs late friday hits home. >> whether you're at it, or you run out of work and you're worried about what will happen to your kids' education and what will happen politically you do have is a respite from it. i really think that you could
6:57 am
not ask for better medicine for so much that has been ailing us. >> in san francisco vickie for kron4 news >> also what is hot this weekend is halloween and bay area lot form is picking up the top of your cab ride home over the weekend so if you are out partying for halloween and you cannot drive burke injury lawyers are paying for cab ride starting at 10:00 p.m. halloween night said that is sunday. it is part of their safe and sober campaign. riders in alameda and berkeley you can catch a free ride with veteran scout and in san francisco all you have to do is call rock star cab and the rights are provided from bars and restaurants to anybody's residents, you cannot take it to go from bar to bar. there asking you call any of those cat companies just like you would normally column and when they say what is up you say " biz's
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white burke has of for me. " >> and it is free? >> yes free how great as that. >> we're glad to take a look at the rain is making everybody drive of the 10 minutes floor which is pretty good reasons when it is flooding of the road. we will tell you more about is flooding of the road. we will tell you more about this from a comeback. as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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