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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 30, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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live this is kron4 news at 11. >> game over, and subset in texas as the giants ended their winning streak they lost game 3 of the world series. although the giants are still in believe. it is two to one. of course giants fans were hoping for a win tonight. kron4 install and within sentences for were the fans were holding onto their seats the entire game. >> a disappointing saturday night for giants fans as their team lost game 3 of the world series in texas.
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many fans packed sports bars near the park, they want to be close to the ballpark to cheer on the giants. >> the giants on saturday did not pay as as well as the first two world series game. fans had a tough time watching it. here at the sports bar you could see the nail biting covering of the phase in disappointment as fans watched the texas rangers take an early lead. >> they have a really strong record of bringing it out at the end of the game. >> if the giants had very little offense at the beginning. as the team tried to keep the game close. fans applauded every time the giants got a texas ranger out. among the daughter hard fans the mayor of san francisco joined the crowd to cheer on the team. >> i can have a lead, we have had enough tortured this year. as much as i want this, we need to win this
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thing. but the ultimate prize. >> sports bars and many parts of san francisco were pat. fans said they wanted to watch the games with like-minded people. >> the chemistry of such much more magnified when you're around giant fans. >> toward the end of the game, the fans started to come alive it's hard to get pumped up for a possible comeback. >> the giants ended up losing the game, but many people say it is not over. >> they're going to win the war, they may lose this particular about >>. they are still in the running, >> fans say they are optimistic that the giants will turn it around a game for. and you can bet a lot of the sports bars will be packed on sunday. at at&t parcae and dahlin kron4 news. >> they're also a few giants
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fans and arlington tx kron4 founded these bearded giant fanatics amongst a crowd of texas' faithful. the you see here at waiving joke. although they live in texas now. wayne told kron4 he grew up been sent francisco and will for ever represent the >> teeth. we get quite a few looks here, everyone is barely people want to take pictures. i've only had one person asked me what the beard was about. true baseball fans know what it is about. i cannot believe that we're here. we have the rangers and the giants. i don't wear cowboy hat or cowboy boots are bell, i've been with my giant simon giant center and through. >> another cooling grey saturday for the bay area. a little bit of what weather at times. conditions are looking a whole lot better for our sunday. there is a
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weather system on the north coast. this will impact as for tomorrow. but looks like just a few clouds out of this. all of the region stay north of the bay. look out toward eureka there is some rain there. it will move farther for the self tonight. but i think we might clip with a couple of sprinkles in the north bay perhaps tomorrow morning. after the clouds clear in the morning, mostly sunny skies and temperatures getting up into the sixties. for texas tomorrow night for game 4 of the world series great weather. whether will not be in issue with the baseball game. clear skies with warm temperatures about 80 degrees at game time. and saved through the '70s all way through the end of the game when the giants win. i will tell you all the forecasts for tomorrow and the church reported >> has come up. not to a developing story, more than a dozen partygoers
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hospitalize to a critical condition after overdosing on illegal drugs at the cow palace. this is not the first time something like this has happened there. you may remember in may 2nd people died at the cow palace after some partygoers overdose of ecstasy. reggie kerr what tells us that one delhi's city council member is planning to do to stop these out of control re >>. this is what it was like inside the cow palace on friday night during a brave, this video was taken from you two. ambulances rushed to the scene after 70 people were taken to hospital for overdosing on drugs and >> alcohol. we saw saw lot of alternate levels of consciousness, vomiting in hogan era weight problems. there was a lot of g h b cocaine and lsd and alcohol >>. these are partygoers we been the venue wearing
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halloween costumes. since that is run by the state, there's not much the officials can do to regulate what goes on here. but council member says that he tries to putting on tried to change a >> that. i am trying to change the legislation at all local level, giving the power to order police and the chief of police, with this that would make a determination on what events could be here at the cow palace. it is a three step process. first the council would have to do legislatively. then from there we would have to talk to one of our state senators to introduce legislation to basically taking power from the state and bring it to the government. >> if a plan to introduce this legislation before the city council in december. in daly city reggie kerr was >> kron4 news. intense moments in he would after a wheelchair-bound man was hit by a bart train. officials say the men fell onto the tracks just before 3:00 p.m.
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this afternoon. he was alive after being pulled out from underneath the train. it caused major delays of more than 50 minutes in both directions on the part of fremont line. his condition is unknown at the >> time. to top comedians lead a rally of thousands i capitol hill. plus all the highlights of game 3 of the world series. and the hottest selling gadgets on the market. those stories coming up next on kron4. >> i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it.
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the streets emptied quickly at 80 and heat park, fans tried to stay positive about a loss. >> not right now men, of gas >> you know what come out of texas may be one loss i'd think we will be all right. >> is one loss. were given a
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one. just that said just one. >> this is devastating, this is a tough loss. here is the bottom line as you said we do about one. >> this is about rio team. >> tortured >> team> i tried to like them to get greedy. let's go giant. >> well the weather for the game tomorrow night is looking great. the weather in the bay area looking good. i will have the forecasts coming in for you.
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schools are worse. taxes are higher. i mean be real. i didn't have a plan for california. it's all a lie. assisted by a colorful cast of characters john stewart, held a raucous rally on the mall today. however it was a serious message but the rally to restore sanity and roof year was about making
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americans work together to make the world a better place. >> the rally to restore sanity and or fear more comedy the musical and musical best of a political rally. appearances include all the osborn sheryl crow and even art to do too. it was organized by john stewart and steven colbert. so what was this >> this was not a rally to radical people of faith or people of activism on them down and noses at the heartland of passionate argument are suggest that times are not difficult and that we have nothing to fear. they are and we do. but we live now in the hard times not end times. >> people in the crowd said they were here for the loss, but politics were up top of mind and why they turned out. >> this is really about making a statement, i felt
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it was important to be here and show my son that it was important to be here. to show that is not evil are fief bowl. something that does not have to be that was an important point for me. >> two men who make a living after mocking politicians in criticizing the media did that today with the final message will we say " we amplified everything we hear nothing. maybe the biggest rally of this political weekend did not include any politicians at all. >> meanwhile here at home the rain did not stop hundreds of people from gathering outside said francisco city hall restore sanity on the big screen. people had their umbrellas and raincoats on wall watching a live feed of the rally from washington d.c.. some people got up and started and doing a call when news came over the
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speakers. >> we came all this way, to restore sanity. >> what do you think of it so far? >> is excellent people need to get out and vote on tuesday >>. stewards event also spark more than 1100 mini rallies in 84 countries. >> a lot of almost all their this morning, but not the case earlier tonight here at 8 tnt part. dry conditions you can see the stars out there. tomorrow we will feel a lot more of the sunshine. let's go live right not to do is let free way, there is the intersection of one the one in 80. and for tonight we're going to see fairly cloudy skies. temperatures right now still in the '60s for oakland but everyone else in the '50s. looking at future katz, you notice a lot of clouds here. you'll notice a couple of clips of green showing up here to the
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north bay in the morning hours. there is a weather system will to the north of here the redwood coast. a couple of sprinkles are possible with the system to the north bait. early on tomorrow morning. by noon things are beginning to clear up and mostly sunny. it's pretty sunny day for the afternoon hours it should be really nice with temperatures get it out to the sixties. that for the nighttime hours entered retreating time, mostly clear, i put the mood up there but do not people there will not be a mood tomorrow night. it will not come up until about water 2:00 in the morning. temperatures low to mid 60's at 6:00 p.m. and mid to upper 50s at 8:00 p.m.. sun setting just after 6:12 p.m.. rain free weather and highs for the day into the sixties 67 a popular number for the north bay fairfield up to 67. san francisco making in into the low 60s.
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san bruno mid-60s. after the clouds for the east shore mostly sunny and to send all around. castor ballet in a word. upper 60s for pittsburgh walnut creek and antioch close to 70 degrees. and lots of blue skies forecast for our sunday for the south bay. upper 60s and getting very close to '70s and most top spots like loss cottas said 69 degrees. 70 at around the base shows a whole different forecasts, we have been stuck the unsettled trading pattern. not the case for the next seven days. we returned to sunny and warmer in to the beginning of next week possibly upper '70s low eighties in land with mid- 70's by the bay. and it appears it will stay you nice for much of the week. there is a weak system coming in on friday we will watch that, but right now looks like the real estate to >> the north. time upper tech talk with kids like. >> i have the greatest high-
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tech telling gadget ever to show you. it is new you have got to see this is called a bubble fogger. started on and show you what it does. the public fogger is a mix between bubble machine and a publishing. it sends up bobbles build with fog. the bubbles look like floating ping-pong balls. when the bubbles pop you get a group of smoke. it is really fun to pop it on your hand you feel like a magician. it looks better in the dark but this will give you an idea of what it looks like. it is that must have for that technique halloween type. it can make a great decoration after halloween party on your porch as trucker traders come by. kids go bonkers or for this thing. is completely safe. it is just fog venomous. i can only find it for sale ads. halloween stores. there is a lot of those in the bay area and they are not hard to find. and you confided of
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purcell of spirit following web site. the bottled water costs $70. games like from >> for news. sampras discuss city officials are reminding there are no telling party in the castro district. this is the fourth straight year people are being occurs to celebrate a holiday close to home. this started in 2007 to curb increased violence and vandalism during a holiday. >> in sports game three of the world series is in the books. a couple of crucial mistakes cause the giant dearly. gary is next.
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good evening everybody the rangers back in the series with the giants tonight. at a raucous crowd all my lawn at arlington tx. one swing in jonathan sanchez was playing catch-up. with a couple of runners aboard and the texas rangers for the
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first time in the series, take a little bit of command. what is going to do with pat major question mark, of for nine and a series with eight strikeouts. does he play tomorrow in game 4. this remains to be seen. meanwhile beverages keep going with josh hamilton, the first time that he is with the giants did the world series. sanchez knocked out in the fifth. but giants finally to young mr. lewis, and this guy you keep saying how can he keep it up and that's what he does his bit home run of the postseason. with the rangers' leading four to one. knox lewis from the game, five hits the parasol home run. bustard is the potential tying run in the eighth inning out of the
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bullpen is there a zero day, and that would be it. debris and the closer a 22 year-old he brings it and he brings a strong. the chance to celebrate a four to two when he is a majority of owners. george w. bush is smiling tonight. for two rangers. but go, >> in audible >> you could say the same thing we're just when to come out tomorrow and get back on track. >> he has done a great job for us, and you're looking for someone to come and ignite the offense, and they certainly were a try. we just couldn't get some of that fund. it took the whole team >> it took the whole team to
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get it done it's certainly did, it feels great. we will have to come back tomorrow and do the same thing. >> obviously we still have another game, we got our fans behind us, we're right where we want to >> b. already to the one giants. game 4 5:00 start. football at stanford. or they aren't really cooking. the heisman trophy candidate after this man and you're locked all hold him, forget those heisman dreams. let off enrolling. 50 yds seven to nothing stanford. then luck was intercepted, stanford goes on for a victory today for 48 to nothing. we will sharia the interception and show that stanford was rolling, come back to me mexico state the center of the state. at cal it was at 35 to seven winning over oregon state.
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